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Game Freak accidentally saved the Ice Type

  • Published on Oct 26, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Pokemon may have accidentally saved the ice type
  • GamingGaming

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  • Theaa47
    Theaa47 5 months ago +2971

    If only they fixed the ice type by using the fixes proposed in an iconic wideo by world champ and universally praised youtubist Wolfe Glick

    • Kummo (RRM)
      Kummo (RRM) 3 months ago +1

      Some of the suggestions were decent but some didn't make any sense like how ice should be super effective to water - with that same logic fire should also be super effective to water.

    • Lord Parbr
      Lord Parbr 4 months ago

      Who dat?

    • MegalowPokémonomania
      MegalowPokémonomania 5 months ago

      @Nathan R that sounds cooked af bro

    • Littlepetfrog
      Littlepetfrog 5 months ago

      Love the Savage icon 🤣

    • missingno miner
      missingno miner 5 months ago +1

      @ExiledBowser I mean... he's just being a contrarian. Being inflammatory is literally the only thing that has ever kept his channel alive, whether it be through being a contrarian, through deliberately starting drama and then playing victim, or just his personality.
      He's deliberately gone against public opinion on every switch pokemon game, with the possible exception of BDSP since as far as I'm aware he hasn't made any videos stating his opinion on it post-release. He's never changed his stance post-release before, though, so it's likely that he would stand by his claims of it being a "perfect pokemon game", which definitely goes against public opinion.

  • SwiggitySwooty
    SwiggitySwooty 5 months ago +153

    Now that you mentioned Dhelmise, it can finally be the ghost/grass/steel/water type I always thought it was

    • Truitt Wilbur
      Truitt Wilbur 3 months ago

      @Zombice Yeah I know now, I got the pokedex

    • Zombice
      Zombice 3 months ago +1

      @Truitt Wilbur Nope

    • Truitt Wilbur
      Truitt Wilbur 4 months ago

      Is it in scarlet and violet?

    • QueenOfLatex
      QueenOfLatex 4 months ago +14

      With steelworker you would get the double stab on steel too!

  • Steven Pierce
    Steven Pierce 5 months ago +194

    I am surprised you didn't include Aurorus. It has pretty solid stats, and has refrigerate hyper voice. It could be a good trick room mon if terastalized.

    • real human being
      real human being 4 months ago +1

      refrigerate facade is pretty nice too

    • Anthony Nasser
      Anthony Nasser 4 months ago +6

      @Crickett Bug oh dang, my bad. I keep mixing up what's officially been revealed and what hasn't. Thanks for calling me out on it 😅

    • Crickett Bug
      Crickett Bug 4 months ago +3

      @Anthony Nasser not a fan of unprompted spoilers, but also damn, that’s a drag

    • Anthony Nasser
      Anthony Nasser 4 months ago +2

      Aurorus is confirmed not to have made it into the Scarlet and Violet Pokedex so it will likely not gain access to terrastralizing

    • Eeveon
      Eeveon 4 months ago +2

      @Crickett Bug maybe in singles

  • Sean Reeder
    Sean Reeder 5 months ago +192

    I love it when Wolfe mentions the hit game Pokemon, very cool of him. Hope he does more of this in the future.

  • Aaron Olson
    Aaron Olson 5 months ago +113

    I think another important question would be "Is a Terrastalized Pokemon still treated as its base typings in regards to weather?" This only applies to Sandstorm and Hail but if it does this is a massive boon to sandstream/snow warning mons, moreso if Ice-types gain a defense boost to mirror Rock-type's spdef boost.

    • Enrique III el Laberíntico
      Enrique III el Laberíntico 4 months ago +2

      @Pi Xi but only Ice is immune to it, making your team options less varied if you don't want to constantly lose HP.

    • Pi Xi
      Pi Xi 4 months ago

      The Defense boost is no good idea. Hail also increases the accuracy of Blizzard and allows to use Aurora Veil.

    • Pi Xi
      Pi Xi 4 months ago +1

      This question is also interesting, because many types have certain immunities, like Electric and paralysis, Ground and Thunder Wave, Ghost and trapping, Grass and powder moves, Dark and Prankster, Poison or a Steel and Toxic...

    • Drake37
      Drake37 4 months ago +1

      @Aaron Olson just Groudon with drought

    • Aaron Olson
      Aaron Olson 5 months ago +5

      @William Sun Yeah, I believe every mon that summons weather matches the type, with a few ground-type exceptions.

  • JonThunder12
    JonThunder12 5 months ago +231

    I know this episode is based on ice types, but I had similar thoughts about some other Pokémon. First thing I thought of was Typhlosion that is terra grass with flash fire. Water and ground become resisted and rock turns neutral. Meanwhile it’s new weakness to fire is actually an immunity thanks to flash fire, bug and ice want nothing to do with an eruption coming from Typholsion, leaving you to only worry about flying and poison which can be easily handled

    • Aquilenne
      Aquilenne 4 months ago

      ​@CrazyQuilman157 Charizard is still popular because of the sheer power it has in the sun, not because it's an a great bulky pokemon.
      Take away Solar Power from its statline and give it Flash Fire and it would go back to obscurity. Coverage is nice, but it's the sheer power that makes it good. I feel like what'll probably end up working out best for it is would actually be terrastalising fire.
      Between Sun, double STAB, Choice Specs and Solar Power its fire moves would be hitting for 6.75 times the basic damage so that as long as its partner is chosen to catch popular immunities it could just click fire moves.

    • CrazyQuilman157
      CrazyQuilman157 4 months ago

      @Aquilenne See, you say that, but Charizard is still popular, despite having an arguably worse typing and the exact same Stat block. Kinda goes to show how important good coverage is.

    • JonThunder12
      JonThunder12 5 months ago +2

      @Aquilenne not denying the bulk problem, but it was an immediate thought I had mainly because I want an excuse to use him. Also unless Heatran is available right off the bat, we probably won’t see him until a year plus into S/V. It’ll be fun to mess around and see what works and how.

    • DragN_H3artドラゴンハート
      DragN_H3artドラゴンハート 5 months ago +6

      @LoudWaffle that's the issue I see with most of the gimmicks GF introduced
      aside from Megas, which gave boosts to specific Pokemon (which theoretically they could've used to boost up all the weak mons even if that didn't really happen), all the systems they added are just power multipliers, so a weak mon becomes good, but you also have the opportunity cost of having to give up making a good mon broken

    • LoudWaffle
      LoudWaffle 5 months ago +11

      @Aquilenne This is a general problem I see with the system; everything it offers to weaker pokemon, it also offers to pokemon which are already strong.

