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Touring a Futuristic Glass Mountain Home During a Snow Storm!

  • Published on Mar 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This week, we are in Park City, Utah touring one of the most impressive and unique properties we have ever seen! Follow us on Instagram @EnesYilmazer , @AyersWorld !
    Inside the FUTURISTIC Modern Home From WESTWORLD: • Inside the FUTURI...
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    Inside a $25,000,000 Futuristic Las Vegas Modern Mega Mansion: • Inside a $25,000,...
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    Property Address: 3853 E Rockport Ridge Road Park City, UT 84098
    Property Link: www.windermere.com/offices/pa...
    Listing Price: $29,000,000
    4 Beds 7 Baths
    8,000 Sq Ft
    5.61 Acre Lot
    Listing Agents:
    Daimon Bushi
    Daimon’s Instagram: @daimonbushrealestate
    Dash Longe
    Dash’s Instagram: @dash_longe
    Alan Long
    Alan’s Instagram: @alanlongrealestate
    Architecture By:
    Wallace Cunningham
    Property Description:
    "Iconic-Irreplaceable-Impressive. These are just a few words that come to mind when describing this piece of art aptly named Cascade. Designed by world-renowned and internationally recognized designer, Wallace Cunningham, this steel, concrete, glass and stone structure cascades artfully along the mountainside. It sits privately on 5.61 view acres within Promontory and adjacent an additional 37.12 acre view corridor in Rockport Ranches to protect those amazing views of the Park City mountains.
    This home is filled with impeccable custom furniture, flawless solid walnut doors, massive sheets of glass for windows, a glass & steel elevator & a stunning floating staircase made of floating walnut. The primary surfaces of the home are all covered in Serpentine Verde stone slabs, that have been brushed for the stone floors, polished for the stone counter tops and cleaved faced for the stone walls. A sunken hot tub with fire features, Savant smart home systems, Venetian plaster walls, and a cascading zinc roof are just a few of the extraordinary ingredients that makeup Cascade.
    One whole wing of the home is dedicated to the three room Primary Suite which is a sanctuary onto itself and is guarded by a massive solid walnut door. The Primary Suite is complete with sitting and media areas, a floating fireplace and endless views. An adjacent media room and yoga room gracefully flow from one to another. The grand outdoor terraced patio is heated and large enough to host hundreds of guests in winter, spring, fall and summer. An incredible outdoor space showcasing fire features & mesmerizing vistas of mountains & water."
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    My favorite books:
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    Epidemic (Free 30 day trial): bit.ly/3GRsjtl
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    #MansionTour #ModernMansion #LuxuryHomeTour #MostExpensiveHouses #Utah #Park City #MegaMansion #Promontory #MountainHome
    Created by Enes Yilmazer - @EnesYilmazer
    Filmed by @AyersWorld , @Jaysonk0312 , @Ermanalkis
    Edited by @AyersWorld , @create.james , @Jaysonk0312 , @Luis__f
    Time Codes:
    00:00 Introduction
    01:37 Exterior
    04:32 Formal Living Room & Lounging Area
    11:52 Formal Dining Area, Kitchen, Lounging Room
    18:19 Promontory & Park City
    19:16 Main Patio & The Views
    22:15 Reservoir & Park City Tour
    27:45 Primary Bedroom Suite
    37:27 Guest Suits & Screening Room
    45:22 Night Tour
    46:23 Outro
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  • Enes Yilmazer
    Enes Yilmazer  Month ago +616

    Hope you all enjoyed this tour and let us know if you want us to do more winter episodes!

    • Nisa Latifa
      Nisa Latifa 21 day ago

      Yessss, i want a winter episode. I live at country who cant feel winter. So Great ❤️

    • K H
      K H 28 days ago

      Enes could give a tour of a cabbage field and i would watch lol don't change anything

    • Linda
      Linda Month ago

      Mountains and snow are fresh and majestic scenic backdrops. Great home great video and. Great narration

    • kyle kane
      kyle kane Month ago

      Yes yes and yes!!! Please!!! Also more on the hardware and you guys don’t try, you guys are simply the best!!❤

    • Alexandra Dittmann
      Alexandra Dittmann Month ago

      LOVING it! Definitely desiring more winter episodes :-)

  • D LG
    D LG Month ago +797

    It's Enes' knowledge of the various architectural and structural details that sets this channel apart. I don't just come here to see beautifully shot luxury homes, although that is a major draw, I also come to learn about the choices that the designers and builders make and why. This channel offers all of that and more. Well done gents!

