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Putin's Army breaches frontline at Pavlivka; Russia's new plan to force retreat of Zelensky’s men?

  • Published on Jan 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Russian forces have formulated a new plan to ‘liberate’ Ukrainian territories. U.K defence ministry claimed that Russian army plans a concentrated assault in Donetsk. Intel report by UK defence ministry said that Russia is preparing for a massive onslaught near Pavlivka and Vuhledar after weeks of stalemate due to winter. UK MoD said Russians have advanced several hundred meters beyond Donetsk frontline. Watch this video for more.
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Comments • 595

  • Peter Azlac
    Peter Azlac Month ago +61

    There has not been a winter stalemate since the Ukraine tactic of feeding more and more of their forces into the Russian kills zones in Donetsk and Kharkov oblasts has served Russia's objective of degrading the Ukraine army well without the need to expend men and equipment in major advances.

    • Realist 6703
      Realist 6703 Month ago

      Could be NATO strategy.

    • Eric P
      Eric P Month ago

      If you are shooting fish in a barrel, and your enemy keeps dumping his fish into said barrel, why change anything?

    • John Francisco
      John Francisco Month ago +2

      @Trump Forever
      you are not very smart Rajah
      glory to Ukraine

  • Anthony Omoko
    Anthony Omoko Month ago +30

    May Russia prosper and be victorious!!! 🇷🇺 🙏
    Peace to all men of goodwill!!! 🙏 ✨️ 🙌

  • Johnson athokpam
    Johnson athokpam Month ago +8

    Jai hind RUSSIAN ARMY 💪💪💪👍

  • C. Young
    C. Young Month ago +46

    The unseasonably warm weather in the Donbas has prevented much movement of heavy equipment due to mud. The temperatures will take another step downward in 5 days which will yet again provide for frozen ground in the Donbas. I suspect that just after this freeze, the Russian forces will be on the move again in more significant ways.

  • A D
    A D Month ago +24

    Love ❤️ it 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • mojoomla
    mojoomla Month ago +36

    Is the UK Defence Ministry the spokespersons for Ukraine ? Why are they announcing what is going on in the battlefield ?

    • Mohammed El Massri
      Mohammed El Massri Month ago

      Is the UK Defence Ministry the spokespersons for Ukraine ? Why are they announcing what is going on in the battlefield ?
      Now that is a good question ! haha !

    • gonzo alonzo
      gonzo alonzo Month ago +1

      because the hindustan times is a comic printed in moscow

    • Molly
      Molly Month ago +2

      self entitled as they proclaimed themselves GREAT....🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • sas bido sumaila
    sas bido sumaila Month ago +36

    only Kyiv remain for us🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

    • Irwan
      Irwan Month ago +1

      no Kyvi no war

  • Willem Bos
    Willem Bos Month ago +49

    Gloria victory ✊✊🙏🙏🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🙏🙏🙏✊✊✊✊

  • Jossias Mutize
    Jossias Mutize Month ago +10

    Zelensk call revenge, i call defeat

  • Ring-Tone
    Ring-Tone Month ago +91

    At this point nothing can change the trajectory or outcome of the war. It is already lost for Ukraine and just prolonging the suffering, both for Ukraine, EU and the world. Ukraine winning on media but on the ground it is very different. The more Ukraine delays to negotiate the more territory they keep losing and the more the suffering of Ukrainians. Zelenie will be remembered as a reckless, thoughtless leader who took Ukraine to war to serve foreign interests and his own personal ambition at the expense of Ukrainians.

  • Place OF Value
    Place OF Value Month ago +1

    I would quit knowing so much of what the Russian plans are and still can't seems to stop them

  • sohan waghmare
    sohan waghmare Month ago +21

    🇮🇳❤️🇷🇺🔥 SLAVA RUSSIA

  • Government Cheese
    Government Cheese Month ago

    The UK defense Ministry had ignored the fact that Russia took Pavlivka back in late November.

  • Awake
    Awake Month ago +3

    It's not a new plan. It's the original plan

  • stenka rasin
    stenka rasin Month ago +4

    In my opinion the Russian plan is to keep grinding forward untill there is no more Ukraine army or Zelensky regime.

