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Restoration of an Abandoned 1946 post WW2 vintage watch - Radioactive glow - Manual Work - Certina


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  • Watcheyes
    Watcheyes  8 months ago +271

    This watch was very worn and full of dirt, I bought it at an online auction so it was a big question mark of its condition. It's a wonder how this watch actually worked from the beginning because it was chunks of dirt on every cog wheels teeth. Every part needed to be cleaned individually with wood sticks over and over again. The dirt was in some places hardened (like stone) and needed to be scraped of. Perhaps some parts was changed sometime ago before me. Hammer time with staking tool was also done to the barrel and its lid because this hole was also totally worn down as the arbor hole and the center wheel (shown in the video).
    It was a long shot to restore this, I hoped for good amplitude and it showed in the end ~270 degrees which is quite good or very acceptable for this old watch.

    • SEKAF
      SEKAF Month ago

      Thank you. Very very informative!! Well done

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  Month ago +2

      @Gregory Jones thank you Greg 😊

    • Gregory Jones
      Gregory Jones Month ago

      Aged beauty. You’ve got the knack…

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  Month ago

      @pubg mobile search seiko samurai

    • pubg mobile
      pubg mobile Month ago

      What model of seiko watch you wear in your 2nd last video?

  • Unus Sed Leo
    Unus Sed Leo 3 months ago +444

    This is true restoration. Don't make it 'new', make it 'good' and keep the character this Certina had. Splendid!

    • Poot MahGoots
      Poot MahGoots 3 days ago

      You're confusing "restoration" with "refurbishing"

    • Benjamin Sheridan
      Benjamin Sheridan Month ago

      Nice. I'm stealing that saying!

    • Abdullah Alharthi
      Abdullah Alharthi 3 months ago

      @Malik anis what type of kingdom?

    • Malik anis
      Malik anis 3 months ago

      @Abdullah Alharthi I have a old coins for sale 150 years old

    • Abdullah Alharthi
      Abdullah Alharthi 3 months ago +11

      @Watcheyes it would be great if you put a strap that looks like the old one

  • Andy H
    Andy H 6 months ago +225

    Loved your restoration especially the way you cleaned the parts by hand and sanded and polished the rust away on the case. I liked the fact you left it looking vintage, way better in my opinion, some restorers over do it. Great job, look forward to more of your work.

    • Dilshod Kutuzov
      Dilshod Kutuzov 3 months ago +1


    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  4 months ago +1

      @Айгерим Аманбаева Jewels, plain bearings

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  4 months ago

      @Musa Gray thank you Musa, glad to hear that. Have a night evening!

    • Hello Buddy
      Hello Buddy 4 months ago


    • АЛЕКСЕЙ Хопёрский
      АЛЕКСЕЙ Хопёрский 4 months ago +4

      @Watcheyes добрый день или вечер а может быть и утро не знаю когда прочитаешь 👍🏼 я работаю часовым мастером 36 лет и вы очень правильно работаете, по смотришь других одни фокусы показывают а вы как настоящий часовой мастер работаете👍🏼🖐️

  • Monolith
    Monolith 3 months ago +12

    This is so good. It always amazes me how much of the watches we don't see. Well done for such a great restoration!

  • Ray Peng
    Ray Peng 26 days ago +1

    I"m deeply impressed how much patience you had to bring this watch back to life. I wonder how many hours all work had cost you? And how long it took totally? Several days, weeks or more?

  • KD123
    KD123 7 months ago +26

    Great editing! Loved the sounds of the process and it was very relaxing. Satisfying to see all the parts get cleaned and put back together 🤗 I really appreciate the time and talent to film and edit such an intricate process! ♥️

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  7 months ago

      I appreciate it alot your kind comment. Very glad that you liked my video and that you took your time watching it. Many thanks and have a very good day ❤

  • GG R
    GG R Month ago +2

    Toutes mes salutations pour cette rénovation, le travail avec cette précision est admirable du début à la fin. J'aime particulièrement les outils vintage que vous avez utilisé. 👍

  • Frank Coates
    Frank Coates 6 months ago +27

    The level of skill and knowledge astounds me. A virtuoso performance on many levels. Zen and the art of watch restoration, and a wonderful respect for the preservation of the integrity of a vintage timepiece.