    • Maruf Ahmed Evan
      Maruf Ahmed Evan 17 days ago


      VICTORIOUSVICTORIA 24 days ago

      He’s the reason I pay close attention to details now and what I’ll be looking for when building my future home

    • Tacara DaSha
      Tacara DaSha Month ago

      Yessss completely agree.

    • D LG
      D LG Month ago

      @jennjennsuu Well, that may be, but it's Enes' show at the end of the day. Someone has to be in charge to get the best result, and it can't be both of them. Personally, I'd rather Mikey just be quiet during the tours, but that's just me.

    • jennjennsuu
      jennjennsuu Month ago

      @D LG I think sometimes Mikey and Enes wake up on the wrong side of the bed on certain days lol. Cause in some videos Mikey seems a bit annoyed at Enes & then on other videos Enes seems a bit annoyed at Mikey. And sometimes they just seemed annoyed with each other. But I think it comes along with being friends & coworkers at the same time. It’s not always gonna be rainbows & butterflies.

  • W. E. B.
    W. E. B. Month ago +111

    The videography is top-notch. The editing is second to none. The home is magnificent. Team Enes hits it out of the paark each and every time.

  • Samantha A
    Samantha A Month ago +28

    I personally love it when you talk about the hardware and the architecture of the homes you tour! It's fascinating and you guys make it fun to learn. I can't get over these videos!

  • thewaynester
    thewaynester Month ago +180

    As a home builder for the last 30 years I must say, the difficulty to build this home is off the charts! With all the glass and the different angles and different levels all the while keeping those roof lines waterproof! Hats off to the builders, it’s no wonder it took 6 years to build! Amazing!

    • K Connor
      K Connor 8 days ago

      Builder here as well. Hats off. Just incredible. Best of the best.

    • Enes Yilmazer
      Enes Yilmazer  Month ago +7

      couldn't agree more!

  • PS.
    PS. Month ago +16

    this home is INSANELY beautiful!! thank you Enes and team for showcasing these properties. The architecture, the scenery, the snow to top it off - unmatched!!

  • Rick Binkley
    Rick Binkley Month ago +108

    The wife and I have followed you for a long time. We have come to the conclusion that you both dominate this media. It has been so nice to watch you grow out of the SoCal area. Mikey, you have become a wizard. We just wanted to say thank you for the education and entertainment you have provided over the years.

    • Enes Yilmazer
      Enes Yilmazer  Month ago +11

      happy to hear that! glad our tours were helpful!

  • FullLemonAlchemist
    FullLemonAlchemist Month ago +6

    I just found this channel yesterday and I had to subscribe, I love how detailed and high quality your tours are. Other channels would only mention there are guest rooms but not show them. Keep up the good work and I agree that winter videos are unique and add a special touch especially to homes like this one surrounded by mountains!

  • Sifiso Hadebe
    Sifiso Hadebe Month ago +3

    You guys are the perfect property duo! Each episode is a different experience. Well done and thanks for the amazing work.

  • BlackGold3000
    BlackGold3000 Month ago +11

    IT WOULD BE NICE IF THERE WOULD BE A YEARLY TOP 10 LIST MADE BY THE VIEWERS. As always great content you guys.. Keep the hardware breakdowns coming!!

  • Selza’s World
    Selza’s World Month ago +5

    Watching this one again as it is one of my favourite due to the crazy architectural design and stunning finishes. It’s a masterpiece. I can barely pay my rent 😊 I am was a tradie most of my life and the concrete work, tiling and stonework in this is friggin mind blowing. The people who build these homes, (the tillers, the cabinetmakers, engineers ect) deserve a big shoutout in all of these amazing builds.
    Congratulations to the whole team on your friggin stunning video. Cheers from Australia 🇦🇺

  • Liz Hoskin
    Liz Hoskin Month ago +10

    I love that you talk about the fixtures Enes and Micky is a great addition to the videos even though he is behind the camera. Don't change a thing guys, your channel is by far the best of architecture vids that Clip-Share has to offer!

  • Loggs
    Loggs Month ago +176

    Best housing content on Clip-Share! Thank you Enes and Mikey (and extended team) for all the hard work and marking these videos so immersive.

