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Food Theory: This TikTok Drink is the Best WORST Idea Ever! (BORG)

  • Published on Mar 20, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Welp, just like the good ole’ Tide Pods Challenge from 2018, another bizarre trend is taking over the youth of America: BORGs. College students across the country are drinking “Black Out Rage Gallons.” But, what are they? And is there ANY benefit to them? Grab your straw and let’s find out!
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    Writers: Stephanie Patrick and Brittany Leigh Turnbull
    Editors: Koen Verhagen and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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Comments • 7 337

  • The Film Theorists
    The Film Theorists 2 months ago +8916

    Wait... Star Trek isn't cool?

  • Eloise Chisholm
    Eloise Chisholm 2 months ago +8416

    Matpat is great at keeping his viewers safe and entertained while telling dad jokes in the process

    • Pabu
      Pabu 2 months ago +106

      Just like a dad! A Dadpat!

    • ???????your death
      ???????your death 2 months ago +21

      @Pabu hey brother

    • Pabu
      Pabu 2 months ago +15

      ​@???????your death Any luck finding a new job since they replaced us with those bacteria things?

    • Pabu
      Pabu 2 months ago +5

      do notActually, that's a good one. . .

  • DragGon7601
    DragGon7601 2 months ago +1178

    I think the gallon size is to make sure you dont run out and can always say no to other peoples drink offers. You dont have to drink it all on the night. You could take it home & then bring it to the next party. It helps hide how little you've been drinking, particularly if you always start with one that is at most 3/4 full.

    • Harold Abarca
      Harold Abarca 2 months ago +202

      I have a friend who’s used one of his Borgs over the course of five weeks. It’s honestly not meant to be drank all in one night

    • J L
      J L 2 months ago +89

      People just need to be careful about the mix ratio and making sure they use a caffeine free flavor additive

    • Hedde van Heerde
      Hedde van Heerde 2 months ago +45

      While I can understand how this works for some people, for others it just increases the risk of ingesting too much alcohol. I personally am a very fast drinker (not just with alcohol) and if I have a drink, I'm going to drink. I need to limit either how easy it is to drink (beer bottles are easier to sip out of instead of 'accidentally' downing it all) or how often I get a drink. And I know for a fact that's not uncommon either.

    • Mickey Mouse
      Mickey Mouse 2 months ago +3

      Why would someone need a big gallon of alcohol to reject someone else's drink offer when they can also say no without one? Unless you mean a person carrying around a gallon makes some people feel more comfortable saying no.

    • Hedde van Heerde
      Hedde van Heerde 2 months ago +64

      @Mickey Mouse Drinking culture is weird, and people can be weirdly insistent you drink more, especially with drinking games or if you're younger and more easily convinced. Having a good excuse like already having your own drink is a good alternative if you're not good at saying no.

  • The Lonely People
    The Lonely People 2 months ago +497

    I agree with the points MatPat laid out here. The safety from drugging and spiking is actually a really big positive of the borg that I wouldn't have even considered at first. That being said, alcohol abuse is really something I hate seeing being risked. My brother's been hospitalised and my dad's been addicted, it's scary stuff and borg just sounds like death in a jug

    • thi kim
      thi kim 2 months ago +3


    • &*the colour demon*&
      &*the colour demon*& Month ago +1

      Yeah me to i don't like it. Just try do it safe

    • Leah Dalager
      Leah Dalager Month ago +1

      yes that is true

    • Deathcall777
      Deathcall777 13 days ago +1

      Well I’d also say something people don’t realize is you don’t have to drink the whole thing, including most people don’t put a full bottle of liquor into a borg. Like I’ve made one before, and we put like half a bottle of vodka, and a couple good squirts of flavoring, so not nearly as crazy and the normal borg. Honestly just good to me because it gives you a lot of water with your alcohol, which is a key in not having bad hangovers. But dif strokes for dif folks.

  • Dirk Dykstra
    Dirk Dykstra 2 months ago +92

    Fascinating how many of those Four Loko stories were parents suing the manufacturer of an alcoholic beverage for the consequences of their children drinking way underage.

    • Luckless
      Luckless Month ago +16

      Also interesting that they seem shocked that something labelled as 12%ABV is causing people to become drunk

    • Hallaloth
      Hallaloth 27 days ago +20

      If you read into it more (I do believe there is a video on the channel) a lot of that was because they were not being sold as alcoholic drinks where kids were regularly picking them up such as gas stations and convenience stores. Most of the stores either didn't know to card, or just didn't.

  • Kedo
    Kedo 2 months ago +415

    Thank you Matt from the bottom of my heart and soul for talking about how often people are getting their drinks spiked. More people need to be talking about how bad it's getting and how life altering it can be. Seriously thank you

    • Computment
      Computment 2 months ago +3


    • Arctrog
      Arctrog 2 months ago +5

      bad it's getting? i'm pretty sure it's always been terrible! at the very least it's been common enough to show up in your typical college life movies back in the 70s-90s

    • o
      o 2 months ago +10

      @Arctrog no it's way easier to get strong/even stronger drugs for that purpose. don't want to get too into it/give anyone ideas. But I an average polydrug user can easily do so with just the drugs I have around for personal use. Even candy is not safe anymore. I have seen drugged candy for sale (hopefully with innocent intentions). I'm happy the vendor decided to stop selling them.

  • Chloe Adam
    Chloe Adam 2 months ago +314

    I used to very frequently just drink a bottle of 750ml vodka straight at parties, so the watering it down immediately made this safer in my opinion 🤷‍♀️

    • DeludoSui
      DeludoSui 2 months ago +39

      It's like no one remembers the 2000-2010.

