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Why didn't the Ottomans conquer Italy?

  • Published on Sep 15, 2020 veröffentlicht
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    Why didn't the Ottomans conquer Italy?
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  • Knowledgia
    Knowledgia  2 years ago +326

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    • History with Luca
      History with Luca 2 years ago

      I prefer Wix cuz the German Ads are hilarious XD
      ~~Actually I don't need a website ~~

    • AmonSenpai
      AmonSenpai 2 years ago +1

      The question is will there be anything about the Empire of Japan? For example, sengoku

    • Gary Crasto
      Gary Crasto 2 years ago

      Vedio idea: why japanese didnt invade india after they captured burma in 1942. Can you do a vedio on that.

    • شؤون عالمية
      شؤون عالمية 2 years ago +1

      محمد و ليس مكمان ؟؟؟؟؟؟

  • Billy Singe
    Billy Singe Year ago +2787

    I often marveled at how the Ottoman Empire lasted so long that it fought during both the Crusades and World War One.

    • Nathan Elgatian
      Nathan Elgatian Year ago +92

      I read that in Zapp's voice

    • first last
      first last Year ago +421

      They learned everything from the Byzantines.

    • Samet
      Samet Year ago +259

      @first last 🤣🤣💩💩💩

    • Alpha Sheep
      Alpha Sheep Year ago +145

      @Samet why you are acting crazy?

    • Zayed Abdul Kalam
      Zayed Abdul Kalam Year ago +236

      @first last they learned everything and became better at it. cope

  • GRDiver94
    GRDiver94 2 years ago +2913

    Simple, the aggressive expansion penalty is too high in Italian Provinces

    • Matthew Austin
      Matthew Austin 2 years ago +146

      The HRE says hello if you do

    • Robin Hylands
      Robin Hylands Year ago +127

      It's hard enough to get the Balkans by 1500 without a Europe wide coalition ;).

    • Joseph Cola
      Joseph Cola Year ago +65

      Pope declaring Crusade goes BRRRRRRRRRR

    • starsantasta
      starsantasta Year ago +30

      you can beat the coalition though. If you let europe thrive for a good 200 years, you will never be able to invade all of it

    • russko118
      russko118 Year ago +5

      @Matthew Austin they didn't stay inside for long, or at least they were inside just by name

  • Question Everything But WHY
    Question Everything But WHY 2 years ago +1591

    “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
    ― George Orwell

    • Mbathroom1
      Mbathroom1 2 years ago +119

      Henryk Gödel indeed but that said there is another group in America that tries to erase all history of European Americans so they feel bad for the deeds of their ancestors

    • Edgar Rätsep
      Edgar Rätsep 2 years ago +39

      Same thing is happening in most countries, i can vouch for Russia and Estonia, the new generations are out of their freaking mind here...

    • Mbathroom1
      Mbathroom1 2 years ago +2

      @Edgar Rätsep what's happening?

    NIDELLANEUM Year ago +844

    "Mehmet the Conqueror was prevented from invading Italy by Count Dracula" is a notion I didn't think I would ever hear

    • Cameron
      Cameron Year ago +19

      they still conquered it

    • Barittos
      Barittos Year ago +11

      @Cameron what

      NIDELLANEUM Year ago +31

      The city of Otranto, and only temporarily

    • Moïra
      Moïra Year ago +22

      Pour cela l’italienne que je suis sera toujours reconnaissante à ce sacré Comte 🧛‍♂️

    • seneca983
      seneca983 Year ago +64

      Dracula wasn't a Count. He was the Voivode of Wallachia.

  • Bruno of Calabria
    Bruno of Calabria 2 years ago +499

    In order to conquer Central Italy, the Ottoman navies would have to pass across the windy Adriatic Sea, if they were to conquer Southern Italy, they would have to pass either the Tunisian or Ionian Seas, whereas if the Ottoman Imperial armies were to try to enter Northern Italy from Austria, they would have to pass through the snowy alps. Their best bet would probably be to go through the border from Slovenia or Croatia, which would probably end up in disaster anyway as that region was protected by a combination of European powers (Austria-Hungary, Holy Roman Empire, Venice, France and Spain), who would probably put aside their differences to team up against the Ottomans.

    • The puppel puppel
      The puppel puppel 2 years ago +22

      And thus through Austria.

    • Aga Ilham
      Aga Ilham 2 years ago +9

      How about the Ottoman base at Tunisia? Why they didn't launch their troops from there?

    • Gawd's Universe
      Gawd's Universe 2 years ago +65

      @Aga Ilham, The Ottoman's didn't have a big enough navy to land a large enough army plus supplies to conquer Italy. Italy could have easily rushed a bigger army on foot to crush any landings by the Turks.

    • Lord Protector
      Lord Protector 2 years ago +27

      @Aga Ilham The Knights Hospitalar were viben in Malta (they still exist to this day). They were the biggest thorn in the Ottoman's side.

    • Mbathroom1
      Mbathroom1 2 years ago +1

      Hi my friend. Remember me?

  • Alex S
    Alex S Year ago +959

    Italy's and German's disunity is an advantage, actually. Imagine every town got their own army with their own defenses and supplies. You need to capture and pacify every single entiry, unlike in places like Hungary where all power centralized in Budapest, and once the army wiped out and the city captured, the whole nation collapsed.

    • kaya cenk
      kaya cenk Year ago +25

      yea right now all turkish city like that.. example all houses like castle big and strong.

    • Goatface6
      Goatface6 Year ago +37

      Decentralization is the way of the future. Especially currency.

    • Konan PL
      Konan PL Year ago +163

      @Goatface6 Yeah. The future full of civil wars and overpowered corporations. Like in Holy Roman Empire. Great idea!

    • Robin Hylands
      Robin Hylands Year ago +41

      @Konan PL In my opinion it's all about the ebb and flow. When it's time too decentralize, decentralize, when it's time to centralize, centralize.

  • BVargas78
    BVargas78 2 years ago +81

    I think the mighty spanish empire was a factor, enriched with the gold and wealth of the new world. It had armies stationed in Italy and even had some balkan campaigns to help stem the Ottoman expansion. They were also closely allied to Austria due to their common Hapsburg lineage in their monarchies.

    • Jesús Alexander
      Jesús Alexander 2 years ago +9


    • BVargas78
      BVargas78 Year ago +13

      @Discover with Ali You're probably Turkish aren't you? But let me just say that firstly i never said the Ottomans weren't also mighty. They were both the strongest empires of the time and it led to some grisly fights. Some won by the ottomans and their allies. Some won by the spanish and their allies.
      Secondly, in europe, spanish armies dominated the battlefield. With the Spanish Tercios able to defeat all challengers until improvements of artillery led to the formation becoming more vulnerable. Spanish armies were active in Germany and the Netherlands, so no it wasn't just native american cultures they were fighting, but well armed well equipped European principalities, especially during the protestant reformation movement. Most historians think that if the Spanish had actually managed to land the armada invasion force bound for England in 1588, they would have won. But most of it died at sea due to storms and the naval command ability of Francis Drake.
      Thirdly, why did the Ottomans never effectively invade southern Italy? It would have been an ideal stepping stone towards Rome itself, the heart of Christendom at the time. They could have done it before the defeat at sea in battle of lepanto. The reason was that there was a sizable spanish garrison defending southern italy and sicily, otherwise the italian cities of the south would have been extremely vulnerable.

    • Aydın Mesut Törün
      Aydın Mesut Törün Year ago

      Thats actually not totally right, spain went banktupt during late 16th century

    • BVargas78
      BVargas78 Year ago +6

      @Aydın Mesut Törün It remained a powerful empire though. I think the loss of the Armada invasion fleet for England hurt it's economy a lot and made it's treasure fleet more vulnerable to pirates and english privateers. But some ships would still get through, gold was less and less but silver remained steady provided they weren't intercepted.
      Spain though in decline still hold a global spanning empire. But it lost the netherlands, lost what money there was in the 30 years war, and had a change of dynasty marking the end of the hapsburg alliance with Austria. And it's holding in southern Italy eventually evolved into the independent Kingdom of Naples.
      Turkey remained strong for another hundred years, culminating in the second siege of Vienna, after that it too went into decline. The age of enlightenment came, and both the Ottomans and Spain were very old fashioned and struggled to modernize and keep up with the west, northern europe in particular.

    • John and Judy Schuh
      John and Judy Schuh Year ago +6

      And of course, Don Juan of Austria, the great Hapsburg prince who led the West to victory at Lepanto. He dies young, some say because he was poisoned by King Phillip of Spain because he was so successful in the Netherlands.

  • BlendiX64
    BlendiX64 2 years ago +791

    Interesting video, but a little correction, the 1 ottoman-venetian war lasted from 1463 to 1479 not from 1464.

    • Knowledgia
      Knowledgia  2 years ago +227

      Thank you for watching and for the correction! 🙂

    • dindin nurdin
      dindin nurdin 2 years ago +1

      Invasi Ottoman ke Otranto italy

    • Comrade
      Comrade 2 years ago

      Question is that real or did we just find artifacts

    • GoodFella
      GoodFella 2 years ago

      @Comrade No it's not real it's just both sides lied about but actually never happened. Only an ottoman-venetian conspiracy

  • Antiko Martin
    Antiko Martin 2 years ago +1511

    Imagine how a single city has influenced the story of the world in the pst 2000 years...

