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Putin's ally warns West against EU troops in Ukraine amid war; 'Destroy Peacekeepers Mercilessly'

  • Published on Mar 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Russia has warned the West over its plan to discuss deployment of peacekeepers to Ukraine amid war. Putin ally and Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dimitry Medvedev said that peacekeepers, if deployed without Russia's consent, will be legitimate targets for Russia and will be destroyed mercilessly. The Kremlin says talks of EU troops in Ukraine are 'extremely dangerous'. The Kremlin statement came after Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said that EU leaders are close to holding a discussion on whether the bloc should send peacekeepers to Ukraine.
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  • Noah Baidhuse
    Noah Baidhuse 2 months ago +227

    Why peace keepers when there's no peace negotiations?

    • Boss T
      Boss T 2 months ago +29

      They are crazy this warmongering

    • Sophia
      Sophia 2 months ago +45

      To deploy NATO soldiers into Ukraine under the guise of a peacekeeping mission.

    • Joey Abaigar
      Joey Abaigar 2 months ago +1

      that is from UN and legit not like the' green army' of russia who intered cremea for annexetion!

    • CazzaBean🇬🇧
      CazzaBean🇬🇧 2 months ago +2

      My thoughts exactly but I do think that Ukraine needs Nato's protection in the future from any further attacks from Ruzzia.

  • J. Michael
    J. Michael 2 months ago +252

    RIP Peacekeepers. Your families are going to miss you and call you all stupid for entering a war zone.

    • Debraj Mondal
      Debraj Mondal 2 months ago +16

      Yess they are violent keepers not peacekeepers

    • KasperTube
      KasperTube 2 months ago +1

      The nr. 1 tank supplier for Ukraine is...................
      Russia ("gave" around 800 tanks)
      AFU now have more tanks than at the beginning of the war.

    • connoisseur
      connoisseur 2 months ago +1

      @Debraj Mondal 👍🙌

  • spiritfiremsp
    spiritfiremsp 2 months ago +258

    Attempting to deploy 'peacekeepers' without the consent and support of one of the belligerents would merely make the 'peacekeepers' co-beligerants for the other side. It is an asinine proposal.

    • MrRoyalbeers
      MrRoyalbeers 2 months ago +5

      do you actually believe this shit enough to comment on it like is going to happen?

    • Hg Hg
      Hg Hg 2 months ago +14

      ​@MrRoyalbeers It's called probing and attempting to normalize in some way the impossible to cover forever true about the thousands of mercenaries fighting for Z ,many of them from EU mainly Polish but not only. Serious part of the already close to 200 billions of our tax payer money are used for equipment and salaries for those guys

    • marie theresa
      marie theresa 2 months ago +15

      ​@MrRoyalbeers Great point ✅
      That said, a desperate losing uncle sam & co will stop at nothing to save face... even to the point of prolonging the war.
      On the economic front, the U$D is facing the threat of a lifetime from the de-Dollarization drive by the Multi Polar Powers of the SCO & BRICS +
      Sadly the US citizens will face the brunt. They deserve better.
      South Asia here.

    • spiritfiremsp
      spiritfiremsp 2 months ago +4

      @MrRoyalbeers It is a comment on the idea not on whether it is going to happen.

  • Marcus Lawrence
    Marcus Lawrence 2 months ago +40

    EU to send in their troops in disguised as "peacekeepers".
    Who is NATO kidding ?
    A three years old kid ?

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith 2 months ago +2

      Who is Putin’s buddy trying to impress. Nobody outside of Russia is claiming anything of the sort.

    • KasperTube
      KasperTube 2 months ago +2

      Marcus, kid, you probably see conspiracies everywhere...

  • Richard Henry
    Richard Henry 2 months ago +226

    Ukraine is running short on man power so they want to deploy peace keeping troops in Ukraine, but it's just a matter of time before the peace keepers change their uniforms 😅

  • Malcolm David
    Malcolm David 2 months ago +265

    Peacekeepers is a great way to escalate this into WW3

  • MARKOVISKY Hernandez
    MARKOVISKY Hernandez 2 months ago +123

    When I see the behavior of EU governments, I laugh 🤣🤣😆😆😅😅!! Peacekeepers 🤔🤔!!

    • ugvadugvaw
      ugvadugvaw 2 months ago +2

      No one is going to send anyone unless it is a UN decision. So chill.