    • Ys Kuzi
      Ys Kuzi 2 months ago +3

      Ohhh man i miss those days

    • tam thuong
      tam thuong 2 months ago +1


    • Darkdest666
      Darkdest666 Month ago +10

      FOR REAL im just like... ew watered down vodka. 😂😂 (dont be me imma bad child lol)

    • VAS Vas
      VAS Vas Month ago +13

      I think the safest option would be using your brain and not drink almost a liter of vodka in one night

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson 2 months ago +5318

    When I was in college my friends and I made my borg with caffeine-free kool aid because a very nice nurse on campus had told us the dangers of caffeine with alcohol I’m very happy that we were told this before something bad happened

    • Michael B
      Michael B 2 months ago +253

      Also, Kool-Aid is a lot cheaper.

    • Dj Arvind Katras Vlogs
      Dj Arvind Katras Vlogs 2 months ago +20

      Support please

    • Kate Apple
      Kate Apple 2 months ago +32

      Considering Kool-Aid has high fructose, corn syrup I think he probably just would’ve been better off using caffeine 😂 Also, what side effects?

    • Lil Niglet
      Lil Niglet 2 months ago +63

      Back in my day 4Lokos had caffeine, you could get them for $2 each, so for $4 you had 8 alcoholic drinks and 2 red bulls. College was so dangerous during that craze lol

    • Vinn
      Vinn 2 months ago +72

      @Kate Apple it could cause an irregular heartbeat there was a case of death on an alcohol and caffeine mixing in a guy’s body smthn like that

  • neko6
    neko6 2 months ago +499

    If you just make it in a Liter bottle instead of a gallon (using 1/4 the ingredients) and use non-caffeinated flavoring, it adds up to a reasonable all-evening party cocktail for one person, and no need to monitor your intake drunk because you planned it advance when you.were sober

    • ryismazin
      ryismazin 2 months ago +27

      Plus I'm sure it's way easier to tote around!

    • Pagan Athiest
      Pagan Athiest 2 months ago +11

      lets be honest though college students aren't getting that precise with their drinks lol

    • DonOblivious
      DonOblivious 2 months ago +6

      Buddy of mine used to do that. He had one of those 64oz (half gallon, 1.9l) truck stop coffee mugs he'd fill with ice, dump in how much rum he wanted to drink that night, and top it with cola.

    • Le Chet, Judo Kenichi
      Le Chet, Judo Kenichi 2 months ago +4

      @DonOblivious Rum and Coke XXXXXXL

    • PowerHour Collective
      PowerHour Collective Month ago +2

      We used to do something like that in the mid 2010s, get a cooler, fill it with some huge amount of water, 1.75L of Vodka, 750ml of Gin, and then a few packs of zero sugar/calorie lemonade powder. Basically a BORG without the private jugs.

  • Ethan hunt
    Ethan hunt 2 months ago +91

    The base mixture is pretty scary as stated in the video but the customization means that those dangers can be decreased or even negated, I mean one could even have a borg full of soda and juice with no alcohol if they really wanted to. All in all I think if the drink is made responsibly the benefits definitely make the Borg a worth while idea.

    • Alli3T523
      Alli3T523 2 months ago +11

      Protein BORG loading . . .

    • Ethan hunt
      Ethan hunt Month ago +6

      @Alli3T523 YOU, you understand what I'm saying

    • Coma Dragon
      Coma Dragon 25 days ago +2

      That's what i was thinking, matpat stated how dangerous borg is from the amount of alcohol and caffein there is in borg but if you just use water with mixed juice it pretty much becomes 2 liters of non-carbonated soda and the problems are eleminated without anyone knowing in the party.

  • rohiogerv22
    rohiogerv22 2 months ago +20

    I know it's not glamorous but I really appreciate Matt delivering what is essentially a PSA in a semi-interesting way. Information about these risks needs to be put somewhere where people will listen.

  • Joseph Grove
    Joseph Grove 2 months ago +189

    Overall, I think it's a good thing so long as you're responsible with what you put into it. A borg with water, non-caffeinated flavoring (maybe actual Kool aid), and a set amount of alcohol that is well within your own limits might actually keep you safer imo.

    • MissCaraMint
      MissCaraMint 2 months ago +8

      Honestly I’d remove the alcohol entierly if you really want to be safe.

    • Mahogany
      Mahogany 2 months ago +20

      @MissCaraMint Harm reduction is more responsible and more realistic than just expecting everyone to stop drinking or doing drugs. your comment makes people feel judged joseph comment helps people reduce harm

    • MissCaraMint
      MissCaraMint 2 months ago +1

      @Mahogany I no way did I say people had to stop drinking. It is simply hard to gauge how much you are actually consuming when using this large of a receptacle. This is why with this particular drink it is dangerous alone to have a lot of alcohol in it. However, on the flip side no one would know if you went to a party sans alcohol either. it would be a sneaky way to get away from the very real peer pressure that exists within drinking culture. Honestly you should stop reading motivations into strangers's comments that aren't there.

    • Mahogany
      Mahogany 2 months ago +4

      @MissCaraMint I’m not reading into anything he left a comment about how to safely use a Borg by adding water to dilute it and also only adding an amount of alcohol that is not dangerous to drink and you came in and said just remove alcohol completely which is not a helpful solution to people who we’re going to drink a dangerous amount of alcohol

    • SorrelQuest
      SorrelQuest 2 months ago +6

      @MissCaraMint It's not hard to gauge how much alcohol you're consuming because *you mix the drink.* You decide exactly how much alcohol is in it.

  • lehhaan dawood
    lehhaan dawood 2 months ago +54

    i love the alcohol food theory episodes. I never thought matpat would be telling me how to drink responsibly

  • Great Cait
    Great Cait Month ago +4

    The points about avoiding spiked or drugged drinks are actually really solid, I hadn't even considered that. If you just put like, kool aid or sports drink in with maybe a smidge of alcohol if you felt like it, that'd actually be just fine.

  • Logan Brown
    Logan Brown 2 months ago +34

    Y'know I was also going to write this off as people making bad decisions, but seeing the actual safety provided by making your own drinks I definitely get it. I've had a jungle juice or two that was definitely too strong, and probably not super safe.

