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Cowboys Fans During the 49ers Game

  • Published on Jan 16, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • How Cowboys Fans Reacted to the 49ers Game
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    Cowboys Fans During the 49ers Game Credits:
    Directed & Written by: ScooterMagruder
    Additional Shots by: SalmonsDontDie
    Edited by: BruceDesignHU, ScooterMagruder
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  • ScooterMagruder
    ScooterMagruder  Year ago +1715

    Why did the Cowboys lose?

    • Carlos
      Carlos Year ago +203

      wasn't even greg's fault this time :(

    • BilbusBungledore
      BilbusBungledore Year ago +376

      Dak and zeke aren't very good. Poor coaching. The usual.

    • Angel Aquino
      Angel Aquino Year ago +315

      Dak is overrated and only does well against crappy teams

    • gooseman5891
      gooseman5891 Year ago +70

      The offense playing with no confidence, pollard on the sideline most of the game, hardly any tight-end passes. I dunno man, it just sux!! 😔

    • Shawn Heidingsfelder
      Shawn Heidingsfelder Year ago +38

      @BilbusBungledore Zeke was playing with a tear in a knee the last two months, and he can only do so much if the line is having trouble run-blocking for him.

  • Jesse
    Jesse Year ago +3956

    "We can't lose this game, I talked too much trash." Oh, how we all can relate to that statement.

    • Ultra KazeKage
      Ultra KazeKage Year ago +48


    • DYM Rain in Spain
      DYM Rain in Spain Year ago +47

      When we do make the playoffs, we have been one and done since 1996.

    • Brad F
      Brad F Year ago +56

      This needs to become like the official motto of all Cowboys fans.

    • Jesse Golding
      Jesse Golding Year ago +8

      My fellow name brother. 🤣. I can relate.

    • PopularNobody
      PopularNobody Year ago +32

      When the Jags have won more playoff games than you since they've became a franchise you would think you would calm down

  • glugunner
    glugunner Year ago +1014

    Being a Cowboys fan born after 96 is like hearing great stories about a local town legend all your life but when you meet them they’re a drunk, washed up shell of their former self.

    • DIGITAL7 Media
      DIGITAL7 Media Year ago +63

      Dude...that was spot on and hilarious.

    • Nick Wallace
      Nick Wallace Year ago +17

      Fucking, this!

    • Shadow7209
      Shadow7209 Year ago +15

      eh, sure no super bowls but Romo was close to being able to get to a super bowl, his issue was that as good as he was, he was constantly hurt because of a trash o-line

    • Jacob Heileson
      Jacob Heileson Year ago +8

      I........this is exactly what it's like...

    • channing bloom
      channing bloom Year ago +3


  • DurT
    DurT Year ago +189

    Being a Cowboys fan is a rollercoaster of emotions and this video perfectly conveys our overall experience rooting for them

    • James That Guy
      James That Guy Year ago +4

      Agreed! I'm a Cowboy fan and I spend a butt-load of money on Pepto every football season.

    • Luis Felipe
      Luis Felipe Year ago +3

      True, you start down, and, no matter how high you go, you end up down where you started.

  • Jason Weed
    Jason Weed 4 months ago +12

    I came back to watch this again after last night's game and the slew of videos that came out today. Still entertaining.
    Go Niners!

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne Year ago +216

    The fact that this man can make an entire channel about the frustration felt as a cowboys fan speaks volumes about how much of a headache we suffer through EVERY year. Lol 🤣🤣🤦‍♂️☠️

    • Tamiko Turner
      Tamiko Turner Year ago +6

      man try being a raiders fan lol this shit is stressful to

    • Beastly 28
      Beastly 28 Year ago +4

      @Tamiko Turner was just about to say that raider nation baby

    • Chad Haywood
      Chad Haywood Year ago +6

      If he would have ended the video with its always next year and not I'm done it would have been priceless lol

  • robert redmon
    robert redmon Year ago +130

    I am a transplanted Panther fan from NC living in San Antonio. I work around some die hard cowboy fans who talked endless crap all season constantly every conference call they shouted "lets go cowboys" to end the meetings. Loved getting on the conference call following this game all you heard were crickets and a few of them even ducked the meeting so they didn't have to deal with people asking them about another cowboys playoff loss. It was glorious.

    • OzzieCarwashes
      OzzieCarwashes Year ago +7

      You should have hosted the conference call and used Jimmy Johnson's phrase "How bout them Cowboys!" as the intro!

