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Making an Ant Think It's Dead

  • Published on Jun 11, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • I put a pheromone on an ant that makes it think it's dead
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  • KingDM
    KingDM 7 months ago +8659

    I never thought I'd see an ant go through depression, suicidal thoughts, and rehab all in one video. 🤣

  • Mike0405H
    Mike0405H 4 months ago +1663

    “He wants to hang out in the graveyard area”
    Man really used science to make an ant goth

  • Faraway Brawl Hacks
    Faraway Brawl Hacks 5 months ago +4901

    "Hey dude, I thought you were dead!"
    "I was, but I washed it off"

    • 丂匚口凵丅 下口乂下工尺乇
      丂匚口凵丅 下口乂下工尺乇 2 months ago

      ​@Thomas Kim underrated comment

    • Gage Kelley
      Gage Kelley 2 months ago

      @Thomas Kim oh I get the reference. That's perfect.

    • Thomas Kim
      Thomas Kim 2 months ago +2

      “So you died?”
      “Sadly yes. But I lived!”

    • Gage Kelley
      Gage Kelley 3 months ago +1

      Imagine the ant telling the story to the other ants and said "I died laughing"

    • Sol System
      Sol System 3 months ago +7

      "You were dead?"
      "Well, I got betta' "

  • ScorpionDTC
    ScorpionDTC 5 months ago +1683

    Ant 1 “The human killed me”
    Ant 2 “Well you look alright to me”
    Ant 1 “I got better”

  • Jason4931
    Jason4931 5 months ago +424

    The ant's mind :
    "I smell dead body, gotta bring him"
    "Why do I feel it's close?"
    "Oh no I'm dead!"
    "Gotta bury myself then"
    "I'm not dead, I'm confused"

  • asd
    asd Year ago +48773

    "I'm giving this ant a harmless pheromone."
    Ant: Depression

  • cheezymuffin
    cheezymuffin 5 months ago +339

    "It is good day, to be not dead"
    *applies chemical* "you are dead"
    "I AM DEAD!"

  • Revenger 211
    Revenger 211 5 months ago +200

    "It eventually cleans itself off and returns to normal society"
    Me after lockdowns ended

  • Emxia
    Emxia 5 months ago +293

    “I think I’m dead”
    “I’m going to bury myself”

  • Ninjask
    Ninjask 4 months ago +17

    “Dude, what are you doing?”
    “Bro, you won’t believe this, but I think I’m dead”

    • LegoMoonMan
      LegoMoonMan 4 months ago +2

      *Sniffs* "Yeah that checks out move along"

  • zenny
    zenny Year ago +22790

    "this completely harmless pheromone"
    "we're gonna make this ant think it's dead"

  • Tsubakie
    Tsubakie 5 months ago +93

    The Ant:
    The Ant: "Oh, I can just wipe it off"

  • KaJaro.電話
    KaJaro.電話 4 months ago +88

    "hey ant 2 where are you going?"
    "'im dead"
    "Oh ok"

  • A kind Troll
    A kind Troll 5 months ago +178

    I've been laughing at these comments for 5 minutes straight, my eyes are literally tearing

    • J Scott
      J Scott 3 months ago +1

      Dude same. Going thru them right now 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

  • KitKat sevenfivefourfourthreesix

    "he may be..."
    "his chemical senses"
    "its on him"
    "she eventually cleaned herself off"
    who really is this ant

    • the door man
      the door man 3 months ago

      All worker ants are female and this guy is just dumb

  • B R I C K.
    B R I C K. Year ago +30698

    This man just chemically induced an emo phase into an ant

  • Agame Ann
    Agame Ann 4 months ago +32

    "Were you killed?!"
    "Sadly yes, but I LIVED."

  • Panda pruitt
    Panda pruitt 5 months ago +31

    "Complete harmless chemical"
    *Proceeds to give ant chronic depression"

  • Scott H.
    Scott H. 4 months ago +4

    I love how she's still wandering around there like "I feel like there's something I should be doing but I don't know what..."

