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  • Published on Jan 26, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    I'll update you on everything that has happened to me in the last year and what is coming up soon for me and the channel. I'll be going into the hospital soon to have surgery to fight an infection I have been dealing with in my feeding tube for months. The infection has been untreatable up to this point leading me to have surgery to hopefully fix it once and for all. This will keep me away from the channel for a few weeks. Fingers crossed this will put me on the right path and fix this once and for all so we can get back to mining and crafting with Hermitcraft season 9 coming up and 100hoursInMinecraftHardcore. Thank you so much for all the support and see you soon!
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  • GoodTimesWithScar
    GoodTimesWithScar  10 months ago +13308

    Thank you for all the support and hopefully see you soon.
    Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates:
    * Twitter: twitter.com/#!/GTWScar
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    • Daithi Whelan
      Daithi Whelan 9 months ago

      Sorry I'm captose intolerant

    • Tawgwhooper
      Tawgwhooper  10 months ago

      Hope you feel better soon.

      PLDT ANO NA 10 months ago

      You got this scar

    • Elier
      Elier 10 months ago

      @eimaixazosbackup funny haha

    • Rooster5525
      Rooster5525 10 months ago

      Don't say hopefully, we all know you will be back feeling a lot better

  • Grian
    Grian 10 months ago +28485

    Always here for you!

  • neal smith
    neal smith 9 months ago +895

    my sons Harrison (10) and Riley (7) have been watching the hermitcraft vidoes for a couple of seasons and are minecraft mad. You are Riley's favourite hermit, so he was delighted when he saw this video - you're just like him!
    Riley has chronic lung disease, cerebral palsey, an undiagnosed neuromuscular disorder and a gastro-jejunal feeding port. Seeing someone he admires talking about the same sort of issue he's going through on a daily basis has been a real inspiration. Obviously we were gutted to hear about the current complications you're having and the surgery this has required and wish you a full and sppedy recovery. But this video has been a real inspiration for Riley - seeing someone with the same issues he has and facing them with the same focus on the positive he struggles to maintain (and we understand it is a struggle) has meant the world to him.
    I don't know if you do this, but a shout out to Riley (and Harrison) on or around 22 Feb would make his 8th birthday something special, but I understand if not - you probably get hundreds of requests.
    Best regards, and thanks for being a role model.
    Neal Smith (Essex, UK)

    • Thunder Chimp
      Thunder Chimp 8 months ago +16

      I'm happy to hear your sons have found role models that they can see themselves in!

    • /\/\.C.R.
      /\/\.C.R. 9 months ago +25

      Happy birthday to your son. Hope your family has an easy life

    • cool guy
      cool guy 9 months ago +48

      you and your son are both very strong! happy birthday to him when it comes, wishing you both the best

  • Raafey Raza
    Raafey Raza 10 months ago +2152

    Update For Today: Scar has had his operation and is making a speedy recovery. Hope it is a good recovery! (Information by Grian)

    • Emigo
      Emigo 9 months ago +1

      @TheNiceHunter and I'm 14, not much older. I ALSO HAVE THE COMMON SENSE

    • Stxr Plays
      Stxr Plays 9 months ago +1

      @Cosmix you are the definition of F Up

    • TheNiceHunter
      TheNiceHunter 9 months ago +2

      @WD gaster 38 Yes, I am only 13 years old, and I still know how to respect others, not like that rude person.

    • SuperDuperLS
      SuperDuperLS 9 months ago +2

      @Cosmix also reported.

    • haehum
      haehum 9 months ago +1


  • Pokedude2486
    Pokedude2486 10 months ago +681

    Dang, Scars built different, being able to stay positive in a situation that most people would have struggled with is really motivating. I hope you get better.

