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How an INTING SION got CHALLENGER (TheBausffs)

  • Published on Jun 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Today we have a very Legendary player - TheBausffs - the inventor of AD Sion, and Challenger Sion Player. So I Analysed him to find out the secrets of how he did it!
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    00:00 The Baus
    00:35 A Special Surprise
    01:39 The Story of 'TheBausffs'
    02:18 His Unique Playstyle
    02:33 LVL 1 Death Strat
    03:38 'Normal' Laning LVL 1
    04:00 LVL 3 Kill Combo
    04:28 Why W is not a shield
    05:25 Krug Time
    05:46 Proxy Sion
    06:16 Free Tower Plates
    06:35 No Emotional Plays
    07:10 LVL 6 Ult Trick
    07:50 Mid Game 1v1 Kills + Passive
    08:11 Prowler's Claw Sion
    08:39 New Game Plan
    09:20 No Teamfighting
    09:58 0/9 and still Winning
    10:38 Ult Escape Play
    10:59 Late Game
    11:20 The BAUS Special
    11:43 Is AD or Tank Better?
    12:15 Sion NERF Next Patch
    12:23 What we can All learn from Baus
    #Sion #thebausffs #Guide
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  • HappyChimeNoises
    HappyChimeNoises  Year ago +96

    Download Opera GX for free here: operagx.gg/HappyChimeNoises3 (AD)

    • Xerathiel vi Darquise
      Xerathiel vi Darquise Year ago +5

      You forgot the most important step: Equip Lumberjack skin.

    • Teem Op
      Teem Op Year ago +2


    • Robin Statevski
      Robin Statevski Year ago +3

      U forgot to say he always buy cull 1st back if he has enough gold

    • generallennart
      generallennart Year ago +3

      baus often buys swifties and sometimes says that defensive boots are bad (especially when he plays tank).

  • Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade

    it's not an exaggeration to say that he single handedly responsible for the Sion nerf during his trip in Korea

    • Frowning Pigeon
      Frowning Pigeon Year ago +192

      Yeah, if it was because of all the inting sions that are populating every elo in league these days, at least in NA and EUW, Riot would have nerfed it months ago, its literally being nerfed just because of him and his Korea trip lmao. He even stated on stream that Sion isn't strong enough as a champ to be nerfed, and most people dont play the strategy correctly at all, because most people int without getting any decent farm levels or gold income. Most people playing it, end up just making the enemy top laner into Jesus. Plus, if you play a champ that can build Divine Sunderer, the pick becomes so much less doable, in his words at least heh

    • ryder
      ryder Year ago +70

      @Frowning Pigeon this dude just said heh

    • Stream clips
      Stream clips Year ago +42

      @EmperorLocke you re low elo no doubt

    • nighthawk475
      nighthawk475 Year ago +25

      @Frowning Pigeon " says doesn't need nerfs"
      What else is new? lmao.
      It's a mix of him showing it can be quite effective, and the masses picking it and failing with it at other ranks, I suspect. That and the fact that while this may be fun for the Sion, it's probably not as fun for the rest of the team when it doesn't work. Which may be a thing Riot wants to discourage as a top lane play style.

    • Paweł Pająk
      Paweł Pająk Year ago +1

      @EmperorLocke You become fed too with all of this cs exp and towers even if you are 0/7

  • Vinewood8
    Vinewood8 Year ago +1474

    Another reason why krugs are so important is because each individual kill on the krugs adds to his passive stacks, which is what makes them way more valuable than any other camp. This is why Baus often takes enemy krugs as well if he is blue side

    • KoreanPizza
      KoreanPizza Year ago +57

      i kill krugs and my jungler gets mad ahahaha. fucken Gold

    • Avi M
      Avi M Year ago +6

      and he has cull

      TUGSTUGS TUGS TUGS Year ago +32

      and why Baus winrate for redside is higher. Easier access to Krugs.

    • Tank2020
      Tank2020 Year ago +33

      @Avi M Cull only stacks off of minions, not monsters.

    • Marion Jay Balan
      Marion Jay Balan Year ago +16

      krugs up🤙

  • Nischal Thapa
    Nischal Thapa Year ago +1615

    I like to believe The sion Nerf this patch was done because of baus and he is single handedly responsible for it.

  • Mexre
    Mexre Year ago +517

    The fact that sion was untouched by riot while baus was in eu but as soon as baus went to Korea, sion got nerfed, really proves something.

