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10 Fastest Bowls In Cricket History

  • Published on May 26, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • 10 fastest bowls in cricket history.
    The world of cricket has seen some amazing fast bowlers throughout history. Bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar, Brett Lee Shaun Tait, who stunned the world with their pace, and made the batsmen tremble with fear. In today's video, we've compiled 10 of the fastest bowls ever bowled.
    0:04 Shane Bond--153.0 KPH
    0:31 Muhammad Sami--156.4 KPH
    0:50 Mitchell Johnson--156.8 KPH
    1:13 Fidel Edwards--157.7 KPH
    1:44 Anderson Roberts--159.5 KPH
    2:12 Jeffery Thompson--160.0 KPH
    2:48 Mitchell Starc--160.4 KPH
    3:22 Shaun Tait--160.7 KPH
    3:52 Brett Lee--161.0 KPH
    4:28 Shoaib Akhtar--161.3 KPH
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  • Shabs123
    Shabs123 10 months ago +431

    Rise your hands who watch prime Lee and Akhtar, bond golden age of cricket 🏏

    • Avish Maharaj
      Avish Maharaj 7 months ago +2


    • DrCrabfingers
      DrCrabfingers 7 months ago +3

      Er...no! Shoaib Akhtar was a cheat....he used Nandrolone to improve his performance...or had you chosen to forget that? Brett Lee was super quick as a bowler and could be a really good batter.

    • Shabs123
      Shabs123 7 months ago +1

      @DrCrabfingers may be true nonetheless any baysmaem dare to face him in his prime and yeah Brett Lee wasa legend still fast is fast 90s cricket best 🙌

    • ψαgαmï
      ψαgαmï 7 months ago +9

      @DrCrabfingers Then ICC or whole world even cameras or Blind only you are most genius and have eyes far superior then Superman. Your name should be written in Guinness book of world and also in whole word historical books with Diamonds.

    • alan mac
      alan mac 6 months ago +4

      IMO The West Indies combinations of Marshall, Holding, Roberts, Garner was the golden age of quick bowling.
      Batsmen never got any respite.

  • Sunny Tanwar
    Sunny Tanwar Year ago +247

    Shaun Tait & Shoaib Akhtar were the only bowlers in this list who gave more importance to speed instead of line & length.

    • Ken Oliver
      Ken Oliver Year ago +29

      Shoaib was more accurate than either Tait or Thomson (it's not hard), but I still don't think he was as fast as Thomson. True, without speed guns for Thomson we can't prrove it, but as I said I've seen them all live and still think Thomson at his peak was the quickest. Another very fast one before speed guns was Michael Holding - called "Whispering Death" because of the deceptive smoothness of his action.

    • prateek singh
      prateek singh Year ago +9

      Shoaib is only bowler in list who only bowls for speed not wickets

    • Javed Bhuyan
      Javed Bhuyan 11 months ago +21

      Do you think other fast bowlers are succesful than shoiab?
      Shoiab was a threat to all batters of the world.
      After Shoaib,i believe starc to be ferocious bowler

    • Kuldeep Agarwal
      Kuldeep Agarwal 11 months ago +7

      Brett lee only breet lee

  • Vyom Richharia
    Vyom Richharia 8 months ago +194

    No one gets the combination of speed with good lines and conceading very little runs better than Brett Lee.

    • Aravind B
      Aravind B 6 months ago +2

      Glenn mccgrath 🐐 says hi 😎, If you say accurate line & length no comparison

    • Jason Smith
      Jason Smith 6 months ago +16

      @Aravind B McGrath didn't have the speed of Lee, the closest would be Bond

    • True Seeker
      True Seeker 6 months ago

      Right 👍

    • Masteroogway
      Masteroogway 6 months ago +1

      Wasim akram enter the chat

    • Aravind B
      Aravind B 6 months ago

      @Jason Smith i talk about the line & length bro.

  • CGM
    CGM 10 months ago +81

    Many years ago when the West Indies were in their prime (Lloyd, Richards, Holding, Haynes etc etc) I was fortunate enough to see Andy Roberts bowl at Bourda in Guyana. That pitch was not considered a "fast" pitch (as opposed to Kensington Oval in Barbados or Sabina Park in Jamaica) but all I could see was the dust that was kicked up when the ball hit the pitch. I could never actually see the ball! Now granted I was side on to the pitch but I had 17 year old eyes at the time! What impressed me even more is that his run up was relatively short and more on an "amble" as opposed to a sprint, yet the ball was released at what seemed to me at the time as unbelievable speed. Ahhh cricket, lovely cricket!

