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Pouring Square Water

  • Published on May 9, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • I show you how to make square water using a superhydrophobic coating.
    See the full video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sg0Aw...
    My Main channel: clip-share.net/channel/UC1VL...

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  • Jon Buffington
    Jon Buffington Year ago +24575

    Imagine you're a kid at a science fair and someone has their project spelled out in water

  • It’sMeAlli
    It’sMeAlli 5 months ago +5704

    Me when I see this: “Oh that’s cool.”
    My caveman brain: “If you keep pouring will it keep going up??”

    • I know you cheat
      I know you cheat 4 days ago

      You aren’t alone…

    • corneliastreet
      corneliastreet 8 days ago

      @Mickey Spanish it doesn’t release singular droplets. Once you break the surface tension all of the water will spill out.

    • corneliastreet
      corneliastreet 8 days ago

      Until the pressure from inside the surface of the water is higher than the external pressure the air exerts on it

    • MarePlays15
      MarePlays15 10 days ago


    • Santiago Arro
      Santiago Arro 14 days ago +1

      ​@Fredrick Chew can we get much higher?

  • Komodo-Tube
    Komodo-Tube 4 days ago

    I love videos that don't have music, because it makes it so much more simple and easy to follow.

  • gobadgego
    gobadgego 9 hours ago

    Technically, it’s not perfectly flat though. The hydrophobic coating has a very small amount of thickness which acts like a wall around the un-coated surface. It’s just negligible compared to the height of the water held in by surface tension. Or am I wrong? 🤔

  • ClownyThunder
    ClownyThunder Day ago

    “no container”. *proceeds to show how he made a container*

  • Ryan Riggio
    Ryan Riggio Year ago +6265

    This has the same energy as
    "How do you get square balloons?"
    "Blow square breaths."

    • narayana rao Kdsss
      narayana rao Kdsss 5 months ago

      You can take square or any shape of hallow synthetic like easy to fill air in that and keep in balloon 🎈
      In fire gas balloon you can create any shape
      It may

    • talk14
      talk14 Year ago +2

      Dw should blow square breaths

    • Spamton G Spamton
      Spamton G Spamton Year ago


    • Adi K
      Adi K Year ago +2

      I don't see anybody directly mentioning that the quote is from Arthur.

    • A Chaps
      A Chaps Year ago

      So... where can I pick up some hydrophobic substance? At Walmart?

  • Beastman music and memes

    We can make hydrophobic paper at home just apply Vaseline on the surface of the paper simple as that

  • Noraiz Abbas
    Noraiz Abbas 3 months ago +291

    "Tsunami coming"
    Me with hydrophobic spray: I'm bout to end this wave's whole career.

  • Foonghost
    Foonghost 2 days ago

    'without a container' uses hydrophobic spray as a container

  • NoName
    NoName Month ago +3

    him: “it’s actually possible to hold water in any shape you want without a container”
    me: “ohh cool, so i can try it at home?”
    him: “i used a super-hydrophobic substance”
    me: 👁️💧👄💧👁️

  • GippyHappy
    GippyHappy Year ago +16977

    This would be kinda sick for a proposal. Just have a water balloon fight and then they realize that the floor says will you marry me. God I’m lonely.

    • Wagner91
      Wagner91 7 days ago

      @ourpeachscones How's the novel going? I hope your motivation came back and your school has been easier on you.

    • GippyHappy
      GippyHappy 23 days ago

      @Xianxia Your insults are pitiful, I say more hurtful things to myself 💩

    • Xianxia
      Xianxia 23 days ago

      with that kind of idea for a marriage proposal, no wonder you're still lonely

    • Angela Ruiz
      Angela Ruiz Month ago

      This is geinus

    • Megan Ashley Pangan
      Megan Ashley Pangan Month ago

      that is genius

  • Mattyboiii
    Mattyboiii 6 months ago +11

    Therapist: Minecraft water aren’t real, they can’t hurt you
    Minecraft water:

  • Varian
    Varian 24 days ago +4

    “I coated the piece of metal with a super hydrophobic substance”

  • S A
    S A 5 months ago

    It’s actually crazy to think how surface tension alone can disprove other complex theories of physics.

  • dualitysDownfall
    dualitysDownfall 4 months ago

    How thick can you get the water-pile? If surface tension holds the shape together what happens when the tension breaks?