    • Sunni Productions
      Sunni Productions 3 months ago

      awww this enetire comment sessions is so wholesome,

    • Thomasss theatre nerd
      Thomasss theatre nerd 5 months ago +3

      Scars just different, in a good way

    • WD gaster 38
      WD gaster 38 8 months ago +1

      @Cosmix yea btw it’s me other acc got deleted in the nicest way possible stop it get some help

    • Naturel Irtiched
      Naturel Irtiched 9 months ago +1

      We all hope Scar recovers soon! Meanwhile, we build for him and you can help us ;)! #WB4S

    • Jack Beynon
      Jack Beynon 10 months ago +5

      @Cosmix stop

  • DarkNubent
    DarkNubent 9 months ago +191

    *This man is so crazy positive that it makes me want to cry. Literally cannot complain about my life ever again*

      BLURTZZZ 9 months ago


    • Naturel Irtiched
      Naturel Irtiched 9 months ago +2

      So true... I feel the same! We all hope Scar recovers soon! Meanwhile, we build for him and you can help us ;)! #WB4S

  • BritishWeirdo
    BritishWeirdo 10 months ago +12443

    This is a man of courage, patience and humility. You're a good man Scar, he's also understanding of healthcare workers struggling (many people aren't.) Stay strong and get well soon!

  • Christopher Calvin
    Christopher Calvin 10 months ago +662

    You are such an amazing person! You truly are an inspiration! Take your time recovering. It will be wonderful to hear from you when you get back.

    • Jack Beynon
      Jack Beynon 9 months ago

      @Felix Thunder yeah

    • Felix Thunder
      Felix Thunder 9 months ago

      @Jack Beynonthat is just sick

    • Jack Beynon
      Jack Beynon 9 months ago +1

      @Felix Thunder It was a bot. It said something along the lines of "GoodTimesWithScar is TRASH! My channel is the BEST!

    • Felix Thunder
      Felix Thunder 9 months ago

      @Jack Beynon what did they comment?

    • Naturel Irtiched
      Naturel Irtiched 9 months ago

      We all hope Scar recovers soon! Meanwhile, we build for him ;)! #WB4S

  • Buginarug
    Buginarug 10 months ago +416

    I’m a microbiologist that works with pigment-producing bacteria and knew immediately when you mentioned blue drainage that it was Pseudomonas :( it’s such a bugger with opportunistic infections in immunocompromised pts. and those with colonizable medical equipment. Thankfully Pseudomonas infections are well studied and treatable so here’s to hoping you’ll soon be on the road to recovery!
    Wishing you the very best Scar.❤️

    • Angela Burrow
      Angela Burrow 9 months ago +4

      @AliSand Is it funny how 2 people read the same paragraph yet draw different conclusions. I read it that he was trying to put Scar's mind at rest, only showing that he understands about the issue in order that Scar realises he's more qualified to put his mind at rest than someone with no experience or understanding. If someone with a background in whatever causes you problems says you'll be ok, you're probably going to be ok.

    • Buginarug
      Buginarug 9 months ago +1

      @Kiddo ! Thank you for the kind words!💕

    • Kiddo !
      Kiddo ! 9 months ago +4

      @Buginarug this is so well worded and true!! thanks for everything you do

    • Buginarug
      Buginarug 9 months ago +17

      @AliSand Physical and mental illnesses can often feel very isolating, and like nobody understands what you're truly going through. I wanted to show both support and understanding for the time he took to explain exactly what was causing the infection. I know the challenges Pseudomonas can present, just as he does. While we can never know what someone is truly going through, we can do our best to to show our understanding through other ways, whether its words of encouragement or sharing our awareness of his illness.
      Best wishes, I hope this clears up my intentions.

    • Buginarug
      Buginarug 9 months ago +2


  • Lydia Heninger
    Lydia Heninger 10 months ago +233

    I imagine him leaving the hospital and yelling back “I have a swagon to build!”

  • Charlie McIntire
    Charlie McIntire 10 months ago +499

    love you scar, take your time well be waiting

    • Rudhvee Keote
      Rudhvee Keote 7 months ago

      @Cosmix this is NOT OK

    • Jai Chand
      Jai Chand 9 months ago

      @Cosmix bruh

    • Tobz Gaming
      Tobz Gaming 9 months ago

      @cosmic has been reported for harasment

    • Naturel Irtiched
      Naturel Irtiched 9 months ago +1

      We all hope Scar recovers soon! Meanwhile, we build for him ;)! #WB4S

    • Orangey's Studio
      Orangey's Studio 10 months ago +2

      @Cosmix dude this aint okay im never subscribing to your channel you arent getting anywhere with your channel

  • Tango Tek
    Tango Tek 10 months ago +6860

    You are such an inspiration Scar. I can't stress how much respect and admiration I have for how you handle your life situation. HC9 is your season my friend!