  • iq_pi
    iq_pi 4 months ago +16

    Dude puts some pheromone on an ant
    The ant: "I guess I'm dead"

  • Suika
    Suika Year ago +2641

    Him: it’s completely harmless
    The ant: needs therapy*

    • Smarti3Kitt3n
      Smarti3Kitt3n 5 months ago

      Fun fact ants far outnumber humans take that how you will 🙂

    • • Dʏɴᴀᴍɪᴄ Eɴᴇʀɢʏ •
      • Dʏɴᴀᴍɪᴄ Eɴᴇʀɢʏ • Year ago +1

      @Intechio The comment was a joke, just because it's unfunny doesn't mean you should take it seriously.

    • Yes, I like bananas. So?
      Yes, I like bananas. So? Year ago +3

      @Intechio it’s never that deep

    • blah
      blah Year ago +5

      @Intechio We got ourselves a true myrmecologist here.

    • blah
      blah Year ago +4

      @Intechio 🤣 🤣 nah ants are too small and pathetic for me to waste my time on right?

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi 4 months ago +14

    "Oh.. it seems like i'm dead. Welp, time to head to the graveyard and bury myself"
    Hours later: "I survived Death"

  • Kim, Ri Jung-eun
    Kim, Ri Jung-eun 5 months ago +27

    "Hey, I'm dead.. i gotta walk over to the graveyard to make myself a grave"

  • Laelfoo
    Laelfoo Day ago

    That any is absolutely freaking out, what if folic acid is akin to humans on shrooms haha

  • lone wolf
    lone wolf 2 days ago

    if someone did this experiment on a human, everyone would loose their shit.
    speciesism is so funny.

  • T.J.Ball.
    T.J.Ball. Year ago +35376

    “Completely harmless” *burdens ant with existential dread*

  • shy doge
    shy doge 4 months ago +29

    "Dude where did you go?"
    "bro u good"
    " i fuking died

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy 5 months ago +46

    "How are you bro"

    • SX
      SX 3 months ago +1

      based luffy

  • 8-DOM
    8-DOM 5 months ago +20

    "she cleans herself off and joins normal society again" sounds like my sister

  • Ashlyn Taylor
    Ashlyn Taylor 4 months ago +17

    “harmless pheromone” Makes an ant want to stay in a graveyard and possibly bury herself while having no connection with the rest of her colony.

    • kapilan sakthivel
      kapilan sakthivel 2 months ago

      @SX worker ants are female dummy

    • kapilan sakthivel
      kapilan sakthivel 2 months ago

      @Not Ryan!21 almost all ants are female dumm

    • Carl
      Carl 3 months ago

      @SX except all ant workers are female

    • SX
      SX 3 months ago

      who said the ant is female, the default gender when unknown is male

    • Not Ryan!21
      Not Ryan!21 3 months ago +2

      damn do you relate or something?

  • Smith.E.Skates
    Smith.E.Skates Year ago +7618

    Human; "I'm going to give this ant a completely harmless pheromone"
    Ant: "Omg I'm dead but I'm still alive what kind of living hell is this"

    • Wesley Thomas
      Wesley Thomas 11 months ago


    • Itz Arianne
      Itz Arianne 11 months ago +1

      @Matityahu Not really but it's also for your best. We want to save as many people as possible. God bless you! Prayed for you!

    • Matityahu
      Matityahu 11 months ago

      @Itz Arianne grow a spine. Too bad your God didn't give you the strength to deal with an acronym.

    • Paige Burns
      Paige Burns Year ago +1

      I thought it was pretty mean!

    • AnimeWeeb00
      AnimeWeeb00 Year ago

      @Smith.E.Skates not really. All of us are gonna die within the next 100 years, that's not long to live at all. We basically just find things to do till we cease to exist. New game? Cool I'll play it to pass time. Gotta eat? I guess I'll get dinner tonight from subway. Wanna smash that new coworker? Sounds pleasurable. Then bam you just never exist again for eternity. It's reality, whether it's dark or not is meaningless to the fact that it's the truth.