    • Chibi Romano
      Chibi Romano Year ago +6

      As a 9er fan, living Dallas i'm sort of feeling sorry for them. How much more can they take. You should have been here the day after Philly beat NE in the Superbowl.. A rock bottom moment to be a Cowboy fan , it was like the ultimate ultimttum , which way do you want to go out .. a quick one to head or a slow burn. Do you want Patriots to tie you with 5 rings or Philly to get their ring and forever talk shi* until you win one lol. And the funny part is that they get their hopes up high the next year thinking it will be their year ever year with such a mediocre roster and Qb.
      2nd best moment was the Tony Romo fumble against SEA, this might take it's place if not 3rd.
      As long as Dak is there , enjoy it . Once he's gone and they get a good QB , we may bite our words.... .. Nah !

  • Jay Lewis
    Jay Lewis Year ago +4397

    Just be happy that your team didn't lose to the Jags with a playoff berth on the line

    • Timmy boy
      Timmy boy Year ago +319

      Your team still have waaaaaaaaaay more playoff wins than the DaLLas Cowboys in the last 25 years.

    • a_collection_of_cells
      a_collection_of_cells Year ago +155

      I don't care. the fashion in which the Dallas Cowboys loss is way worse than that 😂

    • Remy Lucai
      Remy Lucai Year ago +66

      That Cowboys lost was worst.

    • James Catoe
      James Catoe Year ago +37

      It could be worse, at least matt rhule isn’t your head coach

    • Mad Man
      Mad Man Year ago +11

      Still have more pkayoff wins than we do

  • Natalia Escobedo
    Natalia Escobedo Year ago +132

    As an eagles fan, this game stopped me from having full on depression.

    • Duncan Wright
      Duncan Wright Year ago +8

      It made me happy to.try Philly 500 ' Dallas epic choke ' too.thats good too. Fly Eagles fly

    • natedeanmaan61
      natedeanmaan61 Year ago +1

      It gave me a good laugh, but then I remembered that we still have a shitty excuse for a quarterback under center

    • Renaldy Calixte
      Renaldy Calixte 7 months ago

      @natedeanmaan61 This aged poorly. Jalen Hurts is playing at an MVP level.

    • natedeanmaan61
      natedeanmaan61 4 months ago +1

      @Renaldy Calixte And I'm glad he proved me wrong. The 49ers are next. 1 more before the big game

  • Jason H
    Jason H Year ago +40

    As an Eagles fan, I’m on my 10th watch of this. Never heard Scoot's voice go THAT hard on the words "clocked ball”. 😂😂😂

    • Colleen Ross
      Colleen Ross 10 months ago +1

      What's a clocked ball?

    • natedeanmaan61
      natedeanmaan61 4 months ago +1

      @Colleen Ross spiking the football in order to stop the clock

  • Raahim Khan
    Raahim Khan 4 months ago +11

    Watching this right after the 49ers beat the cowboys again in 2023

  • tony edwards
    tony edwards Year ago +139

    "We can't lose, I talk too much trash for this."--Every. SINGLE. Cowboys fan in the DC/Metro area!

  • Michael Gonsalves
    Michael Gonsalves Year ago +64

    As a packer fan, it makes my heart happy knowing Jerry hired him and Dallas fans can experience what we have felt for over a decade :)

    • Cash me outside
      Cash me outside Year ago +1

      I said the same thing! I had a flashback watching that game!!

    • Jacob Heileson
      Jacob Heileson Year ago +1

      .......This is why I hate them both. It was a mistake from the beginning.

    • Laurence Rankin
      Laurence Rankin Year ago +5

      Didn't agw well my boy

    • callmecatalyst
      callmecatalyst Year ago +2

      How you doing right now though? :D

    • Michael Gonsalves
      Michael Gonsalves Year ago +4

      @callmecatalyst im doing just fine. Still better then Mike Mccarthy LMFAO

  • Maxwell Stock
    Maxwell Stock Year ago +853

    My favorite part was when he said "nobody talk to me for 24 hours", knowing that Tom Grossi called him immediately after

    • David Galinat
      David Galinat Year ago +30

      Probably was Perna, because he said "you guys suck too."

    • Jesus Flores
      Jesus Flores Year ago +18

      @David Galinat no grossi called him on his live stream

    • Abel C
      Abel C Year ago +3

      @Jesus Flores it was hypothetically speaking 🤦‍♂️

    • Felipe Yoshio Cordeiro de Souza
      Felipe Yoshio Cordeiro de Souza Year ago +4

      Tree did too, with swearing and all

    • Billy Grc TV
      Billy Grc TV Year ago +6

      He was big mad when Tom called him 🤣

  • SelectaJ316
    SelectaJ316 Year ago +78

    As a Giants Fan. The Cowboys bring me joy every year as they are always the Super Bowl Champs in July but are one and done in the playoffs every year. This year was just extra joy with no wins.

    • PhillyWest
      PhillyWest Year ago +6

      I wholeheartedly endorse this statement.

    • Darknight Emperor81
      Darknight Emperor81 Year ago +3

      Same here been a Giants fan since I was a kid and I love it when the Cowboys lose in the playoffs

    • Rodney Turner
      Rodney Turner Year ago +4

      Washington fan and DC native here. Totally agree. It warms my heart to see Dallas self destruct. The NFC East is a total mess across the board.

