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Black Adam VS Apocalypse (DC VS Marvel) | DEATH BATTLE!

  • Published on Sep 18, 2022 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 11 191

  • Gray
    Gray 6 months ago +16048

    Fun fact: Black Adam once flew to the North Pole and beat up Santa because he wasn’t delivering presents to his land.

    • Eyyas Barghouth
      Eyyas Barghouth 10 days ago

      Understandable black Adam won the people heart

    • Brayden
      Brayden Month ago +1

      Of course

    • miles franco
      miles franco Month ago

      @Peter Parquer actually it wasnt santa it was a magic terroist guy that coincidentally was in the north pole and had minions that looked like elves pretty sure he finds santa eventually tho

    • Babbleplay
      Babbleplay Month ago

      Crap, that's kind of impressive. DC Santa is a force of nature.

    • Honest John
      Honest John Month ago

      This is the same Santa that would deliver a lump of coal to Darkseid every year to Apokolips unharmed.

  • E Evv
    E Evv 5 months ago +1846

    The guy who provided Apocalypse’s voice is just amazing, He made Apocalypse sound like a true menace.

    • imma go touch some grass
      imma go touch some grass 4 days ago

      I couldn't understand a single thing, they muffled his voice way too much

    • Lucas Rivera
      Lucas Rivera Month ago +2

      Pretty damn good, better than his live action actor lol. Black Adam's voice actor in this was pretty awesome too!!

    • Jeffrey Gao
      Jeffrey Gao 3 months ago +3

      Almost as good as John Colicos.

    • Behold! Games
      Behold! Games 3 months ago +9

      I couldn't understand a single thing he was saying.

    • Brayden Pond
      Brayden Pond 3 months ago +3

      He sounded like some kind of robot made in some combat lab

  • Seasawspeltwrong
    Seasawspeltwrong 6 months ago +1968

    Whoever animated the death scene needs a raise RIGHT NOW

    • 3rd Reich Ball
      3rd Reich Ball Month ago

      @Neil thats it? Thats all you got? Is this your 1st time trolling little girl, or what?

    • Neil
      Neil Month ago

      @3rd Reich Ballloser

    • Neil
      Neil Month ago

      @The Chimichangaloser

    • 3rd Reich Ball
      3rd Reich Ball 4 months ago +1

      Thats every dentist when your card is declined.

    • iklan tloin
      iklan tloin 4 months ago +2

      @Troy Tyranitar Yeah I i preferred DBX fight way more NOT BECUZ who Won but how much BOTH Characters were shown

  • SuperSongbird21
    SuperSongbird21 5 months ago +710

    I'm honestly surprised there wasn't more monologing - both Black Adam and Apocalypse love the sound of their own voices something chronic.

  • Boryslav W
    Boryslav W 5 months ago +671

    I haven't watched death battle in a while, it's cool to see how they incorporated 4 different art styles in this one.

    • Burning Ghidorah
      Burning Ghidorah 4 months ago +6

      @arnaldo alange The start and end with the comic panels

    • arnaldo alange
      arnaldo alange 5 months ago +25

      I saw Three
      1. Sprite (for Black Adam, Apocalypse, Apocalypse's Bots, Etc.)
      2. Drawing (they were some Drawing Moments like Black Adam's Death for example)
      3. 3D (the City where they Fight)

    • Boryslav W
      Boryslav W 5 months ago +11

      @Mayonnaise I saw 2 drawings for arms, pixelated, unique backgrounds and gore

    • Mayonnaise
      Mayonnaise 5 months ago +14

      I think you’re thinking of the popeye vs one punch man one. This one only has two

    • plant gang
      plant gang 5 months ago +8

      I only saw 2.

  • JackgarPrime
    JackgarPrime 3 months ago +271

    Glad to see my boy Apocalypse getting some props! Despite being one of the biggest badass villains in the X-Men's rogues gallery, for whatever reason, in recent years he's been downplayed a lot. I do love that he became a regular recurring character in the Krakoa era of X-Men books, though.

    • Pop11n H34dz
      Pop11n H34dz 5 days ago

      @Li-Li Mandragon a war vet that got bodied by Thor? Okay 😂😂

    • Jeffrey Gao
      Jeffrey Gao 13 days ago

      @Li-Li Mandragon No because they're both about the same age and besides, Black Adam has the strength and durability to match Superman, speed to match Flash, and can fend off Martian Manhunter's telepathy so En Sabah Nur's telepathy would just be a minor inconvenience.

    • Li-Li Mandragon
      Li-Li Mandragon 13 days ago

      @Jeffrey Gao Nah as far as power is concerned Teth is a kid with a stolen missile launcher, Apoc is a veteran commando in a tank.

    • Gigas0101
      Gigas0101 2 months ago +5

      He's probably one of my all time favourite characters in X-Men, mainly because he's a hot mess with inconsistent writing.

    • • Nixx •
      • Nixx • 2 months ago +14

      I’m sad we never saw a full story of Apocalypse vs the Hulks in Secret Wars or Apocalypse vs Nimrods in the Jonathan Hickman run
      Even if he lost (and he might not have) those would’ve been amazing to see in pen to paper

  • Orang Pickle
    Orang Pickle 6 months ago +12832

    A lot of people talk about how Death Battle characters would end up being friends instead of trying to kill each other. This is not one of those times.

    • Nameless
      Nameless 26 days ago

      This is called death battle for a reason.

    • Jacob Coderre
      Jacob Coderre 2 months ago

      I mean, Apocalypse tried to destroy Kahndaq, while Black Adam/Teth Adam was trying to defend it.

    • Daniel Smith IV
      Daniel Smith IV 4 months ago

      @Just somebody Black Adam had help to lift an infinite amount of books?
      Superman did that by himself

    • Synchaos
      Synchaos 4 months ago

      Darkseid vs thanos
      Guts vs nightmare
      Vergil vs sephiroth
      Vegeta vs thor
      Vegeta vs shadow
      Homelander vs omniman

  • Galaxy-Eyes Garchomp
    Galaxy-Eyes Garchomp 3 months ago +96

    Of all the death battles I have watched, this one has the most brutal kill in my eyes. Apocalypse squashed Black Adam's face like a cherry, then gave him one last look at his country's demise before shocking his head to death. It's extremely brutal on both a physical and emotional level. It fits Apocalypse's character though, so I appreciate it.