    • Zahid Khan
      Zahid Khan 8 months ago

      Black storm of that eta gave the cricket true legends that remain unmatched till today.
      Only Akhtar could macth their pace.. nobody else ever could.

    • Rajdeep Ghosh
      Rajdeep Ghosh 8 months ago +2

      Thanks for sharing your story

    • Jack Sparrow
      Jack Sparrow 7 months ago +2

      @Zahid Khan all bowlers in this vid can match their pace don't be too cocky

    • Zahid Khan
      Zahid Khan 7 months ago +2

      @Jack Sparrow more specifically yes. they can match the pace but they cant match the quality of black storm: Marshalll, Roberts, Holding, Ambrose..Garner etc.

    • Tugboat
      Tugboat 4 months ago

      Not Fast, But Glenn McGrath could put the ball on your toes and bowl like that all day. Till the batsman would do something different then out

  • timbo
    timbo Year ago +125

    Thompson was the quickest ever I’d comfortably wager.
    Shoaib the fastest in the speed gun era but I’d have to say Lee was my favourite for his extreme pace and exquisite action.

    • Lol
      Lol Year ago +4

      He had one of the best action

    • Eyesome TV
      Eyesome TV Year ago +1

      R u mad? Shoaib Akhtar is fastest bowler till now. And his action is lethal

    • geoff upham
      geoff upham Year ago +9

      Shoaib was fast but not lethal very little swing and variation thommo at his best was the fastest

    • Eyesome TV
      Eyesome TV Year ago +1

      @geoff upham he injured too many batsman and u r saying he is not lethal.

    • Amit Ranjan
      Amit Ranjan Year ago +5

      @Eyesome TV he chucks clearly

  • Sree Kanth
    Sree Kanth 10 months ago +35

    Brett Lee - for his speed, swing, consistency and graceful bowling action.

  • Ken Oliver
    Ken Oliver Year ago +117

    I'm old enough (and addicted to cricket enough) to have seen most of these players live when they were in their prime. The speed gun wasn't available for Thomson until after he broke his shoulder, when he dropped noticeably in pace. In my opinion in the years 1974-75 he bowled quicker than any of these. THe wicketkeeper had to stand further back to him than for his teammate Dennis Lillee, for example, who prior to Thomson's arrival was considered the quickest bowler in the world.

    • Europa
      Europa Year ago

      I do recall reading somewhere, where Thompson bowled a ball at the WACCA where it went over the keepers head and bounced one time, and into the fence. That requires a lot of pace

    • Mujahid Ali Gowher
      Mujahid Ali Gowher Year ago

      Don't talk without measuring the speed blindly when u don't have the speedometer available that time just forget it۔ Secondly we r talking about fastest bowlers within our country of india not international level۔ If u r Indian give example of any Indian origin bowlers speed that too with properly measured one۔ Ok

    • Alex Sharma
      Alex Sharma Year ago +3

      Lol, no gym, not proper athelete, no proper training....if keeper stand behind doesn't mean that bowler is bowling fast.... Its just keeper choice.
      Many keeper stand too behind of wicket for fast bowler or in a bouncy pitches.
      Conclusion: if you have a speed machine, or proper proof, to measure a fast ball then you can talk about any of them

    • Purbayan Pramanik
      Purbayan Pramanik Year ago +5

      @Mujahid Ali Gowher why?? India is only a member country of cricket. And cricket is not only about india. And fast bowling is not only about umran malik.. Umran has speed but not much accuracy. This is why his economy rate is that high..

    • Mujahid Ali Gowher
      Mujahid Ali Gowher Year ago

      @Purbayan Pramanik Did u put urself on walking after u born۔ U took some time in which u might felt down several times۔ Ur parents help u to walk perfectly.؟ Am i Right likewise if u find any extra ordinary talent it's ur duty to provide him a platform to learn the technique otherwise how can he learn۔۔Everybody needs training in their life in early stage of life to show the talents۔ Think about dear

  • Abid Hussain
    Abid Hussain 3 months ago +4

    I had the privilege of watching Shoaib Akhtar bowl along with Wasim, Waqar, Saqlain, Azhar Mahmood, Abdul Razzaq in person during the world cup of 1999 in England, amazing memories.

  • Oomer Choughuley
    Oomer Choughuley 4 months ago +4

    Lucky enough to see most of the bowlers bowl in their prime, specially Shoaib Akhtar running all the way from boundary. 💞

  • Cute Reaction
    Cute Reaction Month ago +1

    *Shoaib the fastest in the speed gun era but I’d have to say Lee was my favourite for his extreme pace and exquisite action.*

  • Akhtar Khan Baloch
    Akhtar Khan Baloch 3 months ago +11

    No one can compete an actual rythm, pace & specially the attitude of a real fast bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar ❤

  • Creative I
    Creative I 3 months ago +3

    Shoaib Akhtar shows the real meaning of speed!!