  • Dragondad
    Dragondad Year ago +33

    I can’t stop laughing 😂 😂😂 Then reality hits me that I’m a Browns fan… 😳🥺😢

    • Gaurav Agochiya
      Gaurav Agochiya 6 months ago

      But at least we won a playoff game before the Cowboys did

  • Karen Durham
    Karen Durham Year ago +19

    I feel your pain. I've been a fan since the Tom Landry days & I've never felt this way after a playoff loss. I have no hope for a different outcome in the years to come.

  • Daryl Henry
    Daryl Henry Year ago +5

    As a 49ers fan, this video brought me so much joy

  • CP SIG
    CP SIG Year ago +31

    As a die-hard 'Skins fan, I never thought I'd have so much understanding for a Cowboys fan. I feel ya Bro.

    • callmecatalyst
      callmecatalyst Year ago +10

      Illegal use of empathy on a Division Opponent.

  • Carlton Saves
    Carlton Saves Year ago +239

    Greg didn't even have the chance to disappoint us. The rest of the team did it for him

    • Brendan
      Brendan Year ago +1

      Lol true

    • folumb
      folumb 3 months ago

      You're gonna laugh so hard at what happens next year

  • Matt Whit
    Matt Whit Year ago +35

    “We can’t lose I talked too much trash for this” we have all felt that at some point in our lives

  • DavidPrime21 g
    DavidPrime21 g Year ago +6

    “ DID WE…JUST END THE GAME….ON A CLOCKED BALL!?!?!?!? “….😂😂😂😂 I luv his yell

  • Doc's Watch Box
    Doc's Watch Box Year ago +7

    As a 49ers fan, this was PERFECT! * Chef’s Kiss * 🤣🤣🤣 Thank you!

  • Azurejake
    Azurejake Year ago +3

    ''Jerry Jones you don't remember the last time you were this disappointed? I remember last season....EVERY SEASON'' 😂😂😂

  • Daily Dad
    Daily Dad Year ago +22

    *Fast forward to the start of next season*
    Cowboys fans: "THIS WILL BE OUR YEAR!"

    • Jacob Heileson
      Jacob Heileson Year ago +3

      In one of my comments, I almost said "There's always next year"...then came back to reality lol

  • Steven Farmer
    Steven Farmer Year ago +331

    As a 49ers fan I had about 3 heart attacks in the final 5 minutes alone…great video, made me laugh

    • Maxwell McArthur
      Maxwell McArthur Year ago +15

      Yeah lost about 4 years of my life in those last 5 minutes

    • Jerry Lodman
      Jerry Lodman Year ago +8

      Yeah you and me both. Every time the ball went into the air I started cringing.

    • John Smith
      John Smith Year ago +14

      Jimmy G wanted to gift wrap that game and give it to the Cowboys. I don't know if the coach can trust him to throw the ball.

    • Mysterious J
      Mysterious J Year ago +4

      Man I really thought y'all were gonna give it away. Glad you didn't tho lol

    • Kris Prowler
      Kris Prowler Year ago +23

      As a 49er fan, I take back everything I've said about this being a wasted season. Sure we may be openly trying to hand opponents victories with disturbing regularity but we have given the league the gift of INFINITE Cowboys salt. And that, Faithful, is truly priceless.

  • Jshap
    Jshap Year ago +22

    “Why do I give so much time of my life for this?” That one hit hard as a packers fan who watches his team close to February every year and never sees his team win

    • Eric Sinopoli
      Eric Sinopoli Year ago +1

      As a Saints fan, 2010-2020 had a lot of heartbreaking playoff losses. I just feel numb to it at this point

    • David Murray
      David Murray Year ago +2

      As I've told my Packer fan friends, you can't play the Bears in every game.

  • Jean Ward
    Jean Ward Year ago +4

    😂😂😂😂 I love his melt down!! Exactly how we ALL felt!!

  • Freddy Lubin
    Freddy Lubin Year ago +4

    Thank you Cowboys, for making this an easier ending to the season, for an Eagles fan.

  • Renzo S
    Renzo S Year ago +4

    Scooter is on another level with the comedy....😂😂😂💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Ray Capetillo
    Ray Capetillo Year ago +4

    As a Washington fan, i can relate to pain of disappointment year after year. Only thing that made it feel a little ok was Eagles and Dallas losing same week :) Know what? we shall see y ou next year for more of the same! Love the videos man. Keep your chin up. At least Dallas has talent.

  • TTG Gaming
    TTG Gaming Year ago +396

    That quiet, dejected, defeated, exhausted "I'm done" at the end is what finally got me to laugh
    One day Scooter, one day the Cowboys might win a playoff game

    • peg wolfe
      peg wolfe Year ago +9


    • Someone
      Someone Year ago +18

      Oh man that’s funny. Best joke so far this year.

