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I just wanna say thanks to this guy !

  • Published on Mar 2, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • I Am The Truth
    I Am The Truth 2 months ago +117642

    all I want is recognition, loyalty and affection

    • PF
      PF 2 months ago +3449

      All i Want is a fortnite duo 😭

    • Andreasalo27
      Andreasalo27 2 months ago +390


    • Mahmoud saadeh
      Mahmoud saadeh 2 months ago +833

      whaaaat ?!!
      you are saying you want to be single forever ?!!

    • A brick wall
      A brick wall 2 months ago +445

      I want to be happy.

    • Ace Alfonso
      Ace Alfonso 2 months ago +220

      you will never find those unicorn traits, morals and values in any of the women that gets seated in either fresh and fit, or whatever podcast

  • Priyanshu Naskar
    Priyanshu Naskar 29 days ago +2

    A more perfect salute doesn't exist!

  • Dave Cac
    Dave Cac Month ago +3

    Perfect….you left them all speechless because that is all they have….nothing else. They just want our money….goes both ways!

  • R Gomez
    R Gomez 2 months ago +484

    That salute at the end was heart felt

    • world boss
      world boss 2 months ago +5


    • Kay Fal Jnr
      Kay Fal Jnr 2 months ago

      Very heartfelt brother.! 🫡

    • Videos Love
      Videos Love 2 months ago

      Lmao, philosophers have argue this same topics for thousands of years, and guess what? The majority agree, that women are givers. It is only the Christian base that have this idea of perfect marriage. However, most of the time they will cheat on a woman. Don't take it from me. Around 60%(probably higher) of men during the 1950's to 1990s, were attending (Men's clubs and Hookers), with many having mistresses lol.
      It was only during the Medieval times, that men who were marry, were not allowed to visit , brothels.
      Let's, be honest, men today, are not weak, they are less intelligent, more worried about material things, than about building a system where the family live better and not on the edge.

    • Dark
      Dark 2 months ago

      New reply unlocked

  • Itachi4115
    Itachi4115 Month ago +5

    All I want is a triple cheese burger with a drink.

  • Jalal Miah
    Jalal Miah Month ago

    Save this man at all cost

  • Gary Denison
    Gary Denison 2 months ago +736

    My wife has multiple sclerosis. I knew this before i married her. Her illness has now taken her ability to move. Her compassion, friendship, humor, loyalty, recognition, affection, and even just the way she looks at me is enough for me to be loyal to her even though we are in a sexless marriage. I am nothing without her presence. Married 16 years.

    • jim Lane
      jim Lane 2 months ago +87

      you SIR are the SUPERHERO

    • Mathiax
      Mathiax 2 months ago +74

      King. You dropped your crown.
      I can only hope that more and more people will be like you.

      WARRIOR COMBAT SYSTEMS 2 months ago +6

    • Ggg
      Ggg 2 months ago +3

      Thats honestly disgusting of your wife

    • Theurbanoutdoorsmen
      Theurbanoutdoorsmen 2 months ago +80

      My wife has cancer and had to have a hysterectomy last year. We are in our mid 30’s and she gave birth to our twin girls only a month before her diagnosis. Throughout the ordeal we were unable to have sex. Over a year and a half of no sex and I still thanked god every day that I have her with me. I accepted that we may never get that back and I was fine as long as I have her to talk and laugh with. Love is so much more than lust. Sounds like we are lucky men to have found the women we married. 13 years married in September and I am blessed every minute of it.

  • Termemenator
    Termemenator Month ago +4

    GG man. You've done us men a great deed.

  • besho market
    besho market 2 months ago +5532

    After 17 years of marriage,the most thing i want is warm kindness

    • TheForge
      TheForge 2 months ago +164

      I'm in my 8th years, I feel the same I want to come to a warm home not a 4 story house with no smile after days work.

    • DSM
      DSM 2 months ago +267

      16 years and I just want some peace and fucking quiet 😂

    • Jimmy b
      Jimmy b 2 months ago +29

      You do not understand what he is saying. ( but we all do).

