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ITZY "마.피.아. In the morning" Dance Practice (Moving Ver.)

  • Published on May 1, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • ITZY "마.피.아. In the morning" Dance Practice (Moving Ver.)
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  • Ashred Hwang
    Ashred Hwang Year ago +14799

    this is THE LIA that everyone's afraid to see. get it queen

  • Stay Makes Stray Kids Stay

    Lia's bridge
    Ryujin's "haha"
    Yuna's "ring ding ding"
    Yeji's "I'm the maffia"
    Chaeryoung's hip move
    are just iconic.

  • Mila Mitova
    Mila Mitova Year ago +3358

    Yuna is the most underrated dancer ever. I mean look at her energy, she can easily be the main dancer in other group

  • Umi Fadilah
    Umi Fadilah 3 months ago +124

    Yeji swag looks like an idol from hybe even though she's from JYP 😃✨👍

    • Jaren Brila
      Jaren Brila Month ago

      And ryujin has the swag that looks like from YG though they are from JYP.

    • venus🫶🏼
      venus🫶🏼 2 months ago +2


  • Leela Rao
    Leela Rao Year ago +1822

    I feel like itzy has one of the best choreos!

    • Luciana Alves
      Luciana Alves 5 months ago

      vamos chegar a 30M!

    • Luciana Alves
      Luciana Alves 6 months ago

      vamos chegar a 30M!

    • Amelia
      Amelia 8 months ago


    • laviny
      laviny 10 months ago


    • The coolest
      The coolest 10 months ago

      @chaeng and fun fact: 70% of ITZY songs are choreographed by YG and like 7 songs of Twice are choreographed by YG.

  • IAMB_4U
    IAMB_4U Year ago +33

    Lia and Yuna both really stand out to me on this one. They're killing it!

  • khaye kasilag
    khaye kasilag Year ago +4671


  • bluecookiesareblue
    bluecookiesareblue Year ago +659

    I don't really stan itzy but this song is SUCH A BOP

  • SoReveLink
    SoReveLink Year ago +435

    A lot of people can hate on their vocals but they’re undeniably the best 4th gen girl group in terms of dancing. On top of the intense choreos, they also are very stable in their singing, so haters should shut up.

    • Ajana Ameti
      Ajana Ameti 11 days ago


    • Autumn Jisung
      Autumn Jisung Month ago

      Itzy best 4th gen girl group and stray kids best 4th gen boy group

    • Kembou Dani
      Kembou Dani 5 months ago +2

      And why don't they like their singing? In my opinion, it's very good, especially the vocal layer of lia

    • Tiya Banerjee
      Tiya Banerjee Year ago +1

      @Rosie Posie welcome😊

    • Rosie Posie
      Rosie Posie Year ago +1

      @Tiya Banerjee thank youuuu

  • Nsofor Udoka
    Nsofor Udoka 6 months ago +27

    ITZY is the strongest girl group I've ever seen when it comes to dance. They're so satisfying to watch. And Ryujin in that blonde is FIRE!!

  • Jodl
    Jodl Year ago +331

    Really love how Chaeryoung made the move on 1:33 I watched multiple covers of this dance and no one really moved how Chaeryoung does it

  • Emerald Nicki
    Emerald Nicki Year ago +119

    ITZY is nominated in MAMA 2021
    • Best Female group
    • Best dance performance -female (mafia in the morning)
    • Worldwide fan choice top10!
    ~ let’s keep streaming, 10% of criteria comes from MV streams, another 10% from global streams!
    ~ 100% votes criterion for fan choice!

  • Catto coco
    Catto coco Year ago +5207

    Lia is LITTREALLY dancing like the lead dancer I’m dead bye 💀

  • Sulika M
    Sulika M Year ago +324

    Not gonna lie but ITZY's choreos are so much satisfying to watch and their songs are too addictive so that I'm thinking about joining the fandom💓

    • KUSUM Parihar
      KUSUM Parihar 7 months ago

      Don't think jus join it straight

    • Emerald Nicki
      Emerald Nicki Year ago

      @Roselyn Park YAASSS

    • Roselyn Park
      Roselyn Park Year ago +4

      @Emerald Nicki NOT SHY, NOT ME MIDZY!!!!!!

