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NATO nation Germany red faced; Putin's supporters collect funds for Russian Army | Report

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • A group of pro-Russian activists in Germany reportedly donated funds to a Russian army division fighting in Ukraine. The money was then used to purchase walkie-talkie radios, headphones, and telephones, amid European Union sanctions that restrict the supply of such gear to Russia's military. The development indicates that pro-Russian operatives in Germany are more actively involved in the Kremlin's military campaign in Ukraine than previously thought. Watch this video for more details.
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  • alberto rodas
    alberto rodas Month ago +29

    Let’s support together, this cannot continue, cannot for God sake!!!!!!!!

  • heinz grilberger
    heinz grilberger Month ago +43

    Slava russia 👍👍💪💪 Greetings from Austria 🙏🙏

  • Khanaz Zanahk
    Khanaz Zanahk 2 months ago +333

    Many people support Russia they're not stupid not naive about who's evil and who's the good guys are....UUURRAAA💪💪👏👏

    • Daliso Zulu
      Daliso Zulu Month ago

      @Jennifer moriarty yes there is

    • Jennifer moriarty
      Jennifer moriarty Month ago

      No such thing as good and bad when talking politics

    • Evelyn Acido
      Evelyn Acido Month ago +1

      Glory to Russia.

    • Dragan
      Dragan Month ago

      @atomi ss just look at what I wrote! Think about it 🤔!

  • Z
    Z 2 months ago +164

    Great - where can people worldwide support this group???

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo Month ago

      Shree Mohan Jat Yes.

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo Month ago +1

      Shree Mohan Jat Douth of Belarus,east of Moldova,east if Hungary,north east of Romanian and south of Russia.

    • Teresa Olszanka
      Teresa Olszanka Month ago +1

      Nothing is large when it starts out. "From small things big things grow"

    • Prajwal Bharambe
      Prajwal Bharambe 2 months ago

      @CuteDoggo why are you commenting ukraine everywhere? Where are you from? Ukraine?

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo 2 months ago

      Shree Mohan Jat *Ukraine :)

  • teamneverlost
    teamneverlost 2 months ago +412

    Russia should set up international donations just to show how many people are against US and NATO hegemony and control!

    • varicodin ZZZ 🇷🇺 ZZZ
      varicodin ZZZ 🇷🇺 ZZZ Month ago

      I would donate

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo Month ago

      @WS Chin Fun fact: Brazilian people volunteered to help in Ukraine. Also it’s a roll of you to believe Putin stopped Russia from being genocide when there was no evidence. You can’t change my mind you are more of a full.

  • Lal K
    Lal K 2 months ago +56

    Very good👍Big support from India

  • antoine reich
    antoine reich 2 months ago +315

    Stand strong Russia 🇷🇺 support from Canada never back down

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo Month ago

      @Naasik Hendricks Ligma

    • Warren
      Warren Month ago

      @munawar alias this is where you lie a flight has a routes before takes off that airlines fly some airline might state not want to use some route . I work with airlines so I know how they work .the report stated it was russian supplyed missile given to people fighting against Ukraine.

  • Antonios Panayiotou
    Antonios Panayiotou 2 months ago +22

    First and foremost we must support what is good...as Arjuna was advised by Lord Krishna when facing his own familly members in battle!!🙏

  • I love this world
    I love this world 2 months ago +184

    My respects to the German couple!

    • TrilobitesRTasty
      TrilobitesRTasty Month ago

      The big question remains…why did Putin sell Russian military equipment and weapons on the black market to line his own pockets?

    • Pinochio
      Pinochio Month ago +4

      Salute to these couple. 👍🇮🇩

    • Fatt Fatt
      Fatt Fatt Month ago +5

      TO THEM I RESPECT 🙏 💯 ❤️

  • Gene S.
    Gene S. 2 months ago +247

    Germany's pipelines were blown up by the US and UK.

