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Am I Doing Vlogmas? | ad

  • Published on Nov 23, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Rachel Chunn Lowery
    Rachel Chunn Lowery 2 months ago +2340

    Hearing you say you’re going to try and do vlogmas this year feels like a Christmas present in itself.
    And honestly I don’t care if there’s nothing exciting, videos from you feels like an old friend. And if you can’t do it everyday, it’s okay too!! ❤️

    • Wholesome Wellness
      Wholesome Wellness 2 months ago +23

      is it weird that cozy videos with nothing exciting going on are some of my faves? 🍪

  • YouTube
    YouTube 2 months ago +1483

    you know it's christmas when vlogmas is here ❤

  • Ally
    Ally 2 months ago +15

    Watching Zoe's Vlogmas feels like a cozy advent calendar

  • Kathryn Jee
    Kathryn Jee 2 months ago +5

    Just like everyone is saying, the fact that you want to attempt doing vlogmas is already a gift in itself

  • charleigh
    charleigh 2 months ago +1163

    I’m a simple woman, I saw vlogmas and clicked

  • Brandi Spry
    Brandi Spry 2 months ago +1

    Ottie is just so adorable! I love watching her grow and hearing her talk. I can’t wait to see what vlogmas brings!

  • Dominique
    Dominique 2 months ago +1

    I definitely relate to the whole “tidy house tidy mind”.. I don’t feel like I can sort out anything else in my life until my flat is tidy 😂

  • MissJEnglish
    MissJEnglish 2 months ago +2230

    I have as much excitement from this notification as I did ten years ago.

  • paperpenguins
    paperpenguins 2 months ago +1

    I’m a primary school teacher and I’d say most children do still love reading, and those who don’t love being read to! I think if adults share books with children when they’re young they become very special moments for them 💖

  • Pau Portas
    Pau Portas Month ago

    Zoë, don’t put pressure on yourself, we know it’s an especial time with your family and Ottie, just know that we love your vlogmas and everything you put out here, you’re amazing

  • Janaya Ortiz
    Janaya Ortiz Month ago +2

    I’m so happy she’s trying to do vlogmas this year. She’s the best and just keeps me in the Christmas mood.

  • Kailyn Whipple
    Kailyn Whipple 2 months ago

    I am so excited for Vlogmas! I love watching them over and over , no matter how long ago the video was. I just want you Zoe to enjoy it and we want you to be happy, so only do what you can, and no pressure. You’re so inspiring, and we all love you, vlogmas or no vlogmas❤️

  • Stephanie McIntosh
    Stephanie McIntosh 2 months ago

    Your vlogs give me so much joy Zoe❤️, I’m excited for the cozy Christmas content!

  • Josh Tripper
    Josh Tripper 2 months ago

    Omg hearing you say your going too try literally made me smile so much as I have watched you for yonks!! 🎄🤶🎅☃️. And any videos over the Xmas period from you guys is amazing!!! Xx sending you all love x

  • Lauren Skipper
    Lauren Skipper 2 months ago +1

    VLOGMAS!!!! Any attempt at Zoe doing Vlogmas videos is definitely a gift!

  • Kaira Here
    Kaira Here 2 months ago

    zoe, I am so glad you continue to make content. I watch you when i need some feel-good uplifting content and you are honestly my favorite. Such a positive and kind person.

  • Maggie
    Maggie 2 months ago

    I always love watching your Vlogmas videos, and I'll throughly enjoy however much you're able to share with us!

  • izabella mae
    izabella mae 2 months ago

    Your videos never fail to make my day. I’ve been watching you since I was a kid and am now turning eighteen in two weeks! So happy to have grown up with you and getting to witness Ottie growing up is such a treat. Can’t wait for vlogmas as always

  • Daniela Pires
    Daniela Pires 2 months ago

    omg it made me so happy that you still have the yes ring!! I remember back then I made a bracelet just like that for me, because of your "just say yes" video! made me realise I've been watching you for over 10 years now 😳
    thank you, for always being such a good inspiration! love you zoe 🥰

  • Sara Luna
    Sara Luna Month ago

    Going through a hard time at the moment, your vlogs really help to calm the anxiety down. So thankful for that

  • Victoria Jameson
    Victoria Jameson 2 months ago

    The thought of your attempt at vlogmas makes me SO happy. I can already feel how much i’ll miss your videos in January ❤😂

