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Elon Musk’s Neuralink “Show and Tell” event

  • Published on Nov 29, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Beachdudeca

    If we are talking about giving a way for communication then it’s a wonderful devise

  • fffunky
    fffunky  +370

    Conflicted between both the beautiful and horrifying implications of this technology.

  • DarshUK
    DarshUK  +12

    What are the long-term implications of this technology? Will the brain evolve to do things (or not do things) that the Neuralink does more effectively?

  • whichri79
    whichri79  +243

    I think I wouldn't ask to be a guinea pig for that, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it helps people in desperate situations.

  • Kishor Patel

    hopefully it has strong security..virus proof!

  • Nazdak Marlow

    Do you think they would eventually be able to help people in a vegetative state? Unbelievable!

  • Pal
    Pal  +27

    Good presentation. I'm looking forward to more good news next year, hopefully this will help those with disabilities to regain their independence and communication abilities. And reversing or curing blindness, that would be quite incredible!

  • kurikuraconkuritas

    for paraplejic people this sounds great but for regular people this sounds scary

  • Amar S
    Amar S  +41

    If Elon sticks to his timeline and deadline promises we’ll see this product in mass production in 2123. 😂😂😂

  • aeamaea
    aeamaea  +13

    Laughs maniacally in layoff.

  • Erwin Saputra

    I might need to see the nearest Ripperdoc to get this new Arasaka's tech asap

  • Taun Hawk
    Taun Hawk  +43

    After seeing this, I think that VR device used in Black Mirror episode Striking Vipers will eventually become a possibility

  • VikTheGreat

    My man says “Steven hawking situation” instead of quadriplegic 😂

  • N B
    N B  +3

    I said it last time and it's poignant again here, there is a lack of team here, the neurolink team seems disjointed and don't have the essence of conviction that Elons other endeavours do. I feel this is what is slowing down the process, too many newbies, not enough collective movement in action. If this can make Michael Schumacher better, then that would be amazing. If this becomes a hacker's playground, then it's a nitemare. Having an external battery charger could be an extreme vulnerability. It is most likely come to pass already but delay in open disclosure until reset fully advanced. Stay well.

  • TheMrBvcx
    TheMrBvcx  +13

    Really cool ; I'd be glad to work on such difficult problems

  • Chris Y
    Chris Y  +53

    It's the part about charging got me, I couldn't stop laughting in my office.😂😂

  • Kel Ramirez

    its kind of a useful concept but really tech is still so far out for this to happen, all people think differently, this is just like the hyperloop

  • speedy duck

    Why does these tiny instruments needs batteries, when the human body makes it own "internal electricity" and use that to power these tiny devices indefinitely until the human host is still technically alive.

  • Raul Brando Ramotar

    Imagine getting a Blackout!! Can’t get to charging port on time!! 😵‍💫

  • U A
    U A  +3

    As long as it is not created to read and control our minds, I'm cool with it.