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Mexico City Hipster Market (Mercado Roma)

  • Published on Mar 27, 2018 veröffentlicht
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  • Juan Carlos Ramos
    Juan Carlos Ramos 5 years ago +3

    Goyo and Hillary su español está mejorando mucho y se nota la alegría con la que disfrutan estar en México y en la CDMX , gente como ustedes son las que valoran más lo que hay y lo que nos ofrece este gran país,.un saludo para ustedes.

  • Daniel Lovera
    Daniel Lovera 5 years ago +22

    Acéptenlo! No pueden negar que la comida en la CDMx es lo mejor!! No se compara a la “comida mexicana” que venden en Dallas, me encanta que cada día se aventuran más en el pais.
    Cuando anden en Coyoacán avisen! Me gustaría conocerlos! 😌🤙🏼
    También hay un Mercado Roma en Coyoacán 🤩

    • Edgar eduardo CE ,
      Edgar eduardo CE , 5 years ago +9

      Daniel Lovera
      Amigo no solo la CdMX🇲🇽
      Es de pura comida rica 💗
      Todo México es de comida
      deliciosa 😍👏
      Saludos del estado de MX 🤙

    • Daniel Lovera
      Daniel Lovera 5 years ago +4

      Edgar eduardo CE , yo lo decía por la comida callejera, por qué claro! En todo el pais la comida es bastante buena 🤤.
      Pero ellos han probado la comida tanto callejera como en fondas y restauranteros pequeños, tan solo ve los primeros minutos, como buenos “mexicanos” sentados en la banqueta disfrutando los tacos 🤤

  • Momo Thinks
    Momo Thinks 5 years ago +2

    Glad to see Guera enjoying vegan tacos. And nice that you guys found your way to MR-it is an awesome place, but only one of the many others that showcase the never-ending variety of what there is to see, do, eat, and enjoy in CDMX.

  • Dario Diaz
    Dario Diaz 5 years ago +3

    You still have to travel to Veracruz Port to experience coastal Mexican cuisine. Once there try their Paella Veracruzana, Shrimp cocktails, Veracruz' style fish, seafood, and traditional street foods. So glad you made it to the vegan taco stand. Enjoy your eating adventures, and safe travels in CDMX!

  • Guillermo Ochoa
    Guillermo Ochoa 5 years ago +1

    Awesome video guys and nice to see Luis make another appearance on your videos. I am no hipster by any means of of the word but it be cool to visit the Mercado Roma. Keep up the good work on showing the world how diverse and wonderful Mexico is 🇲🇽

  • Thomas Burkett
    Thomas Burkett 5 years ago +1

    We’ve been a few times to the Mercado Roma, and it was a great example of the diversity of what CDMX offers, it’s just such a dynamic and varied place that many people don’t realize! Thanks for sharing, and next time go for the “Jardín de la Cerveza” en el nivel superior. Which I saw you filmed in a bit. Great afternoon crowds there, though a bit pricey. Salud! 😘

  • C VaOlFNP
    C VaOlFNP 5 years ago +3

    I didn't know that you can find a place like that in CDMX. Great video thanks for sharing guys. Saludos.

  • Eddy Aldana
    Eddy Aldana 5 years ago

    La risa de Goyo es bien chistosa 😜 la Guera espectacular , que bien se la pasan en el mercado Roma !!

  • Sulay Tapia
    Sulay Tapia 5 years ago +1

    Very cool! We have a "market" like that in NYC. It's called Chelsea Market, awesome place to visit as well. Nothing regular about this market either, Clip-Share offices on the second floor. CDMX is definitely a place to visit on my next trip to Mexico. Thanks Kennons for portraying Mexico in a positive light. Chingon Goyo, and Wera, your hair looks great at the end of the vid 👍.

  • Lluvia Ramirez
    Lluvia Ramirez 5 years ago

    Just found you guys and binge-watched a ton of your vids! Love seeing your view on the things that now seem normal to me after ten years here in the city! Subscribed and can't wait for more content!