    • AJ Vandelay
      AJ Vandelay Month ago +1

      Actually that's the stated goal by FM Lavrov.

  • Asphodelus0748
    Asphodelus0748 Month ago +45

    I'm ex US Army. My truck transportation unit was part of the 82nd airborne during desert storm. My specialty was convoy security. For 6 months before the land phase of the operation we moved millions of tons of supplies into forward supply bases. And once the land invasion started there was a continuous stream of trucks supplying the combat elements. Don't care how good your combat troops are. Without ammo food fuel etc... They're just a bunch of guys..

    • Ferdinand  Del
      Ferdinand Del Month ago

      6000 nukes

    • Johann Uys
      Johann Uys Month ago

      @Gandalf Stormcrow Tell us more, Mighty Internet Warrior.

    • Gandalf Stormcrow
      Gandalf Stormcrow Month ago

      @Johann Uys I actually am a combat veteran, but not half as tough as the Rambos who killed the 9 Russian orcs since you posted 18 minutes ago.😜

    • Johann Uys
      Johann Uys Month ago

      @Gandalf Stormcrow Whatever floats your boat, Rambo. Please carry on, I find your comments highly amusing.

  • Russia Z India
    Russia Z India  Month ago +25

    🇷🇺😎 Russia be like :- But no matter how many allies you have around you, when you die, you'll be alone.
    54 countries fighting against only one country Russia How shame-fullllllllll 🤣 lol joker 54 countries defence ministers were gathered in Germany to help terrorist Ukrainian.

    • Kuiper Bond
      Kuiper Bond Month ago +6

      @Steve B truths are making some people RESTLESS

    • Steve B
      Steve B Month ago

      " 54 countries fighting " ...another delusional bot who needs a math`s lesson ! 🤣🤣

  • Killgaz Motron
    Killgaz Motron Month ago

    I know this is a cold thing to say but i am kinda stoked for the metal gear style videogames that will take place in this war...

  • Kedir Mohammadi
    Kedir Mohammadi Month ago +3

    Vector for Russia ❤❤

  • Dávid
    Dávid Month ago +1

    Why not to use heaviest caliber?
    With one shot they will cancel all posdible escalation.

  • My Britches are Electrum

    The music kicks arse like Putin ✌️🇺🇸

  • krishna murthy
    krishna murthy Month ago +9


    • F-35 Lightning II
      F-35 Lightning II Month ago

      Russia military don't good training 2 star or less..
      Ukraine good training 4 star high from Western..

  • Eric P
    Eric P Month ago +1

    A stalemate would imply that none of the sides are achieving their goals. Russia's stated objective, from the beginning, is to de-militarize Ukraine, which they are doing by attrition.

  • Giorgio Cooper
    Giorgio Cooper Month ago +52

    Liberate “Ukrainian” territories …..😅😅😅😅 - Donbas is Russian territory and not Ukrainian ….. Do you remember last Septembers referendums ?

    • マラキ
      マラキ Month ago +2

      @ninjasixrr It’s the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis and the SVU that are disappearing people, the people who voted yes in that referendum are 1, Ethnic Russians and 2 had already declared themselves to be an independent state many years ago, (Minsk agreements).

    • ninjasixrr
      ninjasixrr Month ago +2

      Of coarse we remember the referendums !where people vote Russia or disappear!

  • Lord Sky Dragon
    Lord Sky Dragon Month ago +17

    There's absolutely no doubt that Russian troops are committed to fighting this proxy by the collective west against Russia.
    Dr 🐲🐾

    • Mohammed El Massri
      Mohammed El Massri Month ago

      The " collective West" have found a scapegoat people to fight the Russians on their behalf. The Americans have drowned the Europeans who are Nato members into this mess . Not their fight but on their payroll.

  • David Wong
    David Wong Month ago +27

    If you believed what the British Military Experts Clowns you will be dead 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago +58

    Strength too mighty Russia fighting against tyranny and neo Nazism . 🇷🇺🖖💥

    • Peter B
      Peter B Month ago

      @F-35 Lightning II I hope so! They fought against civilians that didn’t have armor, air support or artillery! What a stupid comparison. In the end, what did they accomplish? Nothing! Money wasted.