    • Cornell Howard
      Cornell Howard 2 months ago +3

      ​@ugvadugvaw UN, who are they?

  • Musah Sawutie
    Musah Sawutie 2 months ago +15

    Russia forces should consider the EU peacekeepers as impostors therefore a legitimate target.

  • Constitution Supporter
    Constitution Supporter 2 months ago +115

    I landed in Somalia on December 19, 1992. We are still there. We did focus on getting food and water to the people at first, which was cool. The militias were left alone and they left us alone. Then the scope of our mission changed and we started F-ing stuff up. We've all seen how that turned out. Russia knows our game and isn't going to play. Nobody that I know supports any of this, but we don't have an elected government anymore so they don't answer to us.

    • david burke
      david burke 2 months ago +3

      Do you have any better stories ??? That one is boring .

    • Constitution Supporter
      Constitution Supporter 2 months ago +16

      @david burke You're going to have better stories when a fireball at 30,000,000 degrees C. and winds at Mach 100 at the edge of it is over everyone you care about.

    • david burke
      david burke 2 months ago +4

      @Constitution Supporter - Not interested in boring bullshit ! Got a better story???

    • Constitution Supporter
      Constitution Supporter 2 months ago +11

      @david burke Nope. Enjoy your Gamma radiation though.

    • marie theresa
      marie theresa 2 months ago +13

      ​@david burke The FACTS are as "boring" as can be, to anyone in denial mode.

  • Smiley_updates
    Smiley_updates 2 months ago +125

    America playing Europe like puppet master 😂

  • kiyari muhammadu
    kiyari muhammadu 2 months ago +13

    Peace! New method of direct confrontation by the western hypocrites against Russia.

  • nyasha manyaya
    nyasha manyaya 2 months ago +126

    Peace keeper's for what when there is no cease fire. Negotiations first

  • rob
    rob 2 months ago +264

    Peace keepers more like escalators

  • brandenburg2388
    brandenburg2388 2 months ago +33

    Unless authorized by the UN Security Council, any "peacekeepers" must be regarded as enemy combatants and dealt with as such.....

  • Andreas Siemund
    Andreas Siemund 2 months ago +17

    UN-peacekeepers can only be sent if the UN-security council decides so. Russia has a veto-right, China too.

  • rosli abd ghani
    rosli abd ghani 2 months ago +23

    Testing limit of Russia's patience

    • avinash s.m
      avinash s.m 2 months ago +1

      Testing limit of jokimir clowntin

    • Maicah Gwaso
      Maicah Gwaso 2 months ago +2

      The patience Putin has is second to none.

  • Vanty Williams
    Vanty Williams 2 months ago +13

    Why should a third party decide upon sending peace keepers to a war zone, before having very careful and extensive deliberations with the waring parties. This is sounding crazy to me, and it will only serve to excalate matters. So many countries in the European Union, yet still there seem to be a severe shortage of leaders who can think!
    This is shameful..!

  • Vincent Tay
    Vincent Tay 2 months ago +147

    Great idea to send them back in body bag😅

  • Charlie Bridges
    Charlie Bridges 2 months ago +18

    Are these peacekeepers immune to radioactivity? No, I didn't think they were either.

  • B
    B 2 months ago +34

    "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks." ~ Lord Action

  • George Akomeah
    George Akomeah 2 months ago +60

    I agree with you 100% keeping peace between who and who

    • Opus Dei
      Opus Dei 2 months ago +1

      Peace keepers do not take sides. NATO is totally involved

    • George Akomeah
      George Akomeah 2 months ago +2

      @Alex Tim There should be a consensus between the two waring factions before deployment of peace keepers, either than the safety of those peace keepers will not be guaranteed

  • Mystery Of YAH
    Mystery Of YAH 2 months ago +106

    The audacity of the west to even suggest this move. It would cause what I expected all along the entire seven heads getting nukes simultaneously as in a moment utterly consumed with Nuclear Weapons terrors

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith 2 months ago +6

      No one in the west has suggested anything of the sort.

    • RHP666
      RHP666 2 months ago +5

      Do you think russia has the capability of nuking anyone without causing immediate return nukes, which would be then end of the world. I know a lot in the east live as if it was after a nuke war in mud huts ect, but the world would end.