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  6 months ago +1

      A big thanks to you Frank, I appreciate your words, it means alot! Thank you for your time watching my video and commenting. Glad you liked my restoration, have a good day to you 😀

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 7 months ago +9

    This is the time I am watching one of your videos and what can I say… I am truly amazed at the work that you do. You seem like a young guy, but to have learnt the art of how to do this type of work is just mind blowing. Well done for keeping up such an old art form. I am still astonished that you know how to do what you do. What’s also mind blowing is that manufactures of these watches were able to conceptualise and create such a small and intricate piece which would run so flawlessly for so many years. Keep up the wonderful work. It truly is inspiring for one to better themselves, their skill level and to keep old craftsmanship alive.

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  7 months ago +2

      I don't have any words to thank you for this kind comment 🙏 I'm very glad that you like my work, I started in 2020 reading through the internet and followed some guides. From youtube/forums I got the most of the knowledge as there are people here that is very helpful and kind.
      Thanks for your time watching my video and writing such an inspering comment, have a good day to you!

  • Eduardo Pereira Ribeiro
    Eduardo Pereira Ribeiro 29 days ago +1

    It's amazing to see that, with the right care, any piece can be restored and used virtually forever!

  • william goss
    william goss 6 months ago +5

    An absolutely amazing restoration of such a now beautiful watch; or rather your work brought back the inherent albeit almost hidden beauty of the gorgeous time piece. Mesmerising to watch the dissemble and the polished, cleaned and oiled pieces re-assembled to re-make it original beauty but yet retaining the vintage look. Thanks.

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  6 months ago

      Wow I'm very glad that you think so William, many thanks for your kind words. I appreciate it alot! Thank you for your time watching my video 😀 Have a good day to you!

  • Canyon Wanderer
    Canyon Wanderer 3 months ago +2

    Stunning level of quality and attention!, Like others have mentioned not over polishing keeps the watch in true vintage feeling, but now good for years to come. Also a very good demonstration that the proper tools mak a big difference: without the 'glass mounter' and 'spring tensioner', the 'tick counter' and the hammer tool the job would be nearly impossible or turn out like only so-so,
    Great demonstration on how to do it properly !

  • Sam Rawson
    Sam Rawson 24 days ago +1

    This was absolutely fascinating to watch and particularly as someone who wants to learn to restore antique watches! Truly amazing! Thank you!

  • Glen H
    Glen H 8 months ago +106

    I have been watching watch restoration video's for quite some time and this is the first time I have seen your channel offered in my feed. Good work on this watch. I am impressed at how well you cleaned the watch and parts by hand, the old fashioned way. Very few watch makers show this method. Many novice watch tinkerers cannot afford to buy expensive tools and machines so this video is invaluable. Thanx.

    • Diegoalejandro Tareas
      Diegoalejandro Tareas 7 months ago +1

      Reloj que en ves de dar la hora te lleva a viajar al pasado.

    • The Bearded Watchmaker
      The Bearded Watchmaker 7 months ago +1

      @jw11432 Making a watch cleaning machine on video would be awesome. Good luck!

    • jw11432
      jw11432 8 months ago +3

      @Glen H I'm certainly only a hobbyist, and have invested quite a bit in tools (nothing crazy), but I became very invested in the hobby.
      Different perspectives I suppose. Cleaning seems to me the most mundane, so I'm happy to use a machine. For me, the magic is in the assembly and oiling and refinishing. But I can understand where you're coming from! 👍

    • Glen H
      Glen H 8 months ago +3

      @jw11432 Cleaning parts manually has been the choice for hobbyists for a long time. I am more interested in manual watch part cleaning than I am in cleaning the parts with a machine. This is because I don't do a lot of restorations. I never will because I only work on my own watches. There are books out there written by the old timers that talk about this but I don't have access to them right now. Manual watch part cleaning is time consuming so I understand why a pro would buy a machine for this task. Most people who watch youtube video's on watch repair or restoration are hobbyists and will never invest in all the expensive tools that real watchmakers need to purchase.

