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HAKUNA ZITA SERA JESU- Minister Ellard Cherayi and AFM Kingdom Life Centre Praise Team (Hymn)

  • Published on Jul 22, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • #AFMLivingWordTabernacle #MinisterEllard
    Song Written by: Hymn
    Recorded Live at AFM Living Word Tabernacle (Avondale Assembly) Harare
    Directed by: Sharon Manyonganise Cherayi
    Mixing and Mastering: Tatenda Gurupira
    @Minister Ellard and Sharon Cherayi
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Comments • 771

    MAI TEE NOVELS💖 25 days ago +30

    Was trying for a baby last year I came and listen to this ... Guess what ‼️today I’m here carrying my TWINS in my hands listening to this the 3 of us 🥰🙏

  • Zim Nixxy
    Zim Nixxy Year ago +476

    I have also come here with my testimony... Today as l was listening to this song l started to worship, as l was worshipping for my first time l started to pray in tounges l really thank God for manifesting to me through this song thanks Minister Ellard for allowing God to use you

    • Phyllis Ndlovu
      Phyllis Ndlovu 20 days ago

      That blessed smile

    • mosh josh
      mosh josh Month ago

      @Lisa Kumadiro utgjv

    • Eidhof_lj
      Eidhof_lj 2 months ago

      @Eddie The African The New Testament describes tongues largely as speech addressed to God, but also as something that can potentially be interpreted into human language, thereby "edifying the hearers" (1 Cor 14:5, 13). At Pentecost and Caesarea the speakers were praising God (Acts 2:11; 10:46).

    • PUBG mobile gamerz
      PUBG mobile gamerz 2 months ago +1

      Thank the Iord

    • Zivai Mutara
      Zivai Mutara 3 months ago +1

      I also had the same experience, I couldn't control myself when I listened to this song for the first time. The holy spirit came with so much power such that I began to worship yet I was travelling. The Lord does marvellous things at his appointed time.

  • violet chimange
    violet chimange Year ago +197

    Who else love hymns ❤️ let's gather here❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Faith Kiiru
    Faith Kiiru 11 months ago +48

    I don't understand this song but I feel the presence of God everytime I listen to it

    • nkatha pamela
      nkatha pamela 4 days ago

      ​@Eidhof_lj thanks for the interpretation ❤❤❤❤,,I love it

    • Eidhof_lj
      Eidhof_lj 2 months ago +9

      It's saying " We want to sing for Jesus, giving him praise and honour, because there is no other name greater than His. He loved us, even in our sinning. He gave us Grace... He healed and gave strength to all....the poor.. the neglected.... He is present everywhere....Jesus is omnipresent....

  • Yeukai Mapondo
    Yeukai Mapondo 17 days ago +3

    I’m listening to this song in sickness and having Faith that our Faithful Lord is the greatest healer and he fights all our battles .I’m healed in Jesus Christ’s name

  • George Ngorima
    George Ngorima Year ago +73

    This song never gets old, I first heard this song in 1978 when I was 10 years old. 43 years later the song still makes me cry😢🙏🏾

    • Angelah
      Angelah Month ago

      Ohhh yes praise the Lord 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💖

    • Israel Kudakwashe Gwasira
      Israel Kudakwashe Gwasira 3 months ago

      @didimalang Kgomotso Makutu
      Hakuna Zita seraJesu (There is no other name like the name Jesus)
      Kana nokudenga (Even in heaven)
      Hakuna rimwe rakadaro, zita reMuponesi (No other name like the Saviour's name)
      TInoda kuimbira Jesu, tichimupa mbiri (We love to sing to/for Jesus, and give Him glory)
      Nokuti hatizivi zita, rinokunda iri (For we do not know any other name, greater than this)

    • mamoyoT
      mamoyoT 5 months ago

      @didimalang Kgomotso Makutu are you South African?