  • violamateo
    violamateo 5 years ago +3

    Hipster markets are really catching on. Just in the city I know of three: the one you guys visited, another one called Mercado Roma (yup, the same name) but in Coyoacán, and one on Calle Independencia (Downtown, very close to the Barrio Chino). I'm pretty sure there must be one in Polanco somewhere, and I've also seen one in Guadalajara, just off Avenida Chapultepec. Seems like a real trend.

  • Eileen Aldis
    Eileen Aldis 5 years ago +4

    We really enjoyed walking around Mercado Roma. I seem to remember having a delicious fish taco there too 🐟🌮

    • Kinetic Kennons
      Kinetic Kennons  5 years ago +1

      That sounds delicious! I need to go try those:) We are just trying to keep up with all of the amazing food you have been eating!!

    • Eileen Aldis
      Eileen Aldis 5 years ago

      So many delicious foods to eat, so little TIME! I miss the amazing food in Mexico though! 🤤 Have a taco for me please! 🌮😉

  • D. VA
    D. VA 5 years ago +1

    Yesss! Finally you guys made it to Roma! Was waiting for this day dreams do come true haha 🙌So glad you guys got to go to Roma 👍

  • Dr Worst
    Dr Worst 5 years ago +2

    There are another markets like Roma market in Mexico city. In downtown Mexico city you can find Independecia market and into Palacio de los condes de Miravalle (Palace of counts of Miravalle ) , you can find hanmade craft market and high cuisine, Also in Coyoacan you can find a gourmet market called Carmen market. Good look!

  • John Edward Jones
    John Edward Jones 5 years ago

    Love Mexico. Have not been in MX CITY for years. Mostly visiting and loving Yucatan. However your vids and those of a couple others make me want to visit. Especially for the food.

  • Bernardo Aguilar
    Bernardo Aguilar 5 years ago

    La Güera: "we gotta get outta here!", haha. My reaction exactly. Those are the kind of places neatly dressed people can experience (kind of) being in a common people's mercado - twice the price. I #really dislike those hipster places, but it's our duty living in CDMX to know its diversity and complexity. Great vid!

  • alejandro ortega
    alejandro ortega 5 years ago +1

    Soy su fan me gusta como son los weros comen en donde sea y son auténticos insisto son mis paisanos

  • juan miguel rivas del toro

    I think this kind of "market" is a new trend, there is one called mercado Mexico or Mercado Chapultepec in Guadalajara (I can remember the name) and I visit something very similar in Madrid and Tel Aviv, as you said is more like a gourmet hall; I think of mercado roma as the Hipster version of the restaurant area at Palacio de Hierro Polanco

  • flor de primavera
    flor de primavera 5 years ago

    Very nice market :) Thank you gueros for another yummy tour for the big city 😀😁

  • Armando Chávez
    Armando Chávez 5 years ago +5

    Les recomiendo ir a un vrdadero tianguis popular en la ciudad de México y ver la cultura de barrio en la CDMX, saludos!.

  • Belina Garcia
    Belina Garcia 5 years ago

    Have you been to the Mercado San Juan yet? We love it and not just to eat but for ingredients, as chefs we can appreciate their selection of mushrooms (amazing), meats (lechon, yum- but not the lion, tiger, ostrich etc- imported items, great seafood, etc) but also to sit and have a great cup of coffee, some tapas and have a nice chat with the "locatarios". You might also want to visit Mercado de Medellin with their specialty in South American foods; don't forget about Mercado de Jamaica where you can get amazing fresh flowers at low prices, plus the best carnitas (Carnitas "Paty" very well known in the main market past the flowers), tamales de elote dulce, esquites by the entrance, where the original huaraches were invented (at the puestos across the street where it's just food) and general foods are, great candies, etc.

  • TVaillancourt
    TVaillancourt 5 years ago

    Thanks guys for finding a gluten free spot in the market.