  • A Bashari
    A Bashari 5 months ago +314

    I think that if Araquanid is in the game it will be really interesting because of Water Bubble - it could theoretically Tera Water and then have insane water damage, or could also Tera Steel (for example) to cover for all of it's base weaknesses and would still only take neutral damage from Fire type moves.

    • Truitt Wilbur
      Truitt Wilbur 4 months ago

      I'm surprised he didn't include Arceus-Ice, it can get ice type judgement with a different better defensive type

    • Mike G
      Mike G 4 months ago

      @A Bashari oh, duh. Thank you

    • A Bashari
      A Bashari 4 months ago +2

      @Mike G because it's ability water bubble cuts fire type damage in half

    • Mike G
      Mike G 4 months ago

      Why wouldn’t it take super effective damage from fire if araquanid Tera’s into a steel type

    • Kev95
      Kev95 5 months ago +1

      @Thicc Boi The whole pokedex leaked for the base game, so Araquanid is very likely to not be in the base game. It could be in the DLCs, but we'll have to wait and see.

  • GarbageGilbert
    GarbageGilbert 5 months ago +63

    So excited to see how this effects team building. The beginning of this season is gonna be so chaotic and I’m all for it

    • *Bulls6*
      *Bulls6* 4 months ago

      @Dislexyc yes, the video does.

    • Dislexyc
      Dislexyc 5 months ago

      Sorry for highjacking your comment, does this mention anything related to Scarlet and Violet?

  • CS
    CS 5 months ago +27

    With every video I see on terastilizing, I’m seeing so many possibilities. I wasn’t a fan of this gimmick at first, but now I think it’ll breath new life into Pokémon with poor typing. VERY excited for this one!

    • barcster2003
      barcster2003 5 months ago

      It's defintely a good mechanic. I like all the options it opens.

    • CS
      CS 5 months ago +4

      @JayC I, like many others, assumed that the original typings would be replaced and remove STAB. Sure, I can change Tyranitar's typing to ghost, but is it really going to help if I don't have any ghost moves to truly take advantage? Especially now that dark and rock STAB no longer applied. The news that the new typing is defensive and offensive in addition to keeping the original STAB is huge. Take it easy.

    • JayC
      JayC 5 months ago +1

      If you couldn't see the possibilities of changing a Pokemon into ANY of the 18 types before, then I doubt you were paying attention to anything besides how the gimmick looked.

    • AyeStew
      AyeStew 5 months ago

      Same but now I’m really excited

  • Comic Cyrus
    Comic Cyrus 5 months ago +418

    This just adds to my excitement to see how many more pokemon become viable from the addition of this mechanic. I can't wait to see how out of the box and wacky the early competitive scene is!

    • Andrea SEVERIN
      Andrea SEVERIN 5 months ago

      @Sinteleon i'm talking smogon singles. Of course all official formats will still have it.

    • Sinteleon
      Sinteleon 5 months ago

      @Andrea SEVERIN When has a core pokemon mechanic been banned in their regionals?

    • Andrea SEVERIN
      Andrea SEVERIN 5 months ago

      If you think this is not getting banned, you're probably mistaken

    • Nathan George
      Nathan George 5 months ago +1

      Feeling pretty good about Weavile rn

    • Kev95
      Kev95 5 months ago +3

      @joshua kim A lot of the "meta" mons though are meta due to their typings though. There's lots of Pokemon with great movesets/abilities/stats but horrendous typings that just ruin their viability. So changing that.. we'll see at least some new threats for sure.

  • Insert fake name here
    Insert fake name here 5 months ago +15

    As a creature of the chaos, I love this new mechanic and how much the competitive scene will evolve into what will probably be one of the most diverse meta’s yet

  • MarioFRC
    MarioFRC 5 months ago +539

    This new mechanic seems like it's going to be really fun and good and will open many more diverse team comps than all the others imo

    • Dont Misunderstand
      Dont Misunderstand 5 months ago

      @sirpibble Typing doesn't change stats. Steel still has weaknesses. Transforming into a type your opponent knows you're about to transform into is a death sentence. If they know you're going to become Steel type before their attack lands, they'll just use a type that's super effective on Steel. So your better play then because to see that they think you're going to become Steel type, and instead become a type that resists or is immune to the weaknesses of Steel type. Which in turn makes their best play, noticing that, to predict which weakness of steel they'll try to resist and instead swap to a type that is super effective on that type which resists one of steel's weaknesses.
      The benefit of this system is that all types become useful, because the entire system is centered around being unpredictable.

    • Tj Vecellio
      Tj Vecellio 5 months ago

      @PurplePUNKin Yes assuming his numbers are correct 2(stab) * 1.5(specs)* 1.5(terra) = 4.5 and because it raises by 50% it’s multiplicative now terra might not be 1.5x but if it is then yea 4.5 times damage for normal moves on porygon-z with choice specs

    • PurplePUNKin
      PurplePUNKin 5 months ago

      @Tj Vecellio you sure about that?

    • Hawkticus' History Corner
      Hawkticus' History Corner 5 months ago

      @a channel name Ok, I phrased that poorly, You get an Extra STAB or you get Adaptability and your old Ability.
      Yup, still busted.

    • Alan Mira Anime
      Alan Mira Anime 5 months ago

      @Wyatt Herrick bro has no idea how to do math 💀

  • Tiberium10332
    Tiberium10332 5 months ago +547

    So Game Freak saved the ice type, by removing the ice type (besides the stab)?

    • barcster2003
      barcster2003 4 months ago

      There's also the option of doubling down on the ice type attack.

    • Ducky Momo
      Ducky Momo 4 months ago

      @Mason Stewart special burn is broken due to how weak special attackers are

    • breloommaster12
      breloommaster12 5 months ago +7

      This is why Protean Greninja was regarded as one of the best "Ice-types"; it got to keep the benefits of STAB Ice moves while not actually staying as an Ice-type throughout the game.

    • Ducky Momo
      Ducky Momo 5 months ago +1

      That’s not fixing/buffing ice type
      This is a dumb takes
      That’s like saying him gamefreak made max whirlwind a broken dynamax move

    • just a person
      just a person 5 months ago

      Finally don't need flash fire assault vest heatran for my abomasnow

  • WearingGoldluck
    WearingGoldluck 5 months ago +2

    I think Ground Type Abomasnow is low-key a great choice, not many resistances but it would flip it to a hard counter to most of its normal counters and its natural stabs cover its new weaknesses to Water and Grass.