  • Victoria Jameson
    Victoria Jameson 2 months ago

    I literally feel like everything you say I relate to so much and have done for the past 10 years or so! It’s like you’re an extension of myself or someone I know i’d be best mates with. Always love your videos and yes im so tidy house tidy mind, definitely a morning person and love the book advent idea 🥹❤

  • Noga Paran
    Noga Paran Month ago

    I remember so well the "just say yes" video and how it completely changed the way I viewed opportunities in life. Honestly it's one of the main things that made me fall in love with you and your channel! ♥

  • The Beauty Aisle
    The Beauty Aisle 2 months ago

    I can so relate to your conversation about growing up with a love for reading, you took the words out of my mouth! My son is about the same as Ottie and he loves books soo much, makes me so happy ❤

  • Shannon Kate
    Shannon Kate 2 months ago

    Any attempt you make at vlogmas will be amazing, I love watching the previous years for the nostalgia. Honestly this news feels like an early christmas present after a very difficult year. Roll on December 1st, sending lots of love x

  • quidditchmum
    quidditchmum 2 months ago

    You are doing an amazing job of instilling in Ottie a love of reading. My 8 year old granddaughter will usually pick a book over her tablet. Good job Mom!

  • Barefootbunny
    Barefootbunny 2 months ago

    So happy you are giving vlogmas a try! Really looking foward to all of the baking, decorating and overall warmness that your vlogmas brings, even if they will not be each day. And really nice of Alfie to help. Looking foward to the vlogs 🤗

  • KaitlynnM56
    KaitlynnM56 Month ago

    I love the Christmas book idea!! I’m going to try to do 12 days this year (:

  • Paige Stanley
    Paige Stanley 2 months ago

    No matter if it’s everyday or once a week for 2 minutes or 1 hour, we love and appreciate your vlogmas videos. No pressure on you, we will love whatever we get!! Merry Christmas to your family 🎄

  • Yvette Wilson
    Yvette Wilson 2 months ago

    So sorry you and Alfie have been sick again! I feel your pain - this year’s been a nightmare for me, I’ve have covid, pneumonia, RSV, tonsillitis and the flu 🥵.. however it does get better, I’ve now been well since September so I think my body has finally caught it all and now has immunity. Sending positive vibes that the same happens for you guys now 💕

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov 2 months ago

    Oh my god you saying you’re going to do vlogmas this year is the best news ever!! Just do your best Zoe - we love anything you put out. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Love yo

  • Pip W
    Pip W 2 months ago

    Love the idea of a book advent! Would encourage people to make use of their local libraries too if they can and also wrapping books in fabric to help reduce waste 📚

  • Sarah Mirgaux
    Sarah Mirgaux 2 months ago

    I love the idea of book advent, yes as Lottie gets older a little label with the number along with stickers to match the number so she can count would be so perfect.x

  • Aubrianna Abbema
    Aubrianna Abbema Month ago

    I absolutely feel the same way, Zoe! Most of my friends and I are like this. I consider it a great trait, however, it can definately get detrimental if your SO doesn't get the memo :'p

  • Laura Lamont
    Laura Lamont 2 months ago

    I am so excited that you're going to do Vlogmas!! Yours is the only Vlogmas I religiously watch 🥰 as others have said, I don't care if there is nothing "exciting", I just love your content - it feels like listening to a friend. Looking forward to watching whatever you have time to film 😂❤

  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia 2 months ago

    I try to decorate after Thanksgiving (in the US) as it feels like a marker of the season but I totally support team christmas asap in doing whatever they want lol

  • Graceful Petals
    Graceful Petals 2 months ago

    oooohhhhhh!!!! 💞 Sunday morning and watching Zoe’s vlog… i still have to watch the part where she talks about Vlogmas, if she does or not, I still am grateful for all her vlogs🤩🤩

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss 2 months ago

    The way I've been binge watching all of Zoe's vlogs recently (mostly vlogmas haha) just manifesting that she will post again soon, i think it worked hahaha. I am so ready for t

  • Marta Disìo
    Marta Disìo 2 months ago

    OMG!!Can’t be happier!! I love your vlogmas.. i rewatch them so many times!! Any attemp will be so much appreciated !! Spending to you and your family so much love ❤

  • Ruhana Marijuana
    Ruhana Marijuana 2 months ago

    Yayyy I love that there will be vlogmas this year from you Zoe! even tho it won't be everyday I'm just happy there will be more vlogs from you

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml 2 months ago

    As soon as this notification appeared I clicked straight away! Vlogmas always takes me back to a happy place of when I was a teenager watching these videos.