    • didimalang Kgomotso Makutu
      didimalang Kgomotso Makutu 7 months ago

      Please interpret for me.Its catching

  • Rumbidzai Musona
    Rumbidzai Musona 4 months ago +26

    I want to give a testimony today my father abandoned me for 18 years but today his back and he took me as his own daughter ..This song used to make me cry day and night finally God heard my prayers 🙏🏻

  • Philosophy Hungwe
    Philosophy Hungwe Year ago +48

    to those who play the song every morning (#ndiye anotitungamira, #ndiye anoenda nesu)

    • blessing madondo
      blessing madondo 6 months ago

      My life with this song. Every morning , actually anytime I find time to play music I start with this one

  • Goodhope Isheanesu
    Goodhope Isheanesu Year ago +39

    I sang along to this song 🎵, in a foreign land and l felt like l am home 🏡 Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 ♥

  • chipo Mutedzi
    chipo Mutedzi 17 days ago +1

    Whenever I listen to this song, I feel like praying. Tears fall uncontrollably. To God be the glory. Thank you Man of God

  • Priv Katema
    Priv Katema 10 months ago +54

    Its May 2022 and am still here feeling this hymn, it hits deep within. Thank you my brother, may God continue to use you for his glory

  • cayote_flower🌺
    cayote_flower🌺 29 days ago +5

    2023 and still listening to this amazing song 😻

  • Caroe Chiwire
    Caroe Chiwire 6 months ago +25

    October 2022 and this song still gets to me😇😇😇our God is faithful

  • Rumbidzai Madhina
    Rumbidzai Madhina 4 months ago +12

    I remember singing this song at revivals in high school, and I remember very well making prayers which have become testimonies today. Praise God!

  • Justice Sibanda
    Justice Sibanda 9 months ago +34

    The smile that the minister does inspires me every time i watch this vid

  • Boipelo Radibaga
    Boipelo Radibaga Year ago +50

    I dont understand the language.. But at peace when listening to his music 🇧🇼

    • Audrey Banhu
      Audrey Banhu 9 months ago

      Keep on glorifying his name. There is no other name like his

    • Nash-Angel
      Nash-Angel Year ago +8

      We want to sing for the lord giving him praise because we know no name that surpasses his

  • Agnes Murefu
    Agnes Murefu Year ago +109

    One person who sings Hymns achibva aisa interpretation of every verse 🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️

    • Walter Muparadzi
      Walter Muparadzi 18 days ago +1

      Thank you Minister Ellard for allowing God to use you in our generation, always smiling but yet delivering masterpiece mimistration to our soul... I have travelled most parts of the continent, when l am down and far away from company, this verse of, "Jesu anoenda nesu kwese tinoenda, anotibatsira muhupenyu " gives me life

    • Mama Ndzandzi
      Mama Ndzandzi Year ago +1

      Hallelujah Ngavongwe amen and amen,

    • nyelz’ viary
      nyelz’ viary Year ago

      😂😂 Nicholas is that you

    • Memory Chirongoma
      Memory Chirongoma Year ago +4

      Rumbidzwai Mwari nekut murimutsvene

    • tashinga karonga
      tashinga karonga Year ago +4

      one person who always makes sure maihwee fits in every song

  • janet kudakwashe manhimanzi

    Tinoda kuimbira Jesu tichimupa mbiri, nokuti hakuna zita rinokunda iri 🔥

  • Timothy Kiogora
    Timothy Kiogora 2 months ago +6

    You worshipping with this anointed song may you have a peaceful and successful life in Jesus name

  • Fortune Kabanda
    Fortune Kabanda 5 months ago +17

    lets gather here this song is awesome 🙏🙏🙏

  • Calista Nyamayaro
    Calista Nyamayaro 6 months ago +15

    Singing with a smile. Quality for the Almighty. He deserves such praises.

  • Rue Mang
    Rue Mang 7 days ago

    One of the Greatest Hym of all time.Never gets old. So uplifting👏👏👏.