    • Thor Thunder
      Thor Thunder 2 months ago

      This isn’t real.

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith 2 months ago +1

      It is exactly because of the effects of and responses to the use of nuclear weapons that would demand that everything possible be done to prevent their use. If a power such as Russia were to move to a belligerent launch posture it would be justification for a conventional strike to prevent it

  • 8navarra
    8navarra 2 months ago +64

    The peacekeepers are ALWAYS deployed only by the consent of BOTH sides.

    • brandenburg2388
      brandenburg2388 2 months ago +5

      And they must be drawn from countries that are neutral and agreeable by both Russia and Ukraine in this case....

  • Deadpool Guy
    Deadpool Guy 2 months ago +22

    Its perverted that Nazo calls its troops "Peace keepers".
    Thats like Hitensky calling himself "democratically elected President".
    Oh wait...

  • Faiez Cader
    Faiez Cader 2 months ago +12

    Former German Chancellor Merkel admits the Minsk agreement was merely to buy time for Ukraine’s arms build-up
    Peter Schwarz
    21 December 2022
    According to former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Minsk agreement served to buy time to rearm Ukraine. “The 2014 Minsk agreement was an attempt to give Ukraine time,” Merkel told the weekly Die Zeit. “It also used this time to become stronger, as you can see today.”

    • Mike D
      Mike D 2 months ago

      You like to take quotes out of context by implying that Merkel said Ukraine needed time to threaten Russia. I've no doubt what she was saying is that she new that Russia would violate Ukraine's sovereignty again and Ukraine needed time to be able to be in a position to defend itself. Even with strengthened armed forces Ukraine would not be in a position to threaten Russia.
      In reality I think that the Minsk agreements were an act of appeasement to keep the peace like in 1938 when Britain signed a peace agreement with Hitler. That way the West could carry on buying Russian gas. Like Hitler, Putin saw this as an act of weakness and so launched his invasion in 2022. The West should have stood to Putin more in 2014.

  • Men Great
    Men Great 2 months ago +82

    EU is like .... calling daddy America , Putin is bullying us .....

    • MrRoyalbeers
      MrRoyalbeers 2 months ago +2

      And then US be like. Have a fuckton of nice weapons.

    • Rudolph Steinhammer
      Rudolph Steinhammer 2 months ago +2

      Eu is like ,thousand of russians are dead and Not one nato soldier😂...Everything is fine😘

    • Thanos
      Thanos 2 months ago +6

      ​@Rudolph Steinhammer in your dreams lol 😘

  • Colin Hutchinson
    Colin Hutchinson 2 months ago +30

    My Brother did a tour of Bosnia in the British Army with the UN. Not much in the way of peace keeping as all sides in the conflict went on killing each other and liquidating civilians. My brother has PTSD from his time there discovering families including small children and babies bound and burnt alive in their homes. They weren't allow to fire unless fired apon,nor could they intervene while men and teenage boys were rounded up to be taken away and shot. He said it made Northern Ireland look like a playground squabble.😢

    • mrgamer81
      mrgamer81 2 months ago +4

      Thanks for your brothers service, lots of bad things happened in Bosnia. I manged to escape in the end of 1993.

    • Danuta Hanyga
      Danuta Hanyga 2 months ago +3

      Very enlightening. Gut-wrenching too. This is not what is openly revealed to the public. Thanks for your valuable comment.

  • Ali Wilson
    Ali Wilson 2 months ago +9

    That's the last thing they wan't to do putting troops on the ground.this is just going to escalate big time

    • breno highland
      breno highland 2 months ago

      but thats cexactly what america wants and craves

  • Ben Franklin
    Ben Franklin 2 months ago +4

    Thank you Russia for making the world a safer and more prosperous place to live...

  • Javaid Zaidi
    Javaid Zaidi 2 months ago +5

    The Hungarian leadership has better sense than the whole EU put together. The Hungarians can see where EU policies are leading to. This idea of putting EU ' Peacekeepers' in Kiev is really putting NATO's boots in Ukraine. That would be a declaration of war. Russia will react with a gusto and on the premise NATO has declared war. I am sure even Zelensky, given the size of brain he has, knows what that would mean. That would be the beginning of WW III.