  • Midas
    Midas 10 months ago +45

    The best 160km/ hr fast ball we ever witnessed came from Allan Donald after he had been hit for 6 six's in a row. In his anger, he bowled a 160km/hr yorker that snapped the middle stump at the base & the wicket flew over the wicket keepers head. The crowd exploded in disbelief while Alan Donald flew his plane in celebration.

    • Na Jeeves
      Na Jeeves 6 months ago +20

      Then the drugs wore off...and you came back to reality

    • chad
      chad 6 months ago

      @Na Jeeves 😂😂😂

    • Midas
      Midas 5 months ago

      @Malcolm Muggeridge OK. I admit it was only 3 six's but the stump breaking at the base & going over the wicket keepers head was amazing.

    • Lupi33
      Lupi33 4 months ago

      balls at altitude shouldn't count

  • msmza
    msmza Year ago +121

    Supporting Umran for bringing back lost legacy of frightening fast bowlers 160++ 🔥🔥🔥

    • Aditya Gupta
      Aditya Gupta Year ago

      i really want him to play test

    • AdnanGamer
      AdnanGamer Year ago +7

      Ab koi nhi kar pyaega bhai purane legends ne vo chize kari jo tut nhi paya he chahe vo Sachin ho Bradman ho ya Shoaib Akhtar ya sabse longest six by afridi inke record nhi tut sakta he bro

    • political kuch bhi
      political kuch bhi Year ago +1

      @AdnanGamer record bante hi hain tootne ke liye....

    • Vishnu
      Vishnu 10 months ago +2

      Go to the boundary 165+ 🤣🤣

    • hi there
      hi there 10 months ago +1

      Dont forget lockie ferguson of nz, he beaten umran at speed record at ipl.

  • Sam
    Sam Year ago +136

    Lee was more consistent at bowling faster than Akhtar and had one of the cleanest bowling actions, which is quite remarkable. He wasn't wild like Akhtar or Tait.

    • amitkumar shinde
      amitkumar shinde Year ago +11

      Yeah Lee was the cleanest fast bowler of all the time and shane bond also

    • Javed Bhuyan
      Javed Bhuyan Year ago +6

      Shoaib is more controversial bcoz he is far way from any pacer...

    • Javed Bhuyan
      Javed Bhuyan Year ago +2

      But I feel Mitcheel starc is also very dangerous

    • Mr Tarikul
      Mr Tarikul Year ago +3

      @Javed Bhuyan Akhtar's bowling was illegal ryt? he bowled 150kph+ consistently

    • Frank B
      Frank B Year ago +5

      The over bowled by Brett seen here is indicative of how speed bowlers should be measured. We see the fastest average over bowled on record. Single timed deliveries should never be taken as a count because of variability of conditions and questionable accuracy of devices. I would bet the devices are not calibrated to a Standard for each and every game. Also Thommo shown here was never timed using today's radar devices until after he had his accident that required surgery. It was not until 1975 that radar became available and replaced the former point to point timing.

  • Saqib Sheikh
    Saqib Sheikh Year ago +56

    Lee was the quickest one🔥
    He was consistent

    • The European Legacy
      The European Legacy Year ago

      He was less skilled

    • Pratik Goutam
      Pratik Goutam Year ago +3

      And also a better and clean action.

    • Saqib Sheikh
      Saqib Sheikh Year ago

      @Pratik Goutam right..

    • Frank B
      Frank B Year ago

      @Pratik Goutam His was THE Classically trained technique...exactly what is still coached to evolving quicks. Several others shown are sling bowlers and hence are less accutrate.

  • Mubasher Hussain
    Mubasher Hussain 3 months ago +4

    Being a pakistani .Shoaib is like wild while i always enjoy bond action and speed

  • Jonathon J
    Jonathon J 10 months ago +8

    Shane bond has the best high speed Yorker I’ve ever seen. Consistently quick and huge inswing. Body just couldn’t handle it

    • Rick Phillips
      Rick Phillips 3 months ago

      What about malinger the slinger ! Best yorkers ever ?

  • Neeraj M
    Neeraj M Year ago +53

    Yorker at 160kph is much tougher than a big bouncer at the same speed. With the bouncer, you get extra leverage and can generate extra force from the core. Yorker, not so easy. Measured speed is ok, beating that 100-mile Starc Yorker is going to be something else.