    • Yep! I Said It
      Yep! I Said It Month ago +2

      *I agree...absolutely the best!* 😊

    • Femi A.
      Femi A. Month ago +7

      @Enes Yilmazer Not the best housing content on Clip-Share but in the world! Y'all rock!!!

    • Enes Yilmazer
      Enes Yilmazer  Month ago +16

      Thank u for watching

  • Azza Ayadi
    Azza Ayadi Month ago +2

    Guys, your videos have been (probably will always be) a therapy for me. Watching you grow in every aspect (filming, details in describing, story telling, gestures, etc.) is just so satisfying, and so clean! You're unique, thank you!

  • TV Souza Martins
    TV Souza Martins Month ago +3

    I really like it when you show the sorroundings and even the city/village/region that the house is inserted in. It makes more sense like this, after all every house is somehow conected to a comunity and it helps people to imagine themselves living in the house. Besides, videos become more dinamic and interesting to watch in this type of format. I hope you guys keep this format of videos.

  • Brent French
    Brent French Month ago +2

    This is probably the most unique home I’ve ever seen. The way the stone, wood and glass elements are used throughout is what, in my opinion, makes this home so beautiful. Of course, the location with the views and the patios are amazing. After seeing the exterior I was a bit surprised as the interior seemed smaller and narrower than I expected. Although it’s not really a home I’d live in, I have no doubt there many people that would love living here. Of course, I could always build a home on the adjacent lot that’s included, and use this home as a guest house. Thank you for another great tour.

  • Mark Bean
    Mark Bean Month ago +2

    Actually, Enes & Mikey, I like everything... I like hearing about the architecture, the hardware, the furniture, all of the amenities. It wouldn't bother me if you talked more about anything you're seeing! And yes, more winter episodes would be GREAT! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Veronique Bennett
    Veronique Bennett 28 days ago +1

    No one out here shows us and EDUCATES on us homes the way you do Enes! You guys deliver an exceptional job every single time. Keep talking about all the architectural and hardware details! We love it!

  • Karel Hoogendoorn
    Karel Hoogendoorn Month ago +251

    Not a house I could see myself living in, but what a fantastic example of great architecture. All the details, materials and lighting is so beautiful. And it has been said, but you and your team create such a high standard of videos. Thnx for this one!

    • Count of Woodlands
      Count of Woodlands Month ago

      @Nargly flaws are part of success journey.

    • Nargly
      Nargly Month ago

      @Count of Woodlands You've spotted the flaw in logic my unintelligent, meager self made.
      It should've been 10x the offer I made.

    • Count of Woodlands
      Count of Woodlands Month ago

      @Nargly Where is your logic, please? Someone who has a lot of money, he will not be interested in 1000 euros, which you are willing to give away.

    • Nargly
      Nargly Month ago

      @Count of Woodlands I'll give you $1,000 today if you can prove you own a car that's worth over $30,000 and have more than $10,000 in your bank account

  • Kimberly Carson
    Kimberly Carson Month ago +3

    I had a house like this once that I designed myself. The fire-resistant stonework and ample bathoom availability made it a perfect living space My sims really enjoyed it.

  • Fede Goma
    Fede Goma Month ago +5

    WOW! Enes is coming out with architectural masterpieces lately! I love that! 😄
    Also, since it's really difficult to comment every detail and shot of these tours, unless I write an assay as a youtube comment, I wanna point out just one small detail.
    The seamless transition on the last patio from daylight to dusk... EXQUISITE! 👌

  • Robert Jenkins
    Robert Jenkins Month ago +5

    Just watching the news, just want to pay my respects and say how sorry I am what’s going on over in turkey from the earthquake love what you and Mikey do, best wishes and prayers go with you and the people of turkey and everybody else affected by the earthquake

  • Ulf Herge
    Ulf Herge Month ago +1

    Keep up the good work, love how you show of all details and features of these amazing structures that you guys visit. I personally find it very interesting to see the small sometimes subtle changes and features that makes it all so special and luxurious 💪🏻

  • Silvia Maia
    Silvia Maia Month ago +3

    That house is literally a estate of art! I like to know all the details including the hardware! It’s location is astonishing beautiful and no matter the season, a place to enjoy at with family and friends! Great video Enes and team!

  • MJ 1957
    MJ 1957 Month ago +81

    Ok guys, I love when you talk about hardware, door latches, etc and the way Enes's eyes light up when he talks about all of it! Lol Really though, we can all tell how much you love what you do and your passion shines through. You are so fortunate to be able to do what you do.
    This home is amazing btw, one of my favorites for sure. Looking forward to your next video, maybe someday you could come to Maine!