    • mambang kail Dumai
      mambang kail Dumai 2 months ago +22

      I'm in my 4th year, and i feel the same....

  • Dan Rolly
    Dan Rolly Month ago

    A tip of the cap good sir and a hardy thank you

  • Unicode is not accepted

    Dude made sense without shouting. He is so calm and composed, yet making valid points. I really like that quality.

    • Daniel Moon
      Daniel Moon Month ago


    • Mack Robinson
      Mack Robinson Month ago

      No seriously if any of ya sad bois keep listening to this crap you WILL lead a lonely life. Pick up your phone talk to your mom, your sister, or even a girl that’s a friend. You’ll never work out your problems with women if you only chose to listen to men’s takes on women rather than a real person who can tell you what they’re feeling and why they interact with you the way they do.

  • NM Clips
    NM Clips 2 months ago +544

    All what every real men want is loyalty and some love

    • Philipp Manshardt
      Philipp Manshardt 2 months ago


    • Pat Mac
      Pat Mac 2 months ago +1

      Pretty much. On my part if u plan or don't plan being with someone else. Just don't bring anything to me. Most humans and animals are NOT MONOGAMOUS.

    • Suraj Bisht
      Suraj Bisht 2 months ago

      And understanding ❤
      That's love.

    • Pajarito
      Pajarito 2 months ago +1

      Men really want respect and to feel appreciated. Love comes in a close second.

  • Territorial Army Foundation Scheme

    That’s a direct Patrice O’Neal quote, giving the real King credit rn

    • Flocky The Ram
      Flocky The Ram Month ago +4

      He was a prophet

    • Paul Walker
      Paul Walker Month ago +5

      Damn right. Almost word for word!

    • Isreal Golden
      Isreal Golden Month ago +2


    • R t
      R t Month ago +3

      This guy completely ripped off Patrice O'neal the goat.

    • Taylor Robinson
      Taylor Robinson Month ago

      ​@R t angry 😡! Come up with your own content... Lame! Don't ever take another comedian's work !

  • Rajputana S
    Rajputana S Month ago

    Yes, foody is the bottom line.

  • Armellium, the Fulgent.
    Armellium, the Fulgent. 2 months ago +24116

    All I want is a warm hug in the darkest of times.

    • Andrew Arellano
      Andrew Arellano 2 months ago +368

      Nhaa bro the boys got your back ✊🏽

    • Retroman
      Retroman 2 months ago +328

      I had to put down my dog the other day. All I wanted was a hug. From anyone

    • Abdo
      Abdo 2 months ago +52

      Bro iknow this feel its very sad

    • Kitsune
      Kitsune  2 months ago +138

      Don't ask WOMEN for a hug, ask the homies

    • Ozymandias the III
      Ozymandias the III 2 months ago +107

      Sorry bro even the they say they want vulnerability, if you show it they lose respect. Never cry to your women about how sad your life is. Only your brothers,friends and family.

  • Brody Behm
    Brody Behm Month ago +1

    Well done soldier

  • Daniel Hass
    Daniel Hass Month ago

    Absolute truth dropped right there

  • Xtalbloopersuasion
    Xtalbloopersuasion 2 months ago +555

    He left everyone of them in a loss for words but endless amounts of thought ❤

    • Scopinhagen
      Scopinhagen 2 months ago +6

      Idk about the endless amount of thought part lol

    • josé Burgos
      josé Burgos 2 months ago +6

      I'm not sure if they even understand what this guy just said😂

    • Isra Ahmad
      Isra Ahmad 2 months ago +3

      honestly both the man and women are stupid here.
      If all a woman is offering is p ussy, then as a self respecting man, walk away from her.
      If all a man wants is p ussy, then as a self respecting woman, walk away from him.

  • Jeff Love
    Jeff Love Month ago

    Good to see Patrice Oneal's message is alive and well today

    PARAM DEEPAK Month ago +1

    All I want is peace love and respect
    That's what we have given to y'all

  • STAR
    STAR 2 months ago +80

    My respect for this guy 📈📈📈.

