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The Ultimate iOS 14 Homescreen Setup Guide!


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  • Gabriele Fusto
    Gabriele Fusto 2 years ago +811

    Tip: add “reduce motion on / off” before and after the “open app” input in each shortcut to have a subtler transition

    • Sebastian Koehn
      Sebastian Koehn 2 years ago


    • Hello
      Hello 2 years ago

      SMH copy my comment and get more like. 😂

    • Altaaf
      Altaaf 2 years ago +3

      eric henderson settings > accessibility > motion > reduce motion on

    • moistpimple
      moistpimple 2 years ago

      how do i do that?

    • chris cammarata
      chris cammarata 2 years ago

      @Phantom .

  • Jeffrey Phillips
    Jeffrey Phillips Year ago +51

    Really nice tiered overview of home screen customization options, Marques. Just signed up and will be checking out some of your other videos. I switched last month from Android to iOS. There are things I certainly like about iOS but I am TOTALLY missing the ease and variety of customizability I had with my Android. I SO hope Apple gets their act together and starts allowing for this.

  • mr. bharat
    mr. bharat Year ago +3351

    iOS 14.3 update removed the redirection to shortcuts app and now it goes directly to the App.

    • Matricks
      Matricks Year ago


    • Ali
      Ali Year ago

      Please bro can u reply to me? So it shows a popup when i open the app through shirtcut is there a way for that popup to not appear?

    • Tech Qboy
      Tech Qboy Year ago

      but there is still a popup that shows up at the top of the screen but it is better than before

    • Deepwing0923
      Deepwing0923 Year ago

      @Makenzie Rose animations section in the shortcuts app

    • Makenzie Rose
      Makenzie Rose Year ago

      @Deepwing0923 wait how do you do new animation

  • Abraham M.
    Abraham M. 2 months ago +5

    Love how you take us through the levels in an organized manner. It really makes things easier for someone who hasn't experimented much with their iphone.

  • Tyler Barker
    Tyler Barker 2 years ago +8

    Great video! The going to the shortcut screen first before opening an app and lack of red badges on my messaging app are going to take some getting used to but I really like the way my new layout looks. Thanks for walking us through how to get there!

  • ShawnQ
    ShawnQ 2 years ago +3670

    Clip-Share really getting comfortable with the 15 second ads and the double ads lmao...

    • Rory Murphy
      Rory Murphy 8 days ago

      Welcome to 2022

    • alyssa chapman
      alyssa chapman 14 days ago


    • Jeezus
      Jeezus Month ago

      We need to go to rumble, just that rumble got to update there page it looks old and bootleg lol

    • Kayoct
      Kayoct Month ago

      you're gonna love twitch then

    • Funnyguy
      Funnyguy Month ago

      It took me two years to finally find this comment I thought I was the only one for that long

  • Katie
    Katie Year ago +10

    I remember the very first (and only) iPhone I had, the iPhone 5S, I found out I could kind of customize apps through some Safari shortcut or something. It was completely inconvenient, but it felt special to me. I don't even remember how it worked now, but I remember having these ugly icons only because it was different than what it came with. Those were the days.

  • Geeky Adore by Jenny (Jenny Tech & More)

    Really great tips and setup guide for level 1, 2 and 3 💪
    Level 3 was different but looks great

  • Wolf Aja
    Wolf Aja 7 months ago +1

    With the Siri shortcut you can have the apps open without the Siri shortcut app. They also can still have the notification circle. I have three apps with custom shortcuts that I’ve been using ever since Siri Shortcuts became a thing and they never needed to open up the shortcut app when I wanted to open up the app.

  • David Frost
    David Frost 2 months ago +1

    Exactly the kind of video I was looking for. Thanks for the quality content and smooth delivery.

  • Amy Landino
    Amy Landino 2 years ago +2030

    I love how you broke this down bc I was so confused about the Level 3 I’ve been seeing everywhere. Thanks for the tutorial M!

