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Flexing Ford F150 Raptor


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  • Downtown Lens
    Downtown Lens Month ago +935

    The amount of strength that tree has is incredible.

    • HYT
      HYT Month ago


    • delgande
      delgande Month ago

      @ItsMeNala earthquake, rain, tornado, hurricane, volcano and people turn to straight bitches

    • ItsMeNala
      ItsMeNala Month ago

      @Damian Vlogs tell that to the trees that have gotten chopped down

    • Rakanishu
      Rakanishu Month ago +6

      it has a root good morning

    • Damian Vlogs
      Damian Vlogs Month ago +14

      Nature will always be stronger bro

  • Rayeon Lee
    Rayeon Lee Month ago +967

    The Raptor was supposed to be the main character, and the tree just unintentionally stole the show, effortlessly.

  • AHungryHunky
    AHungryHunky 29 days ago +6

    This guy: "Look what my truck can do! Ain't I cool?"
    The comments: "That tree is pretty beefy"

  • Joe Machuca
    Joe Machuca 29 days ago

    wtf, three wheel motion! Ford is amazing

  • David Leme
    David Leme Month ago +2

    Com essa peças que mais parecem ser feitas com lata de refrigerante de hoje em dia, a suspensão vai ficar uma beleza depois dessa força extra exercida!

  • mimp
    mimp Month ago +12484

    Tree: Doesn’t flinch, doesn’t move a branch, doesn’t get intimidated by a metal monster 500 times its weight, chad tree.

    • Boosted_ brody
      Boosted_ brody 10 hours ago

      There's a reason tree's cut vehicles in half on high impact and don't move one bit they are much heavier than they look

    • Gudok345
      Gudok345 23 hours ago

      ​@w c true

    • Gudok345
      Gudok345 23 hours ago

      Bro tried to rizz up that gigatree tree with that lightpaint headlight blipping but failed miserably

    • Ruel Santos
      Ruel Santos 2 days ago

      @Damon Lorenzon qqQ

    • Strip Talk Bandit
      Strip Talk Bandit 2 days ago

      Chad free? Wouldn’t that make it a chad

  • Great Pony
    Great Pony 15 days ago +203

    The Tree flexed
    Harder than the truck.

  • Кейсей Медхе

    Красавец, мощь

    MINHA VIDA MEU MUNDO 28 days ago

    É uma maquina e tanto muito top!🔥🔥🔥

  • Cleiton Cardoso
    Cleiton Cardoso 20 days ago +1

    Quando eu vc uma dessas já digo!!! Essa Sobe até em Paredes ... Mas em árvores foi a 1ª. Toppp

  • 2Saw_C
    2Saw_C Month ago +1531

    Tree: “I was chillin and out of nowhere this Truck just started climbing on me!”

  • J S
    J S 3 days ago

    We trialled a couple of these at work for our new work utes and 1 got a twisted chassis and the other just couldn't handle the harsh Aussie outback.
    This was all within 6 months old and less then 50000km.
    We still sticking with the trialled and trusted Toyota Landcruiser.

  • Kellen True
    Kellen True 14 days ago +77

    There’s no way that healthy ass tree is snapping over a few thousand pounds

    • Valentina Rosá
      Valentina Rosá 2 days ago

      The tree weighs more than the truck and yet its roots have held it for years

    • FreeRobuxDOTnet
      FreeRobuxDOTnet 11 days ago +1

      @moto dudes 5740 pounds not 7000

    • moto dudes
      moto dudes 11 days ago +1

      Try almost 7000 or more it's a fill size truck

  • James Garcia
    James Garcia 29 days ago

    I was dating a girl that offered to give me one of these......it was her ex husbands...she got it in the divorce and she said it had ben in her garage taking up space...only problem is....my wife DEFINATELY would have had some questions....