  • Favour Yusuf
    Favour Yusuf 4 months ago +8

    Bruce Lee: Be formless, shapeless, like water.
    This guy: Hold my beer

  • iSmurf
    iSmurf 4 months ago +301

    Me *heard square water*
    My mind: *so this is Minecrsft IRL*

  • Ral
    Ral 5 months ago

    My question is how high will it go before the surface tension breaks itself?

  • peepoHappy
    peepoHappy 5 days ago

    Don't let the flat earthers find out about this ☠

  • Odin Harou
    Odin Harou Year ago +6031

    Flat Earthers: “Water always finds its level! It cannot curve!”
    Dunno about you but the sides there looked pretty curvy

    • ZachSeb
      ZachSeb 4 months ago

      @RW the earth is just a giant bowl of popcorn, since we all need it for watching this argument :>

    • Divicarpe
      Divicarpe 5 months ago

      @Ali d @Ali d in answer to your long comment:
      1: it just says your thought, nothing to sau
      2 : except going to Antarctica isn't forbidden, there are even touristic flight who fly over it. And how would you guard a ring millions of meter long, for millenia?
      3: with the curvature of the Earth, none of the "homemade rockets" (who go less high than a mountai, so no interest) go high enough to sho, in obsious way the curvature. But they still go high enough to prove it isn't flat.
      There were many videos taken from homemade rockets. If the earth is flat, how does it come there is still an horizon and we can't see everywhere around the earth, or at least the nearest ocean even if there is nothing in the line of sight
      4: the knowledge of Earth being a sphere came before any significant pollution (it already existed in the Antiquity in Greece, and probably even before but we lack older documents), why was it done at that time? In fact, the space race came in the 60, the environmental problem began to be talked about in th 80's, your chronology don't make any sense. The death of the sun will happen in billions of years, no one care about it except sci fi authors. The danger due to the environment are already affect us and will greatly degrade the ability of humans to live on this planet in a few decades, and almost everybody knows it is impossible to colonize another planet in a time scale smaller than centuries. And I think that the know that humans are on an infinite plane like you think and can always just push there trash farther or themselves go outside the currently habitated zone instead of a finite, well delimited planet where trash can't be send away will make them pollute more, not less. Since you were talking about the space race: if the moon landing was fake, why didn't the U.R.S.S. expose the U.S.?And about the "fake footage" : it was said to you half a dozen times already here so don't read it, but those were recomposes footage from real photos, as you can read in any article, because no satellites is far enough to take a full picture. There are full footages, dating from the Apollo missions, because at the time there were rockets launched far enough. There have not been any since because going to the moon is useless outside of giving a proof of concept for farther space travels.
      5: buy a telescope at an specialised shop. Getting a good enough one will not be cheap, but you will be able to see tha the Moon, Mars and Venus are effectively spheres.
      6: ah, metaphysics and the existence of God... Too complicated and another debate, so won't talk about it, just 3 points on the side:
      6.1: Your theory has to assume the existence of a God to function. The sphere Earth don't, and also works if there is a God who designed Earth.
      6.2: claiming the the scientists claims that Earth came from nothing is false. The theory is that it came from a lot of diverse little (little compared to a planet) rocks in space, who began to orbit the Sun after its formation, then began to crash into each others because of little differences in speed resulting from little differences in distance the Sun, and when each became bigger it exerted a bigger gravitational force on its neighbor, making a more crashes and a bigger resulting rock, until they were only two left close to that orbit, the smaller orbiting the bigger : Earth and Moon.
      But you theory claims than Earth come from God, and that God come from nothing, so it effectively claims that Earth came from nothg.
      6.3: Look up the Cavendish experiment. Then buy the high precision mesure instrument, and reproduce it yourself, it's not that hard. If you don't have enough, either gather a group of people who share yours beliefs and buy them together, sharing the cost, or go to college in a physics class where you will be able tl do it.
      Now that you know that gravity is real, and even know exactly how strong it is, let me ask you one question, depending on the precise model you want to use: if the Earth is finite and flat, why aren't people closer to the edge expering sideway gravity? Or everyone under the Equator notably having notably tilted gravity? If the Earth is infinite, how can anything resists that infinite pressure? Why aren't I dust at this very moment?
      7: Did you go high school? Because in high schools we had to demonstrate the 3 laws of Kepler using the laws of Newton, and if you did do it you would have noticed that in the middle there is a demonstration for the fact than an object going in a circle around a point with for only force applying on it a central force (which means a force going towards the point who is the center of the circle), it will continue in that trajectory without deviation. It can also be almost immediately deduced from the law of conservation of mechanical energy. But the demonstration is long and boring, and its late, and I already spend too much time typing that comment you will read half of and answering to a tenth, so I will not give it there. Just like for 5,buy a telescope (that tile even a medium quality one will be enough), and look online on where and when to look to see the ISS from where you are (most satellites are farther and smaller,so more difficult to see, but if the ISS don't go over where you live you might have to directly search one of them instead). And the GPS system is done with satellites, you are thinking about Internet when saying that.
      Additionnal easy question : what is the distance between Rio and Sidney if Earth is flat? And what is it if it is a circle?