    • B Gray
      B Gray Year ago +9

      That part was the most realistic part of being a cowboys fan. Every season they look good, they end it just like this. It’s the same empty feeling every year bro

    • salamander337
      salamander337 Year ago +2

      As long as Jerry Jones still running the Cowboys with the same Jason Garrett system (that only generate stats) they've been running even with Mike McCarthy, them Cowboys will always be one and done. Lol!

  • Joseph Basler
    Joseph Basler Year ago +4

    As a 9ers fan I love the Cowboys tears!

  • Brian Hum
    Brian Hum Year ago +40

    Was fun to watch the Cowboys choke again; whole NFC North knows McCarthy’s one of the worst coaches in the league and this team being about as disciplined as Bishop Sycamore is a direct reflection of that.
    Jerry will never hire a strong enough coach because he still wants to run the team.

    • M.C.Martin
      M.C.Martin Year ago +1

      Jerry is hell bent on proving to the NFL that it was him and not Jimmy Johnson. He hasn’t won anything sense

    • Jessica Roth
      Jessica Roth Year ago

      @M.C.Martin Not QUITE true; Switzer won a Super Bowl.
      But since then…

    • Renaldy Calixte
      Renaldy Calixte 7 months ago

      @Jessica Roth Switzer won with Jimmy Johnson's players. And once those players got old, Switzer and Jerry Jones got exposed as being overrated.

  • Amen_ Ra
    Amen_ Ra Year ago +4

    Any time Jerry Jones and Co. take one on the chin I'm happy. This video ran through a laundry list of emotions. I was dying 🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  • Sleep Sound
    Sleep Sound Year ago +12

    As an Eagles fan, I wish we had a ScooterMagruder. Seems like it would make the losses more enjoyable somehow

    • Cooped Whitson
      Cooped Whitson 11 months ago

      At least y’all have a recent super bowl

  • America_113
    America_113 Year ago +7

    I'm a niners fan and that ending in the last 8 minutes had me on the edge of my seat. But in the end we got the dub

  • Chess RedEagle
    Chess RedEagle Year ago +1149

    Everyone: "I feel like Zuerlein is gonna cost us this game with missed kicks.
    Ends up being the only player to play well. Go figure.

    • Brendan
      Brendan Year ago +21

      Lol this is so true

    • lilneeq
      lilneeq Year ago +39

      Zuerlein, was the only one that understood the assignment.[
      So much talent, but nothing to show for it....We might as well, have finished 6-12.

    • Avery P.
      Avery P. Year ago +8

      I honestly think that in off season greg the leg is going to prove himself. He'll be back next year.

    • Uncle_Tones
      Uncle_Tones Year ago +21

      Don’t forget the punter, that was a great pass

    • James Goss
      James Goss Year ago +6

      Schultz was pretty clutch

  • Sokar
    Sokar Year ago +3

    This game made my heart so full 🦅

  • Douglas Jarnagan
    Douglas Jarnagan Year ago +5

    5:27 You can't invest too much into the Cowboys. Jerrah built the team to make waves in the regular season. I couldn't get excited at all this year because I have seen this ending too many times.

  • Christopher Wood
    Christopher Wood Year ago +3

    LMAO...this is me at some point every single year as a Chiefs fan.

    • Colleen Ross
      Colleen Ross Year ago +1

      Not this year, congrats from a Bills fan

  • Dad O twins plus 1
    Dad O twins plus 1 Year ago +5

    “Don’t talk to me for 24 hours!”
    The accuracy 😂

  • LolboyH8er66
    LolboyH8er66 Year ago +8

    4:42 MY FAVORITE PART!!!!

  • FherKa19
    FherKa19 Year ago +541

    As an Eagles fan I literally spat my water out as soon as he said:
    “Is this how Eagles fans felt earlier? Cause this is getting ridiculous!” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣.
    Bruh. Im still dying! Bahaahahaha

    • Ish Aguirre
      Ish Aguirre Year ago +1


    • Sneersh
      Sneersh Year ago +26

      Eagles fan too, difference is that we weren't even supposed to go anywhere this year so making the playoffs is an achievement in and of itself. The cowboys on the other hand were hyped up to be a real contender, extremely overrated. Rather be an eagles fan who's happy they got that far and hopeful for the future than a cowboys fan who's dreams were crushed by lack of discipline and terrible management, dallas does not have a bright future ahead of them

    • Lorenzo Von Matterhorn
      Lorenzo Von Matterhorn Year ago

      The eagles game should had been shut off. Rape should not be on TV. Millions of kids saw that.