    • Noman
      Noman Year ago +7

      Lol. Its easier to bowl full when you are quick. But its a lot difficult to bowl a bouncer at 100mph. Almost impossible

    • Frank B
      Frank B Year ago

      @Noman You do realise that a delivery loses approx 10% of velocity on contacting the pitch ?

    • Zuhaib Zulfiqar
      Zuhaib Zulfiqar 11 months ago +1

      @Frank B he is talking from another perspective you are both right actually!

    • Razor Eddie
      Razor Eddie 9 months ago

      Speed, biomechanically speaking, is generated from how much of an arc you can move your arm in before releasing the ball, in the last quarter of a second.
      Look, in these REALLY fast guys, how much arc the ball is travelling through before release. The bigger the arc, the bigger the speed (in the same amount of time).

  • _Somi108
    _Somi108 Year ago +69

    Shane Bond had bolwed 156km/h he was the most dangerous bowler at that time.

    • Mohammed Sujon
      Mohammed Sujon Year ago +1

      bowler Matheesha Pathirana
      Sri Lanka U-19 fast bowler Matheesha Pathirana shocked everybody during their U-19 World Cup game against India by bowling a wide bouncer which was recorded at 175 kph (108 mph), making it the fastest ball ever bowled by any bowler in across all levels in international cricket.Jan 22, 2020

    • ItzMeUrFrnd
      ItzMeUrFrnd Year ago +12

      @Mohammed Sujon later confirmed that the machine showed error, it was actually 145 , i guess

    • Mohammed Sujon
      Mohammed Sujon Year ago

      @ItzMeUrFrnd 😢

    • Mohammed Sujon
      Mohammed Sujon Year ago

      @ItzMeUrFrnd yes 😔😅

    • Lord Hafey
      Lord Hafey 10 months ago +1

      Shame injury ruined his career.

  • Kane
    Kane 4 months ago +4

    Shame we’ll never know what Thompson’s fastest delivery was in his prime.

  • Everything unique
    Everything unique 8 months ago +14

    Shoaib,Lee,and bond were very famous in speed,style,bounser Nd in yourker.miss those era👍😭♥️

  • thatsbollox
    thatsbollox 11 months ago +8

    1:45 Brutal ball by Roberts. Beautifully played. In behind it and dropped it at his feet. Bruce Laird by the looks. Hospital ball.

    • Lupi33
      Lupi33 4 months ago +1

      yep stumpy Laird
      brave player
      should've played more cricket for Australia but the selectors in those days were clueless

  • Mouli Seera
    Mouli Seera 5 months ago +1

    Brittlee clean, consistent, swings both ways deadly bouncers

  • jawwad asif
    jawwad asif 11 months ago +20

    Shoaib has bowled the most fascinating deliveries throughout his career. People come to stadium just to watch his magical spell

  • tyson dog
    tyson dog 3 months ago

    Nice touch adding Thommo and Andy Roberts. But, as they didn't have speed guns regularly at games in their prime, we can never know how fast, the top speed they were able to produce. Could they have topped Shoaib? Who knows, but batters from their time have often said they most likely did bowl the odd spell faster. Tall tails reminiscing or the truth, we'll never know...

  • R K
    R K 4 months ago

    The era of McGrath, Warne and Brett Lee was the greatest of all time.
    I sometimes think about "what if" Mitchell Johnson had come on the scene a few years earlier and was part of that bowling group...

  • Andy Grace
    Andy Grace 4 months ago

    Some thoughts - Jeff Thomson was the fastest bowler I think I've ever seen with his sling action. There was an Australian TV show in around 1978 about the fastest bowlers in the world using the "new technology" of radar to accurately measure speed. Thommo came out on top with a ball well over 100mph. Lee and Akhtar exceptionally quick too and both brilliant bowlers, but Lee was also one of the most powerful hitters of the ball with the biggest six I have ever seen in Brisbane.
    Other names to throw in Garth Le Roux who didn't get to play tests due to the ban on South Africa, Harold Larwood from the Bodyline series whose front foot was smashed from pounding it down so hard as he bowled.
    Maybe also Dennis Lillee when he was young before he broke his back from bowling too fast, Ray Lindwall, and potentially Fred 'The Demon' Spofforth who was faster than anybody of his day and who invented swing bowling. Hard to know really how fast Spofforth bowled as he played in the first test in 1877, but he was as feared as any bowler who ever lived - including by the great W.G. Grace - yes same surname, much better cricketer :)

  • The Cricket Historian
    The Cricket Historian 3 months ago +1

    I reckon that we are yet to see Anrich Nortje at his quickest. I hope we can see him bowling at 155km/h + more frequently!