    • jw11432
      jw11432 8 months ago +8

      It is taking some effort, but I'm actually building my own watch cleaning machine. The ready-made options are inexplicably expensive, given what they are, so I opted to build my own. I have plans to create a channel specifically for watch restorations myself (of which I have already acquired around a dozen projects), and will include the watch cleaning machine build as a tutorial. There is a remarkable lack of this information on the internet.

  • John April
    John April 3 months ago +1

    Beautiful taste! I love the colors on that dial, and with the patina, it looks amazing.
    How long with that tune up last in a watch as old as that? You made adjustments to the rate. Does that need to be redone more often than complete service intervals? Or only when you service the watch?

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  3 months ago +1

      Thank you John. It's hard to say, I guess for a long time. Rate should be constant, maybe a service is good to do in about 10 years because the watch is not used that often. Thanks for commenting also 🙂

  • ender_slayer3
    ender_slayer3 3 months ago +2

    I've always been fascinated by watches and clocks like this. Springs, gears, jewels, great works of meticulous artistry.

  • Gary Mahony
    Gary Mahony 2 months ago +5

    That was truly amazing… well done… it always blows my mind how much detail goes into the mechanism of a watch that you never really see. So much hidden talent and expertise 👏👏👏👍

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  2 months ago +1

      Thank you Gary, have a good evening! 😀

  • Kevin Binnie
    Kevin Binnie Month ago +1

    Great job and so amazing to see you work your magic. I have a noob question: would an ultrasound cleaner ruin the watch? Is that why you don't use one?

  • plejaren giants
    plejaren giants 7 months ago +44

    That was amazing! I can't believe you can actually video record key segments of this restoration process and edit it all together like you did. Thanks for your time, effort and skill.

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  7 months ago +10

      Wow I'm happy that you liked my work and the video, I tried to get every interesting part so people don't fall asleep 🙃 Thanks for your time watching my video, have a good day!

  • rolls _879
    rolls _879 6 months ago +68

    nicely done. I like your decisions on how far to go with restoration - like for the rust - and appreciate how you maintained the history and character of the watch and valued it over getting every last bit clean or shiny

  • Acid Blood
    Acid Blood 7 months ago +15

    I love how you kept the watch as original as possible leaving it with a perfectly working mechanism in the end

    • Acid Blood
      Acid Blood 7 months ago

      @Watcheyes same to you, blessings

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  7 months ago +3

      I'm happy that you liked my video Acid, thank you and thanks for commenting on my video, have a good day to you!

  • Sonia
    Sonia 2 months ago +3

    Very intricate work requiring a LOT of knowledge and mechanical know-how. Anyone who does this type of work deserves the pay the receive!! Excellent work!!

  • Walther
    Walther 8 months ago +73

    Beautiful work! Thank you for showing the old school cleaning process for those of us hobbyists that don’t have the fancy equipment.

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  6 months ago +2

      @bumboclat Yes, I have bought one now so will be in next video. How these machines clean casings is great.

    • bumboclat
      bumboclat 6 months ago +2

      @Watcheyes even a cheap ultrasonic would help you greatly

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  7 months ago +2

      @Soumyarshi Giri it's called perlon, I have link i description of the type.

    • Matthew Lambert
      Matthew Lambert 7 months ago +1

      Great to watch

    • Soumyarshi Giri
      Soumyarshi Giri 7 months ago +3

      @Watcheyes what is the kind of strap you used with the watch, post restoration?