  • Antoine Monks
    Antoine Monks 6 months ago +538

    This animator needs to be acknowledged for making something genuinely terrifying... with only 8 bits 0_o

    • Stelio Kontos
      Stelio Kontos 14 days ago

      It's not terrifying it's badass

    • TTD Anims
      TTD Anims 3 months ago +1

      @Voltage actually, no. The proper term here would be 16-bit. "Sprite" just refers to animateable picture sheets, not pixellation.

    • King Sylvester
      King Sylvester 3 months ago +1

      They need to do a 3D HD remake of this

    • Pant Yosashu
      Pant Yosashu 4 months ago +1

      @Kyle Langdon 128 bits

    • Kyle Langdon
      Kyle Langdon 4 months ago

      @Pant Yosashu 64 bits

  • Venom gaming
    Venom gaming 5 months ago +131

    Apocalypse’s last line was delivered so well, massive props to whoever voiced the big guy.

  • King Darius
    King Darius 6 months ago +698

    "There Exists No Freedom From Me. There Is Only Freedom Through Me."
    Apocalypse is by far my favorite X-Men character.

    • Multiverse_Media🌟
      Multiverse_Media🌟 Month ago +2

      “Everything you built, will fall! And from the ashes of their world, we will build a BETTER ONE!”

    • Lucas Rivera
      Lucas Rivera Month ago

      Him, Magneto, Sabertooth, and Wolverine are mine

    • JackgarPrime
      JackgarPrime 3 months ago +1

      "I am as far above mutants, as they are above you."

    • Silent 1
      Silent 1 3 months ago

      My favorite villain

    • Jai Slim
      Jai Slim 3 months ago

      He had the best lines

  • Brock Welch
    Brock Welch 5 months ago +250

    Man, I give it to death battle. While Apocalypse was laughing evilly at the end of the battle I saw his left foot still covered with Black Adam's blood as a small detail!

    • Froze Zone
      Froze Zone 5 months ago +11

      I mean yeah, apocalypse stomped on adam face multiple times

  • TheRenegade
    TheRenegade 6 months ago +3138

    This man stomped Adams face with his boot and kept him alive long enough to witness the subjugation of his people and country, and then finally ended his life with his own power. What a savage ending.

    • Deathmare
      Deathmare 5 months ago +1

      @Muhammad Hamza isn’t it cause omega level mutants are really op at one specific ability while apocalypse is just op with a lot of abilities

    • Muhammad Hamza
      Muhammad Hamza 5 months ago

      APOCALYPSE is not even a omega level mutant how the hell he beats black Adam who is on par with Shazam

    • Deathmare
      Deathmare 5 months ago

      @John Dahlquist but then it won’t be a *death*battle

    • Vlad Radu Andrei
      Vlad Radu Andrei 5 months ago

      @CamelotSR yeah that guy has the dumbest plot armour of all time, makes betman seem legit

    • Squirrel
      Squirrel 5 months ago +4

      That's a good point apocalypse doesn't take the time to bother insulting someone so thoroughly unless he kind of respects them. Otherwise he would have just killed Black Adam like any other citizen running around.

  • Oren Black
    Oren Black 5 months ago +234

    That's the most cruel ending on Death Battle ever

    • Oren Black
      Oren Black 2 months ago

      @Oji Torres okay

    • Oji Torres
      Oji Torres 2 months ago

      @Oren Black no it didn’t that was in the summer

    • Oren Black
      Oren Black 2 months ago

      @Oji Torres That came later

    • Turbo Animation
      Turbo Animation 2 months ago +2

      @ThatZillaGuy2 he only got shot by a bullet and saw deadpool making out. The only thing that was brutal about that was the infinite death part. Black Adam and Homelander got their face demolished.

    • ThatZillaGuy2
      ThatZillaGuy2 2 months ago +5

      Darkseid trapping Thanos in the Omega Sanction. Not the most brutal, but the most cruel. Infinite death, while see Deadpool steal your crush.

  • Maolen Vin Pelaez
    Maolen Vin Pelaez 4 months ago +70

    16:00 The Yellow Lantern Corps. represent the emotion fear, and for Adam to tell Apocalypse that “You will learn to fear me!” is a nice touch.

    • Galan AKA Galactus
      Galan AKA Galactus 2 months ago +1

      @David Britton Apocalypse looked pretty scared to me in House Of M when Black Bolt turned him to dust with his scream. Although i don't think he had the death seed then.

    • David Britton
      David Britton 4 months ago +12

      The ironic thing is Apocalypse is immune to fear.

  • AlfredoFilmGeek
    AlfredoFilmGeek 3 months ago +327

    Apocalypse should change his name to James Gunn cause he just killed Black Adam

    • Antoine Hicks
      Antoine Hicks Month ago


    • tygersgm
      tygersgm Month ago +2

      Bro it wasn’t that bad. Don’t know why people hate on this movie so much

    • MortalMarigold8
      MortalMarigold8 2 months ago +2

      Not your problem but I hate that your comment is at the top for me so I see it before fullscreening the video

    • Kintrick Liddell
      Kintrick Liddell 2 months ago +10

      Film Geek is a perfect name because it’s gonna be some geeky ass reason why this movie that was actually damn good isn’t embraced by the I read every DC comic book ever made crew first get a life second just watch the damn movie and enjoy something entertaining

    • // A r n a h u n a s //
      // A r n a h u n a s // 2 months ago +11


  • George
    George 5 months ago +108

    I love the dialogue for Black Adam here. The animation for the heretic line was so good. reminded me of the line Vegeta gave in his death battle.

  • Peter Alvaro
    Peter Alvaro 4 days ago +2

    Black Adam's death was brutal. The last thing Adam saw was his city getting destroyed. The last line of " every thing you built will FALL" gave me some serious chills the first time I watched this death battle.

  • striking Sarcophagus
    striking Sarcophagus 6 months ago +1787

    Imagine stomping a mans face in with your boot, keeping him alive just so he can witness as the entire civilization he's been tasked to protect is ended before frying him and tossing him off like fodder. By far one of the biggest flexes in Death Battle other than when Omniman only entertained a fight with Homelander to see how strong he was as opposed to ending him the moment the fight started

    • Squirrel
      Squirrel 3 months ago +1

      @Bobblemin so much disrespect...

