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2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS | Jay Leno's Garage


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  • ustuplay
    ustuplay Year ago +115

    Jay's quietest test drive ever. He never has to raise his voice.

    • Xavier Franco
      Xavier Franco 6 months ago +1

      @ambessa shield Exactly this. I hate when my radio/tunes are drowned out by the car's noise. Give me super quiet any day. The older I get, the more I like peace and tranquility. And when I want to blast tunes, that's all I want to hear.

    • NaYawkr
      NaYawkr Year ago

      Yes, Jay should raise his voice about the silly idea of driving a battery with no ability to charge itself once it runs out of power.

    • ambessa shield
      ambessa shield Year ago +3

      @Dragos Pahontu A car can never be too quiet. Most ppl would rather hear music than car noise.

    • BryDuhBikeGuy
      BryDuhBikeGuy Year ago

      I had to put on headphones to hear the episode,again though.I stopped and checked.Yes,all my systems were peaked.(I'm not.I love his channel)It's just some come out too quiet.

    • A-Frame Wedge
      A-Frame Wedge Year ago

      He has had Rolls Royce's on his show which are very quiet.

  • ADPTraining
    ADPTraining Year ago +22

    Wonderful video, great job Jay. I try and keep up with Mercedes developments and I never actually saw this model before. The presentation was good too. Can't wait to see the EQE model.

  • Gus Trucker
    Gus Trucker 2 months ago +2

    Jay is a national treasure, thank you for staying relevant sir.

  • megan williamson
    megan williamson 7 months ago +2

    Jay, back in the 60's and 70's would you have ever thought something like this in a car?
    I wouldn't want to have to track down a problem with something not working in it. But I never thought, this is a car of the future. Sure will spoil you. Thanks 👍 for your site Jay

  • Konix Twenty
    Konix Twenty Year ago +1

    Great video Jay. Always enjoy watching your channel. You are one of the true enthusiasts with unbiased appreciation of new technology.

    KARTIK SHANKAR Year ago +321

    This Mercedes EQS doesn't look like a typical Mercedes, but rather like a Honda, especially the front part of the car. Interiors is absolutely fabulous 🤩. Boot space is really impressive as well.

    • RothBeyondTheGrave
      RothBeyondTheGrave 4 months ago

      EVERY modern car looks exactly the same. Bubbles for soft people who are as far from enthusiasts as can be.
      Any car after around 2011 is a joke generally speaking. I was remotely hopeful for this one, but how they do a soft locking out of the owner to the hood tells me all I need to know.
      The concept actually looked incredible. Too bad.

    • Toni Kristian Kainulainen
      Toni Kristian Kainulainen 7 months ago

      Thie outlook is like If Honda Civic and Mercebes c-class would have sex and this would be The Renault, rheir Kid 😄 By The Day, here on Finland 🇫🇮 normal E85 gasoline costs something like 10,3 dollar per gallon (about 2,6 euros = 2,74 dollar per litre)

    • Gust
      Gust 11 months ago

      My first thought was an Accord as well. 👍

    • footballcoreano
      footballcoreano Year ago +2

      @Our life in Washington mercedes best reliable in the world. honda is very unreliable especially transmission

    • footballcoreano
      footballcoreano Year ago +2

      honda and toyota copied mercedes benz every years. japanese copy cat 🐱.

  • Andrew Parrillo
    Andrew Parrillo Year ago +2

    Thank you for this review. I had not focused on the EQS or EQS 53 until recently when comparing the various Lucid models to Teslas and Taycans. Not sure about the styling, but everything else looks very atteractive dynamically and otherwise. Would have been good to hear some information on charging times and range.

  • 2RROC
    2RROC Year ago +1

    Jay, I hope that MBZ appreciates the fact that you sell more of these than anyone else.
    Kudos to you and Mercedes.

  • Waqar Ghulam
    Waqar Ghulam Year ago +8

    I have owned a s550 for the past 6 years and I still occasionally find new features I wasn’t aware existed let alone on my car

  • Ross
    Ross 10 months ago +1

    That was just terrific and the humour kept me laughing. Good one. Impressive car.

  • artoo45
    artoo45 Year ago +13

    A spectacular technical achievement. I'm guessing that the driving nannies and hazard avoidance functions might help offset the danger of a very distracted driver. Much of Jay's drive was taken up fiddling with things on the screens. The interior is spectacular, but outward visibility looks so restricted due to the small glass area and massive pillars.

    • YouTube A.I bot
      YouTube A.I bot Year ago +1

      These automatic breaking systems are going to be so dangerous in a few years when they start malfunctioning and break while on the highway

  • Xilefxd23 Moin
    Xilefxd23 Moin Year ago +5

    Seeing it in real live is much more exciting. It’s really big and looks awesome from the back. Looks really different to a lot of cars on the Road.