  • The roaming Farmer
    The roaming Farmer Month ago

    The salute is coming from the heart..BRO!

  • Frederick Jost
    Frederick Jost Month ago


  • CustomGrow420
    CustomGrow420 2 months ago +132

    After 10 years of marriage i just want peace at home.

  • Jason
    Jason Month ago

    Thank you for your service

  • Montel Raad
    Montel Raad Month ago

    My hero bout time we stand proud as men

  • Joe
    Joe 2 months ago +769

    All men want is to know they’re appreciated and not alone. That’s it

    • SR9
      SR9 2 months ago +26

      I like a good sandwich every now and then

    • JC Kennedy
      JC Kennedy 2 months ago


    • SOUL Reaper
      SOUL Reaper 2 months ago +1


    • Mike Hansen
      Mike Hansen 2 months ago +1

      If I called you the word I wanna call you, this comment would be deleted/banned by Clip-Share. Hint: only women have it.

    • Erik AF
      Erik AF 2 months ago +1

      Speak for yourself broddie

  • johnny black not so pinker

    From my perspective.. I just need peace.. no nagging.. no bullshit.. just be straight forward.. no judgement.. simple.

  • Technoraptor3812
    Technoraptor3812 Month ago

    Salute this man already. this guys god damn right

  • xPreame
    xPreame 2 months ago +7362

    All a man wants is respect, love and support in hardest times

  • Michael Griffin
    Michael Griffin Month ago

    A lot of us men are unappreciated in relationships no matter what we do. So we don't appreciate the ones we are in a relationship with.

  • Ossi Manninen
    Ossi Manninen Month ago

    that man is my idol !

  • Yucky_Hamsandwich
    Yucky_Hamsandwich Month ago +2

    Ooooooh daaaaamn. Said it all without getting upset. 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • DeeJay Fuego
    DeeJay Fuego Month ago

    Man Opened the 9th Gate, Gate of Understanding…

  • resp0nse_
    resp0nse_ 2 months ago +3956

    Dude really meant that salute!

    • Drose MFG
      Drose MFG 2 months ago +49

      My first time seeing that meme fr tho

    • 1234as
      1234as 2 months ago +5


    • Jessica Galvan
      Jessica Galvan 2 months ago +5

      @Drose MFG what’s the name of it where can I find that meme?

    • William Sparks
      William Sparks 2 months ago +33

      That salute was hilarious

    • When Grapes Pop
      When Grapes Pop 2 months ago +8

      Very (overly) dramatic acting, but perfect for this clip

  • sla¥athepla¥ab0y123

    Man is really speaking facts

  • Aishwary Sharma
    Aishwary Sharma Month ago


  • Mehdi Khody
    Mehdi Khody 2 months ago +3380

    All a man wants is respect.

    • Zephyne
      Zephyne 2 months ago +29

      Truest thing I’ve heard

    • Abdul Wahab
      Abdul Wahab 2 months ago +8

      Yh bruh ❤Respect
      And we can develop love ❤️ out of respect we have for each other .I said this to mah homies and they disagree

    • Oli Stoneoak
      Oli Stoneoak 2 months ago +80

      ​@Molten Bramley Apple who said he was demanding it just for being a man? Quit the beta behavior

  • AJ
    AJ Month ago +1

    Bro made a fair point tbh, lots of young women nowadays have the idea that they are the "prize" that men must work hard to obtain, and the women who think like this won't offer much compared to their partner

    FELIX Month ago

    Mad respect for you 🎉🎉🎉

  • Onyx Flame
    Onyx Flame 2 months ago +495

    Literally just want to be with someone who actually cares about me as much as I care about them.