  • Cecilia Ortiz
    Cecilia Ortiz 5 years ago +4

    Hi weritos buen video 📼📼📼🎥y mire que andaban con su Luisita que bien y muy buenos tacos se comieron. Hasta mañana guys 👋👋👋👍👍👍👸😎

  • Larali
    Larali 5 years ago

    "Gourmet Food Hall" is the perfect term for Mercado Roma! Haha... i loooved the term. Glad La Guera had the chance to finally try a taco al pastor.

  • Arbitrary Exploration
    Arbitrary Exploration 5 years ago

    Really cool market! Not you traditional market at all. The food does look awesome!

  • IshNav 11
    IshNav 11 5 years ago

    Sabes que eres mexicano cuando te sientas a comer tus tacos en la banqueta 😂 .
    I just suscribe too your channel saludos wera y goyo

  • Jose Manuel Z
    Jose Manuel Z 5 years ago

    In Coyoacán there is a restaurant called "Vege tacos" where there are tacos vegetarianos. It's very good. Calle Carrillo Puerto # 65 (esquina Calle Alberto Zamora) not far from the Centro de Coyoacán. It is not fancy, but you can eat inside! Also there's an App for Vegan people in México City with hundreds of places!

  • Hector yañez
    Hector yañez 5 years ago +1

    ustedes son lo mejor del video,y lo demas tambien me gusta
    saludos desde Sinaloa

  • YourHumbleServant831
    YourHumbleServant831 5 years ago

    Wow! I need to go there. I'm too old to be a hipster and I'm a bit military but I love to try new stuff. Was there craft beer around there?

  • Jai Salsbery
    Jai Salsbery 5 years ago

    I feel ya guera!! My husband and I are vegan and MAN is it exciting to find some fine vegan tacos!

  • Jhoana Casillas
    Jhoana Casillas 5 years ago +2

    Actually yes there are places like those in Guadalajara, a few actually. Also I saw a smaller version of this in Merida 😊

  • Artma
    Artma 5 years ago

    Another "market" that is that "alternative" on Mexico City is called Mercado del Carmen in Coyoacan on the street of Malintzin between Ave. Mexico and the street of Centenario. Its like 3 blocks near Los Viveros de Coyoacan.

  • Sensor Proximity
    Sensor Proximity 5 years ago +1

    According to their site: [sic] "MERCADOROMA is born from the passion for our great Mexico where we try to bring traditions to the XXI century, creating a gourmet market where the community sits around a communal table to share good food, with a good wine and more important, create good memories. At the same time supporting and creating a platform for new talents and passionate producers about what they do, always responding to the environment and the neighborhood where it is located, changing its architecture, its design and its gastronomic offer in order to have a positive impact on our diners, creating different and unique experiences in each of our markets."
    I guess the term is used quite loosely, but hey! It's a great place, albeit hipster, and there's quite a few of them popping up in different upscale neighborhoods of the city. Also, you're in the heart of Roma-Condesa, lol, it's as hipster as it's gonna get.

    • Sensor Proximity
      Sensor Proximity 5 years ago

      Also, Goyo, when are you getting a haircut? I'm sure I'm not the only one that misses that look, lmao

  • Ivan l
    Ivan l 5 years ago

    You guys look so happy back in the city. 😉

  • Damien Cornejo
    Damien Cornejo 5 years ago +7

    Hey there Kennons!... check out Mercado Independencia in barrio Chino it's a hipsterfied Mercado similar to Mercado La Roma.