    • Divicarpe
      Divicarpe 5 months ago

      @Ali d about why we can't show you easily on Earth water going around something because of it's gravity: the Earth will always influence far more anything than any thing on its surface. You would basically need to have a second Earth on the first, and even you can understand why it is impossible.
      So we can show it outside of Earth gravity, like on ISS, and there are many videos of round large bubbles of water in the ISS.
      And finally: in a 3-dimensionnal space, the form with the smallest surface to volume ratio is a sphere. So even if water "just found its level", it would be in the form of a sphere. Which indicates us that if water functions as you say, since all oceans connected and cover almost the totality of the surface of Earth, the oceans have the form of a sphere, and since they recover earth, earth is also a sphere.

    • Divicarpe
      Divicarpe 5 months ago

      @C.F. Pedraza do you think Stanley Kubrick would accept to film a scene with men on the moon without going to the moon to film it? You underestimate him.

    • Divicarpe
      Divicarpe 5 months ago

      @Khailil S wait.... the earth has a 6 millions meters radius. If it was flat and a circle, it would mean a 18 millions meter long edge. How can you have enough people to guard an 18 millions meter long edge, and never have any of them reveal what they saw? And also, why? And also, maybe it is possible today, but we (as humanity) know since antiquity that the Earth is round (and before you ask: yes, it was common knowledge even in Middle-age), how do you guard an 18 million meter long zone when there are only half a billion people in total on Earth, and no drone or cameri to be able to check more zone with less people?
      (Yes, I know, it's not you who believe that crap, but since you were the one talking about it, maybe you already asked that to a flatist.)

  • Nuno Silva
    Nuno Silva 5 months ago

    If there is a layer that adds depth compared to the base, then it is a "container" but with microscopic "height" and the water that drops in from the outside is going into its top.

  • ZakkBWyldin
    ZakkBWyldin 4 months ago

    I've always wondered why water can go a little bit higher than the top of a glass, and now I know.

  • StrastTheFox
    StrastTheFox 9 hours ago


  • Howard
    Howard 6 months ago

    Its actually so cool just watching your shorts, theyre very entertaning

  • Blue Storm
    Blue Storm Year ago +4829

    Hagrid: You’re a wizard harry!
    Harry: Nah, screw that, I’ll be a scientist!

    • Sinfull Occultist
      Sinfull Occultist 5 months ago

      @Sofija ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ many fantasy and modern fantasy IPs have their own version of technomagic, like league of legends or the xelor, bandit, and feca classes in wakfu. Wakfu's eliatrope race was known for tinkering with the world's form of magic and life to make marvels like the eliacube

    • Sofija
      Sofija 5 months ago

      @Sinfull Occultist Isn't that winx?

    • Arielle Bell
      Arielle Bell 6 months ago +1

      Yes because science and evolution are the real forms of magic ;)
      The mind is capable of anything 😌

    • Amita Singh
      Amita Singh 6 months ago +1

      Ye'r a wizard Harry*

    • master shooter64
      master shooter64 8 months ago +1

      @AFriendlyBloke they're basically synonyms

  • Suman
    Suman 4 months ago

    You could also use sound energy to get more effective shapes in space

  • フラクリティ
    フラクリティ 4 months ago

    Is there a limit to its surface tension in that experiment

  • david
    david 6 months ago

    Wait, so... if the water can't spill out onto the hydrophobic surface, could you just make a pillar of water?