  • Toni Ketola
    Toni Ketola Month ago +2

    This is a great home! Love Enes and Mikeys commentary back and forth. Like a couple of our friends showing us these amazing structures. Living vicariously through you both!

  • Debra Jane
    Debra Jane Month ago +2

    Enes, please keep talking about the hardware! In my opinion, it is the attention to details like hardware throughout a home that can make a huge difference in the overall ambiance. Your tours are absolutely the best because you are passionate about all the details. You and Mikey do a fantastic job!!

  • Ascletarion
    Ascletarion Month ago +2

    Your tours keep getting better and better, with ever more amazing properties. If not for this channel, I wouldn't believe places like this even existed!

  • TheBswan
    TheBswan Month ago +13

    Architectural masterpiece and lifeless interior. This is one to admire from a distance.

    • i6y
      i6y 9 days ago +1

      @VNKDaBaz nah ive seen others where they seem cozy and livable maybe its the stone interior thats throwing me off

    • VNKDaBaz
      VNKDaBaz 9 days ago

      ​@i6y Well yeah, these type of mansions are too big unless u got a whole family

    • i6y
      i6y 22 days ago +1

      its like im at a mall or a hospital

    • Bookhart2
      Bookhart2 Month ago

      But you could add lots of color in lots of places. And rugs! And much more that would give it life. Course some people like the cold echo-y vibe. I mean, I could make a pot of chili looking at that view in the kitchen.

  • Arun George
    Arun George Month ago

    Enes, I so love your videos. You capture the places so beautifully. I especially love that you have the evening/night shots of the places - as some homes can turn really magical at night, with their carefully designed lighting, and the surrounding lcoation's ambience. Like this one, at a snowy night is just so beautiful compared to the property listing photos during Fall/Spring/Daytime. Keep bringing us more. Love and best wishes from India.

  • Xolie Mahlangu
    Xolie Mahlangu Month ago +167

    Mountain glass?? Okay, I just know that this is going to be an amazing episode. The intro is already insane. I’m kind of obsessed already 🥺😍

    • straightarrow372
      straightarrow372 Month ago

      @Purple KING i mean the words, not the sounds. It’s an expression

    • DreadLoc'd Fairy
      DreadLoc'd Fairy Month ago

      @Purple KING Enes is a class act this guy!! Down to the shoes!! I noticed his shoes one episode, and that same episode, Mikey noted that Enes was playing fast and loose with his nice shoes that day haha!

    • Purple KING
      Purple KING Month ago

      @straightarrow372 how do you know what he sounds like through a comment

    • straightarrow372
      straightarrow372 Month ago

      You sound like Enes already.

    • Drizzify
      Drizzify Month ago +1

      @30noir oh oops

  • Pranit Khandagle
    Pranit Khandagle Month ago +1

    Enes, whenever you tour a winter special home, make sure to tour it in the summer too. Like a season 2. We would be eagerly awaiting

  • ElementalHeroDiamond

    I like the close ups and the attention to the fixtures, especially when they're so unique, like this home. This was one of my favorite videos. Yes, please, more winter tours!!!
    One thing I was curious about with those really open bathrooms, are the windows mirrored on the outside? Couldn't someone see in? I thought to myself that perhaps no one is actually going to be out there to look in, but maybe if you have family or friends over.

  • eloise
    eloise Month ago +2

    The rock throughout this house is gorgeous but it appears cold! I would love to see more wood and a few more warm and cozy elements here. Still one of the most beautiful homes I’ve seen in the channel! 👏🏼

  • Chris Alstott
    Chris Alstott Month ago

    I love hearing about the hardware and the work that went into making these amazing structures! I’d love to here Enes talk about it more

  • Lilyn Hester
    Lilyn Hester Month ago +2

    Beautiful architecture! The use of natural materials is a Master Class in elegance and style. This home is breathtaking. The community is as well. I wondered if the home had heated roof; so the snow melts quicker and heated floors. You and Mikey have done it again - great storytelling. Please do more winter homes!