  • Joe Serrano
    Joe Serrano 5 years ago

    Yayyyyyy.......Güerita linda FINALLY had her vegan tacos! And you too Goyo, but wait, this was a vegan taco STREET stand?!! Wow, here in Querétaro we are totally lagging in that concept, only tacos al pastor, tacos de canasta and the fried in oil or baked on the comal gorditas, but vegan tacos none, I do have to make a trip to CDMX, Mercado Roma, would this by chance be in la Colonia Roma? Ymmm.....those fudgcicles looked really good and yes Mercado Roma is the ultimate "Hipster" Market, MUY CHIDO!!! :D

  • Peggy Pearson
    Peggy Pearson 5 years ago

    Nice market!! Enjoyed the journey today. Luis made a cameo!!

  • California vives
    California vives 5 years ago

    No se olviden de los famosos tacos de sesos y los quezadillas de tlacoyo y de flor de Calabaza.. se las recomiendo....!

  • Samuel Cruz
    Samuel Cruz 5 years ago

    Visiten el palacio negro de lecunberri ahora el archibo general de la nacion y van a aprender muchisimo de la historia de mi gran nacion

  • Junior Punk
    Junior Punk 5 years ago

    Another good video as always guys!! You make more happy my day.... GRACIAS!!.

  • Can you hear me Major Tom?

    i have to try those vegan tacos, finding vegan food here where i live is also quite a challenge

  • Gerardo Ramirez
    Gerardo Ramirez 5 years ago +14

    I'm still waiting those 100k subs. Wera needs to try tacos de tripa.

    • Jesus
      Jesus 5 years ago

      Gerardo Ramirez *MY FAVORITE, CRUNCHY NOT SOFT.*

  • Corn_Pop
    Corn_Pop 5 years ago

    Sure looked like an upscale mall, not a market. I left Mexico in 2016. How old is that Mercado Roma?

  • Edward Kent
    Edward Kent 5 years ago

    Since I herded about vegan tacos 🌮 I’ve wanted to taste them😋😋😋

  • Joseph .m
    Joseph .m 5 years ago

    cool vídeo guys , there are many places in México city that now i knwo and have seen thanks to you☺️

  • Ricardo ITG
    Ricardo ITG 5 years ago +1

    There's a street food stand offering veggie tacos and Tortas, and they're really good, you can't tell the difference between the veggie and the real deal! It's located in the corner of Insurgentes sur av with Puebla St. Its just one bloc away from the Insurgentes roundabout. Try them!

  • Jazmín Díaz
    Jazmín Díaz 5 years ago +4

    Wera i looovveee your necklace 😍 i've looking for one similar but i never find any cute one. Btw welcome to my world vegan tacos are one of my favorite things to eat.
    Mercado Roma it's a cool place to go totally totally hipster 😂
    And you can find places like this in Oaxaca city, not sure if like a market but definitely lots of hipster food hehe

  • j Lo
    j Lo 5 years ago +7

    You also have Mercado del Carmen in San Angel across from park of the same name. A lot smaller than Mercado Roma but same.

  • Eduardo Ramón Hdez.
    Eduardo Ramón Hdez. 5 years ago

    Les recomiendo acercarse a la Secretaría de Turísmo de México para que los apoyen.

  • Luis Alberto Martínez Pérez

    Try Mikasa supermarket too. At San Luis Potosí street. A piece of Japan in Mexico City. For a real market go to Mercado Medellin.

  • Jennie W
    Jennie W 5 years ago +8

    It is expensive but they have amazing ice cream upstairs and the Churros... Yummmmmmm. I liked it there but $$$ Hil looks to be glowing at the end 😊

  • LePettit Danzarina
    LePettit Danzarina 5 years ago

    In Tijuana Baja California there are a los of food trucks places where they sale different Gourmet food and for a fraction of the real price in a restaurant, but yes there are openning new places like that over here in Tijuana for the good food I suppose that there are more places in the rest of the country, saludos desde Tj

  • Jane Berryman
    Jane Berryman 5 years ago

    Glad Hillary found some variety comida. A shout out “hola” to the ever-guapo Luis.

  • Laser Focused
    Laser Focused 5 years ago +1

    You fit right in Roma market, Guera and Goyo!