  • The Nop
    The Nop 3 months ago +2

    I think this is like a self quarantine, the same chemical that lets other ants know that ant is dead also lets itself know that it might be sick

  • Amos Qarikau
    Amos Qarikau 5 months ago

    I love how you consistently post interesting and fascinating videos

  • 3 K M
    3 K M 2 days ago

    Talking about chemicals and death reminded me of a song

  • Sumit Bhatnagar
    Sumit Bhatnagar 4 days ago

    Ooooooh.... That's what's wrong with me... I finally pass therepy!

  • Jonathan Nuamah
    Jonathan Nuamah Year ago +14613

    Quick Tip: If you can think that you are dead then you are probably not dead.

    • YourCommentIsntFunnyV2
      YourCommentIsntFunnyV2 7 months ago

      @Gaybraham Lincoln neurons don’t replace themselves

    • Panzer of the lake
      Panzer of the lake Year ago

      @Kenneth I mean, I ask you what innovation the belief of soul has brought us and you give me 2 examples, People living in peace because of religion (which isn't really anything new) and a Cassius Belli.

    • Kenneth
      Kenneth Year ago

      @Panzer of the lake Wow, you’re just in blatant denial now and trying to get a last word in. Good day to you man, God bless you.

    • Panzer of the lake
      Panzer of the lake Year ago

      @Kenneth Again, I do not see a reason for conquest as an useful innovation.

    • Kenneth
      Kenneth Year ago

      @Panzer of the lake Doesn’t negate the fact that it was one of the primary reasons. Stop denying it.

  • Checkmate
    Checkmate 5 months ago +10

    "It's like he may be volunteering to go into the graveyard" he just like me fr

  • 52flyingbicycles
    52flyingbicycles 5 months ago +3

    Ant: well I’m dead time to dig my own grave
    Ant: yup. Here I am. In my grave. Dead.

    KIMIKO 4 months ago +3

    “He really just wants to hang out in this area”
    Lol no sir, he’s trying to off himself in peace.

  • Izzys'ExoticLifestyle
    Izzys'ExoticLifestyle 3 months ago

    Hey for new ant keepers it's good to know that gel farms break out in mold and are unhealthy for the ants also bought farms don't come with a. Queen meaning thay die out very quickly but proper way to start a colony is to find or buy a queen and set her up in a test tube system this lovely man is only doing an experiment.

  • MrTuffguy
    MrTuffguy Year ago +15839

    "Completely harmless pheromone"
    The Ant: **agony and having an existential crisis**

    • Jack
      Jack 7 months ago

      @Zhonglis Wallet Use a disabled homeless man instead

    • Ra Shino
      Ra Shino 10 months ago

      @Netaverse And what are you?

    • Ra Shino
      Ra Shino 10 months ago

      @Lukineo Doing something by accident is different than doing something intentional! Duh. Gtfoh

    • Ra Shino
      Ra Shino 10 months ago

      @Zhonglis Wallet But they've cured nothing!! Lol. What are you talking about

    • KavaLogue
      KavaLogue 11 months ago +3

      @~spindarella~ what it means is we want to understand why living things do what they do. You're small mind can't entirely comprehend it because you only see humans as a cancer and exhibit genocidal tendencies by Ill marking the entire human race, we study Them to learn why they're important and how to keep them safe and what effects they do or dont have on our world

  • PoopetPlushProductions
    PoopetPlushProductions 4 months ago

    This video gave me a flashback to when I ordered ants for my ant farm. Me and my mom thought “surely they aren’t RED ants” but alas, they were. Dropped all them in ge floor and got bit on the bottom of my foot.

  • littleblueclovers
    littleblueclovers 3 months ago

    I think I saw one where the ant carried on as usual but the rest of the colony kept taking them to the graveyard. The ant kept casually walking back to the group only to be hoisted up and carried again (until they cleaned themselves)

  • Tomer abitbul eizen
    Tomer abitbul eizen 5 months ago

    Wait so did it realize it was covered? If yes then it shows a lot more intelligence then what I expected from an ant

  • Slice of Life Animation
    Slice of Life Animation 5 months ago +7

    “Were you killed?”
    “Sadly yes, but I lived!”