    • Naturel Irtiched
      Naturel Irtiched 9 months ago +1

      We all hope Scar recovers soon! Meanwhile, we build for him and you can help us ;)! #WB4S

    • ThatOneMiclo
      ThatOneMiclo 10 months ago

      @Man or either I’m stoned

    • Man
      Man 10 months ago +1

      @ThatOneMiclo or you are just 5 years old

    • ThatOneMiclo
      ThatOneMiclo 10 months ago

      @Man oh well ! SUCK IT UP!

    • Man
      Man 10 months ago +1

      @ThatOneMiclo what is wrong with you

  • patters
    patters 9 months ago +107

    My daughter is currently battling luekemia and the things you have gone through recently really do hit home so I can completely understand the hardship.
    Too many people in the world sadly suffer like this daily and you all are true inspirations.
    My 9 year old son loves HC and loves your videos and I have to say after watching along with him I'm a bit addicted.
    Good luck I hope the surgery helps

  • FiziXD
    FiziXD 10 months ago +105

    “I thought Jellie was a dog” 😂 hope you get better soon!!

  • Banquote 42
    Banquote 42 10 months ago +69

    I will never get over how incredible Scar is, life has dealt him so many hardships and yet he still smiles and stays positive. Inspiration to us all. Love you Scar!

    • Naturel Irtiched
      Naturel Irtiched 9 months ago +1

      We all hope Scar recovers soon! Meanwhile, we build for him and you can help us ;)! #WB4S

  • Nikiko
    Nikiko 4 months ago +6

    I admire how open you are with your community about your health and your medical progression. You are a inspiration, some people may not know it but you are

  • Austin
    Austin 10 months ago +2162

    You've got this! Take all the time you need. We will always be here.

    • Helpmeplx
      Helpmeplx 10 months ago +2

      And YOU are awesome for donating :>

    • PandaCircle
      PandaCircle 10 months ago +1

      Heck yeah!

    • Belal Ahmed
      Belal Ahmed 10 months ago +1


    • frolt
      frolt 10 months ago +1

      My second supercomment

    • Cantelupe
      Cantelupe 10 months ago +3

      50 bucks?? You are a bloody legend

    RAVON 10 months ago +176

    sending you love and strength! :)❤️

  • Anove
    Anove 10 months ago +50

    You could tell in this video that he's on the verge of breaking. There's a saying that I really like, "Everything works out in the end. If it hasn't worked out, it's not the end." Please get better. We're all here for you.

  • Pancake dude
    Pancake dude 10 months ago +82

    Scar is the definition of a great man. Even though his life is challenged he still helps millions of others. I am giving you all of my luck with your surgery. Hope to see you in season 9!

    • Naturel Irtiched
      Naturel Irtiched 9 months ago +2

      Totally agreeing with you ! We all hope Scar recovers soon! Meanwhile, we build for him under this tag #WB4S anyone can join and help us :)

    • Humblebumble
      Humblebumble 10 months ago +2

      @Cosmix wow, I’m soooo interested right now. I will ttooottaaaalllyyyy ssuuuuubbbb…..

    • Indigo Reigns
      Indigo Reigns 10 months ago +2

      Well said!!

  • CassieVibes
    CassieVibes 4 months ago +3

    I’m very happy to have stumbled upon this video. I’m new here and I wondered why you had tubes. I wanted to be respective since my mom is disabled as well. Anyhow, thank you for this video

  • fWhip
    fWhip 10 months ago +6056

    Best of luck on the surgery and recovery scar, hope it's able to go by as smoothly as possible

    • Naturel Irtiched
      Naturel Irtiched 9 months ago +1

      We all hope Scar recovers soon! Meanwhile, we build for him and you can help us ;)! #WB4S

    • Aashish Sharma
      Aashish Sharma 9 months ago

      @WiccaStacey that is a spambot

    • WiccaStacey
      WiccaStacey  10 months ago

      @Spoonymanynoops LOL I'm enjoying these laughs, thank you!