  • JVS 3
    JVS 3 2 months ago +7

    Like in Syria they’re not peacekeepers they’re special ops forces units

  • Aussiestacey
    Aussiestacey 2 months ago +34

    These kinds peace keepers
    An Associated Press investigation revealed in 2017 that more than 100 United Nations peacekeepers ran a child sex ring in Haiti over a 10-year period and none were ever jailed. The report further found that over the previous 12 years, there had been almost 2,000 allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation by peacekeepers and other UN personnel around the world. AP found the abuse to be much greater than originally thought.

  • Robert Gutierrez
    Robert Gutierrez 2 months ago +39

    That is like the cartels prosecuting the police.

  • Mark
    Mark 2 months ago +24

    Peace keeping more like combatants

  • Charles Aneks
    Charles Aneks 2 months ago +7

    There are three basic principles that continue to set UN peacekeeping operations apart as a tool for maintaining international peace and security.
    Consent of the parties
    Non-use of force except in self-defence and defence of the mandate

  • Faiez Cader
    Faiez Cader 2 months ago +22

    Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missiles killed dozens NATO officers in ...
    2 days agoThe underground target was located at a depth of 400 feet (120 meters). There were about 300 people - including NATO officers and military advisers - staying inside at the time of the strike, Pronews said. According to the publication, dozens of alliance officers were killed in the strike. Most of them were citizens of Great Britain and Poland.

      ♬ JAXTHEFUNNY ♬ 2 months ago


    • Marko Hartikainen
      Marko Hartikainen 2 months ago

      You see dream😁

    • James
      James 2 months ago +1

      If this is actually real and can be backed by facts then that would great and amazing news. Proof/facts to support this?

    • Pipin Kratky
      Pipin Kratky 2 months ago

      @♬ JAXTHEFUNNY ♬ Donbass Devushka

  • Onofre Leonzon
    Onofre Leonzon 2 months ago +37

    Peace keepers with full battle gear..

      ALAN LAWRENCE 2 months ago


    • breno highland
      breno highland 2 months ago

      and made in america------i was going to say united states -but that dosnt apply any more

  • Nivedita Das
    Nivedita Das 2 months ago +3

    Yes, good decision by Russia, we all know what happens when the UN peacekeeps.

  • redrobiin
    redrobiin 2 months ago +12

    UN dont have a good reputation, when it comes to helping people in need. unless instructed too. Why the UN not in Palestine???

  • ben walsh
    ben walsh 2 months ago +7

    Russia gives fair warning: be careful the friends you keep boys. It could cost you

  • Bobby Branham
    Bobby Branham 2 months ago +1

    Prayers and flowers 🎉 for the funeral. May they rest in peace because they obviously are setting them selves in a situation they cant walk away from This is so foolish. God have mercy on their souls.

  • Abdulai Orsine Kamara Jr
    Abdulai Orsine Kamara Jr 2 months ago +28

    Dimitri Medvedev seems to be tougher than he looks. He is the future of Russia 🇷🇺

    • Rudolph Steinhammer
      Rudolph Steinhammer 2 months ago +2


    • al rent
      al rent 2 months ago +5

      True story!

    • Val P
      Val P 2 months ago

      He is the ex president and might be again when Putin dies, but he isn't getting younger and the wait can be long. Great patriot and also very smart.

    • al rent
      al rent 2 months ago

      @Val P Medvedev is 13 years younger than Putin. However the prime minister also at 57 y.o. is next in line to the presidency.

    • Val P
      Val P 2 months ago +1

      @al rent Absolutely correct. Either of them makes a good choice.

  •  2 months ago +7

    Russia glad u not gonna give an inch…..love to you all brave heroes

  • Theia
    Theia 2 months ago +43

    Remain vigilant, Ru, their upcoming spring offensive could be joined by NATO forces.

  • Watanabe
    Watanabe 2 months ago +7

    What peace is in Ukraine that needs peacekeepers' protection. Is there a ceasefire of some sort or an agreement between the fighting parties?

  • kokan view
    kokan view 2 months ago +48

    Now Nato enters on the Name of peacekeepers

    • MrRoyalbeers
      MrRoyalbeers 2 months ago

      if that happened expect it to come with an actual airforce.

    • kokan view
      kokan view 2 months ago +5

      @MrRoyalbeers ... It's Russia Not palestine Or afghanistan... They too have Airforce

    • MrRoyalbeers
      MrRoyalbeers 2 months ago

      @kokan view Not in Ukraine they don't.