    • FherKa19
      FherKa19 Year ago +4

      @Lorenzo Von Matterhorn ok relax now. We were sitting 17 of our starters. Yeah you guys scored 51 but we still hung 26 on the Girls. Should’ve been an indication of what was coming against the 49ers! 😂🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  • Pete K
    Pete K Year ago +1

    I am a Bills fan....not a Cowboys fan, but I can so so relate. Plus, your videos are put together so well, I love it.

  • Theresa Sundwall
    Theresa Sundwall Year ago

    🤣🤣🤣 Thank You for sharing this!!! My DD & I were totally there too... Half those lines, we were Sooo there too! All the way down to those last seconds. We've seen them come back at the end... We had hope all the way till the end. 💔💙🏈 Maybe next yr.

  • Anthony J. Sloan
    Anthony J. Sloan Year ago +2

    Absolutely brilliant. Helps us to experience an accurate description of tragic ride of a winner that loves to lose.
    A true modern tale of twisted fate.
    Sorry boys.

  • a_collection_of_cells

    Kudos to all Dallas Cowboys fans. First time in a long time after the Dallas Cowboys suffered an embarrassing, we didn't hear a single Dallas Cowboys fans mention. "You know we're going to the Super Bowl next year right?"

  • lanceuppercut88
    lanceuppercut88 Year ago +22

    “We can’t lose this game, I talked too much trash” 😂

  • WisconsinKnight
    WisconsinKnight Year ago +357

    Yep, as a Packers fan, that was definitely a McCarthy coached playoff game

    • peg wolfe
      peg wolfe Year ago +34

      We warned them, and they SIMPLY DIDN'T LISTEN. We all did what we could! #SMDH

    • Rigger49er
      Rigger49er Year ago +18

      Niners coming for the packers chains and souls Next!!! I know you hear the squeaking beach cruiser getting closer!!!

    • John McKittrick
      John McKittrick Year ago +17

      @Rigger49er Not winning in Lambeau, sorry.

    • BURGERgio
      BURGERgio Year ago +14

      @John McKittrick all good, Niners always play the underdog role. We have a chance if Jimmy doesn’t Jimmy.

    • Srg Da god
      Srg Da god Year ago +8

      Bro Aaron Rodgers was winning all those games making nfc championships with an anchor that was maccarthy, maccarthy in the game against Seattle was one of the worst coaching performances, Brady is great but Rodgers from 2010-2015 is the greatest qb I’ve ever seen it’s really a shame McCarthy was the coach , I’m no packer fan by the way

  • LaVerne Ziegenfuss
    LaVerne Ziegenfuss 4 months ago +2

    Omg… I’m dying here. Eagles fan falling down laughing. You could replay this for this year’s playoff! Sorry Scooter but not sorry.😂

  • OATmeal Oscar
    OATmeal Oscar Year ago +11

    Says alot about the NFL in general

  • Actual Factual
    Actual Factual Year ago +6

    I'm never one to kick a man when he's down but his rant was everything 😂😂😂 damn scooter you was bout to cuss mom out l....just made my day wit that one💯

  • Tim Jessell
    Tim Jessell Year ago +4

    Scooter nails it to the bitter end. Come for the humor, feel the pathos, and stay for the ending rant - boy, does he speak for Cowboy Nation.... the laptop closes...

  • Friend Me
    Friend Me 4 months ago +1

    Overall it was a great year...hopefully the team improves for next year.

  • VØID776
    VØID776 Year ago +231

    “WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!!”
    “sry mom..”
    Best line of the video😂

  • Oscar Rdz
    Oscar Rdz Year ago +1

    Your content is hilarious bro I'm a huge cowboys fan and I can honestly say this was half my family and friends that day 😂 keep up the good and stay blessed you and your loved ones 🙏

  • LeGoogle Chrome
    LeGoogle Chrome Year ago

    Glad I'm not the only one that gets too emotionally invested in football games 😅 I always try to prepare myself everytime Jimmy G throws the ball and pray it's not an interception or a shitty incomplete pass

  • Ethan Leach
    Ethan Leach Year ago +17

    “Packers fans were right about McCarthy!” Now you see how frustrating it was for us watching him waste Rodgers’ talent all those years.

    • MC
      MC Year ago +3

      Ummm what's Rodgers done since in the playoffs. Yesterday he got bored out the playoffs.

  • Smitty Smiff
    Smitty Smiff Year ago

    Jesus the amount of energy output by this one man can power an entire city, and he is hilarious...... Salute!

  • Veldren Savoth
    Veldren Savoth Year ago +4

    “Why do I give them so much time of my life” I felt that

  • Brian M
    Brian M Year ago +777

    The Cowboys have 4 playoff wins since 95. (4-11) In that same period Pittsburgh has 17, New England has 33, Green Bay has 19 Seattle has 14, Philly has 14, NYG have 10, Jacksonville has 7, and Carolina has 9 just to name a few. The only teams with less playoff wins since 1995 is Detroit, Washington, Buffalo (currently at 3, but could tie with a win this week), Miami, Cincy, Cleveland, and Chicago. That's pathetic.