  • nAmE iS nAmE
    nAmE iS nAmE 5 months ago

    You can see the sheer panic the ant experienced when he rushed towards the graveyard area.

  • DrFoggyPants
    DrFoggyPants 4 months ago

    Remember reading a similar experiment, but instead of the ant voluntarily going to the graveyard, the other ants dragged it there while it tried to go free

  • Shama Siddiqui
    Shama Siddiqui 4 months ago +2

    " *he* really just wants to hang out in the graveyard area"
    " *she* eventually cleaned her off"

  • AJ Jay
    AJ Jay 5 months ago

    Ant society never failed to amazed me; always think of the entire colony before one self…

  • mk
    mk Year ago +4391

    ‘She eventually cleaned herself off and joined the normal society again’
    Me, every monday

  • Smarti3Kitt3n
    Smarti3Kitt3n 5 months ago +2

    Fun fact: there's a million ants for every human. Estimated

  • Nia Weems
    Nia Weems 5 months ago

    This is lowkey hard to watch an ant trip out 😂

  • R S
    R S 3 months ago

    I remember watching this same thing from a guy who made epic stories using his ants, and the same thi g happened, it thought it belonged, and it even stayed entirely still until it wore off and it came back.

  • Chummy
    Chummy 5 months ago

    Ah yes. My favorite harmless pheromone, the one that makes you think you’re dead

  • azucena
    azucena Year ago +7193

    "I died and i had to arrange the burial myself, the lazyness in this colony i swear"

    • LT Wadley
      LT Wadley Year ago


    • Jess L
      Jess L Year ago

      >tfw when you have to resurrect yourself because if you're not around to handle the deaths in the colony nobody else will

    • ~spindarella~
      ~spindarella~ Year ago


    • That one channel
      That one channel Year ago +4

      @TheLegend27 PFFFT- definitely like “do you see this- this speck on the floor?!?! The audacity of this family!!!”

    • Rafaela Santos
      Rafaela Santos Year ago +2

      ok enough for today ✋🏼💀

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon 4 months ago

    This was quite painful for me to imagine the perspective of that short time.

  • Porkus
    Porkus 4 months ago +1

    Imagine having a squirt bottle of this stuff so you could mist a hole colony of ants at once if an ant hill was in your way

  • nova-cas
    nova-cas 5 months ago

    saw this on tumblr before!! ants spray an identified "ant corpse" with special identifier liquid to inform other workers of death. this ant must have been sprayed while alive as an experiment and then returned to their working area. Fellow ants identify the liquid/smell and proceeds to bury the "ant corpse" due to the exclusive identifier liquid. It's really special to the point the ant experiment itself identifies itself as deceased due to the liquid and buries itself.

  • R  E  Z  A
    R E Z A 4 months ago +4

    The second I saw this I thought the ants were living on meth for some reason

  • Jack hendron
    Jack hendron Year ago +26764

    "Guys, I don't think I'm alive anymore."
    "Are you serious?"
    "Dead ass"

  • theunknown one
    theunknown one 5 months ago +1

    Imagine all the other ants thinking this one is a zombie🤣

  • Vishal.
    Vishal. 4 months ago

    My respect for these dude has rised after these video.

  • Bleep
    Bleep 3 months ago

    Hey, how do you spell that acid that was used? I'm doing a research paper about it. The title is still under construction but the idea is to manually recreate situations and record them to highlight the importance of pheromones to a functional ant colony whilst giving insight to how they could happen naturally. (that is also under construction.)

  • Subhan
    Subhan 4 months ago

    hes being more honest than humans can ever be

  • Wren
    Wren Year ago +22872

    ‘She eventually cleaned herself off and joined the normal society again’

      CYBER NERD 3 months ago

      @Sahil P susi?

    • CoolDude69
      CoolDude69 3 months ago

      @Benny ok......

