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6 Mistakes I Made When I Started Making Games

  • Published on Jul 5, 2018 veröffentlicht
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  • Thomas Brush
    Thomas Brush  Year ago +4

    ► Learn Game Dev (Get 25% off with code LETSGAMEDEV): www.fulltimegamedev.com/
    ► Learn 2D Art (Get 25% off with code LETSGO): full-time-game-dev.teachable.com/p/2d-art-pro
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  • playaaaLV
    playaaaLV 3 years ago +313

    1. Plan ahead.
    2. Don't buy unnecessary tools just to look like a game developer.
    3. Don't waste time and energy on indie game competitions.
    4. Don't be money lust - plan to not make any money with your 1st game.
    5. Don't be afraid to ask for a financial support (e.g. publishers, Kickstarter)
    6. Build your audience upfront.
    You're welcome.

    • Youcef EL Ghoul
      Youcef EL Ghoul Day ago


    • Dip Universal
      Dip Universal 5 months ago

      Thank you.

    • Andy Ng
      Andy Ng 2 years ago +1

      After reading your comment and I didn't finish the video ^_^

    • playaaaLV
      playaaaLV 2 years ago +1

      @Rikrish Shrestha I don't think this video is worth watching neither for education, nor for collecting any timestamps. I recon my original comment and its shortness perfectly proves this point. Just read it and don't waste time watching the video - I already did this for you.

    • Rikrish Shrestha
      Rikrish Shrestha 2 years ago

      Thanks. I'm not being nitpick coz I write these kind of notes as comments but I like including timestamps as well.

  • Marco Tjiu
    Marco Tjiu 3 years ago +805

    Biggest mistake is trying to make a big game

    • Youcef EL Ghoul
      Youcef EL Ghoul Day ago

      This is true really true!!

    • Brooke McDonald
      Brooke McDonald 7 months ago

      @magnusm4 Making an inventory system is actually quite difficult.

    • magnusm4
      magnusm4 2 years ago

      Don't trust anyone, ESPECIALLY yourself.
      If you take someone's word or a new thing for granted then that's you trusting your gullible self too much.
      Be more humble in your own judgement and challenge to solidify it's meaning and purpose, otherwise you're left with a tool that ruins more than improve

    • pikachufan25
      pikachufan25 2 years ago +2

      ImA MaKe a MmORpG First GaMe

    • mgk - metal gear kelly
      mgk - metal gear kelly 2 years ago +1

      @Doran Martell Extra Credits gives me nausea.

  • The Skele Bros
    The Skele Bros 3 years ago +90

    Thomas, you're a really great guy pursuing an awesome dream.
    This is really good and valuable advice,
    I'm supporting once upon A coma with 65$ on patreon,
    And I'm buying it for switch if that comes out.
    I love your work, pinstripe and coma are great and It makes me happy to see you pursue once upon a coma.

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  3 years ago +9

      The Skele Bros wow thank you SO MUCH your support means a ton to me.

  • Job Samonte
    Job Samonte 3 years ago +178

    *I've stopped developing my Mobile game for 2 months now, and I've been on and off. Sometimes I lose motivation, by being overwhelmed with everything that I still have to do, and slacking off because of the stuff that I still need to learn. Through out a year, I accomplished programming in Unity, animating in blender, learned photoshop and illustrator and more softwares. I want to thank you Atmos for inspiring me to continue the project and finish it. I've been watching your videos for a while now. and I will always remember the most important thing in game development, and that is nothing else but to finish and publish.*

      THE SCIENTIST 8 months ago

      Coming to this channel and seeing comments like this motivates me

    • Hellfire LWD
      Hellfire LWD Year ago

      Hello, two years in the future-guy here. I was wondering how things are going now?
      Did you finish that game?

    • Corpsecrank
      Corpsecrank 3 years ago +2

      I got stuck after a year of learning unreal and a bunch of other stuff. It was fun and I was making amazing progress for that year then all of a sudden I hit some invisible wall and I couldn't figure out what it was stopping me. Feels like writers block if that makes sense. I then sat stagnate for like 14 months and I am only now getting back to making actual progress. But I cannot even begin to describe the amount of panic that builds up the longer and longer that time went on getting nothing done. Just try to not let the down time completely ruin you and just keep looking at all your options etc and eventually you will figure out what killed progress and when that happens you will be back in business again.

    • Orson Molijn
      Orson Molijn 3 years ago +1

      I am on the same page bro.