  • Jeremy Plummer
    Jeremy Plummer 4 months ago

    Could you imagine if somebody did this on a large scale like a pond 🤯

  • Beast
    Beast Year ago +1240

    Him: Square water
    Every Minecraft player: First time.

  • Erza Scarlet
    Erza Scarlet 5 months ago +48

    Minecraft: “I’ll take your entire stock.”

  • narendra irengbam
    narendra irengbam 3 months ago

    Or if you pour in too much water to exceed the surface tension capability to hold the amount of water as one structure then water spills away from the area and runs over the coater area

  • Dhee Cruz
    Dhee Cruz 4 months ago

    This man is 60 years above of our tech

  • Գայանե Հայրումյան

    Him: It's actually possible to hold water in any shape you want...
    Me trying to outsmart him: yeah you put it in any shaped container
    Him: ... without a container
    Me: mission failed, cancel the joke

  • Yohan Lee
    Yohan Lee Year ago +2628

    "How do you get square balloons?"
    "Blow square breaths."

    • Thuyvan NguyenThi
      Thuyvan NguyenThi 2 months ago

      Just put the balloons in the square holes

    • Sky Kitsune
      Sky Kitsune Year ago

      “What kind of _fuckery_ is this????”

    • スミル
      スミル Year ago +2

      @Capricorn Goat arthur ya dig

    • Alien in disguise
      Alien in disguise Year ago +6


    • ???
      ??? Year ago +1

      @DrippyCity your pfp matches so well with that

  • Stogie G
    Stogie G 5 months ago

    This would honestly help with spills in stores if you coat the floor with a hydrophobic substance but leave certain spots untouched it will just clean itself until someone comes to get the spill

  • Crafty
    Crafty 6 months ago

    What did you use to coat the metal?

  • CoreyCat16
    CoreyCat16 6 months ago

    Him: It’s possible to do it without a container.
    Also him: Because there are no actual sides to the container.

  • Rekt Tangela
    Rekt Tangela 6 months ago

    I really want to see what would happen with the cube one if you just slowly poured in water without stopping

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Pretty soon he'll find a way to climb mountains using a bucket of water

    • Christian
      Christian 6 months ago

      One day he even might make a microphone out of curtains

    • Memedew
      Memedew 6 months ago

      I thought j was the only one who did that

    • 2EeeZee
      2EeeZee 6 months ago

      Sweden music intensified

    • Chloeexs (quit)
      Chloeexs (quit) 10 months ago

      Minecraft references:

    • Ana Monteiro
      Ana Monteiro 11 months ago

      minecraft players: hey, i’ve seen this one

  • •Ozumi•
    •Ozumi• 3 months ago

    My outsiders : “oh- cool.”
    My insiders : “what happens if you pour a litre of water on it- I wanna try it 💀”

  • Masnoon Jewel
    Masnoon Jewel 6 months ago

    Him: It’s actually possible to hold water in any shape U want
    Me: everything is possible😎

  • Cat Bat 🇺🇦
    Cat Bat 🇺🇦 3 months ago

    This video taught me more than my science class

  • Ryan Guzman
    Ryan Guzman 7 days ago

    The real question is how high can the water go before it overflows

  • PN4021 Secondaire
    PN4021 Secondaire Year ago +3216

    - Cold fire
    - Dry water
    - Self-pouring liquid
    - Shaped water
    This guy is determined to relentlessly defy all laws of the entire world.

  • Vortex Creations
    Vortex Creations Month ago +1


  • Dave^_^
    Dave^_^ 6 months ago +1

    The science class would be fun if he is a teacher

  • DragonBornGirl
    DragonBornGirl 6 months ago

    Im a chemist and ill tell you water has so many unique properties beyond intermolecular forces like when you look at physical chemistry especially that you would be even more amazed. Some things are so complex its still unexplained fully.

  • DanTheStripe
    DanTheStripe 6 months ago +1

    Using hydrophobic material on all four sides is genius.

  • Pretexion
    Pretexion Year ago +2923

    "Can't belive there are still hydrophobes, i thought we had come further as a society."