    • Gamer One
      Gamer One Month ago +1

      ​@Pascal Ramael you still joking here
      Mr bot of West

  • vjaysan
    vjaysan Month ago +15

    Ukraine has lost more territory over winter than they care to admit. It is inevitable that Russia will push her borders so far that a Ukraine state will cease to exist. Zelensky may have the distinction of head of a defunct Ukraine.

  • KasperTube
    KasperTube Month ago +8

    rumor has it that Prigozhin is not only the boss of the Wagner Group but he is also Putin's chef

    • Stephan Buchin
      Stephan Buchin Month ago

      We are sorry to inform you that we have to report this comment.
      Reason: awful pun 😎

    • Tazra Games
      Tazra Games Month ago +1

      The chef has screwed up usa and nato in ukraine. Mighty Chef !!

  • Maria Roncara
    Maria Roncara Month ago

    Call it " Self Defence"

  • Kevin Wa
    Kevin Wa Month ago +1

    If you think the war has been at a winter stalemate you must have slept thought it all. Russia now occupies almos 30% of Ukraine territtory and has decimated the Ukrain military troops and equipment. Sadly it is reported that Russia has just returned to Ukraine authorities, 20 truck loads of body's of Ukranian troops killed in just one battle. (Solidar and Bachmute I believe)

  • Lil Matchboy
    Lil Matchboy Month ago +1

    Liberate Ukraine is the perfect statement.

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    Michael Rohloff Month ago +16

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      Mukesh Ambani Month ago

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      Mukesh Ambani Month ago

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  • Gymnocalycium6493
    Gymnocalycium6493 Month ago +4

    Fun fact: Russia is the second largest provider of military equipments to Ukraine, behind United States. But, it's Not What You Think..

  • Lz
    Lz Month ago +7

    SATAN-2: I’m waiting………😏🔥💪🏻🇷🇺

  • Asela Priyanga
    Asela Priyanga Month ago

    There’s no exit, you are trapped, fear,anger, heat , blood is food for demons. No one will be safe. Find God’s way- every human being could be your mother, father, sister, brother, your granny, grandpa, maybe uncle. Accept the god’s word , no fear , no blood shedding, no anger -find the freedom

  • Emmanuel maakana
    Emmanuel maakana Month ago

    Did they finally admited that they lost oh they were preparing a nice grama speech of explaining defeat

  • Eupatorium4830
    Eupatorium4830 Month ago +13

    The Ukrainians were very elusive even in the beginning of the war. They fought in small independent groups. The Russians described them as trying to a kill a bunch of ants that are everywhere.

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith Month ago

      It’s combined arms mixed with insurgent defense. Ukraine’s leaders learned well.

  • Arno Holtz
    Arno Holtz Month ago +3

    Why do you always put the verb "liberated" in quotation marks. The Eastern Ukaine as well as the Crimean peninsula are to the most part inhabited by ethnic Russians, who have been discriminated against, tortured and murdered for more than eight years by the Ukrainian government, who pursued a goal of "de-Russification" by even banning the use of the Russian language. So if that is not a liberation, than I don't know what is one. Please take that into consideration when you send out your one-sided reports on what is going on in Ukraine.

  • norm aal
    norm aal Month ago

    Well .... since former plans fail and fail and fail you have to try new plans .... again and again and again

  • Cynthialynne
    Cynthialynne Month ago +13

    RUSSIA 🙏🔥❤️💙🇷🇺 VICTORY ❤️ from America

    • Cynthialynne
      Cynthialynne 19 days ago

      @Shea Reese Why don't you tell Biden what you think...I am sure he cares.

    • Cynthialynne
      Cynthialynne 19 days ago

      @Shea Reese you are telling me I do not have free speech...that you think because I do not agree with you I should be deported...and do not deserve to live in a country that has a first ammendment...WHO ARE YOU?.....?

    • No Money
      No Money Month ago


    • Rocky Morningstar
      Rocky Morningstar Month ago


  • lionel martin
    lionel martin Month ago +3

    due to winter...or to prepare troops and planning for the onslought?

