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New series? 🇩🇪🎬

  • Published on Jan 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Anna
    Anna Month ago +15858

    I mean, I think the German wife can do the German smile best lol

    • ISMS KL
      ISMS KL 14 hours ago

      You are the german wife aren't you Anna?

    • mario
      mario Month ago


    • Mineturtle
      Mineturtle Month ago

      ​@Kazma 😒

    • DePe
      DePe Month ago +1

      @César García I didn´t use the word "smile", instead I blamed this "evil smile" in these (English) videos.

    • César García
      César García Month ago +1

      How??? Germans don't smile 😕

  • Absbor Phamtusin
    Absbor Phamtusin Month ago +8345

    Germans are really great at their death stares. when I was a child, ppl thought I was always pissed, even tho it was my neutral face.

    • CS Cs
      CS Cs 9 hours ago

      I got a problem with my face its just its really like that got me trouble to my prof. Sometimes and other people

    • Sterzkamy
      Sterzkamy 4 days ago

      Maybe I'm have german roots too, because everyone thinks that My neutral face is pissed off one😂

    • fluzzles
      fluzzles 15 days ago

      You might have a "rbf" then

    • mom bach
      mom bach 28 days ago



    Him: "But I think the smile at the end was a lil bit too friendly"
    Her: **Death stare**
    Him: "You know what? It's perfect."
    That was perfect..😂

    • Anson
      Anson Month ago +2

      germans are allowed to have a little smile when they have a fresh german beer that follows the german _beer purity law_ :-)


      @TravikSkoot Woah really?? I thought u were blind.. jit trippin

    • Woezye
      Woezye Month ago +1


    • TravikSkoot
      TravikSkoot Month ago +6

      We’ve watched the video

    • Henry Goldbeck
      Henry Goldbeck Month ago +9

      It clearly was.

  • Yuan Ting Kung
    Yuan Ting Kung Month ago +1735

    The secret recipe for a happy marriage is to let your German wife open the beer in her German fashion.

    • Mad-Dog-Mac-Gee
      Mad-Dog-Mac-Gee 14 days ago +1

      Inuit have 100 names for snow. German knows 1000 ways to open a bottle of Beer.

    • Yuan Ting Kung
      Yuan Ting Kung 18 days ago

      @Maeryn Most likely not. Thanks anyway.

    • Infamous B
      Infamous B Month ago +1


  • César García
    César García Month ago +592

    Her: "you talk mad shit for someone at Panzerfaust distance"

  • Guillaume CHEVALLIER
    Guillaume CHEVALLIER Month ago +806

    Great, we had the great british smile of Liam, now we also have the great german smile of his wife
    Both iconic

    • Yeriel King
      Yeriel King Month ago +2

      @CrippleX89 why?😊

    • CrippleX89
      CrippleX89 Month ago +6

      “great german”?
      Are… Are you sure?

  • Talita
    Talita Month ago +386

    You are both iconic. Made for each other 🫶🏻

  • Andrea Elisa
    Andrea Elisa Month ago +265

    Ihr seid ein so süsses Paar.. Ihr lebt den Beweis, die Engländer lieben uns Deutsche doch 😏🇬🇧🇩🇪

    • Zhou Wu
      Zhou Wu 23 days ago

      "That the English love us after all..."
      As opposed to the other way around.
      I love that pettiness and petulance!
      Reminds me of that song by Rammstein:
      „Ich liebe dich...
      Ich liebe dich nicht...
      Ich liebe dich nicht mehr...
      Ich liebe dich nicht mehr oder weniger als du
      Als du mich geliebt hast
      Als du noch mich geliebt hast!“
      How every love has to be rationed and measured out and sliced up into portions that are exactly equal in every possible way, without cheating the other side by giving more for less in any possible way.
      I guess, from a fair trade perspective, it makes perfect sense.
      But factoring in that Jesus decided to love sinners to the extent that He died for their sins on the Cross in return for nothing, it does feel a tiny, little bit stingy.

    • LaSa
      LaSa Month ago +5

      Aw such a sweet thread. I am German and I love the brits, too

    • Lauren Sadler
      Lauren Sadler Month ago +1

      Course we love Germany

    • Darquise
      Darquise Month ago +2

      😆Haha isso

    • Oscar Hughes
      Oscar Hughes Month ago +11

      Much better than France

  • Paulochon
    Paulochon Month ago +178

    The smirk is so iconic ✨

  • Ay.
    Ay. Month ago +76

    Aw she's so beautiful, words can't do justice 💕

  • Coko Flores
    Coko Flores Month ago +48

    You asked for not so happy and that's what you've got. She's on point. Never doubt her again (if only for your own sake).