  • Ciryl DrawsStuff
    Ciryl DrawsStuff 2 months ago +53

    I work in a college town and saw so many kids carrying these around on St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Thank you for helping me understand wtf I was looking at lol!

  • prehistoric orchid
    prehistoric orchid 2 months ago +38

    Honestly thank you for talking about this. I'm in college and I may not be a party person but it's super super important to talk about it and support things like this for the sake of self preservation.

  • FiloCheese
    FiloCheese 2 months ago +12

    In all honesty as someone who doesn’t drink but wishes more mocktails were available when I’m with friends I would love to just carry my own mocktails with them in the form of Borg.

    • Perpetual Confusion
      Perpetual Confusion Month ago +1

      So just Kool aid?

    • FiloCheese
      FiloCheese Month ago +1

      @Perpetual Confusion pretty much, but If kool aid made pina colada as a flavor

  • Jeromy Kraft
    Jeromy Kraft 2 months ago +3369

    you'll never be done covering stupid tik tok trends MatPat

    • And Peggy
      And Peggy 2 months ago +130

      TikTok is the home of stupid trends, MatPat will only be free when TikTok dies

    • Secret
      Secret 2 months ago +5

      This is the Clip u all looking for :

    • ilphaesn
      ilphaesn 2 months ago +13

      i’m embarrassed by my brethren

  • TotalHufflepuff
    TotalHufflepuff 2 months ago +14

    Thank you for talking about the spiked drink stats. I’m afraid to go to bars or parties when I’m 21 out of the fear that my drink will be spiked and I will be assaulted. Even bartenders have done that some times!

  • Kedo
    Kedo 2 months ago +11

    Let’s all just appreciate the work,editing,ideas,research and all the work mat pat and his team does just to entertain us

  • Zephadus Joltspark
    Zephadus Joltspark Month ago +7

    Concerning the strength of the drink:
    By the volumes listed in the video (rounded for simplicity), the ratio of water, booze, and mix is 50/20/30.
    Meanwhile, at home I'm mixing my rum & Coke at a ratio of 0/40/60 (no water for me, I actually want to taste the rum, thanks).
    Unless my math is super wrong, because my drink isn't watered down, that means by volume, BORG contains half as much alcohol as my rum & Coke.
    So either this drink is basically safe (if consumed over the course of several hours) or I'm nearly dying every time I drink.
    When drinking at home, I drink out of a Coke glass, which holds exactly 444ml (or one entire can of Guinness).
    I tend to drink two of these, which equals about 355ml of rum total (approximately the volume of a soda can).
    If I were to push it to four drinks, that's about 710ml, almost the whole bottle of rum, and more than a liter of Coke.
    This would definitely have me throwing up and probably going to the hospital if consumed within a couple hours.
    This brings me to the subject of high intensity drinking.
    Maybe I missed it in the video where it's explicitly stated, but is anyone actually drinking a whole gallon of this stuff in 2 hours?
    It seems more like the kind of thing you do to last you a whole night, which is exactly how I might use it at home for an 8-hour drunk-gaming session.
    I suppose it all comes down to pacing yourself and knowing your limits, or as it's often phrased: "please enjoy responsibly".
    Note: I recognize that BORG apparently uses vodka, and I drink rum.
    However, both have an ABV of 40%, which is all that matters for our purposes.

  • Larchkty0324
    Larchkty0324 2 months ago +11

    I got my college degree through online courses since I had kids and couldn't change work hours. There were a lot of times I felt like I missed the college experience. Then I hear stuff like this and I'm like, maybe I didn't miss as much as I thought. 🤔

  • Amythest Muse
    Amythest Muse Month ago +3

    This is potentially a smart idea. And since you can adjust the BORG's recipe, you could potentially make it completely non-alcoholic.

  • xPreame
    xPreame 2 months ago +2675

    I like the idea behind the borg; the control over your drink. I feel like once people understand just how many drinks they're putting in, they'll be able to make a smarter decision.

    • redred222
      redred222 2 months ago +18

      It's fun to get drunk I drink my self stupid all the time nothing wrong with getting drunk

    • Kanye Nance
      Kanye Nance 2 months ago +99

      ​@redred222 nothing wrong with getting dumb drunk in a **SAFE PLACE**

    • hexa
      hexa 2 months ago +76

      @Kanye Nance Even if you do it “safely”, it’s still bad for your physiological, neurological, and mental health.

    • Dj Arvind Katras Vlogs
      Dj Arvind Katras Vlogs 2 months ago +2

      I love you 😍

  • Lavinia Clark
    Lavinia Clark Month ago +3

    Seems like it’s perfectly fine in terms of drinks, as long as there’s no caffeine put in it.
    I’m glad that people are getting educated about being safe while doing this stuff. If someone wants to get drunk, they’re GONNA get drunk, so it’s better if they’re safe about it.

  • Michael Slaughter
    Michael Slaughter 2 months ago +12

    The Borg is honestly more about harm reduction. If you think about it many of those old school punch bowls had 2-3 servings of alcohol per red solo cup (on the low end) and I have seen people drink 6 or seven solo cups by the end of the night. That's between 12-21 servings of alcohol so not too far off. This way they have a visual of how much alcohol they are actually consuming, they make it, it's labeled so it won't be mixed up, and it has the added protection of the cap to prevent contamination. All in all, it's a pretty ingenious way for people who's frontal lobes aren't totally developed to stay safer than before!

    • DeludoSui
      DeludoSui 2 months ago +2

      Yea. The borg is literally less dangerous and less alcohol than millenials were making/drinking.

    • AJ Hauter
      AJ Hauter 4 days ago

      The borg with a non-caffeinated flavoring is a safe choice.