    • Opal Eye
      Opal Eye 2 months ago +1

      What and no sex? Please

    • Randy Moore
      Randy Moore 2 months ago +24

      @Opal Eye not everything is about sex bud

    • Hugh Mungus
      Hugh Mungus 2 months ago +11

      considering this comment section is a group of guys who fall head over heels for people like andrew tate jordan peterson and the like, i have a hard time believing that any of you are actually interested, at all, in a relationship built on mutual trust and love
      that would require that you give up all your internalized misogyny, and thats too important to your personality at this point for you to simply get rid of

    • Bob
      Bob 2 months ago +2

      ​@Hugh Mungus yes because we like a certain guy we all dont want a real relationship with somebody that loves us... reminder, andrew tate has a daughter and a wife who he loves...

    • Hugh Mungus
      Hugh Mungus 2 months ago +6

      @Bob LMAOOOO
      andrew tate has a wife that he "loves" like a corporation has an employee that they "love". theyre useful for buisness, but theyll drop them as soon as theyre not getting any more profits from them
      tate certainly doesnt _respect_ her. to him shes a cooking and baby machine with a face. after all, thats all he ever talks about, how women deserve to live at the whim of men, and only exist to satisfy them
      if you think love can exist without mutual respect you dont know what love is

  • J O
    J O Month ago

    I love the military salute of the Asia guy!!

  • I_am_shaolin
    I_am_shaolin Month ago

    This guy is speaking straight facts Not all men just want sex from women they want companionship compassion and so much more why is it women only think we want sex

  • Ankur Roy
    Ankur Roy 2 months ago +5022

    All I want is loyalty, trust and honesty.

    • KumaFall
      KumaFall 2 months ago +65

      All I want is a real relationship

    • FGcraft
      FGcraft 2 months ago +47

      All i want is a woman

    • Cam
      Cam 2 months ago +79

      That type of woman is out there. It's just rare. I'm lucky to have found one. I've been married 15 years, come April.

    • V01D_R34L1TY
      V01D_R34L1TY 2 months ago +33

      @Cam The few. The proud.

    • jude dubois
      jude dubois 2 months ago +10

      @FGcraftyou meant man

  • Aspiring Adonis
    Aspiring Adonis Month ago

    I just want someone that likes me man.

  • Tracy Lady
    Tracy Lady Month ago +1

    Well dude, that’s a woman’s biggest fear that when all her man talks about is wanting sex, sex, sex and she does everything else for him…apparently that’s not enough.

  • Nesquik Man
    Nesquik Man 2 months ago +4552

    That salute came from the bottom of his heart

  • Mali Shan
    Mali Shan Month ago

    Well said!!!

  • Vantage Racing League

    What a legend

  • Adon Scadlock
    Adon Scadlock 2 months ago +154

    “The woman was too stunned to speak”

    • J Mendes Jr
      J Mendes Jr 2 months ago +1

      I think she was trying to compute

    • bhalsak tebaghar
      bhalsak tebaghar 2 months ago +1

      they were going thru the rolodex for a comeback but there was none.

    • SNKMods
      SNKMods 2 months ago

      Man dat guy is truly a genius dude

    • Lucas Foisy
      Lucas Foisy 2 months ago +1

      none of those chicks understood anything 😂😂

  • Nick Cunningham
    Nick Cunningham Month ago

    Honestly I just wanna be loved by a woman unconditionally but that's starting to feel like a pipe dream

  • Alexis Cervantes
    Alexis Cervantes Month ago

    Bro just proved a big point in our current time in society, mad respect 🫡✊

  • Richard Clark
    Richard Clark Month ago +2

    Amen brother!

  • Red Legs
    Red Legs 2 months ago +70

    That was hands down the best response to that call out I've ever herd....had a little moment there

  • Karine
    Karine Month ago

    That is all the majority of women have to offer. I am a women and have seen it for so long

  • Jordan Knudsen
    Jordan Knudsen Month ago

    Dudes a g

    BULIAMEEN OLADAYO 2 months ago +477

    All I want is a genuine hug from a lady who knows life is not a disneyland

    • Reddylion
      Reddylion 2 months ago +2


    • Bailey Rushing
      Bailey Rushing 2 months ago +7

      These modern westernized females literally believe “love” is supposed to be a Disney fairytale. i have had this problem time and time again. True love is not needing a damn thing from the other person and still loving them through thick and thin. True love is unconditional. True love is having “everything” then losing it all, and NOT LEAVING. True love is PAINFUL at times. True love is everything BUT a Disney fairytale.