    • AIO YouTuber TV
      AIO YouTuber TV 10 months ago +2

      @WiccaStacey SMP Multiverse is canon... Change my mind.

    • Spoonymanynoops
      Spoonymanynoops 10 months ago

      @WiccaStacey yeah see ur getting mad again calm down

  • Amber Lynn
    Amber Lynn 10 months ago +37

    You’re such a kind and charismatic person, even when a doctor didn’t take you seriously w your infection, you never spoke bad about them, love your soul ❤️🥰

  • Wyatt Mueller
    Wyatt Mueller 10 months ago +56

    scar my man you are one of the nicest people to ever live, even struggling with something that most people cant imagine, you manage to brighten the days of anyone who clicks on one of your videos. all I can say is that life isn't fair, that someone as truly good natured and kind souled as you should have to struggle with such a terrible illness is an indescribable injustice and I truly hope this surgery helps you be your best self. your story is moving and your heart is on a higher level than the rest of us, and I think I speak for all of the millions of people who watch your videos when I say that we love you, and we hope you feel better!!!

    • Naturel Irtiched
      Naturel Irtiched 9 months ago +1

      We all hope Scar recovers soon! Meanwhile, we build for him and you can help us ;)! #WB4S

  • TheGamerJJMadness
    TheGamerJJMadness 10 months ago +72

    I'm praying for you man, you have done so much for everybody.

    • HoloGrahamCoding
      HoloGrahamCoding 10 months ago

      @Cosmix That's not right, you really have to say something so bad on a video about something that has been hurting someone who is always so positive and has such a good personality. You have no right to attack him.

    • TheGamerJJMadness
      TheGamerJJMadness 10 months ago

      @Cosmix ?

    • The dead rat violist
      The dead rat violist 10 months ago +1

      @Cosmix Not the time, dude.

    • Jack Beynon
      Jack Beynon 10 months ago +2

      @Cosmix rethink your life choices. This is actual advice, not an insult.

  • Riya Kovil
    Riya Kovil 10 months ago +12

    Seeing GoodTimesWithScar not having a good time hurts my heart :( so I'm Sending all well wishes in the world and a speedy recovery after your surgery! You are an inspiration to us all, hope to see you all better again soon

  • xisumavoid
    xisumavoid 10 months ago +8194

    Wishing you the best with the recovery Scar!

    • SnottyToe69
      SnottyToe69 10 months ago

      @Jørgstern yeah it is

    • weir_gaming
      weir_gaming 10 months ago

      @Pog Champ good question

    • weir_gaming
      weir_gaming 10 months ago

      Keep up the support all of you hermits and non hermits

    • Jedidiah de Alba
      Jedidiah de Alba 10 months ago

      lots of prayers for scar

    • minorsecond
      minorsecond 10 months ago

      I love seeing hermits supporting hermits. Such a fantastic community all y’all have developed on HC.

  • NEKO
    NEKO 9 months ago +3

    i'm glad he is recovering, i feel bad about the people who don't have 1 mil subs and are suffering from chronic illness and don't get donations and this much support/love.. wish i could help everyone

  • Im a person I think
    Im a person I think 10 months ago +15

    Scar I’ve only had one surgery and I was so freaked out that they didn’t even tell me it was surgery. I can’t imagine how scary something like this would be to me but knowing how you are taking this, how brave you are makes me feel better for any future surgery I will need.

  • Mark Hashman
    Mark Hashman 10 months ago +27

    Man, of _all_ the times to need to go in for surgery... stay safe and be healthy, my dude.

  • Butts Carlton
    Butts Carlton 10 months ago +10

    This is so sad to hear about his health. I was never really into his channel or hermit craft, but every hermit craft episode i have seen he has been my favorite person in it. I will definitely binch watch all his videos.

