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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 17 - INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT

  • Published on May 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    In this episode of Hermitcraft season 9, Mumbo Jumbo starts work on the Hermitcraft industrial district that is going to be filled with Minecraft technical farms, minecraft automation and large storage systems. Mumbo also meets up with Hermit Grian, and discusses the Diamond button with Docm77, ImpulseSV and PearlescentMoon.
    Filming channel: / thatmumbojumbo2
    Instagram: officialmumbo
    Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo
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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo  4 months ago +277

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    • Battlingguy2
      Battlingguy2 4 months ago +6

      little late lol

    • Chi
      Chi 4 months ago +4

      Lol, why a day late?

    • LostSendHelp
      LostSendHelp 4 months ago +4

      What happened to the pig Mumbo

    • do you scroop?
      do you scroop? 4 months ago +4

      how come this is both pinned and commented by the actual poster of the video, but only 14 people have liked it???

    • MYSTIC Boi
      MYSTIC Boi 4 months ago +1

      Mumbo's un-famous now...

  • SmallMailMan
    SmallMailMan 4 months ago +2301

    Moral of the square conundrum: If you want someone to finish your base for you just make it crooked or uneven on all sides and a hermit will come along to fix it.

    • Wyatt Fuller
      Wyatt Fuller 4 months ago +28

      do you know who did it?

    • Sheepster The Sheep
      Sheepster The Sheep 4 months ago +13

      ehy yow who did it tho

    • Alex Groot
      Alex Groot 4 months ago +8

      Who did it???

    • B James
      B James 4 months ago +72

      That's the happiest I've seen Mumbo in a long time. Best secret repair ever.

    • B James
      B James 4 months ago +71

      My bet is on Pearl.

  • BlahCraft1
    BlahCraft1 4 months ago +972

    Poor Doc, he had so much he wanted to do this season, it's a shame he'll be addicted to the Button 2.

    • KingBub Gaming
      KingBub Gaming 4 months ago +33

      “I use bamboo toilet paper”
      The biggest flex known to mankind

    • Monster Jayk
      Monster Jayk 4 months ago +7

      button #3 *

    • Ryuk Youtubes
      Ryuk Youtubes 4 months ago +4

      ​@Monster Jayki remember the 1st one in the nether when was rhe secind one?

    • SmolBean
      SmolBean 4 months ago +2

      ​@KingBub Gaming is it better than 12 bamboo?

    • theAstarrr
      theAstarrr 3 months ago +1

      @Monster Jayk what? There was another Hermitcraft button besides Mumbo's in season 7 and Mumbo's in season 9?

  • Sakul
    Sakul 4 months ago +1250

    Docm77: "I don't really need diamonds, so there is not really a incentive for me"
    Mumbo: "Say no more!"

    • Sri Ram Saravana
      Sri Ram Saravana 4 months ago +30

      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ yo don’t force your religion on people, not everyone is Christian

    • DustyTaco
      DustyTaco 4 months ago +16

      ​@Sri Ram Saravana90% sure it's a bot

    • Hooty
      Hooty 4 months ago +16

      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ lie down in DEEZ NUTZ

  • Mustard
    Mustard 4 months ago +844

    For the button 'reward' for saving it when it's almost full on HP, you should have it spit out a splash potion of harming.

    • Benrex 777
      Benrex 777 4 months ago +77

      I prefer slowness.

    • Lyds
      Lyds 4 months ago +76

      or you get like a dunce cap or something that is just rude to you for pressing the button so early lol

    • Witchy boy
      Witchy boy 3 months ago +6

      why would we hurt someone for pressing the button?? lol splash potions of healing is the way. once a witch farm is made he will have unlimited heal potions and gunpowder anyway so its not a cost really. not only that but he brewing process can be automated aswell. i seen no reason for this to be the reward of green. i mean, when do you ever use a healing potion in minecraft??

    • Benrex 777
      Benrex 777 3 months ago +8

      @Witchy boy I like your thinking. Give a nice present which on the surface is helpful but actually totally useless.

  • Eris
    Eris 4 months ago +404


    • Kagejakl
      Kagejakl 4 months ago +4

      bro calm down its not that deep

    • Ethan Long
      Ethan Long 4 months ago +55

      @Kagejakl You could never understand...