    • Emerald Nicki
      Emerald Nicki Year ago +1

      Don’t be shy, join the fandom :)

    • v i l l a n e l l e  h e r s e l f
      v i l l a n e l l e h e r s e l f Year ago +5

      yess stan them! you won't regret it, i started stanning them since the mafia in the morning comeback and let me tell you - one of the best decisions of my life haha 😄💕

  • SᴇᴘʜYT
    SᴇᴘʜYT Year ago +142

    notice how they all have crowns in the end of every single songs? its because theyre all queens.

  • liz
    liz Year ago +17

    2:14 🔥🔥liaaaa just killing it🙌😩 ,lia plays very important role in itzy

  • Lordren Saco
    Lordren Saco Year ago +80

    Yeji's YOU NEVER KNOW!!
    Chaeryeong's DANCE!!
    Lia's BRIDGE
    Ryujin's LAUGH!!

  • Gwen
    Gwen Year ago +130

    lia unnie is getting better and better each comeback. i cant wait what they have in store for MAMA and their comeback next year. im so excited for them all.

  • marking ;
    marking ; Year ago +187

    Definitivamente Lia la rompió en este comeback, se la puede ver súper confiada y sus vocales en esta canción resaltan demasiado, tiene talento de sobra. Estoy muy orgullosa de ella 💖✨

  • lynzy
    lynzy Year ago +70

    Chaeryeong got my attention, in this era she's so stunning❤️

  • Maya
    Maya Year ago +51

    Even with such a difficult choreography they always sing live, best group of the 4th Generation

  • Baniarlin War
    Baniarlin War 20 days ago +6

    I have seen many K-pop dance but their dance totally hit different 👍

  • 대현𝐃𝐚𝐞𝐡𝐲𝐮𝐧𝐞𝐞

    I love the part when Yeji does the “You never know” drop. It’s so cool!

  • AURORA stuff
    AURORA stuff 7 months ago +20

    imagine a group where everyone's so good at dancing and is satisfying to watch!! and the visuals too, oh god, itzy are all that

  • Sky Kim
    Sky Kim Year ago +174

    Lia is killing everyone with her powerful vocals and dancing! This is literally her ERA.

    • LunAria LoonAtic
      LunAria LoonAtic Year ago +4

      For me the era is tied with Yuna. They both stood out the most to me. Yuna because she had a lot of lines and her stage presence carries and lia because the pre chorus yes

  • Lisa's Love✨
    Lisa's Love✨ Year ago +59

    Yeji is so so preety in this era. She's stunning

  • The Beibz Breezy
    The Beibz Breezy Year ago +27

    The way yeji say "I am the mafia" KILLED IT love you itzy ✨💜😘

  • Zarina Ismail
    Zarina Ismail Year ago +29

    2:15 - 2:58 is one of my fav parts, and I can't just stop saying this but Ryujin's laugh is super iconic!! And this song might be one of my fav song from ITZY literally! #MIDZYFORLIFE

    • Tajuddin Sk
      Tajuddin Sk 10 months ago

      Wow my name is Zarina Tabassum

    • Zarina Ismail
      Zarina Ismail Year ago +1

      And I mean 2:12 - 2:28 I accidentally type that

  • Abdullah Badreldin
    Abdullah Badreldin Year ago +37


  • Dorxana.b0x ! !
    Dorxana.b0x ! ! 8 months ago +12

    CHAERYEONG AND LIA( and also the other members slayed and left no bodies🥹) ATE THIS WHOLE DANCE ALIIIIVE 😻😻😻

  • Aarna!
    Aarna! Year ago +4043

    I just love the fact that 90% of the comments are about Lia's improvement in dance

    • Luciana Alves
      Luciana Alves 5 months ago

      vamos chegar a 30M!

    • Sarita Joshi
      Sarita Joshi Year ago +1

      I don't think she improved she's always been good in dance

    • aersei♡
      aersei♡ Year ago +1

      She is slaying like always

    • aai
      aai Year ago +1

      Dalla Dalla to 300M before ITZY 3rd anniversary and MITM to 200M please

    • Emerald Nicki
      Emerald Nicki Year ago +1

      ITZY is the only 4th Gen group in the top 100 most viewed Kpop dance practices of all time!
      With 4 total entries!!
      #42 Wannabe
      #46 Dalla Dalla
      #65 ICY
      #75 Not Shy
      Now let’s get MITM to the top 100!