    • Gregory Nordstrom Ent.
      Gregory Nordstrom Ent. Year ago +57

      I mean I didn't need this blatant targetted nerf to know that Riot pretty much exlusively balances around Korean high elo and NA low elo, one being the least variable in terms of champions picked, and the other being the most variable in terms of champions picked. Yi randomly getting nerfed then buffed then nerfed then buffed again within the span of one week? Kinda sounds like a champ a NA bronze to gold player would complain about. Yasuo and Yone getting buffed despite being disgustingly overtuned for however many seasons now, Korean high elo really loves yasuo and yone. They nerfed ryze who had a 40% winrate because he was pick or ban in pro play (mostly pro korean mid laners playing him). Zed Talon Qiyana one shotting you with no cooldowns and no skill repeat combos while being perma invis or untargetable? Well korean high elo players love doing that! Soraka Lulu Sona Seraphine all having stupidly high winrates and going completely untouched for however long now? Well korean and chinese players love those cute girl champs so we can't touch them!

    • Sam Ang
      Sam Ang Year ago +5

      @Gregory Nordstrom Ent. All I got say is I like playing seraphine tho and alot of people do the cute character n spend alot of money on their skin so that the reason riot make them strong

  • Russi-Teknician
    Russi-Teknician Year ago +179

    Never have I seen a man wreak more havoc in korean soloQ before

    • Kuzey Kara
      Kuzey Kara Year ago

      Maybe Ady can match him

    • psy 99
      psy 99 Year ago +23

      @Kuzey Kara Ady vs Baus was fun to watch

    • ejah pelito
      ejah pelito Year ago +7

      Wouldve loved to see him vs T1 since theyre basically two worlds apart. Sad thebaus kr arc didnt reach t1 fill to chall arc

    • I like Tea
      I like Tea Year ago

      Maybe Dopa. But other than that defo true

  • Saint Millay
    Saint Millay Year ago +98

    Honestly, Baus' positive attitude in his videos is so damn refreshing. He's playing against the best, he takes the good and the bad in stride, but still is having a good time. Love his content (and yours too Mr. Chime.)

  • SUNOS idk
    SUNOS idk Year ago +379

    Also remember, just because you're dying 18 times per game doesn't mean you're playing like Baus. Baus dies for a reason every single time. He uses his death to get ahead in gold or stay even with his opponent. So guys, please stop feeding with Sion. You're making Babus look bad.

    • Sambo Jones
      Sambo Jones Year ago +46

      He doesn't always die for a reason, he often dies out of principal. If he knows jungler is camping him, he'll refuse to play safe, he'll let them kill him over and over. In some games that opens up the map, but vs AP junglers that can build Mejais, it's a serious fault in his gameplay.

    • X33 Ultrasound
      X33 Ultrasound Year ago +23

      They aren't making him look bad. Baus is in challenger, the people being silly and feeding are silver. Of course that's not what baus is doing otherwise he'd be in silver too.

    • Stef Bosk
      Stef Bosk Year ago +7

      Bro I love facing sions top lane right now they all try this and end up inting 0/10 and lose so hard. I love it so much please keep doing it guys

    • X33 Ultrasound
      X33 Ultrasound Year ago

      @Stef Bosk that's because you're good, most people aren't so they lose and say Sion is OP.

  • Nate River
    Nate River Year ago +468

    WP to this Sion he played safe during laning phase, minimized deaths and yea he let some cs go but now hes scaled and is working with his team to win the game! Well played to this Sion!

    • BA Highlights
      BA Highlights Year ago +76

      WP to this "Fan" he played safe during fanboy phase minimized originality and yea he let some new idea go but now hes scaled and is working with his clipboard to copy the paste! Well played this fanboy

    • Chev Chelios
      Chev Chelios Year ago

      @BA Highlights legend

    • Alex Rowe
      Alex Rowe Year ago +13

      @BA Highlights great now this will be copied and pasted in response. Thus both losing originality

    • River Nunu
      River Nunu Year ago +1

      WP to this "Fan" he played safe during fanboy phase minimized originality and yea he let some new idea go but now hes scaled and is working with his clipboard to copy the paste! Well played this fanboy!