    • CthulhuFhtagn
      CthulhuFhtagn 4 months ago +13

      _the pain_

    • Ultra Aryan 10
      Ultra Aryan 10 4 months ago +19

      ​@Kagejakl Anything that despawns pains me.

    • Witchy boy
      Witchy boy 3 months ago +15

      hey! dont waist those tears! i can use them for potions!! cry over the cauldron!

  • Bishop_Breloom
    Bishop_Breloom 4 months ago +712

    We were THIS close to Mumbo getting into the Hermitcraft TCG

    • Gamefreak
      Gamefreak 4 months ago +40

      He does have a card. Vintage did a whole episode roleplaying as Mumbo and himself with an armor stand

    • Mr Cheese
      Mr Cheese 4 months ago +35

      They mean getting him into playing TCG

  • Drunk Guardsman
    Drunk Guardsman 4 months ago +6135

    Age the copper by finishing the back of Grian's base, Best way to age copper on hermicraft ;)

    • Lynnilotta
      Lynnilotta 4 months ago +32

      lol xD

    • Alfonso Gómez
      Alfonso Gómez 4 months ago +86

      I’d say that it actually defies the laws of physics.

    • Porkychopies Pig
      Porkychopies Pig 4 months ago +19

      this made me laugh so hard xD

    • Erkle64
      Erkle64 4 months ago +26

      This is actually perfect.

    • OmegaDoesThings
      OmegaDoesThings 4 months ago +12

      I came here to suggest this, did so, and then realized you beat me to it! Well done, hope he reads it.

  • BenMurgi
    BenMurgi 4 months ago +340

    You should give them a piece of kelp with a inspirational message for pressing the button when it’s in green

    • Skritz Muffin
      Skritz Muffin 4 months ago +36

      or a minecraft fun fact! call it a *kelp*ful tip!

    • Orla Mc
      Orla Mc 3 months ago +2

      Love that

    • Witchy boy
      Witchy boy 3 months ago +2

      thats such a hermitcraft thing to do! lol

  • castlebeki
    castlebeki 4 months ago +232

    Mumbo just made me realise how bamboo is gonna go from "pretty useless" to "one of the most useful items in the game"

    • a cute dog
      a cute dog 4 months ago +27

      the fact that it's fully-automated furnace fuel already made it pretty useful though, right

    • castlebeki
      castlebeki 4 months ago +14

      @a cute dog true, that's why I changed my initial "totally useless" to "pretty useless" maybe I should have said "a little bit useful" though 😅

    • Itz Snowpie Playz
      Itz Snowpie Playz 4 months ago +13

      The fast growth rate of bamboo is quite useful for infinite fuel, as shown as example when mumbo opened the storage chest and its already 100% full for maybe 2 mc days. We'll depending on how much you load up that chunk

    • Jordan T Fryman
      Jordan T Fryman 4 months ago +5

      @Itz Snowpie Playz Will be a good substitute for wooden planks in 1.20.0 (when it comes to crafting)

  • Alex
    Alex 4 months ago +58

    For the people who haven't been watching Hermitcraft since Season 1 like me, Tango was briefly whitelisted in season 2 to help mumbo build the iron farm, and then was invited to the server full time in the latter half of season 2; not several seasons later like Mumbo said in this episode.

  • DuelScreen
    DuelScreen 4 months ago +301

    The "Diamond" reward for the button being pressed while it is green should also be green. You can probably find a stash of suitable "As Good As Diamonds" items in the Crastle.

    • Depotheose
      Depotheose 4 months ago +27

      Coincidentally, he built a farm this episode that produces something green and in ridiculous amounts

  • Kyle kirkparick
    Kyle kirkparick 4 months ago +18

    Mumbo admitting outright to everyone that he has no Redstone would be like if the Pink Panther lost his pink fur or something. I'm flabbergasted.

  • Mr. Ghost
    Mr. Ghost 4 months ago +4772

    Anyone else notice how Mumbo “inconspicuously” ditched the pig this episode?

  • MisterUnconcerned
    MisterUnconcerned 4 months ago +58

    One thing Doc hasn't acknowledged over the years (I think). He and Grian share the same addiction to buttons.
    It all started when Doc touched your redstone...