  • Alexa Szabo
    Alexa Szabo Year ago +92

    For the new midzy's
    Yeji : Orange hair , long sleeved top.
    Lia : no sleeves top ,hair tied up.
    Ryujin : short hair.
    Chaeryeong : long sleeved with clear part ,brownish orange hair tied low.
    Yuna : long black hair.

    • 「LqdyD」
      「LqdyD」 Year ago +1

      Omg thank you so much!! I’ve been scrolling to find this comment! I’ve known itzy’s music for about 2 months now but haven’t taken the time to learn who is who- then I’m reading the comments like “who the heck is who?!” AND I FOUND THISS! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • filza saba
      filza saba Year ago +4

      THANK YOU! I knew Lia, Yeji And Ryujin but and I could tell apart Chaeryoung and Yuna, but I didn't know who was who If that makes sense.

  • lia -
    lia - Year ago +85

    Lia is getting better at dancing, I'm so proud of her

  • Louise Rosado
    Louise Rosado Year ago +6

    Lia's voice in 2:15 is mesmerizing

  • Luciana Alves
    Luciana Alves 5 months ago +7

    chareyoung totally slayed and her hair

  • Remarkable Soul
    Remarkable Soul 7 months ago +4

    Chaeryeongs Iconic hip movement never gets old

  • Jana Hlongwane
    Jana Hlongwane Year ago +1016

    I can’t take my eyes off Lia. Her dancing has improved a lot and she also has more confidence. I’m proud of her

  • ahsile senallipa
    ahsile senallipa Year ago +7

    0:53 Yeji's hairflip was insane she looks so cool in her outfit omfg

    ARMYBLINK SSM Year ago +18

    Lia's bridge
    Ryujin's laugh
    Chaeryeong's hip move
    Yeji's "you never know"
    Yuna's "you're gonna love me"
    The most iconic things about this comeback.

  • Why not
    Why not Year ago +15

    Everyone in itzy are main dancer material

  • jenunnie
    jenunnie Month ago +5

    Their stage prescene is so epic when they perform in mama 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • AURORA stuff
    AURORA stuff 7 months ago +10

    everything about this is perfect

  • Birdie
    Birdie Year ago +459

    I hope Lia reads all these comments noticing her improvement
    Our girl deserves the attention

  • R
    R Year ago +17

    Chaeyoung looks like a queen and the most beautiful I hope you get the title of the most beautiful girl

  • juwita wulandari
    juwita wulandari Year ago +6

    Chaeryeong so charismatic

  • Hassy
    Hassy Year ago +4

    احبهمم واحب رقصهم واحب صوتهم احب كلشي فيهم ❤😩

  • Aespapink
    Aespapink Year ago +8

    Ryujin laugh is iconic!

  • Han
    Han Year ago +11

    I practiced this dance and my legs are hurting as hell! I love this choreography so much!!! It is worthy to dance

  • Jennie
    Jennie Year ago +79

    Lia has improved so much. I can’t take my eyes off her. They automatically gravitate towards her. Beautiful.

  • Huỳnh Kim
    Huỳnh Kim Year ago +11

    I’m addited to their dance move
    Aren’t they too perfect ?

  • Leah
    Leah Month ago

    I always love watching their dance practice videos because their choreos are always so good to watch 💖 btw Ryujin looks amazing with her hair!!

  • Pxndx
    Pxndx Year ago +17

    I love to see them do a dark concept again. It fits them so well and they all seem really confident and comfortable with this style

  • Alexandra Murteira
    Alexandra Murteira Year ago +9

    I love these girls so much and their talent give me goosebumps

  • Emerald Nicki
    Emerald Nicki Year ago +5

    ITZY is the only 4th Gen group in the top 100 most viewed Kpop dance practices of all time!
    With 4 total entries!!
    #42 Wannabe
    #46 Dalla Dalla
    #65 ICY
    #75 Not Shy
    Now let’s get MITM to the top 100!

  • Sam Fox
    Sam Fox Year ago +84

    I always thought Lia was a good dancer she was just being compared to some of the best, but now she’s killing it with best vocals and the same dance skills as everyone else I’m so proud 🥲

  • J O O D 🤍
    J O O D 🤍 Year ago +8

    I can't describe the beauty of this song.

  • Byanca Yang
    Byanca Yang 11 months ago +3

    I've always loved ITZY!! They're always KILLING IT!!