    • Kestrezz
      Kestrezz 6 months ago


  • psy 99
    psy 99 Year ago +190

    Another reason he gets kruggs is because of Sion W passive where he gains HP per minion killed. That's also why getting perfect CS is important for the playstyle. He'd even go 11-12 CS per minute in some games. His HP come late game even on AD Sion is massive and he's basically a tank regardless of the build.

    • BlackIronTarkus
      BlackIronTarkus 8 months ago

      What was the first reason that was described in the video? I'm a little confused by that

    • SkellyMan¿
      SkellyMan¿ 8 months ago +1

      @BlackIronTarkus to not lose time in a useless back or risking getting ganked

  • Caad Master
    Caad Master Year ago +22

    In bausffs playstyle, the cull is super important and I think you did not mention it. He gets the cull really early and because he farms so well, the cull becomes extremely valuable.

    • Rat23
      Rat23 11 months ago

      true cull is crucious item for any laner

  • RatKing
    RatKing Year ago +68

    The thing is everyone highlights the int part of his playstyle, while really its more about him putting cs above anything. The impressive thing isn't dying, it's knowing that dying sometimes can be benefitial and getting around 10 cs per minute almost every single game .

  • Chapmonster
    Chapmonster Year ago +9

    my thing about bausff is he creates a fun league playstyle, he roams, he punishes and if he dies he just laughs and calls it "death angle", it truly makes me want to play other champions with the sion style just so i can enjoy league like him

    • tunteisiin
      tunteisiin Year ago +2

      Fun playstyle for you, but not so fun for your team mates

    • Chapmonster
      Chapmonster Year ago +1

      @tunteisiin depends on how far ahead they are aha

  • Bartosz Szanowski
    Bartosz Szanowski Year ago +94

    I've hated Baus for really long time but i dived into the macro of his plays when he got to Korea and i gotta say damn, he is a real genious. The level of understanding the game by him is outstanding. The guy went from inter to solo boloing Canna and Pzang among many others. Yes he trolled in Faker game but he did what he always does, he played his playstyle untill defeat. The fact that he isn't distracted by getting kills, barons and dragons he just goes for the nexus and with the best possible strategy. Push towers, get gold win. Absolute legend

    • Sambo Jones
      Sambo Jones Year ago +13

      You hated a league of legends streamer? WeirdChamp

    • Toasted Coke
      Toasted Coke Year ago +32

      You mean a real yenius

    • ejah pelito
      ejah pelito Year ago +13

      His understanding of the game is godlike. I think if he went tryhard mode playing champs like fiora, jayce then he def would be unstoppable. It shows because his gragas and quinn are damn good too

      CHINARDO Year ago +10

      @ejah pelito those are facts, i remember that he played a first time fiora on EUW chall, and stomp the other laner, that shows 2 things, how broken fiora is, and how good baus is.

  • JustJohn
    JustJohn Year ago +102

    One thing missing in this video that's extremely important and that babus uses all the time is the R-Q trick.
    Example at 8:23
    If you press Q right after R sion skips to the end of the R animation (the slamming down part), this makes ulting in melee range basically a guarantee hit (you can see thebausffs doing it all the time when he lands a Q while close to his enemy). The stun also has a longer duration that way.
    Basically if you learn this you get a guaranteed R hit in melee (which could otherwise be dashed or flashed out of) and longer cc
    Here's a description of the bug by Caenen, probably the most famous bug hunter in lol and a sion main:
    "Sion is a very bugged champ and this also goes for his R.
    Collision via R's charge and the leap at the end have separate effects. The stun from the leap collision lasts half a second longer. Originally this was the case for any channel time, but a bug fix tackled half this bug and now the charge collision stun duration at range is the same as the leap collision. The non-range one however is still longer if you collide with the leap.
    Sion R has a short window in which you cannot recast it, as a means to prevent accidental double casts that'd ruin the cast for the user. However, if your Q is up, using R+Q will end the R channel immediately, not actually cast Q (because Q is sealed during R's channel and the leap), and initiate the leap with which you can collide with a target.
    If you then time the Q properly to begin as soon as you collided, you will be able to channel for at least 1 second while the enemy is stunned."
    So yeah, I felt like I should mention it

    • Tonny Nguyen
      Tonny Nguyen Year ago +4

      this comment needs to be at the top

    • lnvalidM8 ?
      lnvalidM8 ? Year ago +2

      caenen most famous bug hunter? vandi wants to have a workd with you

    • Genghis Farn
      Genghis Farn Year ago +1

      Bug? Nahnahnahnahnaaah, it's an animation cancel working as intended

  • FeelsGouda
    FeelsGouda Year ago +5

    To all top laners feeling motivated to do krugs now: please remember, not every champ is made to easily kill krugs early levels...if you lose 50% health doing it or even worse, lose half a wave because it takes too long, this can have the opposite effect. In this case, look for another objective to do.