  • Tarisai Ngwenya
    Tarisai Ngwenya 2 months ago +2

    Anotibatsira muhupenyu ,he fights our battles🙏🙏

  • Lovemore Chikabwi
    Lovemore Chikabwi 26 days ago

    What a glorious song it is , it brings you closer to God

    EPHINAGE SAVANHU 9 months ago +11

    I'll testify 🙏my mom is not well but I know the Lord will heal her amen

  • Chipo Hilda Muhamba
    Chipo Hilda Muhamba Month ago +1

    Glory to God 🙏🙏

  • Thokozire Mkandawire
    Thokozire Mkandawire 4 months ago +4

    Listening from Malawi thou i don't understand the language but i feel the power of the holy Spirit 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌I have tried so many times to download the audio for me to be listening but I have failed 😩😩😩😩I have liked this song much.holy spirit take control and reveal to me whatever you want

    • Hastings Makunganya
      Hastings Makunganya Month ago

      There is no another name like Jesus.l want to sing for Jesus give him praise because there's no another name that we know besides this.

  • Audrey Ndlovu
    Audrey Ndlovu Year ago +109

    it's the smile for m when he sings u are a blessing Minister

  • Tanyaradzwa Mamhare
    Tanyaradzwa Mamhare Year ago +39

    Since the day i listened to you ministering live at Harare gardens for my first time i can’t afford skip a song you release.You’re anointed man!

    ESTA CHINHAMO 5 months ago +3

    Ndi JESU vanorapa vanhu nokuvasimbisa ..ndi JESU anornda nesu kwese kwatinoenda..thank you MOG may the LORD continue to enlarge your territory

  • Silvia Tokollo
    Silvia Tokollo 2 months ago

    God is faithful 🙏

  • Gamuchirai Blessing Chauruka

    I had a terrible dream and woke up singing this song. I believe God fought for me in that dream 😅

  • Abbie Mchena
    Abbie Mchena 2 months ago +1

    The goosebumps 😊

  • Ebely Nonhlanhla
    Ebely Nonhlanhla 2 months ago

    Am in love of this song.. I am revived u know. My Sunday will be the best...

  • 3phraimLive
    3phraimLive 2 days ago +1

    I love being AFM❤️

  • Chocolate chip Life
    Chocolate chip Life 2 months ago +2

    This song blesses and ministers to me at the highest level. It gives me the peace and reassurance that no matter what I go through he is always there. We glorify you Lord 🙏.

  • Tsitsi Mutikane
    Tsitsi Mutikane Year ago +193

    I am back again to give a Testimony, i saw the works of God this morning. I was driving to work playing this song in my car. I dont even know what happened but i just saw a taxi driver who was about to bump my car from the back, swerving his car/kombi, he then stopped his car on the other lane just next to my car. This happend in a split second, it was like a movie. "How can a taxi swerve like that " - that was my question. The taxi driver wanted to bit the red robort. He was speeding so badly. We then all stopped by the red robot.
    The driver opened his window trying to talk to me, i opened mine too as i sensed he wanted to say something, he started apologising, then i asked him what had just happened. What he told me, i could not believe it, i just smiled and said thank you my brother and God bless you. If it was not because of God, i was going to be involved in a terrible accident. But i believe God made a miracle for both of us. In a nutshell, i just want to say thank you God, thank you Jesus, thank you Minister Ellard Cherayi and AFM Kingdom Life Centre Praise Team. God is powerful.

    • mike mutambo
      mike mutambo 2 months ago

      I'm a Zambian I can't understand the language but I can feel the presence of God thanks pastor ellad

    • Gamu Kamba
      Gamu Kamba 3 months ago

      Thank you LORD

    • Nomsa Muradzikwa
      Nomsa Muradzikwa 6 months ago

      Glory hallelujah what a powerful testimony

    • Malvin Murahwa
      Malvin Murahwa Year ago +1

      @Minister Ellard and Sharon Cherayi I have been looking for song iye inonzi The name of the Lord is a strong tower, which platforms can i find it please

    • Skue mlaxy Mlalazi
      Skue mlaxy Mlalazi Year ago +1

      Amen we thank God

  • Loureen Jasi
    Loureen Jasi 2 months ago +1

    This has become my morning prayer and inspiration. As I bath and prepare for work, I just find myself playing this song and draws me closer to his throne. Thanks Minister Ellard. The part, "ndiJesu anoenda nesu....OMG, praise his name forever!