    • Conk
      Conk 2 years ago +144

      @Recep Gürbüz you mean constantinople? Cause the city was not as important when turks came

    • san culotti
      san culotti 2 years ago +186

      ​@Recep Gürbüz one of the, but the most important remain Rome

    • Conk
      Conk 2 years ago +3

      Steve Smith are Russians Catholic?

    • Demonex
      Demonex 2 years ago +167

      @Recep Gürbüz Constantinople (Constano + polis = Constantin's city) wouldn't exist without the roman empire.

    • Gina Smith
      Gina Smith 2 years ago +53

      Romans where way ahead of there time , and there war Tatics where brutal .

  • madeleine m
    madeleine m 2 years ago +476

    Simply answer: they had too many enemies at that point, even their own vassals state, constantly rebelled against ottomans bringing significant damage. And no army no matter how great it is, can't fight in two different fronts.
    EDIT: Stop giving me names of battles or wars that lasted a few years. That's not the same, you completely missed the point, ottomans had countless battles, countless wars and countless enemies. They didn't fall in a day or in a battle, in a way they fall over the weight of all a of them.

    • Fuhrer Johnson
      Fuhrer Johnson 2 years ago +5

      PassionOfLifee The mongol army was as united as Italy at the time. The army was mostly independent from Khan's orders, and could focus on multiple fronts using hordes ( basically group of armies getting split and consolidating power in a specific region)

    • Carlos García
      Carlos García 2 years ago +3

      @Fuhrer Johnson In medieval era horse where like tanks, imagine a country only with the best tanks in the world without any aircraft

    • Zvonimir Vidović
      Zvonimir Vidović 2 years ago +1

      Agreed..as in Latin saying: "Nec Hercules contra duos"

    • funk master22
      funk master22 2 years ago +6

      America did ww2.

    • Spartan265
      Spartan265 2 years ago +3

      America technically fought 2 fronts during WW2. In general though you are correct. Fighting 2 fronts is almost always gonna end bad for you.

  • Tristorm Barbarossa
    Tristorm Barbarossa Year ago +412

    Iskender bey ( Skenderbeg ) was the reason for Ottomans not conquered Italy. He was a very talented commander that Mehmet spent much energy to his army. He was educated by Ottomans.

    • pax et Amor
      pax et Amor Year ago +31

      Please stop talking nonsense and propaganda, the Republic of Venice and the Republic of Genoa had conquered half Turkey, Greece up to Ukraine and half the Balkan territory, how could the Ottomans conquer Italy, skanderbeg had asylum in Naples from the king Ferdinand when the Ottomans had colonized Albania, how can you say that nonsense, Italy won against the Turks even during the First World War for your information. Try reading some history books please.

    • Sleros
      Sleros Year ago +173

      ​@pax et Amor Venice and Genoa never gained those Aegean islands from Turks, they took them from the Byzantines. Later Ottomans kicked both of their asses and kicked them out of the Aegean. Stop your nationalistic bs propaganda.

    • Tristorm Barbarossa
      Tristorm Barbarossa Year ago +55

      @pax et Amor Before your excitement to teach history, be noticed that interval of history you mention was during the Macedonian- Roman wars BC. This subject we are talking about belongs to 14th century.

    • pax et Amor
      pax et Amor Year ago +14

      @Sleros You are confusing dates and years, the Ottoman Empire was born in 1299, while the Morea War, also known as the Sixth Turkish-Venetian War, was the military campaign, which took place between 25 April 1684 and 1699, with which the The Republic of Venice disputed control of the Morea (Peloponnese) and the Aegean Sea to the Ottoman Empire. This conflict, the sixth between Turks and Venetians, was part of the wider scenario of the wars of the Holy League, which saw the formation of a coalition of Christian states (including the Austrian Empire, the State of the Church and the Knights of Malta) opposing to the Turkish expansion in the Balkan peninsula.

    • pax et Amor
      pax et Amor Year ago +3

      @Tristorm Barbarossa I think there are many different stories about this story on the internet, you keep believing in your version.

  • abdi abdi
    abdi abdi 2 years ago +2618

    ottomans: why did our invasion fail?
    oversimplified: well that is because you didn't use today's sponsor Nord VPN

    • navya goes brr
      navya goes brr 2 years ago +25


    • JoeSexPack
      JoeSexPack 2 years ago +18

      Failed because Croatia.

    • abdi abdi
      abdi abdi 2 years ago +3

      @N. M. bro I just watched an oversimplified video so yh I am pretty sure you know who the sponsor is 😏😏😏😂😂😂😅😅😅

    • Neil Sumanda
      Neil Sumanda 2 years ago +3

      i thought bcuz they cud not bring those war elephants... 😄😄.

    • 19 98
      19 98 2 years ago +9

      💪🏻🇦🇱💪🏻🇦🇱💪🏻🇦🇱KING SKËNDERBEU🇦🇱💪🏻🇦🇱💪🏻🇦🇱💪🏻🇦🇱💪🏻🇦🇱

  • Abdulkadir
    Abdulkadir 2 years ago +87

    Uzun Hasan with his Akkoyunlu empire was also a big reason that halted any Ottoman advances in the west. Sultan Mehmet wasn't only busy in the Balkans, the Anatolian side also had a bunch of kingdoms and even an empire to control or battle with.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 2 years ago +9

      The Ottoman never alway had it their way.
      Battle of Ankara: July 20, 1402 the only time in the 500-year history of the empire that a Sultan was captured in battle (he died after three months in captivity).
      The Battle of Vienna 1683 was the end of Ottoman westward advances .
      WW1 was the complete defeat of the ottomans.

    • Ahmet Kemal Gürel
      Ahmet Kemal Gürel 6 months ago +1

      @John Smith ne alaka

    • Gun Metal Grey
      Gun Metal Grey 4 months ago +1

      Chad Uzun Hasan 🇦🇿

  • Bole Top
    Bole Top 2 years ago +55

    What i can remember from history lessons, the goal of the Ottomans was to conquer Vienna. Vienna was considered one of the most important cities during that period, with the Habsburg family on the throne.

    • Domjuan Courtleciel
      Domjuan Courtleciel Year ago +1

      True ! It was the center of roman-german Empire

    • esram nor
      esram nor Year ago +1


    • AD
      AD 6 months ago

      if they had managed to conquer it, most of europe would be turkish

    • Pou Kaa
      Pou Kaa 5 months ago

      @esram nor German

    • Shinkirou
      Shinkirou 5 months ago

      precizion_ i like when cultured people write in the comments. Salute sir!

  • i-Prime Productions
    i-Prime Productions Year ago +12

    I think the siege on Malta later on the was far more significant of a reason. As Voltaire said, “Nothing is more well known than the siege of Malta”

  • Nick Mamo
    Nick Mamo 2 years ago +12

    I was also expecting to hear about the ottoman siege in malta in 1565. If the ottoman had won, it would have been a perfect opportunity to try and take Sicily and subsequently the south of Italy again.

  • Andrés Rafael Valle
    Andrés Rafael Valle 5 months ago +53

    Lepanto and the siege of Malta are both extremely relevant regarding this matter.

    • FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk
      FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk 5 months ago +7

      Spanish fighters..

    • t
      t 5 months ago

      very agree bro

    • I G
      I G 5 months ago +1

      And Otranto

    • Federal1829
      Federal1829 4 months ago +2

      @FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk shhh it is supposed to ignore Spain contributions or talk bad about them dude

  • anthony barbano
    anthony barbano 2 years ago +3072

    The village my family in italy are from has a statue of skanderbeg, its really cool. Albanian refuges founded the city

    • Tomë Ivezaj
      Tomë Ivezaj 2 years ago +348

      Hello brother, Pope Pius awarded Albania lands in southern Italy for their defense of Christendom. Many Albanians fled as the ottomans took over. We call them Arberesh :) cheers

    • MsMigi1
      MsMigi1 2 years ago +35

      Cool. where are you from exactly? I come from Martano but live in Zurich.

    • Uros
      Uros 2 years ago +105

      he was serb

    • Nikola Bogosavljevic
      Nikola Bogosavljevic 2 years ago +106

      He was serb

    • Tony Q
      Tony Q 2 years ago +435

      Nikola Bogosavljevic of course Gjergj Kastrioti was serb 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Barack Obama is serb too

  • Daily Dose Documentary
    Daily Dose Documentary 2 years ago +33

    I highly recommend the book _Prisoners of Geography_ by Tim Marshall! Reminds me a lot of this discussion of how geographically, the Ottoman Empire couldn't take the Italian Penninsula.

    • Daily Dose Documentary
      Daily Dose Documentary 2 years ago +5

      I should note this book has nothing to do with the Ottoman empire, just a good book about Geography's impact on world power.

    • Dario Colombo
      Dario Colombo Year ago +2

      Thanks man, finally a clever content among millions of meme-comments

    • hussain ashraf
      hussain ashraf 6 months ago

      @Daily Dose Documentary ottomans showed too much mercy to europe

    • Sachem of Boston
      Sachem of Boston 4 months ago

      @hussain ashraf the ottomans were brutal, they definitely didn’t show a lot of mercy

    • Hoi-Polloi
      Hoi-Polloi 2 months ago +1

      @hussain ashraf I think they tried as hard as they could, just eventually they reached the end of their capabilities, just as the Europeans started getting their own act together.