    • Ricky Wild
      Ricky Wild 3 years ago +2

      I've been on and off with my project. Life happens. It's a silly title, based on me trying to create a fun platformer. Thing is, it's taken me way longer than I ever would've thought to make. This annoys me because with it being a silly title, I often question myself, should I continue to waste more time on developing this? But then I go and watch this video, then read your comment and it reminds me. Finish what you start. I work full time in something completely irrelevant to this and I'm trying to make more time for it. 8 hour day job doesn't mean there's not enough time left in your day for gamedev. After watching the rest of this video, I'll attempt to persuade a publisher. Meanwhile I'll continue until it is done! 💪

  • Severn2j
    Severn2j 3 years ago +83

    I can relate to Mistake #2, signed up to Unity Plus for around $350 to get some free assets/tools. So far, I havent used a single one and have done nothing that couldnt have been done with the free version. We live and learn, I guess ;)

    • Witgang Younotube
      Witgang Younotube 2 years ago

      i kinda did the same 4-5 years ago when i bought 2 extra monitors , expensive keyboard,drawing pad and mouse then upgraded the PC and then after learning a bit of C++ and DirectX i just lost interest after realizing how much there is to learn and do for a decent game.
      now i'm back again but this time i just go with what i have and with free stuff. planning to use UE4 and just using free assets wherever i can and not go overboard with modeling whatever i can't find, i think that is the trap most fall into, they try to make all the assets themselves .
      and then if the game turns out to have a great concept i would go for a kickstarter to outsource better art and expand the game.

    • Silent Voice
      Silent Voice 2 years ago

      And we lose money 🌚

    • Cage edits
      Cage edits 3 years ago

      I will have better use 🤓🤑😉

    • Saad Mourtada
      Saad Mourtada 3 years ago

      Can I ask you a question, please? Have you succeeded in living from game development? Thanks!

  • Bullettube
    Bullettube 3 years ago +13

    It's so good to see someone who has made mistakes sharing his experience with others! Your advice can be applied to just about everything. Whether it's mapping out your career, starting a business, building a new game, or building a bird house, you need a plan. Know your market! Who are you trying to sell your idea to? Designing a birdhouse to attract Robins when Robins never use birdhouses is dumb. What resources are available and can you afford them? Plan a schedule to assemble your research, resources and funds before you start, not after. If you want to be an astronaut, a fireman, a game developer, or a chemist, you need to know what education is needed. To plan your education, again, you need to do research! It all comes down to preparation, which like painting a room, will result in a better job in the end. And don't be afraid to ask people or at the very least, watch this video!

  • The Fear
    The Fear Year ago +36

    "You don't have to spend $3000 to start making games"
    Don't worry pal, couldn't if I wanted to xD

  • Dariusz Scharsig
    Dariusz Scharsig 3 years ago

    Not easy talking about our mistakes. Thanks for making the video mate! It was really helpful.

  • byronius
    byronius 3 years ago +5

    Good tips as always. Really looking forward to your next game

  • Pewds
    Pewds 3 years ago +31

    Hi Thomas, could you please start doing tutorials on 2D gaming using Unity Pro and Photoshop. I just started and can't find useful tutorials on this topic. My goal is to create quality games like Pinstripe or Coma :)

    • Gd LOP
      Gd LOP 3 years ago +7

      As much as i want to watch those tutorials myself, lets not forget that he is a indie developer, currently making a game !!!! He cant be a videomaker and a developer at the same time. Even these wonderful and super helpful videos he is making , he makes them for promotional purposes, expanding his brand, fanbase, keeping in touch with the internet.......he also has a family ...just saying...its very easy to cross the line of work exhaustion

    • AT
      AT 3 years ago

      I 2nd this!! Very high in demand from your viewers :)

  • Stevepunk
    Stevepunk 3 years ago +9

    I made mistake #1 - I had anxiety and urgency (and I'm also a perfectionist); all it gave me was a mental breakdown.
    Since then I've had amazing mentors in my life and have almost eliminated anxiety completely from my life.
    I also found I was "holding my breath" for no particular reason; constantly in fight or flight mode.
    Something as simple as deep breathing can help here; if in doubt, breathe out.
    Also, on the flipside of #3 - Even if you do get awards for making an arty game or pushing the boundries of what a game is, this won't necessarily translate into sales in traditional game markets. I'm incredibly thankful to those that are pushing these boundries and constantly challenging the game vs art perception, but at the same time don't wish to do the same myself and would prefer to be somewhere between innovation and familarity.