  • Burritopizzasauce7
    Burritopizzasauce7 4 months ago +14

    Mumbo crossing a picket line because he simply didn't notice is so on-brand

  • Maverick Meyers
    Maverick Meyers 4 months ago +90

    If the button is pressed while still green, it should dispense a piece of paper that says "good job, you pushed a button" like a participation ribbon

    • Drifty Boi
      Drifty Boi 3 months ago


    • Eno
      Eno 3 months ago +5

      See now some hermits (Grian) would just want those.

  • Mathias Bech-Jansen
    Mathias Bech-Jansen 3 months ago +7

    Mumbo just flying right past the crowd outside the shop and not even acknowledging it is absolutely hilarious to me.

  • Sofia Rocha
    Sofia Rocha 4 months ago +14

    14:23 No worries about getting the two mixed up, I highly doubt a cactus toilet paper even exists

  • Barrlistic Char
    Barrlistic Char 4 months ago +2701

    If the button gets pressed while still in the green, it should dispense a piece of coal, like a bad Christmas/birthday present

    • Spaccce
      Spaccce 4 months ago +203

      It’s still a diamond, just unrefined

    • Jonathan Corwin
      Jonathan Corwin 4 months ago +51

      Perhaps a green dunce hat or jester hat also

    • Mattari
      Mattari 4 months ago +27

      Not just a bad Christmas present, but because it's not ready yet. It's STILL coal. ;)

    • Sariau Alisi
      Sariau Alisi 4 months ago +11

      And for a crown, it should be a jester's hat.

    • Theresa
      Theresa 4 months ago


  • xXfzmusicXx
    xXfzmusicXx 4 months ago +260

    6824 days into Hermitcraft season 9 Mumbo has built his first farm. Can't wait for the next farm in 2025 :)

    • Nadiki
      Nadiki 4 months ago +28

      Apparently Hermitcraft S9 is older than Minecraft lmao
      Minecraft 2 will be out by the time he makes another farm

    • xXfzmusicXx
      xXfzmusicXx 4 months ago +23

      @Nadiki yea season 9 started September 23rd 2004

    • Zayan Azad
      Zayan Azad 4 months ago

      @xXfzmusicXx no it didnt

    • Jakin
      Jakin 4 months ago +25

      @Zayan Azad wow thanks sherlock

    • Zayan Azad
      Zayan Azad 4 months ago +3

      @Jakin np bud :)

  • Chargerk
    Chargerk 4 months ago +43

    Just a small tip for the future: mud isn't actually full block, meaning that regular hoppers can pick items up through them. hope this can help!

  • TakeWing
    TakeWing 4 months ago +64

    Xisuma recently created a charcoal farm. Maybe he could supply a healthy supply of that for the Button's green non-prize

    • John B. from NC
      John B. from NC 4 months ago +3

      Doesn't Xisuma also still have that copper aging machine that Pixlriffs built during the Empires crossover. Surely he wouldn't mind if Mumbo used it to age his copper. Get both charcoal & aged copper from one place.

  • Janko cz Games
    Janko cz Games 4 months ago +21

    The man has build a Vault and somebody just walked in, placed a benner inside, and he is like "this is great!"

  • Leo Aqua
    Leo Aqua 4 months ago +25

    PLEASE make the farm "checklist" control the farms like a control panel

  • BionicDev
    BionicDev 4 months ago +3513

    hotguy scar was so unexpected as a start i half expected grian to actually start doing the back of his base
    edit: i just realized grain actually started the back so

    • Matty
      Matty 4 months ago +76

      1. thats just not funny
      2. you dont make content bc your a bot

    • Mintal_ez
      Mintal_ez 4 months ago +15

      He wasn’t lying 😢

    • fatGabelstapler
      fatGabelstapler 4 months ago +6

      I do not think he ever will

    • Philippa Barnes
      Philippa Barnes 4 months ago +19

      What a crazy imagination you have, grain would never do that!

    • Silly
      Silly 4 months ago +5

      I thought you said he was gonna say he was gonna do a cute guy thing

  • Azikenn Z
    Azikenn Z 4 months ago +69

    I was recently rewatching the dragon bros arc from s6, and seeing mumbo open his inventory at 8:17 to make sure nothing was dispensed onto him makes me wonder if he thought about it too

    • ahmed4363
      ahmed4363 4 months ago +3

      definitely not the first time that happened

  • Deborah Sheets
    Deborah Sheets 4 months ago +6

    2:11 there was something so innocently sweet about this moment and I love it so much. The realization and confusion was brilliant. I can’t stop watching this 😆

  • Freek
    Freek 4 months ago +19

    This really was a classic Mumbo episode, so good to have you back

  • Rudrodeep Chatterjee
    Rudrodeep Chatterjee 4 months ago +10

    I have a wonderful idea for the button. Make a resource pack which changes the icons of a renamed coal to a diamond. Then give it as a reward for the green region. If they save the machine when it didnt need saving, they get a diamond that didnt fully turn into one.