  • Goldsack
    Goldsack 6 months ago

    Great video, but I think you should have focused on phase rush a bit more. As it allows him to easily run away from bad matchups while alive, but also it allows his passive to gain massive amounts of speed!

    SKILLZxNiNjAz Year ago +4

    As a huge fan that loves off meta picks and trying them out i love this channel! I started watching a lot of baus videos recently and have become a Sion main at the moment. I would say phase rush is understated in this video as like in the fiora/Darius matchup it is great for an auto fast q/w auto combo to run out of danger in lane/early game. It is also extremely useful in your passive as it gives you the extra move speed you need to chase along with the passive's active. Also the proxy farming is strong after pushing minion waves to tower and the enemy lancer either chases, gets slowed or knocked up AND misses minions, or the laner has to farm and let you take wave and then you can take gromp/golems out of vision while waiting for the next wave. This helps stay safe as well as using ult to get away/back to tower to meet your minions at tower for tower damage (through ult and a couple autos) or to safety.
    Hope that adds more details but of course these videos are amazing and very detailed and well researched :)

  • Jake Rosler
    Jake Rosler Year ago +1

    The guy is just a tactical genius. I don’t think Riot should try to stop him because he is just so damn smart; while his strategy is kind of exploit-y, he knows so much macro that he is the only person who can consistently pull it off. I can’t imagine him playing a champ that he can just straight up carry on.

  • Jacob
    Jacob Year ago +1

    I've been watching Baus for a couple years now and I think the biggest thing is that he's just a genuinely likable dude.
    Also, people don't talk enough about his micro. His movement lets him win a lot of fights he really has no business winning.

  • Caden Henderson
    Caden Henderson Year ago +3

    Baus is one of the greediest players I know. When it fails it looks awful, but when it works (most games) he gets far ahead.
    You and Baus are my favorite League Clip-Sharers to watch :)

  • Cosmic Brownie
    Cosmic Brownie Year ago +2

    Mans is so good he single-handedly got a whole damn champion nerfed! I love him and his mind set when playing. League is a fun game about problem solving, so if you get all tilted you make bad plays. Just keeping yourself level-headed and focusing on winning makes the game so much more enjoyable.

  • Sibep
    Sibep Year ago

    The ult cancel is not ALWAYS the right move. If you watch Baus you can see him miss it many times just because he tries to do it. It's great for extra CC yes but you don't always need it, and doing it risks the enemy flashing and escaping at the last second.

  • Vampe
    Vampe Year ago +1

    Its really unexpected, but Sion has the best turnrate, smoothest animation and best attack detection in the game. Despite being a giant who looks clunky af, he is the opposite.

  • KillerMurad
    KillerMurad Year ago

    Coach Curtis said something offhand in his most recent video (the bronze one) that's really stuck with me. He said, "Scaling means nothing if you can't CS."
    I think TheBausffs is a pretty perfect example of it. While it can be dangerous to only go for CS, he plays in such a smart and unique way he really proves that point, out scaling everyone even though his KDA ratio on some of his games would make Yasuo's look good.

  • John Lu
    John Lu Year ago

    A good death from Baus is almost always set up by himself. He doesn't "react to it positively". He seizes the initiative and carries out his plan even when it involves his death, be it wave control, farm, teamfights, towers or nexus. The lesson here is that you should allow yourself to react to plays as little as possible, that you should be the one making plans, seizing initiative and forcing the opponents to react.

  • Jackson Boyer
    Jackson Boyer Year ago

    Another thing about Sion is that I don't think most people fully understand how well he makes use of Titanic in his tank build. I can't think of another champion that makes better use of the scaling AD on Titanic than Sion, I've had games where my Titanic is giving me upward of 80-90 AD by itself.