  • Skerdy
    Skerdy 2 years ago +503

    One funny story about Skanderbeg (that, considering the times, might be true):
    At one point Murat (the father of Mehmet) sent an envoy to Skanderbeg basically accusing him of satanism and saying that the only reason he wins is because he had a magic sword given to him by Satan (btw, Ottomans soldiers truly called the road to Kruja, Skanderbeg's main castle, "the road of the devil").
    The envoy went on saying that without his magic sword the Ottomans would have already won! But the Sultan in his graciousness was giving the opportunity to Skanderbeg to prove him wrong by exchanging their swords. So, if Skanderbeg is truly a good man and not allied with evil, the Sultan was willing to give him his own sword in exchange for his magic one!
    Skanderbeg smiled and accepted. (Giving his Albanian court anxiety because they too have believed the hype).
    Next year the Ottomans attacked again and Skanderbeg defeated them again. Then he sent to the Sultan a simple massage:
    "It was never the sword. It's the hand that helds it."
    That's the kind of man he was.

    • Benjamin Davidovich Waals
      Benjamin Davidovich Waals 2 years ago +38

      I heard it was between shah İsmail and sultan Selim

    • Skerdy
      Skerdy 2 years ago +40

      @Benjamin Davidovich Waals It is possible... as I said it is a story told by people, sort of like a myth really, and they often switch characters... but it fits the times... I have heard it about Skanderbeg and Sultan Murat.
      Since Skanderbeg is at least 60 years earlier than Selim's time, sorry, but I am going to go with Skanderbeg and Murat.

    • Skerdy
      Skerdy 2 years ago +4

      Alex C Glad you liked it.

    • Skerdy
      Skerdy 2 years ago +2

      Alex C Sorry, I might be a bit confused: what does "cope" means?

    • deniz Orsel
      deniz Orsel 2 years ago +24

      As much as I respect Skanderbeg and his great tactical awareness on the battlefield , I have to call this story bollocks. An Ottoman Emperor of that era would never exchange the sword of a so called evil with the sword of God cast as justice. I respect Skanderbeg and Polish,Lithuanian Hussars as once enemies as they fought with their heart to defend their realm. If anyone would want to link someone to devil, there was no man on the earth of that era as vicious as Vlad the Impaler. The things that he has done to his own people let alone his enemies are beyond definition of hell.

  • Dolores Sverko
    Dolores Sverko Year ago +44

    10% of the Venetian fleet were Dalmatian seamen. There is plenty of research that exists that shows Montenegrin, Albanian and Croatian influence trumping up various city states, not just Venice. There are also records of Dalmatian ambassadors being tortured to sign and give up land, which they never did.

    • Sachem of Boston
      Sachem of Boston 4 months ago +3

      I found documents of my Croatian ancestors being citizens of thee Venetian republic in the 1700s

    • Franx Yks
      Franx Yks 4 months ago

      Perasto ha seppellito per ultima le insegne di Venezia nella sua chiesa ⛪️

    • Jurgi
      Jurgi Month ago

      That's true! The army of Venice, the "Stratioti", was consisted of Balkanians. In many cases most of them were Albanians from Albania and Peloponnese.

  • Rigo Valdivia
    Rigo Valdivia 2 years ago +24

    The Battle of Lepanto was a naval engagement that took place on 7 October 1571 when a fleet of the Holy League, a coalition of Catholic Christian states arranged by Pope Pius V, inflicted a major defeat on the fleet of the Ottoman Empire in the Gulf of Patras

  • Artenis Kryenadhi
    Artenis Kryenadhi 2 years ago +108

    I think its time history recognise Albania for some of its achievement that are forgotten through history....

    • John and Judy Schuh
      John and Judy Schuh Year ago +7

      Western historians and the English in particular generally ignore the sheer might of the Ottoman power because they never had rtoconfront it when it was at its height. It was the successor state of the Christian east Roman empire

    • Domjuan Courtleciel
      Domjuan Courtleciel Year ago +9

      Les Albanais ont ensuite collaboré avec les Ottomans au point de changer de religion ! Quel formidable "achievement "!

    • 12 Gmkk
      12 Gmkk Year ago +1

      What history ?
      They are muslims now even though they were occupied by the Soviet and believing in religion was considered as a crime at that time

  • Egl3RioN
    Egl3RioN 2 years ago +773

    The failed conqest of Malta is also a huge factor

    • Your local T72
      Your local T72 2 years ago +64

      siege of corfu had a bigger impact since that campaign was directed to rome itself

    • John Smith
      John Smith 2 years ago +49

      The Ottoman never alway had it their way.
      Battle of Ankara: July 20, 1402 the only time in the 500-year history of the empire that a Sultan was captured in battle (he died after three months in captivity).
      The Battle of Vienna 1683 was the end of Ottoman westward advances .

    • Tost makinesi fan edition
      Tost makinesi fan edition 2 years ago +22

      The Guardian Monke The only country in the east mediterranean.

    • Ultraviolet
      Ultraviolet 2 years ago +19

      The Guardian Monke small islands are harder than conquering land, invasion of crete in ww2 for example times are different nevertheless with better technology the germans lost more soldiers than a normal land invasion.

    • ComradeKenobi
      ComradeKenobi 2 years ago +8

      The Guardian Monke *fanatical monks with swords and cannons supplied by the Christendom

  • Giulio Balestrier
    Giulio Balestrier 2 years ago +11

    Well, the Ottomans failed to conquer Malta in the great siege 1565. Besides moving a large army and supply it through the Adriatic would have been disastrous. The Venitian and Spanish navies were very strong.

  • Isochest
    Isochest 2 years ago +7

    Interesting piece of history. I always wondered why Italy wasn't occupied by the Ottomans

  • Mr. Anderson
    Mr. Anderson Year ago +24

    Albania really got the short end of the stick out of this, they helped out other Christian nations in trouble yet when they were in trouble no one bothered to help, now they’re mostly muslim and were forced under the boot of the Ottoman Empire for around 4 centuries. They could’ve been an interesting nation half Catholic half orthodox in the middle of the Balkans had they not be conquered by the Turkish.

    • Illumi
      Illumi Year ago +5

      I mean its not that bad today. Religious diversity has made Albanians not care about peoples religion and it has caused the country to have amazing dishes from many cultures. Visited it once and it was great to see Christians and Muslims have festivals together despite having a different religion.

    • Mansa Karimi
      Mansa Karimi Year ago +2

      Stop giving religious angle all the time 😡

    • BleTrick
      BleTrick 9 months ago +2

      It's still a half Catholic and half Orthodox split if you don't include the Muslim and irreligious.

    • Keptins
      Keptins 8 months ago

      It would be like a smaller version of Catholic Croatia vs Orthodox Serbia. Not that special. (Whatever that means) Au contraire local Muslims in the heart of Europe are even more interesting.

    • albodomi
      albodomi 8 months ago +3

      That would be interesting, but albanians have a better version coming.
      When religions will stop getting financed from muslim countries, albanians will return to their roots, paganism, where people would consider nature as god. The sun, the sky, the sea.

  • AirWorthy Tours
    AirWorthy Tours 2 years ago +8

    Did not know about occupation of Otrento! However, I’m surprised you didn’t put in the battle of Lepanto and the Siege of Malta as decisive factors for the Ottomans failure to conquer Italy.

    • alin pop
      alin pop Year ago +1

      I was just about to say that, the battle of Lepanto halted the Ottomans from making any more forays into the Italian states, it proved their unity when faced with a common treat!

    SRKNYCL Year ago +6

    You forgot to mention Turkish garrison of Otranto. They became mercenaries after Otranto fell and sought in Italy for their skills.

  • Im Cloud
    Im Cloud 2 years ago +372

    Ottomans : Lets invade Italy
    Everything in existence : Nah you ain't invading Italy

    • CountryRace
      CountryRace Year ago +27

      The Ottomans had many enemies, if their only enemy was Italy, I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult.

    • Teemu Vesala
      Teemu Vesala Year ago +73

      @CountryRace Any large empire has many enemies lol. Romans had many enemies too.

    • Ahmed_Malrogi
      Ahmed_Malrogi Year ago +1

      @Teemu Vesala agreed

    • Sumbarine
      Sumbarine Year ago +15

      @CountryRace read the battle of lepanto in the 1571---where a combination of italian,spanish & austrian troops on ship wiped out the turkish navy in a brutal huge battle

    • Sumbarine
      Sumbarine Year ago +6

      @Ahmed_Malrogi read the battle of lepanto 1571---where italian,spanish & austrian trrops wiped out the turkish navy

  • Joe Panico
    Joe Panico 2 years ago +58

    I'm surprised you made no mention of the Battle of Lepanto of 1571, which broke Ottoman sea power in the Mediterranean.

      SCINTILLAM DEI 2 years ago +13

      Iberia always gets little positive media attention due to the Black Legend.

    • B T
      B T 2 years ago +8

      Battle of Lepanto didn't break the naval power of Ottomans at all. Just a year after the battle Ottomans had the same fleet size.

    • B T
      B T Year ago +2

      @Federal1829 What? Italian states completely lost naval power after discovery of new world. And nobody sees Spain as Nazi Germany! What are you talking about??

    • Federal1829
      Federal1829 Year ago

      @B T much people trash talk about the Spain's past

  • Tahuan Tinsuyo
    Tahuan Tinsuyo 2 years ago +35

    You completely missed the most important point. The Ottoman economy was based on the Silk Rout trade with China and India, and its economy was based also on silver. When the Spanish conquered the Western Hemisphere, aka, the West Indies, an abundance of gold and silver saturated the world and plummeted the value of Ottoman silver thus causing an economic depression for the Ottomans, and reversely a boom to the Holy Roman Empire with the Spanish Hapsburgs leading it.