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa 2 months ago

    As soon as this notification appeared I clicked straight away! Vlogmas always takes me back to a happy place of when I was a teenager watching these videos.

  • Emily
    Emily 2 months ago

    I still have my yes bracelet from 2012! You made such a difference to me with that and really helped my anxiety that year ❤

  • Sinèad Elizabeth
    Sinèad Elizabeth Month ago

    I remember your Say Yes video when you talked about your anxiety and it really helped me. I didn’t know what anxiety was but was having panic attacks and seeing that I wasn’t alone meant a lot.

  • Belén Vargas
    Belén Vargas 2 months ago

    This answer made my whole month haha I'm so so happy thank you for the effort
    Love you 🇲🇽💜✨

  • Oda Martin
    Oda Martin Month ago

    I'm so grateful for your effort to do volgmas, I enjoy Christmas thanks to you!

  • Kia Rosina
    Kia Rosina 2 months ago

    YAYYY!! you know we appreciate any form of vlogmass, cannot wait 🎉❤

  • amarens De Schiffart
    amarens De Schiffart Month ago +7

    Omg I have the same as you! When I don't have control about things, then I always start organising things. It brings me so much peace. So same for me, tidy house, tidy mind haha. Loved the vlogs!🩷

  • stationery fiend
    stationery fiend 2 months ago

    Your vlogmas videos are the only ones that I have religiously watched since its inception.
    You are the Vlogmas Queen in my heart! So glad you are going to attempt it this year.
    No pressure, you should enjoy yourself first and foremost!

  • Pari
    Pari 2 months ago

    I have been waiting three weeks for this upload. checking Clip-Share every day. Your vlogs are so calming Zoe :) Lots of Love from Australia

  • Linaya
    Linaya 2 months ago

    The part where you talked about your yes ring made me think back to the video you made about saying yes to more things.
    I remember just having turned 18 and struggling heavily with anxiety and how much of an impact that video had on me back then.
    Crazy how it's already been 10 years. And look how far you've come. 🤍

  • Georgia Paschaleri
    Georgia Paschaleri 2 months ago

    December 1st ✨💕 I'm 27 and Zoe doing vlogmas is so nostalgic and my favourite think to watch 🤍

  • Debbie_Rose
    Debbie_Rose 2 months ago

    Oh Zoe. This is SO much me. I‘m a teacher and I have to clean up and tidy the whole house before I can get into the chaos of correcting tests. 😂😅☝🏼

  • N1kk1
    N1kk1 Month ago

    Looks like you had an amazing time Zoe! 😊

  • Savannah Berardi
    Savannah Berardi 2 months ago

    I am so excited for Vlogmas! Just know that even a 3 minuet video would be amazing! Please enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends!

  • Leilani Villan
    Leilani Villan Month ago

    Im with you on decorating early for Christmas. Here in the Philippines you will already feel the Christmas spirits as early as September. 🎄🎄🎄

  • danielle
    danielle 2 months ago

    I’m currently in my second trimester and I’m trying to decorate my tree/put it up whilst feeling like death 🫠🫠🎄 I just love how you decorate your house🤩🎅🏼

  • aleszt
    aleszt 2 months ago +1

    I was really disappointed, when you didn't show the pants drawer haha I love all the organization stuff. Also I'm so happy you're doing vlogmas, I've been watching it for years ❤

  • Issy Rachel
    Issy Rachel 2 months ago

    I'm so happy you are going to attempt to do Vlogmas, your videos are my favourite in December! Don't put too much pressure on yourself though!

  • Melanie Shirkey
    Melanie Shirkey 2 months ago

    Hi ya Ottie!! So happy for Vlogmas! Your Christmas trees look amazing!

  • Br!tn! H!att
    Br!tn! H!att 2 months ago

    Ahhh Im so excited your vlogmas makes me feel sooo festive ✨️😊

  • Rebecca Anne
    Rebecca Anne 2 months ago

    Zoeeeeee, my girl! So excited for your vlogmas adventure!!!!