  • Sekai Hunter
    Sekai Hunter 5 months ago +3

    Tera Ghost Weavile is actually very interesting. Weavile has Shadow Claw, which is a Ghost move that can benefitted from the Tera Ghost. It turns Weavile into a major Fighting bait, similar to Ghost T-Tar, but it also remove lots of other weaknesses. Weavile actually has very decent Special Defense as well, so utilize Terastralize defensively really make it even better than it already is.

  • Voerman
    Voerman 5 months ago +270

    I have a feeling that the VGC for S&V is going to absolute mad max levels of chaos, unless you can see what a specific pokemon can terra into prior to a match. The sheer amount of potential thought that has to go into thinking of all the options would leave even the most hardened VGC veteran into burnout within the first season.

    • TheRedSmarty
      TheRedSmarty 4 months ago

      @Mr Green It's like Dynamax. You don't need a held item to Terastalize.

    • Mr Green
      Mr Green 4 months ago

      @PolakNaSieci13 I wonder too
      , similar to mega items, can you slot multiple pokemon with a tera item and choose in battle between tera evolving different pokemon on your team that would be crazy randomness but also mind games

    • Ducky Momo
      Ducky Momo 4 months ago

      @yeen not true sure some types are better than others but there no guarantee it will be meta
      Or what if a Pokémon has 5 different known options?

    • l
      l 5 months ago +1

      @missingno miner Dynamax made VGC very fun and unique. It gave a lot of Pokémon a lot of relevance when they otherwise likely wouldn't.
      Arguable that it's broken in Singles, since Smogon's singles meta deviates a little too much from the official singles format. They just didn't want with how decentralizing it is, even though that's generally a good thing. I am confident they will do the same thing with Terastilization for the same reason.

    • missingno miner
      missingno miner 5 months ago

      @l Dynamax... wasn't fun though, especially in singles. Definitely the right call to ban it.

  • Shanley Wheeler
    Shanley Wheeler 5 months ago +9

    I wonder what bug type Pokémon will also become way more viable. I know Wolfey has mentioned Electric type Shedinja before and Frosmoth in this vid, but there’s so many bug types that would likely benefit from terastallizing

    • barcster2003
      barcster2003 4 months ago

      @Dont Misunderstand there's also possible reasons to not want to be weak to flying, fire and rock. they could pick up offensive type they prefer as well

    • Dont Misunderstand
      Dont Misunderstand 5 months ago

      The Bug typing itself isn't bad. It's the stats of the pokemon that happen to have that typing that are bad. Its overall defenses are average, and it resists both fighting and ground, which are extremely good offensive typings. Terastalizing only helps pokemon that are bad because of the type chart itself.

    • Istoki Psy
      Istoki Psy 5 months ago

      Flying/Ground Yanmega, Poison/Elec/Fairy Venomoth, Water/Ground Volcarona, Ground/Fairy Scolipede, Water Masquerain, etc...There's some good Tera options for Bug types out there. Someone else mentioned Steel Araquanid already.

  • Raven Stires
    Raven Stires 5 months ago +124

    I think Teratilized Adaptability PorygonZ would be a giga threat since it can take advantage of a crazy special spread. Discharge, Psychic, Dark Pulse, Tbolt, Ice Beam, Blizzard. Shadow Ball strikes me as a big one because if it has option to go Ghost Tera for it's counters while keeping Adaptability Hyper Beam in it's back pocket this thing can be a Sp. Atk menace.

    • Mournfall
      Mournfall 5 months ago

      @JJ Eevee

    • JJ
      JJ 5 months ago +1

      porygon is not in the game , so no problem ! (moste likely, like other adaptability mon , but not sure about it)

    • Steven Curry
      Steven Curry 5 months ago +10

      @Stormbix I suppose another question would be does Adaptability still work on your former type's STABs? Much testing is required

    • Stormbix
      Stormbix 5 months ago

      @ayo the pizza here no (at least not if you tera into your own type)

    • Sean Lyons
      Sean Lyons 5 months ago

      @ayo the pizza here most likely

  • Austin Simmons
    Austin Simmons 5 months ago +93

    BonusWolfe is the best. I loved the early WolfeyVGC wideos and your departure from candid content to a focus on scripted videos made the content harder to watch as a competetive VGC player. BonusWolfe feels like the raw brain dump that I missed because I feel like peering into the world champ mindset is what I first started watching you for and you are a very charismatic and funny guy already. I would watch stream of consciousness team building with Aaron on showdown for days!

    • Blaze Chaos
      Blaze Chaos 5 months ago +1

      Why is it hard to watch when it has cool edits?

    • Blue Manny
      Blue Manny 5 months ago

      Double that

    • Toby MacDonald
      Toby MacDonald 5 months ago +2

      Same dude, im interested in not only the conclusions but the thought process as well.
      Still haven’t got below like 2000 in master ball but hopefully in the new games I’ll get a good start

  • Chris Guzman
    Chris Guzman 5 months ago +3

    I love videos like this. You’re helping me think about “forgotten” mons that could now be viable in competitive. Excited to see what the first format is going to look like in Nov/Dec.

    • TheDunsparceGames
      TheDunsparceGames 3 months ago

      it’s gonna involve never missing sheer colds and ice types to block said sheer colds
      check out bonuswolfe’s latest wideos to see why

  • Myhairhasamindofitsown
    Myhairhasamindofitsown 5 months ago +10

    This is something that've been thinking about, since Terastal was anounced along Cetitan. Like, you terastalize the whale to steel type and you go from all the ice type weakneses to three, and one of them can be neutralized with Thick Fat.

    • Autobot Starscream
      Autobot Starscream 5 months ago +2

      Or Terastalize to Dragon and the other type that Thick Fat resists neutralizes a weakness instead, and instead of Heavy Slam gaining STAB, it becomes Fairy-crushing, Ice-breaking coverage in addition to Dragon Tera Blast and Ice-type STABs countering opposing Dragons.

  • ChrisTheEnby
    ChrisTheEnby 5 months ago +138

    not just ice, but other bad typings could be helped immensely, imagine Tyrantrum being able to tera-dragon and get rid of it's problematic rock typing

    • Christopher Bøgsted
      Christopher Bøgsted 5 months ago

      And Amoura (?) becoming water type or ground type would be insane

    • Arthur Descy
      Arthur Descy 5 months ago +2

      That would mean losing 1.5 SpDef boost though

    • Toxological
      Toxological 5 months ago +1

      @DarkFish YT Pretty sure ghost tera tyranitar was in an official trailer

    • DarkFish YT
      DarkFish YT 5 months ago +2

      @Istoki Psy Yes I was, but now I'm very afraid.