  • Cat
    Cat 6 months ago +2

    That thing still worked after 76 years! Unbelievable!
    And here I am with a modern hybrid watch. I bet it won't last that long. They just don't build them like they used to.

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  6 months ago +1

      Yes, this was when quality matters:)

  • Javed Fazil
    Javed Fazil 4 months ago +3

    Thoroughly enjoyed each and every second of the video. I am a hobbyist mechanic and work on all kinds of vintage and new motorcycles. It's amazing to see how small and fine are the parts inside this watch. Loved it. A real great video

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  4 months ago

      Thank you Javed :) have a good day to you!

  • Eddie Andrews
    Eddie Andrews 7 months ago +3

    Fascinating workmanship. I loved the extreme close ups where you can see the butchering it had been through before.
    Thanks for posting a truly professional piece of work.

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  7 months ago

      Great Eddie, many thanks for your comment and I'm glad that the video was interesting to watch :) Have a good day to you sir!

  • USMC Vet
    USMC Vet 6 months ago +4

    Really good job! I've always been fascinated with the internals of good watches. Question though, was there not more you could do with the face of the watch to clean the corrosion off? Or is that just part of the vintage look?

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  6 months ago +4

      Thank you sir. Yes you could clean it more but I got quite worried that the number will fall apart if I clean more around them. Maybe just a guess for me but after maybe 2 hours I ended the cleaning of the dial.

  • Quicksilver_Cookie
    Quicksilver_Cookie 3 months ago +1

    There is something so satisfying about disassembling old mechanical things. It's like you release years of built up tension. Cleaning them thoroughly, re-lubricating what's needed. It puts me in a very zen-like state. I've never done watches or anything so complex, but I restored some old tools and similar things.

  • sweetbrandigirl
    sweetbrandigirl 6 months ago +2

    That's just amazing what you do with those tiny tiny parts.I could never do that. Sad the face wouldn't come any cleaner.

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  6 months ago +2

      Thank you for your kind comment 🙏. Yes indeed, got a bit worried the numbers were starting to fall apart, it's just an old compound.

    SEKAF Month ago

    Excellent very well done, precise. Love the close up photography. One thing I don’t understand is how all that dirt and grime get in the watch area? Great video thank you!

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith 4 months ago +1

    All I can say is WOW! Amazing work and all by hand! I myself might have polished the case a little more, but I get it that the watch is worth more with the "history" left as is - to more or less authenticate the vintage. Again, great work!

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  3 months ago

      Thank you Bill and thank you for your time watching :)

  • CK
    CK 4 months ago +3

    If I did this I swear there would be alot of spare parts left behind. The patience and steadiness of the hands 💯 that's some serious skills

  • Gage Risley
    Gage Risley Month ago +2

    Awesome restoration! I've really been wanting to get into watches but I have no idea where to start. Any recommendations on a good budget watch to start on?

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  Month ago +1

      Hi Gage, thank you. Well i would start with Nicholas Hackos guide how to take apart a Seiko 7s26. Then you keep going afterwards, forum, blogs, youtube. It will work great :)

  • Robbie Roberson
    Robbie Roberson 6 months ago +2

    I’m very impressed. Your the man as far as watch restoration goes. I just found your site and also watched the dagger repair. Very nice, keep it up.😊

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  6 months ago

      Many thanks Robbie, I only do watches so the other one is someone else :). But thanks for your time! See you later in next restoration 😀

  • Chris Uhrenfan
    Chris Uhrenfan Month ago +1

    A beautiful video, I enjoy every minute. I'm especially pleased that this watch didn't end up in the trash. You are an artist, both as a watchmaker and as a video producer.
    Best regards

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  Month ago

      Not often you get this type of wonderful comment. I'm just a hobbyist but thank you alot, I appreciate it very much and I'm very glad that you liked it. Have a good evening!
      Best regards Josef

    ASHLEY FULLER 2 months ago +1

    Wow, unbelievable work, you are a true craftsman! I loved the video! Could the strap not get restored or wasn’t it original?