  • SherlockZ
    SherlockZ 4 months ago +26

    Glad to see that the button hasn't lost it's charm! btw, Cleo did hit it when it was in the yellow, but I guess there's no rush since she already has a crown 😄

  • Dan Snell
    Dan Snell 4 months ago +2237

    Mumbo you should make a giant sphere out of the copper in front of Grian's base and put the target block in the very center

    • Loekie power1
      Loekie power1 4 months ago +31

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    • comic_wolf19
      comic_wolf19 4 months ago +27

      @Loekie power1 did you write the song Havana for a reply

    • Loekie power1
      Loekie power1 4 months ago +21

      @comic_wolf19 maybe

    • alexidk
      alexidk 4 months ago +35

      @Loekie power1 okay if this is a bot it is genuinely one of the funniest bots I’ve ever seen-

    • ☽Luar☾
      ☽Luar☾ 4 months ago +6

      @Loekie power1 oh nah nah nah, oh nah nah nah naaah

  • Wi3rd0tr0n
    Wi3rd0tr0n 4 months ago +6

    For your farms, you should look into overflow protection to incinerate surplus resources so that your system doesn't create unnecessary lag

  • May The Fool
    May The Fool 4 months ago +4

    Doc calling Mumbo evil while Doc actively makes a Wither skull farm to torment Scar and Grian is hilarious.

  • Dylan Moffs
    Dylan Moffs 4 months ago +45

    17:26 he missed a block of bamboo. I am extremely unsatisfied, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  • Snazzysketcher
    Snazzysketcher 4 months ago +7

    Having the purple crown be the biggest and best crown, is the best decision you could have made. I 100% approve of this flawless style choice!

  • Kemosabe40
    Kemosabe40 4 months ago +12

    ‘You’ve had your answer’ had me in tears for much longer than should be humanly possible

  • Nika Frolova
    Nika Frolova 4 months ago +347

    Use mud instead of sand. It goes better with your palette and also it's less than 1 block tall so minecarts will be able to pick up your bamboo easier

  • L R
    L R 4 months ago +4

    You could connect the target block to a shrieker and then use a disk to make the digging sound of the warden ;)

  • Gamerdragon
    Gamerdragon 4 months ago +5

    3:50 you may or may not know this but ore generation got changed a while back, so now different ores spawn on different y levels in different quantities so you can’t just mine at one y level and get everything anymore! :P
    For redstone, it seems like the best y level would be just above bedrock at around y: -62 hope this helps! :D

  • Rick Hindman
    Rick Hindman 4 months ago +2

    Mumbo, you could add a klaxon if the timer gets to low. Also, it would be fun to make a counter to record how many times the button is pressed

  • P789
    P789 4 months ago +2

    Suggestion: You should add a villager trading hall with mostly fletchers so you cam trade sticks to emerald.

  • OmegaDoesThings
    OmegaDoesThings 4 months ago +475

    You know where you could amusingly age copper? The back of Grian's base XD
    Just like, casually build out something entirely in copper and see how long it takes him to notice

    • 2carrots25
      2carrots25 4 months ago +17

      If he will even notice because he doesn't look at the back of his base a lot

    • Austin Artz
      Austin Artz 4 months ago +1


    • lcpdraws
      lcpdraws 4 months ago +5

      and will he even bother to remove it? since mumbo would be doing him a favor? probably not lmaoo

  • Rainydaye
    Rainydaye 4 months ago +3

    Damn I gotta appreciate Mumbo's knowledge of Jeff Coon's balloon dogs and Damien Hirst's diamond skull. This man knows his art!

  • Backpack Studios
    Backpack Studios 4 months ago +4

    To get Grian back, you should use actual TNT but put it in water so it won’t destroy anything

  • Jody Telemachus
    Jody Telemachus 4 months ago +1

    "My grandma always used to say 'You can never have too many rails'" cracked me up way more than it should have

  • メカフィンチ
    メカフィンチ 4 months ago +3

    I think you should put various green items from your farm for the green area of the button

  • Anteater Daven
    Anteater Daven 3 months ago

    So cool to see the base coming together! Can’t wait to see the crowns!