    • Cristiano
      Cristiano 2 months ago +2

      So difficult recive a genuine hug from a lady... Only god knows how I need one...😔

    • LilSunshyn3
      LilSunshyn3 2 months ago +1

      Giving hugs 🤗 🤗

    • MeliMelv
      MeliMelv 2 months ago +1

      I feel honesty and realness goes a long way

  • nvm
    nvm Month ago

    And the women be like "I want a 6ft2 millionaire that treat me like a queen and give me all his assets"

  • Albert Ross
    Albert Ross Month ago

    All I want is a woman what will love me and be a real partner in this world. Someone I can spoil when i feel like and take care of and know has my back. I've never truly felt that in all the relationships I've had it never felt truly reciprocated

  • JulliaStark
    JulliaStark 2 months ago +2592

    He silenced an entire population that think all guys are the same and us guys in the friendzone salute you

  • Player_ RAPHA
    Player_ RAPHA Month ago

    This man talk everything 👏

  • Holden
    Holden Month ago +1

    Guy at the end would follow these dudes into the bowels of Hell.

  • Tim E.
    Tim E. 2 months ago +530

    After 36 years of marriage, I can confirm that all we want is love and affection and I am so blessed to have both from the same WOMAN.

    • Timothy Callahan
      Timothy Callahan 2 months ago +2

      tim to another tim who is married and living that life and love ya but your simpinnn broooooo.

    • Aleatoriedade Suprema
      Aleatoriedade Suprema 2 months ago +30

      ​@Timothy Callahan Such a kid

  • Zax Pubg
    Zax Pubg Month ago

    Protect this man at all cost😢

  • Awi football
    Awi football Month ago

    Bro showed them the reality😅

  • Shiva B
    Shiva B 2 months ago +71

    That was blast bro.... That conveys huge message. I wish all men should watch this

  • Shubhanshu Sharma
    Shubhanshu Sharma Month ago

    Greatest comeback ever

  • Mukahirwa Janet
    Mukahirwa Janet Month ago

    😎😎😎😎 he's savage as hell damn.

  • Mark Dodd
    Mark Dodd 2 months ago +93

    Home boy got the whole table questioning their whole f****** existence

  • Kaleb Smith
    Kaleb Smith Month ago

    This man always speaking facts

  • Tony L
    Tony L Month ago

    Yep he nailed it

  • John Ellis
    John Ellis 2 months ago +399

    Most men just want a big hug from somebody that really cares about them and whatever happens after that it's just nature

    • Talleywa
      Talleywa 2 months ago +8

      I gotchu homie. Bring it in.

    • Daniel Hoopes
      Daniel Hoopes 2 months ago +6

      That's all I want from a woman is a hug and to know that they really care about them

    • Shine Real light
      Shine Real light 2 months ago +2


    • Nord_West
      Nord_West 2 months ago +2

      John Ellis your a true Hero! Thank you telling this. 🫡

    • Martin Arnold
      Martin Arnold 2 months ago

      speak for yourself

  • Brynley Jones
    Brynley Jones Month ago

    Honestly let's just admit that men and women want the same the same things in a relationship and call it a day

  • William
    William Month ago

    Nothing more needs to be said, bravo 👏🏻

  • Anonymous0tnsss
    Anonymous0tnsss 2 months ago +68

    The man just earned my respect 🫡. Love ya bro

  • Joe M.
    Joe M. 2 months ago +72

    The salute at the end was hilarious!! Well done!

  • Jummy Ran
    Jummy Ran Month ago +5

    The Asian dude at the end killed me 😂



    • Grimm Viper
      Grimm Viper Month ago +1

      😂😂😂 Dude representing the Bros!