  • Gerard
    Gerard Year ago

    to be honest, ive learned more from baus than any other individual player, he taught me to not care about deaths and have good wave clear, and since then ive won more games, and even if i lose im almost always most gold, really does wonders, the only thing is teams in lower elos really and i mean REALLY like fighting 4v5 for some odd reason

  • Cameron Johnson
    Cameron Johnson Year ago

    I don't even ply LoL anymore, but I like this channel for showing how cool the game could be

  • Xan Shen
    Xan Shen Year ago +7

    2:32 "The classic Baus gameplay starts at level 1"
    I, too, have mastered this strategy

  • Potato Enjoyer
    Potato Enjoyer Year ago

    there used to be a gap between regions. KR > NA, EU and somewhat tied with China. pulling ahead or falling slightly behind but not too noticeable. the gap has definitely closed up over the years with these players

  • Da Kaola
    Da Kaola Year ago +1

    The ult cancel part was kinda wrong. The extra stun is applied any ways, canceling early prevents the selfstun of sion ult which gives him more time to hit the enemey.

  • Gabriele Biason
    Gabriele Biason 11 months ago

    This guys is a different breed, I watched him a lot before and hes chill even if he has 10 deaths

  • Omer Milo
    Omer Milo Year ago

    One small correction: Baus always goes for swiftness boots, not defensive boots. He thinks they are underrated, and generally really good on Sion.

  • Merwin Bagano
    Merwin Bagano Year ago +1

    After trying Inting Sion on the silver elo, I can say that Tank Sion is much more "beginner friendly" than Lethality Sion.

  • Crashy Crash
    Crashy Crash Year ago

    Sion gets 4hp for every minion he kills with his w passive and 15 for the big crock. This means he gets with one big Crock (15) 3 medium ones (4each) and 6 small ones (4each aswell) in total 15+3*4+6*4= 15+12+24= 51hp on top of the gold he gets.

  • Thing Whas
    Thing Whas Year ago

    Krugs aren't about gold or being the only objective. It's about the passive. Each one of the minions buffs his HP which makes building AD even better as he continually becomes more and more beefy just by farming.

    • HappyChimeNoises
      HappyChimeNoises  Year ago

      I mentioned this mechanic in my sion JG video. It isnt the REASON he does it, but it is useful. He is doing it to get resources with his spare time, the bonus HP is a bonus.

  • lè Sponge
    lè Sponge Year ago +3

    this guy: I am challenger sion
    teammates: but what did it cost you?
    this guy: my KDA

  • Phạm Thanh Hoàng
    Phạm Thanh Hoàng Year ago +1

    I never play inting Sion Top, but I actually learnt a lot from Baus about how to manage wave and what is good die.

  • rikihanks
    rikihanks Year ago +1

    i would like to have a video of you every single day because they are stupidly entertaining

  • shiro
    shiro Year ago +1

    5:25 you forget to mention that every individual krug contributes to sion's w passive which makes it even more valuable than other camps

  • Basil
    Basil 9 months ago

    Baus: Sion is too weak
    *Gets nerf*
    Spearshot: Pantheon is broken
    *Gets buffed*

  • Brandon
    Brandon Year ago

    Also, when Thebaus starts to Proxy a lane the enemy top has two choices: try to chase him and lose waves of farm or sit on their tower and farm.

  • Admiral Saltbag
    Admiral Saltbag Year ago +72

    sion W plays for me a big part why thebaus his strats work... sunfire and titanic are good items but are super busted on sion because aslong as he gets farm he keeps getting more hp, more sunfire dmg, and more AD from titanic hydra.

    • Paweł Pająk
      Paweł Pająk Year ago +1

      also i belive steraks is good on sion as the shield scales with hp and sion benefits really well from ad

    • Alex2005z
      Alex2005z Year ago

      It also gives him some tank stats when he goes ad

    • Romenique Oliveira
      Romenique Oliveira Year ago +1

      @Paweł Pająk Steraks are not that good anymore, they cut the dmg from 50 dmg to 0 dmg and the effect from 40% total dmg to 40% base dmg and raised the shield from 35% to 75% and most of the time the shield will end before the enemy can even destroy it. just to compare the old sterak if you had 200 dmg ( 100 base + 100 bonus) it would give you +80 dmg ( 40% of the total) when activated and the new one only gives you +40 dmg (only the bonus dmg counts).