  • papih
    papih Month ago +29

    God save the Russian 🇷🇺

    • Peter B
      Peter B Month ago

      @F-35 Lightning II I hope so! They fought against civilians that didn’t have armor, air support or artillery! What a stupid comparison. In the end, what did they accomplish? Nothing! Money wasted.

    • Peter B
      Peter B Month ago

      @Geert van Duinen hope you were this enthusiastic when Iraq and Afghanistan was being invaded.

    • Geert van Duinen
      Geert van Duinen Month ago +1

      God save Ukraine

  • G.N.H.
    G.N.H. Month ago +45

    No revenge. Just denazifying and getting rid of evil.

    • G.N.H.
      G.N.H. Month ago

      @Steven Martin a better day for you and all your loved ones, sincerely.

    • G.N.H.
      G.N.H. Month ago

      @Steven Martin A good day to you and all your loved ones. Inner peace!

  • Dyschoriste3731
    Dyschoriste3731 Month ago +4

    Thank you to all of you brave men and women, non-combatants, current service members, retired service members, medical personnel, and anyone else who up and left your countries, to fight for Ukraine in their conflict with Russia. Those who so selflessly left the safety and comfort of home to help the Ukrainian people in a deadly struggle. Those who weren’t asked, but have fought and died for the sake of Ukrainian independence. None of your sacrifices will be forgotten, and hopefully, none will have been in vain.

  • Lucas Obrador
    Lucas Obrador Month ago +65

    Glory to Russia! 🇵🇭❤🇷🇺

  • Spanishcookie
    Spanishcookie Month ago

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      Passero Lichtenwalner Month ago

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  • Norberto Datinguinoo
    Norberto Datinguinoo Month ago +1

    UK defence ministry is the spokes-agency of Zelensky,Lol.

  • Antoon Vugts
    Antoon Vugts Month ago +3

    Go for it 👍

  • Houttuynia7158
    Houttuynia7158 Month ago +4

    Honestly, anyone interested in weapons knew that Russia:
    1) was unable to mass produce Su57
    2) was unable to mass produce T-14
    3) the AN94 rifle was unreliable and a failure.
    Pretty much everything else was assumed to be good or good enough including planning and logistics 🤦‍♂️
    I had never imagined the level of corruption, ineptitude and incompetence revealed in the invasion of Ukraine.

    • Gandalf Stormcrow
      Gandalf Stormcrow Month ago

      @Asphodelus0748 even sweeter! Thank you again!

    • Asphodelus0748
      Asphodelus0748 Month ago

      @IAIN M RODGERS . NATO's Minuteman III and Trident II D5 Missiles with more than 6000 nuclear warheads is enough to destroy every city and town in Russia. There will be 6 nukes each for everyone of 1,117 cities and towns in Russia. While Russia will have to use its 6000 nuclear warheads to destroy 30 NATO countries..

  • Frithia5281
    Frithia5281 Month ago +3

    As a Ukrainian, whenever someone would ask me where I’m from. I’d just say Russia cause in America really no one really knew where or what Ukraine was. Now I can proudly say Ukraine

    • Thejasvi H
      Thejasvi H Month ago +1

      But now there's no Ukraine......

    • Al Kaia
      Al Kaia Month ago

      @kevin kinkade2 you are right my friend, I don't...
      But I do know fare amount of politics and how the game of strategy works..
      As I said, wait and see.. You answering all my comments won't speed or slow the process

    • Al Kaia
      Al Kaia Month ago

      @kevin kinkade2 not if you have planned to stay and make a good load of money first. It already started to smell.. But okay, you continue doubting it.
      See you here in two three months.

  • Зая Ядерная

    thanks to Hindustan Times . and to the Hindus who are worried about us .

  • KasperTube
    KasperTube Month ago +2

    Not gonna happen. We will give the Ukranians exactly what's needed not to let the ruzzians win. This is frustrating for the ruzzia fans but hey it is what it is....cope.

  • nkopodi Kgalema
    nkopodi Kgalema Month ago +14

    We will be marching to Kiev in no time

    • Peter B
      Peter B Month ago

      @PatTheRiot oh I agree, just trying to see where these people are getting their ideas from hence the bet.