    • Sandeep Naidu
      Sandeep Naidu Year ago

      @Qayam Khan mate did you get the red wallpaper

    • Mallorie Franculli
      Mallorie Franculli 2 years ago

      Who remembers the days of jailbreaking, Cydia and Airblue?
      I was so obsessed with tinkering back then ❤️🇳🇬

    • Steve.watcher on Instagram
      Steve.watcher on Instagram 2 years ago

      🇱🇷Awesome, @Steve.watcher hepled me gain back my disabled account in a matter of seconds. Find him on Instagram to get this service and lots more 👈

    • Aiham Miqdhaadh
      Aiham Miqdhaadh 2 years ago

      @Edward Rubio yeah green sus

    • Leif Duea
      Leif Duea 2 years ago


  • Lee Winspear
    Lee Winspear Year ago +2

    Not sure if people have already added this tip. But could go to settings and search Reduce Motion then turn Reduce Motion ‘ON’. Just allows for apps to load up fine without going to shortcut first 👍🏻

  • Kurzelle Albert
    Kurzelle Albert 11 months ago

    Super helpful! I was about to customize but most Clip-Sharers did not explain the shortcut aspect and the delay in opening apps. So I've decided against it.

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez Year ago +99

    FYI for anyone watching this on iOS 14.3 or above, they updated it so the shortcuts app doesn’t flash on the screen anymore when you open it.

  • Real-Time Films
    Real-Time Films Year ago

    Can you freely arrange icons on the screen ? Like placing a single icon in the lower part of the screen, and another single icon in upper row on the screen, middle upper part. If not, are there plans for that ? Because you can do that on MacOS and you can of course do that on Android, Windows, and every other operating system.

    • yukononun
      yukononun 4 months ago

      Unfortunately, no. I wish you could.

  • Tyler Davies
    Tyler Davies 2 years ago +4459

    I love how the Google widget is better than the widget on Android.

    • That Sh‌ِi‌ُt Goooood
      That Sh‌ِi‌ُt Goooood 6 months ago +1

      Even the Google Maps app is better than the android version 😂😂

    • One Headlight
      One Headlight 7 months ago

      All the apps are better optimized on iphone

    • Marco Martínez
      Marco Martínez 7 months ago

      @Manu Shanbhog that’s so imposible for you to know

    • Rodolfo Tsang
      Rodolfo Tsang 8 months ago

      I just upgrade Android 12 UI 4.0 ❤️

    • Ripl
      Ripl 8 months ago

      i made it from 3.6 likes to 3.7 :)

  • Phyllis Snook
    Phyllis Snook Year ago +8

    I have to say Marques, you are my favorite person on YT to find information out on my iPhone 12 Pro. You explain everything much easier in "layman's terms!" I am an avid MacBook Pro user for years but not as well versed with my iPhones but I find that your videos explain everything so much better than other YT'ers! So, thank you!

  • William Entriken
    William Entriken Year ago

    There might be another way to do this. On iOS a URL can open any app and it can have an icon and go on Home Screen. Maybe there is a was to make these shortcuts and add to Home Screen. Like using backup/restore and edit the .db file or use iMazing or something

  • Walter A Strong
    Walter A Strong 2 years ago

    Hi Marques. Just so that I am clear say I am level 3. Would like to have all icons minimalist. Considering purchase the icon Traf collection. Do I need to customize each icons individually and that each time I use an icon I’ll "pass" by shortcuts in order to be able to use custom icons? Really enjoy your videos. Peace.

  • Presti
    Presti 5 months ago

    I’ll just use level 1 because I love the simplicity of its style.

  • duffer9db
    duffer9db 2 years ago +304

    Being of an older generation keeping up with technical development takes a little longer. But whenever I need advice or explanation I always turn to this guy. Clear and always concise.