    • Jummy Ran
      Jummy Ran Month ago

      @Grimm Viper oh it’s the guy of the channel wow never knew I forgot all about this comment.

  • Athena
    Athena Month ago

    Facts most woman only have that to offer

  • Imraan Essa
    Imraan Essa 2 months ago +71

    You couldn't have said it better. That's so true

  • Alex Buentello
    Alex Buentello Month ago

    They all looked, "like fuck that's a good one." 😂

  • YobaEllis
    YobaEllis Month ago

    This guy is a legend, hall of fame, Jesus FC he’s the next president!!!!!!

  • Gaming Highlights
    Gaming Highlights 2 months ago +620

    In the end all that everyone wants is to be accepted by someone and to be loved .

    • Grace Ucat
      Grace Ucat 2 months ago +3


    • Videos Love
      Videos Love 2 months ago +2

      Lmao, philosophers have argue this same topics for thousands of years, and guess what? The majority agree, that women are givers. It is only the Christian base that have this idea of perfect marriage. However, most of the time they will cheat on a woman. Don't take it from me. Around 60%(probably higher) of men during the 1950's to 1990s, were attending (Men's clubs and Hookers), with many having mistresses lol.
      It was only during the Medieval times, that men who were marry, were not allowed to visit , brothels.
      Let's, be honest, men today, are not weak, they are less intelligent, more worried about material things, than about building a system where the family live better and not on the edge.

    • Arara
      Arara 2 months ago +2

      I don't know why would anyone want to live with me for the rest of their life?

    • HIPPO
      HIPPO 2 months ago

      @Arara fr

    • King Bko
      King Bko 2 months ago

      ​@Arara lol bro's been heart broken😂

  • Alex Dediu
    Alex Dediu Month ago

    100% facts

  • Mickey Wicked
    Mickey Wicked Month ago

    She doesn’t even believe herself when she says it.

  • sippinlosses
    sippinlosses 2 months ago +481

    All I want from the women in my life is honesty. Something that seems so hard for them to do

    • Black Jesus
      Black Jesus 2 months ago +4

      Cap! You want the Cat! That's the most important thing they bring to the table. 😂 🙏🏾

    • CommitDye
      CommitDye 2 months ago +8

      That's true. You be going out with a girl, she making 20 excuses left and right. You make an excuse, that's the last time you'll be around her. It's like women have this instinct that lying is just a cup of tea to them. It's a lineage they can do it but a man can't do that.
      And then the women that want men off the planet or kill men, think. What would women do? They couldn't work together, bc to them, it's all about who has more beauty. Who has the better fashion. Women spend more time making a face paint instead of learning how to build. Some women work like men. Not all, but some.
      Men will literally work together to make a house bc they see each other as friends. Sure you're screwed bc there's only men. No. Men literally can do anything. Women that want to do it, can do it. But men will do the job. Whatever it takes.
      That's why I don't understand women doing the crap they do bc to them its the perfect guy. Who gives a damn who you're going out with?
      Idk. Women can make excuses like men. But in the end, men aside their crap to focus on the main issue. Women couldn't handle working with someone they despise.

    • Mason Wagner
      Mason Wagner 2 months ago +2

      @CommitDye Very true man

    • X
      X 2 months ago

      Women can't lie. They just say what they feel.

  • The Last Contrarian

    That is a direct quote from the late great comic Patrice O’Neal

  • Tyler Quattrini
    Tyler Quattrini Month ago

    Women forget that while they expect men to prove their worth, simultaneously men are expecting the same, but rarely make it known until it’s too late (for her).

  • Mariii
    Mariii 2 months ago +2250

    Warm hugs, loyalty, affection, and laughs. That’s really all.

    • Keichu
      Keichu 2 months ago +3


    • Keichu
      Keichu 2 months ago +7

      Really exist ?

    • RK
      RK 2 months ago +10

      ​@Keichu nah bro I didn't think so

    • decker
      decker 2 months ago +9

      @RK theres over 3 billion women, it does exist.

