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Reviewing MKBHD Videos!

  • Published on Jul 1, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Working back to my first video, trying to survive the cringe 🤓
    The Masterclass: masterclass.com/MKBHD
    Why Don't People Buy Sony Smartphones? clip-share.net/video/j7QwJ-M_GAI/video.html
    Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing clip-share.net/video/x4yF3a3Zn4Y/video.html
    HTC U Ultra Rant clip-share.net/video/Nq2Kum-eG8g/video.html
    Talking Tech with Kobe Bryant clip-share.net/video/dP5Au3tH448/video.html
    The Dream Smartphone 2014 clip-share.net/video/lMGggUDolRI/video.html
    Update 1.0 = Video 100! clip-share.net/video/FcugVUydSBY/video.html
    HP Pavilion dv7t Media Center Remote clip-share.net/video/9gk_rl3y_SU/video.html
    MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com
    Intro Track: Channel 41 by Deadmau5
    Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: goo.gl/B3AWV5

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  • Panda Labs

    As Cody Ko once said: "Cringing at your old self is a sign that you've grown"

  • How To KDJ

    What I love most about Marques over the years is, he's just always been so genuine that there actually isn't that much change over the years.

  • Christian Pauchet

    You should be extremely proud of yourself, as a follower since 2011 I've had the real pleasure to see you grow way beyond anyone's imagination. It's all you Marques, you did this and deserve every single bit of recognition. Cheers mate!

  • Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}

    Little Marques was adorable. You've done so well and accomplished so much. 😊👍💯

  • driddo 5k
    driddo 5k  +37

    I noticed at 1 point you had 74 subscribers with over 100 videos uploaded . This is an absolute testament to perseverance and believing in yourself and to some degree truly pursuing things you enjoy doing! Congratulations on all of your hard earned success.

  • Joseph Hayes

    You don’t get this good without being bad. Most people can’t stomach sucking enough to try something new and they miss out on where it might take them. Thanks for doing something you enjoy, it’s inspiring!

  • Chris
    Chris  +2


  • Flowingglower

    it's incredible to see the progress you've made In so many dimension with your channel. but even more so as a person, influencer and mentor. you are at a point of personal success and growth that I think nurturing, growing and supporting future talent is the next big thing to focus on besides your own channel and that can set you apart from others.

  • ConquerJS
    ConquerJS  +17

    A little while back I went through your channel and saw your first ones. As a black man in tech that sh*t made me tear up bro. They keep telling us we can't do xyz because we're black & racism etc...My experience has been just do what you set your mind to and you will succeed. Your journey exemplifies that. Started from the bottom now you're here.

  • KtineBee
    KtineBee  +32

    I’ve discovered you when I was looking for a product review for wireless speakers and from then on, you’re my go-to-channel for every tech reviews. Keep it up Marques!

  • Steve B
    Steve B  +9

    Well young man, you've made a big impact on a lot of people with your reviews and advice. You came to my attention about 7 years ago and I've always enjoyed your quietly confident , knowledgeable reviews. Enjoy your success and long may it continue. Peace...

  • Steven Joseph

    Salute to you on this. I personally applaud you for taking the time to share this with us. Nice to see your growth in content and overall camera presence over the years. Wish some others would do this.

  • SimplyPops


  • Gavin Crenshaw

    HP Pavillion DV7T was also my first laptop and it was a BEAST. Kept that thing for almost 10 years. Putting an ssd in it kept it not just usable but actually good for a long time.

  • Pritesh
    Pritesh  +15

    Man, you’ve come so far. Been watching since 2012 and you just keep on getting better. Congratulations and thank you. Can’t wait for more from you.

  • Hilda Elson
    Hilda Elson 14 days ago +2

    You know what, I find this incredibly inspiring. Because it shows that a person can grow in leaps and bounds and you never know where life will get get you on this long journey we’re all on. You should be so so proud of yourself.

  • Dennis S

    So cool to see how far you’ve come. You’ve really made your mark here on Clip-Share for your work! Even myself, I’ve used your videos numerous times now before purchasing tech!

  • Natalia Yantaleva

    Нашла ваш канал только в 2020 и с тех пор это единственный канал о техники, который смотрю. Вы крутой, спасибо.

  • R.K Chalkboard


  • Lee Lewis

    I can remember watching your videos in 2009. Congratulations on a wonderful career doing reviews. I’ll always be a huge supporter. It really says something that you left your old videos still up.