  • Eli Daw
    Eli Daw 4 months ago +716

    Underground advice for you mumbo, here are the best levels to mine for each ore (I keep a list of these next to my desk):
    Redstone Y=-59
    Coal Y=95
    Lapis Y=-1
    Iron Y=15
    Gold Y=32to256
    Diamonds Y= -59
    Copper Y=48

    • Kokiri
      Kokiri 4 months ago +26

      Goes to show how bad post-1.18 ore distribution is. Encouraging exploration by making stripmining unbelievably and stupidly tedious and it still takes more time than the old way

    • CrimsontheNugget
      CrimsontheNugget 4 months ago +23

      personally I do -57 to avoid lava pools :)

    • biztrHD
      biztrHD 4 months ago +5

      Thank You!

    • Sebastian Jost
      Sebastian Jost 4 months ago +17

      If you need raw gold, go to a Mesa.
      If you need copper, find a drip stone cave.
      If you need iron, build an iron farm or find an iron vein.
      And if you don't need them as ore blocks, always use fortune.
      For redstone I usually try to find large caves near the bottom of the world. There's tons of redstone there. If I don't need the ore, I get it from villagers.

    • JaegerDreadful
      JaegerDreadful 4 months ago +21

      @Kokiri The whole point of that was to stop people from stripmining and have them explore the whole cave systems in the CAVE and cliffs update.

  • TNB
    TNB 4 months ago +2

    your reaction to the square being fixed is so sweet ❤

    • Joshua
      Joshua 4 months ago +2

      Who did it tho

  • Yamah's Ghost
    Yamah's Ghost 4 months ago +2

    I was gonna suggest for the green health bar the reward should be a piece of coal that had been renamed to Early Dimond.

  • Hellshot
    Hellshot 4 months ago +2

    I love that even Mumbo is doing the youtube shorts strategy of putting multiple things on the screen to keep our attention.

  • Antônio Barreto
    Antônio Barreto 4 months ago +2

    I recommend you to add a Blackstone/deep slate slab layer on top of the sugar cane cage. I always do that when making big iron bar fences, it helps to frame them better.

  • Todd Hibbs
    Todd Hibbs 4 months ago +3

    If you give one of a series of collectibles for the green state then it will create an entertaining conflict between those trying to get the late stage crown and those getting the green collectibles.

  • AstonVillaWaterBottle
    AstonVillaWaterBottle 4 months ago +734

    “I’m just going to leave it to despawn. So you can stop panicking now”
    *panics harder*

    • Lexist
      Lexist 4 months ago +12

      ​@AWSUM IN DA SKEWL go get help

    • MKKS4559
      MKKS4559 4 months ago +41

      @Lexist That’s a bot, don’t reply to it. Just dislike its reply AND report it for spam, maybe even go and report the channel if you’re on PC (because that’s the only platform where channel reporting works). Any interaction will let it continue what it does.

    • orange
      orange 4 months ago

      ​@MKKS4559 this one isnt a bot, doubt it is

    • orange
      orange 4 months ago +1

      ​@MKKS4559 nevermind

    • Heyviper123
      Heyviper123 4 months ago +1

      ​@MKKS4559 they removed the dislike button so...

  • Jacob Milburn
    Jacob Milburn 4 months ago +1

    You should use the new amethyst minecart unloaders! Super easy to use and extremely high volume

  • FoxSnipe11
    FoxSnipe11 3 months ago

    9:09 has this nice timing with sound and I’m curious if it was purposeful.
    The trill when you look up with your bow is perfect

  • I’m Magical
    I’m Magical 4 months ago +2

    16:05 ridiculously simple!? I have no idea how you did that nor what to do to do it myself
    I cannot figure out redstone at all and that just makes your feats of redstone engineering all the more impressive to me

  • Matt Allder
    Matt Allder 4 months ago +2

    This episode reminds me that if I ever were to join the Hermitcraft server. It wouldn't be as a content creator. But instead just to fix things and support the amazing people. To always be there to help

  • Snow Chicken
    Snow Chicken 4 months ago +261

    as someone who discovered Hermitcraft in season 6, I love getting tidbits of Hermit history in some episodes.