    • Adder
      Adder 5 months ago

      @some guy named steve THIS. I can’t believe that hydrophobic people exist when god literally made us out of water. They are blatantly ignoring the facts and just want to be hateful. smh 🙄🤦‍♀️

    • some guy named steve
      some guy named steve 5 months ago +2

      @Perriwinkle III Woah bro never thought about it like that but why did Jesus make us 80% water tough

    • Endergames6446
      Endergames6446 5 months ago +1


    • Bonzo Pippinpaddleopsicopolis
      Bonzo Pippinpaddleopsicopolis 6 months ago +39

      "I quickly became hydrophobic, hating on water molecules became a part of my lifestyle."

    • exotic-butter-pog
      exotic-butter-pog 6 months ago +4

      I don't know who you're quoting but they are either a huge Karen or a pretty funny person. It amazes me that that's where we are in society right now...

  • Jennifer's other account

    Can it grow taller? Like go up?
    If you put that hydrophobic stuff inside a container then fill it up with water will the water float?

  • AquaMarie
    AquaMarie 4 months ago

    How much can you pour on there before it spills? Can you make a water pillar?

  • Marten
    Marten 6 months ago

    That looks amazing!

  • JayRPlays
    JayRPlays 3 months ago +10

    My literal mind when i saw him trying to break the letter A and forms an odd shape: *a m o g u s*

  • Spyziy
    Spyziy Year ago +4868

    This is what we wanted in our Clip-Share shorts. Not some cringe tiktoker with an obnoxiously repetitive song pretending to prank someone

    • purple
      purple 16 days ago


    • Angela Ruiz
      Angela Ruiz Month ago


    • Spyziy
      Spyziy 4 months ago

      @Balletfreak Idk I haven't used shorts in a while so prob just haven't seen it

    • Balletfreak
      Balletfreak 4 months ago

      @Spyziy I use it all the time so it’s definitely an option on my phone but maybe it’s a newer thing in an update that hasn’t been rolled out to u yet ? I know that happens on apps a lot

    • Spyziy
      Spyziy 4 months ago

      @Balletfreak Sadly I don't think that's an option on shorts
      unless they added it more recently? If so that's nice

  • Gokujah
    Gokujah 6 months ago

    I love this guy's videos even though i understand 0.1% of the things hes talking about

  • truthseeker
    truthseeker 3 months ago +1

    Does it work against gravity or does it weigh to much

  • ThatGamerThatTrolls
    ThatGamerThatTrolls 6 months ago

    How tall can water be without being in a container?
    How tall can you make it get with a more intentional design for that?

  • The_Milkman_Returns
    The_Milkman_Returns 2 months ago

    What if you added something that increased the surface tension of the water and made a cube?

  • LeviathanDrumming
    LeviathanDrumming Year ago +2759

    "So, just make sure you coat the surrounding with a super-hydrophobic substance,"
    Yes. We all have that laying around the house. Lmaoooo. Just kidding, this was super cool lol

    • Cat Kit
      Cat Kit 6 months ago

      @Insiya Sufi it still wouldn’t be a perfect coat because it will ball up and create an imperfect coat……

    • Xenia
      Xenia  6 months ago

      I mean the way most people are gonna have lying in their house I'd guess is like charring (is that the word?) it with a candle cause the black stuff the flame coats objects with is super hydrophobic

    • belgianfried
      belgianfried 6 months ago

      @Bypig lmao

    • Bypig
      Bypig 6 months ago

      I think my uncle is hydrophobic

    • Javier R
      Javier R 6 months ago

      Its literally in a container

  • Slug In Tub
    Slug In Tub Month ago

    “The power of water is its ability to take any shape.”

  • limeflashlight
    limeflashlight 2 months ago

    You can make a font after tracing the soaped water 😃

  • Jaeden Malin
    Jaeden Malin 3 months ago +3

    Minecraft water physics be like:

  • Jorden Montgomery
    Jorden Montgomery 6 months ago

    I wonder how much water it would take for the surface of the water to break without adding soap

  • uNkNoWn GuRLy GiRl
    uNkNoWn GuRLy GiRl Year ago +990

    If he’s a teacher or anything, class must be so fun

    • Toyotasprint
      Toyotasprint 6 months ago

      Man he really should be a science teacher

    • Extra Victory
      Extra Victory 7 months ago

      Hes actually a super successful research scientist of course lol not just a teacher. But well he does teach on youtube lmfao