  • FalseSymmetry
    FalseSymmetry 10 months ago +15181

    You got this Scar! All the best with the recovery

    • Naturel Irtiched
      Naturel Irtiched 9 months ago +1

      You hermits are like a big familly! We all hope Scar recovers soon! Meanwhile, we build for him under this tag #WB4S anyone can join and help us :)

    • Kate Serna
      Kate Serna 10 months ago


    • codgod
      codgod 10 months ago


    • Rynoblock
      Rynoblock 10 months ago

      Yoooo what's up false?!!!

    • Double Trouble
      Double Trouble 10 months ago


  • llama
    llama 10 months ago +16

    There's no doubt in my mind and all your fans' that you'll get through this, we hope you recover quickly and feel better!

  • PIGO66
    PIGO66 10 months ago +10

    I love scar he is such a role model for me because he is making the best of his life and doing what he loves

  • Mike Franken
    Mike Franken 10 months ago +3

    Veel beterschap scar! Sterkte gewenst!

  • Jeanette Williams
    Jeanette Williams 10 months ago +12

    Prayers sent from one of your biggest fans, Carson in Western Washington. I know what you’re going through I’ve been going out for 11 years and I am 11 I have went through 3 1/2 years of chemo over 14 kidney stones and I’m still going through it all.

  • Pixlriffs
    Pixlriffs 10 months ago +7828

    Sending all the positive vibes I can for your strong and healthy return. ❤

    • Naturel Irtiched
      Naturel Irtiched 9 months ago +1

      We all hope Scar recovers soon! Meanwhile, we build for him and you can help us ;)! #WB4S

    • Trevorus !
      Trevorus ! 10 months ago

      I thought you said selling instead of sending.
      positive vibes are for a price lol

    • maxxy sitlhou
      maxxy sitlhou 10 months ago +1

      @Spin It Like A Chicken bruh this guy does the hermitcraft recap im pretty sure he watch a lot of hermits

    • Not dev
      Not dev 10 months ago +1

      When are you going to try joining hermitcraft

    • •LUMeNYXii•
      •LUMeNYXii• 10 months ago +1

      @K A E L Y N 💋 get out of here bot, this isnt the place for you. ._.

  • twiddless
    twiddless 9 months ago +6

    As someone with a chronic illness I know how quickly things can take a turn for the worse, keep moving forward you got this. It all works out in the end.

  • Alien ESP
    Alien ESP 9 months ago +3

    Can’t imagine how you are feeling and what you are going through, just hoping that you can recover as quickly as possible and that you are alright! (Same goes for everyone else)

  • Rob McFadden
    Rob McFadden 10 months ago +8

    Your positivity is contagious. I hope you have a quick and smooth recovery!

  • Kariko762
    Kariko762 9 months ago +4

    Love you dude, get yourself healed up - we’ll still be here ready for you !!!

  • •LUMeNYXii•
    •LUMeNYXii• 10 months ago +3916

    Ive been watching Scar for years. Every time he makes me smile. He's gone through the darkest depths of life, with the some of the worst of health issues known to me- But. he's always so positive. no matter what he goes through, even in this video, (that made me cry) he had that smile on his face. He is a hero, a person to look up to, not because he went through it, but as he swim teacher said, what you do/react to the things in life that matter. no matter how much life brings him down, he's determined to bring joy to us and others. thats what makes him a hero. he is a role model to anyone. Scar, we are all with you and all support you , no matter how long it takes to heal, we want you to rest until you feel as good as you need. take of as much as you need. Another thing I love is that all the hermits, and some other related minecraft youtubers are here and commenting thier support. not only do I love scar, but his community - that the community is so supportive, nontoxic and friendly. we are all praying for you scar, and hoping you get well soon, we love our favorite scar

    • EkoElk
      EkoElk 10 months ago

      @Peneficial same

    • Peneficial
      Peneficial 10 months ago

      @Rysea on mobile there is a thank button in the slider part with the likes and dislikes and shares

    • Brain Boy
      Brain Boy 10 months ago

      @Peneficial same

    • Rysea
      Rysea 10 months ago

      @Peneficial How do you even do that?

    • Pálmafa
      Pálmafa 10 months ago

      @ׄ Why?