    • Bobblemin
      Bobblemin 3 months ago +2

      Fried him with his own lightning too

    • Wolves Revenge
      Wolves Revenge 5 months ago +1

      Frieza needs to take notes man

    • Squirrel
      Squirrel 5 months ago +5

      @Vladitor yah i know. honistly they where bowth prity good fights. and as fare as Death battle is conserned there was only one fight i did not agree with the outcume on.

    • Vladitor
      Vladitor 5 months ago +5

      @Squirrel that's true, in the literal sense, but the emotional part of it was so much more
      Black Adam watched everything he spent his life protecting (people and the land) fall apart because he wasn't strong enough to beat someone trying to take over his country.
      Homelanders didn't actually care for anyone, just his image so yeah his pride was absolutely destroyed, but he never really had heart besides that stupid organ that pumps blood.

  • I Was a Teenage TeenWolf
    I Was a Teenage TeenWolf 6 months ago +43

    What's scary about Apocalypse is that, like Black Adam, he doesn't see himself as the bad guy. Every evil thing he does is his way of helping people. Before Age of Apocalypse, Nur did evil things, but under the guise of " helping " people become better. And that's what makes him disturbing.....he doesn't realize what he does is so evil. The very same evil he endured as a child (his adopted father Ba'al tortured him to literal madness) was how he saw as the " right" way. So he's essentially an extremely abusive father who thinks beating his kids is making them into real men.

    • D YellowMadness
      D YellowMadness 4 months ago +4

      That explanation makes no sense when you remember he does it to people while he's killing them. That always happens when Marvel or DC claims one of their villains isn't evil. It's like when they claim Joker's just crazy, not evil even though he regularly explains his own motive & his motive is that he likes making innocent people suffer.

  • Tavi Sigas
    Tavi Sigas 6 months ago +156

    This makes sense, this was a good matchup/portrayal with a great explanation. Black Adam would start off winning the fight but Apocalypse would keep regenerating and absorbing power until Black Adam was weakened and could be defeated.

    • Mi-Goat
      Mi-Goat 14 days ago

      @Talor Alexander Williams no

    • Talor Alexander Williams
      Talor Alexander Williams 14 days ago

      @Mi-Goat biased

    • Mi-Goat
      Mi-Goat 15 days ago

      @Talor Alexander Williams
      I read the comics, and I'm not really impressed.
      again, there is no "even assuming your point", I'm totally right, that's all.
      and apocalypse is still superior to apocalypse via feats + statement. I recall once again that he was able to kill a celeste, which are all at least equal to franklin richard during his childhood (and franklin could already create universes and resuscitate the multiverse)
      apoc > BA

    • Talor Alexander Williams
      Talor Alexander Williams 15 days ago

      @Mi-Goat Have you read the recent comics? Black Adam is powerful AF. However even assuming your point, he's still stronger than Apocalypse.

    • Mi-Goat
      Mi-Goat 16 days ago

      @Broken Fiction
      Yeah , but hulk is always angry , and your'e point was "a non angry hulk" , i never said he can become stronger with rage.
      And no, it canon that banerless hulk > hulk with banner , again, it literally declarate by HULK HIMSELF again onslaught.

  • Brayden Pond
    Brayden Pond 5 months ago +78

    When Black Adam said You learn to fear me, i jumped out of my seat and cried tears of absolute joy, it was such a good line bro

  • Good Harvest
    Good Harvest 3 months ago +21

    One of the rare times where a stomp in power scaling is actually animated to be a stomp in the fight

    • Good Harvest
      Good Harvest 3 months ago +8

      @imma go touch some grass Goku did get stomped though. There wasn't a scratch on Superman

    • imma go touch some grass
      imma go touch some grass 3 months ago +5

      Well none of these characters have a huge fanbase like Goku who fans would commit suicide seeing him lose in an outright stomp

  • Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider 3 months ago +122

    The result of this fight was made plainly clear as soon as we knew what abilities each of them possessed

    • Joana Almeida
      Joana Almeida Month ago


    • An Idiot
      An Idiot Month ago

      @JackgarPrime shazam vs. captain marvel

    • A Person
      A Person 2 months ago

      @Galan AKA Galactus Franklin isn’t a mutant. And he also one shots 90% of marvel so using him as an argument is unfair

    • D. San
      D. San 2 months ago +1

      @Vladitor except that's not true.
      He doesn't need to produce it to be powerful. It's a transformation. He has the power already. And you don't get the power just from the lightning.
      You can't absorb his sheer strength through the lightning. And it doesn't sap him Of his infinite stamina.
      Infinite stamina is literally one of his powers.

    • D. San
      D. San 2 months ago +1

      @JackgarPrime they always abuse that. I'd argue it doesn't make sense in this case. The speed and strength of someone equivalent to Superman makes it moot.
      They misunderstood a couple of things from the mythos. It's clear they got confused.
      They also downplay the stamina and speed and strength of the marvels.
      Again these are characters that match Superman, silver age Superman.
      They misunderstood how the split works and in what continuities.
      Apocalypse isn't the parasite.

  • Iambatsmurfette
    Iambatsmurfette 6 months ago +1223

    I love how there was no dialogue to start the battle. Just straight into the fight. I feel like that's exactly how these two would come at each other.

    • Zorgon Peterson
      Zorgon Peterson 6 months ago +16

      @#CMooney He's resuurected by an extremist group called "The Sons of Adam" in Justice League of America Vol. 3 7.4 - Black Adam

    • Mr. Watcher
      Mr. Watcher 6 months ago +17

      I dont think black adam would waste his time talking with someone who is invading his country.

    • #CMooney
      #CMooney 6 months ago +8

      4:35 Can anyone tell me where I can find the comic issue name where it shows black Adam is resurrected by the people of kahndaq?

    • ass fucker the joint pounder
      ass fucker the joint pounder 6 months ago +7

      Yeah but didn't Boomstick raise his shotgun leg? And couldn't Black Adam just Lantern ring some armor that would make him Invincible to all attacks from apocalypse? The Lantern ring only needs for you to come up with an idea and the rain be charged and you be someone that is capable of wielding said ring and have this ring on while you are living, he should indeed be able to conceive the idea of a button that if you press it, and object if he touches it, a food if he eats it, possibly a syringe if he injects it, and a magic of such power that by using it then he would win the fight, as he would have the power to defeat apocalypse even if he does not know him by name? If you wish for a syringe at inject you with the power to do something then you have the power to do it regardless of if it's your brains computational power, political power, physical power, super powers, and if you where do you conceive a method for getting this to you then you should indeed have what it takes to win. We could wish for the power of 100 Black adam, 1 million black adam, but that would ruin the fight wouldn't it.