    • Rat23
      Rat23 11 months ago

      @Romenique Oliveira true

  • Ein
    Ein Year ago

    As annoying and unhealthy as i think the inting sion playstyle is, i gotta say i love this guys attitude and creativity. I love when players find weird ways to build champions - ad tf, hybrid kaisa/corki, jungle garen (hi, i played that years before it went mainstream), ardent diana, open the gates udyr - a lot of those might be broken right after being found, but nerfs regulate that, and these builds should never be made completely unviable

  • Littlebean
    Littlebean Year ago

    When you said it’s very unlikely to land Q on a challenger player. With all the time I’ve seen them jump right into it or get hit from bush despite it being obvious that the Sion was still there after watching Baus. I think landing q on a lower elo player is harder since they are unpredictable 😂😂

  • Just a regural citizen

    I must say i felt in LOVE with this inting Sion strategy at first game.
    Enemies just dont know what to do or they ff after they lose 1vs5 to a 0/10 Sion XD

  • Petrushka
    Petrushka Year ago

    This sounds more like a love letter to Baus than anything else. Inting Sions keep ruining my games, but only when they're my allies

    • I’m Helping!!!
      I’m Helping!!! Year ago

      That bc you are just bad and seem to be giving up more than the enemies team or you don’t know how to use your sion death to advantage.

    • Petrushka
      Petrushka Year ago

      @I’m Helping!!! Nice assumption, also nice nft profile picture.
      I never said it's a bad strat. I'm saying that in my silver games people on Sion just feed the enemy and don't even get close to taking the nexus because they think they're Baus.
      If a Sion takes down 2 towers in 30 minutes with 10+ deaths and doesn't even kill anyone, I'm not going to be happy. If he makes it 4v4 by taking down their carry, it's fine.

    • I’m Helping!!!
      I’m Helping!!! Year ago

      @Petrushka that why the strat is a high skill strat contradicts to common believe that though it brainless.

  • Antonino
    Antonino Year ago

    Literally thebauffs being more relevant now makes sion being played more, the same happened in LAN and LAS servers when a spanish streamer named MANUTE played the old mordekaiser, with 8 million points in mastery, making this champ being played a lot because it had a hidden potential, this guy MANUTE was so famous in 2018 that riot invited him to test the new mordekaiser and give feed back

  • adam
    adam Year ago

    When I was able to sacrifice enough time to climb to Dia I have only played Lulu top/mid going AD (on-hit), AP and hybrid. She is so flexible that if your team does well you can even go support to make sure they do not throw. However the dude I was following and got the tips from completely disappeared. Do not you have a one trick Lulu main up in your sleeves? :D ta

  • Ulterinio
    Ulterinio Year ago

    i think you shouldve added to the title that it was in Korea, definetily a bigger achievement than EU or NA and i think baus deserves it :)

  •  Vapersmith
    Vapersmith  Year ago

    The man singlehandedly responsible for making Sion probably the most obnoxious pick in all of my games and responsible for more splitpushing feeders than anyone I've known in living memory...making me want to play regular games in League a lot less..

  • Allan McDougall
    Allan McDougall Year ago

    I love the section What We Can All Learn from Bause: "You are the one who decides how to react to something bad." So true!

  • ejah pelito
    ejah pelito Year ago +4

    Lethality sion has been a thing for awhile, quite a coincidence they decided to nerf it after the Faker incident. And sure, the problem could be the monkey brains imitating(inting) the playstyle, but its quite funny how one swedish man can catch the attention of a blind ass company. Maybe have him play other champs too

  • Antonino
    Antonino Year ago

    Ive been waiting for this for literally months hahaha, i love thebauffs he is very chill and cute

  • Pabelez
    Pabelez Year ago

    DO NOT forget that by pressing ULT-Q at the same time in melee range you will perform a max stunt without ulting from far away

  • CamerAnime
    CamerAnime Year ago

    My opinion is that Baus isn't entirely the reason they nerfed it. They REALLY don't want that playstyle on display in worlds

  • Shane Charles
    Shane Charles Year ago +2

    So years before i ever heard of baus, Tilterella was playing AD scion since the rework you guys should check out his channel. It was the first iteration of ad scion i had ever seen. He is australian so i believe hes on ocianic, but he is a challenger player as well and i believe also played on the korean servers as well sometimes(tho im not certain about the last part.)

  • Axolotl s.
    Axolotl s. Year ago

    More support video's pls.. I really love watching them!

  • Diamond_Doofus
    Diamond_Doofus Year ago

    ive been watching baus all season, and hes 100% the reason they finally had to nerf sion

  • Domino Axelrod
    Domino Axelrod Year ago

    people joke about yasuo's 10 death power spike, but when baus plays sion he actually has a 10 death power spike.