    • Tyler Evans
      Tyler Evans 10 months ago +1


    • Airboerne Kid
      Airboerne Kid 11 months ago +10

      This is his class

    • Suresh K
      Suresh K 11 months ago +6


  • Andrew Timm
    Andrew Timm 6 months ago

    What's the super hydrophic coating you used. That would be a great demonstration in the classroom

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 6 months ago

    What if you pour a ton of liquid onto it does it go up into like another shape or does it turn into tiny water droplets

  • iKat Randomness
    iKat Randomness 6 months ago

    Imagine a 6 year old watching this and then a question on their test was "does water have definite shape?"

  • Leslie Tao
    Leslie Tao 6 months ago

    You can do the same thing with crayon, candle, or wax in general.

  • HEYimHeroic
    HEYimHeroic Year ago +1621

    so sad that there are still hydrophobic surfaces out there spreading this kind of hate 😢 maybe one day water can live in a world without fear of any more hydrophobia. sending my love to all the water out there

    • Meera Lal
      Meera Lal Year ago

      @Patrick Donaghy as an oil i believe in hydrophobia in every way. waters lives don’t matter.

    • Patrick Donaghy
      Patrick Donaghy Year ago

      RISE UP WATER BROTHERS✊✊✊✊✊😫😫😫😫😫😫😫🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

    • Kewal Tailor7009
      Kewal Tailor7009 Year ago

      @Meera Lal ☹😞😞

    • Meera Lal
      Meera Lal Year ago +1

      even if you came out or want to come out as a water, you shouldn’t. waters are so fake and generic, it pisses me off

    • Meera Lal
      Meera Lal Year ago

      like seriously waters don’t belong here. if you are a water you should be ashamed for existing

  • Blue Beka
    Blue Beka 6 months ago +9

    Him: **talks about sciene stuff**
    Me after my exam trying to relax my with my last brain cell working: I like your funny words, magic man! =D

  • mint !!🌱
    mint !!🌱 5 months ago

    The question is, if you keep pouring will it create a tower?

  • saksham shrivastava
    saksham shrivastava 9 days ago

    I think wax coating can also be used as hydrophobic substance

  • A
    A Month ago

    This is what I want to learn in science

  • Mason Williams
    Mason Williams Year ago +5073

    "Pouring square water"
    Sounds like minecraft

  • Kaelob Stewart
    Kaelob Stewart 5 months ago

    Is it possible to do this large-scale? Like for water storage?

  • Master_OR
    Master_OR Month ago

    What would happen if you just kept adding water, would it eventually spill over?

  • Gianni Piccioni
    Gianni Piccioni 5 months ago

    Flat earthers: "earth is flat because water always find it's level and can never curve"

  • Rohit Das
    Rohit Das 6 months ago

    What's the name of the super hydrophobic substance used in here? Just curious to know.

  • Playerno.1
    Playerno.1 Year ago +4138

    Finally I achieved... MINECRAFT WATER!

  • Totally Random
    Totally Random 5 months ago +10

    This puts a new perspective to “be there or be square.”

  • James Kleckner
    James Kleckner 4 months ago

    Should have mentioned that the surface tension does have a breakpoint

  • TeaPlayz
    TeaPlayz Month ago

    Action Lab : “ says very hard instructions about how to hold the water “
    Me: “stick it in the freezer, you can hold it and it’s basically water 🗿🗿”

  • Rachel Mann
    Rachel Mann 5 months ago

    Tell me why the soap thing absolutely blew my mind

  • Chicken Tikka
    Chicken Tikka Year ago +409

    Hang on, does this mean that if you have a small enough space in the centre of the water that's hydrophobic, and if the water is raised high enough for it to fall in on itself over the small hydrophobic area, could the water's inter-molecular bonding actually allow for there to be a small dome created? With the hydrophobic area being the floor?

    • Beans
      Beans Year ago +1

      Godzilla had a stroke trying to read this and died

    • Justin Ritter
      Justin Ritter Year ago

      You just gave Elon Musk an idea to work on for building domes on Mars! 🤷‍♂️ Now he will make it happen before you and he will get all the credit! Great job! 🤦‍♂️

    • Mohammad Iftekhar Bin Salam
      Mohammad Iftekhar Bin Salam Year ago

      @ExtraPathos☄ umm nes

    • ExtraPathos☄
      ExtraPathos☄ Year ago +1

      @Mohammad Iftekhar Bin Salam have you never watched an educational video in your entire life??