    • Istoki Psy
      Istoki Psy 5 months ago +1

      @DarkFish YT Were you not already afraid of Tyranitar?!

  • TY350N
    TY350N 4 months ago +1

    would love to see the strats with abilities like storm drain, lightning rod, flash fire, sap sipper etc. for example you could change ur type so that the ability covers the weaknesses. Of course wonder guard is gonna be banned in this game but these could work like a watered down version of it. my original thought was something like a raichu with lightning rod terastylising into a water type if your using a rain team or kyogre. not to mention ally switch, if you think youll get hit by something just switch to activate the ability

  • TheEscapist
    TheEscapist 5 months ago +174

    cryogonal with levitate!!!! being an electric type with ice stab as well - could be pretty crazy

    • l
      l 5 months ago

      @Quackra Sorry, thought you were replying to my Hydreigon comment.

    • Zenith
      Zenith 5 months ago

      @TheGoldenBoot 5350 true, it will be a useful thing especially with a rayquasa pairing or air lock

    • Quackra
      Quackra 5 months ago

      @l Shedinja isn't a Dark Type

    • l
      l 5 months ago

      @Quackra Levitate, and no one is attacking into a Dark-type with a Psychic move without knowing your strategy.

    • Quackra
      Quackra 5 months ago

      @l Poison is weak to Psychic and Ground, making it overall worse imo.

  • Laud
    Laud 5 months ago +30

    You misses avalugg, aka ice table, especially hisui avlaugg. Its an extremely bulky mon but with bad defensive typing. You can tera to fighting type and not only lose the weak defensive type but also get STAB body press coming from an insanly high defense stat.

    • Autobot Starscream
      Autobot Starscream 5 months ago +2

      Everything with Body Press is gonna Tera Fighting.

    • Arthur Descy
      Arthur Descy 5 months ago

      Hisui Avalugg is just worse than base Avalugg in every way unfortunately, so base one will be the one who will enjoy it.

    • Mohammad Murie
      Mohammad Murie 5 months ago +3

      I know I remember mentioning Avalugg in some comments months ago when we found out tera changes the typing going over how bulky slow ice types got a massive buff from tera into a different type

    • Monkey Booger
      Monkey Booger 5 months ago +4

      It's weird that I haven't seen it mentioned in any video yet

    • Tachyon
      Tachyon 5 months ago +4

      I was just thinking this! Avalugg is gonna be so good now!

  • kyree standifer
    kyree standifer 4 months ago

    Talking about rotom frost it's really interesting because it brings you back to the gen 4 meta. I was doing some off research a few tears back for my favorite gen. And there was a competitive ranking list for rotoms. The interesting bit was rotom frost was like top 3 or best, because how it worked back in the day iirc is that they didn't gain a second type. They stayed as an electric ghost type so its interesting how this could be a like a homage

  • Drake_Ice7
    Drake_Ice7 4 months ago +1

    For years I've been wishing Articuno (my favorite pkm) would have been better in competitive scene, so immediatly I learned how this mechanics work, I'm waiting for the Tera Ground which would turn the x4 Rock weakness to a x2 resistance, inmunity to Electric and gaving it STAB againts ALL the types that normally destroy it :3

  • TigerKing 329
    TigerKing 329 5 months ago +20

    These videos make me excited to see how competitive will turn out in these games. I wonder if every Pokemon will be able to be any Tera type, or if it'll be somewhat restrained. We know the event Pikachu for buying the game early is Flying and I think they said you can't normally obtain that in game, so I think there will be some limits.
    Edit: Any can be any tera type. Wish me luck on my essay due today I got l/4 pages done lol

    • Depressed Dandelion
      Depressed Dandelion 5 months ago

      @Jordan it'll either be a nature mint situation or a bottle cap IVs situation, you never know with gamefreak

    • TigerKing 329
      TigerKing 329 5 months ago +1

      @Gallikos oh whoops. Well it'll be chaos probably for the start of the generation. Neat

    • Jordan
      Jordan 5 months ago +2

      @Reclaimer XB I really hope we'll be able to change tera types, it's going to be a MASSIVE pain to grind for a specific type you want...

    • Gallikos
      Gallikos 5 months ago +8

      The unique thing about the pre order Pikachu is that it learns fly, not that it has a flying teratype, that's just an added bonus

    • Reclaimer XB
      Reclaimer XB 5 months ago +4

      I believe it was already stated by one of the leakers that every Pokemon can be each of the 18 types and there's apparently a way to change a Pokemon's tera type in game. But we still are not 100% sure if this is the case.

  • Ace Covers
    Ace Covers 5 months ago

    I remember doing something similar to his rotom frost idea with reflect type Latias and follow me pachurisu back when BDSP came out. Definitely felt a lot more broken with Latias because of the power of Roost plus it's coverage but I can imagine Rotom frost could be insane given the circumstances

  • Difu
    Difu 5 months ago +90

    Very *cool* wideo. It was very n*ice* of GF to allow ice types to finally become viable by no longer being ice type.
    P.S. Thank you for the Bagel content.

    • barcster2003
      barcster2003 4 months ago

      I actually think some pokemon will be happy to tera ice actually.

  • Talon Ghirem
    Talon Ghirem 5 months ago +14

    Speaking of ice types, one thing I was thinking of was the interaction between pokemon with pixilate/refrigerate and their tera type being normal/fairy/ice. Like would these be a super STAB with all the multipliers happening ?

    • Kev95
      Kev95 5 months ago

      @Tom oh yeah ive talked about that one already. so many multipliers its disgusting lol. another is normal tera punk rock choice specs toxtricity with boomburst. 140BP move.
      Or just any Huge Power mon, honestly. Azumarill is going to be frightening if it goes Tera Water with a belly drum aqua jet.

    • Tom
      Tom 5 months ago

      Imagine porygon z with adaptability, choice specs, normal Tera type and hyper beam. Coming off a 130 base sp att

    • Kev95
      Kev95 5 months ago

      Yessir. Tera Fairy Choice Specs Pixilate Sylveon Hyper Voice. 90 BP Normal type move. That's like 1.5x STAB, presumably (not certain) 1.5x for Tera same type, 1.2x Pixilate, 1.5x Choice Specs. And it has 110 base SpAtk. That's going to be one hella strong hyper voice. lol

  • saintsoul.
    saintsoul. 5 months ago +1

    I feel like you could make a super similar video about Bug Type. Dual type bugs are getting a huge buff with this, like Araquanid, Scizor, Volcarona, etc. A Pokémon like Steel Tera Scizor gets a massive increase in potential by dropping bug defensively.