    • Jakob Fury
      Jakob Fury Year ago +21

      Thank you for this

    • Quentin Campbell
      Quentin Campbell Year ago +28

      Hey,good for Buffalo for really turning the corner and becoming a playoff power. Even Cincy looks like a strong young team.

    • Isaac Torres
      Isaac Torres Year ago +6

      Unless you win the SB. Playoff wins mean nothing

    • Quentin Campbell
      Quentin Campbell Year ago +30

      @Isaac Torres well,none of it really matters since it's sports entertainment. National Fixed League, National Hoax League, National Bribery Association and Money League Ball. Nobody really loses because they still get paid. Just watch it for what it is, sports entertainment.

    • The Godfather 3000
      The Godfather 3000 Year ago +3

      Don't forget the saints has more too lol

  • Robert Acosta
    Robert Acosta Year ago +3

    Literally said everything you said this whole video while I was watching the game lol being a cowboys fan is tough as hell man and everyone makes it heard asf when we lose

  • Daniel Leon
    Daniel Leon Year ago +3

    As an Eagles fan, we have officially made the decision to save a spot on the couch for Cowboys fans. As long as there isnt TOO much fighting (if there is theres gotta be a good reason), we will allow you to have this seat next to us. After all, misery loves company.

    • Traffic Tech...
      Traffic Tech... Year ago

      Both teams loss, in the playoffs not seen since Cowboys vs Green Bay packers, and Eagles vs Saints back in 2016-2017Postseason. Lol

  • Ken Searle
    Ken Searle Year ago

    Penalties and time management were an issue throughout the season, giving the other team extra chances. In a playoff game, those kinds of mistakes are the difference between being one of the best teams and being out after 1 game. Disciple and preparation can fix those 2 issues if they acknowledge that was their weakness and work on it. (Cowboys fan)

  • FoodIsLife
    FoodIsLife Year ago +3

    I know exactly how you feel bro. I'm a Seahawks fan and we go through this one and done thing every single year for thr past 5 years except this year we missed the playoff. 😢 Go Hawks!

    • Ryan Blanche
      Ryan Blanche Year ago +2

      I feel that after that Patriots game, the team was never the same

    • FoodIsLife
      FoodIsLife Year ago +1

      @Ryan Blanche yea. I think the LOB got dismantled and got old and after they all left especially Thomas we were done with our D.

  • 546people
    546people Year ago +1

    A bunch of these videos have been great. This is my favorite because I feel like we got more of a play by play.

  • Kyle Brister
    Kyle Brister Year ago +222

    This may be the funniest most accurate comedic piece in sports history.

  • Benny Smith
    Benny Smith Year ago

    As a Life long Cowboys fan you are spot on😂

  • Greer Childs
    Greer Childs Year ago

    As a Giants fan.../ now I can enjoy the playoffs...😎👑

  • WneShot__305
    WneShot__305 Year ago +1

    “This is just gettin absurd. Did we run the hook and lateral”. 🐐 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Gregory was so frustrated he tackled a guy blocking him, if only he and the others could tackle Deebo like that they would be advancing instead.

  • CalCalCal6996
    CalCalCal6996 Year ago +1

    As an Eagles fan, at least the Cowboys gave us something to cheer for.

  • CoolBowser
    CoolBowser Year ago +692

    As a wise man said: "Remember when in spider man the clock tower collapsed. Still better clock management than Mike McCarthy."

    • Carter Gibb
      Carter Gibb Year ago +37

      Tom Grossi?

    • Jade Imingan
      Jade Imingan Year ago +14

      @Carter Gibb Yeah

    • Someone
      Someone Year ago +5


    • John Smith
      John Smith Year ago +4

      "Remember what a great QB looks like? It ain't Garbage Dak."

    • L.M Moss
      L.M Moss Year ago +2

      @John Smith ofc you only blame Dak when he didn't do anything that cost the game until the last seconds
      If ya want to blame somebody it's Connor and McCarthy stop putting blame on the qb

  • 3dartxsi
    3dartxsi 4 months ago +4

    I was like halfway through this video before realizing that this was the reaction video for last year's game. Time is a flat circle.

  • Steve G
    Steve G Year ago

    I'm not a Cowboys fans, but I was saying the same stuff at the TV...very funny, now I know why my wife gives me the crossed eyed look during the games.

  • Uncreative
    Uncreative Year ago +1

    As a 49ers fan, I was waiting for this. :)
    Jokes aside, I'm a huge fan of you, Scooter.

  • Anita Williams
    Anita Williams Year ago

    They ran the score up on the Eagles secondary to keep the momentum going. So as an Eagles fan this brought me the ultimate satisfaction!