  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob Wilson Year ago +2

    I knew that sion inting strat was a thing before I knew about this legend

  • Aiden Long
    Aiden Long Year ago +4

    Noticed a couple of thing missing from his "full builds" that you show. One important thing he gets literally everygame is cull, either first back (after 2 waves) when he goes tank, or after he finishes his serrated dirk (if he goes AD).
    Another thing to mention, is he never goes MR/AD boots on tank SIon, instead opting for Swiftness Boots. IIRC - he mentioned on stream that the extra resistances are redundant on tank SIon, and movement speed enables alot of his gameplay decisions.
    Above all though... WP to this Sion. He played safe during laning phase, minimized deaths and yea he let some CS go but now he's scaled and is working with his team to win the game! Well played to this Sion!

    • Whimsical Chronicles
      Whimsical Chronicles 11 months ago

      WP to this "Fan" he played safe during fanboy phase minimized originality and yea he let some new idea go but now hes scaled and is working with his clipboard to copy the paste! Well played this fanboy

    • Aiden Long
      Aiden Long 11 months ago

      @Whimsical Chronicles 🥵💚

  • Jun Ryoo
    Jun Ryoo Year ago

    Don’t forget that his logic behind ad soon is that it makes a hard lane possible to win. Tank sion can’t win some matchups at all, so his reasoning is tank sion into easy matchups and ad into hard ones since ad sion at least gives a chance

  • Fies Bert
    Fies Bert Year ago

    I think you did baus injustice. He explains why he focuses on farm. He doesn't just try to die on level 1 he dies if he knows that he will either break even or get ahead in CS. He is not thinking about kills nor buildings but only about gold income. Changes like bounties on players, boutnies on turrets, platings and changes to kill gold while ahead can construct a situation where being ahead in kills puts you on a HUGE economic disadvantage. He understands the economy better than everyone else.

  • Tomas Miskolczi
    Tomas Miskolczi Year ago

    Was waiting for this episode for so long. Love the vids ✨️

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    Jeremy Year ago

    Big vouch for opera, been using it for about a year as well

  • Zeynarz
    Zeynarz Year ago +4

    He is the solobolo master after all.

  • VolumeTermina[SM]
    VolumeTermina[SM] Year ago +1

    sion's nerfed, funny how riot think this is nerf worthy for Sion, but Yone murdering your entire team while being 3 screens away is entire acceptable and balanced

  • Eleos
    Eleos Year ago

    12:31 you forgot to mention that this quote only works for people who use champion that can do something while in a deathscreen/dead aka sion.

  • Hyuga
    Hyuga Year ago

    Baus and Tilterella are the reason Sion is my most played character now, i never really thought of playing AD Sion but after seeing what they can do with it i tried it and well, it became my favorite thing to play for a while

  • OrwénnesFH
    OrwénnesFH 9 months ago

    Mid inting Sion with Berserker's Greaves + Hullbreaker + Trinity Force + Titanic Hydra + Guinsoo's Rageblade + Blade of the Ruined King is pretty powerful now, just try to get 10cs/m and destroy 3 mid turrets in 14 minutes, you can win easily

  • Ekman20
    Ekman20 Year ago

    So it finally happened huh? The long awaited babus video

  • Ehrenmanu
    Ehrenmanu Year ago

    3 days ago I looked "How an Inting sion got challenger" and now you made the video, maybe I can see into the future

  • Mipzy
    Mipzy Year ago +2

    Rip Tilterella who was the original Sion main. Never even heard of this Baus guy.

  • Pik Pok
    Pik Pok Year ago

    The crossover that we were not ready for

  • Adriene Alonzo
    Adriene Alonzo Year ago

    Been in almost every Baus stream and climbed to plat 2 in season from gold 4, here are the important traits that the video missed
    1. Krugs are important to sion not only bcoz of maximing time/gold, but also it gives the most health (w passive) among all the jungle monsters in the game. Just make sure to kill the tiniest krugs.
    2. If you are 100% that u want a "good death", make sure to never use ur e until the last second. The slow combined with phase rush will surely give you a free kill
    3. The most op combi with sion that is r then immediately press q. This only works for shortage but it guarantees the extra knock up/cc essential for a fully charged q.