    • Chase Nagel
      Chase Nagel 4 months ago +1

      Discovered it in S5, got into hermitcraft in S6 with Sahara

    • SpectralZero
      SpectralZero 4 months ago +1

      I got on during S6 too

    • Johnny Joestar
      Johnny Joestar 4 months ago

      i started watching in s7 lol altho i did eventually watch s6 too

    • Abigail Cosgrove
      Abigail Cosgrove 4 months ago

      I started in s3 but I don’t remember ANYTHING lol so it’s very appreciated

    • Didi81
      Didi81 3 months ago

      He remembered it wrong though , he asked Tango to help him build the farm in S2 and then Tango joined during S3 , not several seasons later

  • newwavepop
    newwavepop 4 months ago

    i actually found the very short Hermit history on how Tango came to the server very interesting, would love to hear more.

  • She’s Stichin’
    She’s Stichin’ 4 months ago +1

    So happy you are back! Lovely episode

  • The Narrator
    The Narrator 4 months ago

    This is an absolutely satisfying episode! I felt energized and wanting to try Redstone again!! (I'm bad at getting farms to work... even with YT).

  • CHOCOLATE loving
    CHOCOLATE loving 4 months ago

    When you see a Mumbo video with industrial and district in its title in quick succession you know it’ll be worth every second to watch.

  • Eagleguydude
    Eagleguydude 4 months ago +1

    Between scar killing horses as Hotguy, Grian and also scar blowing up redstone accidentally, Mumbo building the diamond button and the shenanigans between Grian and Mumbo I feel like a prank war is imminent😂
    I can’t wait

  • Captain Hats
    Captain Hats 4 months ago +531

    It would be fun if you hit the diamond button in the green and you got a piece of coal. Like "you hit the button too early, you didn't give the machine long enough to make the diamond"

    • Danielle Brissing
      Danielle Brissing 4 months ago +17

      Give them a button.

    • Kaido1
      Kaido1 4 months ago +14

      Xisuma has a couple double chest of charcoal. He might sponsor the addition

    • bawnkers シ
      bawnkers シ 4 months ago +4

      Copied comment!!!

  • Abdulloh Rejapov
    Abdulloh Rejapov 4 months ago +3

    I love how Mumbo just flies past the speedy water walkway lol

  • BtwAlexHere
    BtwAlexHere 4 months ago +1

    Everytime I see mumbo placing stone slabs, all I can think is " Sugarcane, Pillar, Sugarcane, Brick wall! "

  • Matti Aho
    Matti Aho 4 months ago +2

    I’m not sure if you’re up for this but making a buttload of item frames and putting all the copper in them around Grian’s base would totally be something how REAL minecrafters age their copper.
    Or maybe just write “AGE” in giant copper letters.

  • EpicFails
    EpicFails 4 months ago

    you could also use the bamboo for furnace fuel in 1.20, if you don't have that yet!

  • DarkDarsi
    DarkDarsi 4 months ago +2

    People have suggested Coal for the Green Button, and a good one of Royal Emeralds, but i think you could shiit out a single Bamboo, labeled "One Twelth"
    Edit : Oooo, or even just regular Bamboo with 12 of them being labelled as such! Although idk how much more Button Rewards Doc could stand by and not have...

  • JumpMan234
    JumpMan234 4 months ago +785

    Mumbo you should age the copper by making a giant target block out of the different aged forms of copper and use skulk scensors to see if he shoots at any part of it

    • ShatterHacked
      ShatterHacked 4 months ago +9


    • VIBaJ
      VIBaJ 4 months ago +13

      and make a cube with a 6x6x6 volume of air in the middle, put a 4x4x4 cube of TNT in the middle of that, and surround it with water. Have a dispenser shoot a fire charge into the TNT when any skulk sensor is set off. So Grian will hear a huge explosion happening, but it doesn't actually break anything

    • JumpMan234
      JumpMan234 4 months ago +3

      @VIBaJ dude that makes it even better!

    • Colton
      Colton 4 months ago +4

      We need to get him to see this

    • CHOCOLATE loving
      CHOCOLATE loving 4 months ago +2

      They prob look at the top ten at least you’re fine

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    Confusioned 4 months ago +1

    As someone who hasn't watched hermitcraft in a long time, being greeted by a painting of a shirtless scar on the beach was definitely not how I was expecting this to go.