  • magnusm4
    magnusm4 3 years ago +9

    1: Researching is 60% of my self education.
    I start by watching 3 or 5 videos on basic root motion, the shortest videos I can find. That makes it much easier to learn individual parts and how important they are and which are more important based on how many of the instructors use the same method over and over again. Then I make a simple prototype of the absolute basic steps of simply getting a cube in the animation tool to move and then I work my way up to a good enough level that I know the basic principles on my own, then I can experiment a little or test things out.
    2: My way is two choices: Easy and quick but mediocre or manual and slow but versatile and top notch quality and I always pick the second whenever I can.
    I am still naive myself but in the opposite way. If I see a cool feature or idea I say: Cool, can I find a tutorial on how to do it quickly from scratch? Like an awesome tutorial on making low poly water or clouds completely through scripts and nothing else. It's an amazing feeling to accomplish it even if I just copy pasted it basically. But what I learnt I can use later or improve their code. I love using others codes or methods and adding stuff to it or using the code to make something completely different like taking a weapon swaying script and making a weapon and goes and grabs whatever you're pointing at.
    3: I don't want to be big, I just want to a random nobody who suddenly turns out a polished masterpiece out of nowhere. And I hate modern games for stealing each others themes and gameplay with not enough varied or fun content that is fun to repeat over and over like Blood, Doom and Painkiller are. So my hatred fuels my fire to keep on working and perfecting my own craft to a good enough level that i'm satisfied with and make a great game that shows what I want and expect from all developers. Warshift is an amazing masterpiece by one guy though it lacks in the creative art department. Overgrowth is a marvel of solid core gameplay mechanics and combat blended with platforming but it's feel is very empty and sadly that level of quality hampers it's development on other fronts. If you can't be better, be different or both if you're confident in your schedule and workflow.
    4: Are you my evil twin brother? Again i'm the opposite. I would LOVE to be able to release a full complete game like GoldenEye007 or Overwatch for free on the world

  • Ash B
    Ash B 3 years ago

    Thanks a ton, Thomas! The tips are super helpful. Buying tools way early on is a silly mistake I regret as well.
    What Kickstarter alternative do you suggest for developers who are not from US?

    • 1LS Gaming
      1LS Gaming 3 years ago

      Indie go go probably is the best alternative for non us devs. U also get to keep the money even if u dont reach your goal

  • M'aiq the Liar
    M'aiq the Liar 3 years ago +1

    First time i've tried to make a game, I gave up because I didn't have the knowledge to make what I want. But now I'm learning a lot about game design( 2D arts and 3D modeling and game concepts ) and also making small projects to test my skills, and it's being good.

  • GWAC store
    GWAC store 3 years ago

    great video super infomative and well made/inteligent thanks for making our days better

  • queertales
    queertales 3 years ago

    For most Indy games you can get really really far with free and open source tools, like Blender, Krita and Godot.

  • Tuqire Hussain
    Tuqire Hussain 3 years ago +1

    Hi. Great video. What I’m really struggling with is finding an artist to design and create the art for my game. Most amazing illustrators I have found do not create game sprites. Do you have any tips?

  • Mr. Luigi
    Mr. Luigi 3 years ago

    I remember trying to get my friends to make a game with me. I just went “Hey guys, what if we made a video game?” We started it together. A friend and I are currently the only ones working on it instead of a small team of 6...
    And I’m lost... very, very lost...

  • Herlex
    Herlex 3 years ago +4

    Hey there! Just fell over your channel while searching for some inspiration for indie games. I also want to start creating my own games since i started developing software. I really like your work!

  • Vinicius Queiroz
    Vinicius Queiroz 3 years ago

    Man, thanks so much for these videos. These are really valuable tips!

  • João Novo
    João Novo 3 years ago +1

    I'm almost 20 yo and i know how to program, last year of university. And my dream is develop a indie game, thanks for posting videos to guide us not making the same mistakes that you did!

  • Eric Evans
    Eric Evans 3 years ago +2

    Ya know im not a game dev. but i am a EDM music producer and artist. and those things you mentioned about how you feel some way about how your not doing things like someone else is doing made me realize what i was doing wrong. thanks dude. your helping more than the game community.
    Much Love,

  • Пророк Мухоед

    OMG, thank you so much about your first advice, about careing about the game theory and concept. I personally have a number of docs on my computer with tons of notes from different sources strating from game articles and finishing with my own thoughts. I kinda felt that I'm just postponing and procrastinate, but probably I'm not. =) Cheers and good luck.

  • Stuck In Attic
    Stuck In Attic 3 years ago +3

    Hey man, I was wondering if you could share (approximately) how many wishlists Pinstripe had when it launch. I was a backer, btw, great job on your campaigns!