  • heather
    heather Month ago

    I totally agree, I found escape into fantasy worlds through books as a child and it still brings me joy today ❤

  • Robin
    Robin 2 months ago

    You might never see this, but I went through a spell of a lowered immune system, and probiotics really helped. I hope you and Alfie feel better, and I'm so excited for Vlogmas season!!

  • Madison Bailey
    Madison Bailey 2 months ago

    the conservatory tree is my most favourite and i love seeing all the new ornaments each year :’)

  • rachel judge
    rachel judge Month ago

    Im so excited 😊😊😊😊 Zoe and this year will be so very special with your little Ottie as she is knowing more and more loved how she kissed all the animals on the tree v cute and just wait till Father Christmas has been to see her so precious these younger years xxxx

  • Charlieesk
    Charlieesk 2 months ago

    I’m 15 and I LOVE reading. Some good books for when Ottie gets older is the Mr Gum series. ❤

  • OliviaRachel
    OliviaRachel 2 months ago

    I really love the jewelry collection you did!!! it is really beautiful! 😍

  • Roe Kayler
    Roe Kayler 2 months ago +1

    Recently I have really been enjoying early mornings. I get the most peaceful walk with my 3 dogs, make/serve breakfast, and tidy the house/run errands. I don’t get overwhelmed as much anymore because I have so much time to take my time.

  • Anja Fullard
    Anja Fullard 2 months ago

    Definitely a late sleeper, but I agree... tidy house, tidy mind. when I'm super stressed or there's a lot going on I find myself cleaning up the house to be able to deal with whatever problem I have😂. love realizing that Christmas is around the corner with your vlogmasses though!🎄

  • Manoela
    Manoela 2 months ago

    I loooove the idea of wrapping the Christmas books! It's the most wholesome and cutest thing eveeer

  • Larissa Schmidtke
    Larissa Schmidtke Month ago

    Vlogmas 2022 ist just the best news in a really long time. 🥺✨🎉
    I recently watched to old ones and they are one of the best thing.
    Rather it´s a trip at the start of december or buying a christmas tree at wilderness or singing christmas carols in the lanes. 😍✨🎅🏼
    I think just you being the most christmassy human i know is making everything more festive and it´s helping me a lot to get in mood for christmas.
    Thank you so much for trying and giving your best over all those years🙏🏻❤️

  • Elizabeth Drissi
    Elizabeth Drissi 2 months ago

    Thank you soooooooo much Zoe ❤ you are the Christmas Queen and now hope Ottie be the Christmas princess ❤️

  • Kelsey Straka
    Kelsey Straka 2 months ago

    We do a Christmas advent with our toddler too! 😍

  • Breanna Rittershouse
    Breanna Rittershouse 2 months ago

    Definitely don't feel pressured when it comes to vlogmas the fact that you're attempting is good enough we all understand how busy you are with the little one

  • Gosia Michalska
    Gosia Michalska 2 months ago

    I've also loved Jaqueline Wilson's books. I used to go to library with my mum and everytime pick just one and I loved ALL od them ❤️

  • Andreia Fernandes
    Andreia Fernandes 2 months ago

    I loved the Advent Book's idea!!!!!! Soooo cute!

  • Niamh McAuley
    Niamh McAuley 2 months ago

    I’m exactly the same with trying to keep order in other areas of my life when I lack control and am anxious and overwhelmed

  • Niamh McAuliffe
    Niamh McAuliffe 2 months ago

    absolutely of the mindset of tidy house, tidy mind and I am so happy you are doing vlogmas!! :)

  • Sim K
    Sim K 2 months ago

    This is why I love watching you! I love waking up early and i also cleaning and organising more when I am stressed XD

  • J
    J 2 months ago

    Haven't finished the video yet so I'm not sure if this was mentioned at some point. I'd like to ask Zoe directly but since it's not likely she'll see this, I'll ask all of you who have or know people who have young children:
    What are your thoughts on Father Christmas/Santa Claus? How far into the illusion do you/will you go with your children?

  • Natalie Foster
    Natalie Foster Month ago

    I love the randomness of the ornaments on the conservatory tree.