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  2 months ago

      Not able to restore dried out leather:). Many thanks Ashley! And thanks for commenting.

  • Jkenb
    Jkenb 4 months ago +2

    great restoration! also, if you were to sell this how much would you be selling it for?

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  4 months ago

      Thank you! Haven't thought about selling tbh so doesn't know price. Have a good day!

  • Tim K.
    Tim K. 6 months ago +5

    Amazing job. What a beautiful watch. I would love to own this!

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  6 months ago

      Many thanks Tim and thank you for your time watching my video!

  • Sundesh Balraj
    Sundesh Balraj 4 months ago +3

    Wow - how many things are you so good at ??
    Mesmerized by the fine work in this video - thank you 👏🏼

  • Daniel Blanco
    Daniel Blanco 23 days ago +2

    Thank you very much for showing your work and dedication, it is difficult to record.
    I really like the detail and care that you give to each piece separately.
    Never lose the illusion.

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  23 days ago +1

      Welcome to my channel Daniel and many thanks for your kind comment and thank you for taking your time watching my video! I wont 😀

  • Ton SS
    Ton SS 3 months ago +3

    Incredible work. This watch has so many components, showing how precise and artistic this restoration was.

  • mijagine
    mijagine 2 months ago

    Niesamowite. Dobrze się patrzy na taką pracę.

  • YungRizzard
    YungRizzard 4 months ago +1

    I love watching restoration videos, especially when they're as old as that watch! 1946 was a very long time ago

  • Fulvio Platania
    Fulvio Platania 7 months ago +7

    Great job, especially with the appropriated tools, as a plastic/brass tweezers, correct screwdrivers…you’re a Maestro and it’s a pleasure seeing your job indeed!

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  7 months ago +1

      @Fulvio Platania many thanks :) have a good day!

    • Fulvio Platania
      Fulvio Platania 7 months ago +1

      @Watcheyes this is what I see, I think and last but not leatest, it’s the truth

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  7 months ago +1

      Hi Fulvio, glad that you liked my work and also noticed that I try to use extra care :) thanks for commenting also!

  • Ufuk Ozbir
    Ufuk Ozbir 7 months ago +2

    very impressive indeed. congratulations. great shots too. being able to pull such a challenge off is madness.. well done!

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  7 months ago

      Many thanks, great that you liked how I filmed too, have a very good day!

  • DrJekyll Gt
    DrJekyll Gt 4 months ago

    Pero que increíble trabajo! Da mucha nostalgia 🇲🇽👌

  • Ryan Scott
    Ryan Scott 7 months ago +5

    Great job! Radium is always a concern of mine as I’m just getting started myself in watch repair. Also, you mainspring winder is very unique, is it movement specific, or somewhat “universal?” I’m in the market for a mainspring Winder, but the $1200 for the full Bergeon set is a bit painful. Where did you come by yours if I might ask?

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  7 months ago +2

      @Max Q Hi, yes I washed it before polishing, it's in the bath with the casing :) But thanks for commenting!

    • Max Q
      Max Q 7 months ago

      @Watcheyes when you worked with crystal (plastic glass) you touched inside of it where it may contained a bit of dust of radium better to wash it with water before starting to polish it. the radiation of some watches are very high, and better even not to open them . I suggest you to buy a gage radiation detector incase you find a watch with very high radiation just pass it by. some of Hamilton watches are very highly contain radium.

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  7 months ago +2

      Yes its a bit of a concern. Just wear mask, clean desk and tools frequenlty, dispose cleaning paper directly in closed plastic bag when it has been used. I think it will work fine then. We dont expose ourself that often to radium so, its just a couple of minutes with low radiation here and there. No problem, its unbranded and very old I think, I inherited it so i think its from the 60-70s. I can see them on ebay sometimes, it has worked great but I dont think its near the Bergeon ones but still works good, atleast on the movements I have worked on.