  • TheHoracioEstrada
    TheHoracioEstrada 5 years ago

    You have to visit , Mercado San Genaro in Polanco. Very interesting as well

  • fredotob
    fredotob 5 years ago +3

    Para entender, tengo que estar regresando el video, porque el rostro hermoso de la Güera me distrae de los subtítulos.

  • Carlos De La Selva
    Carlos De La Selva 5 years ago +1

    Hola gueros, hum I have to try that "deli bar" looks delicious!!!!

  • Jaime Carnona
    Jaime Carnona 5 years ago

    visiten el mercado LA VIGA...les vá a gustar! SALU2)🍤🍤🍤

  • Javier PG
    Javier PG 5 years ago

    Dear Kennons : by now you should be discovering your true call, let me give you a hint: To help two distant neighbors (US and MEX) to know each other better, I know many, many Americans, been working long time with them, and I know how little they know about Mexico, and thus how much they are missing.

  • frank Loni
    frank Loni 5 years ago +1

    It's like the Chelsea Market here in New York city, which is very expensive for me!

  • Luke Rogers
    Luke Rogers 5 years ago

    Yes to vegan! "Forks Over Knives" documentary is something good to watch if you care about your health.

  • Marco Jesús Gonzalez Sosa

    Me urge aprender inglés!!

  • Gustrapos Ramirez
    Gustrapos Ramirez 5 years ago +3

    Weros, you need to try guacamayas

  • Alejandro Moran
    Alejandro Moran 5 years ago +1

    Muy lindos... Siempre

  • Romy Macias
    Romy Macias 5 years ago

    Greg and Hillary, that market looks lovely... pricey, but yummy!

  • Gerardo Prado Segura
    Gerardo Prado Segura 5 years ago +1

    Güera, you should keep yor hair like that in the videos, you look beautiful, and Goyo you keep using your made in cholula cap, it fits you really nice. PS. now i want some tacos de lengua. hehe!

  • galilea
    galilea 5 years ago

    Omg la güera looks soooo good with those waves!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • Fermina Daza
    Fermina Daza 5 years ago +3

    Güera you can try vegan tacos near to Glorieta Insurgentes metro station.

  • Emilio Arreola
    Emilio Arreola 5 years ago

    Greg, you really have to check man, I’m pretty sure that Hillary said she was gonna try the tripas tacos whenever you reach 50K followers. That day is coming and... well, I’ve never seen you guys break a promise before.

  • jose estrada
    jose estrada 5 years ago

    Now that's it's getting warmer please check out visiting San Luis potosi huasteca it's beautiful!!!

  • Kinetic Kennons
    Kinetic Kennons  5 years ago +38

    What do you think amigos? Can they even call "Mercado Roma" a Mercado? Either way you slice it- it is a pretty cool place. Pricey and hipster, but cool haha

      JESSIE TORRES 5 years ago +4

      Kinetic Kennons I wouldn't call it Mercado, but rich kids needed a place to call Mercado without getting arround "ordinary " people.

    • nahualcondor
      nahualcondor 5 years ago +3

      Kinetic Kennons ya detuvieron a los que los asaltaron son colombianos.

    • Jesus Garcia
      Jesus Garcia 5 years ago +2

      Kinetic Kennons
      I started watching your videos recently and i already love you guys. Thank you for showing mexico. Guerita muy hermosa y goyo muy funny tambien.

    • Luis Alberto Martínez Pérez
      Luis Alberto Martínez Pérez 5 years ago

      It's called a market, but it's because it has an appearance of a market. In fact is a gourmet food mix of small restaurants.

    • Liliana Garibaldi
      Liliana Garibaldi 5 years ago +1

      Saludos a Luis!!
      Nice to see him again!
      I was wondering what ever happened to Luis?