  • Miles Underwood
    Miles Underwood 2 months ago +3

    Sending peacekeeper troops is not setting down and discussing peace but only sending more people to their deaths smart thinking UN🤦

  • Mirian Nuñez
    Mirian Nuñez 2 months ago +17

    Russia and China both have very strong military allies.

  • Alan Conlan
    Alan Conlan 2 months ago +6

    Russian sentiment moving closer to its real and necessary task, which is bringing the criminal US-NATO cabal to a swift and decisive end. Only then can real discussion on peaceful coexistence begin.

    • avinash s.m
      avinash s.m 2 months ago

      Ruzzia will be wiped out of world map swiftly and decisively

    • Alan Conlan
      Alan Conlan 2 months ago

      @avinash s.m Russia is the reluctant participant. It put up with the Russiaphobia hype of the crazed Anglo-Saxons for years. But now it's obliged to respond which will be direct and severe. Interesting to note how Finland is now being corraled into the cauldron for the long overdue elimination of the US-NATO criminal cabal. We must not forget that Russia stands on the right side of history in accord with Universal Law.

    • avinash s.m
      avinash s.m 2 months ago +1

      @Alan Conlan what are you smoking man? It's really powerful 🤣. Ruzzia and right side are opposite words.

  • Dharam
    Dharam 2 months ago +5

    I thought peacekeepers were always sent by mutual agreement with both waring sides

  • James swindle
    James swindle 2 months ago +24

    The UN have never made a situation better. Russia will look at them as spies

    • Patrick M
      Patrick M 2 months ago

      This would have nothing to do with the UN. The bare minimum to be able to deploy some UN peace keeping forces would be a cease fire and that both (!) opposing parties agree to the deployment. This is not going to happen, because Russia due to obvious reasons will not accept such troops.

  • Leba Namela
    Leba Namela  2 months ago +6

    This is a good report. Kudos to Victor Orban for standing firm against the mafia elites of NATO.

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo 2 months ago +6

    NATO, EU,USA I's a laughing stock.. I think Ukraine was winning this war.. so why send peace keepers to Ukraine an they are winning..😂😂😂😂

  • Sdinim
    Sdinim 2 months ago +6

    West is running out of all options😂

  • Gumiho
    Gumiho 2 months ago +5

    Peacekeepers 😂 another game changer lol 😂😂

  • Tippayaporn Chimklang
    Tippayaporn Chimklang 2 months ago +2

    Да здравствует русская армия🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺💪💪💪🚀🚀🚀

  • John Pace
    John Pace 2 months ago +4

    In Moscow's eyes, it will be like asking the Waffen SS to defend the Warsaw Ghetto

  • Son oftheSun
    Son oftheSun 2 months ago

    I proposed this several months ago. But only UN should do this. And neutral countries in Africa and Asia should serve as peace keepers

  • Gordon Schedel
    Gordon Schedel 2 months ago +3

    I think they’ll be called peacekeepers but likely be anything but peacekeepers

  • Danny
    Danny 2 months ago +1

    Peace keepers should be represented by parties coming from all blocs to avoid farther escalation.

  • Pragasan Archary
    Pragasan Archary 2 months ago +3

    Putin keeps calling their bluff. But stakes are now getting way to high in this 'poker' game.

  • Tacos de Cabeza
    Tacos de Cabeza 2 months ago +3

    We really do have some stupid people trying to get us involved in WW3...

  • Strictly Sport
    Strictly Sport 2 months ago +9

    A few leadership troops to lead the offensive operations would work nicely 🥳🥳

    • Opus Dei
      Opus Dei 2 months ago

      Dead men attacking

  • eastern2western
    eastern2western 2 months ago +3

    Constanly asking for more money and men is a sign that the situation is not going well.

  • Sirkka Hiltunen
    Sirkka Hiltunen 2 months ago +4


  • Ved Prakash
    Ved Prakash 2 months ago +3

    Note the use of "Ally" which is a US term coined for Russian officials. Let's use ally in India too, "Narendramodi's Ally Amit Shah" would be a great start.

  • Trivo Tucic
    Trivo Tucic 2 months ago

    ❤❤❤ LOVE FOR RUSSIA 🇷🇺 💙 ❤️ .