    • 𝖎𝖙𝖟_𝖓.𝖆.𝖟.𝖆
      𝖎𝖙𝖟_𝖓.𝖆.𝖟.𝖆 6 months ago

      I use iPhone 3

    • Sean logie
      Sean logie 8 months ago +2

      Me to a Tee 🤣😄

      JVCKAZZ 8 months ago +13

      I’m young and we still need to see tutorials like this. It’s too much development in a short time, but trust me it’s better to stay ahead than be left behind

  • d
    d 2 years ago +36

    Turn on 'reduce motion' in settings to stop the shortcuts app opening first every time

    • Deepwing0923
      Deepwing0923 Year ago

      @Replay Archive if you update to iOS 14.6 it does it for you.

    • Replay Archive
      Replay Archive Year ago

      where is that in settings?

  • DaffodilHen1179 -canal inactiv-

    Just got my mom an iPhone X (I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S20) and I must say, Apple did a really great job with the widgets. Don't like it as much as my S20, but it's decently customizable.

  • jackson peterson
    jackson peterson Year ago

    Widgets, nice stuff. I'm really glad Apple is getting rid of Siri Shortcuts opening in iOS 14.3, that will be amazing. Next step, badges for shortcuts.

  • YouTuber
    YouTuber Year ago +4

    I learned a lot from this video, thank you so much! I'm confident Apple will make customization much easier in the future. It'll just take a lil bit ☺️

    • not that guy
      not that guy Year ago

      @Mad Ty bro some of you andriod fanboys get crazy

    • Xeyedjohn
      Xeyedjohn Year ago

      I remember in the old days when you could go into itunes and set your apps wherever you wanted them

    • Mad Ty
      Mad Ty Year ago

      @DK 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 nice joke, if you really had an android phone then you would never ever take side of apple, unless your friends, family or relatives are iSheep and they're bullying you for being an android user

    • DK
      DK Year ago +1

      @Mad Ty I have an android phone idiot. I'm literally using a galaxy s21

    • Mad Ty
      Mad Ty Year ago

      @DK 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🙏👍😂😂🤣🙏👍😂😂🤣🙏👍👍😂😂, you never user an android phone right?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, iSheep

  • Chong Xi Na
    Chong Xi Na 2 years ago +4083

    I don’t know why but this video was relaxing af. 😂

    • Zeyy
      Zeyy 4 days ago

      nah this whole channel is relaxing lol

    • HIT
      HIT 3 months ago

      Did u sleep while watching it?

    • Angel Mwangu
      Angel Mwangu 9 months ago +1

      I went into jiggle mode

    • Stu Wright
      Stu Wright 9 months ago

      its marquis`s relaxed voice and demeaner !

    • Shev
      Shev Year ago

      I was falling asleep watching this

  • Josiah Phillips
    Josiah Phillips Year ago +348

    IOS 15 Now doesn’t take you to the shortcuts before opening the app!!! Best change ever

    • Shahzhay
      Shahzhay 9 months ago

      Delete the shortcut after making the icon. It stops the banner

    • Kiss the Sky
      Kiss the Sky 11 months ago


    • Aysha
      Aysha 11 months ago

      @ciara Power THANK YOU😫😫😫

    • PaNz
      PaNz 11 months ago

      @Ivan K U can turn off shortcut’s notifications

    • PaNz
      PaNz 11 months ago

      @srirag velpuri U can turn off shortcut’s notifications

  • Aanaisha Poddar
    Aanaisha Poddar Year ago +2

    Colour widgets are really good ! You can download the whole pack of icons with one button! Many designs!

  • SwipeAnime
    SwipeAnime 10 months ago

    You can change app icons much easier with color widget now you just download the icon pack and all of the apps appear on the home screen

  • Mrs. Mia Wallace
    Mrs. Mia Wallace 6 months ago

    I've been thinking of going back to an iPhone, but this just sealed the deal that I really prefer Android's customizations more :)

  • Miles Keep
    Miles Keep 2 years ago +68

    The amount of MKBHD content right now is just mind boggling. Banging video after banging video. Back to back to back. Thank you Marques.