  • Silvuh
    Silvuh Year ago

    MCcarthy and the penalties took us out of this game. I can't believe this dude is gonna be our coach for the next ten years or until jerry passes.

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski Year ago +216

    The worst part of the game was seeing Gould consistently hit 50+ yarders. Must be nice…

    • peg wolfe
      peg wolfe Year ago +24

      I still can't figure out why the Bears ever let him go. One crappy GM's trash is the 49er's treasure!

    • Individualismincarnate
      Individualismincarnate Year ago +16

      And thank God for it. Good as Gould for a reason!

    • David Ranney
      David Ranney Year ago +12

      He had the yips for a few games, but he obviously got over them.

    • Elias Gonzalez
      Elias Gonzalez Year ago +10

      Kind of strange to see him attempt those, he generally goes for under 50 yard kicks, also he missed some in regular season but I’m glad he didn’t now, we need him like that

    • Doug Sky Le
      Doug Sky Le Year ago +4

      @peg wolfe yep remember when we got David Akers from the Eagles and he had a career year!

  • James Rawlins
    James Rawlins Year ago

    I know there were a lot of factors for why the Cowboys lost - including some poor coaching decisions and let downs by everyone - but the biggest reason for me was the very poor Offensive Line play. 49ers D had their way and took Dak out of his game too many times.

  • Dirty Money Media
    Dirty Money Media Year ago +3

    Every emotion I had during the game was exemplified in this video. See ya next year bro… probably for more disappointments at the end

  • Achilles94
    Achilles94 8 months ago

    As a 49er fan that's been once since I was very young.. that was very happy that the 49ers didn't win the game but it's so much better for beating a old rival... But I was really nervous at the very end.. but maybe this will start a brand new rival with the cowboys.. now I grew up in the 90s and I will always say that the '90s will be the last great decade and one of the reasons was because football.. and I remember how Dallas cowboys ran over the San Francisco 49ers twice in the NFC championship and just ripped my heart out as a 49er fan and I truly hated the cowboys very much even though I had a respect them and the 49ers finally got back at them at the 94 NFL championship... During that particular time especially in the early 90s that's was football at its best for that generation... People like rest in peace John Madden said that whoever wins the NFC championship when the super bowl and that was the main event.... But I would love to see a rival renewed between the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas cowboys... But every time I hear about the Dallas cowboys especially watch the NFL Fox post game where Jimmy Johnson who was the head coach for those Dallas cowboys who won the super bowl 3 out of 4 years left the Dallas cowboys and it was due that the fact that Jerry Jones didn't get along with Jimmy Johnson.. it was said that Jerry Jones wanted some credits and please don't get me wrong Jerry Jones is it a good owner he's probably better than most owners but I think that was his biggest mistake and I would have to say that if Jimmy Johnson what it stays with the Dallas cowboys that they would have won two more super bowls... I think Jimmy Johnson is one of the best coaches and just to think that at that particular time that Eddie tomorrow was thinking of hiring Jimmie Johnson who was coaching in college with the Miami hurricanes... If Jimmy Johnson would have been the head coach for the San Francisco 49ers we would also have two more super bowl rings

  • TheAlmightyPUH T.A.P.

    I cannot tell you the amount of joy I felt going onto social media after the game and just saying “HOW BOUT DEM COYBOYS” to salty Cowboy fans after the amount of shit they talked all year. They can dish it but sure can’t take it. 🤣

  • Jeannie Glickson
    Jeannie Glickson Year ago +2

    Bears fan here, and I can totally relate. This captures the ups and downs of being a fan.No one contact me for the next 48 hours!

  • Omar Q
    Omar Q Year ago +177

    “DID WE JUST END THE GAME ON A CLOCKED BALL????!!!!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • natedeanmaan61
      natedeanmaan61 Year ago +11

      A great man once said, "What can go wrong, will go wrong," and this is a new way of losing that makes this all the funnier.

    • wuamiller
      wuamiller Year ago +7

      Nobody finds new and creative ways to lose games like the Dallas Cowboys. Not even the Chargers.

    • Sheltered K
      Sheltered K Year ago +1


    • natedeanmaan61
      natedeanmaan61 Year ago +1

      @Sheltered K 4:41
      The disbelief before the anger was all the funnier

  • joseph mckenzie
    joseph mckenzie Year ago +2

    Life long Cowboys fan and grew up in Dallas. Before game I texted my Dad "24-13 Niners, Dak struggles and too many penalties". The only thing I got wrong was five points. SMH.

  • mswillowglen
    mswillowglen Year ago

    Great performance by You! I saw those plays in my minds eye as I went through the emotional rollercaster with you.