  • Artemis Cala
    Artemis Cala 3 years ago +4

    Good work
    Starting to get better at this
    Bad way to throw patreon at the end that way
    Hope to see more of your work and your evolution through your work

    • Artemis Cala
      Artemis Cala 3 years ago +4

      Atmos Games Well, you should ask for help. There is nothing silly about making a living from your work. I only wrote about it so you see it and work on it. Dont be so hard on yourself. You are doing a good job so far. Keep going! Thanks for answering. I work with unreal engine but I keep an eye out for the unity movement and the indie developers.
      Hope you make it big!

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  3 years ago +2

      Artemis Cala I’ll try and be super nice next Time. I feel silly asking for support so I get a bit sarcastic :/

  • HyperImaginative
    HyperImaginative 3 years ago

    I decided to go for more advanced player movement code in my game since it was easier for me to manage despite there being more code.

  • Yash Kaushik
    Yash Kaushik 3 years ago +8

    You didnt mention why when making our 3rd or 4th game we should avoid publishers if we have money... please explain?
    and thank you so much for making this video

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  3 years ago +11

      Yash Kaushik because publishers take huge chunks of revenue for the game’s life span. Don’t do it if you can afford to build your game and market on your own

  • Abhi Mukherjee
    Abhi Mukherjee 3 years ago

    Hi , I really like your game, I am also a individual developer of my own game outside of my full time job . It’s really harder to perusing dream. But you already proved it , that’s why I follow u. Thank you. Take care.

  • Jeremy Anderson
    Jeremy Anderson 2 years ago

    The project I'm set on making will have a lengthy design document and accurate vision scope before I write one piece of code or create a single asset. When it comes to programming its always important to understand the problem in order to develop the solution. Last thing you wanna do Is spend god knows how much time just sort of haphazardly "creating a game", only to rehash and re-design large portions of the game. Love the Videos , Patreon support engaged

  • Phil Mesnildrey
    Phil Mesnildrey 3 years ago

    Great series of videos mate - thanks heaps for sharing!

  • Thomas Brush
    Thomas Brush  2 years ago +16

    WHOA. My next game Neversong comes out on Steam MAY 20th! Wishlist now to snag that tasty launch discount :) store.steampowered.com/app/733210/Neversong/

  • Pr0fZaCh
    Pr0fZaCh 3 years ago

    I try and try but I always fail when I start making games and I just feel like I am never motivated enough and even when I watch tutorials I just can't get it. But no matter what I will keep trying until I finish making just one game. And I mean I have made one game but it was really simple and my dream is to make a game that is actually relevant!

  • XYHC
    XYHC 3 years ago +11

    Failing on Kickstarter isn’t a big deal at all lol. Scott Cawthon got $0 for his first FNaF game and made tons of millions off of the game.

  • Evergreen Games
    Evergreen Games 3 years ago

    This is a good post, thanks for the honest feedback about the gamedev cycle.

  • Greg Ewing
    Greg Ewing 3 years ago +144

    Great advice. Finish the GAME. Just Finish it!

    • Josh Garner
      Josh Garner 3 years ago +13

      As a new developer, I caught myself in the trap of starting a game and never finishing. I got past my insecurity and joined a game jam on "itch.io". Turned out to be the best thing that I've done for making games. Cause, I've finished game! And I learned a lot and it gave me a huge boost of confidence and drive to do the next one. So yeah, JUST FINISH IT!

  • The Yababa Show
    The Yababa Show 6 months ago

    Great channel. Saves people a lot of time. None of your videos are boring. I would like if you game website links to these which contain detailed information about the competition you mentioned.

  • SwissPitBull
    SwissPitBull Year ago

    I started developing a simple platformer, i can make 3d models pretty well in blender and can manage the logic behind the programming in unreal... i am stuck at the animation part of this stuff... its try and error for now and i watch a lot of tutorials that explain that. I know that i will learn this part of the developping process but it takes more time for me now that all other things i learned. Maybe i miss a simple logic behind the animation process and that is stopping me for now, this part is for me essential for a good "core" of the game. I managed to make the animations in blender and import these in unreal, but the logic in unreal behind the animation process in the blueprint tab is confusing me a lot.

    • Nickelbawker
      Nickelbawker Year ago

      Just keep exposing yourself to it periodically, I think you'll get it. The brain seems to get overwhelmed and only take in certain pieces of info at a time especially as we collect more and more of it. I've noticed I can code now after being away from game dev for awhile. I should have stuck with it harder. Am trying to now.