    • Aditya Kotgire
      Aditya Kotgire 3 months ago

      I read that he bowled 158 kph at mcg and saw that he bowled 156.4 kph in sa20 league

  • Trevor Hare
    Trevor Hare 4 months ago +1

    I'm surprised Michael Holding isn't in this list. I once saw him bowl in the same game live at the SCG with Jeff Thompson. I could barely see the ball when either of them were bowling - both seriously quick

    • Ashley Smith
      Ashley Smith 4 months ago

      I watched a 1 day game at the Gabba (QLD vs WA). QLD had Kasper, Bichel and a young Mitchell Johnson. WA had Damien Martyn. Kasper and Bichel were quick but them Johnson came on and I couldn’t see the ball once it left his hand when bowling. He was lightning quick. He ran through the WA batting order until Martyn came in and he looked like a man playing against boys. It was like Martyn was playing the game in slow motion, he middled every ball. It’s funny that when you watch test cricket, everyone is good. When you watch domestic cricket everyone is good. When you watch Test players in domestic cricket, you realise how much of a jump there is in skill and talent.

  • Stephen Power
    Stephen Power 6 months ago +5

    Jeff Thompson is hands down the quickest bowler ever. Any player who had the "opportunity" to face him or field behind him would disagree.

    • Aditya Kotgire
      Aditya Kotgire 3 months ago +1

      Then you should also mention frank tyson who was chosen as fastest by legends who saw thomson

  • Dagur The Deranged
    Dagur The Deranged 6 months ago +3

    Being Australian Shane Bond was my favorite bowler, shame his body let him down.

    • J Vomkrieg
      J Vomkrieg 6 months ago +1

      Being a kiwi, so gutted he didnt play more. He was the single best player we ever fielded vs Australia, who were so dominant at the time. Only he seemed to be able to rattle them.

  • Dozer Mc
    Dozer Mc 10 months ago +2

    Shoaib and Lee were definitely quicker, but in my life time I've never seen anyone put the fear into batsmen like Mitchell Johnson did. He had speed, accuracy and the right amount of mongrel in him. I'm not old enough to have seen Thommo or anyone else of that era, wish I had of. Tate was crazy but his pace would start dropping off before the end of his first over.

    • windigo44
      windigo44 10 months ago +2

      I've been watching cricket since the late 1960s. I have never seen one bowler dominate an entire series like Johnson did during the 2013-14 Ashes. He was the reason Aus won in a 5-0 whitewash. Every match was a thrashing. He took 37 wickets at 13.97. Those are insane numbers but they don't tell the whole story though. The real drama was out there on the pitch. You could see it when you watched it live. MJ's combination of speed, accuracy & angle of attack was way too much for the English to handle. He was hostile as hell, too, having no qualms about regularly dinging helmets & bodies. The body language of those who faced him spoke volumes. He broke batsmen's wills. Then he went to South Africa in early 2014 & did the very same thing to the Proteas, outbowling Steyn & Co. by a mile on their own turf. I don't expect ever to see a performance like that again by a bowler in my lifetime. Google what the British press had to say about MJ during that Ashes series. They were as gobsmacked as I was.

    • windigo44
      windigo44 10 months ago +1

      BTW Englishman John Snow did almost the same thing to the Aussies during the 1970-71 Ashes. He had a whippy action & was very hostile, taking 31 wickets at 22.83. Consistently getting the ball to rear up off a length he was clearly the difference between the two teams as England won the series 2-0. I watched as much of it as I could on the old black & white TV. It was a long time ago but Snow made an impact on me. Good footage of JS here on YT.

    • Dozer Mc
      Dozer Mc 10 months ago

      @windigo44 Thanks, I'll have a look at Snow.

  • 🤍𝐍 10 𝐉𝐫🤍

    1:18 That Batsman.. Alien De Villiers ❤️🔥.. Mr360🔥🔥

  • Krikey its time for cricket

    That Andy Roberts’ delivery was much faster than shown here. It was definitely quicker than Starcs delivery.

  • Mustaqim Raiyan
    Mustaqim Raiyan 10 months ago +7

    Brett lee is the best among them, his beautiful line & length, variations makes him the best.

  • Dhirshan Gobind
    Dhirshan Gobind 10 months ago +4

    This seems to be only international games - probably many missed here like in County cricket - an 18-year-old Allan Donald bowled 155km/h almost every ball. Sadly not all games had a speedometer.