  • thequeerkid
    thequeerkid Year ago +32

    They updated the shortcut thing so it doesn’t open the shortcut app when you press it, it just opens the app immediately. That’s how it works on my iPad at least

  • Ja Waring
    Ja Waring 7 months ago

    can you make the home screen have empty space? I'll get excited for customization of the apple screens when you aren't forced to fill it up from the top left first and can put folders, icons, and widgets wherever you want. You know, the bare minimum in customization that has existed on every other electronic device/computer in the world for the last three decades

  • Sebastian Schultz

    Just spent 4 hours customizing my home screens and it looks amazing... The series shortcut pop up is gone. They updated it. BUT it does drain your battery quite a bit. So yeah my iphone looks way nicer... But im finding i cant even get a full 12 hour day of consistent usage on a full charge. If you read this, you might want to hold off. Im not sure if it is worth-it yet.

  • xxBlxssom
    xxBlxssom Year ago

    Thank you so much for this! Cause I updated my iPhone into iOS 14 and it still didn’t get the home screen and now I have it! ☺️

  • Kelly Appiah
    Kelly Appiah 2 years ago +3105

    iOS 14 released
    People: you know, I'm somewhat of a graphic designer myself

    • Steve.watcher on Instagram
      Steve.watcher on Instagram 2 years ago

      🇱🇷Awesome, @Steve.watcher hepled me gain back my disabled account in a matter of seconds. Find him on Instagram to get this service and lots more 👈

    • Fake Name
      Fake Name 2 years ago +1

      @Samoel Filho "apple turns the things looks way better optimizing user experience"
      Don't go having a brain aneurysm, "Samoel"

    • bvgaboo
      bvgaboo 2 years ago +1

      Then they make these ugly ass icons while saying paid ones by actual designers are not worth it 😬

    • Tony Cobb
      Tony Cobb 2 years ago +2

      @Samoel Filho saying "Android is a buggy system" shows that you don't know much about the OS. At least it shows that you don't know that it preforms differently on different devices and with different setting or builds. And all of this is because Android allows you to have different phones settings and builds unlike apple

    • Olivier Breton
      Olivier Breton 2 years ago

      lmao 😂

  • Evan Hearsey
    Evan Hearsey Year ago

    Update: with shortcuts now it comes up as a notification not a whole screen so it’s very very helpful and actually made me do mine and it doesn’t get in the way now

  • Jared Hall
    Jared Hall Year ago

    Awesome tips, thank you! Also link to the 3 wallpaper photos you have on the phone you used in this demo?

  • Aku
    Aku 2 years ago +1

    7:16 To fix that problem, go to settings, search up reduce motion and turn it on.
    Fixed response time.

  • Ari ana
    Ari ana Year ago

    Lunar Phase Widget is nice, it shows the stage of illumination of the moon and in the app you can scroll through the calendar to see what the moon has and will look like, its alignment, etc.

  • Baking Sweet Hope - Anita
    Baking Sweet Hope - Anita 2 years ago +2362

    Me so proud of customizing my Home Screen.
    “This level is for you, mom and dad.”

    • mf2yu
      mf2yu 7 months ago

      That's what i hate about iphone. Their icons are big and boring. How do you customize that? By rearranging icons? lol

    • jackson peterson
      jackson peterson Year ago

      @Baking Sweet Hope - Anita well, they are removing the part of Siri Shortcuts that opens the app, so there is that to look forward to in iOS 14.3. Next step is giving badge rerouts, to allow us to give our shortcuts badges from certain apps.

    • Steven Kebila
      Steven Kebila 2 years ago

      Same feeling 😂

    • Phonk Equinox
      Phonk Equinox 2 years ago +2

      hey its all right some of us have had 10 years of experience customizing our androids and apple just "invented" widgets now.