    • Vanquished
      Vanquished 6 months ago +2

      No. It's the ugliest new car on the road. Just terrible

  • tjames22123
    tjames22123 Year ago +2

    Jay, you are a genuine showsman and thoroughly/tremendously love vehicles. You made me laugh multiple times, heavily, and thanks! Love it.

  • Kerry Ow Buland
    Kerry Ow Buland Year ago +6

    The real question is how are they going to make this expensive to maintain?

    • RothBeyondTheGrave
      RothBeyondTheGrave 4 months ago +2

      It's an EV, that's how.
      Notice how Jay says, "cuz this doesn't open" (tapping the hood) and the designer smirks. The hood obviously does open, but Benz attempts to lock you out (hiding the hood latch behind a trap door secured w/ a few torx screws).
      "Hey Mercedes" literally tells you "only a qualified blah blah blah is authorized to open the hood.
      EV's mean the end of all diy, most indy shops, & car ownership. Everything will be rented (leased), & dealer serviceable only. The used market will be nonexistent.
      They won't only be astronomical to maintain once every electric feature & module fail & need replacement, but you'll never own one or pay one off. There's many ways they can go about this. The future of driving is bleak.

  • vito orsi
    vito orsi 11 months ago +2

    As always, a very interesting video, with all due respect, I would have liked to see the back seats as I can assume it must be a very confortable place do be.

    • Ghost of R/T
      Ghost of R/T 8 months ago

      Back seats have leg room, but if you’re over 6’ tall then you’re lacking headroom.

  • Robert D.
    Robert D. Year ago +6

    4/24/21, I guess Jay had to hold this recording until some official release date. It is a beautiful car and definitely a nod to the future.
    As far as luxury = smooth and quiet and EV's being smooth and quiet, I don't know. Being ultra super quiet might be a bit disconcerting. I want to hear a bit of the engine rumbling and hearing the transmission shift. I believe Rolls Royce made their new Ghost so quiet that during testing, passengers felt uncomfortable and Rolls Royce made the car a touch louder and people were reassuringly comforted because of the sound.

    • Xavier Franco
      Xavier Franco 6 months ago

      Oh, by the way, the car does have sound profiles that you can turn on that mimic a combustion engine vehicle. It gives a sound when accelerating and braking. And it's not just one sound profile, there are several to choose from just in case you don't like it too quiet.

    • Xavier Franco
      Xavier Franco 6 months ago

      LOL transmission? It's an electric car.

  • 914050a
    914050a Year ago +7

    I wish they could have gotten the beltline a bit lower. The side windows start so high up, especially for the rear seat passengers, it seems like it would be a little claustrophobic, and the back glass is tiny for a full-size luxury car. I know safety regulations are a limiting factor, but if they would sacrifice a bit of the angle (which would admittedly hurt external styling), I think it could be improved upon. If designing a more open-feeling greenhouse were to also cost a few miles of range, that might be a worthy compromise as well.
    Anyway, that point aside, good on Mercedes for putting out a serious luxury EV.

    • Xavier Franco
      Xavier Franco 6 months ago

      I think they could lay off the aerodynamics a bit to make the car look nicer on the outside and give better views.

  • Lynn Occhiuzzo
    Lynn Occhiuzzo 11 months ago +1

    As Always Jay, another wonderful video with your honest comments. So much appreciated. I would love to see the EQE model too.

  • Dana Green
    Dana Green Year ago +2

    interesting presentation, great having the design expert explain the process of engineering

  • David Latorre
    David Latorre Year ago +114

    I can't believe Jay is keeping his mouth shut about all the menu screens and lack of buttons. He often complained about the complexity it takes nowadays just to select a radio station.

    • John from Accounting
      John from Accounting Month ago +1

      When you invite someone from Mercedes to your garage to show off their car, it's not polite to insult them to their face.

    • Connor Arroyo
      Connor Arroyo 7 months ago +1

      @Moritz L. No, it's not. He doesn't have one. He drives all his cars in rotation.

    • Connor Arroyo
      Connor Arroyo 7 months ago

      @Elliot Currie How about burnt rubber ?

    • BryDuhBikeGuy
      BryDuhBikeGuy Year ago

      @Jay That would be 'many'of the drivers.They are just as programmable.

    • Moritz L.
      Moritz L. Year ago

      His daily driver is a Tesla Model S.

  • Francisco Rodriguez
    Francisco Rodriguez Year ago +1

    Jay great video as always: I am curious do electric cars loose energy faster if you have like three other people in the ca? meaning more weight? what about if you drive at night in the rain with ac on? light on, radio on, luggage, and a full family? would all that make a difference in the range?
    I drive an 2014 BMW GT 535i x and get practically the same mileage San Antonio Tx to Houston and back at night in summer with rain, light, ac, radio on with my wife and luggage than by myself in the fall with no ac in the morning.