    • D Schmitz
      D Schmitz Month ago

      @Nahashon Gichine no not true, uk never attaked Germany, it was the us and norway

    • D Schmitz
      D Schmitz Month ago

      by us and norway!

    • Raafey Playz
      Raafey Playz Month ago +1

      @Duke Sagamithey’re a puppet state now lol

  • Lisa K
    Lisa K 2 months ago +13

    Fight on Russia 🇷🇺 💪🙏

  • Jindřich Ženíšek
    Jindřich Ženíšek 2 months ago +5

    Clever grup od people in Germány❤️

  • 𝗘𝗹𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝗚𝗮𝗹𝗮𝗿𝗴𝗮

    Thank you for your support 🤗
    V sostave Rossii

  • t j
    t j 2 months ago +112

    I love it also in America some of us know the truth keep up the good work Russia

    • t j
      t j Month ago +5

      @CuteDoggo 🤣😂🤣😂 what evidence is this please show me because zelensky himself even said Ukraine is corrupt even though he’s the head of it so yea please show me this evidence

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo 2 months ago +1

      @t j And evidence shows Ukraine is a more reliable source,so yeah.

  • Lisa Isabella
    Lisa Isabella Month ago +4


  • Victor Rodriguez
    Victor Rodriguez 2 months ago +62

    The world should do the same

    • Victor Rodriguez
      Victor Rodriguez 2 months ago

      @CuteDoggo being wrong is not a crime , you're within your right to be on the wrong side there's many walking blindly into darkness

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo 2 months ago

      Nah,I’d rather keep my money to an actual good cause like Ukraine.

  • Chizu Anchan
    Chizu Anchan Month ago +17

    God bless Russia 🇷🇺❤️

  • Peter Wilson
    Peter Wilson 2 months ago +76

    Good we should all back the side with right on its side. Ukraine is the country started the conflict in 2014.

    PRIME PATRIOT ONE 2 months ago +88

    Not only in Germany, but from all over the world. North South East West. We very well know who is behind the war.
    Viva Russia.

    • hannahr77
      hannahr77 Month ago

      @Neil Clark so you haven't seen zelensky lately have you??????

    • Vaa
      Vaa Month ago +1

      Prime patriot one. Who invaded Ukraine? Did Ukraine put up a sign telling Putin to come into their nation? If this is true then why is the fighting still going on, and why didn't the people of Ukraine embrace Russian troops and welcome them. Think about, unless you allow Putin to do the thinking for you.

  • Billy Andrew
    Billy Andrew Month ago +14

    Good for them...RESPECT!!!

  • Lars Jansson
    Lars Jansson 2 months ago +83

    As a Swede - go for it. No Nato to Sweden - peoples choice.

  • david a. mourino
    david a. mourino 2 months ago +51

    the truth always wins

    • Alexey Shierman
      Alexey Shierman Month ago +1

      @CuteDoggo you please tell us which great country re-wrote it’s constitution and decided to make only one official language in the country and forgot that 30% of their population who live in east and south of the country have their own language and culture, can you call that country as a civilized, Truthful and democratic? Would you be loyal and fight for a country that decided to make you a second class citizen and abolished the official status of your mother tongue language ?

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo 2 months ago +1

      Please explain how is Putin truthful?

  • Jason Bauter
    Jason Bauter 2 months ago +28

    🇷🇺🇷🇺 Slava Russia 🇷🇺🇷🇺 Respect and gratitude from the US.

  • Raksmey Chan
    Raksmey Chan 2 months ago +21

    God bless her

  • 13K to stay
    13K to stay 2 months ago +128

    I have and will continue to send aid to Russia

    • Teresa Olszanka
      Teresa Olszanka Month ago +1

      Have you visited? Russia is doing much better than US. Russian cities are not as filthy and decrepit as US cities.

    • Ari Kotiranta
      Ari Kotiranta Month ago

      Russia is poor state.