    • Mouath
      Mouath Year ago +4

      I agree, i'd wonder if the Ottomans succeeded in conquoring Morocco, they would've probably launched a few exploration journeys into the atlantic just like Carthage did thousands of years ago.

    • Tahuan Tinsuyo
      Tahuan Tinsuyo Year ago +2

      @Mouath Why? Unlike the Europeans, Ottomans already were in India no need for further exploration. Instead they would have recaptured lost Muslim land in Spain.

    • Aren Küçük
      Aren Küçük Year ago

      I'm Turkish and everything you say is wrong

    • A Ol
      A Ol Year ago +9

      @Tahuan Tinsuyo "lost Muslim lands" lol! How are they lost if they were stolen and never belonged to you in the first place? By your logic, then iraq, Afghanistan and iran belongs to the Mongols who lost it later on. Spain never belonged to the Muslim invaders in the first place.

    • A Ol
      A Ol Year ago +1

      @Tahuan Tinsuyo "lost Muslim lands" lol! How are they lost if they were stolen and never belonged to you in the first place? By your logic, then iraq, Afghanistan and iran belongs to the Mongols who lost it later on.

  • Kagemusha08
    Kagemusha08 2 years ago +6

    Amphibious invasions against a centralized state that doesn't want you to land were incredibly difficult. People today don't realize how incredible the successful landings at Normandy and on Pacific islands like Guam and Okinawa were. And this was in the 1940's, well over 300 years after the Ottomans were at their peak. The Ottomans had the Bosporus and Marmara as an easy way to gradually get into the Balkans. Crossing the Adriatic all at once would have been a logistical nightmare in the 16th/17th century.

    • FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk
      FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk 7 months ago +1

      The Pope had Spanish Soldiers placed all over the south regions of Italy all south of Vatican City to fight and stop the Muslims. It worked. Then the Muslims went to Eastern Europe to invade instead. But the could not win in Italy. Spain even defeated The French tryin to invade from the Milan area, and even captured a french king that in arrogance dared to set foot in Milan area. They brought that king to Spain Madrid as a prisoner. Shame for France too.

    • Al Bak
      Al Bak 4 months ago

      @FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk isn’t that the French king whom the ottomans were able to free by going to war? Lol

    • FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk
      FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk 4 months ago


  • Hansjörg Kunde
    Hansjörg Kunde 2 years ago +12

    I suggest Europa Universalis 4 if you want to try it on Ottoman side or any other side in the region. Its literally a conquer game starting in 1444 after the battle of Varna before Constantinople fell. And yes Albania got the fearsome Skanderbeg...

  • Oskar Eriksson
    Oskar Eriksson 2 years ago +15

    Italy wasn't so easy to invade from the south (the most successful invasions come from the north, in the south is difficult even to advance, look the allied in ww2 or phyrrus too), second the political situation of Italy wasn't so desperate, there was 1 the papal state, that in 1400 1500 had a pretty decent army and navy, aside with the neapolitan kingdom of the aragonese dinasty, and Sicily who was a vice kingdom of aragon instead, Venice was a superpower who had expanded on land too, and with a super fleet (in Lepanto only the venetian galeazze killed 108 ottoman galleys, because they was proto galleons and could fire from every side and was too high to be assaulted by the galleys, that give you the measure of the venetian technology at the time, it wasn't the sick and tired Venice of xvii and xviii century, in xv century and xvi Venice was a superpower for the moment), 3rd if the papal state was threatened I guess Spain and the holy Roman empire would have intervened immediately, a crusade probably was launched, and Italy isn't eastern Europe plains, it's not so difficult to push back an invader from South, especially if this invader is far away from his territory and reached its limit of supply routes (look the siege of Vienna, ottomans arrived at the gates of Western Europe finish their supply capacity, its like for the Christians to invade the east), so there are many factors. Really many. And as you sad the Italian states tend to unite if threatened, (the French and the Spanish in the Italian war had success because the Italian states was divided among them, some allied with the invaders like Milan who called the French in 1492 i guess, but when they united was dangerous). Skandenberg and the Albanians too was another factor. BTW the ottomans penegrated sometime in Italy, like in otranto, or in Friuli, but they was ever kicked back. It wasn't so easy like I sad yet to invade Italy, or Austria to them.

    • FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk
      FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk 7 months ago +1

      The Pope had Spanish Soldiers placed all over the south regions of Italy all south of Vatican City to fight and stop the Muslims. It worked. Then the Muslims went to Eastern Europe to invade instead. But they could not win in Italy. Spain even defeated The French tryin to invade from the north, the Milan area, and even captured a french king that in arrogance dared to set foot in Milan area. They brought that king to Spain Madrid as a prisoner. Shame for France too. The Spanish won in South and North Italy.

    • tommi
      tommi 5 months ago +1

      Yeah, my city (Pisa) he rebelled against the Florentine oppression and with the support of Charles the Eighth we founded the second Pisan republic which lasted until 1512. it did not have an army but rather it was the same citizens who fought all together. venice gave us six supplies because in the past we were great allies

    • Oskar Eriksson
      Oskar Eriksson 4 months ago +1

      @FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk yeah, exactly, but the singular Italian states wasn't the decadent states of the later centuries, Venice, the duchy of Florence, the viceroyames of Naples and Sardinia (under Spanish control) was very powerful at the time (in lepanto only the venetian new galeazze, a proto Galeon, destroyed 108 Turkish galleys). It wasn't so easy to attack Italy even in xv century before the Spanish conquest. Look the Otranto siege. But also the battle of Fornovo against france. In renaissance The Italian states when united and with the help of a foreign power or even the pope was a difficult enemy in homeland.

    • FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk
      FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk 4 months ago +1

      @Oskar Eriksson With the help of that foreigh power" ? . Yes, the Aragon , then all of Spain united from 1492. The Muslims then went away to conquer eastern europe instead.

  • Soul
    Soul 2 years ago +491

    Skanderbeg also helped the king of neaples with his battles in italy while at war with the ottomans..
    Sadly in the end no one helped him..

    • Dylan Morvillo
      Dylan Morvillo 2 years ago +2

      But we helped a lot of people

    • Christos Christermi
      Christos Christermi 2 years ago +3

      +Soul he didn't need help ; his realm diminished only after his death

    • Soul
      Soul 2 years ago +27

      rvtrcr funding a single and comparably small kingdom against what was at the time the most powerful empire of the known world was only delaying the inevitable and not really helping to solve the problem
      they could have called for a crusade and evened the odds which would have been actual helpful. I know they called one but the pope died shortly after and albania was the only country that joined it while the rest of the european countries didnt bother due to not seeing it as a direct threat or being busy otherwise.

    • Soul
      Soul 2 years ago +2

      Paolo Tanfoglio all of these battles occurred after the fall of the balkans i never said that albania somehow played an important role in these battles so dont try to spin words around.
      And all of these battles were fought by HOLY LEAGUES so joint forces, and my comment above says that if the western Countries would have formed an holy league earlier instead of just sending money, the lnvasion could have been delayed or completely stopped but they chose to not bother until the ottomans were at their doorstep..
      And turkey was a dying empire at the beginning of ww1 so the independence movement would have succeeded anyway like most independence movements in the balkans during that time period

    • jemand  ᚢᛉ
      jemand ᚢᛉ 2 years ago +8

      @Christos Christermi he needed help because he was planning a crusade

  • connenenco
    connenenco Year ago +31

    I like how he starts his accent with a British one and changes it to an American accent. Lol

    • A-Tirona 1979
      A-Tirona 1979 Year ago +2

      Actually there's no any British accent at all.None

  • budibausto
    budibausto Year ago +9

    some 100 years later from the siege of Otranto, and not far away from there, came the final blow at Lepanto.
    Also, it is noteworthy to know that Venice, Genoa and other Italian states, thus nemesis, were terrific pirates against the Ottomans. They crippled the Ottomans as they weakened their trade routs.

    • Aydın Mesut Törün
      Aydın Mesut Törün Year ago

      پیاده نظام خان Yes they did, ships dont mean nothing, it was the loss of experienced seamen which was the real blow, ottomans never had same naval power as before lepanto

    • Aydın Mesut Törün
      Aydın Mesut Törün Year ago

      پیاده نظام خان Yea they clashed at sea but not in a domineering manner. Turks never had the maritime domination of pre-lepanto era.

    • Jean Bethencourt
      Jean Bethencourt Year ago +1

      Not to mention Spain was shielding Italy. Spain being the most powerful nation at the time.

  • Lychguard 101
    Lychguard 101 2 years ago +20

    A video idea that I think would be fun is "The Great Siege of Malta" (1565). Purely because of how interesting the Ottoman defeat was.

    • Yusuf Kılıç
      Yusuf Kılıç Year ago

      The siege was lifted because the Ottoman Captain Turgut Reis was martyred in the siege of Malta. Leaders are important in eastern societies. If the leader dies, the war ends and the army disperses. In all wars, the westerners tried to kill the ottoman sultans, they attacked the center directly because they knew that the army would disperse when the leader dies. This happened in Malta and in many wars.

    • Jon M
      Jon M Year ago

      @Yusuf Kılıç aggressors aren't martyrs

    • Jon M
      Jon M Year ago +2

      @Yusuf Kılıç lol, the strongest army in Europe repelled by a few hospital guards.
      Seethe, mald and cope harder.
      It is not your place to say who goes to hell or heaven. Learn your own religion.