    • ChrisNVegas
      ChrisNVegas Year ago

      Electric cars are being pushed hard. Unfortunately they are not ready for prime time. Batteries are still primitive and do not hold enough energy. I sometimes have to travel from Nevada to Georgia without notice. I have a diesel F-350 with a large fuel tank. I don't even give it a second thought. Attempting to drive any of these electric cars long distance would be an ordeal then I'm not ready for. And just for giggles, a Nissan leaf replacement battery cost $16,000. They last four or five years. Tesla batteries are $25,000 and up. I don't think people know what they're getting into.

  • Adam Skinner
    Adam Skinner Year ago +2

    I guess we all have our own views on what's beautiful or art lol, I can see the advantages of being incredibly aerodynamic especially in an electric car where range, battery and weight count for so much but as far as attractive Mercedes go this just doesn't do it for me at all and I do think Mercedes make some really beautiful cars. The front and profile just look ugly to my eye, stunning or beutiful aren't words I think describe it, maybe functional. It is Mercedes luxury and options galore when it comes to the interior though which is pretty special.

  • Brian Kirk
    Brian Kirk 6 months ago

    I'm not a big Mercedes fan, but that Mercedes is beautiful, I especially love the body style and all the luxury inside, it may be way out of my price range but, gorgeous car, and that is definitely the future whether people like it or not, and I'm looking forward to it 😀

  • Andy H
    Andy H Year ago +2

    I love how quiet the car is.

  • Marauder252
    Marauder252 Year ago +266

    Mercedes guy: explains all the features.
    Jay: long pause... let's take a look at the trunk!

    • Dmitry Zhikharev
      Dmitry Zhikharev 8 months ago

      28:20 lol

    • Diego Martin Martin Diego
      Diego Martin Martin Diego Year ago

      I though , the same thing .
      Jay is like talking to my dad or my father in law .
      But I m becoming like that too , i m only 50 .
      " I caught myself the other day telling somebody at work , buddy you talk to much "

    • noche te ipsum
      noche te ipsum Year ago +1

      hahaha, I said the same thing...Jay's eyes were glazing over.

    • Dany Esber
      Dany Esber Year ago +6

      ..and in the trunk was a map of Germany when Poland, Austria, and a bunch of other coutries were Germany. A manifesto found detailed plans to take over Palestine using two horses. One with Hitler (Jewish/Polish heritage ;p ) destined to fail (ended up in Argentina with other Jewish Nazi's, it is what it is), so false compassion would get a bunch of Germans from the state of Poland into the (greater) Syrian motherland, Palestine. Make no mistake, that's real history. Had Lebanon not been separated from Syria, courtesy of the French, Syria would have 2 major capitals in Beirut and Demascus, like California and New York. Fyi Tabouli and Hommus isn't German/Polish/Jewish.
      - Protocols of the elders of Zion. Good read, even though they (Israeli's) say it's plagiarised, it's transcribed actually. Big difference. One gets the orginal text's information across to the public, the other makes no difference unless you're submitting an assignment.
      Excuse the non-twitter long-form explanation.

  • Nate
    Nate Year ago +3

    From a Product design pov, I feel like Jay Leno represent a specific population of users that might find all of this overwhelming! Too many quirks here and there (some hidden within a lotta menus) which raises the issue of Learnability. You could tell Jay had some difficulty trying to figure out where some features were even after he stated he had been using the car for a couple of days, and even with the VP going on and on about features and all he looked uninterested later on.
    I mean dude just wanna get in his car and just drive without all these (distractions) but at the same time be able to enjoy the luxurious features as well. I mean a feature like the massage seats (seems like a latent need) should be able to be turned on/off with just a tap of a button and not to go through all these hurdles.
    Maybe I’m just tripping

    • Xavier Franco
      Xavier Franco 6 months ago

      There's a learning curve with everything. It's a bit annoying to have that curve when you only have the vehicle for a little while. If you own it, you can take as long as you want to figure everything out.

  • Kathe Bernstein
    Kathe Bernstein Year ago +3

    My only concern is the small windows - especially the rear window. I know you can use the camera to back up but I also like to look for myself.

  • Luis marcelo
    Luis marcelo Year ago +1

    Beautiful car, I am not so much in favor of electric cars, but this may be the exception. My thinking is that now that the internal combustion engine has come to almost perfection, are we going to abandoned this technology?

  • wkiernan
    wkiernan Year ago +9

    Hey MB guy, how about this for a feature. I know you guys love hi-tech gadgets and I see you have motorized doors. Add a proximity sensor so that when the doors open, they automatically stop short of bumping into anything. Imagine you go to get in your car and someone has parked close to the driver's door. There's enough room to squeeze in, but it will be difficult to do it without either dinging into the car next to yours of banging the edge of your car's door. But with this feature you could just open the door, it would stop an inch away from bumping into the other car and hold the door in that position, and you could get in without damaging anybody's paint job.