  • Camera man Sam
    Camera man Sam 15 hours ago +2

    If the 200 ho stands for 200hp then he must’ve downgraded that thing

  • TReXcuRRy
    TReXcuRRy Month ago +8853

    Most people won't realize the immense torque necessary to do this

    • dls951
      dls951 Day ago

      Should just enough torque to twist that frame

    • Zach Pozorski
      Zach Pozorski 4 days ago

      Torque is whatever, the front axles not snapping is whats wild

    • Rosé
      Rosé 11 days ago

      @kasavaman007 pro drivers with half clutch can do this

    • Pupi
      Pupi 16 days ago

      who cares

    • mitchell wilkerson
      mitchell wilkerson 17 days ago

      You know how many Jeeps would walk up that tree lol

  • Johan Van Heerden
    Johan Van Heerden Month ago +10

    What a beast. Oh and nice truck

  • Missias Nonatto
    Missias Nonatto 15 days ago

    Essa sim pode dizer que sobe até em árvore 👏🤣

  • Tom Cody
    Tom Cody 29 days ago +2

    Nice looking tree,hope my yard has one that nice someday.

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 3 days ago

    Awesome. I'll keep this in mind if I ever need to slowly climb my front end a few feet up a tree for ANY reason, the Ford Raptor it is! I mean I can't think of one off hand but IF...
    IF bro. If I EVER think of one... BOOM! Raptor!

  • Syrup•Pancakes•Waffles•EggMcMuffin

    This is why I firmly believe in being the first owner

    • Ryan Buckner
      Ryan Buckner 18 days ago

      No shit right! Lol!

    • Karl Miller
      Karl Miller 28 days ago

      I agree 100%, everywhere I drive I see people hard on their brakes, stand on the gas pedal to get going, hurry to the next red light, then stand on the brakes again. after everything is trashed, they trade in.

    • AHungryHunky
      AHungryHunky 29 days ago

      ​@D. Ryan ShawAnd if you live in the north where the salt the ever loving crap out of the roads the second the temps hit low 40s you can also ensure the vehicle is washed often and properly, and even have it undercoated before it's first winter. Lots of "certified pre-owned" vehicles are just turned in lease cars, and most people who lease don't care about regular thorough washing because the damage caused by salt/dirt won't show up until the car starts hitting 6-7 years old. The handful of times the dealer sends it through the paint swirl machine after an oil change is "good enough."

    • AHungryHunky
      AHungryHunky 29 days ago

      ​@Marquise GardnerTerrible life decisions is why. "I can totally swing a hellcat challenger if it's my only car!"
      Hundreds in fuel, two winters and a kid later....

    • Nick016
      Nick016 Month ago

      lmfao u act like the truck gonna get flexed up a tree 5 times a day. he did it once and thats what the suspension is build for. its built for flex while going offroad or rock crawling. the suspension takes a lot more beating going over huge boulders than slowly rolling up a tree

  • Camaro Rick
    Camaro Rick 18 days ago +5

    Might need an alignment after this. That's a lot of pressure

  • AM
    AM 11 days ago

    Linda caminhonete 🤩🤩

    MIGHTY MONK 20 days ago +29

    The definition of strong roots

  • Elessandro Mendes Nery

    Essa realmente sobe em árvores 😁

  • Jerry C
    Jerry C Month ago +828

    Most people won’t realize the immense density and root strength necessary to stand still for this

    • Evin Guidone
      Evin Guidone Month ago

      @Caralho why the fuck would I want to imagine that 🤣🤣🤣

    • Caralho
      Caralho Month ago

      We're lucky trees only target dirt. Imagine if they could sprout in humans

    • DieselDabz710
      DieselDabz710 Month ago

      Wow super original comment

    • GH03T_
      GH03T_ Month ago

      My brother in Christ, it’s a tree

    • Sinan C
      Sinan C Month ago

      LMAO 🤣🤣🤣😆🤣🤣🤣 ROFL

    STROKN_n_SMOKN 23 days ago

    Damn that thing is a beast, not exactly the lightest wheel/tire combo either

  • Accountability Audits
    Accountability Audits 27 days ago

    I tend to avoid trees when off roading its really hard to make it all the way up to the top of them. Maybe try a rock?

  • 10fei
    10fei 28 days ago +22

    This proves how powerful trees are , what more the one who made the tree

    • David Lawrence
      David Lawrence 11 hours ago


    • ALHAUS3R
      ALHAUS3R 2 days ago +1


    • A
      A 5 days ago +2

      I know the creator 😏

    • Woof Bark
      Woof Bark 8 days ago

      The creator knew what He was doing. No evolution here just a ready made design with many layers, sap bark leaves that take in light photosynthesis... and people say there's no God... so says the fool in his heart "There is no God!"