  • Andy Beyer
    Andy Beyer 5 months ago +1

    Pixelate/Aerialate/etc could be pretty valuable with Tera types. They could be a 2nd carrier of Terablast with very low risk, and pop their tera type in an emergency

  • Keksauce
    Keksauce 5 months ago +4

    I think Arctozolt could be an even better Arctovish. As you stated with Rotom-F, BoltBeam is really strong offensively, which with Electric Tera would lead to some absolutely bonkers Bolt Beaks. It has been proven to work really damn well in singles, taking over the whole OU ladder for like a week with Ninetales HO

  • SelectorOfSouls
    SelectorOfSouls 5 months ago +2

    Thanks for the subtle correction. I like that we're already coming up with a meta. Do you think they'll make their first tournament a "new-region-only" event similar to the one where Pachirisu won worlds?

  • chubbygrunt90
    chubbygrunt90 5 months ago +34

    Honestly just feels like you get back access to hidden power ice with terrastalization which is a nice tool

    • Harry A
      Harry A 5 months ago

      it'd be trading off a terrastalization though, since Ice is the worst defensive type, so you'd never terra into it. This'd be wasting a chance at actually making use of terrastalization, only for a hidden power replacement

    • TheFreshVince
      TheFreshVince 5 months ago

      why do u think they took it away in the first place

    • Ian Taakalla
      Ian Taakalla 5 months ago +1

      It could be good if it turns out powerful x4 weakness Pokémon are not the pokemon to Terastalize

    • Zachary Adler
      Zachary Adler 5 months ago +2

      I don’t know if a pseudo hp ice is that good in a format with terastilization where mons with 4x weaknesses be changing into single-type mons

  • Matthew Davies
    Matthew Davies 5 months ago +3

    So many different things come to mind with terra-types. Strong pokemon with x4 weaknesses get a huge buff (Tyranitar and Garchomp come to mind), Pokémon with vast type coverage can become even stronger (Arcanine, Stoutland, Elektross). Similar to dynamax I feel this gimmick will give us lots of variety of teams, specially early on.

  • Kache Belka
    Kache Belka 5 months ago +1

    I actually was thinking about it, there might be more but I found out that Water/Bug resists the combination of ground, ice, and fighting using a bit of brain power. But the problem with that is all you need to do is slap stone edge on your Mamoswine and then araquanid and golisopod never really want to come in on it

  • Bryan Wolf
    Bryan Wolf 5 months ago

    Your vgc content had inspired me to learn and theory craft many of the Pokémon I have grown up loving. Very Hyped for Scarlet and Violet. Keep crushing it 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻 #beastcoastpokemon

  • Greg Forbes
    Greg Forbes 5 months ago +5

    Very excited for Frosmoth, at least in singles I was thinking ground or fighting just to have coverage for steels but I don’t know if they add valuable resistances. Also steel type Articuno sounds cool. Seems like Steel is generally beneficial to any defensive mon

    • joshua kim
      joshua kim 5 months ago

      Frosmoth will probably end up being relegated to more defensive roles due to GF giving it such as horrendously lacking movepool (why, GF, why?), especially since its so slow that attempting a Quiver Dance play makes it way too committed to ever switch out, which wouldn't be hard to do by just plopping down any Steel type to abuse that ridiculously bad movepool. RIP Hidden Power.

    • Frogstar
      Frogstar 5 months ago +1

      I'll probably mess around with a rock type one with sandstorm for fun. Maybe weakness policy, or leftovers. Would mainly be a 'oh so you only have special attackers left huh' type win condition, or Vs teams with lots of special attackers.
      So imagine frosmoth will remain niche overall or require some team planning around physical threats, because of its speed and physical defences.
      But at least it should be able to function as a special wall as intended this gen.

    • Ramdoza 9624 Ch.
      Ramdoza 9624 Ch. 5 months ago

      I could finally have expanding force Articuno-G

  • Bob D. Fish
    Bob D. Fish 4 months ago

    On the topic of Levitate Pokemon that can Terrastalize into Electric, the Eon Twins can also do this along with Weezing (though I get the feeling it will be using Neutralizing Gas all the time). As far as restricted mons go, we now have a 150/100/100 bulk monster that has the option of having no type-chart weaknesses with a very good terrablast or boosting its already amazing offensive STABs to 2.7x (with Griseous Orb factored in) and removing much of its type-chart weaknesses. This whole mechanic is going to be really interesting to work with.

  • Sleepy
    Sleepy 5 months ago +8

    I can see terra types being also used as a deterrent for pokemon that want to ruin your set-ups with moves like toxic, spore, thunder wave by changing it to be immune to it. Although it might be too gimmicky to pull off most times.

    • barcster2003
      barcster2003 4 months ago

      I actually see some tera options being used like that. For example dragon dance gyarados doesn't want to be paralyzed so electric may work.

    • The Violet Bee
      The Violet Bee 5 months ago

      I can’t see spore being great since drowsy is a less broken status effect.

  • Michael Betts
    Michael Betts 5 months ago +8

    I'm absolutely loving the content on this channel. While the produced videos are nice this is more similar to the content I originally subscribed for. Wolfey talking about random Pokémon things using the world champ knowledge difference.

  • Brcien Partin
    Brcien Partin 5 months ago +1

    The biggest thing I think about is that my biggest in game problem is too many ice/electric weakness, so I think Rock and Ground will be good for offensive. Steel also seems good. You can also terastalize into a dark type to prevent a taunt

  • BulkyBlaziken57
    BulkyBlaziken57 5 months ago

    I’ve been thinking about the spdf options for some terra rock types in the sand. Say you have sandstream hipowdon and then do terra-rock. You get a massive spdf boost to an already Tammy Pokémon

  • Jack Asbery
    Jack Asbery 5 months ago +10

    Watching this video got me thinking about how Onix might finally be viable. Stick an Evolite on it and make it’s Tera Type fighting and have it body press everything. The Evolite will make its already amazing defence even higher and now it’ll get STAB on the Body Press.