  • Nishita Laishram
    Nishita Laishram Year ago +6

    ITZY have the best choreography I have ever known
    I love the dance 🤩
    I hope everyone enjoy their powerful choreography 😁

  • Krisei San Juan
    Krisei San Juan Year ago +5

    all the members danced so well that we just can't balance the comment section 😩

  • Squishy Peach Ddeonu
    Squishy Peach Ddeonu Year ago +81

    I’m so proud of Lia. Her dancing has improved so much 🥲

  • cosmos
    cosmos Year ago +10

    Itzy's dance performance is super cool

  • African Queen
    African Queen Year ago +60

    I really can’t take my eyes off of Lia she really improved so much 😍😍😍😍

    • c
      c Year ago

      Lol.. you don't know. They do plastic surgery

    • Derya Vural
      Derya Vural Year ago


  • Spencer Chen
    Spencer Chen Year ago +2

    This song is SO underrated. It should not be less than 1 billion views, not to mention the choreography.

  • Juli
    Juli Year ago +6


    • macarena
      macarena Year ago


  • art start
    art start 2 months ago

    Holy fuck when itzy don’t have to focus on vocal they are unreal with just dancing, I’ve seen so many of their live set vids but this is the first dance practice and they all absolutely nailed it (they nail it in live shows too but they have to focus on vocal there too)

  • TheCecewlalala
    TheCecewlalala Year ago +95

    I’m so proud of Lia. Her vocals, dancing, and stage presence have risen to new heights!!! I cant wait to see what the future holds for this GODDESS!!!

  • justine gallego
    justine gallego Year ago +78

    I'm a blink and now I'm a midzy too.... Yeji is my biased♥️ her charisma is on 🔥

  • Abril Panoso
    Abril Panoso Year ago +1

    Chaeryeong es tan hermosa y genial, la amo demasiado

  • Shweta Sharma
    Shweta Sharma Year ago +2

    Yeji&Yuna were outstanding. Their dance is just way too good😍😘
    Edit:No hate to other members.They all are best.

  • I don't care tho
    I don't care tho Year ago +2

    Even in their dance practice they give their all

  • Dimuthu Kodiakara
    Dimuthu Kodiakara 3 months ago +5

    Choi Lia's Vocals 💙👑️

  • Jaycee
    Jaycee Year ago +2228

    Lia has improved so much on her dancing skills, anyone who still calls her lazy needs to get their eyes checked.

    • Pratiyaksha Paliwal
      Pratiyaksha Paliwal Year ago

      When was she even lazy in the first place?!

    • doremifaJO
      doremifaJO Year ago +1

      Exactly, just because dancing isn’t somebody’s strong suite doesn’t mean their lazy?!

    • Emerald Nicki
      Emerald Nicki Year ago

      This is the most liked Girl group Dance Practice video of 2021, so far! 5th overall next to BTS :)

  • Black Homura
    Black Homura Year ago +9

    I really love the vibes ryujin gives ,so cool

  • love◤alarm
    love◤alarm  Year ago +6

    I really liked the part of Ryujin and Yeji they sing beautiful my god deserves more likes for the voices of Ryujin and Yeji also the voice of Lia although they all did it well I loved the voices

  • shannica opon
    shannica opon Year ago +3

    lia is emproving her dancing skill i cant stop watching her

  • tamaerys
    tamaerys 9 months ago +2

    THIS is why I love itzy. It feels like everyone gets their shining moment

  • Asperga
    Asperga Year ago +4

    완벽한 목소리, 완벽한 춤, 완벽한 5명의 소녀들 ♡ITZY♡MIDZY ENDLESS♡ [류진 ♡]

  • hi
    hi Year ago +117

    Lia has improved so much(she was never even bad but people hated her) and she looks so confident, it makes me so happy to see her like this!
    They are all amazing and they slayedddd

  • 𝙍𝙐𝙎𝙐𝙇𓂀💥

    I'm still addicted to this song and I can't get past the blonde Ryujin, the beauty of Leah and the charming Chaerong

  • Prasanna Sakhadeo
    Prasanna Sakhadeo Year ago +1

    All are stunning but omg Yunaaaa is slaaaaayingg. Badass Queen

  • duckydeukie
    duckydeukie Year ago +2

    They are so perfect and so talented

  • ♡Yuqi's cottage♡
    ♡Yuqi's cottage♡ Year ago +10

    Can't we say in short words that's this groups full of iconic
    They r really goddess

  • gita Bajaj
    gita Bajaj Year ago +6

    Who says lia is a bad dancer?She is amazing

  • Birdie
    Birdie Year ago +116

    Lia is amazing. She has the vocals, the visual, and the dancing.
    She is proving all of her haters wrong. You are amazing, Lia.