  • Anthony
    Anthony Month ago +95

    I love when you show the hardware in the mansions ! You have to show the detail ! Great work guys ! You and Mikey make a great team

  • Smart Home Tours
    Smart Home Tours Month ago

    Nice to see a home of this caliber captured during the appropriate season to really showcase how it’ll be utilized. Also that roof design and layout is amazing

  • Valentina P.
    Valentina P. Month ago +1

    Definitely the best channel on this topic. The details Enes knows about each property, the shots that Mikey takes… from Italy with true appreciation 🙏🏻

    LOUIS ROUSSEAU-BÉDU Month ago +5

    Excellent question Mikey about the hardware, please spend time guys detailing the houses, love it ! Thanks for all your work, you're such a beautiful duo. Also, you both tremendously improved your respective skills since you started, we can really feel the passion.

  • Keith Clayton
    Keith Clayton Month ago +1

    I love your videos guys. Thanks so much for all the tours. More winter episodes sounds like a great idea! I always enjoy Enes discussing the unique hardware some of these homes have, because it gives me more ideas for what I might like in my dream home I want to design. Thank you again. :)

  • PabblohTondo
    PabblohTondo Month ago

    Definitely would love to hear more of Enes discussing hardware details! Your commentary on the little details and both of you guys’ ongoing conversations throughout, and the comprehensive tours, are what make your channel so enjoyable. It’s above and beyond the 10 minute video “tours” with techno music thrown on top and no commentary or context given to anything. You guys truly stand out from the pack for this reason. I’m all for even more nerdy detail! We will not be bored!

  • Einat D
    Einat D Month ago +14

    Two things that only Enes can do:
    1. Make stainless steel sound exciting
    2. Do an over 45 minutes house tour, going deep into details without being boring for even a second!!!
    And yeah, keep those details, even the hardware...
    I've been following this channel for quite some time, and I gotta say that the levels of your production and editing grow better and better, and became really incredible!
    This episode was fascinating and beautiful!
    You guys are the best!
    Keep it up ✌

  • Brandon Lectronic Couloute

    Definitely don’t stop mentioning materials. The fact that Enes has the names, qualities, and design processes of so many materials in his head is really cool. Peace from B-Boy Lectronic!

  • Brian Bartolo
    Brian Bartolo Month ago

    I think you're doing a great job by not just showing the house but also other details such as the hardware you mentioned Enes. I think that this is just as important to see the attention to detail given in making the house complete. Well done!

  • RaeAnn Emery
    RaeAnn Emery Month ago

    What an unusual home, I love it! It's not so much a home as a beautiful piece of art! Enes, I LOVE that you talk about hardware, stone cuts and carpentry techniques! I learn new stuff all the time from all of you!!

  • Ben Arizola
    Ben Arizola Month ago +10

    Truly, one of the most beautiful homes I've ever seen on your channel. The complexity the house achieved to make it look simple is on another level. Truly an architectural marvel.

  • Brian Trumpower
    Brian Trumpower Month ago +20

    I love the details about the hardware in these modern homes, if only because it's perhaps the only thing I can actually afford. Great content, as usual.

    • Draic Kin
      Draic Kin Month ago +3

      I feel the same! I try to take inspiration from these videos as much as I can. There is always something that I can apply to my own home, even if it's just a small detail like the hardware 😊

  • Lillian Hardy
    Lillian Hardy Month ago +1

    I like hearing about the hardware and everything else you two find fascinating about the properties. That's why I'm such a huge fan. It's easy to just go through the house talking about the mundane. I like the fact that you bring attention to things I personally notice myself...the stuff other folks may not ordinarily notice. I appreciate you two! Tremendously!

  • guru girl
    guru girl Month ago

    Enes is a fabulous talker with the knowledge beyond any other tv personality rep for selling homes, classy informative and never a dull moment, talk hardware as much as you like, in depth is great and more winter collections would be more elevated than you already are...BTW, I've been watching you guys for a very long time, Mikey does a fabulous job on the camera too

  • Mrs M
    Mrs M Month ago +1

    Wow. That is hands down some of the most unique architecture I’ve seen on a home before! It’s a work of art really, I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to put it together just logistically! The design is just incredible.

  • Kristin Nelson-Patel

    I love all the details about the architecture, materials, hardware, and energy and water management that I’ve seen you provide on multiple tours. That’s what sets this channel above the rest IMHO.

  • Golden Age Chaneling and Coach

    I love to learn about aspects like static, building materials, geometry shapes, plants and water systems, window styles... might use some of the ideas for my own home one day. :) Keep sharing this kind of information. Thank you! PS: Maybe one day you could make a tour of an organic house/villa?