  • Rhiannon Elizabeth
    Rhiannon Elizabeth 2 months ago

    I literally watch your vlogmas (new and old) every year 🎉😂

  • Rachael Bennie
    Rachael Bennie 2 months ago

    I’m currently re-reading the Georgia Nicholson series by Louise Rennison as an adult and they’re still brilliant 😊

  • Jack Knight
    Jack Knight Month ago

    One book suggestion for the Advent books I recommend for later on is JRR Tolkien's Father Christmas Letters, it's all the letters his children received on Christmas Day from Father Christmas. I'm sure little Ottie will love this Zoe.

  • Megan Nickalls
    Megan Nickalls 2 months ago +819

    I always binge watch previous vlogmas’, they’re so nostalgic 🫶🏼xx

    • ali
      ali 2 months ago +3

      i am binge watching her vlogmas recently bc it gives me so much comfort and vibees !!

    • Jodie Captures
      Jodie Captures 2 months ago +6

      Same! Always gets me in the festive mood too!

  • Rebekah Eden
    Rebekah Eden 2 months ago

    So excited for any amount of vlogmas videos you put out! 🥰 cant wait!

  • TMNT Donatello
    TMNT Donatello 2 months ago

    So freaking excited for vlogmas xx thank you Zoe xx

  • WokeupWithAshli
    WokeupWithAshli 2 months ago

    So fun!! Your video came up on my feed and I just love you and your channel!! Vlogmas will be so fun! Sending lots of love from LA! 🤗🥰💕💕💕glad you're feeling better!

  • Discovering Glam
    Discovering Glam 2 months ago

    I love your vlogmas :) You is my big inspiration for my vlogmas :)

  • Lili Varicelle
    Lili Varicelle 2 months ago

    Definitely on team Xmas ASAP 🤶🏻 🎄! 👍🏻

  • Ash Redd
    Ash Redd 2 months ago

    So excited for some Vlogmas content!!!

  • Pure Relaxation
    Pure Relaxation 2 months ago

    Omg vlogmas,with snippets of an exited Ottille waiting for Christmas day 😃 Looking forward to it,even if its only a couple of days a week xxxxxxx

  • Mia Mulder
    Mia Mulder 2 months ago +323

    didn't realise how much I needed a zoella vlogmas - christmas just doesn't feel like Christmas without Zoe

  • MissSeaworld8
    MissSeaworld8 2 months ago

    I think your jewllery collection probably is the best one out there from a youtuber! It's just very much my style and I love every piece!

  • Mia L.
    Mia L. Month ago

    I’m a lot at home at the moment and can’t do a lot of the things I love because of my post covid symptoms. Yesterday I was really down because I can’t even go to work at the moment and on top of it I can’t really enjoy christmas time. Most of the things I would like to do around Christmas are too exhausting. But this vlog got me in a good mood and now I really want to hear to some Christmas songs, thank you!

  • YSL lin
    YSL lin 2 months ago

    Love your rambling vlogs as always ❤

  • Nikki Dumee
    Nikki Dumee 2 months ago

    I am so happy that you ettempt to try on vlogmas even with Ottie😊🎄 And you’re vlogmas is the start of christmas for me❤️And don’t put any pressure on you’re vlogs! Vlogmas is about bein festive and fun and bein cosy😊🎄 And i am happy that you’re doing it sgain this year❤️And maybe you should give mark that autumn tree , i think he would absolutely love it! And i think it would fit perfectly in his apartment😊🍂

  • Stephanie Poma
    Stephanie Poma 2 months ago +1

    Me watching as I just got ready for bed after tidying up because I need something to control when everything else is chaotic dare I say :’) heh

  • Joséphine
    Joséphine 2 months ago

    For so long i had that morning routine. getting up at 5am spending some me time for an hour. anything that feels nice, but no electric devices aloud. so no netflix or insta ect... I mostly read or made some list with dreams or anything that came to my mind. It was the feeling of being the only one awake and the feeling, that it's not lost time that made it so special. like if I chill at like 4pm I always think, yeah you could be working or studying or anything else productive. but at 5am i don't have that feeling, as I would just be asleep otherwise. and then at 6am doing some pilates and taking a shower. so I'm ready at 7am to start the day. When I was doing that regularly, that was the best time ever. I really need to start that again!!