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42 Dugg, EST Gee - Spin (Official Audio)

  • Published on Apr 6, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    Music video by 42 Dugg, EST Gee performing Spin (Audio). © 2022 CMG/Interscope Records
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Comments • 278

  • Tristan Hoffman
    Tristan Hoffman 11 months ago +139

    Shoutout to the producer, this beat slamming!

  • Neighborhood A&R
    Neighborhood A&R 11 months ago +73

    Whoever mixed this song deserves an award!

    • agony
      agony 2 months ago +2

      Forever rollin

  • Neff5280
    Neff5280 11 months ago +187

    Y’all killed this whole tape, hardest out 💯🔥

    • Slythe
      Slythe 8 months ago

      @MANTE Spin, thump shit and Ice talk goes harddd

    • Ian Mitchell
      Ian Mitchell 9 months ago +3

      @MANTE thump shit the best.

    • MANTE
      MANTE 11 months ago

      what’s the hardest songs

    • mnz1017
      mnz1017 11 months ago +5


  • Ralph
    Ralph 11 months ago +110

    Best song on the tape im calling it now 🔥🔥🦅

  • tmub
    tmub 11 months ago +156

    This a wild ass duo can’t lie 😮‍💨🔥

  • harsheet chawaria
    harsheet chawaria 11 months ago +40

    The album got all of us spinning 🔥🔥💯

  • Maximo
    Maximo 11 months ago +93

    Dugg killed this one 😮‍💨🔥

  • Female Doggy
    Female Doggy 11 months ago +169

    42 Dugg voice effect so HARD 🔥🔥

    • Izz
      Izz 3 months ago

      I still be fucking with them pills 💊 😅

    • admired_assassin
      admired_assassin 8 months ago


    • Kyle Gamey
      Kyle Gamey 8 months ago

      It's just an echo nothing new..

    • deemand
      deemand 11 months ago +2

      That’s Kodak black voice affect 😂😂😂😂😂😂love the song tho

    • Fivel Goes Beast
      Fivel Goes Beast 11 months ago +3

      It's literally his voice 🤣

  • TampaOutlaw
    TampaOutlaw 9 months ago +14

    I keep replaying 42 Dugg verse, damn this shit bang in the Camaro

  • 5ve
    5ve 11 months ago +44

    EST Gee & 42 Dugg is a huge inspiration to me and I WILL produce a song for them one day.

    • Seabass
      Seabass 8 months ago

      Good luck man

    • 5ve
      5ve 11 months ago

      @Bernice Burgos thank you 🙏🏼 drop a sub and be apart of the journey!

    • Bernice Burgos
      Bernice Burgos 11 months ago +6

      Manifest that shit!

  • PistonsFanSadly1996
    PistonsFanSadly1996 11 months ago +25

    Both snapped 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Matt Tradewell
    Matt Tradewell 11 months ago +24

    There's too many lines to quote est evolved and 42 been doing his thing I can't get over how fucking fire they is

  • The AutoMator
    The AutoMator 11 months ago +11

    holy fuck theres not a single bad song on this album this is what we waited for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DaCre8torHardbody
    DaCre8torHardbody 11 months ago +7

    42dugg and Gee keep smaking em on the head with these bangers💪🏿

  • Youngta Teejay
    Youngta Teejay 11 months ago +36

    This really go dummy hard🧐

  • GME Ear Hustlahz Verse 1
    GME Ear Hustlahz Verse 1 5 months ago +1

    Good LAWD.....shit gives me chills

  • TheChef324
    TheChef324 11 months ago +9

    This entire album is fuckin 🔥🔥🔥these 2 are special

  • Andrew Bender
    Andrew Bender 11 months ago +20

    This is gonna be dangerous when they perform this live bruh ong 😭

  • Nazario Medina
    Nazario Medina 23 days ago

    Definitely a banger

  • CityGBB
    CityGBB 11 months ago +13

    Amazing track from both of them 42 Dugg carried mad on this one tho🔥🔥chorus goin crazy

  • Phuture
    Phuture 11 months ago +14

    Gonna be the greatest album

    • Shaeel Malik
      Shaeel Malik 11 months ago

      @Phuture what's with the juice slander

    • Blade
      Blade 11 months ago +1

      @Phuture valorant is skillful probably why you wouldn’t like it , and juices worst song is better than your fav

    • Juiceman
      Juiceman 11 months ago

      @Phuture when the album drop?