    • zoniken【ぞにけん】
      zoniken【ぞにけん】 6 months ago +53

      Eventually, I can't even understand what the hell they're saying.

  • Void Rottenplague
    Void Rottenplague 5 months ago +30

    That ending was sick. I love it. Awesome job

  • TinyTorah
    TinyTorah 6 months ago +25

    This video’s fight actually properly portrayed the disparity between the two, where BA could get a few decent licks in on Apocalypse, ultimately, he’s outgunned, outperformed, and outlasted by Apocalypse.

    • Razaryth Rex
      Razaryth Rex 3 months ago +8

      @Devante EmbreyBanks
      Superman is weak against magic, and Black Adam is literally Shazam with more experience and Black Air Force energy, so of course it took both of them to take Black Adam down. But Apocalypse absolutely could hang at that level, and he had the hacks and tools to exploit Black Adam's tenacity and powers. If you don't believe me, dude flatlined the X-Men in less than 60 seconds, and he scraps with the Avengers too, no problem. I'm not saying Apocalypse could beat Superman, but just as Black Adam could exploit Superman's weakness, Apocalypse's abilities allowed him to claim the W against Black Adam.

    • Devante EmbreyBanks
      Devante EmbreyBanks 4 months ago +3

      No shot Black Adam is leagues above apocalypse leagues. Black Adam is so powerful superman and Shazam need to team up 2 beat him. Black Adam has superman level durability and limitless stamina.

  • Part Of The Tribe
    Part Of The Tribe 3 months ago +139

    Yeah I seen that coming and I'm glad it happened because apocalypse is way cooler than Black Adam has ever been. Also it's been a couple years since I've watched these videos and you guys have taken these death battles to a whole new level. Awesome job.

    • JD the Youngblood
      JD the Youngblood Month ago

      @death101 isn't Darseid now an extraplanar being who takes over multiple worlds with encounters basically being avatars ? Apocalypse is a single physical being who is only interested in specific goals on one specific world. Of course, with comics, I have to say "most of the time".

    • Giulio Lombardi boccia
      Giulio Lombardi boccia Month ago +1

      @death101 not really same. Darkseid just wants to dominate all life by any mean necessary,apocalypse doesn't want world domination,he acchieved that already many times trough the millenia,then he dips after a while,he is interested in survival of the fittest,he believes himself to be a Shepard of human evolution,he brings cataclysm so that those strong will thrive trough adversity. I can see your point on the design,but they are still quite different in details

    • Part Of The Tribe
      Part Of The Tribe Month ago

      @Joana Almeida no clue what that means?

    • Joana Almeida
      Joana Almeida Month ago


  • Wyndell Lee the Spammer
    Wyndell Lee the Spammer 4 months ago +20

    Imagine Apocalypse invading New York in 2012, instead of Loki. And then imagine Apocalypse fight Iron Man. But before he murders Iron Man in cold blood, Apocalypse shows Tony the ruined city of New York.

  • Vladitor
    Vladitor 4 months ago +5

    Another thing I'm noticing is I already mentioned a scene where I thought he started absorbing the electricity, but he's been absorbing it from the start of the battle, you can see it's being absorbed instead of just dispersed around, it literally goes into him

  • John Yossarian
    John Yossarian 6 months ago +2751

    Adam would have won if the fight was held in a jungle. Being played by the rock gives incredible levels of power in any tree filled environment. No way apocalypse can match that

    • Thor odinson
      Thor odinson 3 months ago


    • nathan spencers
      nathan spencers 4 months ago

      @Enari Ken Adam defeated spectre who can threaten the omniverse and outer verse. they are transfinite. he shouldhavw won

    • Enari Ken
      Enari Ken 4 months ago

      This is apocalypse when no plot jobber holding him back

    • Narcotic Lilac
      Narcotic Lilac 4 months ago

      Bro apocalypse would literally reshape the terrain to dust by waving his hand
      This isn't gonma change anything

    • Narcotic Lilac
      Narcotic Lilac 4 months ago

      @Rensune no

  • Crome Jonez
    Crome Jonez 6 months ago +16

    This one you guys made so good. One of the best for a while. I loved the fight.

  • Geo
    Geo 4 months ago +8

    Honestly I thought he was gonna win once he used the ring, since the ring + shazam. But I also forgot how Apocalypse is nearly unkillable

  • Andrew Ruiz
    Andrew Ruiz 5 months ago +11

    Black Adam's death was as brutal as Ganon's when he was against Dracula

  • Spectatosaurus
    Spectatosaurus 6 months ago +9

    Excellent work on the analysis of the characters before the fight! I thought Black Adam could win yet hearing Apocalypse can steal powers and dish it back changes things. 🤟😎

  • Leonard Casiano
    Leonard Casiano 5 months ago +7

    One of the best videos thus far! Great job guys!

  • Tony F.
    Tony F. 6 months ago +1552

    It would have been interesting to have a Dr. Doom vs Black Adam match…if for no other reason than both utilize mystical powers; and they happen to run their own countries.

    • Galan AKA Galactus
      Galan AKA Galactus 2 months ago

      @zanzibawr Duh. He's Dr Doom. He's taken on more powerful opponents than Black Adam and held his own if not won even without God powers, just using mortal tech and weapons.

    • Maolen Vin Pelaez
      Maolen Vin Pelaez 3 months ago

      @thanoseid I already pointed out that Thanos at that time didn't have the Infinity Gauntlet which is why he was weaker. His arrogance led to Doom easily beating him.

    • thanoseid
      thanoseid 3 months ago

      @Maolen Vin Pelaez that was god emperor doom. doom could never do that without that power.