  • Aaditya Sharma
    Aaditya Sharma 5 months ago +1

    The patience with which you work is immense! Igniting a love for horology in me :) The little subtle jokes are amazing 😁 Keep up the great work!

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  5 months ago

      Thank you Aaditya for your kind comments, I appreciate it alot. Haha nice that someone likes the jokes 😀

  • Washington Paiva
    Washington Paiva 6 months ago +2

    Bela máquina ficou muito TOP 👏👏, ÓTIMO TRABALHO SHOW 👍

  • Tom Serotonin
    Tom Serotonin 6 months ago +4

    That was awesome to watch. Thank you. I love seeing vintage restoration. Your tools and know how were humbling.

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  6 months ago +1

      Glad to here your kind comment Tom 😊, many thanks from Sweden! See you later.

  • onder Ersozlu
    onder Ersozlu 3 months ago

    Congratulations, it is a watch that has survived in a single piece since 1946, and the metal fatigue of each part of this watch, as well as a delicate craftsmanship and resurrection for each part that has been cleaned and refined one by one, here is real mastery. this....🥇

  • eddiespike
    eddiespike 4 months ago +2

    Great job. Very impressive work. Was that Autosol Metal Polish you used to take the scratches out of the watch glass?

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  3 months ago

      Yes, then polywatch polish

  • ஓம் நம சிவாய हर हर महादेव

    Love how you do everything by hand. No machine. Most of the newbie watch enthusiasts like me don’t own expensive machines to clean. I only have a heated ultra sonic cleaner..

  • Johner Von Zamfir
    Johner Von Zamfir 5 months ago +2

    Very nice work! Very accurate and fine skills needed! A passionate state of art! I like it a lot! Thanks !!! :)

  • Clara de Raposo
    Clara de Raposo 16 days ago +1

    Estoy maravillada de este excelente trabajo. Felicitaciones! 👏👏👏

  • Тацит 46 Михаил
    Тацит 46 Михаил 6 months ago +12

    Браво , Мастер ! Отличная Работа , а отличная съёмка -- уважение к зрителям...Спасибо !

    • Юрий Никифоров
      Юрий Никифоров 4 months ago

      Обыкновенный общий ремонт часов для часового мастера 3 разряда а мыть лучше мойке кто рабатал тот знает

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  5 months ago +1

      Glad you liked it 😀

  • Fabrizio Dutto
    Fabrizio Dutto 4 months ago +1

    "Ora et Labora" :-) Beautiful!! Great restoration, I didn't know you could "squish" the metal to renew a hole! Great video, thank you for sharing.

  • Golden Shellback
    Golden Shellback 27 days ago +1

    I'm not into watches just somehow stumbled on to your videos and somehow I love watching these restorations!

  • Sujatha Viswanathan
    Sujatha Viswanathan 6 months ago +3

    This is the first ever watch restoration video that I’ve watched. Very laborious and intensive work! Fascinating process, though! Hope to see more!

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  6 months ago

      Thank you Sujatha, glad you liked it 😀 Yes more is coming in the near future.

  • Sean FitzGerald
    Sean FitzGerald 5 months ago +2

    Patination, hard wear, all Made the watch special. Love the light cleaning of the dial.

  • BJW
    BJW 4 months ago +1

    That was just a pleasure to watch, watching these watch restoration videos are my new happy place, well done.

  • Jeremy Parker
    Jeremy Parker Month ago +1

    Awesome, thank you for sharing your passion and skill. Such a fun and calming video. Top notch for sure.

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  Month ago

      Many thanks Jeremy, glad that you liked it and thanks for commenting, have a good day! :)

  • Michael Lawrence
    Michael Lawrence 4 months ago +1

    Great job. I love the way you got it working without really changing it.

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  3 months ago

      Thank you Michael, have a good evening!