  • keithkaymutah
    keithkaymutah 5 months ago +7

    cheers to us who have played this more than once!

  • Fatima Ngara
    Fatima Ngara 24 days ago

    I love them hymns🇿🇼💕

  • Varaidzo Mhande
    Varaidzo Mhande Year ago +15

    This song ministers to me all the time. There's no other name like His, no one like Him. I see us singing this song in heaven one day. Thank you Minister

  • Makanaka magululah
    Makanaka magululah Year ago +26

    My love for this song grew more when l got involved in a car accident that left my humerous and calcaneaus crushed but God remodelled them in place.l listened to this song every moment,in and out of theatre.Thank you minister Ellard for ministering.

  • Adelaide Satande
    Adelaide Satande 2 months ago +1

    Amen .holy spirit in the house .healing in process amen

  • Beee Beee
    Beee Beee Month ago

    Highly annointed continue doing the work of God 🙏🙏🙏

  • Ropafadzo Kuchena
    Ropafadzo Kuchena 2 months ago +1

    I surely do not know any other name besides the name Jesus Christ 🙏

  • Itumeleng Ratshipo
    Itumeleng Ratshipo 2 months ago

    Love this song though I dnt understand the language ♥️♥️♥️ But it's spirit filled 🙏🙏🙏

  • Shamiso Chikoore
    Shamiso Chikoore 3 months ago

    I can never get enough ofthis song , Thank you so much

  • Florence Zunzanyika
    Florence Zunzanyika 7 months ago

    Glory be to God

  • Nkosikhona Fule-Moyo
    Nkosikhona Fule-Moyo Month ago +1

    This one of my favorite Shona hymns. Its such a powerful song. Glory be to the Almighty God, this song is filled with the spirit of the Lord

  • Takunda Mupesa
    Takunda Mupesa Year ago +15

    .. He is a forgiving father ❤️❤️❤️... Powerful hymn😍😍😍

  • hilda mukami
    hilda mukami 11 months ago +14

    Am Kenyan being blessed though aint getting the message but trust me i feel an uplift in my Spirit.Jireh be Glorified Forever🙌❤

    • Sina Makosa
      Sina Makosa Month ago

      @Alison Josphine thank you very much.. Much love 🇺🇬 🇩🇪

    • Alison Josphine
      Alison Josphine 3 months ago +1

      1. There is NO name like Jesus,
      Or by heaven,
      There is no such thing,
      The Savior's name.
      We want to sing to Jesus,
      Giving him glory,
      It's because we don't know the name
      Greater than this .
      2. It is Jesus who died for all,
      I love you so much,
      First we were thrown away.
      For our sins.
      3. It is Jesus who showed grace,
      We forgot him,
      You said, "Go, child,
      Do not sin again.”
      4. It was Jesus who healed people,
      He strengthened them,
      It is Jesus who raised the dead
      There are their relatives.
      5. It is Jesus who goes with us
      Everywhere we go,
      It is Jesus who helps us
      In our life.
      These are the lyrics in English

    • Ordias Ndhlovu
      Ordias Ndhlovu 4 months ago


    • Audrey Banhu
      Audrey Banhu 9 months ago +1

      There is God in heaven

  • Dadirai Muyambo
    Dadirai Muyambo 7 months ago +7

    August 2022. I never get tired listening to this song. I get emotionally charged, my spirit connect with Christ's spirit. Bless u minister Ellard for your amazung voice and your amazing backing team