    • thanoseid
      thanoseid 3 months ago

      @Dankey Kid he isn't wealthy. his nation is poor as. plus like i said i acknowledge what hes done. hes not called the 3rd greatest villain for no reason. however its that kind of talk you just did that's pissing me off " He's the most threatening and capable human villain in Marvel" did you forget the other human villains? just because he became god emperor everyone thinks hes op now when he doesn't even have that power anymore. like i said everyone thinks doom beats EVERYONE plus they think he can do anything. everywhere on videos even just slightly marvel related his name crops up. its getting annoying and its disappointing that people dont acknowledge other marvel human villains despite them being as dangerous as him.
      again i acknowledge what hes done. but hes getting too much hype and its getting annoying.

    • Dankey Kid
      Dankey Kid 3 months ago

      @thanoseid His intelligence is almost unparalleled, and being a wealthy leader of a nation means he is usually prepared for anything. No one else that I know of has built a machine capable of absorbing the ludicrous power of the Beyonder like he did in the original Secret War. And of course he did the same in the sequel but with help from Dr Strange and on a significantly higher scale. I don't think he is overrated, he has more than earned his reputation. And he is far more than a guy who makes the greatest technologies in Marvel (he built a time machine), he was a runner up for the title of Sorceror Supreme and lost to Strange, he could be considered both the 2nd most intelligent man on earth, and the 3rd most powerful sorceror (considering Scarlet Witch). He's the most threatening and capable human villain in Marvel.

  • Eden
    Eden 6 months ago +21

    16:25 love this moment...gives the feel of the old arcade games.

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 6 months ago +35

    For anyone wondering why he didn’t just finish saying Shazam, it’s because Apocalypse was standing right above him meaning the lightning would’ve hit him instead and prevent him transforming

    • Jacob Coderre
      Jacob Coderre 2 months ago

      Couldn't he get up after knocking Apocalypse out of giant form and crush the death seed?

    • King J
      King J 3 months ago

      When gog says Shazam you need the intent of transforming it’s how Shazam and BA use it offensively

    • Max Strike
      Max Strike 5 months ago +2

      Then it would've just hit Apocalypse

    • Camron Hastings
      Camron Hastings 5 months ago +4

      @First Name Last NameOkay I thought he was still transformed because he had his costume on.

    • First Name Last Name
      First Name Last Name 5 months ago +8

      @Camron Hastings
      He had already said it before and was human before he said it again

  • Aza Smith
    Aza Smith 3 months ago +55

    Anyone else wanna see a Shazam variant powered by the Norse gods?

    • Micah Asby
      Micah Asby 3 months ago +23

      Our hero is granted:
      The Fire of Sol: while the other champions of Shazam use lightning, this one is granted pyrokinesis. Also, I won’t have to swap out other sources here if I do this.
      The Senses of Heimdall: we needed at least one deity in this list, and I would’ve liked more, but turns out there’s not a lot of Norse deities with names fitting the Shazam acronym. If it’s not Thor or Odin contributing to putting forth a champion, Heimdall certainly would for the good of Midgard (or the Nine Worlds at large).
      The Strength of Asmund: sure, Sigurd is, like, THE Norse hero aside from Beowulf, but Asmund Berserkers-Slayer earned that title the hard way and deserves respect. Do you know how hard it is to kill one berserker, let alone two or more?
      The Courage of Zisa: I actually like this idea, that the consort of Tyr is most likely a shieldmaiden. And being more hardcore than a shieldmaiden (or possibly a valkyrie) is not easily done.
      The Stamina of Arngrim: Arngrim was a berserker who lived long enough to side twelve sons, which means he was a berserker who made it to middle age at least. That’s how you know Arngrim was a very, very durable man.
      The Wisdom of Mimir: I also really liked this one. Mimir was the smartest man alive, so who else would know the weaknesses of your enemies and help you think on the fly?

    • Michael Garcia
      Michael Garcia 3 months ago +2

      @Sketchy Dude please do and show us

    • David Britton
      David Britton 3 months ago +4

      @Sketchy Dude I wish you luck.

    • Sketchy Dude
      Sketchy Dude 3 months ago +4

      @David Britton I kinda want to draw that now lol

    • David Britton
      David Britton 3 months ago +14

      Would be cool. Could be from Earth-X too.
      Since the Nazi version of Wonder Woman dresses like a Norse Valkerie.

  • Nicholas Lehner
    Nicholas Lehner 5 months ago +18

    I don’t know why people are complaining about Apocalypse's voice. I understood him perfectly.

  • Bryan U
    Bryan U 5 months ago +6

    I was honestly expecting a plot twist
    But regardless it felt like the old deathbattle loved it

  • Acon
    Acon 6 months ago +1134

    The only part that could have made the animated part EVEN COOLER was if Black Adam DID say that last "Shazam!", but Apocalypses just raises his hand and absorbs the whole thing right before he stomps on him

    • Deathmare
      Deathmare 5 months ago

      @O-Wolf so why can’t Oscar Isaac do it

    • O-Wolf
      O-Wolf 5 months ago

      @Deathmare so?

    • Deathmare
      Deathmare 5 months ago

      @O-Wolf he’s already groot though

    • O-Wolf
      O-Wolf 5 months ago

      @Deathmare oscar isaacs already moonknight so no.. plus I've always thought vin diesel would make a great en sabah nur since his pitch black/riddick days.. especially with the whole survival of the fittest thing

    • Deathmare
      Deathmare 5 months ago

      @O-Wolf tf they could just get do Oscar Isaac again

  • Shamans Tears
    Shamans Tears 5 months ago +17

    The laughter after that first SHAZAM was when I knew it was over.

  • Eric Dalhoff
    Eric Dalhoff 5 months ago +4

    1:32-Epic poses bros.
    6:12-Technically, he's an anti-hero.
    *15:06**-DB Announcer: FIGHT!*
    15:51-Hah! Reference to Hulk to Loki: Puny god...
    16:47-Kind of a bad move, Black Adam. You forgot about his Death Seed.
    16:56-He broke the camera... AND Black Adam, too!
    *DB Aftermath:*
    **Black Adam's drained and lifeless corpse is in a crater of his town.*
    **Apocalypse is seen laughing above of the destroyed town, Kahndaq.*
    19:53-Way to go, Team Marvel.
    Fallen Gods... by Brandon Yates, Omega Sparx, and SWATS... EPIC!!
    Another win for Team Marvel! :D

  • The Obsessed
    The Obsessed 5 months ago +10

    Man it sucks to know that Apocalypse could've been a sick ass hero if people were just nice to him.