  • Mari V.2
    Mari V.2 2 months ago +11

    This episode really opened my eyes. I have never heard of a Borg because I’m not in college but every time I drink I drink tequila and monster because someone told me drinking monster would get me drunker and I always fall asleep after drinking a a little, so it helps me stay awake, but I did not know the effect it had on my body until just now and that’s crazy so thank you you

  • pws3rd 1
    pws3rd 1 2 months ago +10

    Me and my friends made what was basically peach tea BORG years ago but without the caffeine. That being said, there was like 5 of us that split that fifth of vodka worth of alcohol. Honestly tempted to make it again because it was good and the electrolytes pack would be a nice addition.
    I had heard of this trend but never learned about the absurd amount of caffeine before today. Also one of my first thoughts was that casual drinkers can just mix it weaker

  • Chris D.
    Chris D. Month ago +5

    You raise some very good points about the dangers that are present with borgs. I think a lot of it can be nullified by reaching out and teaching people proper safety of alcohol. The common "Borg" at my university typically contains about half a bottle of vodka, and while that is still a lot, it is noticibly less than an entire bottle, as well as the frequency of people finishing an entire gallon is low, and usually only seems to happen at long parties, or with pregames that lead into parties. Due to educational programs offered by our health prevention and advocacy center, they've also encouraged people to not use caffeine within them. While incidents due still happen with people getting overly intoxicated, from anecdotal experience, the issue of assault, while still present has gone down. Alcohol in a borg is still alcohol, and we must educate people to drink and treat it as such.

  • Whorknee
    Whorknee 2 months ago +1477

    honestly just using a non-caffinated drink mix and a smaller container would fix this entirely. im not exactly a partygoer but i can see the good intent behind it to keep yourself safe

    • Max Petersen
      Max Petersen 2 months ago +110

      I agree, also I feel like he missed the point that people are also staying hydrated with all the water which is actually pretty responsible.

    • Whorknee
      Whorknee 2 months ago +78

      @Max Petersen yeah a lot of the hangover symptoms come from dehydration so having a mix like this with a ton of water is a p good choice

    • Kyra Proulx
      Kyra Proulx 2 months ago +49

      yeah, most borgs i’ve seen online had liquid iv or regular mio or just koolaid in them instead of the caffinated stuff

    • Rick Sanchez
      Rick Sanchez 2 months ago +6

      I legit cannot drink alcohol without a SHITLOAD of caffeine with it. Something is wrong with me.

    • Bluii
      Bluii 2 months ago +25

      My suggestion for making a borg that is much safer is to do 4 to 6 shots of liquor (thats all I need to get nice and drunk because Im a lightweight) or more depending on how much you can take, the rest water, and then as much non caffinated flavoring as you need to get it tasting good. This would be a solid borg that can last all day and also not have a dangerous amount of alcohol and also no caffeine. Nobody will know too!

  • Tawny LeKytt
    Tawny LeKytt 2 months ago +18

    I made one recently to the “standard recipe” for Mardi Gras parade day. It was shared between me and my spouse throughout the day (from like 9 am until about 10pm that night). I put 2 liquid iv in mine and honestly didn’t feel hungover the next day.
    I honestly like this idea because you control how much or how little alcohol you have in it. And it also helps with the stigma of not drinking at college parties, if everyone has these jugs, no one really knows what you have in yours. It could be straight kool aid and no one would be the wiser.

  • patchet
    patchet 2 months ago +6

    Borg is definitely something that is totally fine as long as the person making and drinking it is cautious and making the right decision. Just like with any other alcohol it's not "good" but if done right, can be something safe and fun.
    I'm not of drinking age yet but I think it'd be fun to try once I am (safely ofc)

  • YossDillo
    YossDillo 20 days ago +1

    I actually really like how this turned out! The safety of carrying around your own drink and the bonus of not needing to drink the alcohol there to fit in, I like to think someone realized the benefits of normalizing the concept of the BORG and ran with it. Honestly though I think I'd be skipping on the caffeinated flavoring. There are other options.

  • Nope nope
    Nope nope 2 months ago +7

    Great video! You should make a video whether zero sugar drinks is healthier than normal sugar drinks since I've heard a good amount of discussion about the topic.

  • Liam Nacinovich
    Liam Nacinovich 2 months ago +6

    Honestly the Borg is a good idea if you make it to use with friends and use non caffeinated sweeteners. It’s so much safer to go out with 1 or 2 Borgs with a bunch of people than to drink frat punch or keg beer for the reason you talked about.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 2 months ago +920

    I was surprised by the amount of vodka in the recipe

    • Ankita Das 0301
      Ankita Das 0301 2 months ago +3


    • SimonJI
      SimonJI 2 months ago +6

      if its a long party then its doable but that caffeine amount is the real insane part

    • TikiCatRules
      TikiCatRules 2 months ago +2

      @SimonJI lots of people will drink it over the course of an entire day

    • Bryan Cranberyy
      Bryan Cranberyy 2 months ago +5

      I was surprised at the waste of alcohol by watering it down so heavily

    • Jyoshi siddabatthula
      Jyoshi siddabatthula 2 months ago


  • fryed_squid
    fryed_squid 2 months ago +12

    An interesting food theory idea: is it in your best interest to cut off your strawberry leaves/ stems, or is it better to leave them on? my mom always used to fuss at me when i cut the leaves off because i was "wasting so much of the strawberry." are you actually loosing money if strawberries are being priced by pound, are there optimal ways to cut the leaves off, and (for all the psychotic people in my life,) can you eat the leaves, and if so, are you getting anything out of it?

  • Alex stole ur wallet
    Alex stole ur wallet 2 months ago +1

    It would be great to put your choice of beverage (that's safe) in a water bottle instead cuz it's easy to hold onto and it's more secure. Plus people can't really tell what you have in there

  • Svartur Steinn
    Svartur Steinn 2 months ago +3

    Wasn't called a borg, but this is literally the exact thing I'm used to seeing being done at conventions since the 90's (The earliest I was able to attend them). Repurposed milk jugs used to mix your own beverage (Rules said it had to be a closed container after all.

    • Adam _
      Adam _ Month ago +1

      For dragon con one year, I mixed a concoction in a camelback that stayed under my costume. Granted open container at dragon con is pretty much allowed, definitely saved money on overpriced beers.