  • Mikedaprez
    Mikedaprez Year ago +1

    The tears of pain from cowgirls sustains me at this point

  • Rafael Thomas
    Rafael Thomas Year ago +8

    This was both hilarious and sad to me. As a NJ Giants fan I love to see the "Dem Boys" lose in such specular fashion, however as a NJG fan at least the Cowboys actually made it to A wildcard game can't say that about "Big Blue" balls who only made it to one wildcard game in 2016 and missed every playoff game since their 2011 SB win.😒
    Still funny AF tho🤣🤣🤣😉

    • Glenn Welsh
      Glenn Welsh Year ago +1

      Yeah, us Giants fans haven't had much to cheer about for several years now. But I don't wanna see any other NFC East team win it, and especially not the Cowboys because their fans are some of the most obnoxiously arrogant fans in the league. They insist "this year is our year" *every year* despite winning only 4 playoff games in 26 years and not once getting past the divisional round in that time. They're still living off the glory days of Troy Aikman and Emmett Smith, eternally convinced that they're on the brink of yet another dynasty. So at least I can get some satisfaction from watching both the Cowboys and Eagles get booted from the playoffs on the same day.

    • B Harris
      B Harris Year ago

      @Glenn Welsh He's not a Giants fan.....however?!? There is no however with Dallas, and I'm a skins/WFT/???? fan !

    • Nostalgicc
      Nostalgicc Year ago

      @Glenn Welsh Obnoxious because we are loyal and we have faith in our team? lmfao

  • GMC Jimmy
    GMC Jimmy Year ago +1

    I'm a Niners fan so I know how you feel, I've been a fan since 1980 so I've been through the Montana / Young years so the past couple of decades I know exactly how you feel usually it's SF that's going out early. Sorry for your loss.

  • kickerpunter
    kickerpunter Year ago +348

    The most ironic part of the whole game was that Zerlein didn't miss any kicks.

    • Lil Lagahnavich
      Lil Lagahnavich Year ago

      Ayoo 😭😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    • NITRO !
      NITRO ! Year ago


    • Vision
      Vision Year ago +8

      Zerlein probably roasted the crap out of everybody in the locker room

    • V V
      V V Year ago

      Your name is kickerpunter and you still can't spell Zuerlein

  • Celtics 4Life
    Celtics 4Life 9 months ago

    As a Patriots fan, after witnessing that horrible Wild Card game, Cowboys fans tears are quite comforting.

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis Year ago +1

    I love how the Eagles fan calls to talk trash, despite losing earlier in the day. That's exactly how we felt in Philly.

    • KingBrutus
      KingBrutus Year ago

      We wearnt a "superbowl contender" though we wearnt even supposed to be in the playoffs

  • Pebbles Ramirez
    Pebbles Ramirez Year ago

    💚🦅💚Love my EAGLES…😂You had me dying!! 😂

  • Sun RA
    Sun RA Year ago +1

    Damn, even I felt his pain...

  • Spinner17
    Spinner17 Year ago

    My Dad has been a Cowboys fan his whole life so he’s used to the Cowboys disappointed him 😔 But he stopped watching the game at halftime I think since they did so good earlier this season he had hope.

  • John Caruso
    John Caruso Year ago +451

    Dude, as a diehard Cowboys fan from way back, this loss, and every other loss, kicked my ass. I have to say after watching this video and laughing my ass off, I actually feel better. Thanks. You should be in movies. Great stuff.

    • Wetcamerainc
      Wetcamerainc Year ago +2

      Yea literally threw away so much talent on foolish mistake after mistake

    • Ricky Tavilla
      Ricky Tavilla Year ago +1

      Dude I feel for you guys for real. Like seriously

    • Mcgriffin67
      Mcgriffin67 Year ago +5

      @Ricky Tavilla why? Don't feel sorry for them. No one tells them to go storming around shouting "How bout dem Cowboys!!!" They deserve every bit of disappointment they are experiencing.

    • SixFilthy
      SixFilthy Year ago +4

      @Mcgriffin67 I feel it, but real fans know we are cursed with bad management. They also know 'them boys' can't be trusted lol. That is just memes generalizing all cowboys fans as braindead bandwagons. I'll admit that we do have a lot of bogus fans, but don't believe the hype. We have been to the playoffs 4 times in the last 5 years, with 3 1st round Ls. I've had my fair share of humble pie. Bogus fans make it worse for us though lol!

    • Ricky Tavilla
      Ricky Tavilla Year ago

      @Mcgriffin67 Let’s put it this way I know what it’s like to have your team let you down. I suffered for years in Boston now we have won a ton. But I do know what it’s like to get your heartbroken by your team

  • David Murray
    David Murray 10 months ago

    It's what I tell my Packer fan friends, if you want a guaranteed win in the playoffs, just make sure you're playing the Bears in every playoff game. If you can manage that, it's a lead-pipe cinch your team will be victorious.

  • Reggie Novenario
    Reggie Novenario Year ago

    This really sounds legit.. not a cowboy fan, but I imagine 85% of cowboy fans feeling like this.😄