    • Aditya Kotgire
      Aditya Kotgire 3 months ago

      Yes I also heard that he was a lot quicker in his early stages of career than later stages

  • chohan khambra
    chohan khambra 4 months ago

    Hatts off to England batsman who played shoib Akhtar ball 161.3kph💪🏻

  • Mirza Burhan Baig
    Mirza Burhan Baig Year ago +28

    Umran is reaching those heights of the greats but those players in this list my all time favorite is lee his action run up swing speed that was so raw n brilliant

    • wa14ed ff
      wa14ed ff Year ago

      Your new speed gun is umran malik and our M.hasnain his fastest ball is 157❤️

    • Amit Ranjan
      Amit Ranjan Year ago +3

      @wa14ed ff hasnain fastest bowl is 155.1 that too with chucking he was banned for it

    • yasirq
      yasirq Year ago +1

      @Amit Ranjan Wait till Aussies get Umran banned for action too. Also, Harif has also hit 157.

    • Amit Ranjan
      Amit Ranjan Year ago +2

      @yasirq shaheen will be banned as he chucks not umran

    • yasirq
      yasirq Year ago +1

      @Amit Ranjan Dude...take your hate out and think for a second. It is his wrist movement. Anyways, I can understand your excitement about umran since india has never had a fast pace bowler.

  • Nido Masen
    Nido Masen Year ago +14

    Used to admire Shoaib bowling style..

  • CN VDH
    CN VDH 7 months ago

    Imagine getting a bouncer at +-160kph 😳

  • Arjun Bhaskar
    Arjun Bhaskar 8 months ago +12

    King at the end .. Shoaib ❤️

    • DrCrabfingers
      DrCrabfingers 7 months ago

      He was a drugs cheat. He was banned from cricket for using Nandrolone. But of course if he was your countryman then you can overlook his cheating.....that is a very Pakistani way of viewing sport.

  • Vivek Krishnan
    Vivek Krishnan 6 months ago +2

    Cleanest action Shane Bond

  • likes and dreamz
    likes and dreamz 7 months ago +1

    Beautiful action with great speed Breet Lee🥰🥰🔥🔥

  • ᴜɴᴇᴅᴜᴄᴀᴛᴇᴅ ɢᴀᴍᴇʀ

    Brett Lee perfect bowling action 💙🥰

  • Siddhant Kumar
    Siddhant Kumar Month ago

    till this date no one has broke aktar record. what a man.

  • ybelsare
    ybelsare 10 months ago +3

    Fastest is not everything, accuracy is. Look at Richard Hadlee, Dennis Lillee and the excellent Michael holding.

  • Himanshu Singh
    Himanshu Singh Year ago +29

    Title Must Be Top 10 Batsman Who Faced Fastest Balls In Cricket History 😅

  • Calldy uk
    Calldy uk 7 months ago +2

    Thompson looks the quickest with the naked eye, and for consistency I would say he was the fastest overall.

  • Faizal Syed
    Faizal Syed 6 months ago

    Watching fastest bowler in cricket is always exciting..especially one who can deliver over 150 kmph

  • Lord Porcupine
    Lord Porcupine 4 months ago

    I’ve seen every bowler from Lillee, Marshall, Ambrose, Wasim, etc. And I have never seen a more viscous bowler than Mitchell Johnson in the last 6 years of his career

    Kiwi GAMETECH 6 months ago

    Would be interesting to test the 'old' speed gun vs the current one and see if they both record the same speed. I'd bet on the current one being more accurate.

    INCREDIBLE MAKER 6 months ago

    according to my calculations: the pitch is 20.12 m, the fastest ball was thrown at the speed of 44.8 m/s which means it takes 0.4 seconds for the ball to hit the stem from the bowler, it should take around 3/4th of a second to react to the ball coming.... IMAGINE HOW THEY STILL HIT THE BALL!! THATS INSANE!!!

  • HR Gamerz
    HR Gamerz Year ago +15

    Lee is my favourite because of High speed and beautiful action

    • Bryan Jared Farah
      Bryan Jared Farah Year ago +1

      Completely agree, only bowler in that list that doesn’t have a side arm, slinging action.
      Him and Bond

    • arya sunil
      arya sunil Year ago

      yes bro also my favourite because of action and personality and also stylish looking

    @JADDU THE GREAT Year ago +1

    Mitchell Johnson was the most scariest pace bowler amongst all because of the difficult Angles n accuracy he bowled at along with extreme pace