  • daniel paxton
    daniel paxton Month ago +1

    I usually find a borg to last me 2-3 nights if i'm drinking solo. Makes it great for sharing and parties. also there are non caffeine water flavor enhancers.

  • Omura Media
    Omura Media 2 months ago +1243

    I actually love how refreshingly honest your point on the safe side of personal drinks at parties can be. The stats of spiked drinks in and out of college are absolutely terrifying, and the amount of mostly women that I know of that have been spiked and assaulted angers me to my core.
    Kids, if youre gonna borg, do it safe, either limit the alcohol level or remove the caffeine side of it before doing so.

    • Dark Reaper86
      Dark Reaper86 2 months ago +57

      Better yet, do both. Limit the alcohol and remove the caffeine completely. If you're going to make a jungle juice status borg, then don't drink it all in one setting. Sip it like wine or moonshine and don't just chug it like a jock

    • Omura Media
      Omura Media 2 months ago +14

      @Dark Reaper86 I like your thinking!

    • Víctor Virgili
      Víctor Virgili 2 months ago +17

      100% WATER BORG

    • Micheal Oxlonger
      Micheal Oxlonger 2 months ago +10

      Yes, I'm in college rn and talking to one of my friends who is in a frat feels surreal. I can't comprehend why women would willingly go to a party that needs to advertise itself as "roofie-free" or "no drink spiking!"

    • Earth-Chan
      Earth-Chan 2 months ago +2

      ​@Víctor Virgili The BORG for gigachads

  • Aeryn Crow
    Aeryn Crow 2 months ago +3

    My psych teacher spent an entire class period talking about the affects and differences on how how things like alcohol, caffeine, and certain drugs affect you and what happens when you mix them. She was one of my favorite teachers, conditioned us to taste lemons when we hear payphone by maroon 5 😂 don't worry, we supplied the lemons and all of us consented to forever associate lemons with a song

  • Günther Harald
    Günther Harald 2 months ago +4

    It is quite funny that were I live in Germany something "similar" as the Borg is actually very popular. We basically often take 3/4 Liter of a soft drink (or anything else) and just ad about 1/4 Liter of Vodka or some other alcoholic drink. Of course the "standard" borg is probably to huge for the average person and the caffein amount is also very dangerous, but the core idea isnt that weird in my opinion 😅

  • Kaylin Canon
    Kaylin Canon 2 months ago +3

    Speaking of childhood inspired alcohol I definitely recommend my alcohol of choice: caprisun and soju. So of my favorite combos are strawberry kiwi and strawberry soju. And fruit punch with orange soju. So good and lowkey dangerous 😂

    • BlackDogsAndLadybugs
      BlackDogsAndLadybugs 2 months ago

      My fav childhood inspired alcohol combo is Kamora (Tastes like coffee but mostly cinnamon) in chocolate milk. It's literally so good, dude.

  • Tyler Boyle
    Tyler Boyle 23 days ago

    Great episode! Thought this was gonna have to do with riot juice though. Worst decision I made with any of my friends: a fifth of everclear filling a gallon jug the rest of the way with gatorade. It was a friends birthday. I remember waking up standing in a… uh… exotic dance club? I don’t remember going in, but I remember my first dance being from a woman named Jessica. My mood took a turn when I found out she performed on the sopranos or the godfather or some other mafia movie/show from the 80’s

  • DarkXork
    DarkXork 3 days ago

    Back in my day we called it Jungle Juice and it came in vats as opposed to jugs. It was also a mix of a whole bunch of different liquors. It's a miracle we made it through college in one piece.

  • Madeline Goettlicher
    Madeline Goettlicher 2 months ago +483

    Love the fact matpat is pointing out the safety part of it. I can’t trust any drink that wasn’t made by me or can be left open

    • Christine C.
      Christine C. 2 months ago +17

      No one can. Unless they hand me an unopened bottle or open it in front of me and I hear that seal break, or I know unquestionably that I can trust the person, I won't drink it.

    • Dj Arvind Katras Vlogs
      Dj Arvind Katras Vlogs 2 months ago +2


    • Jessica C.
      Jessica C. 2 months ago +14

      Reminds me of the rules I was taught when going to parties:
      Only drink something from a sealed container. Once you get your cup, always hold it where you can see it (not down by your side or out with your head turned the other way).
      Grip it from the top, not the side (unless you are actively taking a sip of course), and never ever walk away from it.

    • Bunny Luver
      Bunny Luver 2 months ago +5

      ​@Jessica C.very smart. I was drugged at a small after party and assaulted. I knew it was a possibility but didn't think it would happen at my bff's apartment with ppl I knew and a couple neighbors of hers. Still don't know what was all done to me.

    • Jessica C.
      Jessica C. 2 months ago +5

      @Bunny Luver oh my gosh I'm so sorry that happened to you! That's just awful. 😔

  • JustAnother Gamer
    JustAnother Gamer Month ago +1

    Yeah, my friends convinced me to go to Blarney (I go to UMass Amherst) and I was very confused about the whole BORG thing because I never heard about it before that. I didn’t drink any of them, but I definitely saw the effects that the BORGs had with people passing out and peeing on the street. Not something I want to go to again

  • Lodestone
    Lodestone 2 months ago

    Matpat you've done it again, caused me to choke because I somehow haven't learned not to drink whilst watching your videos

  • Ramji Panar
    Ramji Panar 13 days ago

    The energy and enthusiasm in this video were contagious, it got me pumped up!

  • thmswalters
    thmswalters 28 days ago

    This is better than what my college friends used to drink. It involved a few cans of red bull and blue Gatorade drink mix made with vodka and everclear instead of water. It was surprisingly drinkable considering you could probably run a car on it.

  • Archer 007
    Archer 007 2 months ago +1

    So basically during my first week of classes on campus there was a group of people who were handing out free snowcones and free cotton candy. I ofc said yes to it.
    Sadly, the free snow cone I was given had some form of wine mixed in to the flavoring.
    I have a minor allergy to wine (resulting in massive migraines soon after consuming) and at this point I was not of a legal drinking age.