  • Saint
    Saint Month ago +85

    I love hearing commentary on architectural designs and I'm starting to enjoy the slightly longer video. If I'm able to binge watch a series for hours, I don't mind watching 40+ minutes of a house tour 😁

    • Enes Yilmazer
      Enes Yilmazer  Month ago +2

      Glad you enjoyed it!

    • Elaine Balasuriya
      Elaine Balasuriya Month ago +2

      @Ben Arizola agreed! I love it when Mikey asks the questions we all want to ask

    • Saint
      Saint Month ago +1

      @Ben Arizola yeah true! It's what I love too

    • Ben Arizola
      Ben Arizola Month ago +10

      I love the back and forth conversations. It's what makes the tours stand out against others. Mikey asks the questions or makes the comments I'd make if I was getting a tour of the house.

  • Scott Boa
    Scott Boa Month ago

    I love the unique angles. They make this place stand out from all the "cookie cutter" homes. Definitely among my top 3 tours. Well done, guys

  • JPW
    JPW Month ago

    In response to the dialog at 14:44, I for one absolutely LOVE it when Enes talks about the hardware, details, and construction execution. I noticed when I first started watching his videos that he had an uncommon appreciation and understanding of architectural details, spatial dynamics, and the sheer effort it takes to make these amazing homes happen. I can tell from his commentary that he has some firsthand experience in residential design and construction. It would be a real bonus if Enes would describe ceiling, window, and door heights more regularly as I am usually guessing at these.

  • Yep! I Said It
    Yep! I Said It Month ago +3

    *Even after my knee surgery, I could never see myself living in a space like that( all those stairs/steps )...BUT, Enes does an amazing job describing/showing it as usual* 👍

  • Heena Surve
    Heena Surve Month ago

    I’m sure I speak for many when I say we love to hear the details. Please do talk about the hardware!! Also that detail about the electrical column for the powder room lighting wasn’t missed. I’ve learnt a lot about architecture style and design elements from this channel. Everything from cantilever roof lines to bookmatched marble. Love the diversity of the homes you feature on here. Looking forward to your next video!

  • OneofthemillionARMY
    OneofthemillionARMY Month ago +2

    what amazing architecture! The aerial view makes me think of perhaps some sort of reptile or dragon and it's such a unique design,, but the inside is so futuristic and different. Very cool home and I'm very happy that you showed this to us. this place is so cool even though it's been made a while back compared to what you tend to show us. Your choices of homes are very good.

  • Glenn
    Glenn Month ago +23

    I usually never comment on video’s but you guys are seriously killing it! Its so easy to watch and has a good vibe to it! You guys are literally the only house touring channel that I watch. And yes Enes i like it that you point out all the detailes. Amazing camera work also from the team! Keep this up guys👏🏽

  • DominantGX
    DominantGX Month ago

    I absolutely LOVE your guy's content and I really appreciate you guys showing your experience of being on location with the agents and showing some behind the scenes. Best real estate content in my opinion!

  • Chris Masson
    Chris Masson Month ago +2

    Would love to see a deeper dive into the tech of some of these places. Home technology seems pretty deeply integrated into the functionality of most of these properties. But maybe I’m just biased 😅.

  • laser bender
    laser bender Month ago

    Thank you Enes and your team for showing us another amazing Architectural marvel. First off, that roof is amazing! It reminds me of an armadillo and it's plated armor. The wood and stone interiors are incredible as well as the overall layout. I'm getting some serious Wright vibes from this property. Combined with the view and the community amenities it's a true dream house! Thanks again for all you and Mikey and the crew do to make these amazing videos.

  • Lori Frederick
    Lori Frederick Month ago +2

    Words cannot describe this gorgeous home. You both captured the essence of this home perfectly. Absolutely fascinating.

  • Peter Lascych
    Peter Lascych Month ago +1

    As always this is a great video. And if you ask for feedback on whether I like the insights about hardware details more than only doing house tours, I honestly must say: I really like both things! Just keep on going like in this video. Love it!

  • gianni
    gianni Month ago +28

    This glass mountain home is so special, it looks like a centipede from above, but it looks like a five-star hotel from the inside!
    The building materials and appearance are very futuristic, and the snow scene outside the window is really beautiful, it feels like traveling to the North Pole!
    I love the tile wall in the bathroom with a beautiful rainbow light, it is gorgeous!
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