  • Sandhya Anbazhagan
    Sandhya Anbazhagan Year ago +5

    Im new to itzy . But how all groups are phenomenal . Spine breaking choreo

    • Sandhya Anbazhagan
      Sandhya Anbazhagan Year ago

      @macarena 0:56 .In Indian rural southernside .they do this curse someone(only the hand momment )

    • macarena
      macarena Year ago


  • Ivan Viho
    Ivan Viho Year ago +1

    they are killing every choreographies they got

  • avakin cookie
    avakin cookie Year ago +7

    Lia did very good she improved

  • Arundhati arts
    Arundhati arts 5 months ago +4

    I watched first time itzy and I fall in love with Yeji her attitude is on another level than other members

  • darljem Vinales
    darljem Vinales Year ago

    Keep streaming and voting midzy's,,stream MITM and LOCO and vote for our QUEENS in MAMA,they are currently on 13th spot,,lets give ITZY THE AWARD THEY DESERVED MIDZY

  • Katherine Paucas
    Katherine Paucas Year ago +303

    El visual de Lia es insuperable, además de su vocal que es impresionante. Ahora viene a romper con su baile. Hay algo que no haga bien está reina??

  • Florentina Hamo
    Florentina Hamo Year ago +2

    Lia slayed this!!!She is our queen!✨

  • Maya
    Maya Year ago +2

    lia's really killing it

  • osf - sarah💕
    osf - sarah💕 Year ago +2

    This is my favorite song ❤️
    I love you itzy ❤️❤️

  • Burgizza
    Burgizza Year ago +3

    I’m not able to take my eyes of yeji and chaeryeong they danced so well
    Every single member danced wonderfully

  • ria
    ria Year ago +1

    midzy, let's be more serious, much more serious about itzy. we must finally unite as a real fandom and give full support to all the activities of itzy that awaits us. please, let's be more serious about this. full cohesion > full support of the fandom > new achievements for girls > new victories for girls > the joy of the girls themselves. separately for Clip-Share during the comeback, let's rent a computer cafe and stream or something like that. as for spotify, we will use premium accounts (with ytb too) and stream songs. Please, let's do it for serious🙏🏻

  • 알렉산더카일
    알렉산더카일 Year ago +769


    • macarena
      macarena Year ago


    • 알렉산더카일
      알렉산더카일 Year ago +5

      Jisoology if we are talking about lead dancers, ryujin and yuna are above than theirs in my opinion. Yeji and chaeryeong are also better than eunbi. However, chaeyeon is obviously the best dancer out of the groups. i love izone but wonyoung and hiichan aren't that strong as lead dancers. The fact that izone has 12 members in the group is an advantage, if you get what i mean.

    • Arwa ali Afridi
      Arwa ali Afridi Year ago

      Sorry but
      Loona has
      Maindancer and choreograoher yves heejin hyunjin choerry olivia hye
      Kimlip gowon yeojin in these presence you cannot say itzy are best
      Their mainvocals haseul chuu jinsoul are also great dancer
      Itzy and loona can be on the same place not anybody above eachother

    • 이아리수
      이아리수 Year ago

      Jisoology who do you think has a better dance line?

    • Aaron Silva
      Aaron Silva Year ago +1

      @Hadi i know i am just saying lia has improved so much

  • Celeste WithU
    Celeste WithU Year ago +50


  • Valerieee Editss
    Valerieee Editss Year ago +5

    Chaeryeong is So beautiful!! 💕💕💕

  • Queen parrie
    Queen parrie Year ago +4

    Chaeryoung the best dance

  • kk
    kk Year ago +10

    지금까지 나온 걸그룹중에 제일 잘함
    미쳤다 진짜 ㅋㅋㅋ 실력.
    JYP가 퍼포먼스는 진짜 넘사벽임.
    제왑특유의 가볍고 깔끔하고 간지나는 춤선이 넘사벽임.