  • WinterTech
    WinterTech 2 months ago +1831

    Matt's suggestion about the Borg Baby I'd pretty spot on. On my college campus I've seen people utilizing the smaller 1/2 gallon bottles for their Borgs instead of the traditional full gallon. Additionally I highly doubt many people utilize the full bottle of vodka for their Borgs, usually it's 1/4 a gallon vodka with 3/4 water. Additionally, I have never seen anyone use an ENTIRE bottle of Mio for their Borgs. That's wayyy too expensive for us college students to be wasting like that.

    • That Jeff
      That Jeff 2 months ago +131

      "That's waaaay too expensive for us college students..." :D I'm sorry but I can't help but laugh over the expense of a Mio bottle. We're in a sad state of affairs if a bottle of Mio is considered a luxury that's too expensive. :(

    • Jiminal
      Jiminal 2 months ago +36

      Isn’t MIO like $3? I’m not in college so I’m not sure if you have to watch every penny but that doesn’t seem like it’s that much

    • Hevensdragon
      Hevensdragon 2 months ago +36

      @Jiminal Not sure they are saying the mio bottle is to expensive, but that the whole mio and vodka is.

    • CageyBee
      CageyBee 2 months ago +38

      @Jiminal everything you spend more or less is on credit, so yeah you watch everything.

    • Jiminal
      Jiminal 2 months ago +4

      @CageyBee Ah, I see. Understandable.

  • kdar Kdas
    kdar Kdas 2 months ago +5

    Polish version of it is called "kociołek panoramixa" (Panoramix's cauldron in literal translation, apparently it gives you an unhuman powers, just like in the french comedy movie)
    Recipe includes:
    500ml of vodka
    4 cans of beer
    750ml of sparkling wine
    1l of energy drink
    200ml of concentrated raspberry/cherry juice
    Mix it all together and it's done (can even be heated, but then it loses the sparkling effects)
    The point is to make it as cheap as possible, which usually makes it poisonous af.
    I'll never forget the headaches that happened day after consuming this potion in higher doses.😅
    I reckon that this "borg" stuff is nothing when compared to Polish enchanted version, but it doesn't suprise me tbh😂

  • Lirey
    Lirey 2 months ago +1

    As someone who doesn't love the idea of getting drunk at all, I think I'd just go with a gallon of water with some pinkish-orange food coloring, or maybe some iced tea and lemonade (an old hippo recommended it)

  • the all mighty lugg
    the all mighty lugg 2 months ago

    I think that the Borg could be beneficial for people not with the caffeine and liquor content but the fact that you could be holding any drink in your hand. My friend who is underaged did something like this. But they just made some powdered lemonade and pretended to be really drunk.

  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres 2 months ago +1

    We had something like this here in Puerto Rico when I was in college (1998), our recipe was almost the same except we used Crystal light lemon flavor, and a whole bottle of 151⁰ proof rum. We called it "Limoncillo" or little lemon in English. 😁

  • Sonix07pr
    Sonix07pr Month ago

    I used to do this years ago back in my early college days, except we’d use the cheapest rum we could find and then put a bunch of crystal light packets in it (lemonade or pink lemonade). We called it Limoncillo and it was delicious. It was still dangerous though cause since it tasted like juice we’d get super wasted.

  • bananaxsplit
    bananaxsplit 2 months ago +580

    i am SO happy that MatPat talked about the commonality of spiked drinks; too many people forgot how serious it is 😣

    • Kamen Rider Gumo
      Kamen Rider Gumo 2 months ago +24

      Same; even as a guy, I never drink when I'm out with friends. On the very rare occasion I have alcohol (usually just Christmas dinner having a Scotch on the rocks with Dad), it's at home with family when no-one has to drive.

    • Captinelf27
      Captinelf27 2 months ago +6

      thats the point of borg too. you bring your own and it cant be spiked because its always with you 😂

    • Craig Foster
      Craig Foster 2 months ago +1

      yeah :/

    • The Larry
      The Larry 2 months ago +6

      My advice to my friends is to never drink anything you don't own

    • Paul Hikari
      Paul Hikari 2 months ago +1

      Ayman Yes, I do want to miss it, EGY Crafts, and you and all of your spam bots need to be terminated at once.

  • Severinsen
    Severinsen 2 months ago

    I've ingested a spiked drink twice, and it's not very fun.
    I think The Borg thing is a very good idea, as you know exactly what you're getting and you don't even have to drink the entire thing! Maybe I'll make one for my birthday party...

  • Greg C
    Greg C 2 months ago

    Before the Four Loko part, I was going to say... this borg drink is nothing compared to pounding a few original 4Ls back when I was in school. Then you brought it up right on cue.

  • LizWrites
    LizWrites 2 months ago

    if you just change the water to alcohol ratio and go with non caffeinated flavoring it turns into a pretty good idea.

    PLANET TRASH 2 months ago +5

    I drank 20 beers a night for 3 months on a long vacation at 17 and now that's 2 times the threshold for high intensity drinking so my casual drinking was actually ranked competitive drinking

  • Mr potato
    Mr potato 2 months ago +1

    Food theory idea
    Could Costco be considered a restaurant based off the amount of samples they serve?

  • Rose
    Rose 2 months ago +795

    As a college student who lives in an area with tons of fraternities, I’ve heard so many people talk about this. One of my friends said that if you didn’t make the Borg it will send you to the morgue, but if you bring your own you’re more likely to make it home.