  • ifer lyf
    ifer lyf 2 years ago

    Not all good free engines are demos, some of them are full versions. Like Godot for example, which a lot of people prefer to Unity

  • jintat87
    jintat87 3 years ago

    Did you create your game by your self from start to finish? Stories, Concepts, Arts, Level design, Coding, and sound?

  • David Mbwana
    David Mbwana 3 years ago +1

    Good job man, about to begin my journey on UE4, I hope I finish.

  • KazukiSenpai
    KazukiSenpai 3 years ago

    Biggest mistake is probably working on your game too much. Avoiding breaks because there's a lot if things that needs to be done. Take a break, walk outside for a while. Play games, etc for a few mins. You'll feel more motivated doing so!

  • Prophet
    Prophet 3 years ago

    So small question: I started looking into 3D development and I want to know what program I should use. I looked into blender, but I found it quite confusing. I once used a program called Cubic Studio for Minecraft mods. Would you recommend me to use it?

    • Denis Andreev
      Denis Andreev 3 years ago +3

      The blender is great program. It hard to start modelling in blender for beginner and you need to look for good tutorial videos on youtube, but after you get blender basics you will get program with unlimited possibilities: modelling, sculpting, texturing, video editing and much much more. I highly recommend blender. It worth all your sweat and tears.
      If you need something more friendly, but a bit limited, get Google SketchUp. This is amazing program to start with 3D modelling: so easy and fun to use. I use it all the time to create simple 3D assets, props and levels for prototypes. Amazing program!

    • Yash Kaushik
      Yash Kaushik 3 years ago +2

      start using ZBrush, its very beginner friendly despite being a standard in AAA industry. You will make 3D models with it like you draw on a paper, its really easy.
      Then use Substance painter for texturing and baking maps.
      Diffuse map = Color of your character
      Normal map = it fakes light and shadows on your character
      Specular map = it fakes roughness and shineness on your charcater
      Ambient Occlusion map = it highlights specific areas on your charcater
      All these maps are necessary because you wont be using the model (character) that you made in Zbrush directly into Unity (or any game engine) because that model will have millions of triangles so you would need to "Retopologize" your model means you would need to exponentially decrease you triangle count like below 50K and then you can use that model in your game. For "Retopology" you would need another software called Topogun.
      Thats pretty much how 3D art is made both in indie scene and AAA scene.

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  3 years ago

      I wish I could help! I hate blender, perhaps 3d max I think it’s called?

  • Igor Sidorov
    Igor Sidorov 3 years ago +3

    Thanks for all advice. Not being ignorant but still going for indie action mmorpg with open world.

  • Lamar mills
    Lamar mills 3 years ago

    hey Thomas i just started my game but i dont even know the first step could you do a tutorial on the steps from design - create - funding - gathering the audience - and releasing thanks

  • Justin Powers
    Justin Powers 3 years ago

    I spent the last 2 years dabbling in Unity and thinking to myself why I was not improving. I've improved more in the last 3 weeks than I have in the last 2 year because I decided to commit to Practicing Unity for 1 hour every day. Even if it means following tutorials on how games work and all that fun shit.

  • Noel Bit
    Noel Bit 3 years ago +2

    First I love Pinstripe!
    Second thank you for the video this really help!

    TYNEPUNK 2 years ago

    i made the same exact mistake with unity pro!!!! shadows man :)

  • RDS
    RDS 3 years ago +3

    Dude massive respect for the tattoo on your finger. God bless you on your endeavors

    • RDS
      RDS 3 years ago +2

      So I am an indie game developer and a Christian as well and sometimes I struggle with seeing how my faith and my interest in game dev can correlate. Sometimes I wonder if it's something I should pursue. I see indie games similar to painting. There are painters who put time into making paintings that looks beautiful. Sometimes the paintings evoke meaning and sometimes they don't. I think games can be looked at in the same light, it's art that can evoke meaning and people can draw experiences from playing them. I am interested in your perspective on this or how what role your faith plays in your work if you are interested in sharing.

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  3 years ago +1

      Jungley he’s the real deal

  • Wölf
    Wölf 3 years ago

    I'm 22 years old this month, I graduated in IT last year. I want to get into game development but it feels like I'm coming into it late. I always hear of people starting earlier than me and i get anxious about my skills (e.g. programming) not being good enough. There is so much to learn and I'm just not sure where to start... do you have any advice?
    Edit: I thought i might add: I'm only working part time in retail atm, currently looking for full time work.