    • Peter B
      Peter B Month ago

      Care to bet on a timeframe?

  • Gottfried Heumesser
    Gottfried Heumesser Month ago +4

    In WW2 Soviet troops advanced 30km a day.
    In Ukraine war Russian troops advance 30mm a day, sometimes.

  • Justicia9640
    Justicia9640 Month ago +1

    During the whole of my 15 year military career, I was led to believe that the Soviet and then the Russian army was a war machine that could not be beaten. They only thing that was proven correct is the amount of artillery they have. The rest of it is all BS. It goes like this : Mother to Russian soldier son, " How is it that you haven't taken Kyiv yet ? " Soldier " Momma, they wrecked us. We lost 1,10,000 dead and twice that wounded ! " Mother: " How many NATO troops have died? " Son: " NATO hasn't arrived yet ".

  • Dyschoriste3731
    Dyschoriste3731 Month ago +1

    I thought Russia had already annexed donbas

    • radio9
      radio9 Month ago

      Putin has no idea what he's doing. Changes every day.

  • KasperTube
    KasperTube Month ago +3

    The failure started with the disasterous attempt to take Kyiv in 3 three THREE days. The russians fled from the North (AKA goodwill gesture), Kharkiv Oblast humiliation (AKA run for your life), Kherson oblast humiliation (AKA tactical withdrawal), coming up: Luhansk humiliation

  • Steven Martin
    Steven Martin Month ago

    Ukraine warriors say Bring it on.

  • KasperTube
    KasperTube Month ago +2

    I am so glad ALL the countries from the former Warsaw pact are in NATO these days. I'm so glad even more countries will follow soon. Russia just a mad barking dog that way. Putin is NATO's nr.1 recruiter 🥇

  • RA LC18TM
    RA LC18TM Month ago

    Ura! Ura! Ura!
    Stand taller and stay stronger Russia!
    God Bless Russia and All Russians!

  • Eugene Arokiasamy
    Eugene Arokiasamy Month ago

    UK MoD is hilarious!

  • Romeo'sZone
    Romeo'sZone Month ago +3

    Yrraaa! swift victory to Russia! 🇷🇺💪can't wait till Russia puts an end to this drėddėd conflict, and get rid of these neo-naži rąts 🐀

  • Oinam Dhaneshwor Singh

    Please stop war human lost of people soldiers and civillians please peace nagotiatoin

  • krupt
    krupt Month ago +2

    NATO before the war:
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    NATO After the war:
    North Atlantic Transgender Organization

  • Akrishnan Krishnan
    Akrishnan Krishnan Month ago +49

    Huraaaaaa victory 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🙌✌️✌️ glory is yours Russia 🪆.....

    • F-35 Lightning II
      F-35 Lightning II Month ago

      Russia 3 row lose in war..
      Soviet Union lose Afghanistan war in 1979-1989
      Russia military lose withdrawal from Syria 2015.
      Russia lose in Ukraine war 2022-Ongining.

    • Deependra Pratap Singh
      Deependra Pratap Singh Month ago

      @Pascal Ramael on the side of ukraine

    • Pascal Ramael
      Pascal Ramael Month ago +4

      No glory to be found only death

  • Ronjin Skaarin
    Ronjin Skaarin Month ago

    Now Beglensky will beg for more!

  • Straight Shooter
    Straight Shooter Month ago +4

    Its funny how the whole world knows that the Russians took Soledar but cross-dresser cocained Zelenskyy only come to reality 3 weeks after the liberation of Soledar. What a leader!!!! "Slava cocaine" cross-dresser Zelenskyy

  • Saddam Hussein
    Saddam Hussein Month ago


  • Pasha Pasovski
    Pasha Pasovski Month ago

    Ukraine has over 250K ,KIA and twice are wounded, they also have epidemic cases of TB,they seriously need a reality check!

  • pachuco
    pachuco Month ago

    Hit the enemies hard Mighty Russia! Viva Russia

  • Rainier Ilustre
    Rainier Ilustre Month ago

    Liberate ??

  • Keshav Kumar
    Keshav Kumar Month ago +5

    Respected Putin Sir,
    Not just few territories but liberate full Ukraine.
    It's all yours
    Ukraine does not belongs to Zelensky.