    • Phuture
      Phuture 11 months ago

      @Juiceman wym

    • Juiceman
      Juiceman 11 months ago

      When it drop ?

  • BrayG
    BrayG 11 months ago +23


  • Bruce614kicks
    Bruce614kicks 11 months ago +22

    They gon do that shit for free 💯💯💯☠️☠️☠️☠️

  • QKha121
    QKha121 7 months ago +2

    “Tell my brother if I’m missing I got set up by a bitch or what!” Idk why that part get me dumb hype 🤣🤣

  • slim 414
    slim 414 11 months ago +16


    • RINOO
      RINOO 7 months ago

      Exactly that Nigga snapped on his verse 🔥🔥🔥🔥😭

    DUFELONEISM 11 months ago +3

    Both killed it, hardest shit I heard in a min

  • Alfred Stacey
    Alfred Stacey 9 months ago +1

    42 Dogg is my dude he got me started rapping that's on facts 💯💪🔥

  • salli Yacine
    salli Yacine 11 months ago +19

    Imagine Pooh sheisty on this 🤯🤯 #freepooh

    • Darion Williams
      Darion Williams 10 months ago +2


  • Tony austin
    Tony austin 7 months ago +1

    Message four est gee there’s only one slot at the top keep pushin fire 🔥

  • Clarence Brown
    Clarence Brown 11 months ago +3

    Dey gotta drop a video dis is hard asf I bump it errday dey killt da whole tape not to mention they put dey boys on 😈😈🖤🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍

  • Chancey
    Chancey 11 months ago +1

    Gee & Dugg unstoppable 🔥💪🏻

  • Akash Pathak
    Akash Pathak 5 months ago +1

    This shiiii hard asfff. Can y'all suggest sum songs like this with similiar drops & beat breaks

  • Tavaris Pollock
    Tavaris Pollock 11 months ago +8

    Gee flow crazy asf

  • Ethan Hayes
    Ethan Hayes 11 months ago +1

    Dugg always got heat 🔥

  • danhydr. Hfee e carter
    danhydr. Hfee e carter 11 months ago +4

    42 dugg voice make my high kick in more 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

  • yung xavier
    yung xavier 5 months ago

    best song on the album hood

  • Sotiris Chrts
    Sotiris Chrts 11 months ago +1

    This go HARD 🔥

  • Heylarari!
    Heylarari! Month ago

    Bro said “step as long as he got legs step in the name of lil dead”🔥

    • thornton jamel
      thornton jamel Month ago

      Who tf listening Est Gee in 2023? All school ganstas on Gomunkul 6 now @

  • Dewaynedaruler
    Dewaynedaruler 8 months ago +1

    Best of both world's No hands 🙌 down 💯🔥

  • Q Tee
    Q Tee 7 months ago

    'Told my brother if I'm missing I got set up by a btch" factssssss

  • Later Boys
    Later Boys 11 months ago +1

    Dugg ain't have to go this harddd🔥🔥

  • Max Phenomenon
    Max Phenomenon 11 months ago +1

    We need a visual for this !!