    • Spamton G Spamton
      Spamton G Spamton Year ago +4

      Translation: if water surrounds a really tiny no-water spot would it make a dome around the no-water spot

  • The SuperSonic Gamer
    The SuperSonic Gamer 13 days ago +1

    Me: Water has no definite shape
    *sees this video*
    Me: I stand corrected.

  • Nicholas Mackoul
    Nicholas Mackoul 4 months ago

    What if you put a drop in like a metallic box that's got the hydrophobic finish on the outside and inside all over. What should happen then

  • nikitosha!
    nikitosha! 5 months ago

    I want to see this on a bigger scale, like in a lake

  • Dan1A_
    Dan1A_ 6 months ago

    Ok but how long can you keep spilling water to the area until it spills over

  • Kane Chitty
    Kane Chitty Year ago +2199

    “You can’t stack water.”
    Action Lab: “Hold my beer”

    • random man at your mom’s house
      random man at your mom’s house Year ago

      @Art Deco times 0:27 , if we can increase that even more then basically stacking water lol

    • silicon hawk
      silicon hawk Year ago

      Hold my water

    • Art Deco times
      Art Deco times Year ago

      @Richard Vasquez At my age I could only hope I could live through a bottle haha. Haven't drinkin' alcoholic beverages since the early 2000s.

    • Richard Vasquez
      Richard Vasquez Year ago

      Boom! Best comment. Kane I’ll buy you a round or two bro lmao🤣. I can’t stop laughing.

    • Art Deco times
      Art Deco times Year ago +2

      @BlackChimera precisely

  • Bitcoin world by gaurav

    Can you do this experiment in large scale?

  • DTGgaming
    DTGgaming 2 months ago

    Yes, but how high could you stack this water?

  • Snodeca
    Snodeca 4 months ago

    This is, what I personally would call, a special type of container, lol

  • Arani M
    Arani M 3 months ago

    "water takes the shape of the container it stays in"
    Actionlab : " who needs a container "

  • ????? le ????
    ????? le ???? Year ago +2339

    "I had just blown up a square balloon, and you can too. Many people think that this is impossible but it's really not. It's easy take your balloon and while your blowing it up, blow square breaths. The balloon will take shape of the square breath and will make it square"

    • ????? le ????
      ????? le ???? Year ago +1

      @80hd H2p bam bant

    • 80hd H2p
      80hd H2p Year ago

      @Tobe yes, yes.

    • 80hd H2p
      80hd H2p Year ago +1

      @????? le ???? bar bantz

    • ⠀
       Year ago +1

      This nigga as said a square breath

    • Augustus Cordero
      Augustus Cordero Year ago +1

      @7xNemesis just square it. Think "4 sides"

  • Chryzia masicampo
    Chryzia masicampo 25 days ago

    Imagine showing this to your younger self and try and telling them this is how water works nowadays

  • Mrkurre06
    Mrkurre06 6 months ago

    How much water do you have add before it starts spilling over?

  • Earth-010
    Earth-010 6 days ago

    I wonder how this would look on a massive scale

  • Pauleen Perez
    Pauleen Perez 5 months ago

    This might be a dumb question but what happens if you “overflow” the area with water? Does it stack up and form a cube? Or will the hydrophobic substance give up and let some water overflow?😅😅😅

  • Orh Juice
    Orh Juice Year ago +710

    Him: "Here I have it in the shape of a..."
    Me: "Diamond"
    Him: "...Square"
    Me: "Right right square of course"

    • Orh Juice
      Orh Juice Year ago

      @jester It was when I was in 1st grade ;_;

    • jester
      jester Year ago

      A diamond isn’t a shape lol

    • I don't have a name
      I don't have a name Year ago +1

      A square is technically a type of Rhombus so... You are still right.

    • Got_Bands
      Got_Bands Year ago +1

      @Rosie's Avocado🥑 u mean a rhombus

    • Rosie's Avocado🥑
      Rosie's Avocado🥑 Year ago +2

      For him it's a square for you it's a diamond