  • paul jones
    paul jones 4 months ago

    Imagine bowling 161.3 kph just to have it causually turned away like that

  • Ali Saqib
    Ali Saqib 7 days ago

    Shoaib akhtar ❤ legend

  • Ar. Harsh
    Ar. Harsh 8 months ago +1

    Brett lee with legal action 🔥

  • Raja V
    Raja V 5 months ago +1

    90's cricket fans remember Akhtar & Lee

  • Huzaifa Aziz
    Huzaifa Aziz Year ago +10

    Shoaib Akhtar 🔥🔥

  • tom bates
    tom bates 5 months ago

    For those wondering, speed can be calculated accurately without need for a 'speed gun'. You just need to know dimensions of pitch and have clear, consistent footage. This technique is used all over the world to accurately gauge speed in many circumstances, such as forensic investigations. This is likely the technique used by Wisdon to fill their stats for the older players, before radar cameras were available. They likely have archives of high quality footage that can't be found on youtube for copyright reasons.

    • Bird Bites
      Bird Bites 4 months ago

      The problem with that is you need the frame rate of the cameras to be accurate and consistent. Certainly many of the old film cameras wouldn't have been

  • Mr Dot
    Mr Dot Year ago +5

    Brett lee is my favourite😍🥰

  • Shahab Khan
    Shahab Khan 3 days ago

    Ahh proud shohib akhter ♥️♥️♥️✌️✌️✌️

  • Sumit Upadhyay
    Sumit Upadhyay Year ago +11

    Binga '"Brett Lee " my all time fav fast bowler nd I'm always used to copied his action during my childhood he has a genuine ,lethal with a consistent pace over 150+ nd we can't forget he also clicked 160+ 6 times nd above! genuine clear nd smooth action with a fire pace 🔥🔥😱

  • Deekshansh Anand
    Deekshansh Anand 2 months ago

    Now mitchell starc 160.4 km/h fastest delivery🔥🔥🔥

  • David Manley
    David Manley 8 months ago +3

    No way that Starc delivery is accurate

  • Souradip Das
    Souradip Das Year ago +2

    In terms of a perfect bowler it's only Brett Lee . Other's are inconsistent in the field

  • leoo olong
    leoo olong 8 months ago +1

    Tait bowled a ball faster than that one shown here vs England

  • sp the complete man
    sp the complete man 10 months ago

    starc & akthar 🔥🙌

  • Anugran Mathimugan
    Anugran Mathimugan 4 months ago

    In all honesty he's not as quick as these guys but Curtley Ambrose was the greatest I have ever seen.

  • Survajit Singh
    Survajit Singh Year ago +36

    Umran Malik is going to break all the records of fastest deliveries in cricket history...
    Jay hind 🇮🇳

    • Only for study
      Only for study Year ago


      DANISHWAR WORLD 🌎 Year ago +2

      शोएब का रिकॉर्ड उमरान तोड़ देगा

    • Pro Gamer
      Pro Gamer Year ago +1

      @DANISHWAR WORLD 🌎 I hope that Umran will not break Shoaib’s record.

    • Rahy Abbas
      Rahy Abbas Year ago +1

      Last 4 Match 16 Over Run 150+ Kauchra Malik What a Wonderful Runs Machine Kauchra Malik 700+Kph Per Bowling Kar Da Koie Fida Ni Line Or Length Bakwas Hey 👍🏿👍🏿😁😁😁😁😁
      Kauchra Malik International Lavel Ka Bowler Ni Hey Runs Machine Kauchra Malik 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    • Bijesh KS
      Bijesh KS Year ago

      Akthar lee tait starc .........

  • Rakesh
    Rakesh Year ago +17

    Brett Bowled 160+ nearly 6 times only in Wc 2003 , you have video in youtube brett lee all 160+ , later in 2004 he clicked 160 and 161.1 against NZ in naiper

    • David Rowland
      David Rowland 10 months ago

      The title should be fastest bowlers not bowls, where a bowler can't be in the list more than once.

    • ψαgαmï
      ψαgαmï 6 months ago

      Video is about fastest delivery not about who puts many deliveries read again without jealousy

  • Tushar Panchal
    Tushar Panchal 6 months ago

    Shoaib and Bret Lee are GOAT

  • NedKellysRevenge
    NedKellysRevenge 4 months ago

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  • Jayaprakash Jai
    Jayaprakash Jai 6 months ago

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  • family plans
    family plans 10 months ago +1

    The Great David Gower once said that once a ball gets above 90mph it just appears as a blurr

  • World of Nikhilesh
    World of Nikhilesh Year ago +1

    My all time favourite is Brett Lee

  • Abdul Rahman
    Abdul Rahman Year ago +31

    Shaun tait consistently bowled over 156kph in 5yrs....so is Shoaib akhtar from 1999-2003 consistently hit 158-160kph

    • Riding High Tides India
      Riding High Tides India 9 months ago

      Akhtar was throw bowler, pls don't compare him with Lee or Tait

      NCERT CLASSES WITH AADIL 8 months ago

      @Riding High Tides India Akhter was Real speed gun....the lethal bowler...Every batsman was frightened with him....
      Rest bowlers were also superb.....
      Love them All...