    • Xavier Franco
      Xavier Franco 6 months ago

      Get this, there's multiple buttons on the key fob. There's a separate one that doesn't open it all the way. Imagine that!

    • R P
      R P Year ago

      Better cheaper easier - power minivan type door, 1 door that opens to 2 positions or 2, 1 slides forward, slides back.
      Minivans are the best vehicle with the worst rep, just because people say soccer mom.

    • opelfahrer91
      opelfahrer91 Year ago +1

      The EQS already has this feature

  • The Parental Revolution

    This is why I love Jay Leno's Garage. All substance, no flash.

  • Hvitserk
    Hvitserk Year ago +6

    All I can see is that the Citroën DS was already there in terms of design in 1955. When this is mentioned, the EQS is of course an impressive construction just not particularly innovative in terms of design. Even the 2006 Citroën C6 has almost the same overall design as the EQS. As much as I like the regular videos from Jay Leno's Garage, I actually miss the unique so-called "lock down edition" videos. They were more personal and present - and really very much just as good if not better.

    • John from Accounting
      John from Accounting Month ago

      The powertrain technology and the aerodynamics is innovative. But also ugly. The interior doesn't appeal at all and BMW has beaten them easily.

    • Reiner Hildebrand
      Reiner Hildebrand Year ago

      I am happy to see the EQS coming. It makes my old C6 look more up to date as before.

  • Thomas Ferrugia
    Thomas Ferrugia Year ago +6

    The fact that they got the CoD to .20 and it doesn't look like a melting jelly-bean is simply amazing. I think a brighter color may have been a good idea for the review.

    • Thomas Ferrugia
      Thomas Ferrugia Year ago

      @(Original Mix) : Disagree.

    • (Original Mix)
      (Original Mix) Year ago +3

      But it does look like a melted jelly bean..

    • Cracked Emerald
      Cracked Emerald Year ago +1

      A _lot_ of people dissagree with the exterior with you. I myself like it.

  • Ziplokk
    Ziplokk 11 months ago +1

    Hilarious as Jay likes to say. Looks like a stretched out 2010 +/- Civic. The two Merc badges on the front, hood and grill, also hilarious. German "art"....where, when? The VP of design is very young so none of this hilariousness is too surprising. Fun video Mr. Leno! I needed a laugh today. Would be interesting to see them (Merc) do an electric design using the 72 600 Kompressor as a starting point. That was a good looking car.

  • Dr. Andrew  Mulenga
    Dr. Andrew Mulenga 7 months ago +2

    This is what is fascinating about Jay, he can be blown away by a 1933 Hispano-Suiza and yet embrace the tech of cars like the EQS

  • Nenu Marius
    Nenu Marius Year ago +19

    Props to the editor, such a great job. Just the level of detail of how the outside shots are synchronised with the inside mics (eg. the outside indicator flashes match the inside clicks).

  • Jan Triebel
    Jan Triebel Year ago

    Phantastic car! Beautifully presented!

  • Richard kaufman
    Richard kaufman 15 days ago

    Great video, lots of information about the electric car history and where it’s going. But way to many commercials!

  • Ryan Warren
    Ryan Warren Year ago +3

    Thanks for sharing Jay, and inviting us into ur garage.
    It truly is a treat!

  • John Black
    John Black Year ago +1

    Very cool car Jay you educate me so much on these cars I can't even say👍🇯🇲

  • Al Ferro
    Al Ferro Year ago +11

    The most aerodynamic car ever! That's enough for me to justify the look of it. By the way, an S class is not what I consider exciting.

    • Megumin
      Megumin Year ago

      *production car

    • Kevin Guthrie
      Kevin Guthrie Year ago

      The most aerodynamic car but at what speed?

  • Utinga Bernardo
    Utinga Bernardo 9 months ago

    This car makes the Lucid Air look like an old, outdated car. In fact, the EQS defines a new benchmark and sets the bar very high for any competitor. Excellent work Mercedes!!!

  • Rimrock300
    Rimrock300 Year ago +9

    Amazing car, but I am just not interested in spending money on all that electronic stuff. It does not make my life or ride better looking at fancy dashboard screens. I want a basic simple, comfortable car, with a style I like, to bring me and my stuff from A to B. So I stick with my '95 124 wagon, it got all I need, and I can fix and service 95% myself, thank you Mercedes;)

    • Ghost of R/T
      Ghost of R/T 8 months ago

      Plus you save US$140,000. 🚙💨

  • Pawel X
    Pawel X Year ago +84

    "It has all the Mercedes cues"
    Yeah, it's got the badge.
    Otherwise I would never tell from the outside that it's a Mercedes. My wild guess would be a Toyota/Lexus...