    • Yusuf Kılıç
      Yusuf Kılıç Year ago

      @Jon M The indigenous people of Malta are Arabs. Their religion is Catholic. Strong army is useless in island wars. I do not belittle the victory of the Maltese. The Turks lost 80,000 soldiers for the Aegean Islands alone. The reasons for these wars are the attacks of the island states or the state that dominates the island against the Turks. The reason for lifting the siege of Malta is because of the martyrdom of Turgut chief who made the siege. If the commander had not been martyred, the island would have been taken. Truth hurts, you'll learn.

  • gig in the sky
    gig in the sky 11 months ago +5

    mehmed the conqueror was a big fan of western culture and roman legacy. he saw himself as the successor of roman empire and used the title 'kayser-i rum'(caesar of romans). if he didn't die during invasion the world we live in today would be very different i think.

  • fanta claus
    fanta claus 2 years ago +39

    Sicilians and Spaniards crushed the Turkish invasion in July 8-11, 1574. Three years after Lepanto. It happened in the area of Pozzallo in Province of Ragusa. Many enemy prisoners were crammed into Torre Cabrera which still stands in Pozzallo.

    • Arubaluba
      Arubaluba 2 years ago +1

      The sultan who planned to conquer Italy ( mehmet II) lived way before than those events

    • masterthunder
      masterthunder 2 years ago +5

      Sultan Abdulhameed II maybe you dont know us Romans

    • gian francioschio
      gian francioschio 2 years ago +1

      Sultan Abdulhameed II Maybe in your dreams

    • ᚴᚢᚾᚴᚾᛁᚱ Óðinn
      ᚴᚢᚾᚴᚾᛁᚱ Óðinn Year ago

      Yeah thanks to Albanians..

    • Saverio Cannata
      Saverio Cannata 4 months ago

      @Fantaclaus, I am from Pozzallo, yes the Cabrera Tower was build against the Saracence and pirates

  • Oz A
    Oz A 2 years ago +2

    That was the target - they tried different ways but failed for a lot different reasons each time. Invasion of otranto was the most serious and close one. But in life things happen :)

    • FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk
      FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk 7 months ago

      The Pope had Spanish Soldiers placed all over the south regions of Italy all south of Vatican City to fight and stop the Muslims. It worked. Then the Muslims went to Eastern Europe to invade instead. But they could not win in Italy. Spain even defeated The French tryin to invade from the north, the Milan area, and even captured a french king that in arrogance dared to set foot in Milan area. They brought that king to Spain Madrid as a prisoner. Shame for France too. The Spanish won in South and North Italy.

  • Maranao sa Amsterdam
    Maranao sa Amsterdam 2 years ago +2

    I think it's not like they are not unable to muster enough force to conquer the peninsula but it's more like, they have higher priorities such as sucession rivalries, rebellion and incursions from states nearer to Ottoman heartland, and the rivalry with other major empires in the region such as the Persians, Mamluks and the slavic principalities in the North.

  • Sugondese
    Sugondese 6 months ago +118

    Well the Kingdom of Sicily was actually pretty strong during the Hautevilles and Hauhenstaufens... That's why.
    They controlled large parts of Africa as well.
    It was only after the Angevins and Aragonese destroyed it that the Ottomans broke through to the Barbary coast

    • FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk
      FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk 5 months ago +1

      Broke where in Italy ?

    • Jacopo Lenzi
      Jacopo Lenzi 4 months ago +11

      But Ottomans didn't exist as a strong Anatholic State in thirteenth century. And the Kingdom of Sicily lost almost of its African possessions at the end of the twelfth century.

    • animasyon kanalı
      animasyon kanalı 4 months ago +2

      Actually Ottoman Empire Made Conquering Papa Plan too But Fatih Sultan Mehmet died before plan started.

    • Vlad Cirus
      Vlad Cirus 4 months ago

      You have your timelines really messed up.

  • antonio vetrano
    antonio vetrano 4 months ago +3

    Thanks for your video
    If you agree I can add something about Otranto and Salento peninsula.
    At that time the Salentines were a mixture of Greek, Croatian, Albanian, and Christianized Normans......... a sum of very hard and anchorage to traditions peoples. Even the Romans, 1300 years before, took two years to gain the Salento peninsula " Bellum Sallentinum" (268-266 Before Christ).
    Particularly, due to demography emigration under the Arabic pirates' incursions along the Puglia coast, centuries before the Otranto siege, the majority of the population went to inland cities.
    (1050-1100 After Christ). The Pope, due to the pirates' attacks along the southern coast of Italian Kingdoms, in agreement with local lords, repopulated this zone with Croatians and Normans who mixed with the ancient greek citizens and residues of Byzantine communities.
    Getting a point......the failure of the Ottoman landing operations is to impute to the local population that preferred to sacrifice their lives instead to became Muslim under a Caliphate as happened, centuries before, in Sicily.
    If you go to Lecce, Brindisi, and Taranto you can ask, even today, what the expression "Mamma li Turchi" means for them. Salentines never agreed to be submitted, integrated, or exchange commercial traffic with Ottomane, instead of what happened in Sicily and Andalucia.
    As happened in other parts of Salento, in Otranto the Christians refused to switch religions and after a wild siege, they were all decapitated.

  • Zülkarneyn YAVUZ
    Zülkarneyn YAVUZ Year ago +3

    When the Europeans fought with the Ottomans, they knew how to unite every time. The world was not just Europe. There were powerful states in the East and the Ottomans were fighting alone. I ask how many years Germany was taken in World War II? Within 1-2 years, Germany was taken by the Allied Forces. Ottoman Europe was not that easy. It was not easy to manage this state for more than 600 years. It's not easy to go to war every time. Respect this great state!!!

  • Apexogenesis
    Apexogenesis 2 years ago +6

    Mehmed the Conqueror was a huge fan of Italy. He was interested in art and literature of Italian. Some even say that he learnt Italian language. However, his successors were complete opposite. This may be one of the reasons why Ottomans didn’t interest in Italy. Another reason might be naval issues against mighty naval forces of Europe. Even though Ottomans not that bad in Mediterranean, it wasn’t that practical to move huge armies and their supplies across the sea. Maybe Ottomans were logistics masterminds but naval invading isn’t something that they’re good at. Never mind, who cares poor Europe when you can capture all the wealth in the East, right?

    • kaanxdx
      kaanxdx 3 months ago

      Mehmed the Conqueror was the Kaiser of Rome, but the others were Ottoman kaisers.

    • sniffer
      sniffer 2 months ago

      Mehmed the Conqueror could speak Turkish, Italian, Latin, Greek and Arabic very well, the reason why I mentioned Turkish is bc many Ottoman sultans actually couldn't speak it, the language royal family spoke was a mix of Persian, Arabic and Turkish. So, only people in Anatolia spoke Turkish at the time.

  • Charlie Mountain
    Charlie Mountain 2 years ago +23

    Perhaps, like Rome in years past, the Ottomans needed a strong check to their power in order to prevent a monopoly and slow disintegration/over expansion. What Carthage had been for the Roman Republic, Italy was to the Ottomans in this phase of their history.

    • Charlie Mountain
      Charlie Mountain Year ago +3

      Nice rebuttal. It really shows a thoroughly researched and informed position on the subject. No doubt you came to your conclusion after years of study and dedication.
      Not really.

    • Charlie Mountain
      Charlie Mountain Year ago +1

      پیاده نظام خان Goes to show that just because you have a keyboard and are a muslim, that doesn't mean you can be trusted with historical accuracy-"grand daughter".

    • franc
      franc Year ago

      پیاده نظام خان History never repeat itself, so of course you can never make a comparison between Carthage/Rome and Ottomans/Italy.
      BUT, there are some similarities.

  • Alessandro De Luca
    Alessandro De Luca 2 years ago +30

    I mean, how can you conquer the Italian Peninsula when the south belonged to either France or Spain, the Papal States were among the most influential states of Europe at that time (if the Ottomans attacked those States, a war against every catholic country would unsue, i.e. a crusade), and with the northern states that still belonged to the Holy Roman Empire? Fun fact: I'm Italian and not very far from where I live there's a city that used to have walls around it, built specifically to protect the city from the Ottomans. So, they did try to invade Italy, but they probably just couldn't.

    • Alessandro De Luca
      Alessandro De Luca 2 years ago +14

      Oh and also, Venice and Genoa ruled the Mediterrean at the time. So the Ottomans surely had many problems trying to conquer Italy.

    • Alessandro De Luca
      Alessandro De Luca 2 years ago +11

      @Islam is the truth Yeah, but Venice and Genoa never fell under Ottoman rule, meaning the Ottomans never conquered any area of the Italian Peninsula, that's what I intended to say.

    • Luca
      Luca 2 years ago +2

      Asmoh and after a few years a lethal defeat was inflicted by Venetians to Ottomans, that victory by the Ottomans was really nothing

    • Xtus Vincit
      Xtus Vincit 2 years ago +1

      carmine paola You are the only one I can find who mentions LePonto. This history is utterly incomplete without LePonto--and the Seige of Belgrade.

    • Jose Luis Martin Alonso
      Jose Luis Martin Alonso Year ago +1

      @Xtus Vincit Lepanto

  • addictionary justadrop-inastream

    I remember listening to a historian who said that the Pope gained the favor of a man close to Mehmed the Conqueror and have him poisoned.
    Italy would not stand if he survived on as it was his obsession, he said.
    The Ottoman Emperor even had coins made in his name saying he is the only Roman emperor.