    • I’m Helping!!!
      I’m Helping!!! Year ago

      Actually how RQ work is that it canceled ult into a leap which can only be casted after 0.4s into ult which increases the CC duration to 1s bc the leap itself is 1-2s stun while normal ult is 0.5-2s stun so that bug help you being able to charge up haft a Q which result in a stun but enemies can easily counter it by having any source of tenacity + either a dash or hard CC.

  • Feulxx
    Feulxx Year ago

    I saw this video way too late and I don't know if anybody pointed this out but often times he also likes to go swiftness boots on tank sion. If I recall correctly he said that the stats from boots don't matter that much because you will get a ton of it anyways so he likes to go swifties.

  • Raúl T.F,
    Raúl T.F, Year ago +5

    He says he doesnt play Inting Sion, he plays Smart Sion hahah

  • Beta Ruler
    Beta Ruler Year ago

    I think the only player to come close to the split pushing style Bauss has to be Singed420, that man had a similar idea where he'd ALWAYS be farming from inside the enemy base, he'd try his best to force enemies to go back to base to stop him, leaving large parts of the maps uncontested for his allies.
    Singed420 had the global map pressure down early game, where as Bauss excels at putting pressure down late game. Plus Sion makes very good use of all the CS he obtains over time, a true snowball effect.

  • Solagren Jh4
    Solagren Jh4 Year ago

    so its his fault if i hate sion so much, but i have to admit this is genius

  • Nemesis T-Type
    Nemesis T-Type Month ago

    He is basically relying on infinite scaling HP passive. Makes sense why his build can be very powerful once Sion has a lot of HP. What I don't like is Riot purposely nerfing something unique all because it doesn't fit the meta.

  • cyan
    cyan Year ago

    I love the bausffs and watch his streams all the time, but I don't think he was the inventor of the original inting Sion, he did popularize lethality Sion though. I thought the original inting Sion was from before hullbreaker even existed, I could be wrong though

    • HappyChimeNoises
      HappyChimeNoises  Year ago

      Yeah that's more what I meant, forgot about inting sion being different

  • Edmond T. Edmonds
    Edmond T. Edmonds Year ago +26

    Hey chime, Recently found your channel and it’s awesome, keep up the great work!

  • Toni Gröndahl
    Toni Gröndahl Year ago

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  • Jetic Xepent
    Jetic Xepent Year ago

    Yee yee to this content creator, he did his homework, and yeah he missed some details but it scales well and had a strong finish

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    BeykMC Year ago +2

    I saw KatEvolved playing against him in Korean challenger. Also love your videos.

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    ARAM Year ago +4

    I was waiting for this channel to feature Baus, now I can rest in peace

  • Bappo Jujubes
    Bappo Jujubes Year ago

    The way you describe thebaus's playstyle reminds me so much of Trick2g. I hope he gets out of low elo so he also gets featured in your channel!

  • Mr. Ling
    Mr. Ling Year ago +3

    With Baus getting all this notoriety maybe he can finally buy the *Brabus*

  • Vega
    Vega Year ago

    Juicy uploads today with this and Coach Curtis LB guide. But baus takes swiftness as tank

  • Rafał Błaszak
    Rafał Błaszak Year ago

    you forgot about buying cull he always try to kill first 19 minions recall and buy cull with control ward, and you need to kill all first 19 minions otherwise you can’t afford ward

  • JuicyDizzy
    JuicyDizzy Year ago

    How an inting Sion went 2/18 in Faker's match

  • Мартин Йосифов

    Baus might be getting flamed for "inting", but thr man's got a pretty good mindset.

  • Nojao DOGGO
    Nojao DOGGO Year ago

    This is the true SoloQ, no team i carry even dying

  • Jesper Ege
    Jesper Ege Year ago +2

    The reason for him doing krugs is because of his w passive

    • HappyChimeNoises
      HappyChimeNoises  Year ago +1

      Also good point for sure. I talked about that in my Sion jg vid where that player also loved it for this reason.

  • Russel Carlo Carreon
    Russel Carlo Carreon 9 months ago

    F for the guys and my ex-friend who does Inting and Bausffs Special before he was known for it.

  • dagurr
    dagurr Year ago

    i just played this today while i was kayle i couldnt not fight him but he lost cause his team was all feeding

  • Kavabunga Man
    Kavabunga Man Year ago +1

    Tyler waited for him to leave so he doesn't have to face master Baus

  • lordfrogIII
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