    • Jim Heeren
      Jim Heeren Year ago +2

      @4K King Tesla clone? It doesn’t even remotely look like a Tesla. And unlike Tesla this one won’t fall apart in a year or two

    • Tanagorn Prugsaritanon
      Tanagorn Prugsaritanon Year ago

      Because “Efficiency” was never an option for an S-Class until now.

    • dsauce223
      dsauce223 Year ago


    • 4K King
      4K King Year ago +2

      Its not a mercedes its a tesla clone. Mercedes has lost their way.

    • ßaron
      ßaron Year ago +3

      @David Viner don't insult Audi 😂. They seem to be the only germans to have figured out that EVs don't have to look weird.

  • Mark Brisec
    Mark Brisec Year ago +1

    OK, Jay got a personal run down of all the quirks and features this futuristic car has, from the hyperscreen to fragrance reminiscent of the 1906 Mercedes to bluetooth connectivity to self driving to......., and he remembered 3 things. It's a Mercedes, it's built and it drives.. Well thank you Jay, that's about the same amount of information I got from this video too..

  • Georgia Guardian
    Georgia Guardian Year ago +6

    I absolutely love this front design and lines looking like my 2022 Honda Odyssey! Just stunningly beautiful!

  • Robert Dwyer
    Robert Dwyer Year ago +1

    Hey Jay-How come you never show us your SJ Duesenberg? We’ve seen the others (thank you) but never the SJ…why? Also , I’m surprised you haven’t bought (as far as I know) a V-16 powered car…maybe in the future? Regardless, thank for these wonderful shows and for all the entertainment and pleasure you’ve provided throughout you long career.

    SEA HAWKER Year ago +1

    You've always said Jay, that when Mercedes Benz start building electric cars, they will change the game.
    1985 FORD PROBE V CD 0.15 most aerodynamic ever.

  • Mohammed A Wadud
    Mohammed A Wadud Year ago +3

    Pretty impressive, the interior is just gorgeous except for the cheap looking thin seats that looks like it was borrowed from a A-Class , but the exterior looks like a FWD chrysler van coupe combo. I'm sure the mercedes fanboys are going to come at me now.

    • Xavier Franco
      Xavier Franco 6 months ago

      I'm not a mercedes fan, but you're just wrong. The problem is that your opinion is subjective.

  • M. gezginesin
    M. gezginesin Year ago +1

    I have driven many electric cars. Recently I have been driving an electrical Mercedes Sprinter Van. Despite its very limited battery pack and huge size , this is the most consistent one on the highway with normal driving or speeding. It does the best what it claims. Very reliable with the reach.

  • NEWS 603
    NEWS 603 Year ago +36

    Nice to see that they decided to copy the almost 30 year old Dodge Intrepid cab forward design. And you know that Jay's looking at that arcade dash and thinking "God, just give me a speedo".

    • FTW
      FTW Year ago

      @NEWS 603 😛👍

    • NEWS 603
      NEWS 603 Year ago +1

      @FTW Thanks for the visual {lol} but I take your point.

    • FTW
      FTW Year ago +6

      At this point jay IN a speedo would look better than this excuse of a car

  • Cloxxki
    Cloxxki Year ago +1

    I'm getting one I think.
    A few things: For ultimate comfort, don't put batteries under the back row's foot well. Also, Lucid has a huge trunk, this one has none. Seems a rushed packaging job. The front fender panel is not a win.
    Such a car deserves an Estate version. Especially to compete with the Model S and Taycan, that do have a frunk, and large SUVs.
    The rendered Estate version are GORGEOUS. I'd buy that immediately. Can't wait for the EQE in Estate, I hope they make it. Less overall length and all the convenience. Now that Tesla is opening its charging network, I'm running out of reasons to deal with them.

  • Dave Haller
    Dave Haller Year ago +2

    Love the interior, the exterior is a bit bland. But I am looking forward to seeing it in person.

  • Brian Toblerone
    Brian Toblerone Month ago

    24:29 What if I want my car to smell like cow manure?..... That reminds me of being on the farm....
    25:50 You mean like Chicago or Detroit?.......

  • Shane InSeattle
    Shane InSeattle 5 months ago

    Those weird wheels? Yes for me! This is a lovely sedan!

  • Project Covenant
    Project Covenant Year ago +94

    It’s so refreshing to see a company guy who is actually interested in the car he sells unlike that Alfa Romeo guy from a few weeks back.

    • Eüro Nasty
      Eüro Nasty Year ago

      That guy was a complete moron. Not at all who you’d want on the PR stage if you don’t want to make the brand look silly.