    • dean moxom
      dean moxom Month ago

      Fair play

  • Dan Jorgensen
    Dan Jorgensen 2 months ago +278

    As an American, we see right through the BS. Slava Russia 🇷🇺

    • Armando ruiz
      Armando ruiz Month ago

      @t j Look on top of the comments

    • Armando ruiz
      Armando ruiz Month ago

      @t j I'm a US citizen

    • t j
      t j Month ago

      @Armando ruiz and when someone ask you. You say you are an American just like everyone else

    • Armando ruiz
      Armando ruiz Month ago

      @t j 🤦🤦🤦We are U.S citizens. Citizens of the United States. America its a continent with 35 countries. What happen first the United States of America or the American continent? Exactly!!! The American continent. The whole entire continent was already named America after Amerigo Vespucci in the year 1507. There was no such thing as North America, Central America, South America, the Americas nor the United States of America. It was just plain America. The Englishmen came to the American continent on three ships crossing the Atlantic ocean on the Susan Constant, the Discovery and the Godspeed and landed for the first time to what nowadays is Jamestown, Virginia in the year 1607. So that means that the whole entire continent was already named America 100 years way before their arrival. The United States of America became a nation on July 4th of 1776. That's 269 years later. 1776-1507=269.

    • Pinochio
      Pinochio Month ago

      @CuteDoggo (z)elensky=zomby

  • satish borkar
    satish borkar 2 months ago +34

    Very best work keep it up 👏👏👏👏

  • Robert Nilla
    Robert Nilla 2 months ago +12

    bravo to the german couple who are on the right side!!

  • Euro Asia BT Limited
    Euro Asia BT Limited 2 months ago +26

    Well done. ❤

  • Kalashnikov Rifle
    Kalashnikov Rifle 2 months ago +9


    INDRAJEET KUMAR 2 months ago +151

    41 countries want to destroyed 1 country so we need support russia

  • Abhay Gupta
    Abhay Gupta 2 months ago +37

    We also support Russia as our brother stood up with against the world when India needed help in 1971. Without that our country would not still be existing. Russian bros and Mr Putin, we are with you!

  • Greenfield Portfolio Research

    may God guide and protect this couple. much bravery, my respects.

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago +1


  • M Abrahams
    M Abrahams 2 months ago +29

    As the truth for this war is slowly emerging, it is becoming necessary to fund and help Russia in any way.
    If US regime can spend billions on ther criminal agenda, to support Russia is the right bathing to do.

    • Grand Ralph
      Grand Ralph 2 months ago +1

      ans they don,r ask the people,s anout war.. the majotity of the people,s are not for war.. the true

  • Pinochio
    Pinochio Month ago

    Big support to Russia 🇮🇩.

  • Demitris Harilaou
    Demitris Harilaou 2 months ago +3


  • Siboniso Vilakazi
    Siboniso Vilakazi Month ago +12

    Salute to this brave couple. We will this month hold naval exercises with Russia and China here in our country South Afrika. The last ones were held in 2019.

    • Yaële LERNER
      Yaële LERNER Month ago

      Yes, you will! South Africa turned away US proposal to perform joint exercises; they decided to do them with Russia 🇷🇺 and China 🇨🇳.

    • Pinochio
      Pinochio Month ago +2

      Just watch your country may be targeted by the us economically ( sanction$ ) or milliterily as these the best last weapons by the usa. Support s africa frm 🇮🇩.

  • Subhashis Roy
    Subhashis Roy 2 months ago +26

    'The truth only triumph'(satyameva jayate). The world has began to understand the false and evil notion of the west. Endless support to Russia from India.

  • Abdi Abdullahi
    Abdi Abdullahi 2 months ago +32

    Love russia from africa

  • mike will
    mike will Month ago

    My Respect to them, how can we all donate to help Russia?

  • Lisa Khoo
    Lisa Khoo 2 months ago +17


  • Trav Pastrana
    Trav Pastrana 2 months ago +33

    Protect those couple at all cost.