  • Jose Rojas
    Jose Rojas 5 years ago

    Orale lleguenle to the healty food, Greg and your lovely wife the Mexican Güera akways wellcome to our country, thanks both of you show to the World our country

  • Escocrier Tres
    Escocrier Tres 5 years ago +2

    U guys are locos. Yo voy para Puebla and u guys are coming back to CDMX thats ok SALUDOS

  • fero2173
    fero2173 5 years ago +1


  • Claudia castañeda
    Claudia castañeda 5 years ago +1

    There is another place in San Angel very similar to tis market in La Roma.

  • arturo zavala
    arturo zavala 5 years ago

    2:28 It's the accent of Mexico City, not of all Mexico.

  • The Journey of Jaime
    The Journey of Jaime 5 years ago

    Greg! How do you not know what a Dilly Bar is??? LOL

  • TheTacoVision
    TheTacoVision 3 years ago

    I had one of those italian tacos ....it was a crime

  • Victor Sanchez
    Victor Sanchez 5 years ago

    have you tried the tortas cachondas near metro isabela la catolica???

  • Yuri Villarreal
    Yuri Villarreal 5 years ago +1

    Was it more expensive the Mercado Roma?

  • Rulo Olivier
    Rulo Olivier 5 years ago +2

    Coman unos buenos tacos de barbacoa con su consomé y verán lo que es bueno weritoos le mando saludos...

  • South Central most hated


  • J R
    J R 5 years ago +1

    They have really good gf cinnamon rolls there too! Love merc roma.

  • photo.syntesys
    photo.syntesys 5 years ago

    TIP Visita esta web para saber donde ir en la Ciudad de México cdmxtravel.com/es/.

  • Thee Calamity
    Thee Calamity 5 years ago +1

    This seemed like "Hilary Day" for some reason lol. I stay away from places like these but glad you found something you like.

  • Salvador Alejandro
    Salvador Alejandro 5 years ago +1

    Mercado Roma is O V E R R A T E D & O V E R P R I C E D.

  • Adrian Mendoza
    Adrian Mendoza 5 years ago

    Good job guys! Just to let you know that Mexican police arrested a band of colombians robbing people of their property on Downtown México City... Probably the same persons that got you not long ago... Check with the police if you want to ID these guys...

    1=INFINITY 5 years ago

    Goyo is got the "R" "Mercado RRRoma!!! Cool dude!!!

  • Robin C
    Robin C 5 years ago

    It is more like shopping mall in a market concept.

  • mario miranda
    mario miranda 5 years ago +1

    i ask for extra Gluten on my Bread, and when i eat tacos al pastor i don't use a Tortilla i wrap it with a piece of Bistek, like a real Mexican ;)

  • Mikey B. TheMan
    Mikey B. TheMan 5 years ago +2

    How did you not include more of the dude with the rad army man shirt?

  • Leatherkid🇨🇦
    Leatherkid🇨🇦 5 years ago

    Love your vids "hipsters" haha

  • Bella V
    Bella V 5 years ago

    Have you guys been to tulum? I hear is gorgeous.

  • Ramon C Blancas
    Ramon C Blancas 5 years ago +1

    You have to learn Goyo... La Güera knows how to live her life... jajaja

  • Roberto Alvidrez
    Roberto Alvidrez 5 years ago +4

    Se escucha raro que se llamen entre ellos guera y guero ...

  • Arturo Nevarez
    Arturo Nevarez 5 years ago

    Hi guys, can’t you tell me, where I can’t find los tacos veganos, (como se llama la calle )please !!

  • Leo delgado
    Leo delgado 5 years ago

    oh ¡ ahi esta Luis ¡ 1:51 Saludos Greg-Mexicano y Wera-Texas

  • Vivarm Abel
    Vivarm Abel 5 years ago

    Hey amigüitos Como estan el dia de hoy,, saludos para ustedes desde denver nc adios

  • El Chavez
    El Chavez 5 years ago +1

    "What you do as a child", 🤣🤣🤣

  • Adolfo González Contreras

    If you can make a video with '' la wera dancing celebration '' would be a great succes lol.