  • Kaos Warrior
    Kaos Warrior 4 months ago

    You could always use ilmango's minecart unloader that breaks them and dispense again, while throwing all the items directly to the water stream. It takes a few blocks upwards, downwards and backwards more, but it's fast, being able to handle very high yield farms.

  • Battleborn Kayle
    Battleborn Kayle 4 months ago +3

    Mumbo making a bamboo cage match makes me happy. First biker Mumbo, Mumbomania (like Hulk Hogan) next?

  • Andrew Ashlock
    Andrew Ashlock 4 months ago +328

    He needs to do Royal Emeralds for the green zone.

    • Segev Stormlord
      Segev Stormlord 4 months ago +20

      This is probably the most brilliant idea. Maybe with a pit trap into lava if you trip it and it's out of Royal Emeralds.

    • plantcraftie
      plantcraftie 4 months ago +14

      That's one way to prevent the Hermits from pushing the button...

    • Eleda Towle
      Eleda Towle 4 months ago +8

      @plantcraftie Even that wouldn't stop Grian. Ref: Limited Life

  • Kit Fisto
    Kit Fisto 4 months ago

    If you assemble some villagers with the brewing stand, you can trade quite a decent amount of Redstone every day.

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    Eric Schenkenberger 4 months ago

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    TheAdvertisement Month ago +1

    Poor Doc, he already fears what's to come xD

  • Seth Smith
    Seth Smith 4 months ago

    The bamboo and cactus thing reminded me of season 6 when bamboo was introduced into minecraft, and mumbo build a huge bamboo farm but called it a cactus farm the whole time

  • toopees
    toopees 3 months ago

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      Chris Schaffer 4 months ago +2

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    • The Artist Carefree
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      @Chris Schaffer there is something wrong with you

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      @The Artist Carefree it's a bot, don't answer them, just report

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      It’s good content too. Loving it.

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    Eico_23 4 months ago

    Oooooo I like the cuts between working on the farm to the prank with Grian! It was an interesting tone shift between “business” and “casual” sort of!
    Not great at writing my thoughts rn as it’s almost 3 AM but something cool along those lines! It felt cinematic and I appreciated the thought behind it! :D

  • Dead Goggles
    Dead Goggles 4 months ago

    You should make the reward for hitting the button at green be bamboo. Not like you'll be in short supply any time soon!

  • Daniel Rose
    Daniel Rose 4 months ago

    Like Grandma always said, you can never have too many rails.

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    Jonas Mutter 4 months ago

    Love how the SEASON 9 DIAMONDS shulker box had mainly redstone in it showing that redstone dust are Mumbo´s true valubles

  • Frame Zero Gaming
    Frame Zero Gaming 4 months ago

    I mean, yes, the moving the whole wall would be too much, but.. Have you talked to Pearl or Impulse about moving entire bases recently?

  • Ryan Eglitis
    Ryan Eglitis 4 months ago +307

    "I'm just going to be using smooth stone slabs for this"
    Mumbo's definitely back

    • Rentta
      Rentta 4 months ago +5

      All the oldschoolers call them that :D

    • The Axol
      The Axol 4 months ago +1

      I read that as he said it!

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    JohnFord706 4 months ago

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  • Strategy
    Strategy 4 months ago

    Hey mumbo! With the new ore distribution, redstone ore generates most at y -58, but you might want to go up to -57 or -56. Also strip mining is probably the best way because it has reduced air exposure.

  • Nick Savage
    Nick Savage 4 months ago

    "I use bamboo toilet paper in my house, imagine if I mixed them up when ordering" - this had me in hysterics. Thanks for an image that will take me ages to get out of my head Mumbo....

  • Tyler Thomas
    Tyler Thomas 4 months ago

    Mumbo, you should add some stained glass panes to the “water jets” in your base to get more color. Idk how much color would come through a waterlogged glass pane, but I think it might look good

  • Avery
    Avery 4 months ago +76

    I love how Mumbo was excited for bamboo wood, not because of the new building block, but because he can use it to make chests.

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  • TheJetCreeper
    TheJetCreeper 4 months ago

    To make gathering redstone faster you can set up a bunch of alchemist villagers in a room and do the zombie villager converter get a emerald farm with raids or flechers with a tree farm and the alchemist sell you redstone very cheap. I think you have all of those farms in your list of farms or at least you should