    • Gonzalo Cianci
      Gonzalo Cianci 2 months ago +47

      It rymes how cool

    • Elizabeth Sanford
      Elizabeth Sanford 2 months ago +116

      It’s gotta rhyme, otherwise drunks won’t remember it

    • sasgo
      sasgo 2 months ago +37

      It’s gotta rhyme, otherwise drunks won’t remember it

    • Mani Dhingra
      Mani Dhingra 2 months ago +31

      It’s gotta rhyme, otherwise drunks won’t remember it

    • anu .
      anu . 2 months ago +19

      send you to the morgue is fucked up lmfao 😭

  • Insanely Sane
    Insanely Sane 2 months ago

    Food Theory idea: Is there a significant difference in the nutritional value or cleanliness (?) of rice when washed till clean or not?
    My family does not wash rice more than once because "it will wash away the nutrients" and it surprised me that most Asians like me wash it until the water is clean, so I was just curious to know if there's really a difference or not?

  • Hannah Pryor
    Hannah Pryor 2 months ago

    Back when I was in college (10+ years ago) I used to drink exactly that. Vodka, water, and mio. It was an attempt at cutting calories lol.

  • aWildKITsune
    aWildKITsune Month ago

    This reminds me of a drink I'd make in college called Skittles where I'd pour a full fifth of vodka into a 2L of Mtn Dew top it off with some koo-aid packets and a bag of skittles and you have the single most lethal thing I've ever made xD

  • Mark Calhoun
    Mark Calhoun 2 months ago

    In college we did it with dark Nalgene's the 32 oz ones. You'd pitch in for a bottle of something like vodka, everyone would take a share then you'd top it with juice. You could walk around the rez hall without attracting attention when coming or going. Way less volume and no caffeine. Caffeine would usually be a separate beverage so you could have it when you needed it and only then.

  • Ashton Travitz
    Ashton Travitz 15 days ago

    I’m only recently out of college. Never seen these, but I kind of want to make one with no alcohol, ginger tea, and several liquid IV’s.

  • Emmie
    Emmie 2 months ago +587

    Unis student here who also works in a bar:
    I have had an entire bottle of vodka in one night before (with mixers, I'm not that stupid). Here are my drinking tips to stay safe
    1- if you are at a party, never drink when you're alone. At least one person in your group HAS to stay sober. Make it fair by rotating
    2- my personal recommendation is to only get drinks in bottles, like VK, WKD, Rekordilig, Budweiser etc. Don't get mixed drinks or drinks from taps (in my experience they are also cheaper)
    3- if your drink is unattended for even a SECOND, that is no longer your drink. Abandon it or even better, dump it to prevent others from drinking a potentially spiked drink.
    5- If five people enter the party, five people are leaving. If your friend is drunk, do not let them go to someone else's place for a hook up. Especially if that other person is sober.
    6- if you don't see the drink being poured, do not drink it. If you feel uncomfortable with someone who bought you a drink, or you just don't want it, put it down discreetly or accidentally spill it. DO NOT do anything you are uncomfortable doing. Practice saying no. No does not stop predators sadly, but it can get someone else's attention
    7- ALWAYS MAKE A SCENE if you feel unsafe. Make as much noise as you can, get all eyes on you if possible. It does not matter if you are embarrassing yourself. Your safety is more important.
    8- (this one is just for convenience and can be more fun with the right people) drink at home with friends. Make your own foul cocktails in the safety of your own home. Worst case scenario, you throw up in your bedroom sink and have to spend an hour cleaning it the next morning.
    Have fun and stay safe!!!

    • TheComposerChangingGames
      TheComposerChangingGames 2 months ago +34

      Sheesh. Would rather just stay away from it. Still, good tips.

    • Drew Goin
      Drew Goin 2 months ago +12

      Thank you!

    • Aaron
      Aaron 2 months ago +37

      Wish ppl followed this advice more. As a uni students, the amount of times I’ve had so called friends abandon me on nights out is insane. I’m not saying anyone should be forced into a babysitter role but it’s be nice if ppl had the decency to stick with the group they came with

    • Ricky Torres
      Ricky Torres 2 months ago +4

      @TheComposerChangingGames avoiding situations and problems just aren't always options so as you said, it's still very helpful because it is indeed informative. :)

    • smoldogo
      smoldogo 2 months ago +5

      doing rule 8 is also cheaper

  • Dago/Alicia Maldonado

    I wasn’t expecting something that was 50% water, 50% vodka. When he first started describing borg, I was expecting more along the lines of a jug sized suicide made of alcohol (for those that don’t know, a suicide is what it’s called when you mix all the drinks on a soda fountain in one cup. Just some old playground slang).

  • Wink The Beagle
    Wink The Beagle 2 months ago +2

    Food Theory Idea: Are all cereal mascots in a connective universe.
    Think about it, I mean there have been ads where a lot of them have been together.

  • TheEverythingChannel
    TheEverythingChannel 27 days ago

    A years ago my go to drink was a Gatorade bottle filled half way with water and the rest with vodka and some mio or flavoring to not taste the alcohol. So I guess I was a trend setter lol

  • Shadnasiku
    Shadnasiku 2 months ago

    Back in college (it was a dry campus lol), I used to make grog, water rum and some fruit juice with orange slices. Similar to a Borg but no caffeine.

  • Gelbadaya H. Sneach
    Gelbadaya H. Sneach 2 months ago +2

    So, unrelated question here: the famous munch/chomp stock sound effect that Food Theory uses at the end of each episode is a very iconic stock sound. It's right up there with the Wilhelm Scream. Ive been trying to find out how it was made (from a Foley artist perspective.) People have given me thousands of guesses and hypotheses, but none have ever held up or lead to an answer. Does anyone know definitively where this sound came from? (I'm gping to ask the 20,000 Hertz podcast as well.)

  • Cole Roadarmel
    Cole Roadarmel 2 months ago +8

    Funny thing is I’ve been doing this for years but with a slight difference…if I’m going with a gallon of lemonade (3.89L) I’ll just throw in a 1.75L bottle of vodka, or one time I mixed in some 5 hour energies to make things “interesting.”