    • joshua kim
      joshua kim 3 months ago

      Perhaps the defense boosting pinch berry with Sturdy can work to do the same thing. Might be the only time that berry is ever useful for something.

    • Brendan
      Brendan 3 months ago

      Body Press is unfortunately not boosted by eviolite for the record

    • joshua kim
      joshua kim 5 months ago +5

      The true big brain plays right here. That and Tera Fighting Diancie going from dainty princess to WWE wrestling body presser with Diamond Storm defense boosts.

  • Mark
    Mark 5 months ago +1

    I’m happy to see how ice types could shine with this mechanic, especially Frosmoth! Ready to try this game already

  • BlackXKuro
    BlackXKuro 5 months ago

    I'm really glad Ice types will be better. A lot of my favorite pokemon design-wise are ice types and it will be nice to hopefully see some of them do well in VGC.

  • Samantha W.
    Samantha W. 5 months ago +47

    ice isn't the glass cannon type, it's the glace cannon type

    • RFFKLL
      RFFKLL 5 months ago +4

      nice one

    • D Michand
      D Michand 5 months ago +5

      Booo! Take my like

  • SuperParadox
    SuperParadox 5 months ago

    i feel like i always think mold breaker is gonna be a really good ability going into a gen with crazy stuff like levitate electric, but it never happens. maybe this time

  • Adam Morin
    Adam Morin 5 months ago

    I really hope hidden power is back especially with how powerful terra types are sounding they can be

  • Damien Newman
    Damien Newman 5 months ago

    I'd be really interested in hearing your opinion on how this effect weather teams. I know you went into hail a bit in this, but it would be cool to get a bigger breakdown from you.
    Rain is typically a hyper offensive strategy, but it seems like terrastilization could allow rain to slow down a bit when things aren't going right. You've mentioned spread moves like water spout which is huge, but I also think Kingdra could be an interesting Pokemon to look at. It has pretty good defensive stats for an offensive pokemkn and shifting it to something like steel could be cool in a pinch. Especially since rain gets rid of one of its weaknesses AND fairy is one of the two counters to kingdra. Kingdra has been a special sweeper for a while now, but maybe we could see dragon dance physical builds that focus on defensive stats? On top of that, if they change to sandstorm to counter, kindgra could make use of the extra defensive stats.
    I only bring up Kingdra because it's my favorite mon and I always include it in rain, but it seems like the depth of weather teams is getting much larger

  • Sean Richardson
    Sean Richardson 5 months ago +1

    Wolfey, I love this channel so much! I thought to myself about a week before bonuswolfey appeared that I missed this format, and now I'm happy again.

  • SurrValla
    SurrValla 5 months ago +1

    You definitely have the ability to bring out the most interesting parts of every theme you talk. Everytime you upload a wideo on terrastalization it sounds even better.

  • AbsoluteJacub
    AbsoluteJacub 5 months ago +4

    You know how Sandstorm doesn’t effect Rock, Ground, AND Steel? I wish hail had more types that were immune to it. Like water and maybe fire.

    • AbsoluteJacub
      AbsoluteJacub 5 months ago +1

      @Andrew S. Greig fair but you could make the argument that ghost should be immune to sandstorm too for the same reason.

    • Andrew S. Greig
      Andrew S. Greig 5 months ago

      How about Ghost?

  • Thicc Randy
    Thicc Randy 5 months ago

    I was under the impression that's how it would work in the first place, your pokemon would keep their typing you would just add a new one on to it. Then a video was saying it became one which I thought was dumb, super happy it's not the case because this opens the door to so many things. I don't think it will be broken but I think it's going to be interesting to see how people deal with it in VGC and in singles.

  • Andrew Brandt
    Andrew Brandt 5 months ago +1

    Water seems to be a go-to type to turn into, meaning electric and grass coverage will mean more than usual I think.

  • KingSizedSpecial
    KingSizedSpecial 5 months ago +1

    Tera Weavile feels like it’ll be broken in singles. Tera fighting to cover steel like you said, Tera dark to give its knock offs an adaptability boost, Tera ghost to give it a third super spamable stab as well as making it immune to its 4x fighting weakness, and Tera poison to hit fairy and resist fairy, resist fighting, and it’s two weaknesses (psychic/ground) are covered by its dark/ice stab

    • The OG
      The OG 5 months ago +1

      Even Tera Ice can be used to make its Triple Axels all the more unwallable. There’s a lot of uses for terastalization for Weavile.

  • Wesley Baldwin
    Wesley Baldwin 5 months ago

    This gimmick I believe is the best one they have came up with for competitive. It's so hard to just know every move you opponent is gonna make now. So many more viable Pokémon. I really love this. I hated how predictable competition got. Almost every battle played out 70% the same.

  • sqwizzles
    sqwizzles 5 months ago

    Very excited for the meta this gen; can’t wait to see which mons become popular. Nice that it can be basically anyone and they don’t have to rely on gf to give them a new forme

  • Blayne
    Blayne 5 months ago +3

    I'm still worried about all the big, bulky Normal types terra typing.
    They usually have huge move pools, which is what's going to make or break soooo many terastallizations.

    • Yellowishnesses
      Yellowishnesses 5 months ago +1

      Tera-ghost Exploud to avoid a CC...I feel that one wrong turn can destroy whole teams with terastallizations.

    • Andrew S. Greig
      Andrew S. Greig 5 months ago +1

      Fairy Blissey is gonna cause a lot of rage moments.

  • ciredan
    ciredan 5 months ago

    dual water/bug is the only type combo that naturally resists all three of ground, ice and fighting (from the mamoswine segment). plus the volcarona and the aegislash lines could do on a technicality, since they get magnet rise as egg/tutor moves respectively. might be missing something

  • Guillermo Fernández
    Guillermo Fernández 5 months ago

    The only issue I see with hail setups, and it may have been something already addressed: When you terastalize, do you *lose* the hail resistance that ice type naturally grants you? Is it something that we will have to test? Because for what it seems, you retain the STAB bonus, but you don't retain the weaknesses. Does that mean hail will start hurting terastalized mons?

  • Ace
    Ace 5 months ago

    As soon as I heard of this gimmick I automatically thought this would save so many ice types defensively. Probably gonna see avalugg and Cetitan way more because of this

  • appledingdong
    appledingdong 5 months ago

    I think the counter-meta tera types are going to be fun to play with. For example, if abomasnow is on the field, and due to the meta your opponent assumes you've got a water tera type, they might hard read your terastellize and switch in an electric type which would take neutral damage from all the STABs, then hit for super effective STAB. But if the abomasnow is tera ground... then you've countered the counter. Since only 1 mon terastellizes each battle, having unusual tera types on some mons that you might not be targeting for terastellization could be a fun trap card to play with.