  • Pablo Patience
    Pablo Patience Month ago


  • binoe mix tv
    binoe mix tv Month ago +18

    Zelensky:to america why did you attack iraq?
    AmericA: because of mass destruction.
    Zelensky : ahmmn okay 🤔
    But why you did not attack russia?
    America: because russia have weapon of mass destruction..😂😂😥

    • Tazra Games
      Tazra Games Month ago +1

      @binoe mix tv 20yrs to run from Taliban in Afghanistam😂

    • binoe mix tv
      binoe mix tv Month ago +1

      @radio9 the superpower country like america,australia,poland and uk invade in iraq Just could take for a 1month of invasion.😂

    • binoe mix tv
      binoe mix tv Month ago +3


    • binoe mix tv
      binoe mix tv Month ago +2


  • dandan free
    dandan free Month ago

    Russia lost 20% of Donbas in 11 months by the summer there may not be much land to negotiate.

  • alesh w
    alesh w Month ago

    Ha ha ha it doesn’t take genius or British intelligent service to know it.

  • Ray Harth
    Ray Harth Month ago

    What happened to Ukraine was winning lol

  • D. Brückner
    D. Brückner Month ago

    Hey , western social media will tell you Ukraine is winning ! It must be true right ? Laughing my a*s off !!!!!!!!!!

  • Julián Álvarez
    Julián Álvarez Month ago +43

    Victory is Russian ✌️✌️😎

    • F-35 Lightning II
      F-35 Lightning II Month ago +1

      Russia 3 row lose in war..
      Soviet Union lose Afghanistan war in 1979-1989
      Russia military lose withdrawal from Syria 2015.
      Russia lose in Ukraine war 2022-Ongining.

  • Vitor J. Khan
    Vitor J. Khan Month ago

    My thinking is that
    < russia liberate all Ukraine land and Unite with Russia.>

  • Ijaz Mahmood
    Ijaz Mahmood Month ago

    i think war is not a solution for conflict . if more and more countries will get involved it may lead to ww3. usa and other European countries must pull out their troops from Ukraine and Russia should do the same. live and let live .

  • dk RaWk
    dk RaWk Month ago


  • red ted
    red ted Month ago +3


  • Mosly catinga
    Mosly catinga Month ago

    UK intelligence??

  • マラキ
    マラキ Month ago +1

    There is no stalemate due to Winter, Russia has been waiting for Winter, for the ground to freeze because the soil in that area is thick and it is not good for heavy vehicles so they have been building up troops, training, waiting while the artillery take out infrastructure that can be used to support Ukrainian troops, all part of the plan and the only reason it seems like a new plan because the West have been saying all last year, Russia is finished they haven’t got any munitions left, their soldiers are deserting and Putin is seriously ill but Putin is not ill, Russian military is the strongest it’s been for 30 years, Russia has not finished they are only beginning.

  • preman kollon
    preman kollon Month ago +14

    God bless Russia

  • ForFair Fair4
    ForFair Fair4 Month ago +2


  • Satindra Paul Singh [ Sunny ]

    Liberate Finland after that please...

  • bob wilk
    bob wilk Month ago +1

    Instant Peace Agreement with Russia and back to CHEEPER Energy from Russia
    will solve most of the problems
    Not just for Ukraine, Russia, Europen countrys, but also for rest of the World, because Everybody
    Need Cheeper Energy to lower cost of production Food, Transportation and will Generate
    Lot of new jobs, but wars pushing USNATO Don't Understand It !!!

  • Kim Jong un
    Kim Jong un Month ago +25

    My men are on standby ...all the best Russia

  • Haldogo
    Haldogo Month ago

    Liberate? Who the hell would want to be under Russian. It's not liberated it's in prisoned

  • Graham Pritchard
    Graham Pritchard Month ago

    Another "new plan" from little Nobody man.... special operation number 9? 10? 11?
    The paper tiger has lost, no-one has the guts to tell him 🇺🇦😎🇺🇦

  • John Stevens
    John Stevens Month ago +1


  • Henrik Stephenson
    Henrik Stephenson Month ago