      ZEPRAT GERNODT Year ago +1

      Used W140’s just shot up in value…

    • J T
      J T Year ago +3

      Still nowhere near as great as the guy who designed the 2004 Ford GT

    • Marek W.
      Marek W. Year ago +1

      LOL, that guy was awesome.

    • Thomas Hoberg
      Thomas Hoberg Year ago +2

      I was ready to throw up after the first hundred "actually..." IMHO he's crossed over into pathetic and hard to stomach long ago.

  • DoomFinger511
    DoomFinger511 7 months ago +2

    One of the designers of the EQS said that he wasn't a fan of all these touch buttons. People need buttons they can feel so they can keep their eye on the road. In a few years we'll see a return back to that in interior car designs.

  • Thorfinn19 Skullsplitter19

    This push for electic cars is going to make owning a car a whole lot more expensive for everyone.
    It's going to make all of transportation a whole lot more expensive.

    • TamiWu03
      TamiWu03 Year ago +1

      Of course in the beginning it will be. Maybe in 2030s we’ll be seeing cheap all electric cars

    • Anthony Xuereb
      Anthony Xuereb Year ago +1

      Time will tell it you're right.

  • Bojan Arežina
    Bojan Arežina Year ago +1

    it's not conventionally elegant, but i like it. it reminds me of those 70s and 80s aerodynamic concepts like the Mercedes Auto 2000

  • EJFXxx
    EJFXxx Year ago +9

    36:06 "eventually I did use the wipers" ... what Jay meant to say is that it had stop raining by the time he figured out how to use the wipers

  • F8Tributo
    F8Tributo Year ago +12

    Its a really great electric car!
    But I wish it looked more "stately".

  • vida investor
    vida investor Year ago +1

    5 years from now I'm certain that I will buy an electric seeing this I'm glad to say that I will buy a Tesla , for design reasons mostly power performance related, mercedes priority is interior luxury and I love it but for me technology software of Tesla is the most important .

  • Mother of Goodness
    Mother of Goodness Year ago +1

    @30:05 This front with the big Mercedes sign looks impressive. I like it!

  • sheba6779
    sheba6779 Year ago +1

    Hi Jay, I think the technology in this Mercedes is great but the vehicle’s design looks exactly like the 2002 Saturn S model that was discontinued.

  • Gunny Sgt
    Gunny Sgt Year ago +2

    Nice, just as you would expect from Mercedes. Watch out Tesla. A true electric luxury car is coming for you.

  • Harry Ballzack
    Harry Ballzack Year ago +3

    Love how Jay shows real interest in this. His love for for all things automotive is awesome.

  • River Forest
    River Forest Year ago

    I'm really surprised most companies haven't implimented voice systems in their cars yet like Mercedes or an Alexa system

  • Aldrin Manyando
    Aldrin Manyando Year ago

    Iam impressed by the range this machine can go.400 miles is quite substantial considering the rising increase of fossil fuels.

  • Gene T
    Gene T Year ago

    Fabulous car, fabulous reviewer! 😎

    • Ghost of R/T
      Ghost of R/T 8 months ago

      Savagegeese do a far superior and honest review brother. 🚙 💨

  • Cougar 6
    Cougar 6 Year ago +1

    Since the EQS will not be "in-addition" to the ICE S-Class, but Will Be the New S-Class I have a couple of comments:
    1. I've driven Mercedes since 1985 and currently have a 1987 560SL, 2010 E350, and 2010 ML350, so my knowledge and experience with MB mainly comes from these models.
    2. One of the complaints I have with my 2010 models is it seems that aspects of these vehicles were "over-engineered" - when something that should be simple has a complex design. This is what came to mind when Jay showed the special, side-mounted port to fill something as simple as the windshield washer fluid. I wonder how much more "over-engineering" are in this EQS?
    3.What maintenance can the owner do the the vehicle? How much can a "shade tree mechanic" expect to be able to do? I"m a "DIY-er" - like Jay - so, I would want to at least do the basic maintenance on the EQS. Perhaps, the era of the DIY-er is over with these autos?
    4. What happens when the car breaks down? Do you tow it to Mercedes? Doesn't the local Mercedes dealer know how to work on this car?
    5. How long does Mercedes warranty or guarantee the battery pack?
    6. What does the warranty cover and for how long. I can just imagin that long display breaking, or a portion of it stop illuminating, and the entire display has to be replaced.
    7. I hope they have redesigned the sunroof so it can't possibly leak - something that has plagued my E350, ML350, and my old ML320.
    8. I hope the GUI (software operating system) was not designed by the Team that designed the "Comand" system! The "logic" and interface of that system is a mess (I'm an IT guy familiar with UNIX, AIX, and Windows).
    I live in Alabama and happened to see one of these auto's up-close in the parking lot of a local store. The driver - a nice German fellow who worked for Mercedes in Vance let me give it a quick look-see. I was very impressed! He mentioned they will not be building these in Vance, but they will be building the SUV model.