    • Bilhassa
      Bilhassa 5 months ago +20

      İlber, kadında bir bacak var.

    • Tortello-RN
      Tortello-RN 5 months ago +15

      Bullshit, he got his ass kicked at Otranto.
      Watch the siege of Otranto

    • ravige 187
      ravige 187 4 months ago +38

      @Tortello-RN He wasnt even in Otranto, and the invasion was called off after he died.

    • Stormcloaks
      Stormcloaks 4 months ago +11

      @Tortello-RN Source: Trust me bro i was there

    • Tortello-RN
      Tortello-RN 4 months ago +4

      @Stormcloaks 🤡🤡imagine not accepting defeat

  • SimpleThingsMatter.
    SimpleThingsMatter. 2 years ago +256

    You should do a video about Skenderbeg. He won all his battles vs the Ottoman empire for 25 years straight, with a smaller army always.

    • Black Paint
      Black Paint 2 years ago +13

      He already did

    • Nil Volentibus Arduum
      Nil Volentibus Arduum 2 years ago +36

      He won cuz he served the ottomans. He knew Turkish tactics and used it to his advance.

    • Mustafa K
      Mustafa K 2 years ago +16

      Albo Bad he was a Ottoman governor and bannerlord. WİKİPEDİA=Skanderbeg's display of military merit in several Ottoman campaigns, that Murad II (r. 1421-51) had given him the title of vali. At that time, Skanderbeg was leading a cavalry unit of 5,000 men.---he had a military education from the Enderun school(Ottoman Military School).

    • Cagan Ab
      Cagan Ab 2 years ago +9

      Albo Bad the Ottoman Empire never used all of their troops in the Balkan if the ottoman used all of their troops Albania had not even a little chance not even 1% the ottomans thought they are weak as the Serbians or other Balkan states

    • Dennis
      Dennis 2 years ago +4

      Albo Bad .Yes but they aren't grand ottoman army (ordu-yi hümayun). the sultan only sent his pashas on them.

  • Artur Slunga
    Artur Slunga 2 years ago +477

    Knowledgia: Ottomans.
    Me, an intellectual: Ottomen.

    • Григорий Грачёв
      Григорий Грачёв Year ago +37

      Knowledgia: Ottomans.
      Me, a russian: punching bag.

    • Bambamba
      Bambamba Year ago +29

      Me an Italian who's bad in English: Eighthands

    • Halocline
      Halocline Year ago +8

      Knowledgia: Ottomans
      Me, a Turk: a total *ucking disaster

    • Ramy Heykal
      Ramy Heykal Year ago +21

      @Григорий Грачёв
      You know,..Russia was sometimes our punching bag too

    • Григорий Грачёв
      Григорий Грачёв Year ago +18

      @Ramy Heykal really?
      Russian-turkish war (1568-1570). Russia won. 1.
      Russo-Turkish War (1676-1681). Disputed result.
      Russo-Turkish War (1686-1700). Russia won. 2.
      Russo-Ottoman War of 1710-11 during Russian war against Sweden. Sure, here Ottomans one. 1.
      Russo-Turkish War of 1735-1739. Russia won. 3.
      Russo-Turkish War (1768-1774). Russia won. 4.
      Russo-Turkish War (1787-1792). Russia won. 5.
      Russo-Turkish War (1806-1812). Russia won. 6.
      Russo-Turkish War of (1828-1829). Russia won. 7.
      So-called Crimean War (1853 -1856). Formally Russia lost it, however Russia was forced just to retreat from territories taken on early stage of war. And only because of British and French intervention.
      Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878). Russia won. 8.
      And of course WWI which both states in the end lost.
      So, three disputable results of war, 1 Ottoman victory... 8 russian victories.

  • SerbAtheist
    SerbAtheist 2 years ago +17

    Italy was for much of the Middle Ages a demographic, millitary and financial force to be reckoned with, something ain to Ancient Greece. The largest cities in Europe at the time, along with Paris, were Venice, Milan and Naples. Despite being fragmented, each individual state had more than enough wealth and power to parlay with the Ottomans and they all had the potential to gladly unite against an outside usurper in case of a serious attack, just like Ancient Greeks against the Persians. If the Ottomans couldn't even bring the Adriatic coast in the Balkans fully under their control, what chance did they have on the Italian penninsula.

  • Alvar2001
    Alvar2001 2 years ago +4

    They tried it hardly but they couldn´t because of Spain that put all the weight of its soldiers over a century there and a good yiedl of the american gold guarding italian coast. Sometimes it was easier to do it, when Venice felt the heat in the neck or France, by chance, didn´t harboured ottomans ships at Marseille, and sometimes was very difficult, but Spain and some italians states, not all of them all the time, prevailed. Ottoman defeat in Malta and Lepanto pushed away from west and central Mediterranean Ottomans and they only could attack by land.

  • wine cheese
    wine cheese 2 years ago +120

    He earned the nickname "Conqueror" by sacking the Constantinople. He deviced giant cannons for the siege to break the thick walls of the city. Cannons were never used to such extend before. It signified the end of the Middle Age.
    He increased the taxes, constantly waged wars and expanded the Ottoman territory. So much that people got sick of wars and disliked him as a ruler.
    He knew Ancient Greek, Arabic, Latin, Persian and Hebrew very well. He loved science, he had a large library where he collected classic books in ancient Greek, Arabic etc.Very smart (some say genious) and literate man. Some historians say, in his time, there was no monarch that could reach his level of knowledge and intelligence, capable of knowing the two worlds very well, the West and the East.
    He had a very close friend Molla Lütfi (Molla: Great scholar), he was a famous mathematician at the time. They were so close that they would exchange jokes with one another.
    In this video, his death is oversimplified and missed a great opportunity to do some conspiracy theory. He was poisoned to death at 49 years of age. It is not clear who was behind it, some say it was the Venetians or his son and successor Bayezid, or the Pope himself.
    The news of Mehmed's death caused great rejoicing in Europe; church bells were rung and celebrations held. The news was proclaimed in Venice thus: "La Grande Aquila è morta!" ('The Great Eagle is dead!')
    Other Ottoman sultans in history paled in comparison.No other Ottoman sultan has ever reached his level. If they had been, today's map would have been different I would say.
    After his death, his son Bayezid sent Molla Lütfi to execution.
    Very unfortunate.

    • nvmcomrade
      nvmcomrade 2 years ago +21

      Imagine Bayezid as a child being tutored into mathematics and ending up hating math class so much that he swore to execute this mathematition.

    • Muid Hakim
      Muid Hakim 2 years ago +3

      I think his son poisoned him because he killed molla lutfi

    • ozzy
      ozzy 2 years ago +2

      Well said but one thing, sacking constantinople, people hating him? That's not right.

    • Pete J
      Pete J 2 years ago

      The cannons still didnt work. They had to sneak boats across a neighboring city into a harbor behind constantinople. Also they had a lot of infantry including slave soldiers (eunuchs) i forget the proper name. Constantinople didnt get reinforcements in time from Rome .

    • Daniel Olsson
      Daniel Olsson 2 years ago +4

      @Pete J The fact that the Byzantines no longer were Catholic, but Ortodox Christians probably were the main reason no one really wanted comeaid them in their hour of need. (Limited help came from smaller sources.)

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    The best King of all! Gergj Kastriot Skënderbe 🇦🇱

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      And he was Serbian

    • Blockie
      Blockie Year ago

      @dejan gaming yt games zaramoth 🤣🤣 Sure he was, so is Alexandervić the greatvić, Napoleonvić Bonapartvić, Genghisvić Khanvić, and many others.

  • Adem Lushi
    Adem Lushi 2 years ago +116

    There are dozens of documents in those times of Austro-Hungarian ,Venetian, Italian ,Spanish ,ottoman that say that the savior of Europe was skanderbeg with the great sacrifice of his people

    • Arif Murataj
      Arif Murataj Year ago +4

      That’s true

    • Dj Harto
      Dj Harto Year ago +2

      Why did they then jump into bed with the Turks

    • Mister Sir Random Guy
      Mister Sir Random Guy Year ago +4

      @Dj Harto because of their secret ingridient that worked even in Konstantiople (genocide, and happy mass murdering and/or enslaving)

    • Marko Vujošević
      Marko Vujošević Year ago +2

      But he wasn't Albanian

  • Dimir Yashfinov
    Dimir Yashfinov 2 years ago +2

    Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent also planned an attack on Italy in 1537 his troops even landed on Otranto to launch their invasion but then France didn't advance further into Piedmont as planned by both of them so they just raided some parts of Southern Italy and withdrew back.

    • tiziok caiok
      tiziok caiok 2 years ago

      really they surrendered not retired .... it seems to me that the Ottomans in Otranto have surrendered to a few heavily armed knights. , and it seems to me that they have escaped, as the navies of the Italian maritime republics were ready to wipe out the Ottoman fleet. the only filth that the Ottomans did in Otranto was to behead 800 innocent civilians.

    • Dimir Yashfinov
      Dimir Yashfinov 2 years ago

      @tiziok caiok I think you're talking about the Siege of Otranto of 1481 which took place shortly after the death of Mehmet II.

    • tiziok caiok
      tiziok caiok 2 years ago

      @Dimir Yashfinov yes you are right, my mistake

  • Giovanni De Vincenzi
    Giovanni De Vincenzi 2 years ago +427

    Ottomans: [ *invade italy* ]
    Spain, the Papacy and the HRE: "THIS IS *OUR* PLAYGROUND, GET THE *F* OUT!"