  • TrueSights_
    TrueSights_ Month ago +2

    just bought my first automatic a few days and randomly tripped over your channel... love it even if u dont talk or explain a lot its so interesting i somehow want to try that myself

  • James Deese
    James Deese 6 months ago +1

    I have become fascinated with watch repair and the genius of the machine that is a watch.

  • Márk Arató
    Márk Arató Month ago +1

    Amazing job, loved it very much! I wish you could have kept or restored the beautiful brown leather though :(

  • WATCH with Mike
    WATCH with Mike 7 months ago +1

    Nicely done! Like other commenters I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the detailed hand cleaning.

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  7 months ago

      Thank you Mike, I'm glad that you liked it and took your time watching my video.

  • Johnson Yuwu
    Johnson Yuwu 6 months ago +3

    I appreciate you keeping the dial on its original form, no polishing or fixing, just cleaning some dirt to keep it’s history and that vintage form, great work !

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  6 months ago

      Many thanks Johnson, I'm glad that you liked my work and thanks for commenting 😀 See you later!

  • MakiMSX
    MakiMSX 7 months ago +5

    Oh man, one of the most beautiful watches I've ever seen... gorgeous, and nice video :D

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  7 months ago

      Many thanks, I'm very glad that you liked my video, Indeed a beautiful watch 😀

  • Andrés De Haro Muñoz
    Andrés De Haro Muñoz 3 months ago +1

    Muy lindo reloj y un bonito trabajo 💗❤️

  • Manuel Büschgens
    Manuel Büschgens Month ago

    I wonder how expensive that oil is ... the way it's stored and used, it looks like VERY expensive ... o.0
    Great restoration! Keep up the good work.

  • Claudio Cuenca
    Claudio Cuenca 6 months ago +2

    Amazing restoration!!!

  • Мастерская Faserge

    Beautiful work!

  • Gerardo Santos Garcia
    Gerardo Santos Garcia 4 months ago

    Felicidades, que trabajo más maravilloso

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly 7 months ago +4

    I still have a screw left over after putting my tv remote back together, but you sir...are a professional. Nice job!

    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  7 months ago +1

      Haha Marty, to bad. Thank you 😊 Have a good day!

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    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  8 months ago +1

      Your comment means a lot Hasse, thank you, with your comments the channel will grow :) . I will remember every word and continue, thanks again and have a good day 😊

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    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  6 months ago +1

      Thank you very much and thanks for taking your time commenting. Glad you liked it :)

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    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  7 months ago

      Wow many kind words from you Rose, I can only say thank you :) I'm just a hobbyist trying my best. I appreciate your comment alot, glad you liked my video :) Have a good day!

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    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  6 months ago

      I appreciate your kind words alot Sir, many thanks! I don't know Adam but glad to here that, Lorch is the old quailty stuffs :)

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      Many thanks Arminda, have a good day! :)

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    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  6 months ago +2

      Hello Carlobi, Aha I see, what tools are you missing? If you aren't steady you can use the other hand to stabilize the hand you work with. Sometimes I do that, it works well.
      You can do it as a practice project to start with, hard to get all the tools at once, well impossible I would say 😀
      Hope it goes well, thank you 😊

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    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  8 months ago +1

      Hello Neil, That is very nice to here, I appreciate it a lot and I'm glad that you liked my video. Yes the Lorch is one solid piece =D. And thanks for commenting also, have a good day!

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    • Watcheyes
      Watcheyes  2 months ago +1

      What a kind comment Fraser, thank you very much! Best comment you can get.
      The parts are uniq for the movement. Often it's like this, but sometimes there is a few moments with same parts. On this one, I was very lucky to get parts from a contact online and the spare cog wheel i changed with the missing tooth I lucky found a spare at home.
      This movement is quite ordinary, Certina made a lot of them and the quailty is top so they survive for many years.

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      Hello Karthik, maybe but I didnt want to touch around the numbers for so long, I think it took maybe 1-2 hours, risk of the Radium felling apart but yes, that would have looked a little bit better. Thank you!

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