  • aurelio rodriguez
    aurelio rodriguez 9 days ago +1

    This tree seems to be Mesquite, down in Mexico this is what they call it. It’s also found in the southern U.S., extremely hard wood is made out of these trees (if it actually is that one lol)

  • Sarath Sudhakar
    Sarath Sudhakar Month ago +5794

    when you realize it's actually the tree that's flexing 💀

    • Anand Kumar
      Anand Kumar 17 days ago

      ​@Head honcho the one 👍👍👍. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Ol

    • Branndon Mcneil
      Branndon Mcneil 29 days ago


    • Michael Derenne
      Michael Derenne Month ago +1

      ​@Head honcho the one not one person is jealous of the junk Ford

    • Richard Anderson
      Richard Anderson Month ago +2

      ​@Kaden carter

    • Kaden carter
      Kaden carter Month ago +1

      @Head honcho the oneyour jealous

  • Kelvinss Rivera
    Kelvinss Rivera 7 days ago

    Demostración del poder en acción de este vehículo. 💪💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍

  • Åustin 🅥
    Åustin 🅥 5 days ago +2

    Amigo, es un bestia! Ese árbol

  • Jatt CLUB
    Jatt CLUB Month ago

    It's amazing how much a tree can handle.

  • Mr Andro
    Mr Andro 8 days ago +1

    *That small tree is sooo powerful*

  • Ole Janssen
    Ole Janssen Month ago +563

    Most people don't realize how incredibly useful this is in daily life.

    • Jesterchester
      Jesterchester Month ago

      Lol there’re a lot of countries where this is useful. Also um ever heard of off-roading?

    • Sexy Squid
      Sexy Squid Month ago

      ​@saud saud nah man that tree didn't even move, Chad tree.

    • The Scene Time Continuum
      The Scene Time Continuum Month ago

      ​@saud saud he did no damage to the tree. you can't "assault" a tree. why are you p/e/d/o/c/u/l/t r/a/p/i/s/t/s so backward and simple?

    • The Scene Time Continuum
      The Scene Time Continuum Month ago

      ​@Stugna Bulah can you repeat this in coherent english? hahahahahahaha

    • The Scene Time Continuum
      The Scene Time Continuum Month ago

      ​@Stugna Bulah can you repeat this in coherent english? hahahahahahaha

  • George Watson
    George Watson 21 day ago +1

    That tree is impressive!

  • Connect Tech
    Connect Tech 5 days ago +1

    That’s a mean tree there. Wonder how long it’s been rooted?

  • Rick Sanchez's Flask
    Rick Sanchez's Flask 24 days ago +10

    "Look at my truck! I can drive up a tree, but if I take it on the road it's bound to break down!"

    • Ok Phon
      Ok Phon 21 day ago


  • PUBG vibes
    PUBG vibes 20 days ago +1

    That tree just stole the show 😂😂

  • Tommaso D.
    Tommaso D. Month ago +1426

    Tree: just chilling for 20+ years in the same spot
    Truck: "and I took that personally"

  • isaiah bennett
    isaiah bennett 3 days ago +2

    I’d be the hater recording the tree instead of the truck 😂

  • Ricardo Burton
    Ricardo Burton Month ago

    When you literally don't bend or break 💪🏾

  • José Delmar Mattos
    José Delmar Mattos 2 days ago

    Pense Ford, pense forte 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🇧🇷

  • Purple Helix
    Purple Helix Month ago

    I love how the tree is 900% stronger them the car.

  • Omar Salinas
    Omar Salinas Month ago +964

    This is the weirdest way I've seen someone do an oil change

    • محمد وليد
      محمد وليد Month ago

      ​@Huma Onyango It's said that the cameraman wouldn't mind anyways to get that "angle" 🧐📸 .. man that guy needs some "real" advice 😂🤦🏻

    • Pete Davies
      Pete Davies Month ago +3

      How to do an oil change and become 4feet shorter at the same time

    • Biru Kanashi
      Biru Kanashi Month ago

      ​@Huma Onyango not any more dangerous than my actual job.

    • Yossi altman
      Yossi altman Month ago +1

      You made me laugh

    • Huma Onyango
      Huma Onyango Month ago +1

      You would go under that?!

