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Christian Pulisic SAVES Chelsea: Does Tuchel owe him minutes? | EP 222 | SOTU PODCAST

  • Published on Mar 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Alexi Lalas and David Mosse kick off the podcast with a look at all the MLS action this week including San Jose’s big win vs. Seattle, the Revs slow season, and Gyasi Zardes’ move to Colorado (7:11). Then we cover how Christian Pulisic saved Chelsea in their game vs. West Ham, Yunus Musah’s miss in the Copa del Rey final, and why the top five leagues in Europe lack parity (27:50). Later, we answered your questions about CONCACAF Champions League, UEFA Champions League, and why MLS Teams are losing to USL teams in the U.S. Open Cup (52:05). Finally, we end the show with a look at the beef between David Mosse and Luis Aguilar as well as answer if Mosse would ever start his own podcast (01:13:48).
    (0:00) Atlanta/The Invisible Pilot
    (7:11) MLS/San Jose vs. Seattle
    (27:50) EPL Title Race
    (34:18) Pulisic Saves Chelsea
    (44:20) The Problem with Bayern and PSG
    (52:05) CCL/UCL
    (01:13:48) Mosse vs. Luis: A Look at Their "Rivalry"
    What We’ve Been Watching:
    Mosse’s Picks: Atlanta, My Brilliant Friend, Better Call Saul, Winning Time, Ozark
    Alexi’s Picks: The Invisible Pilot, Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes, The Flight of the Phoenix
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    Christian Pulisic SAVES Chelsea: Does Tuchel owe him minutes? | EP 222 | SOTU PODCAST
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Comments • 22

  • FOX Soccer
    FOX Soccer  11 months ago +1

    Does Tuchel owe Pulisic minutes?

    • Dan Kane
      Dan Kane 11 months ago

      No coach owes anyone minutes. And if there ever was such a time. It's a situation like the Yankees and Jeter. Or maybe Argentina if Messi comes back in 26. CP is 24.

    • Megaa_Wilson
      Megaa_Wilson 11 months ago +5

      Nobody is owed minutes

  • WinderAlexander3
    WinderAlexander3 11 months ago +3

    Just wanted to say this is my fav soccer podcast. Alexi and Mosse make a great team. I’ve been a huge fan of Alexi since I was a kid (I’m 38). Mosse provides excellent insight as well. Always look forward to these. Well done fellas.

  • Dan Kane
    Dan Kane 11 months ago +1

    I've definitely heard more Wally Pipp references on this soccer show than in my 4 decades as a Yankees fan on baseball shows.

  • Horacio O'Brien-Ferres
    Horacio O'Brien-Ferres 11 months ago

    No comments on the upcoming USMNT friendlies in preparation for the World Cup? Kind of a big deal....

  • yuri letov
    yuri letov 11 months ago

    Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 285 sentadillas son unos HOTBABY.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖 los mortalesp abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.k

  • mujtaba abdulraida
    mujtaba abdulraida 11 months ago +1

    American soccer analyst are so funny they think pulisic really is the Lebron James of soccer

  • Ali Keshani
    Ali Keshani 11 months ago


  • Flyy The BirD
    Flyy The BirD 11 months ago


  • SuperSirianRigel (AdamNetherton)

    What you said about PSG, Bayern, and Salzburg was perfect. It's rather obvious that the American sports model works. Even Better than any other in the world. But no one in other countries wants to accept that and maybe use that as a fix for their complaints. Even worse I constantly have to comment on Clip-Share and tell people that Pro/Rel WON'T fix MLS and somehow make soccer become the No. 1 sport in the USA. It's a non-starter in the USA. Period. We need other countries to see the truth and adopt our sports model, not the other way around. People are crazy.

  • Unknown
    Unknown 11 months ago +2

    Does tuchel owe him minutes ? Pulisic is such an inconsistent player for every good game he has then he goes on and does nothing for 15 games , it’s time to send him on loan or something he has been a “promising player “ ever since he arrived at Chelsea

    • Nicole Brown
      Nicole Brown 11 months ago

      @Unknown that's what I thought!!! If this is the case, he needs to wait until January. After the world cup. He is good enough to play he began to speed up the game after he entered for Man Utd game.

    • Unknown
      Unknown 11 months ago

      @Nicole Brown not at all , loans are usually used so that players can get more decent playing time and improve and well if he’s actually good enough for Chelsea once he returns then he’ll get a place in the squad

    • Nicole Brown
      Nicole Brown 11 months ago

      Quick question: is loan a bad thing? He can improve and return to Chelsea.

    • Joshua Guevara
      Joshua Guevara 11 months ago

      His rate is a goal or assist every 3 games not exactly amazing but definitely not “nothing for 15 games “

    • Tendō Pain
      Tendō Pain 11 months ago

      He’s been good when on the left wing probably 70-80% of his starts there this season

  • Sk
    Sk 11 months ago

    No, hes not owed any minutes. Hes been terrible

  • Derrick Arellanes
    Derrick Arellanes 11 months ago

    No bro caused the Madrid game

    • Nicole Brown
      Nicole Brown 11 months ago

      He was fouled! It was a good foul because he was ready to shoot/ pass. After that, I knew Chelsea wasn't going to beat Real Madrid