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  3 years ago +1

      TheWolfTyrant never too early. I was working in retail then too I believe. I was just making small flash games on the side. Anyone can learn!

    • RDS
      RDS 3 years ago +1

      TheWolfTyrant dude just do it. Just make anything. I have really bad procrastination anxiety so I know where you're coming from. I used to do tons of unity tutorials because but never actually work on making a game because I never thought I was "ready". Just make the first step by working on creating something simple. Dont get discouraged if you csbt figure something out or if it looks terrible, it's part of the process

  • Merpysoup
    Merpysoup 3 years ago +1

    i showed my friends a game i had spent a long time working on and they said it "looks like a piece of trash they could make in 5 minutes" because it wasnt as good as gta. that is literally their reasoning

    • QodeBroJames
      QodeBroJames 3 years ago +1

      I say get you some new friends. Taking on the project of a game is tough and to actually produce a playable and fun game is hard as well. You should have people around you who are stoked that you're putting effort into something like that

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson 3 years ago +1

    WOW I just discovered this channel and game. Amazing stuff.
    Is Pinstripe a solo project? What's your full-time job if you mind me asking?

  • jaquino94
    jaquino94 3 years ago

    Any advice on how to try find balance learning game development and school? Im a CS Major and sometimes I feel overwhelmed about trying to find balance between school assignments and learning game development. I wanna do game dev as a hobby since my main focus in terms of career is being a Full stack developer (not saying having a career in game dev isn’t viable). It’s just overwhelming trying to find the balance learning school material, learning web technologies, and learning game dev.

  • Knedlik MCPE
    Knedlik MCPE Year ago

    An advice to beginning indie devs: *Don’t work alone.* If you don’t have all the skills, it’s better to work in a team. It’s also more effective, since the tasks are split between the team. You may ask “But how do I find a team?” There are many discord servers and other communities where you can find people.

  • Kenbomp
    Kenbomp 3 years ago

    One mistake to avoid is to work in silicon valley , your putting big percentage your budget into some landlord pocket for no reason

  • bradyaero
    bradyaero 3 years ago

    Thanks for your videos, it's a big learning curve that marketing thing....

  • Hakan Yilmaz
    Hakan Yilmaz 3 years ago +5

    Thanks you for your true words. Without knowing me, you support me with your videos. So I just bought your game to thank you. (Sorry for my bad english)

    • Black Warrior
      Black Warrior Year ago

      Yeah its freaking correct

    • Sosasees
      Sosasees 3 years ago +2

      This Comment does NOT have bad english.

  • Pxl Dev
    Pxl Dev 2 years ago

    When youre making a game, first think, Is your game special compared to other millions of games, Why is it?
    Believe me, it helps.

  • Greg Eckermann
    Greg Eckermann 3 years ago

    rule 3 is true with The First Tomb Raider was Rejected by Sony when Core and Eidos. they trashed it but yet it did well.

  • mikamiga
    mikamiga 3 years ago +17

    "So the first thing is, 1, I never researched a thing."
    This video is going to be about me, isn't it?

  • Richard Burcher
    Richard Burcher 3 years ago +3

    great advice. like the video presentation style

  • Omer Ben Shushan
    Omer Ben Shushan 3 years ago

    Hey really like your channel I'm coming from the marketing industry (mostly ecommerce) and now i really want to learn how to develop games (my profession is web developer). I really like to learn more about game development and ill be happy to be in touch with you, if its possible. thanks.

  • ChuchoF3TT
    ChuchoF3TT 3 years ago

    Would u recommend a begginer to enroll in courses like the ones udemy offer on c# and unity? I was learning Python3 on my own but i hit pause because im unsure of the direction I need. I'm on my mid 30s no family, part time job at minimum wage and no economic stability... I'm in urgent need of direction. Thanks!

    • Grepolian Magic
      Grepolian Magic 3 years ago

      Im an absolute beginner as well but I have heard that Python is a good language to learn because it is so simple and broadly used, however, for a lot of videogames c# and c++ are essential, but again, take my words with a grain of salt

  • Joaquim Ley
    Joaquim Ley 3 years ago +1

    You can use Buffer (and Hootsuite too I think) for free.

  • JoeMama
    JoeMama 3 years ago

    They Thomas, what do you think about documenting your development process on youtube to build an audience? Some people say big Corp will steal your idea?