  • Basha Basha
    Basha Basha Year ago +1

    Shane bond...Brett lee...Sohaib Akthar 3 members super duper bowling...👌👌👌👌👏👏

    RAKSHIT SINHA 8 months ago +1

    That's interesting considering 153 in top ten.
    breet Lee 158 158 and 160 didn't make in this list
    Rabada 155+ bowled but you didn't consider them also

  • Ashok kumar singh
    Ashok kumar singh Year ago +1

    Ab de Villiers against Fidel Edwards was like- ok ,alright

  • Mark Rich
    Mark Rich 6 months ago

    Michael Holding was quick. Jeffrey Dujon the West Indies keeper said that when he got it right, Patrick Patterson was the quickest of the lot. Back in the '70's they had a speed competition and Imran Khan came second only to Jeff Thompson. Going back to the 50's Frank Tyson was probably the fastest ever English bowler, he blew the Aussies away on the 1954/55 ashes tour to Oz with his speed.

  • Saqib Sheikh
    Saqib Sheikh Year ago +2

    1:26 Original Baby Ab😍🔥
    A legend of this game

  • M Zain Osmani
    M Zain Osmani 2 years ago +11

    shoeb akhtar 🔥🔥🔥

  • Adrian Kelly
    Adrian Kelly 4 months ago

    Edwards, Johnson, Thomson, Tait, Shoaib all slingers (some more than others) - must really help get that extra yard of pace.
    I’m not sure even Starc believes the accuracy of the radar gun, that day.

  • Praveen Jaladanki
    Praveen Jaladanki 8 months ago +1

    161.8 kph was the world record according to the commentary in the video.

  • jahid iqbal
    jahid iqbal 6 months ago

    bond fastest recorded delivery was clocked at 156.4 kmph against india in the 2003 world cup.

  • Punte Singh
    Punte Singh 3 months ago

    Brett Lee has the best bowling action. I looks such smooth.

  • Muhammed Riyas814
    Muhammed Riyas814 10 months ago

    Shoaib Akhtar 🔥

    • DrCrabfingers
      DrCrabfingers 7 months ago

      Yes...one of the great cheats of the game.

  • Sam Rawat
    Sam Rawat Year ago +12

    Fidel edwards he is really a good bowler don't know but his speed is decreased by the time.

  • Mondo P
    Mondo P 4 months ago

    Thommos fastesr was before speed gun accuracy and wide use. Cimfortably 160 + regularly, accuracy could be an issue like most cinsistently fast bowlers- injury and era let him down. Easily up with akhtar and faster... as for bond- injuries meant we saw not enuf games from him, esp when nz were decent with flem at the helm...

  • Chris Petritsch
    Chris Petritsch 4 months ago +1

    161.8 kph is the record only because they never had a regular stopwatch on Thommo! Have a look at some of his bowling against England in 74/75 as an example. 'Nuff said.

  • Maruf Adnan
    Maruf Adnan 5 months ago +1

    Australia country. the world's beauty

  • NedKellysRevenge
    NedKellysRevenge 4 months ago

    Tommo was terrifying

  • Singhraj Shekhawat
    Singhraj Shekhawat 4 months ago

    Is it me or anybody else who thaught that the stumps whould be shattered at these fast balls but got to know that no matter how fast you can ball it's all about Swing and fast 😜

    BALI FF Year ago +8

    Jeffrey Thompson was really like a Thompson 😅😅

  • Ashutosh Baghel
    Ashutosh Baghel 4 months ago

    Many other bowlers have crossed 155 kmph and he mentioned 153kmph (anrich nortje,umran malik,lockie ferguson)

  • FD
    FD 8 months ago

    Top 10 unplayable deliveries too. Great video. Thanks👍

      LARSON FREDERICK 6 months ago +1

      Really lol, I have seen Micheal Holding and Wasim Akram even Curtly Ambrose and Dennis Lilee deliver better balls

  • Hanif Gul
    Hanif Gul 8 months ago

    Mohammed Sami bowled 98+ miles per hour.

  • huepix
    huepix 4 months ago

    Shoaib is the man.
    Pity his team couldn't catch a cold.