    • Li-Li Mandragon
      Li-Li Mandragon 13 days ago

      It’s kinda like how people were awful to the likes of Wolverine, Rogue and Nightcrawler until they found the X-Men

  • pezboy715
    pezboy715 5 months ago +6

    Incredible animation, especially the ending. Wow.

    • Ken Pearson
      Ken Pearson 4 months ago

      A kick ads brawl for the ages

  • Terrencevia21
    Terrencevia21 5 months ago +3

    Freaking love these. You guys rock and so did this fight. So curious, could we see an Apocalypse vs Darkseid face off? Would love to see how that plays out! Thank you again for these!

    • Veladus
      Veladus 5 months ago +2

      @Terrencevia21 Yeah, it definitely would be. Mostly because Death Battle depicts Darkseid as something DC never depicts him as: competent.

    • Terrencevia21
      Terrencevia21 5 months ago +1

      @Veladus lol, yea that’s probably true, but wouldn’t you want to see that animated? It would be sick either way.

    • Veladus
      Veladus 5 months ago +4

      Darkseid blinks and Apocalypse is so intensely obliterated that he disappears from old comics printed in the real world.

  • Spaghetti Master
    Spaghetti Master 6 months ago +987

    Apocalypse ensuring the last thing Adam ever sees is his country and people being subjugated and murdered(the very thing he gained his powers to prevent) before killings him with his own lightning is definitely a top 5 kill in the series.

    • Iron_Potato 40k
      Iron_Potato 40k 6 months ago

      @Normal guy here ?

    • Normal guy here
      Normal guy here 6 months ago +2

      @Iron_Potato 40k Dracula killing Gannon

    • nikos731
      nikos731 6 months ago +5

      @HealthGage Dracula cutting Gannondorf in half and drinking his blood after mentioning "You are right, you are not a man. You are a pig. Let me hear you squeal" is also one of the top ones.

    • Spodo bbb
      Spodo bbb 6 months ago +2

      @Jonathan Campbell oh yea well I guess there was that one time thanos became a simp for death
      And she left him for deadpool...
      The fact that this is now a sentence is poggers

    • Jonathan Campbell
      Jonathan Campbell 6 months ago +3

      @Spodo bbb In the comics, both Thanos and Apocalypse can be extremely sadistic

  • ironboy89
    ironboy89 6 months ago +37

    One of the few portrayals that understand how Strong Apocalypse should be.

    • WellSheat
      WellSheat 4 months ago

      @Froze Zone Ivan Ooze was the main villain from the Power Rangers movie.

    • Li-Li Mandragon
      Li-Li Mandragon 4 months ago +4

      @Froze Zone The Fox film version of Apocalypse looks like Ivan Ooze.

    • Froze Zone
      Froze Zone 5 months ago

      @Li-Li Mandragon Who's ivan ooze ?

    • Jermaine Beetstra
      Jermaine Beetstra 5 months ago +2

      @Li-Li Mandragon Ivan Ooze hahaha, yeah... Sounds about right.

    • Li-Li Mandragon
      Li-Li Mandragon 6 months ago +15

      Step one to doing Apocalypse justice
      *Don't make him Ivan Ooze.*

  • just some random saitamatard

    I don't know what I was expecting. But that was definitely more than I expected. Apocalypse is a monster

  • Alistair Phantom
    Alistair Phantom 5 months ago +2

    I just love watching death battle to see how characters interact because it's awesome.

  • Colino Deani
    Colino Deani Month ago +5

    "I am as far beyond mutants.. as mutants are beyond humans" - Apocalypse

  • Larry Guerra
    Larry Guerra 5 months ago +14

    This fight went a lot different than the DBX battle lol. Good stuff!

  • Adrian Lujan
    Adrian Lujan 6 months ago +1268

    The X-Men cartoon was the best version of him. He literally gave you chills.

    • ☆Mistress of Chaos☆
      ☆Mistress of Chaos☆ 5 months ago +1

      Wanda: what apocalypse 🙃

    • Curtis Phillips
      Curtis Phillips 5 months ago +2

      @For Real!? if you gotta ask..

    • Xenox2020GOW GODOFWINTER
      Xenox2020GOW GODOFWINTER 5 months ago +3

      Should be considered his Klassic Attire.

    • joshua mourning
      joshua mourning 5 months ago +5

      Oh how people's have dreamed of my end you are no closer then the Babylonians with there swords and fire sticks hahahaha

    • Commander Shepard
      Commander Shepard 5 months ago +8

      "You presume to attempt to destroy me, Mutant?! You shall pay for your hubris................................................................. right NOOOOOOOOOW!"

  • Conley Dunlap
    Conley Dunlap 6 months ago +3

    Another great Death Battle! Way to go Wiz and Boom!

  • Josh Martin
    Josh Martin 6 months ago +8

    Who keeps re-watching this fight for the music? Seriously, this might be Brandon Yates' best track since Princes of Pride (Thor VS Vegeta).
    That aside, this is just a gloriously done match: Brilliant animation, excellent voice acting, and a brutal finish.

  • Kozack Wolf
    Kozack Wolf 5 months ago +2

    best animation in a long time! Love it

  • ICTON animations I guess
    ICTON animations I guess 6 months ago +7

    I like how they made Apocalypse use the LL to kill Adam at the end

  • Ignis Dark
    Ignis Dark 5 months ago +4

    The music for this fight was fire and the fight is pretty good as well just wish we had the same graphics as the thanos vs dark seid

  • Shmoptimus Prime
    Shmoptimus Prime 6 months ago +878

    I had a feeling Apocalypse would win, due to his sheer variety of powers. He also has one of the most badass lines in all of X-Men: "I am as far beyond mutants, as they are beyond you!" I wish the movie with him had been better but I don't hate it.

    • Salty Heathen
      Salty Heathen 6 months ago +3

      @lucy Lucian go actually research Apocalypse's abilities, hold them side by side with Black Adam's and then get back to us.

    • lucy Lucian
      lucy Lucian 6 months ago +1

      @ShadowedNight what team x men are canon fodder to black adam,apocalypse has so many low showing hes go

    • Design By Deuce
      Design By Deuce 6 months ago

      And they really had Nimrod bear Apocalypse in HOX/POX

    • live stream gaming
      live stream gaming 6 months ago +1

      @Avalanche Dier oh I remember that. Magneto generator right?? The story where they killed doctor strange and emp'd the world?