    • Brendan Leighton
      Brendan Leighton 3 years ago

      @JoeMama "Better safe than sorry" in my opinion. How much of your game will you be showing in the video? If you only show bits and pieces and not go in-depth on how you did everything thing, then I think you'd be good. I've never made a game but I have heard that games can change a lot during development. Take No Man's Sky for instance, the end result was different than what was expected and was receiving many updates (may still be) to get the game up to speed, even after launch. These are just some of my concerns, I have no experience with this stuff. You should look more into it, see if others have done it and how it went. If no one has done it, I'd be interested to know how it would go.

    • JoeMama
      JoeMama 3 years ago

      @Brendan Leighton jeah that was the second strategy I tought of. So you really think stealing might be a problem? I always taught that's some paranoia people taking about.

    • Brendan Leighton
      Brendan Leighton 3 years ago

      Release the videos when you are done producing your project? It won't build the audience upfront but may lead people to your game after it comes out?

  • Shubham Kalra
    Shubham Kalra 3 years ago

    From where did you learn unity, scripting in C# and all other softwares required to start building your own game?

  • TheBugB
    TheBugB 3 years ago

    Thank You for the advice!!

    TYNEPUNK 3 years ago +1

    I did the same with unity pro man, its a tempting thing back in the day, and u think oh ill need it etc.

  • HarukoZ GoalZ
    HarukoZ GoalZ 3 years ago +1

    can you make a video on creative ideas? im relatively new to video game development, (very new) and i can use some tips and pointers to spawn creative ideas! thanks!

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi 2 years ago

    Step one is research... So basically watch all of your videos over and over... And over. That's what I'm doing ;P

  • Star Shine
    Star Shine 3 years ago

    You are inspirational. thank you :)

  • Iliyan Iliev
    Iliyan Iliev 3 years ago

    Give us examples of publishers, please :3

  • TGHoly
    TGHoly 3 years ago

    Can I ask should I get publisher before public announce trailer or release myself before contact publisher?

  • Akhil Singh Khyalia
    Akhil Singh Khyalia 3 years ago

    I will learn those mistakes myself.

  • SwArchi
    SwArchi 3 years ago

    i did 1st one mistake .....but now learn alot from it...

  • DisObey Sector
    DisObey Sector 3 years ago

    Thanks for this video explains a good bit of what I'm going through. Ty now I'm grounded again

  • CraftyMaelyss
    CraftyMaelyss 3 years ago +5

    My biggest concern with the game I'm working on, is making it publish and someone steals or copies my idea. How would you recommend resolving this issue to protect something you've been working on for 3.5 years?

    • Apanatchanka
      Apanatchanka 3 years ago

      Or maybe try to tease the game before release without giving too much info on the gameplay ? or make a demo without all the gameplay elements ?

    • Mandisa W
      Mandisa W 3 years ago

      Just ignore "the other guy". Certainly during the research & early production phases you should explore the market, check out the competition, genre conventions, audience expectation, etc. But once you're underway, there's nothing for it but to make your game, and put it out there. You can't own the "idea" of your game - only the actual implementation. Your game reflects everything you learned & put into it - some other guy's version is always going to be their version, not yours.
      Huge multi-national companies get their game-concepts ninja'd all the time. Recently DOTA & League, or PUBG & Fortnite, but it dates from the very start of the industry with arcade boxes. As an indie, best you can hope for is that your game gets popular enough that it's even worthwhile for someone else to try and mimic.

  • xrep04
    xrep04 3 years ago

    "I've learned to not trust *any* authority figure in any part of my life. I'm always skeptical about advice..."
    k cool thanks for your *advice* mr *indie game developer*

    • Nickelbawker
      Nickelbawker Year ago

      It's good advice if you've ever really had shit hit the fan you'd loose trust in pretty much everyone as well. If you think it's good then you need to listen more to people who also like that genre of game so he's not wrong.

  • Mohammad Khairi
    Mohammad Khairi 3 years ago +3

    Love your channel bro!

  • Sosasees
    Sosasees 2 years ago

    With Unity, the Free Version isn't even a trial.
    You can use the Free Version of Unity for as long as you like. Unless you have earned more than 999999$ in the last year, which means that you'd have to pay for Unity Pro if you want to continue using Unity. But that's no problem, because you have so much money by then.

  • TaSTy - Valorant, Cyber Hook, Elden Ring, and more

    Use Unity, Krita, Blender, and Bosca Ceoil for the most basic tools.

  • Mohammed Younes
    Mohammed Younes 3 years ago +2

    I don't want to build a Titanic, I wanna build A millennium falcon,that thing has been flying since 1979

  • I2D
    I2D 3 years ago

    once upon a time i think i;m gonna make uncharted 4 all alone.....and it was my bigggest mistake,,,lol

  • Fringe
    Fringe 3 years ago

    I find C# to be a very hard language to learn.. I don't know why, people say it's so easy but I have such a hard time understanding it, I spend most of my time memorizing the code rather than learning what it actually does, makes me feel like I'm "not worthy".