  • Innocent Onganga
    Innocent Onganga 10 days ago

    A standing ovation to the tree 👏 👏 👏

  • silent gost24
    silent gost24 26 days ago +7

    "So how the truck get stuck"
    "Oh you know, just casually driving up a tree"

  • Pilot Dhey
    Pilot Dhey 19 days ago

    Can you do that even without upgrading your suspension!

  • bradley wesolowski
    bradley wesolowski 13 days ago

    Never know when you may need to drive up a tree

    ASMR MUKBANG🥘 Month ago +1783

    the control arms are stronger than my current relationship

  • 80's And 2000's
    80's And 2000's 28 days ago

    Cómo transformar mi auto en un Lowrider de forma natural 👌

  • Marclyier Ciriaco

    Tree: I'm enough strong to hold your own strength! 😆

  • John Ryan
    John Ryan Month ago +35

    I can hear the control arm bushings and tie rods screaming in the background

  • Pedro Castillo Terrones

    La fuerza del carro pero la de un árbol es brutal

  • sujoy dutta
    sujoy dutta 2 days ago

    Raptor is showing a Velociraptor's capability of climbing trees 🤣

  • Ernestine Harris
    Ernestine Harris Month ago

    Imagine being in Ohio and you driving on the road and you pass by a car driving on a tree💀🤣

  • leocostapmw
    leocostapmw 13 days ago

    Muito massa

  • Jeremy LaCaze
    Jeremy LaCaze 29 days ago

    Curious how that effects the alignment..

  • dude disguised as another dude

    Thought we were gonna get a Darwin award when he walked in front of that tree

    • erubiobjj
      erubiobjj Month ago

      thank you

    • ZeLL
      ZeLL Month ago +1

      ​@Ben Walker precisely and tires slip/shredd bark.

    • Jon Sams
      Jon Sams Month ago +1

      Who else watches the Ak guy😂😎

    • Ben Walker
      Ben Walker Month ago +2

      My thoughts exactly. 🤦‍♂️ wtf are you doing, trees fall down, you know?

    • Law and justice
      Law and justice Month ago +3


    SAIKO 16 days ago

    Me impresiona más el tronco que la troca 😃

  • x-korben-Dallas-
    x-korben-Dallas- 29 days ago

    Dang that tree go hard 😮❤💪

  • iTzDrippy B
    iTzDrippy B 19 days ago

    Perfect time for the oil change😂

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  • Art Vein
    Art Vein Month ago +2363

    Tree: Sir, leaf me alone please

    • Art Vein
      Art Vein Month ago +2

      @Smitty Sir Robert Smith I believe you have a song titled "A Forest" on your album Seventeen Seconds from 1980. Welcome brethren.

    • Smitty
      Smitty Month ago

      Que the corny drum roll

    • Art Vein
      Art Vein Month ago +2

      @Bee Google: Did you mean perennial?

    • 🔥adriannd🔥
      🔥adriannd🔥 Month ago

      Cut this s**t out
      U get it?

    • Alan Page
      Alan Page Month ago +2

      Yeah like lignin you want to know and what knot and things of that nature

  • Brandon
    Brandon Month ago

    Black rhino rims looks dope af on that raptor. I want this rims

  • Abdul Aziz Janneh
    Abdul Aziz Janneh 10 days ago

    This is what we call no going back 💪💪💪💪💪🦾

  • Casegoat
    Casegoat Month ago +2

    All fun and games till the bumper get ripped off

  • SixGunGames
    SixGunGames Month ago

    So it does the same thing as my jeep cj7 renegade? That’s cool, good for you ford for stepping up.

  • CC
    CC Month ago +324

    Wow that tree is really strong 💪

    • Adrian Godoy
      Adrian Godoy Month ago +3

      Yeah it's green and healthy tree, but an old dry tree wouldn't handle the truck

    • iggie walsh
      iggie walsh Month ago

      this is a f150 sized "fuck you" to mother nature

    • alfredo
      alfredo Month ago +2

      Control arm: am i a joke to you

  • 1slow5seven
    1slow5seven 18 days ago

    "Built ford tough" nah I want it "built tree tough" 💪🏼

  • Carla_CJ_Johhnson
    Carla_CJ_Johhnson 29 days ago

    we should all take some time to appreciate the durability and strength of good ol american...