  • Sumit
    Sumit 2 months ago +8

    Why no UN peacemakers sent to other countries during US occupations to protect local community

    • Xilla-posse Lgendary
      Xilla-posse Lgendary 2 months ago

      pacemaker? what happend , did some one got heart attacked, or let me say ,did many Ukrainians citizens , soldiers got heart attacked by Russian army ? that the us proposed to send pacemakers to Ukraine ?, n the us is trying to sneak soldiers in disguised as pacemakers, as you put it heartsurgeons, lol as you put it

    • Sumit
      Sumit 2 months ago

      @Xilla-posse Lgendary You understand what I mean, it was typo. Little "peace" to you

  • Freedomfighter2020
    Freedomfighter2020 2 months ago +6

    They have been warned. Russia is the adult in the room. He’s been very patient.

  • Jacob Hederström
    Jacob Hederström 2 months ago +1

    this would actually be a problem for all parties involved. in pure theory if both sides respected the peace keepers it would limit both were the russians can attack, but also from where the ukranians can counterattack and where they can place their materiell, since if attacks were launced from positions occupied by peacekeepers their neutrality would immeaditely be called into question. if the russians (lets pick them since their trust in the peacekeepers neutrality is quite self evident) were to actually give them the benefit of the doubt, how many attacks from peace keeper positions by the ukranians would it take before the russians stopped calling them and say "get the ukranians to stop and toss them out or we will bombard you" before they just bombard them anyway. what could the peacekeepers even do if they won't leave? detain them or force them? if it were the ukranians anything of that would not look good on the news. if they resisted would the peacekeepers be allowed to defend themselves (a shootout with the ukranians would probably be even worse), or will we see a fall of yugosavia or rwanda like preformance of the peacekeepers?
    thease problems are lessend quite a bit due to one side not beliveing for a second that the peacekeepers would be neutral since the troops will in all likelyhood be from countries that are aligned against russia. chinease troops are imo perhaps the only force that could work as peacekeeps since it is "neutral" in the conflict and both sides either want or want to maintain their good relations with them.

  • Michaela Miller
    Michaela Miller 2 months ago +4

    If, they send them, they better send bunch of body bags.😅

  • Reine Reine
    Reine Reine 2 months ago +7

    Peacekeepers are deployed after a conflict and not during wartimes. This is most likely another trap from Zelensky.

  • Summary
    Summary 2 months ago +4

    Indians constitute the largest volunteers among the peacekeepers of the UN. Not a single boot of our bretheren will enter this war. Hope our government ensures it! For long enough have Indians "volunteered" to clean up Europe's mess. This is not our war.

    • ascoop22
      ascoop22 2 months ago +1

      It does not matter if it's not your war. You have a very high population and a few hundred thousand of you will not be missed.

    • Summary
      Summary 2 months ago +1

      @ascoop22 yea, we decide where we go and who we fight, not you. So cope.

  • Dushi
    Dushi 2 months ago +2


  • Chris S
    Chris S 2 months ago +1

    If Peacekeepers know what is good for them, they will stay at home and stay alive. Besides, when have peace keepers ever focused on peace?

  • Brunei Lange
    Brunei Lange 2 months ago +1

    Russia claims that they could take Ukraine in 3 days but it looks like in 3 years it will never happen.

    MARIO DAVILA 2 months ago +46

    Those peacekeepers are going to get slaughtered 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Rudolph Steinhammer
      Rudolph Steinhammer 2 months ago

      We will see😂

      MARIO DAVILA 2 months ago +1

      @Rudolph Steinhammer I already did………… :)

    • Anderson Atherley
      Anderson Atherley 2 months ago

      I heard that Devil pays God's money for Human meat/flesh don't let all the blood drain out.

  • Remigio Palamini
    Remigio Palamini 2 months ago +4

    Complimenti a L'esercito

  • Dww
    Dww 2 months ago +1

    Medvedev is not Putin's ally, he is in position of Vice Chairman of the Security Council, so he is kinda Putin's subordinate.

  • naas699
    naas699 2 months ago +13

    those nice blue beret's will stand out nicely in the snow and on the battlefield - easy for RU to target them. NATO is running out of ideas

  • Shukuru Koll
    Shukuru Koll 2 months ago +2

    NATO ... Please do your best not to interfere this War without taking deep consideration. Otherwise you will put this whole world in danger.