  • TheBaconBrotato
    TheBaconBrotato 10 months ago +3

    Scar, your 10% is like 80% to us; you're so strong. I know you'll power through this. See you when you're all better.❤🙏

  • ddandymann
    ddandymann 9 months ago +3

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Scar, your unwavering positivity in the face of adversity is an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others as well.

  • Mailliman
    Mailliman 10 months ago +7

    Scar, you can get through it and I wish you all the luck possible, you are an absolutely amazing person and you deserve the best. Please never forget how much your community cares about you!

  • Jackie JK || EN Vtuber
    Jackie JK || EN Vtuber 10 months ago +2

    Scar is that joking uncle that knows how to make any situation better, no matter how rough it is and it's just so wonderful that we got to see that here on youtube! Not a lot of people here are like that, and it's great! Please rest, Scar, we'll see you when you're ready!

  • docm77
    docm77 10 months ago +8804

    You got this.❤🐐

    • Drollbird Ygo
      Drollbird Ygo 10 months ago +1

      @ThatOneMiclo this is definitely inappropriate

    • Rajon H.
      Rajon H. 10 months ago

      Theres a doctor in the house.

    • DMMG
      DMMG 10 months ago

      good luck with the surgery! and maybe just have a brake for a wile, we all wish you good luck and we will support u!

    • I Vlog My Life
      I Vlog My Life 10 months ago +1

      Hi doc

    • ThatOneMiclo
      ThatOneMiclo 10 months ago

      👋👍=🧑☠👻 bye scar :(

  • Phat Turtle
    Phat Turtle 10 months ago +8

    I love you Scar! Your positive outlook through all of this is something that everyone should aspire to have. Hope you get through, and remember we will be standing with you the whole way!

  • Jman72898
    Jman72898 10 months ago +2

    I have no idea who you are but I’m sorry to hear about what your going through. Stay strong and and I hope all goes well and you have a good recovery.

  • Shelbi Rose
    Shelbi Rose 9 months ago +2

    You really inspire me man, one of my goals is to be as positive and strong as you! I wish you all the best in your recovery and hope you have a great next season of Hermitcraft!

  • Nina N
    Nina N 10 months ago +3

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Scar! We’ll always support you. Take your time to recover so you can come back stronger

  • Wil Byrum
    Wil Byrum 10 months ago +3445

    Scar, we adore you and we are so grateful for everything you have given us. Best of luck, and we are sending you all the love we can.

    • i_like_bread
      i_like_bread 10 months ago +2

      The comment was deleted already

    • Em
      Em 10 months ago +1

      Come back as soon as you can but PLEASE don’t rush it!! Your health comes first! We can wait❤️

    • Axel Csemiczky
      Axel Csemiczky 10 months ago +1

      Which bot?

    • the anphiban
      the anphiban 10 months ago +1

      Report the bot

    • Zackbot
      Zackbot 10 months ago

      @Ice-Cream-073 yeah I already reported them lol they're just annoying

  • slooshi
    slooshi 10 months ago +3

    much love scar, hope everything goes well, I will be here when you come back, good luck

  • Caroline Creations
    Caroline Creations 10 months ago +3

    I hope everything goes well scar! You’re amazing and a ray of sunshine on all of us, good luck and I wish you a speedy recovery afterwards❤️

  • Kyle E
    Kyle E 9 months ago +2

    seeing a cut where jelly moves slightly warms my heart. we are all here for you bro, thanks for hours and hours of entertainment and inspiration!

  • Tetronaut
    Tetronaut 10 months ago +4

    Go Scar! These may be some hard times, but we all wish you the best.

  • Tina Mayo
    Tina Mayo 10 months ago +766

    My son was "Scar the Clip-Sharer" for Halloween! He's six and loves watching all the shenanigans in Hermitcraft. He rocks a wheelchair and has lots of medical struggles too. You are inspiring to him, Scar. Thanks for being such a positive influence. My son makes a heart with his hands and says, "Wish you well!" 💙

    • ClutterBot
      ClutterBot 10 months ago +4

      I managed to not cry at the video but this comment made me burst into tears. I hope things get better for both scar and your little scar jr 🥺💕

    • SniperMoose
      SniperMoose 10 months ago +2

      That is one of the most wholesome things I’ve ever heard. I wish your son and Scar well!