    • live stream gaming
      live stream gaming 6 months ago

      @Argonaut 🤣💀. Looking for a response to this rn

  • tinyfeet101
    tinyfeet101 6 months ago +10

    Yo I’m a huge DC fan and the way you made him win was nothing short of INCREDIBLE!! Thanks for not pussin out on the graphic aspect

    • D YellowMadness
      D YellowMadness 4 months ago +1

      @SSJ4Anthony I think they meant that even they (a big DC fan) found it incredible despite any biases they may have because it was just that good.

    • SSJ4Anthony
      SSJ4Anthony 4 months ago

      Black Adam didn't win tho?

  • Candi Gomez
    Candi Gomez 3 months ago

    Yeah, saw that coming.
    When you have someone with regenerative or high-level self-healing abilities vs someone without, the person without needs some way to disrupt the opponent's abilities or they're at a severe disadvantage. Especially if those abilities are passive/automatic.

  • Malacite
    Malacite 5 months ago +5

    Isn't he also literally the first mutant?
    Been forever since I actually kept up with the comic lore and whatnot, but curious if Apocalypse has ever tangled with Onslaught (who was also BS incarnate)

  • Vladitor
    Vladitor 5 months ago +10

    15:32 just realized that apocalypse was referring to the literal gods/council giving him information but then apocalypse was just blocking him from receiving any more information, and at the end that's black adams living lightning that kills him

    • Vladitor
      Vladitor 4 months ago

      @Talor Alexander Williams he always had the ability to absorb energy and then shoot it back at others, but since black Adam is shooting energy that powers him and can power others if they get there hands on it, he absorbs his power from him basically.

    • Talor Alexander Williams
      Talor Alexander Williams 4 months ago

      I want to see where he has the power to do that outside of circumstantial buffs. I don't recall him being able to d such.

  • Antoine Hicks
    Antoine Hicks 4 months ago +10

    Apocalypse literally curb stomped Black Adam.

  • Reckless_Fox
    Reckless_Fox 6 months ago +723

    I really thought Adam was going to win until DB reminded me about Apocalypse's ability to absorb other abilities. This fight was absolutely savage

    • Bobby May Cry
      Bobby May Cry 5 months ago +2

      @Ybc Breeze Nah he has stolen the lightning from Mighty Thor and Unworthy Thor. Energy blasts from Nimrod, as well as other characters. None of which are mutants.

    • Ybc Breeze
      Ybc Breeze 5 months ago

      I could of sworn the absorption only worked on mutants

    • Ajay
      Ajay 5 months ago +1

      @MrReyes 500 bruh you really believe anything death battle does don’t you 😭😭

    • MrReyes 500
      MrReyes 500 6 months ago +1

      @Bryte Okeke I didn't say he would absorb his power -_- I said he could absorb his lightning. Also, your Nth Metal argument doesn't work. You pointed out that it can disrupt and absorb magic... lol cool Apocalypse himself is a magic genius who has disrupted the magical power of other magic users like Morgan Le Fay and has a whole journal detailing his extensive magical knowledge. If anything, you kinda just backed me up XD.

    • Dr virus (trojan)
      Dr virus (trojan) 6 months ago

      Not me

  • sagacious03
    sagacious03 6 months ago +6

    Poor Black Adam. Anyway, neat analysis & animation video! Thanks for uploading!

  • HollowdudeYT
    HollowdudeYT 4 months ago +1

    That was a great battle to see and this was an awesome video for me to watch and enjoy today :]

  • Wrickel Lethous 707
    Wrickel Lethous 707 5 months ago +15

    Honestly, this was one of the best battles, two egyptian tyrants with god like abilities and the ending was brutal well not like Dio vs Alucard but yet brutal and don't mentain about the theme

    • Wrickel Lethous 707
      Wrickel Lethous 707 4 months ago

      @Chief Shiba that its true

    • Chief Shiba
      Chief Shiba 4 months ago

      @Wrickel Lethous 707 Homelander vs Omni-Man was more brutal than Dio vs Alucard

    • Wrickel Lethous 707
      Wrickel Lethous 707 5 months ago

      @Froze Zone Dio literally crushing his heart and giving Alucard an stand rush where he exploded and became nothing more than blood drops

    • Froze Zone
      Froze Zone 5 months ago

      how was ending in dio vs alucard brutal ?

  • Hector Grimm "Reaper"
    Hector Grimm "Reaper" 5 months ago +3

    This makes me wanna see a darkside vs apocalypse but it'd probably end same way as it did with Thanos

    • Midsection Mark
      Midsection Mark 5 months ago

      I want to see it too even though we probably do know how it would end up. It would be an enjoyable fight to watch .

  • Ace of Spades
    Ace of Spades 5 months ago +4

    Maaaaan I was not expecting that KO to be as brutal as it was

  • ddubmomo
    ddubmomo 6 months ago +759

    Apocalypse is probably my favorite villain because whenever his plans doesn’t go the exact way that he wants it to, he gets all passive aggressive and runs away to pout.
    Even if he wins he’s like “nooooooooooooo! Storm was supposed to be standing on this side and Archangel was supposed to be standing on THIS side. You know, I put so much effort into my conquests and you guys can’t even-Just forget it. Forget it! Guess I’ll go take a nap or whatever…jerks…”

      DARTHORIAN_DARK_WING 6 months ago +1

      Remember in time fugitive part when when his plans go array he just decides to straight up KILL ALL THE X-MEN
      But another timeline with cable the same battle happens and he just decides to let them go and fly away 🤣

    • Brightest Light
      Brightest Light 6 months ago +1

      genuinely need an example to read, any easy to access scans of comics? this sounds hilarious

    • ADAJ
      ADAJ 6 months ago +2


    • DevilJin
      DevilJin 6 months ago +10

      i guess apocalypse embodies to term "Eh i'll sleep it off"

    • Артур Милкович
      Артур Милкович 6 months ago +2


  • Moyses Clemente
    Moyses Clemente Month ago

    Gostei finalmente uma luta justa desses dois

  • tensazero
    tensazero 6 months ago +3

    That episode when you really want the badass villain to win.