    • Benny
      Benny 3 months ago +1

      @CoolDude69 I didn’t want to, I just said that I heard it while the guy said it lol

    • CoolDude69
      CoolDude69 3 months ago

      @Benny you don't get the joke

    • Benny
      Benny 3 months ago

      I read it while the video said it 💀

  • Felreiz Meshinca
    Felreiz Meshinca 5 months ago

    There's no example of ants dying for real in the video so it's kinda hard to be convinced with the explanation despite coming from someone credible.

  • live well with EDS
    live well with EDS 5 months ago +1

    "he's volunteering to go to the graveyard" that's a mood

  • Zoidberg656
    Zoidberg656 4 months ago +1

    It’s cute that she cleaned herself off.
    “Oh, I’m not dead. Just smelly.”

  • MrAiden
    MrAiden 5 months ago

    Imagine being an ant and getting picked up by a random tube, only to be convinced that you are dead 💀💀

  • Jacob Summerfield
    Jacob Summerfield Year ago +13139

    Other ants: did you die?
    Ant: sadly yes, But I lived!

    • Sebastian Riz
      Sebastian Riz 7 months ago

      Ant who died...come to live!

    • Seifix Network
      Seifix Network 7 months ago


    • Dex Rich
      Dex Rich 7 months ago

      Like check

    • Otávio
      Otávio Year ago

      @Yrmchapo3s Lol

    • Yrmchapo3s
      Yrmchapo3s Year ago +2

      Back,forth,back,forth Nd forth and back and forth till I shot right outa his mouth

  • iambeloved
    iambeloved 5 months ago

    So mind control is as simple as using chemicals? Does this mean when a hypnotherapist says you're getting sleepy he's really pressing a button that releases chloroform from the vents?

  • L. Smith
    L. Smith 3 months ago

    This video is the first thing that has ever made me understand why people would want an ant farm. I want one.

  • Bethany Strom
    Bethany Strom 3 months ago

    it was bothering me that he kept calling the fake-dead ant "he" the whole time, since all worker drone ants are female, but he corrected himself at the end 👏👏👏

  • Gene Monfero
    Gene Monfero 5 months ago

    The grave ant keeper:"Come on Antonio, are you drunk again"
    ANtonio:"Nah, I'm dead"

  • Star Jones
    Star Jones 3 months ago

    I feel genuinely sad for this ant... But at least she got back to normal 🥺

  • TYPH0N
    TYPH0N 4 months ago +2

    "harmless" emotionally crippled the fucking ant and made it suicidal. That ant has permanent trauma.

  • Mr_DerpaDerpy
    Mr_DerpaDerpy 4 months ago

    this man straight up made an ant think it was dead

  • Nonymouz
    Nonymouz 4 months ago

    "It will actually make the ant think it's dead"
    Me: *"how far did we go with our technology?"*

  • Loukhyax
    Loukhyax Year ago +6183

    When the ant comes back, it talks about metaphysics, the value of life and how smell can affect their society's monarchy. Thus spoke Antistotles.

    • Brad Lee
      Brad Lee Year ago

      Fucking amazing bro

    • Tiny F
      Tiny F Year ago

      societys monarchy? what?

    • TielLimilin
      TielLimilin Year ago

      Someone reply me so I can come back to this

    • Ammar Mastur Upahm
      Ammar Mastur Upahm Year ago +1

      And later talk about defining self, which is composite of body and soul and the two are inseparable..... Philosophy 101

    • Ben Bignell
      Ben Bignell Year ago

      He also teaches them how to smell colors

  • Omega Deadpool
    Omega Deadpool 4 months ago

    I like to think that everytime I have clinical depression and anxiety it was just some Lovecraftian giant Ant doing something like this to me

  • ashton Bookman
    ashton Bookman 5 months ago

    It's like a bad acid trip he's convinced himself that he's dead 😂

  • S A
    S A 5 months ago

    Gives a whole new meaning to “all my friends are dead”

  • Cat craft3000
    Cat craft3000 4 months ago

    Well I like how you say it’s harmless until now he thinks he’s dead for eternity

  • TaiHenTV
    TaiHenTV Year ago +7866

    "Completely harmless pheromone"
    Ant: Why are we still here. . .