    • GrandMoffTarkin'sTeaDispensermatic2000Patented
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      France allied the Turks though.

    • Kas Adam
      Kas Adam 2 years ago +19

      France were called the Turks of Europe lmao. u good ?

    • cs034
      cs034 2 years ago +4

      @Iu Iu Austria and Habsburgs were worse. That's why they needed to ally against them

    • Alvar2001
      Alvar2001 2 years ago +25

      ​@cs034Worse why?? Spain or the Habsburgs didn´t threat the existance of France never, but Ottomans in fact were trying to destroy all the west. If it wasn´t because the aeternal european wars Constantinopla could have been recovered in the XVI century.

  • AEU
    AEU 2 years ago +3

    BEFORE WATCHING: I'd guess it has something to do with the fact that Italians learned to build their cities away from the coasts and with huge intricate walls, as was the case with major centres of power like Florence, Ferrara, Modena, Milan etc. so the option of quickly striking a coastal city was not there. And since that was out there was only option b - lenghty campaign over land (meaning marching through Balkans and Alps - not a good idea) or by sea (a logistical nightmare). It was only close to the XX century that the peninsular character of Italy became a weakness. By the time Otts came a knocking Islam has been around for some time, and they have learned that unless they'd enclose entire cities in fortifications, and learned not to be dependant on the sea they will e vulnerable to raiding - true since Roman times.

  • S
    S 2 years ago +34

    How can you do a whole video on this topic without mentioning the Battle of Lepanto and the destruction of the Ottoman fleet?

  • PharMix
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    full respect to this amazing work

  • Mesocricetos
    Mesocricetos 2 years ago +2

    Simpler way: they had two paths, by sea and by land; by land they had a lot of powerful countries on the way and northern Italy and Dalmatia was the territory of powerful italian and foreign countries with good landscape for defense, they couldn´t take Dalmatia from Venice when they reached it. Then we have the sea, where the little italian states definitely pulled way more than their weight with some maritime republics like Venice and Genoa that historcally were a pain in the ass for ottomans, even their victories to take their possessions were generally long, taking an army bigger than the italian defenders and big casualties; they weren´t able to overcome the italian maritime power once for all and have a free hand to make amphibious operations. While as an empire it had a lot of internal and external foes to deal while having the hard quest to conquer the italians

  • History of Ukraine / Kyiv / Ukrainian culture

    Interesting history, it is ine of most interesting part, thanks for video! Love Italy from Ruthenia (Ukraine)!

  • Adam Kaczmarek
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    Ottomans: exists
    Everyone (except France) disliked that

    • Sυρεr Frσg
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      Adam Kaczmarek Greeks : Hold my Ouzo.

    • Girdhar Singh
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      And centuries later the same France liked it's demise.

    • abdi abdi
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      @Girdhar Singh damn what a way to describe Frances involvement in the middle east during ww1 😂😂😂

    • Robert Andrews
      Robert Andrews 2 years ago +8

      Wow that is funny. Even funnier when multiple people post roughly the same comment. I just couldn't stop laughing every time I saw it.

    • Fadly A. Rahman
      Fadly A. Rahman 2 years ago +12

      You know that Ottoman was in alliance with England against Napoleon right?

  • Ali Emre Öztürk
    Ali Emre Öztürk 2 years ago +468

    Nice video but it lacks some crutial informations;
    Mehmet (not pronounced as Mekmed but smt like Mehemmed or Memet) had a vision to recreate the Roman Empire. He even had himself called as the Kayser (Caesar). For that he wanted both Constantiople and Rome.
    Before he died, he assembled the full army of his Might and started his march for Rome. Yet he was poisoned by his physician. Venetians spies later documented and reported this as "the Great Eagle is dead" which strongly suggests that it was an assassination.
    Mehmet had two sons; Cem and Bayezid.
    Cem was after his father, smart and capable but also kind of intravert just like Mehmet.
    Bayezid was more of a peoples person. People were tired of Mehmet's unending wars, constant change and renovation. Therefore the powerful people sided with Bayezid, making him the Emperor Bayezid the Second. Cem took refuge with the Venetians.
    Bayezid had no interest in wars, long lasting campaigns and expansion so he stayed mostly in Konstantiniye, spending time with his hobbys and stuff.
    He was dethroned by his son Selim. Selim was a military genious but since he had grown up in Trabzon in the east, his dreams were also towards the east, against Iran and the Memluks.
    Süleyman was more into destroying the rival Habsburgs in Austria. Just like his ancestor Mehmet II, he had a vision to become a Cosmocrat, the ruller of all… For that, the other greatpower of Europe had to fall.
    Then they have lost the chance for a successful invasion of Italy because they had so many other problems...
    Their previous victories in Hungary pushed them into unending conflicts. The Empire was to big to push further but also hard to defend. The inner intrigues carved the State structures from with in and the Instability that arisen was ever growing. The Conquer of Rome was no longer a possibility.

    • Nugraha Rendra
      Nugraha Rendra 2 years ago +24

      They were sourounded by many powerfull sovereigns. So to preserve the territrories are more challenging than conquer a new one..

    • Mert
      Mert 2 years ago +12

      The Guardian Monke Lepanto happened much later even after Suleyman The Magnificent

    • TwentyEight
      TwentyEight 2 years ago +14

      He also forgot about the siege of Malta in which the Ottomans were trying to get Malta to use as a base of operations for an invasion of southern Italy. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Siege_of_Malta

    • u
      u 2 years ago +39

      @Arolema Prarath anyone who knows
      History at the Most basic level does actualy.

    • Purple headed monster 👄
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      @Arolema Prarath wait and see , what happen in the next decade.

  • Sumbarine
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    Im shocked that their is no mention of the big Battle of Lepanto, a huge naval,hand to hand fighting battle---where italian,spanish & austrian troops wiped out the ottoman navy/army in the medditeraen & scared the daylights out of the ottomans for even considering invading italy

  • Andr3i
    Andr3i 2 years ago +6

    I have visited Otranto and read that the poor bishop of the local cathedral was sawn in half by the Ottomans when they captured the city. Different times.

    • Jacques Cathelineau
      Jacques Cathelineau 11 months ago

      I had also read about 100,000 Orthodox Christians massacred by Catholic Crusaders in the Hungarian lands they passed through on their way to the Holy Land. It has also been proven that the crusaders were barbarians and ate human flesh. Ahh yes, what the Ottomans did next to the Crusaders who disemboweled pregnant women, killed their children and impaled people, is really painful!

  • Mr. Smile
    Mr. Smile 2 years ago +2

    I hope I'm not the only one to find it odly parallel to the Persian wars. European kingdoms with a common culture that fight amongst each other and only unite when an foreign from the East tries to conquer them

  • Francesco Masiero
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    Da italiano dico che secondo me è stata una fortuna non essere stati sotto gli Ottomani 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • User 5555
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    And then Italy and Romania partecipates to the first Balkan war and they win indipendence and the relationship is very friendly, Latin brothers

    • Ares Walker
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      Love from italy ❤️

    • Oui Oui
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      While today half of italians barely know what's Romania

    • User 5555
      User 5555 Year ago

      @WhiteZombie10 welp ya know that's it...

    • Iron Mind
      Iron Mind Year ago +3

      @WhiteZombie10 Actually Romania is one of the most known countries in the Balkans here, toghether with Albania and Greece.
      Mostly because there are many Albanian and Romanian communities in Italy and ancient Greece is studied a lot in school.

  • Lorraine McNaueal
    Lorraine McNaueal 6 months ago +1

    Thou left out one very important component, the battle of Lepanto. Not only did these forces meet, the joint Christian armies soundly won an overwhelming victory.

    FFFFFFF Year ago +2

    Good video that explains well something that always puzzled me. That is to say, given the fact that the powerful Ottoman Empire was just opposite Italy, why didn't the Ottomans invade?

      FFFFFFF Year ago

      I wouldn't say that they didn't have adequate resources, at least not on land. They attacked and besieged Vienna in both 1529 and 1683, even though they suffered defeats on both occasions.

  • xcybit
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    Again and again and again albanians and romanians so much underrated…

    • MRSP99
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      Yeah sadly the riches write history...there are plenty of amazing old civilizations and people that are not even mentioned in books

    • Niktoś
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      don't expect good rating from people who overrate themselves

    • Blockie
      Blockie Year ago +37

      Just imagine, Skanderbeg won 24 battles against Ottomans (and their allies) while being 5 to 20 times less in number in soliders, he held them for around 30 years. Let me remind you just three of his best battles. "The First Siege of Kruja" Sultan Murad II & Prince Mehmed II had over 150.000 soliders, Skanderbeg had only 8.000 men, and ended with Albanian (Skanderbeg) victory. "Battle of Albulena" Isak Bey and Hamza Kastrioti (his nephew who betrayed him, and knew all his tactics) had over 80.000 soliders, Skanderbeg had 7.000 men, and it resulted with Albanian victory, casualties and losses: 30.000 killed Ottoman soliders. "Second Siege of Kruja" Sultan Mehmed II (who at that time had conqueror Constantinople) had over 100.000 men, Skanderbeg had only 12.000 men, and it ended with Albanian victory, casualties and losses were too heavy for Ottomans, and many many other extraordinary and very interesting battles of Skanderbeg. And still no Hollywood movie is about him? 😏

    • Anddy Andii
      Anddy Andii Year ago +6

      @Blockie they dont want albania to rise in any case not even in a movie the records of history make us one of the most feared battle born population

    • Leica Fleury
      Leica Fleury Year ago +24

      @Anddy Andii Romanians, Albanians, Lithuanians and Poles developed some of the most ferocious and lethal armies through the 1500s to the 1800s. Massively underrated.