    • beige fox
      beige fox 2 years ago +1

      Me too. I though I was cool with my level one until he called me "Mom and Dad" Pissed off right now, I'm going to work it hard to a level 7 now. 😂

  • james gordon
    james gordon 2 years ago

    ...interesting. I paused this video at the battery demo and added that to my Home Screen. I just didn’t realize to do that till you mentioned it. I like it. Good video. I subscribed so I’ll get more. I like your easy way of explaining things.

  • Joseph Ng
    Joseph Ng Year ago

    I am trying to customise my home screen, but it’s a lot of work. I used to just reset my home screen layout whenever I downloaded a new app, which also worked great. People were always like “wow… you are soo organised! it’s all in alphabetical order!!”… But iOS 14 exposed my laziness to the world. And I hate you for that, Apple.

  • 𝖕𝖊𝖙𝖊𝖞—𝖕𝖊𝖙𝖊•941

    Luckily a lot of these things have been fixed from Apple know when you open your Shortcuts app it doesn't have to open the Shortcuts app

  • 75338
    75338 Year ago +1

    Thank you for the honesty about the drawbacks. Talked me into NOT doing the Shortcuts trick.

  • Jamie Haenraets
    Jamie Haenraets 2 years ago +1813

    When Google makes a better widget for iOS than Android

    • Phonk Equinox
      Phonk Equinox Year ago +1

      @jackson peterson whdgets aren't shit on Android though? When were they ever bad there's thousands to choose from. If you choose a bad widget that's your fault

    • jackson peterson
      jackson peterson Year ago

      @Phonk Equinox they are saying that its googles fault their widget is sh*t on android and not on ios

    • Phonk Equinox
      Phonk Equinox 2 years ago +2

      @Ahmet Deveci how the hell is it googles fault that dozens of companies make different designed phones

    • Phonk Equinox
      Phonk Equinox 2 years ago +2

      when android has thousands of custom widgets so that doesn't even matter

    • Blaž Perme
      Blaž Perme 2 years ago +1

      girlsdrinkfeck uhh suree buddy 😂😂😂

  • Jason Ferguson
    Jason Ferguson Year ago

    Excellent info! Great presentation!

  • David Shantz
    David Shantz Year ago

    A glimpse of several ways Apple could make the IOS interface sooooo much better.

  • K3rnelP4nik
    K3rnelP4nik 2 months ago

    I would have greatly appreciated having the name of the apps you recommended on screen; in this way I had a hard time understanding the name of the app you were talking about and especially when switching from one app to another 🙃

  • Malith Geekanage
    Malith Geekanage Year ago +2

    Wow, I'm so glad that I have found this video. This must be one of the best tips and tricks videos for android users who are moving in to ios.

  • Vedant Ghodke
    Vedant Ghodke 2 years ago +23

    I love how Marques has broken this down into 3 levels and here I am, an Android user admiring the clean customization experience of an iPhone! Anyway, great stuff, as always, MKBHD!

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones 2 years ago +1

    Excellent information and presentation. Thanks!

  • F V
    F V 9 months ago

    Thank you so much, it is so helpful for a person like me who upgraded from 6s that I did not update because I did not have enough GB to IPhone 13 pro. It was kind of complicated. I have one question. How can I set up my phone so it would give me notification when I received emails from just important people on google & yahoo email app. I just hate when someone send me important email and I read it 2 days later. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • EnterGalactica
    EnterGalactica 2 years ago

    hey Marques do you know a better solution for iPhone file transfer? They seem to have made it obsolete in the new iOS, in efforts to FORCE everyone into full cloud dependence. I know a lot more people could use a video on this than you’d think!

  • Tomas Torasen
    Tomas Torasen Year ago

    Any way to have folders on your homescreen like in android? Like an Icon that opens up a small window with the apps you choose to put there. I have 5 Folders and one home screen on my android device, but I have like 20-30 apps in total in all those folders, organized as I want them to be.

  • Adam H
    Adam H 2 years ago +3669

    All I want is a Spotify widget that I can interact with on the Home Screen!