    • Cake Doctor
      Cake Doctor 10 months ago +3

      That is so sweet 😫

    • Shane Smith
      Shane Smith 10 months ago +4

      Thats so sweet!

    • Anuj Jani
      Anuj Jani 10 months ago +6

      Everyone like this so scar sees it, let’s make this kids day

  • Mark's Workshop
    Mark's Workshop 10 months ago +2

    Best wishes on a successful surgery and recovery. You're a huge inspiration to everyone and kudos for staying positive!

  • John M
    John M 10 months ago +2

    I remember watching you as a kid when I was about 11, watching survival minecraft in scarworld. You were my favourite crafters.
    Now I’m 20 and you’re still one of the most amazing goodhearted guy on this planet. I still love you dude I hope you know how many do too

  • LouMu
    LouMu 10 months ago +3

    I’m so sorry you have to deal with all of that Scar. You’re a trooper for being as optimistic as you are.

  • Amir R. A.
    Amir R. A. 9 months ago +1

    Your dedication to your audience is second to none, and it's obvious to me that you are very passionate about the work you do. Wish you a speedy recovery!

  • ocelot667
    ocelot667 10 months ago +2143

    Scar just got out of surgery (posted on his Twitter by his mom). He is currently recovering in the ICU. Get well soon buddy

    • Adams Tourtime Homegrown
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    • Austin Hernandez
      Austin Hernandez 10 months ago

      I wonder how much it costs. Some people die because they can't afford the surgery they need. I would be dead today if I didn't have mediciaid to save me when I was a child. It paid for my brain surgery, having my temporal lobe removed.

  • J M
    J M 10 months ago +2

    Seeing your emotions towards the end of the video really hit me hard. You are such an inspiration and an amazing person. Good luck through everything I know I'm not the only one sending as many positive vibes your way.

  • Our Venerated Overlorde
    Our Venerated Overlorde 10 months ago +2

    I sincerely hope that only good things happen to you forever. You're amazing

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    defaude 10 months ago +2

    You, Sir, are an awesome person. Your positivity is an inspiration.
    We all wish you a quick and full recovery and are looking forward to your next adventures - be it in Minecraft or in real life!

  • MeridianKade
    MeridianKade 10 months ago +672

    You are an incredible influence and inspiration to so many, including me. Sending all the love, luck and well wishes for this surgery! Can't wait to see in you action here soon :)

    • frolt
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    • Ultra Music Kid
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    • Cooking with Kimbap
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      @Ultra Music Kid Sorry if my message sounded salty but its kind of crazy to think how dedicated this guy must be to donate in the comments were theirs a high chance Scar will never notice. I think its still awesome of him tho

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    • Ultra Music Kid
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    • SkSkNutella🤍
      SkSkNutella🤍 5 months ago

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    • GhostZ_PlayZ 1st
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    I was feeling a bit sorry for myself today. Seeing your attitude to how you deal with the cards you have been dealt not only brought a tear to my eye but also made me so appreciative about what I do have.
    Lots of love and respect to you

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    Sammyagens 10 months ago +1

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    • EntNZ
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  • Rick Rastardly
    Rick Rastardly 10 months ago +1

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    Hootsy 10 months ago +974

    Isn’t it crazy how a man who struggles to stand up can drag millions of people through tough times? A man in a wheelchair has put us on his shoulders for years and carried us through the darkest of times. I think I speak for all of us when I say: whether we’re anywhere between a great mood or in the darkest of mentality. Scars voice and content has always made us feel a lot better. Time and time again. This man right here has put nothing but good into the world. Life isn’t fair. We love you Scar. (Eyes watering) just want you to really take in how much good you’ve put into the world. You’re not just a content creator. You’re an inspiration. Couldn’t care less about likes on this comment. This is just an open message to you and any comments are welcome. Love you buddy. Wish you all the best.xo

    • BlueToadFan913
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      @kat ya it’s the best way to stop bots

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    • Stratis
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