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High Stakes Poker Highlights with Table Talk King Eric Persson!

  • Published on May 31, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Nicholas

    Who else immediately went looking for more footage of Persson after they saw him out talk Phil Hellmuth in that heads up match?

  • VegasLoungeAct

    Keep inviting Eric to the show. He's exactly what televised poker needs - Someone to talk a lot and liven things up. Makes it much more interesting to watch.

  • Shaun Martin

    Persson is the best thing to happen to high stakes cash games in a long time. Nobody enjoys watching hooded up maths kids say nothing for 4 hours.

  • Nicholas Bozec

    This guy is like Tony G but with muscles, how he got to Hellmuth will always be legendary

  • Mr. SizeXI
    Mr. SizeXI  +481

    This guy is GREAT for the game! When you have poker royalty laughing and 2nd guessing themselves you know you’ve truly done something.

  • SeeFourGoesBOOM

    This table talk can get EP in to trouble, but it’s so fun and entertaining to watch.

  • S.U
    S.U  +508

    Eric looks like that beginning boss villain you’ll probably see again at the end of the video game

  • Tinopinoh
    Tinopinoh  +291

    We need more guys like this, he makes the games way more fun to watch.

  • Cam DAhawkdriver

    I’ve never really watched poker, but man the intensity that Eric brings is unbelievable. He makes the game exciting from a viewer’s perspective.

  • beorlingo
    beorlingo  +14

    I gotta say that if I get to choose an announcer it's gonna be Gabe all the way. He knows he is not the show and hence economizes with his words, thus let's us enjoy both the tension of the game and the table talk. And when he speaks he's spot on what's going on. And in a calm and clear voice at the perfect volume. Kudos, Gabe!

  • JP
    JP  +322

    Patrik cannot believe EP. This is the most I've ever heard him talk or laugh at a table.

  • The Chad
    The Chad  +70

    “I’m like a superstar the world just don’t know”

  • Stan
    Stan  +14

    He is pure entertainment indeed. Not many ppl around can bring Dwan like that into talking and Ivey into smiling in the middle of their hand. The only problem is, pros will get used to it fast and start to easy read. There is a reason why most of the best players around are sitting there with a pokerface on.

  • irsute8833

    Persson is definately a welcome addition to the poker world. People like him and Tony G really add something else to theses lineups.

  • The Son Man

    Persson is great for poker!! Poker NEEDS characters like him!

  • BPL
    BPL  +98

    Have Eric and Daniel Negreanu ever played together? If Dan is in a talkative mood, it could be really fun to watch.

  • RoxosHD
    RoxosHD  +27

    We need Eric back on the show this guy is hilarious.

  • Curtis Blair

    Poker used to be played like this. Before television. In saloons with gunslingers and normal joes alike. The witty vs. the intelligent. Drinkers vs. the gamblers. Getting inside of your opponent’s head was a strategy to even the playing field. Respect to Persson for using that strategy. It’s fair game. Always has been.

  • KeepsitReal

    Table talk really gets into the minds of all players. This dude was dialed

  • Allan
    Allan  +42

    What a great energy, he had all the pro players on tilt second guessing themselves