  • @💕loveIzukumidoriya💕
    @💕loveIzukumidoriya💕 2 months ago +80

    Wow...people really knows who their neighbour is for the rest of your lives and to stand tall with them when they have been wronged.. Fiji 🇫🇯

    • Red-baitingSwine
      Red-baitingSwine 2 months ago +2

      @Pascal Ramael How do you know what is a fact and what isn't?

    • Pascal Ramael
      Pascal Ramael 2 months ago

      @Red-baitingSwine well it's easy I don't use others as a scapegoat for my problems and face the facts

    • Red-baitingSwine
      Red-baitingSwine 2 months ago +1

      @Pascal Ramael How do you yourself distinguish between the truth and self delusion?

    • Pascal Ramael
      Pascal Ramael 2 months ago

      @Blitz with Golden Gun well there must be a good reason for them to not want to live in there own country and all moving to the west. It's weak to use NATO or USA as a scapegoat for what's going wrong in Russia that makes them want to leave there country and families

  • Kingdom Return
    Kingdom Return 2 months ago +69

    Bear remember when you reach EU, UK and US save those of us that stand with you, those of us hate what the the West are doing, have more Russian intellegence boats near these Nato countries. 🏁🇬🇧🇪🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • Bbauto Repair
    Bbauto Repair Month ago +2

    War needs to be stop🙏

  • Smooth Sailor
    Smooth Sailor Month ago +37

    WOW! That's true commitment to peace . ✌️

  • Shiva kumar. s
    Shiva kumar. s Month ago +1

    Russia we always with you ... from INDIA...... Russia and India is also best of the best brother s friend s

  • crown prince
    crown prince 2 months ago +4

    Thank you for the help

  • Derrickcz
    Derrickcz Month ago +1

    Glory to Russia!🇷🇺💪

  • TheToledoTrumpton
    TheToledoTrumpton 2 months ago +5

    I think when this is done and dusted, no one is going to come out of this as "Good", whatever happens. I just hope we are going to come out of it, preferably alive!

  • Ali Malani
    Ali Malani Month ago +1

    What is the law for politicians violating tax payers money without their consent 😮😮😮

  • --
    -- 2 months ago +172

    We in Finland should do exactly the same thing. No more eu/nato telling us what to do.

    • Pascal Ramael
      Pascal Ramael Month ago

      @D Schmitz man what are you talking about 😂 you being a German means literally nothing stop playing people sentiments... Do you even realise NATO was constructed because of the ww2 to protect and prevent Europ of such wars.

    • D Schmitz
      D Schmitz Month ago +1

      You should NEVER make the mistake to become a NATO member, Finnish people should protest against it. If you join you will loose all souvereignity in will be dragged into every dirty war of th usa. I as a German know from experience!

      ADITYA KUMAR Month ago

      @Pascal Ramael a free country can go against anyone to serve for humanity while a slave nation can't go against it's master at any cost, including the cost of the life of citizens ....

    • Pascal Ramael
      Pascal Ramael Month ago

      @ADITYA KUMAR zero occupation by NATO in Europe. NATO is Europ and it's headquarters are in Belgium

  • Bobek Velky
    Bobek Velky Month ago +1

    Good for them, bravo to Russia

  • Haridas VV
    Haridas VV 2 months ago +27

    It is one's choice according to their perception after all EU prides itself as a free and democratic entity.

    • roberto kandal
      roberto kandal Month ago +1

      @Prajwal Bharambe and usa in the butcher

    • Prajwal Bharambe
      Prajwal Bharambe 2 months ago

      Europe is a garden and world is the jungle.

    • Sam Osman
      Sam Osman 2 months ago +3

      Mohamad, it really doesn't, it's a dirigiste organisation, always has been.

    • Gina Kelley
      Gina Kelley 2 months ago


  • Morty Blink
    Morty Blink 2 months ago +3

    God bless all the Ukrainian and Russian children and us all with Peace. God is Gracious. Amen

  • Xvee
    Xvee Month ago

    Most people in the world have woken up, they see the truth of who their enemies really are which is US led NATO. Victory to Russia, with love from South Africa.