    • flygon playz Pokémon
      flygon playz Pokémon 9 months ago

      Just to suffer…

    • Marco G
      Marco G Year ago +1

      @Joanna or if zombies are true we better make giant ants to but the zombies back to their graveyard

    • NPC 5120
      NPC 5120 Year ago +1

      PRESS F to pay RESPECT

    • suh dude
      suh dude Year ago +2

      @Lucas Gawor u missed the joke dummy

    • GleamingFoonyMan _
      GleamingFoonyMan _ Year ago +2

      Just to suffer...

  • Nyslexic Dinja
    Nyslexic Dinja 4 months ago

    Man I really hope no aliens think like this man does. "Oh let me just convince this lesser life form that they're dead to see what happens... huh looks like it's panicking weird" like wtf

    MARWA A 4 months ago


  • rach
    rach 5 months ago

    im not a huge animal rights activist but this still makes me wanna cry the poor ant

  • Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años

    This is the type of content I'm subscribed for

  • Abilawa Andamari
    Abilawa Andamari Year ago +7709

    Ants : "huh I smelled like a corpse"
    Also ants : "Guess I'll die" *walks to the graveyard to buries self*

  • CrEaMy OaTmEaL
    CrEaMy OaTmEaL 4 months ago

    Him: it's completely harmless
    The ant: questioning it's existence

  • Gabriel Reyes
    Gabriel Reyes 3 months ago

    Imagine the universe where the ants are doing this to the guy talking in this video.
    "It's interesting how this human believes itself to be dead and actually takes itself to the designated graveyard until it thrashes around enough for the pheromones to rub off before realizing it wasn't dead."
    Kinda wish Interdimensional Cable was a thing. Where's a Rick when you need one?

  • sokohigh kora
    sokohigh kora 5 months ago

    It's like being in a coma and as you're about to wake up, the doctor pulls the plug.

  • perkita Seaman
    perkita Seaman 55 seconds ago

    That's just slow down and dirty

  • Antarctica Mapping
    Antarctica Mapping Year ago +9742

    "Hey Marcus, have you heard that John died?"
    "For real?"
    "Yeah he told me himself."

    • RAHEIM Deofficial
      RAHEIM Deofficial Year ago

      Ant responded in Westbrook Voice: Whhatt?...Bro what are you talking about man.

    • Meep Ist
      Meep Ist Year ago

      @Baby Shoto Todoroki ants canada, the internet, and this video itself

    • Moment
      Moment Year ago

      Damn I liked John

    • Charles Williams
      Charles Williams Year ago

      This is what I live for😂😂😂

    • Ajinkya Dhotre
      Ajinkya Dhotre Year ago

      This one's good 😂

  • Cooperativechicken6
    Cooperativechicken6 5 months ago

    Wonder how the ants explain this to eachother. Like do they ask "pheromoned again?"

  • Blue Lobster
    Blue Lobster 4 months ago

    This man legit made an ant believe it was dead

  • LizzyMint
    LizzyMint 5 months ago

    This is perhaps the mostly deeply and darkly comedic thing I’ve ever seen.

  • wirehunter86
    wirehunter86 5 months ago

    I was waiting for the other ants to drag her to the graveyard with her fighting them off. Should have known ants are a community of law and order.

  • Maria Requejo
    Maria Requejo 6 months ago +5444

    "Hey Steve , where you've been?"
    "Dude I straight up just died"

    • SWB 7
      SWB 7 3 months ago

      @Vic matthew Same shit i said

    • SWB 7
      SWB 7 3 months ago

      It was a female ant her name is Maria

    • Steve
      Steve 4 months ago


    • C. C Afton
      C. C Afton 4 months ago

      Why is there no comments but so many likes😭

    • Maria Requejo
      Maria Requejo 4 months ago +1

      I never thought any of my comments would be target of trolling. I think my internet experience is complete now.

  • sveiki
    sveiki 4 months ago

    I never thought that I will see an ant having a psychotic attack