  • Pablo Torres Alvarado
    Pablo Torres Alvarado 9 days ago +1

    Que buena camioneta está Ford y el modelo muy bueno una de las Ford más potente y lindo modelo grandes pero no exagerado como las Denali . Fuerte motor que llantas grandes tiene y bonitas y neumáticos todo terreno una molle está súper camioneta Ford exelente máquina lo único negativo es que generalmente consumen mucho combustible gasolina o petróleo eso y igual sus motores son grandes y estos vehículos son pesados creo que están de 2.500 kilos a 3 toneladas o más y otras más grandes más de de tres toneladas verdaderos camiones en fin los modelos son lindos y diseños igual y buena calidad de maquinaria y carroceria eso
    Ford . Henry ford. exelente

  • Мен Бек
    Мен Бек 15 days ago

    Вот это мощь!✊

  • GokulKrishM51
    GokulKrishM51 Month ago +445

    "Here we see a wild raptor attempting to climb a tree in its natural habitat...."

  • manuel perez
    manuel perez 28 days ago

    Then the tie rod snaps 😂

  • Greg
    Greg 14 days ago

    I can do this with any vehicle given the clearance and tire tread with the given force up against such known surfaces.

  • Icygamingguy
    Icygamingguy Day ago

    That’s the strength of a tree .

  • Hunter M
    Hunter M 28 days ago

    Lmao tire rods absolutely love that 🙌🏻
    Well done 😂

  • Guitars Talk and Tech
    Guitars Talk and Tech Month ago +290

    Imagine looking into the wilderness and watching some pickup trying to climb a tree

  • Aztec Top G
    Aztec Top G Month ago

    I can do that in my lambo . Hold my beer 🍺

  • Daniel
    Daniel 19 days ago

    Would be a shame if the tire slipped and that fender hit the tree 😂

  • RedWingsLee
    RedWingsLee Month ago

    Kid: Mom, Dads climbing the tree with his truck again!!
    Dad: Come on tree don’t let me down

    PODCRER 29 days ago

    A caminhonete mais linda

  • Sean Macaulay
    Sean Macaulay 18 hours ago

    Sweet v6, those wheels weigh 5 times more than yer engine

  • Official Dad
    Official Dad 28 days ago +1

    Dads approve of this content. 👍🏽

  • Zach
    Zach 27 days ago +24

    You climb trees, I wrap myself around them. We are not the same.

  • Ramsés
    Ramsés 17 days ago

    Muy práctico para la ciudad

  • Ulysses Mullins
    Ulysses Mullins Month ago +902

    Control Arm: “Let me tell you something! LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING!!”

    • Animalovers
      Animalovers Month ago


    • Andrew Kipsang
      Andrew Kipsang Month ago


    • The Bad Shepherd
      The Bad Shepherd Month ago +1

      All hail the repeated laughing face. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😂😂😂😂😂

    • Jraybay
      Jraybay Month ago


    • Conrad Breitfeller
      Conrad Breitfeller Month ago +3

      @The Bad Shepherd obviously, it has to be road legal and able to be a daily truck

  • matthew kühl
    matthew kühl 23 days ago

    i feel like the tires are the real heros here

    SARAH KA JAHAN 25 days ago

    This place looks like my old brick kiln in my village ❤️

  • Blaž Bohinc
    Blaž Bohinc 29 days ago

    I wonder what suspension components feel about that

  • Nasmi Nasmi
    Nasmi Nasmi 4 days ago

    It's really beast 😱

  • Spandy Boy
    Spandy Boy Month ago +239

    the tree turned out more savage. standing in it's position like a sigma with bo damage

  • 1975 zagato zele
    1975 zagato zele 3 days ago

    I see your getting the truck comfortable with a tree so it not so bad when you inevitably hit one

  • E46Roamer
    E46Roamer 8 hours ago

    Now I know which tree to use to build my house. Thanks.

  • Morty Rickerson
    Morty Rickerson 2 days ago

    Everyone is talking about the truck and the tree but no one mentions how good them tires are for not popping

  • Gudok345
    Gudok345 23 hours ago

    Bro tried to rizz up that gigatree tree with that lightpaint headlight blipping but failed miserably

  • Snakanbi 35
    Snakanbi 35 Month ago +184

    I just wanna say, shout out to the tree for not folding 🤣🤣 it stood strong

  • Entreterimento legal
    Entreterimento legal 12 hours ago

    O tipo de pessoa q da mas valor na materia doq na vida