  • pamela ditchburn
    pamela ditchburn Month ago

    Well done!,,

  • Victor Samuel
    Victor Samuel 2 months ago +107

    India should also launch a similar campaign to support Russian forces fighting a proxy war with USA in Ukraine

    • Clem Alford
      Clem Alford Month ago

      @Codename I75 Of course. Every nation should without harming others.

    • Clem Alford
      Clem Alford Month ago

      OK no harm. Thank you

    • Codename I75
      Codename I75 Month ago

      @Clem Alford We should do what's best for our Long Term Interests.

    • Clem Alford
      Clem Alford Month ago

      @Codename I75Namashkar. I hope India stays non aligned. That was always the way I remember it but with a slight 'thank you' to the former Soviet Union.

  • Mircea Baciu
    Mircea Baciu Month ago +1

    Well done,german help

  • freezone
    freezone 2 months ago +3

    Good news....

  • Barry Knutson
    Barry Knutson Month ago

    Well done. Let freedom become the new pandemic!

  • Владимир Славяносвятский

    Good intelligent German people. You on the right side of the history with Russia. Together we will win. 🇷🇺🏆🇩🇪

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo Month ago

      @TimeMachine Bro said I want a nuke war💀🗿 Are you god damn oblivious????

    • TimeMachine
      TimeMachine Month ago

      @CuteDoggo Ah yes..no pointing debating on who supporting who now..the point is who stared and supported that from beginning..but western supporter will keep find non sensical ways to proved them right on Clip-Share 😂

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo Month ago

      @TimeMachine Ah yes,please encourage useless talks that will get no one anywhere and stop being a hypocrite when N Korea and Iran are also making money from this war as Putin bugs things from them.

  • John Hulk
    John Hulk Month ago +2

    Need more people onboard,, the world is at stake💪🏾🇷🇺💪🏾🇷🇺💪🏾🇷🇺

  • Destroy American War Criminals

    Always remember United we stand divided we fall. To take down the global bully you need to be united.

  • Sally Kemp
    Sally Kemp Month ago +1

    Go Russia 🇷🇺 👍

  • Evelyn Acido
    Evelyn Acido 2 months ago +19

    Russia ❤❤❤❤

  • D. Brückner
    D. Brückner 2 months ago +14

    These people aren't stupid , they can see the difference between good and evil , it's as plain as day !

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo 2 months ago

      💀💀💀bro over-exaggerated,Ukraine is the good guy.

  • Tom Mackling
    Tom Mackling 2 months ago +56

    A few brave people willing to stand up to support the good, despite all the lies from the WEF $ billionaire corrupted governments and media corporations. Good for them! Stay strong good people. Good will triumph in the end, but in the meantime, we'll fight for God. ❤️

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo Month ago

      @X Mehrooz Bro on red bull 💀

    • X Mehrooz
      X Mehrooz Month ago +1

      @CuteDoggo yeah right, keep drinking your kool-aid

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo Month ago

      @X Mehrooz Donesnt make sense,ratio.

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo 2 months ago

      Bro got his info of “Trust me please”.

  • ft.HardcoreX
    ft.HardcoreX 2 months ago +2

    Nice 👍👏

  • Nobita Nobi
    Nobita Nobi Month ago

    Russia is a good country Peace talks will definitely bring a solution 🇷🇺❤️

  • Theo Schütz
    Theo Schütz Month ago +1

    A good gesture

  • Kripanda Singh
    Kripanda Singh 2 months ago +3

    Good jobs

  • Satan Lucifer
    Satan Lucifer 2 months ago +3

    Germany people a lot of us support Russia 🇷🇺 and Putin ..
    Not everyone is ignorant bh media ,zelensky and USA 🇺🇸
    Love to Russia and Putin
    From Germany o
    Don’t forget to take those tanks and build your greater vision of of them .