  • Codename Online
    Codename Online 2 months ago

    UN stands for United Nations. It is an intergovernmental organization founded in 1945 with the aim of promoting international cooperation and solving global challenges. The UN is made up of 193 member states and has multiple bodies such as the General Assembly, the Security Council, and the International Court of Justice. The UN is known for its efforts in peacekeeping, human rights, sustainable development, and humanitarian aid.

  • Ed19601
    Ed19601 2 months ago +11

    'Peacekeepers' 🤣🤣🤣

  • Vincent Tay
    Vincent Tay 2 months ago +42

    Bravo Russia

  • Debashish Saikia
    Debashish Saikia 2 months ago +3

    Those Peacekeeper would be turn into Pieces & then finally Rest in Peace so don't send those souls would be the best option for everybody!

  • Mark
    Mark 2 months ago

    Why is the collective west so intent on escalating such a situation?

  • Jock Auld
    Jock Auld 2 months ago +1

    There has to be a peace to keep which means Ukraine talking to RF.

  • Черный русский

    'Peacekeepers' for 'Democracy' 🤡

  • Paul
    Paul 2 months ago +5

    Destroyed mercilessly 🤣🤣

  • F. van der Helm
    F. van der Helm Month ago

    Very good that the N.Korean and Chinese "voluntier" servicemen are going to fight Putin's war against Ukraine because it is clear that the RF army isn't capable to do it themselves. For Taiwan this is also good because China will have less interest in fighting a war at both fronts at the same time.

  • ben walsh
    ben walsh 2 months ago +2

    There's a new sheriff in town and he has his own criminal arrest warrant. The man with the gun makes the rules

  • Nixon Bayabao
    Nixon Bayabao 2 months ago +1

    If UN wants to stop war,no need peacekeepers enter the warzone,peace negotiation need.

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam 2 months ago +2

    Glory to Russia, God-fearing people versus the LIZARD monsters. Its Gods war and God always wins.

  • Enno
    Enno 2 months ago +2

    This an US Mercernary group like Wagner or Blackwater. Was also used to stop democratic civilian revolts in France.

  • Ramkanje Enterprises
    Ramkanje Enterprises 2 months ago +5

    Medvedev is really a bad ass. Americans fear him.

    • KasperTube
      KasperTube 2 months ago +3

      🤪Medvedev🤪 the funny joker of the Kremlin, so scary...

    • Benjamin Johnson Boston
      Benjamin Johnson Boston 2 months ago

      @KasperTube why are you hiding in the UK

    • KasperTube
      KasperTube 2 months ago +1

      ​@Benjamin Johnson Boston you sound desperate

    • Benjamin Johnson Boston
      Benjamin Johnson Boston 2 months ago

      @KasperTube am not. Am from New York but I love Russia and Putin. I don’t want my tax payers money to be given to Ukraine. They should give it to Iraq people who suffered from US invasion

  • Frank Dussey
    Frank Dussey 2 months ago +3

    Indeed! Peace Keeping is very laudable.

  • Zafar Iqbal
    Zafar Iqbal 2 months ago +2

    Respect good wishes far great Putin

  • Darren MacEochaidh O'Neill

    I am Irish, we have a long proud tradition of our men and woman serving with the UN and are a current member of the Security Council but I am strongly against this move. The continued shipment of lethal weapons and military hardware into Ukraine has only prolonged the war and the suffering. A move like this would not be a peaceful one.
    I would be in favour of such peacekeepers being stationed in particular regions if only a peace deal was agreed and it was part of the deal

  • Reginald Santiago
    Reginald Santiago 2 months ago

    Can you trust that what they called peacekeepers? What about the democracy that theyre saying? 🤔

  • H'ng Khoon Leng
    H'ng Khoon Leng 2 months ago +6

    If peacekeepers are sent it should be from Asian, African or South American countries

    • Ju Chou
      Ju Chou 2 months ago

      And what will be their duty over there? How can they maintain peace without a cease fire from both sides. Don't send any Asians to that death trap..

    • Fredrik og cato
      Fredrik og cato 2 months ago

      @Ju Chou I think what he mean, peacekeepers need to came from countries, who are not part in this conflict.
      Like an ICC court, have to be neutral.