    • Takeover
      Takeover 3 months ago

      @Moldy Taters I was so disappointed when I couldn’t use my widgets from Home Screen when I changed to iPhone ://

    • Poppy Curnow
      Poppy Curnow 7 months ago

      android has it but its a tad ugly ngl

    • Ja Waring
      Ja Waring 7 months ago

      lmao a functional widget on iOS?

    • Jack Simonson
      Jack Simonson 7 months ago +1

      They have it now people

    • Mamba
      Mamba 7 months ago

      This is probably a function to come in iOS 16, watch the WWDC in 2 months, you'll know then.

  • rafaela
    rafaela Year ago

    im level 3 but never had an android lol, and im also inpatient so i made them to look cute but have all of my main apps in a folder (as i had before because it looks cleaner and prettier) and it’s great honestly

  • Jack Fineman
    Jack Fineman Year ago +1

    Probably one of my favorite MKBHD thumbnails ever!

    KROSIS Year ago

    Just got my IPhone 12 today and I was really hoping you had a video on how to customize my Home Screen. Super glad you made this video because I already know it’s going to help me a lot.

  • Bruno Ausman
    Bruno Ausman Year ago

    Almost none of these tips applies to the new SE Second Generation. Like tapping on the three buttons at the bottom of the home page does not give me an option to change the look. Or selecting different sizes for the weather app widget because there actually is only one size. I was hoping these things would be the same as in the video. On the other hand, I can open my SE with my fingerprint even when my mask is on so all is not lost. Still, I like your videos for other stuff and just watching you talk is really calming.

  • Will
    Will 2 years ago +61

    As an Android user I’m glad to see some customizations on iOS devices.

    • Joshua Greve
      Joshua Greve 2 years ago

      @Ian Grams great way to put it. As an Android user, I love this. Look, one thing Ng they did that is different and super cool is the ability to save different homescreens. My understanding is that you can use Shortcuts to automatically set homescreen X when you arrive at a certain location or for certain days. So, you get to work and the widgets and apps are geared toward your needs then, you get home, different. Android doesn't do that to my knowledge. I hope they copy.

    • Joshua Greve
      Joshua Greve 2 years ago

      @Steve Jobs you know that you don't... have to customize customizable devices, right? They all come with the Grandma and Grandpa-proof UI. No stress!

    • Ian Grams
      Ian Grams 2 years ago +1

      I second that. A rising tide lifts all boats.

    • Reda Alnoueimi
      Reda Alnoueimi 2 years ago

      Choco Well, it’s a fact that most “customized” devices end up looking like trash.

    • Apple
      Apple 2 years ago

      @Steve Jobs or maybe you just lack of creativity

  • J.T. Bingham
    J.T. Bingham Year ago

    Honestly, at 8:00 I was thinking that the absence of red notification numbers might be the greatest pro of using these shortcut icons.

  • ReddingtonDiamond56

    Nice video really helped out I have a question how did you get the background on the 3:51 part

  • Tejwinder Singh
    Tejwinder Singh Year ago

    Coming from android: IOS should allow to keep apps ONLY on the lowest row(easy to reach while using phone in one hand)
    And hope Google creates Keep widget for IOS

  • cosmicist
    cosmicist 2 years ago

    I just wanna say this is really helpful video and you did a good job of explaining

  • David Colson
    David Colson 2 years ago +81

    In accessibility, use the "reduce motion" option to nearly eliminate the delay in app opening

    • Anand S
      Anand S 2 years ago

      @David Hill On android I also do the same on every single phone i have! Everything feels snappy. Apps open instantly and what not. But on ios its a totally different story. Neither does it make it faster by any means nor does it look good. So yeah! Running through the ui is choppy too once u reduce animations.

    • soul
      soul 2 years ago

      michieff yea it’s still there but it’s way better looking to get to apps but i hate it , so i ain’t gonna change my apps till apple makes it possible

    • michieff
      michieff 2 years ago

      No the delay is still there, just not animated. You can never get rid of the built in transition delays in IOS.