    • decker
      decker 2 months ago +13

      @Keichu yes, theres over 3 billion females in the world, you just haven't met the right one yet and i hope u will :)

  • Tre Anderson
    Tre Anderson Month ago

    The looks on their faces..priceless

  • Diego Strossen
    Diego Strossen Month ago

    All I want is to peer at the abyss and live to tell the tale

  • TheModioos
    TheModioos 2 months ago +449

    A true man just wants love, to be seen as a functional member of society, and happy lives

    • Bobby White
      Bobby White 2 months ago +1

      We are all a few bad days away from becoming a crazed axe murderer of the night.

    • Aizen Uchiha
      Aizen Uchiha 2 months ago

      @Bobby White Extreme but yes a lot of people are on the verge of that path

    • Bailey251
      Bailey251 2 months ago +1

      That's not an option anymore.

    • Lit boy Jonny42069
      Lit boy Jonny42069 2 months ago +1

      @Bailey251 broooo🤣🤣😮‍💨

  • Tohari Parjoko
    Tohari Parjoko Month ago

    I just want you...that's all.

  • Wang Mandoo
    Wang Mandoo Month ago +1

    Man, that makes 100% sense! Will be an even better deal if you add cooking and cleaning.

  • Tims_always_fishing
    Tims_always_fishing 2 months ago +181

    I just want respect, loyalty, friendship, affection and kindness.

  • Mad Panger
    Mad Panger Month ago +198

    Loyalty and peace when I come home from a working day, that's pretty much it. Everything else is an appreciated bonus

    • sydney's wife
      sydney's wife Month ago +2

      u can find this in man too

    • SS
      SS Month ago

      @sydney's wife Exactly. Just marry a dude and bro out for the rest of your life.

  • yo eddie
    yo eddie Month ago

    Those low self esteem girls just ain't getting the message.

  • Rosemarie Tolentino
    Rosemarie Tolentino 2 months ago +641

    People don’t know what love is anymore. They forgot how to become one.

    • Nobody is Perfect
      Nobody is Perfect 2 months ago +8

      In which Universe are you living? Love is still here!

    • business walks
      business walks 2 months ago +6

      why are you arguing her?? that IS all guys want. tf can she offer, that when she takes Pucci off the table, that you're still into her? cut the bs ...

    • Native Outdoors
      Native Outdoors 2 months ago +22

      ​@business walks so if a guy didn't have a wee wee would the woman still want him?

    • Leonard Bangay
      Leonard Bangay 2 months ago +6

      ​@business walks wow, you getting your message around aren't you, lol

    • Leonard Bangay
      Leonard Bangay 2 months ago +7

      ​@Native Outdoors 😂😅

  • haruna idris junior
    haruna idris junior Month ago +189

    Bro literally earned a WORLD of respect 🧎

    • Scott K
      Scott K Month ago +1

      omg like literally? omg. wow. a literal whole world! ngl I like literally can't even tbh. omg literally.

    • Dhal Av
      Dhal Av Month ago +3

      Pseudo logic hits hard on you. 😅

  • FlatTurd PhD
    FlatTurd PhD Month ago

    I just want a decent teammate on rocket league

  • BoddaBoom77
    BoddaBoom77 2 months ago +485

    The realization that washes over the faces of all those women when they realize he's talking about them is priceless.

    • SilkandStones
      SilkandStones 2 months ago +4

      He’s not talking about them. I miss the days people could make a point and have a conversation and people listen. If you think he’s talking about them you missed the whole point.

    • BoddaBoom77
      BoddaBoom77 2 months ago +19

      @SilkandStones I know he's not talking directly to them. But the realization that they may have been exactly who he's talking about at one time or another in their life is evident on most of their faces.
      You sound defensive. Maybe that realization is washing over you right now...

    • Binx
      Binx 2 months ago +5

      @SilkandStones they are exactly like the women he is talking about lol.

    • ToP Clips
      ToP Clips 2 months ago

      ​@SilkandStones no you did. This entire Podcast is to educate men by exposing women. LMFAO. - Doc