    DIGITAL ANIME MERCHANDISE 11 months ago +2

    Slept on, i bet I'm the only one in India listening to the whole tape feel legendary

  • Dmarius King
    Dmarius King 11 months ago +7

    Geeski definitely the realest out

  • IzuCool?
    IzuCool? 11 months ago +13


  • GNASTY6000
    GNASTY6000 11 months ago +4

    It's the Outkast of trap rap we love it

  • no_levels
    no_levels 11 months ago +2

    Gee verse was 2 hard 🔥

  • Ricky Cervantes
    Ricky Cervantes 7 months ago

    im on Texas jammin 42 duggg harddd! mannnn turnnnn uup😉 cmon people wake uup

  • YTN Oreo
    YTN Oreo 11 months ago +6

    when you hear dat forever rollin yk issa hit 🙌🏾💯

  • The one and only Great
    The one and only Great 11 months ago +6

    Est gee to hard 🅿️ like he really out do majority of these rappers he to raw for cmg

  • hrsh patial
    hrsh patial 6 months ago

    Beat is soo hard

  • eiima
    eiima 7 months ago

    Who tf produced this album, it’s insane

  • Produced By JR
    Produced By JR 11 months ago +5

    Ima produce a track for Est Gee and 42 Dugg one day 🙏🏽

    • Tom B.
      Tom B. 11 months ago +4

      Go GET IT My Man! Put the work in

  • Jimmy's Family
    Jimmy's Family 11 months ago +1

    This shit is a hustle anthem whole mixtape on Big hat

    WHITE BUFFALO 9 months ago

    E$T straight heat satans duo🔥

  • WayneDaGoat
    WayneDaGoat 11 months ago +1

    Beat song on the album🔥🔥

  • Lee Tharrington
    Lee Tharrington 11 months ago

    I respect it I fucking love it! Ice bowls you know we got it😋

  • Dominique Stanley
    Dominique Stanley 10 months ago


  • Bris l
    Bris l 11 months ago +6

    Damn this beat tough

  • Sean Jackson
    Sean Jackson 11 months ago

    NAH THIS SHIT 2 HARD!!!!!!!!!



  • Bruce614kicks
    Bruce614kicks 11 months ago +6

    Forever rolling 💯💪🔥☠️

  • Book of Eli Gaming
    Book of Eli Gaming 9 months ago +2

    I’m giving this the 1,000,000th view 🔥🔥🏆🏆

  • Kaja Sherman
    Kaja Sherman 9 months ago

    I’m telling you I’m sprung on dugg voice man I swear !!!!

  • Five Star
    Five Star 10 months ago

    Gervonta Davis needs to come out to this for his fight night!!

  • Brittney Pflueger
    Brittney Pflueger 11 months ago

    Ever since I heard this guy and Yo Gotti song he’s everywhere

  • matteo tigani
    matteo tigani 11 months ago


  • Ricky Cervantes
    Ricky Cervantes 11 months ago

    turnnn FUCKIN uup!!! 42 dugg💪

  • Scittzy
    Scittzy 11 months ago +2

    Been waiting on this

  • Darion Williams
    Darion Williams 10 months ago +1

    EST so underrated😹💯🔥

  • EST Mob
    EST Mob 11 months ago +2

    Free my mtfkn bros, doing life up in the feds😤

  • Desmond Harris
    Desmond Harris 11 months ago

    Hardest song on the tape fo’sho

  • Video guru
    Video guru 11 months ago

    Both going to take over

  • Wild Hog
    Wild Hog 10 months ago

    This hard af.

  • JEC C
    JEC C 11 months ago +2

    They all fire

  • Matt Tradewell
    Matt Tradewell 11 months ago

    I can click any random song on this tape it's fire no skipping nbs

  • Clifford Peppers
    Clifford Peppers 11 months ago

    This is dat shit🔥😜

  • Italy Mullah
    Italy Mullah 11 months ago

    42 went dummy!!🤯

  • cody richardson
    cody richardson 11 months ago

    That Happy Dad reference thoooooo

    DUFELONEISM 11 months ago

    Hardest song on the joint

  • 홍각하
    홍각하 11 months ago

    my pick! crazy 42's flow!!!