  • abrim11
    abrim11 2 months ago

    I wouldn’t make one to drink by myself, I’d make it as a quick and easy mock tail to serve at a party

  • George Karadimas
    George Karadimas 2 months ago +1

    @MatPat the drink that Four Loko was first was just called FOUR and it still had blackout qualities. Pretty sure it was a malt liquor + caffeine, mot beer. I remember being in college and it coming out for the first time and it was EVERYWHERE. And it was dangerous!! It’s wild that the caffeine/alcohol drink is making a comeback. Yikes!!

  • Lobster Bisque
    Lobster Bisque 2 months ago

    This makes me glad I never got into drinking alcohol. Stealing a chug from my father's ice cold can of coors light when I was 8y/o may have been stupid at the time, but it was one of the best things I've ever done! It was so disguting, I've never touched alcohol ever since😆😆😆 My Dad caught me, but He couldn't stop laughing at the faces I made in disgust😆😆😆

  • Ziotsu
    Ziotsu Month ago

    Caffeine and alcohol not canceling each other out reminds me of someone who had a mint with a spicy pepper. Don't cancel each other out

  • Wiz Rad
    Wiz Rad 2 months ago +348

    I don't drink, but this sounds like it has the potential to be the best or worst idea depending on the individual making it. More water, less alcohol, no caffeine, add some flavor and/or hydration enhancers, then pace yourself, and you might have a recipe for a good time. I still wouldn't drink it, but I get it. With the right tweaks, I approve.

    • SuperSonic04
      SuperSonic04 2 months ago +1


    • TheMeloettaful
      TheMeloettaful 2 months ago +15

      I don't drink very much myself. And when I do it's at home. But if I do these Borg things odds are it would have zero alcohol in them. Like you said it has great potential for good, but also for bad as well depending on the individual 🤷‍♀.

    • Sergio Leonardo Cornejo
      Sergio Leonardo Cornejo 2 months ago +2

      I don't drink. And I sure hope this idea doesn't change because it is natural selection in a bottle.

  • Reggie Bauer
    Reggie Bauer 21 day ago

    when i was 21, i learned not to mix an upper and a downer after drinking FIVE red bull vodkas. kept me awake literally until sunrise the next morning 😅

  • David Sandrock
    David Sandrock 2 months ago

    As an enjoyer of a good cup of Irish Coffee (coffee spiked with Jameson and Irish Cream), I can’t help but point out that the issue seems to be the excess, rather than the combination of caffeine and alcohol in and of itself.

  • Nathan Watson
    Nathan Watson Month ago

    This just makes me think of the turpentine and honey cocktail from The Lighthouse
    Btw would that actually be drinkable?

  • yeah-well-ok
    yeah-well-ok Month ago

    I feel like this applies to alcohol as it does Borg as long as you're doing it safely there shouldn't be a problem 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Tanner Welch
    Tanner Welch Month ago

    I actually went to a party a week ago and someone offered me this and it was one of the worst things i’ve had i hate my generation

  • Crystal Marie
    Crystal Marie 2 months ago +573

    LOL legit if this was a thing when I was 21 I would definitely make it at home without alcohol before going to my friends or a party. I hated being pressured to drink and this would have saved me from all that nonsense.

    • Elly
      Elly 2 months ago +46

      I never went to any of my dorm's parties 'cuz I hate not just the taste but also the smell of alcohol... Like I even avoided my roommates' house parties & just "conveniently" made plans with my friends to "go out" (read: meet at someone else & play either dnd or cards xD)

    • Amy
      Amy 2 months ago +17

      Ah some of the peple i know would spike that :( so youd still need to be careful even then- just. Yeah. I know

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2 months ago

      If you tell them you abstain from it for religious reasons, they will never question you again

    • Mer Luzo
      Mer Luzo Month ago

      you would have been pressured anyway the second someone else tasted your drink

  • Neoro
    Neoro 2 months ago

    Food Theory idea: using all the information from previous videos, create a new healthiest-and also tastiest-diet. I'd honestly love to see that and I'm sure more people would love also love to.

  • MossPickle
    MossPickle 2 months ago

    MatPat, I have a major question for you. With the 7-11 Slurpees, how come the small and large Slurpees share the same lids (at least here in Australia)? Are we being ripped off? Should I buy a small next time? What is the theory surrounding

  • Bryce Wadie
    Bryce Wadie 2 months ago +1

    the solution i came up with is just getting a flavor enhancer without caffeine. and i added hydration packs so there was no hangover

  • Avenue
    Avenue 2 months ago +1

    I'm glad I never have to subject myself to the idiotic content on tiktok. Thanks MattPatt keep our fragile minds safe.
    #themoreyouknow 🌈

  • SlimReaper
    SlimReaper 2 months ago

    During my early 20s, I was extremely forced everytime because I was funny drunk. Nowadays, in my mid 20s it’s easy to just say no. Even when someone “buys” or “pours” me one. It’s easy to just blame it on them lol. But I hate it when people do that

  • Abygael Leblanc
    Abygael Leblanc 2 months ago +573

    Can I just say thank you? I feel like you grabbing our attention saying how dangerous is the borg, then explaning that spike drinks are a huge deal is really important. I really appreciate it that you are always trying to make the world a better place! ( One diet coke at the time! )

  • vl.wolnir
    vl.wolnir 2 months ago

    I assumed it would be all the unfinished drinks "assimilated" into one jug to drink later

  • Ok
    Ok 2 months ago

    Panera is having to get a large cup for a dangerous amount of caffeine while Mio needs a tiny bottle to get half of that amount of caffeine

  • Jan Biskup
    Jan Biskup Month ago +1

    It's pretty funny to watch things like this as a Slav, because I've seen kids under 18, which is a legal drinking age in my country, down an entire bottle without stopping and come out fully functional after 12 hours sleep, altho I could count such people on 2 hands it is impressive

  • Viking Zero
    Viking Zero Month ago

    Great editing and script writing these are high quality videos

  • Yggdrazzil Twilight
    Yggdrazzil Twilight 2 months ago

    as someone who has downed a whole bottle of vodka/whiskey in a sitting, watering it down is probably more safe😅