  • Maximus Lockhart
    Maximus Lockhart Year ago

    As long as you can option out the piano black I'm happy, I also think if anything the single plain of screen on the dash will be super easy to clean, like that might make the finger print issue just not a problem because its all one thing, you just take a dust collecting cloth and boom its clean.

  • unclezeppy
    unclezeppy Year ago +1

    Back in 2018, I ended up chatting with a guy who works on car dashboard designs, they were using VR goggles and real-life models. Their research was more interesting though because they were testing what happens if the cars are full self-driving and everybody is just a passenger. The end result was pretty much what Tesla model 3/Y has. I thought it would be like Byton dash but he said: "We found out that people would turn everything off after a while, one screen in the middle would work just well. Then there are the VR glasses and windshield embedded displays."
    I remember thinking about the luxury cars where the dashboard is a big part of the luxury and you would need to have a "shelf" where all the controls and displays are. EQS is pretty much how I imagined it to be with a Saab-like Night Panel button. The actual EQS dashboard design is far better than I could have come up with.

  • Naveen Dhak
    Naveen Dhak Year ago +3

    The concept looked so good they should have just stuck with that design.

  • Johan Nel
    Johan Nel Year ago +2

    She must have been on a break! 😂. God bless you Mr Leno. And I am not a religious man.
    Thanks for an honest opinion. I am a Tesla-fan and owner. You state it best. Tesla is a performance car and Mercedes is luxury.
    I have been telling a friend of mine how I like this car. I think it is good looking. And the interior is spectacular. Range and performance is more than adequate.
    Thanks for a review that lines up w how I see the car 😂😂

  • Jamie White
    Jamie White Year ago +7

    I love Jays videos, watching this video to me, feels like sitting in a Mercedes :-)

  • Ihab Fahmy
    Ihab Fahmy Year ago +5

    Thanks Jay. A well-engineered vehicle. It's just horrendously ugly in its styling : The form, the fussy details, the proportions, the the way the leading edge of the front windows extends so far ahead of the door edges and mirrors, the "jewel" details. I've owned Mercedes and many of its competitors cars as well... I've never disliked a design so much.

  • John Graham
    John Graham Year ago

    Nothing can beat Mercedes Luxury. Interior is amazing.

  • SoftRoseforYou
    SoftRoseforYou Year ago +2

    The interior is beautiful. The exterior needs some work. Why can't they make the exterior like the regular S class. Then I would be very impressed. Give me the looks of the S580 as a electric car then I would be very happy.

  • Doug Holmes
    Doug Holmes 5 months ago

    I have driven this fantastic car one of the best I’ve ever driven. If you have the means and can tolerate the horrible charging network I highly recommend it. For me the charging network was intolerable.

  • Brian Singh
    Brian Singh Year ago +5

    Wicked Vid Jay. So happy that you are always willing to explore the new and not stuck in the past. Cars are our life...#bigswag. Miss you and Tim....

  • Steve Blanco Musician Warrior

    It seems pretty sweet, and I'm a long-time fan of Mercedes (mostly the old stuff), but it's like driving an iPhone around.

  • maxpaul11
    maxpaul11 Year ago

    very impressive. I will be late to work every day trying go with all this! haha

  • Jeroen Haringman
    Jeroen Haringman 11 months ago

    4:37 "Here in California it's approaching 5 dollars a gallon"
    That made me smile a bit. I live in the Netherlands, and the petrol prices here have passed € 2 per liter a couple of week ago. Let me convert that for you; that's more than 8,60 dollar per gallon.
    Personally, I don't mind that much. I drive a plugin Prius and I get way over 100 mpg, but the country is in turmoil about this subject.

  • Gary Seaton
    Gary Seaton 3 months ago

    I'm not in love with Mercedes any longer, and I've owned a few. Their designs aren't my glass of beer any more. The only one that checks all the boxes is the NEW Maybach S580.

  • Alan Blanes
    Alan Blanes Year ago +4

    Thanks, Jay and Mercedes Benz...what a great introduction to this model.

  • Kiến Phong Quách
    Kiến Phong Quách Year ago +1

    Mercedes makes the most aerodynamic car ever also Mercedes, G CLASS

  • Steven Hill
    Steven Hill Year ago +1

    Nice! This car will DOMINATE 95% of gas cars on the road. Nothing beats electric torque!

  • davidhunternyc
    davidhunternyc Year ago

    This new 2022 Mercedes gives me headache... especially after I just watched Jay's, 1971 Mercedes 280 SE, a masterpiece of automotive engineering.