  • Lawrence Baker
    Lawrence Baker 5 months ago

    Weavile was one I also picked out. Not because of it's poor defensive typing but more it's movepool and lack of strong STAB moves. Adding a third offensive type should help it immensely with it's good stat spread.

  • Milton Ng
    Milton Ng 5 months ago +10

    Imagine if wolfey does a wideo ranking all 3 type combinations 🤣🤣🤣

  • CastytheSaiyanMage
    CastytheSaiyanMage 5 months ago

    The ice type I’m most excited to terrawhatever is Aurorus! I love its bulk and move pool and refrigerate hyper voice would still be really strong!

  • Chroma zyzx
    Chroma zyzx 5 months ago

    You have said before that one thing you like about dynamax is that it gives viability to a lot of pokemon who wouldnt be otherwise. Do you think this is likely to give even more pokemon viability than dynamax? If so i think thats very exciting. I have recently fell in love with glaceon and i would like to use it competitively even though its garbage. Maybe ghost or steel tera with trick room would do glaceon good
    edit: i commented before the glaceon part x0

  • Spoodlegoop
    Spoodlegoop 5 months ago +1

    Hey Wolfe, love the vid! Just wanted to point out that Tera Rock w/ Rock Slide might be even better for Mamoswine offensively, as Mamoswine's only real completely safe switch-ins are Bugs and Bronzong. Obviously you still can't hit Bronzong for SE damage, but that's really the only thing that would wall you. Alternatively, if you're really scared of Bronzong/other Steels, you could also go Tera Fire with Tera Blast, which also gives you perfect neutral coverage and lets you hit even Physically Defensive Bronzong hard.
    For reference (+1 boost is meant to replicate STAB bonus, Fire Lash is 80 BP like Tera Blast):
    +1 252+ Atk Life Orb Mamoswine Fire Lash vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Bronzong: 244-289 (72.1 - 85.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

  • Tyler Grant
    Tyler Grant 5 months ago

    Your comment about rotom frost becoming only electric is cool. And that could be used for ANY Pokémon with levitate. Tera into an electric type and have 0 weaknesses. Sure, it’s more viable on some Pokémon than others, but it’s an interesting concept

  • Wash Your Hands
    Wash Your Hands 5 months ago +2

    Ice and Ground coverage hitting neutral on essentially everything was a big problem in the last season on Pokemon Go competitive because of our good friend walrein. The only typing that resists both without any abilities or special cases is Bug/Water. So Surskit, Dewpider, Araquinid, Wimpod and Golisopod. Araquinid has been very useful for this and Golisopod shows some promise but just needs some slightly stronger moves to find its feet.
    Cool video I'm actually excited for this mechanic
    Edit: Ooh my bad shoulda commented after the full video. Bug/Water also resists fighting

  • Lucas Kern
    Lucas Kern 5 months ago +4

    I think in one of the first Sv trailers they had a pokemon using Water Pump against an ice terastalization and it was not very effective, which seemed to imply that water is no longer effective against ice in gen 9

    • Original Gameteer
      Original Gameteer 5 months ago +6

      They didn't
      It was Hydro Pump on a water type Coallossal

    • DarkFish YT
      DarkFish YT 5 months ago +2

      I don't even recall to see the hat of Ice Terastal

  • Koen v. Meijel
    Koen v. Meijel 5 months ago +1

    Very curious about a Tera-type tier list. I can imagine Ghost, Ground and Electric getting high usage due to immunities and resistances

    • barcster2003
      barcster2003 4 months ago

      I think it depends on the pokemon.

  • N
    N 5 months ago +2

    I feel like fire could also be a good offfensive typing for mamoswine because it hits the levitate/flying types that are part steel or ice, it misses out on the water coverage but paired with a torkoal ( or even solar beam ninetales) it could be pretty interesting

    • Zachary Adler
      Zachary Adler 5 months ago

      I think ice/ground is already near perfect coverage so it would get more benefit out of a defensive terastilize or going harder on ground for the dmg boost

  • Awesome54356
    Awesome54356 5 months ago +2

    Crazy to think that the only type combo currently available that resists Ice, Ground and Fighting is a bug type combo: Bug/Water

    • Kev95
      Kev95 5 months ago

      Araquanid meta when?

  • Flum
    Flum 5 months ago

    For frosmoth, I see terra dragon as something that could be pretty good. Ice and terra blast dragon take care of opposing dragons, and the ability makes it so fairy isn't as good, since most fairy types run special. And for ice, I'm sure there's something that frosmoth can do to deal super effective damage.

  • Alvin the average gamer
    Alvin the average gamer 5 months ago +1

    Imagine changing an ice type into a STEEL type. You would still get ice STAB and the offensive super effective hits- grass, flying etc while having the (at least in tera blast) the offence of steel type and the defences of the steel type. What I think makes this even better is that if your tera blast is steel that is super effective on fairy ( arguably the best type in the game as of now) while having ice being super effective on dragon types ( arguably the best type before fairy came along to ruin its day). Which means with the use of tera blast, ice might literally be the best type ( atleast if it terrastalises into a steel type). Anyone reading, do you agree or disagree???

  • TripleThreeCubed
    TripleThreeCubed 5 months ago +8

    Wait… I just realized I can finally have a rock type Sandslash! I know the defense curl+rollout tactic is an inefficient gimmick, but it always saddened me that Sandshrew/Sandslash didn’t get a stab bonus to defense curl+rollout despite it being iconic to them.

  • TheJollyMudkip
    TheJollyMudkip 5 months ago

    I feel like another ice type that benefits greatly from terra types would be Avalugg, it has a lot going for it with a massive defence stat, great hp and respectable attack along with Avalanche for a decently strong stab and Recover for relyable recovery, the ice type just holds it back a bit too much be good which won't be a problem with something like electric terra type since you can still somewhat deal with ground types. Not really sure how well this would do in VGC, but it would definatly give it a good buff in singles

  • Ian Quinn
    Ian Quinn 5 months ago

    If you maintain your STAB boosts when terra'ing into a completely different type, would the resistances also be retained?
    Because if so, imagine a Dragon/Flying with a Fire or Fairy terra type. Become immune or more resilient to another type and keeping the flying type immunity to ground types.