  • Charmaine Mutsago
    Charmaine Mutsago 5 months ago

    Amen and Amen. Indeed hakuna zita kunga Jesu🙏🏽

  • Gerald Garinga
    Gerald Garinga Year ago +9

    My all time fav hymn, thank you Minister Ellard🔥

    • Lilian Tsarwe
      Lilian Tsarwe Year ago

      Tinoda kuimbirai Jesu ,ngavarumbidzwe Mwari

    • Nyasha Zaym
      Nyasha Zaym Year ago +4

      Hakuna zita sera Jesu (There is no name like Jesus’)
      Kana nokudenga, (Even in heaven)
      hakuna rimwe rakadaro, (There is no other like that,)
      Zita roM'ponisi. (Name of the Savior.)
      Tinoda kuimbira Jesu, (We want to sing to Jesus,)
      Tichimupa Mbiri; (As we give Him Glory;)
      Nokuti hatizive zita. (Because we do not know the name)
      Rinokunda iri. (That surpasses this one)

    • lydia kamwine
      lydia kamwine Year ago +1

      Please help me with the English translations

  • CleoPanashe _
    CleoPanashe _ 3 months ago +2

    My God!🥺 This song takes me places, blessed be God forever. Surely there’s no other name that we praise, but the name of Jesus. Uplifting!!

  • Ordias Ndhlovu
    Ordias Ndhlovu 4 months ago

    Amen iam also blessed , like the smile.Our lord is not the lord of miserable people he needs happy people aswell to come before him.

  • Tumwesigye Swizen
    Tumwesigye Swizen Year ago +11

    Swizen from 🇺🇬 Ugandan can't understand but I can feel the holy spirit overwhelming.. Thanks church

  • Chantell Adam
    Chantell Adam Month ago +1

    This song uplifts my mood🙏♥️

  • Lesley Marange
    Lesley Marange 2 months ago +1

    I listen this song nearly on a daily basis. My God continue to bless you and your family in this ministry

  • Tapiwa Mesa
    Tapiwa Mesa Year ago +31

    My favourite Minister pazvinhu izvi.. Munowaranura ma hymn zvinefadza moyo wangu

  • chrisdaevyns
    chrisdaevyns Year ago +40

    Minister Ellard it's now a norm for the Spirit to move when he sings but the BVs eish🙌🙌
    Edit:, And he pointed at Sharon at "Vashamwari vakanaka" now that's goals shame😄😄😄

  • chido munhondo
    chido munhondo 4 months ago

    It speaks to the soul....

  • Mudaki silvia
    Mudaki silvia 8 hours ago

    woooow 🙏 praise to the Lord. ❤❤hallelujah.

  • timothy Muchaurawa
    timothy Muchaurawa Month ago

    This is my prayer 🙏

  • Audrey Banhu
    Audrey Banhu 9 months ago

    Powerful song... Ishe ndivo vanoenda nesu kwese kwatinoenda

  • Orlanda Ricardo
    Orlanda Ricardo Year ago +4

    Glórias a Deus!

  • Pamela Lifa
    Pamela Lifa 11 months ago

    A true worshiper of this generation

  • Sophie GLORY
    Sophie GLORY 4 days ago


  • Beauty Manhema
    Beauty Manhema 3 months ago +12

    My mom's legacy song hakuna zita serajesu 🎵 ❤ may her soul continue to rest in peace 🙏 🕊28 January 2020 promoted to heaven always remembered 🙏

  • Tanaka Faith Masikini ❤

    Ndinoda kuimbira Jesu ndichimupa mbiri nekuti andiziv zita rinokunda iri...ndi Jesu wakaita nyasha🙏

  • Arnold Chakadyiwa
    Arnold Chakadyiwa 5 months ago

    You are an amazing group may you continue ministering in the Lord

  • Christopher Kagwamba
    Christopher Kagwamba Year ago +13

    Powerfully sang hymn, Minister I cannot resist worshipping God now🙏🙏🙏

  • Precious Mukwenga
    Precious Mukwenga 4 months ago

    My all day song, you speak to my soul

  • Khazana Sinoia
    Khazana Sinoia 4 months ago

    As my uncle is in a coma, this song has become my song of strength. even when I'm sleeping I just find myself singing it.
    May God continue to use you.2022

  • nyasha nengomasha
    nyasha nengomasha Year ago +8

    This is powerful, may God keep on using you Min Cherai and the whole choir.