  • Aaron
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    Their aggressive expansion was too high.

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      Huzzah! A man of culture!

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      The whole empire designed for expansion. I think your words are a joke about eu4, right?

    • İbrahim Kaplan
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      Our aggressive expansion like towards 250... :)
      Because of it, all Europa sent crusades entire century xd.
      Greetings from Turkey :)

    • Turan Kesilmiş
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      Gökgün Tandoğan you mean democracy?

    • James Porter
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      @İbrahim Kaplan turkey and the ottomans are a different thing. It's not you

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    Man, how different history would be if they had succeeded in conquering Sicily and Naples.

  • VoodooActual
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    **Sees title**
    Because Italy is, simply put, built differently

  • Bearishcat
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    Conquering Italy was mere symbolic. It made sense for Mehmed II. and his successors to secure areas around Cyprus to prevent a sudden attack from the south, which could end the empire.

    • Mirko Navarra
      Mirko Navarra 3 months ago

      symbolic Italy was the centre of the word that century

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    Would greatly appreciate a vid about the Great Siege of Malta. Huge fan!

  • Souvenie Hollande
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    Never thought I'd say, "Thank you, Count Dracula." (Though, yes, he wasn't actually a count, but a voivide).

  • T A T
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    Additional info: After the Franco-Ottoman alliance, Suleiman wished for a partition of Italy between Ottomans and France, Ottomans would take the south and France north.

  • TheGankerer
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    I was a visit surprised there was no mention of some key events like the battle of Lepanto

  • Milto Trifoni
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    SKANDERBEG was alone , imagine someone helping him

    • Blockie
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      He was alone and won all the beatles, this makes him One of the greatest in History.

    • Ömer Özcan
      Ömer Özcan 2 years ago

      Not Skanderbeg "İskender Bey" bey means chief of nomad people in all turkic nations

    • Milto Trifoni
      Milto Trifoni 2 years ago

      @Ömer Özcan Iskander mean Alexander in turkish language , ottomas called him because Alexander the great

  • Mesocricetos
    Mesocricetos 2 years ago +4

    What Mehmet said is absolutely true, the weakness of Italy is their division, even after unification their regionalism prevail, i never met a people so determined to prove they aren´t a people despite having a common origin, history and cultural basis; they think that they aren´t the same people as the next town for reasons like: we have a pasta factory and they have furniture one, see? absolutely different people

    • Domnul L
      Domnul L 2 years ago

      Italy should just have a federal government like Germany in my opinion.

    • Mesocricetos
      Mesocricetos 2 years ago

      @Domnul L many italians say that, are you italian? As italians are so regionalists, if they had more power at comune level and letting them compete more region x region, sounds like a good way to make them develop

    • Domnul L
      Domnul L 2 years ago +1

      @Mesocricetos No, i'm not italian but i know about this problem that they struggle with for a lot of time even tho it's an easy fix to it

    • Francesco Saverio Capuano
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      I can confirm, I'm Italian

  • Loreman72
    Loreman72 2 years ago

    The land route would also have jad to go through the Balkans, which are ridiculously mountainous; then after that was Venice, who kicked serious butt.
    But it was all over for them when they lost the naval battle of Lepanto.

    • Taner Koç
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      Avrupa'da günümüzde Türk lafını duyunda korkudan altına pisleyenler var ;)

  • Darth Plato
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    Suleiman tried to invade Italy. Various factors thwarted this effort--such as the French failing to keep their side of the agreement.

    • FlatSpin2001 OnTomahawk
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      The Pope had Spanish Soldiers placed all over the south regions of Italy all south of Vatican City to fight and stop the Muslims. It worked. Then the Muslims went to Eastern Europe to invade instead. But they could not win in Italy. Spain even defeated The French tryin to invade from the north, the Milan area, and even captured a french king that in arrogance dared to set foot in Milan area. They brought that king to Spain Madrid as a prisoner. Shame for France too. The Spanish won in South and North Italy.

  • demsy ciu
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    The question that never crossed my mind, yet make me want to know why so as soon as I read the title.

  • Alessio De Carolis
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    We were very lucky that they'd other objectives such as Hungary and then Wien, otherwise now I' m afraid to think how we couldl have ended

  • mert parlak
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    Italian states:wanna hear a joke
    Italian states:Italy
    Mehmet:ı didnt get it
    Italian states:Exactly

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      *laughs in Latin*
      🤣🤣🤣 ..

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      ottomans succesfully landed on italy, he just died before he could invade.

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      Venni, vetti, no vicci.

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      well played... **laughed in etruscan slang

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  • Athaporn MCorp Review
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    Vanhelsing: there’s an vampire 🧛‍♀️ blocking your path.
    Mehmet: don’t be ridiculous! Empire vs vampire 🧛‍♀️ I’ll take my chances.

  • Question Everything But WHY

    “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.”
    ― Winston S. Churchill

    • C V
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      That has literally nothing to do with the video content

    • Bot_
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      Tom W
      Just like how no one talks about the Soviet genocide of Germany and Poland history is written bye the victory’s which is why they don’t talk about it

    • mabe
      mabe 2 years ago

      ​@Bot_ They do talk about Soviet "genocide" (is the wrong term here) of Poland.
      The ""genocide"" of Germany by the Soviets cannot be called a genocide in any sense , it wasn't planned nor intentional in many ways. That was a direct consequence of surrendering only after the Allies arrived in Berlin , bombed all German cities to rubble and the economy collapse.
      Many Germans were so brain-washed by Hitler that entire villages committed mass suicide. Many lives were lost in both Germany and Poland by the hands of the Soviets (and especially allied bombing) but why not surrender earlier , when it was obvious the war was lost anyways?

    • hamza9234
      hamza9234 2 years ago +3

      @C V It does as the Ottomans are mostly viewed as anti-western and Islamic thorn, hell bent on destroying western civilisation and converting everyone to Islam. But in reality, this was never the case and so, Ottoman history is given a negative light as information on the empire mainly derive from western sources.

    • Bot_
      Bot_ 2 years ago

      no i am pretty sure that the soiveit soilders killed polish peoples but maybe you are right

  • Daniele Fabbro
    Daniele Fabbro 4 months ago

    Another thing.
    Probably not many knows it, but in those times until Napoleon, italy was called "the graveyard of armies".

  • Paul Davis-Cooke
    Paul Davis-Cooke 2 years ago

    An interesting subject but the video seems poorly edited. I really enjoy your videos and I hope the following points help.
    At 4.50, when discussing Vlad Dracula. A botched debacle is mentioned but with no previous reference to what the debacle was.
    Again, at 5.33 the Varna crusade is mentioned in isolation with no explanation.
    At 8.45 the narration says, "On the contrary" without anything to be contrary to. It is strange to begin a sentence with this expression because it is meant to be used to highlight a difference or discord from a previous point. The phrase is entirely unnecessary in the context of the following sentence.
    At 10.37 failure cannot be said to be inevitable if a change in circumstances would have made it possible. Inevitable means certain to have happened.

  • Vllai
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    Does this mean that

    • Aldion Canaj
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      In that period of history seems so

    • Vllai
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      Aldion Canaj Skenderbeu shpetoj Europen po skujtohet aq sa duhet

    • Aldion Canaj
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      @Vllai esht sarkazem x ata qe s'japin as nje pike x kete vend

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  • Duke Fleed Actarus
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    During that period Italy was divided but when in 1480 Ottomans conquered Otranto, a city in south Italy, many Reigns and the Pope united to form a mighty army. if Italy had been united it would have been the most powerful Nation in Europe.

  • Trajan's Daily Salad

    Machiavelli says its very hard to assimilate a land from france unless you settle there and make it your capital. But once you take lands from Turks(applies for byzantines too), its now your land.
    Ottomans were quite like romans and ruled eastern roman lands which has never seen european level feudalism. Therefore its harder to take land from them but its much easier assimilate them unlike europe.

    • John and Judy Schuh
      John and Judy Schuh Year ago +1

      The Ottoman Empire was a successor to the Roman Empire.

    • David Joelsson
      David Joelsson Year ago +1

      @John and Judy Schuh perhaps there were many who claimed to be successor. I would argue if you is to be a successor you need to follow roman culture which ottomans didnt

    • Ertunç Özvural
      Ertunç Özvural 7 months ago

      @David Joelsson It ıs a discussion actually. Roman Empire means global dominance or culture ?

    • David Joelsson
      David Joelsson 7 months ago

      @Ertunç Özvural both really romans latinized whole southern europe and north africa into becomming romans

    • Ertunç Özvural
      Ertunç Özvural 7 months ago

      @David Joelsson at that time there wast solid cultures like serbian or greek in that areas. For example, Egypt and Anatolia. No latinization there

  • Gauss74 Gauss74
    Gauss74 Gauss74 2 years ago +1

    No way. What about Lepanto? Venice, Genoa and Aragon together had the power to negate any form of navy warfare in the western mediterranean sea. No sea, no Italy.

    DEQANI Year ago +5

    There was a very good chance to destroy the ottomans, when the Albanians were resisting .
    Ottomans lost so many wars against the Albanian king Gjergj Kastrioti ( Scanderbeg),but Europe stood aside as always,let the balkan people fight for us .
    All they had to do was unite and come to Albania 🇦🇱