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo 2 months ago

      Yeah,into a more breakable tank which farmers can steal,again lolllll

  • Chandana Weerasinghe CP
    Chandana Weerasinghe CP 2 months ago +76

    Great German couple, good initiative ,more and more people around the world must make an effort of such nature of solidarity. ❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹

  • Luis David
    Luis David 2 months ago +6

    So what? Well done!

  • P K
    P K Month ago +1

    They have balls of steel for doing that

    DANIEL💥 2 months ago +1

    I stand for Russia too...regarding this campaign 👍

  • natalie hozjan
    natalie hozjan 2 months ago +5

    May be this will help to stop the WAR

  • Zack Alpha
    Zack Alpha 2 months ago +2

    Russia needs to start receiving help from all over the world because it has it surely! Russia, you are not alone!Thanks to the german couple! You think well ! Germany has blames always to be the one to start w.w.wars but this doesn’t teach imperialists countries a lesson: It seems that we are expecting it to happen again very soon!!!

  • Willem van lent
    Willem van lent Month ago


  • Steven Dlamini
    Steven Dlamini 2 months ago +2

    Thanks good people keep on sponsoring Russia

  • Fata Oil & Plantation Sdn Bhd

    I like that. Don't care what that jerks banning or not. The couple 💪💪👍👍

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo 2 months ago +1

      The couple=wasted money

    [*(BTS)*]_KIM_TAEHYUNG--V 2 months ago +2

    Bangladesh stands with Russia

  • Great
    Great 2 months ago +3

    Russia 🇷🇺

  • Yaële LERNER
    Yaële LERNER Month ago +3

    Brave you are! Congratulations!

  • Millenium Falcon
    Millenium Falcon 2 months ago +2

    These people know the truth & witch side their bread is buttered ☺️👍

    • S S
      S S Month ago

      Not all Germans are stupid

  • Mircea Baciu
    Mircea Baciu Month ago +1

    We all need help Russia

  • black adder
    black adder Month ago +1

    We need a Russian donation centre in Britain.

  • Tyler durden
    Tyler durden 2 months ago

    I was against it before I was for it 😂 pun intended

  • Leandro Gomez
    Leandro Gomez 2 months ago +45

    Well, that's give me some ideas to help Russia

  • SO CA
    SO CA Month ago

    This GROUP is the only German with sence.

  • Grave yaad
    Grave yaad 2 months ago +59

    Am sso proud of them we need more people like these aiding the cause long live Russia

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo Month ago

      @Grave yaad Fun fact: That’s only america,you still have all of nato to deal with. Nato solos Putin.

    • Grave yaad
      Grave yaad Month ago

      @CuteDoggo 😅🤣😂 then you don't know Wat's going on in your own country alot of us heard that the mighty USA can't keep up with the amount of shells and ammo Ukraine is consuming that's after they say Russia is running out of weapons since March🤭

    • CuteDoggo
      CuteDoggo Month ago

      @Grave yaad We aren’t running out of wepones,I don’t know where you got that from other than Putin. Russia is running out of shells and missiles.

    • Grave yaad
      Grave yaad Month ago

      @CuteDoggo because iran and N korea is not running out of weapons but the west and Nato is we heard it everyday😂

  • Johannes Paulsen
    Johannes Paulsen Month ago

    Wow!!! 😊

  • Johnny Begood
    Johnny Begood 2 months ago +49

    The world loves Russia
    And I concur

  • what...
    what...  2 months ago


  • FEiNT
    FEiNT 2 months ago +13

    Well well well 🇷🇺

  • child of the universe
    child of the universe Month ago +63

    WoW! I salute’s you brave hearted warriors!❤ Russia for peace and equality for the world

    • Vaa
      Vaa Month ago

      Who invaded Ukraine. And where is this peace and equality? You must be delusional.

  • Anand Joshy
    Anand Joshy 2 months ago +1

    This shows the will of the people even though the amount is nominal. The Gov of Germany should take it as an indicator before major internal mishap politically.

  • Deepthi Lankathilaka
    Deepthi Lankathilaka 2 months ago +3