  • Andrew Koch
    Andrew Koch 5 months ago

    Would this also break Adaptability too? I'm pretty sure that ability is balanced around the pokemon having either a mono type or a poor offensive typing. It seems like damage output could get a little silly with the right build

  • Zahra
    Zahra 2 months ago

    Wow. As an ice enthusiast, I am thrilled./s The way in which GameFreak decided to save ice types is for us to simply ✨not use them✨🙃

  • Elijah Bigsby
    Elijah Bigsby 5 months ago

    In your example of abomasnow - I actually think that ground would be a much more interesting typing for it, at least from a singles perspective. Ground resists rock, and gives you a very powerful stab earthquake (I know, I know. bad for VGC purposes) that completely punishes the fire, poison, rock, or steel type mons that might want to switch into Abomasnow. (EDIT: from a doubles perspective, it also gives you resistance to rock slide and immunity to electroweb, which is really nice). Meanwhile, your existing grass and ice STAB moves give you a way to threaten the grass or water types that would want to switch in onto the now ground type Abomasnow.
    You don't even have to use it as a tera blast slot, which would let it be more of a reactive tera target. I think that's massively important for most of these types of pokemon where they go from "kinda OK" to "great" off of terastylization, but aren't worth building your entire team around the ability to terastylize. You need to have the ability to terastylize them in your back pocket, but if you go all in on always terastylizing them, I think you're going to have a hard time with your team's build. IMO, tera blast is a move that should be reserved for:
    - normal types that you might want to terastylize
    -set up sweepers that you will want to terastylize the majority of the time on your team and don't have a coverage move of their tera type (ie, if you wanted to terastylize, say, quiver dance Volcarona to a steel type, you might want to run terablast on it to get a STAB steel type you'd be able to make use of)

  • Muted017
    Muted017 5 months ago +7

    Ice-type Pokémon are finally viable!!!
    All they had to do was delete their ice type!

  • Orokem
    Orokem 5 months ago

    Seems like some pokemon like Mamo and Abom could be really good. I feel like the opportunity cost for expending your Terrastelization on stuff like walrein and glaceon may be too high though

  • Anthony Rygwelski
    Anthony Rygwelski 5 months ago

    I have been loving the bonuswolfe wideos because they are getting me excited for Scarlet/Violet like your old vids did for SwSh. Thank you Mr. Wolfe

  • Denzel Ayala
    Denzel Ayala 5 months ago

    Great video, I would love to see another video covering the same idea but for bug types and other underpowered types in the game

  • Arthur Mallmann
    Arthur Mallmann 4 months ago

    It's the opposite effect of hidden power. Hidden power trashed ice types, because it gives every mon their offensive properties without their drawbacks, and now they flipped it, and it's amazing.
    Ice is an amazing offensive type, but it comes with high cost, and attacking with poor offensive types may be a good idea as well, because it may help you defensively. I'm looking it do far 😁

  • Xemira Hobbyless
    Xemira Hobbyless 5 months ago

    This video makes me wonder how the upcoming matches will turn out. I think so far terastalyzing might be the most interesting mechanic.

  • MarioFRC
    MarioFRC 5 months ago +11

    Ice type is good because is no longer ice type

  • Diamondinmyeye
    Diamondinmyeye 5 months ago

    I'm curious what's going to happen with the terra types of pokemon transfered from other gens. I've been breeding competitive pokemon in Shield for years (despite not competing at all😅). I imagine there is the possibility of a mint equivalent for terra types (maybe a randomizer instead) in the post game, but I hope my timewasn't wasted.

  • Brooke Heatley
    Brooke Heatley 5 months ago

    honestly tera type poison would probably be really good on rotom frost because youre only weak to psychic and you get to hit fairies super effectively which turns its scarf set from being incredibly hard to get on the field into getting free switches to fire off its amazing coverage. water would probably also be good esp on hail teams because it flips a lot of the ice weaknesses like fire

  • Orion Moontail
    Orion Moontail 5 months ago

    I'm so looking forward to the format reigning in once sv arrive.
    I will say if we reach the point in the game's later lifespan where legends are allowed onto competitive teams, don't be surprised if I bring a ground/fighting tera type Ice rider calyrex to the battlefield

  • Mitchell Dale
    Mitchell Dale 4 months ago

    Levitate Pokemon terrastalizing into Electric sounds pretty wild. If GameFreak introduces any new Ice types with Levitate they could really pop off with zero weaknesses + Bolt-Beam coverage. Ice types aside, Terra-Electric Flygon could be interesting. Electric+Ground+Dragon can do super effective damage against most Pokemon and hits anything that isn't Fairy/Grass at least neutrally.

  • Allen the Fallen
    Allen the Fallen 5 months ago

    Here’s an interesting idea: if they keep weather effects (which I think were gone in Arceus) would terrastalizing gain/lose immunity to hail and sandstorm?

  • HesGotaGun505
    HesGotaGun505 5 months ago +3

    I can’t wait to see ghost Tera weavile. Just blanking Mach punch and close combat left and right.

  • cellgoondude
    cellgoondude 5 months ago

    Reminding me of how Eelektross has no weakness by mentioning Rotom Tera made me think of Hydreigon Tera Electric being scary af. Strong Levitate Pokémon with Electric might be some sick mons.

  • Lathon Kenyon
    Lathon Kenyon 5 months ago

    I still think the best thing they could do to fix the ice type is what you suggested. Just have hail give ice pokemon 1.5x defense. Just like sand. Then frosmoth wouldn’t have to worry about having low natural defenses and would be ESPECIALLY bulky with ice scales + quiver dance. Love the wideo wolfey!

  • Daniel Betzel
    Daniel Betzel 5 months ago

    I jumped on the Frosmoth train yesterday, but it might be the Poke that gained the most from this Tera system, as there are a lot of situations it becomes useful.
    You covered Electric type (Which will be an incredibly common tera type imo), for good reason. Lack of weaknesses really help the bug, especially with it having such a good setup to load up or be a support.
    Water type was also briefly mentioned, and has a lot of options due to it hard countering it's two former 4 time weaknesses. Water remains a good defensive type.
    Running a Sandstorm Team? Tera Rock isn't going to be common, but stacking the Sandstorm boost with Icy Scales.
    It's already got a great movepool with a wide range of coverage (Weather Ball to fit into any literally any weather team, Dazzling Gleam, Giga Drain, and Air Slash/Hurricane), works as a setup pokemon with Quiver Dance, and can even set screens and, as noted, Tailwind. I'm so excited to fiddle around with Frosmoth.