  • Young Jordan Tye
    Young Jordan Tye 11 months ago +1

    Forever ♾️ rolling👈🏽

  • Will Powell
    Will Powell 11 months ago +1

    Will rolling over in his cell right now😂

  • V1N1
    V1N1 11 months ago +2

    Intro: 42 Dugg]
    [Verse 1: 42 Dugg]
    Told my brother if I'm missing, I got set up by a bitch, oh, what?
    Hands-on in that kitchen, I don't think I hit the tan enough (Baow)
    Y'all know I throw them bands for nothin', I got two in the pants for nothin'
    We can't whack your mans for nothin', bitch, you know he had that comin'
    I still serve them grams two-hundred, I might move to Houston Monday
    I don't pay my shooters nothin', they all do that shit for free
    Exotic, how them bricks is cheap? They front me four 'bout six a week
    That paper add them piece for Reece, she sucking dick, you cuff the bitch
    All in niggas' DM, we know, I said you couldn't trust the bitch
    My nigga Lock, we beefin' now, I told him not to hit my line
    [Chorus: 42 Dugg]
    I still be fuckin' with them pills
    Yeah, we spin, 'll spin your shit again
    Nigga, fuck Will and everybody told
    RIP to all my niggas, free my motherfuckin' bros
    Yeah, I still be fuckin' with them pills
    Nigga, we spin, 'll spin your shit again
    Nigga, fuck Will and everybody, yeah
    Free my motherfuckin' bros doing life up in the feds
    [Verse 2: EST Gee]
    Red beam on the dread, need 'em dead
    What's the price? I'll pay it
    It's love, I ain't even gotta say it
    Steppin' long as he got legs
    Step in the name of Lil' Dead
    Preppin' myself how to play it
    These niggas must think I'm playin'
    Came in, catch the place, we sped
    Flowers, teddy bears, he dead
    Bang a tester in his leg
    Noddin', slobbin', drop his head
    Happy that I spent my last
    I'll drop bags and put 'em on your ass
    This shit clear as glass
    Last time tinted yellow, said it tasted bad
    If it ain't 'bout cash, then what it is?
    On the island, you see fins
    Choppers, Glocks, and SIGs
    Sure hope you can swim
    Couple grand and we right where he live
    Take him, get where he spin
    Park the car, hop out on land
    Head, mask, gloves, hands
    That's that get-back for my mans
    [Chorus: 42 Dugg]
    I still be fuckin' with them pills
    Yeah, we spin, 'll spin your shit again
    Nigga, fuck Will and everybody told
    RIP to all my niggas, free my motherfuckin' bros
    Yeah, I still be fuckin' with them pills
    Nigga, we spin, 'll spin your shit again
    Nigga, fuck Will and everybody, yeah
    Free my motherfuckin' bros doing life up in the feds

    • Hope IV Love
      Hope IV Love 11 months ago +2

      “ Technically we ain’t spin”

  • Ken Laden
    Ken Laden 11 months ago

    Chris rock got this on repeat 😅

  • EST Mob
    EST Mob 11 months ago +1

    Dugg Whistle 🗣

  • Antwon Gott
    Antwon Gott 11 months ago

    Album of the year collab of the summer…last niggas no fufu

  • Tray Sauls
    Tray Sauls 11 months ago

    Bro est gee 🔥🔥🔥

  • Milwaukee Wisconsin
    Milwaukee Wisconsin 11 months ago

    I’ll put this mixtape next to that future & Drake mixtape

  • Queen Peanut
    Queen Peanut 10 months ago


  • Youngta Teejay
    Youngta Teejay 11 months ago

    Crazy 🔥

  • 906AKORN
    906AKORN 11 months ago +1

    Damn 🔥

  • Pantho
    Pantho 11 months ago +1


  • Campain
    Campain 11 months ago

    Ooooo this shit hot!

  • Reed Bennett
    Reed Bennett 7 months ago

    Sounds like a Florida beat for surrr

  • Luk Melendez
    Luk Melendez 11 months ago

    This man dugg sound like a gangsta ass South Park character

  • Brian
    Brian 11 months ago

    fav beat on the tape

  • Rell Money Nhg
    Rell Money Nhg 11 months ago

    Yea they up to sum🗣

  • Fabian Fountain
    Fabian Fountain 11 months ago

    oOoOO that boi Est gone murder sumn👀⚰️💀🔥

  • Roswell Rich
    Roswell Rich 11 months ago

    Hardest shit out