  • Gondai Mahakata
    Gondai Mahakata 10 months ago +6

    This song give me a reason to praise Lord

  • Tanyaradzwa Grace Dopora

    One person who takes worship to another level and sinks into a song with a passion that unexplainable...GOD continue to increase and bless you in this ministry and may you continue to bless us with your gift.....may you and Amai continue in power and grace keeping the ministry alive in worship and praise....

  • Promise Chirara
    Promise Chirara 6 months ago


  • Munyaradzi Matsaira
    Munyaradzi Matsaira Year ago +9

    Thank you for singing this hymn from the heart with great passion and meaning!

  • Margaret Banda
    Margaret Banda 10 months ago

    Excellent Hymn Minister continue to shine🥰

  • Thomas T Muyambiri
    Thomas T Muyambiri 3 months ago

    In love with this song

  • Idah Taruvinga
    Idah Taruvinga 3 months ago +2

    Thank u Jesus for the gift of life

  • Godknows Rusere
    Godknows Rusere 10 months ago

    Yes sure ndiJesu chete. Ngatimuimbirei tichimupa mbiri nekuti hakuna umwe anokunda iye....Ameen

  • Sharon Nyikiba
    Sharon Nyikiba 4 days ago

    Back home in zimbabwe 🇿🇼 chemanza mission school in wedza we sang this song at the mission Methodist Church 🙏💃🕺

  • Loca Chakxs
    Loca Chakxs Year ago

    Yes hakuna zita seraJesu 🙏🙏

  • Pamela Mwenjewashe
    Pamela Mwenjewashe Year ago +21

    The anointed man of our generation I can't afford to skip your ministering thru music 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • lienol mlambo
    lienol mlambo Year ago +3

    This is pure talent ❤️

  • Tatenda Mhari
    Tatenda Mhari 8 months ago +2

    This never gets old, thank you Jesus

  • bridget mangezi
    bridget mangezi 9 months ago

    Born and bread a methodist this is my best song especially the last verse

  • angeline muzambezi

    The highest name .jusu uYu naye tinoenda kure .thank you man of God

  • Lyness Tembo
    Lyness Tembo 6 months ago

    God is amazing

  • Tafadzwa Nhamo
    Tafadzwa Nhamo Month ago +1

    The only physical man who won my tears everytime I listen to his music my tears rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably . There's a grace I partake from his music may the Lord Jesus bless you

  • Angeline Kombo
    Angeline Kombo Month ago

    My favourite song. My children cant speak Shona but was very suprised hearing them singing this fluently . Tinoda kuimbira Jesu.

  • Collins Masiyiwa
    Collins Masiyiwa 7 months ago

    All time favorite hymn

  • Chido Nhavira
    Chido Nhavira Year ago +4

    I cant stop listening to this. My favourite worshipper singing my favourite hymn😍😍😍😍

  • edna chad
    edna chad 10 months ago

    Powerful. Can't get enough of this uplifting song. We play it everyday before our night prayer 🙏. Indeed there is no other name other than of Jesus Christ

  • amanda shato
    amanda shato 7 months ago

    that smile on his face tells alot he knes waf he saying abt this God and his true love unto our. life🔥🔥🔥🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Mercy Masunda
    Mercy Masunda 6 months ago +2

    In love with this song.

  • Mildret Tabe
    Mildret Tabe Year ago +3

    I love this song with all my heart nekuti hakuna rimwe zita kunze kwera Jesu...

  • Febby Munemo
    Febby Munemo 2 months ago

    ❤️❤️l love this song 🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