    • Nickelbawker
      Nickelbawker Year ago

      You probably know by now but you'll get used to it. I find the syntax pretty familiar although ZDOOM is even easier although very constricted and limited to OLD first person games. Right now I've finally gotten to the point where I can fix things just by looking at the API, still kind of at a loss writing a whole entire page or class without some examples though. Kind of sucks I'd probably be better at coding if there wasn't tons of Unity code available online.

    • Brendan Leighton
      Brendan Leighton 3 years ago

      Try different tutorials. You've gotta find a person who explains things in a way you can understand. Everyone's different and they learn/teach in different ways. I myself usually do hours of research trying to understand what something does. I sometimes wonder if maybe I just have to use the code until it make sense. If that makes sense lol.

  • Greg Eckermann
    Greg Eckermann 3 years ago

    the money thing is true too I am learning the hard way.

  • dwivedi gaurav
    dwivedi gaurav 3 years ago

    I am also a solo game developer. But I am developing games for Mobile platform. I use unity3d.

  • Mateusz Kolodziejczyk
    Mateusz Kolodziejczyk 3 years ago +1

    Hi Thomas! What is that service that you're talking about at 10:35? It sounds interesting:)

  • Mad HackAdemy
    Mad HackAdemy 3 years ago

    hi could you share the link about the media social tools you talk in video ? Thx in advance

  • Mobile Game Crazy
    Mobile Game Crazy 3 years ago

    are you're still working full time job or just focus on develop game now? or both?

  • Mark Kozin
    Mark Kozin 3 years ago +1

    Yo Thomas, what was the service that allows you to send stuff on all the social media? Couldn't hear what exactly you are saying about it.

  • Ayush Sharma
    Ayush Sharma 3 years ago

    Plz make the tutorials of making games...and videos of tips to make finest games...

  • Johnny Benade
    Johnny Benade 3 years ago +1

    Scope..scope scope scope... if the scope of the game is too big scratch some ideas or work on another smaller project.... I have not released anything yet, but I have a lot of experience in trying to develop games in UE4. 3D Survival game, very simple, oh crap I can't do nice artwork. 2D farming game...even harder.... cat jumps many times, yeah there we go!

  • Justin Reidy
    Justin Reidy 3 years ago +387

    But the Titanic sank anyways...

    • magnusm4
      magnusm4 2 years ago +1

      Well that's cause the company used cheaper metal than was said, used shortcuts to cheapen it and used less row boats than needed.
      They didn't even use the life boats optimally either so Titanic is what happens when greed is a bigger motivation than actually doing something

    • Pxl Dev
      Pxl Dev 2 years ago

      @Thomas Brush yep

    • Leonidas Thompson
      Leonidas Thompson 2 years ago

      @Thomas Brush you are correct

    • mortaché
      mortaché 3 years ago

      @ClassicPopble Also it was relatively new technology.

    • ClassicPopble
      ClassicPopble 3 years ago +12

      The Titanic sank because of bad direction, you need to know where you're going or you're game will sink regardless of being bug free.
      Yeah, that made it work

  • IHasFinger
    IHasFinger 5 days ago

    Penguin Classics on the bookshelf. Nice. I own most of the collection.

  • Sean Sopata
    Sean Sopata 3 years ago

    Don't open your tools until you have a GDD. Period. End of story.

  • Gabriel Hernández
    Gabriel Hernández 2 years ago

    What do you think about making game with Godot?

  • Sonam Jordan
    Sonam Jordan 3 years ago

    What after you make the game? How to sell it?

  • CreateiveSteve619
    CreateiveSteve619 3 years ago

    not sure if you'll see this comment Thomas Brush. But after I discovered your amazing channel. It helped me get motivated to making my own game ideas come to life as well n I want to thank you for that very much. I have two game ideas in my head st the moment one is a big project which is inpsired by few old pc adventure games I played endless times and another just for fun. how can I get my idea onto paper i am stuck on that part.

  • Pattech
    Pattech 2 years ago +1

    Looks at my room: Isn't clean at all. +1
    Looks at my cloth: World Of Warcraft T-Shirt. +1
    I guess I do look like an Indie developer.

  • Jonathan McBrine
    Jonathan McBrine 13 days ago

    What game engine do you create your games?