  • Bill Magorian
    Bill Magorian Year ago +2

    The Young man from from Mercedes is politely dealing with is a technologically deficient old man. It's hilarious seeing him hold your hand ,Jay, as he leads you through this futuristic all electric car's futuristic hyper screen.

  • KingCobra
    KingCobra Year ago

    I’m really starting to believe that brands are intentionally being lazy with exterior designs to bring more focus to the inside and move towards self-driving cars.
    Ultimately cars will become just transportation/entertainment hubs and the exterior look will matter much less (“my interior has 6 screens, theater surround sound, AR system, connectivity, shopping/browsing” etc)
    The only exciting designs are from driver centric models for the few that will still be into the driving aspect I.e. the whole package i.e Audi e-Tron RS GT, Porsche Taycan, etc

  • Michael Emmanuel
    Michael Emmanuel Year ago +1

    I love jay. Hey by the way this mereces front looks like a Ford fusion from the 2013s . 👋

  • BlackJacket_
    BlackJacket_ Year ago +1

    Holy moly. This designer explaining these "luxury experiences" by adding 1 000 small stars everywhere, is one of the most cringiest things ever on Jay Leno's garage.

  • notfiveo
    notfiveo Year ago +1

    You don’t take this car to a mechanic, you take it to a computer scientist for repairs.

  • Gurjit Kochar
    Gurjit Kochar Year ago +1

    I feel someone should have demonstrated the passengers side screen to the dashboard wood finish screen … it’s changes the full experience…!
    Also I hate to say this to someone like Jay, he’s truly a living legend and we as viewers are blessed to have him at our era!!! Thank you god 🙏.. but I feel he should also do some sound check like sound system especially with these new age types of cars … just a thought 💭

  • Joel pierce
    Joel pierce Year ago

    Reminds me of my 93 Pontiac Bonneville 😉. Bean shaped. You can only do so much with a car. My issue with all new cars is that the dashboard is distracting. When you look at a screen your pupils dilate and your night vision is screwed. Jay, it let’s you cross the 2X yellow line.

  • Allan Sonac
    Allan Sonac Year ago

    Actually the designer failed to mention that there's a camera in the front that detects eye movement and if it senses that you're too distracted from the 3rd screen the car will warn you then turn off the 3rd screen.There's an ambiant light feature along with the zen mood mode that combines a scent pod that combines smells and lighting also available on the S class. If you guys and gals think this car is cool wait until you see the BMW Vision i Circular. That car's infotainment system is in another league completely.

  • Jim Golden
    Jim Golden 5 months ago

    I'm an aerospace engineer and an aerodymanicist.....I really like this car. Tell the stylists to take a hike. They are know-nothing graphic designers. This is actually functional and beautiful in how it works. 0.20 is phenomenal! My favorite car of all time is the 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona. It has a coefficient of drag of 0.28 (the standard Charger was 0.40) and was the first car to do over 200mph on a closed course. I'm building one with a Hellcat Redeye. See you at Bonneville. Aerodynamics work! This might not have a HEMI, but it still works. They actually have a similar, smaller, C class that has a 600 mile range. I might buy one.

  • Craig Ewart
    Craig Ewart 10 months ago

    Hello mr. Jay that's a beautiful car Mercedes-Benz design for me what I like about this car is the technology that it comes with which means that I love the interior the design of the exterior is wonderful but like I said I love the interior hey my name is Craig and I'm from Jamaica I am upcoming car designer and I have a couple of design that I would love to show to the world this is my dream and I don't want my dreams to go to waste I used to work at a carwash called Highway Escape that is where I was inspired by two cars Lexus GS 350 or 300 and a BMW 335i those two cars inspired me to come up with a design that I have right now I was inspired by the Lexus interior and I was inspired by the BMW exterior so mr. Jay I don't know if you could help me get in touch with Mercedes-Benz car manufacturer I would love to show off my design I try to come up with ideas and designs that I've never seen before I don't know if it's in the Macon I don't know if it's out there but the thing is I've never seen it before I just want to get my ideas and design out there before anyone else does so I was wondering if you could help me Make My Dreams become a reality please and thank you.😊🙏

  • Kris Masuch
    Kris Masuch Year ago

    15:10 never seen jay back pedal so fast in my life love it he is like ahhh it broke my arm errrr uhhh I mean it would never lololol

    • Kris Masuch
      Kris Masuch Year ago

      That moment when you forget your talking to the head design guy from Mercedes 😂

  • Brawn Benson
    Brawn Benson Year ago +2

    From the A pillar I see Chevy Volt\Opel Ampera
    I think Mercedes threw everything thing they could to trump Tesla, most of it is overkill and excessive.
    I wonder if this EQS will end their practice of their cars failing and breaking down after the warranty ends?

  • P. Lo
    P. Lo Year ago

    Does it have that lane keeping assist cause Jay was all over the place 😂