    • Lorenzo D.
      Lorenzo D. 2 years ago +4

      It doesn't speed it up, the time the animation uses up is just a weird freeze screen, at least at my 11

    • soul
      soul 2 years ago +1

      reduce motion is fine on phones with a home button but without a home button it just feels wierd lol

  • WaltsDisapline
    WaltsDisapline Year ago

    Honestly, I have custom icons, and you get used to having to wait. It’s not that big of a deal and it doesn’t bother me.

  • Arizen
    Arizen Year ago

    This is cool and thanks, however it is still pointless until we find a way to get that little red corner number. Not knowing you have a new whatsapp message is not worth the changed icon. Plus the whole thing works around 80% of the time and resets when you restart the phone. Also, doing this for camera freezes the camera every time on opening for 0,5s.

    AYAN SINHA Year ago

    I bet I am not the only one taking screenshots of each icon to then apply them to shortcuts instead of paying $28. Totally worth it!!

  • Project Rundown
    Project Rundown Year ago +2

    You can also toggle on "reduce animations" in the settings so the shortcut app popping up is less noticeable. Helps for now!

    • Rohan Kauts
      Rohan Kauts Year ago

      wait for 14.2 or is it 14.3 anyways the recent update removes that shortcut app opening to run shortcut. it is already implemented in beta release. it will be instant

  • Franco Mozo
    Franco Mozo 2 years ago +77

    Pro tip: set “reduce motion” on and the transition is much faster with the shortcuts

    • Dylan
      Dylan 2 years ago

      Hey guys if you don't mind could you please check out Goomer Gang it only take 5 seconds Thank you

    • Hello
      Hello 2 years ago


    • awoo
      awoo 2 years ago

      that’s a pretty hacky workaround tbh

    • I trash can !
      I trash can ! 2 years ago

      Rahul Damala just download icon themer search up on reddit

    • Rahul Damala
      Rahul Damala 2 years ago +14

      Slow or not slow the transition still sucks

  • Victoria Hill
    Victoria Hill Year ago +1

    Thanks for sharing 🤩 this was so helpful

  • investigator86
    investigator86 Year ago

    Thank you, can count on my boy MKBHD when I have a tech question 💯💯

  • Thom de Oliveira
    Thom de Oliveira Year ago

    one thing that I certainly would miss so much, if I use iOS, is the google app widget

  • Jairo Zamor
    Jairo Zamor Year ago +2

    The only thing I miss is rearranging the icons any way I want... the bottom, the left bottom corner, etc. Like common this is a really basic feature :V

  • A Guitar
    A Guitar Year ago

    I’ve had my 12 pro max for months now but I’m finally taking the time to customize my home screen

  • Mel
    Mel Year ago

    Very helpful. Thanks 👍🏻

  • Mike Dye
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  • Jenny Zina Tavares

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      Ja Waring 7 months ago

      every type of "customization" on Apple devices feels gimmicky because it is gimmicky. They don't want you to have that customization. I half expect they're doing it all poorly on purpose to make their users think "Wow all this customization is hard and finicky, I'll just trust apple to make the decisions for me" and further drive home the idea that Apple knows what's best and that the world of customization you find on Android devices is too hard to understand, clunky, and buggy to every try and make the switch.

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    • Its_Drea__ Chat with me come to my cannel
    • Peter Schumacher
      Peter Schumacher 2 years ago

      AbuBakr Akram like you said, the only ‘interaction’ widgets can have now is a ‘link’ which informs the main app what part of the app to open or show. And it’s even more limited for the small widget size - it is only allowed to act at a single button; you can’t have four options that you choose from in that size. The older widgets in the today view in iOS 13 and below supported having buttons which did something without opening the app (such as like playing or pausing audio for google home) but now it would always cause the app to open. A good example of this limitation is how in the past the iOS reminders widget used to let you mark off completed items, not it doesn’t; all it does is open the app.

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