  • JollyJadenTNT
    JollyJadenTNT 4 months ago +1

    This was a really great episode

  • Carl Jameson
    Carl Jameson 5 months ago +2

    The living lightning has actually been shown to be almost useless against people with greater control over energy, especially electricity. In that DC/Marvel crossover from the 90s Thor straight up caught it and used it to transform Shazam back into Billy, and was able to redirect any subsequent bolt to miss him entirely, effectively taking Billy's powers away.

    • David Britton
      David Britton 5 months ago

      That wouldn't count any more though. Too much has changed since the crossover days.

  • Smiley
    Smiley 5 months ago +1

    I know it's a minor thing but, I would really love to see Black Adam with yellow electricity.

  • Kryo Night
    Kryo Night 6 months ago +711

    I know the ending is supposed to be brutal and tragic but I can’t get over how black adams smushed face is based on the rock eyebrow raise face.

  • TomboBreaker
    TomboBreaker 6 months ago +4

    I, I did not expect that brutal of an ending, these usually end with the loser dieing on their feet or getting straight up nuked, but this was the loser literally getting curb stomped and then fried as he watched his world collapse, damn son.

  • Hexx Gear
    Hexx Gear 6 months ago +4

    It's crazy to think there hasn't been one comic at all of Thanos and Apocalypse fighting let alone meeting each other

    • Li-Li Mandragon
      Li-Li Mandragon 13 days ago

      @SuperDogSam It’s legitimately close. Without the gauntlet Thanos would probably die but without the Death Seed Apocalypse would probably die.

    • SuperDogSam
      SuperDogSam 4 months ago

      @VeladusPretty sure Apocalypse could take Thanos.

    • Veladus
      Veladus 5 months ago +1

      For the same reason the bully at your local high school has never met Mike Tyson. Apocalypse would be lucky to get to shine Thanos' boots. And I don't even like Thanos.

  • ミートローフLv 154
    ミートローフLv 154 5 months ago +21

    Dr. Doom is so OP that he elevates other people to victory in death battle.

  • TheCreepypro
    TheCreepypro 3 months ago

    a great battle both opponents brought more to the table than I thought

  • Laysris THC
    Laysris THC 5 months ago +2

    I literally just started watching this but drawing parallels like two 5,000 year immortals who ruled over Egypt it’s so dope

  • ChaoticHoly
    ChaoticHoly 6 months ago +897

    I thought this fight would be a lot closer. Didn't expect Apocalypse to literally curb stomp Black Adam. Hell, I expected Black Adam to get splashed with Apocalypse's blood and become his newest host.

    • Bobby May Cry
      Bobby May Cry 5 months ago

      @-silver Your pretty wrong, last Apocalypse victory was against Genesis (a beyond Omega Level Mutant) he didn't just win, he went easy on her. Read a comic once a while.

    • John Winchesterp29
      John Winchesterp29 6 months ago +2

      Some people are underestimating apocalypse's power but he is actually a top tier villain. He has fought the x men several times and they never really beat him in order to be captured. Even juggernaut has been captured by the xmen.

    • Wyatt cano
      Wyatt cano 6 months ago +2

      Thanks for the spoiler !

    • random bad Channel
      random bad Channel 6 months ago +1

      @-silver i'm Fairly concinced apocalypse Is still a team buster to this day

    • -silver
      -silver 6 months ago

      @random bad Channel well regardless the assesment is way off, Apocalypse hasn't been written that way in decades. And no he never shown to have Adam stat or anywhere near it, he has embarrassingly lost to people who would get stomped by Adam

  • Julio Murillo
    Julio Murillo 5 months ago +2

    Damn that ending was brutal

  • Haroen Makarov
    Haroen Makarov 4 months ago

    Hands down this is the best death battle they made man

  • Super weird Plush "SWP"
    Super weird Plush "SWP" 18 days ago +1

    Jack Kirby: How many powers should Apocalypse have?
    Stan Lee: Yes

  • James
    James 6 months ago

    I was hoping after he defeated Adam, he offered to make him one of his horsemen

  • Spicy Toast
    Spicy Toast 2 days ago

    Goddamn, this battle is the most badass fight I have ever seen.

  • Christian Zhivago
    Christian Zhivago 6 months ago +1691

    If this battle gonna ROCK so hard, then it deserves an OSCAR!

  • Rundy Ftw
    Rundy Ftw 6 months ago +2

    Ok but can we talk about the fight song for a minute? Holy moly that was incredible!!

  • Kurt Phinney
    Kurt Phinney Month ago

    I kinda thought Apocalypse could and would best Black Adam due to Adam’s abilities being mostly energy-based

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia Month ago +7

    I love how so many people including Marvel fans say DC characters are too op meanwhile are completely ignoring characters like Apocalypse exist.

  • Elliot Lytle
    Elliot Lytle 6 months ago +1

    One of the things I love about this episode is that there's no "Who the hell are you?" They're both ancient and know about the multiverse. Plus the multiple Marvel and DC crossovers, of *course* they know each other already.

  • meet therandom
    meet therandom 4 months ago

    16:35 omfg this is one of the best graphics I have seen from death battle. Amazing job guys!!

  • Just a random purple fox
    Just a random purple fox 6 months ago +807

    These recent Death Battle episodes have been giving me a lot of appreciation for DC villains

    • SuperJYLS
      SuperJYLS 6 months ago

      @Six , Casper’s son He's a villain with a code at most

    • Xtrl Sidma
      Xtrl Sidma 6 months ago +1

      @Six , Casper’s son not really an antihero but to quote injustice 2 Black Adam "Good and evil and not consists. Their meaning are defined by those with power"

    • Morgan Taylor
      Morgan Taylor 6 months ago +3

      @Chris RJ I know I sure found that funny lol

    • MasterNoob96
      MasterNoob96 6 months ago +1

      Me too

    • Aaron Brock
      Aaron Brock 6 months ago +1

      @Just A Dude he is magneto of the DC universe lol

  • Larva Cartoon
    Larva Cartoon  6 months ago

    These stories are always so chaotic and i’m here for it

  • skaven969
    skaven969 6 months ago

    good episode, it can also be argued though Black Adam has defeated the pantheon in DC, it was not to the death, and it has taken a team of omega level mutants to contend with Apocalypse with a strategy.

  • iNfamos Wordz
    iNfamos Wordz 5 months ago +1

    Thank you for doing this with the classic by the book apocalypse character with the 90s look that was a villain for sure well done