  • g.k
    g.k Month ago +54

    I've been wanting to see her remake your videos so bad!!! She's so pretty lol!!

  • Alex Potzel
    Alex Potzel Month ago +38

    The chair was worth the money😂😂

    VICEM Month ago +13

    Hahaha dude these are so great, big fan from America (German heritage) and you have a wonderful relationship with your wife, very nice to see. Best of Luck!

  • C M
    C M Month ago +12

    How she throws her hair at the end.🥰

  • Manuela Caravane
    Manuela Caravane Month ago +14

    You're such a sweet couple 😍!

  • ColoradoWest AerialArts

    "Make the German not so happy this time." Bawhahaha

  • person
    person Month ago +6

    As a German, I can say that this is very accurate

  • Cavalerie des marres et des guêtres

    Oh my god what a great chair !!

  • No Content Joebob
    No Content Joebob Month ago +34

    Brilliant, I can’t wait to see how these play out!

  • Wei
    Wei Month ago +39

    Bruh got a film cut thingy just for one short 😭

    • walteredstates
      walteredstates Month ago +2

      *and* a director's chair...

    • mechadrake
      mechadrake Month ago +4

      It is actually to start the scene, good clap to sync sound and the space on it is to write down scene info. Really helpful for filmmakers to not edit blind which scena whicht take they look at for examole.
      One name is a clapperboard :) i think I heard more names, but cant remember the one that felt right :D

  • Pierre Mertscheit
    Pierre Mertscheit Month ago +9

    As a german i like to use stuff thats around me, to open my beer
    Like when im outside, next to a fence, i like tp open my beer with help of the fence or with the table or stuff like that

  • mechadrake
    mechadrake Month ago +10

    You are so cute couple!
    Hope wife will be in these more in the future :)
    Maybe she has a new persona to be in skits?

  • Nada Pw
    Nada Pw Month ago +12

    I was waiting for that smirk! German wife nailed it 😂 Watch out British idiot 😂
    Okay I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it but I’m jk ❤

    DAVAL Month ago +13

    😂das ist so cool bitte mehr

  • Vedant Dhaduk
    Vedant Dhaduk Month ago +56

    Always remember...
    Even men in germany are afraid of their wives😅😅

    • Oofy AL
      Oofy AL Month ago +2

      @Alexis V. that's a large number..

    • Alexis V.
      Alexis V. Month ago +2

      Jep. Someone. I think 60%.

    • Oofy AL
      Oofy AL Month ago


  • Go Clunker
    Go Clunker Month ago +4

    I want to see your wife do all your characters or make her a new character for your skits. She is fun!

  • VynnIS
    VynnIS Month ago +18

    That was the best "beer opener" sketch so far. Geniusly funny :D of course, the other sketches are also really great.

  • EclipsedMobile
    EclipsedMobile Month ago +1

    I've never wanted to move to Germany so badly in my life. Your videos make German culture seem overall great.

  • C M
    C M Month ago +10

    Her smirk was perfect. So lovely.😍 Now I am happy.🌞😏

  • Izzie VerPra
    Izzie VerPra Month ago +2

    Omg she's the best 😂😂😂 she has an amazing beer opening technique and the death glare 💀☠️ 😂 Include the German wife more often please!!!

  • Manpreet Das
    Manpreet Das Month ago +16

    German smile has a different fanbase

    • Julius Nebulus🇩🇪
      Julius Nebulus🇩🇪 Month ago +2

      We usually don't smile. That's why it doesn't look that convincing. We were made for buisness (and some of us for combat), not smiling. Efficiency!😂

  • Zhou Wu
    Zhou Wu 23 days ago +1

    That German stare from his German wife, basically giving the message that everything was going to get very serious...
    Yeah, that says it all.
    She smiles very friendly, but she knows how to get her way when she wants to.
    And the only way to cheer up a German? To tell them that they are better than you in every way possible. It gets them every single time.

  • Cookiecrafter
    Cookiecrafter Month ago +10

    The good old Bayreuther beer 😂

  • Fizzylicious
    Fizzylicious Month ago +14

    aww men, you should have brought that smile in the end when you looked back at the camera

  • Insomniac
    Insomniac Month ago +4

    Bring this to Netflix!

  • bori1008
    bori1008 Month ago +2

    I love your videos. I just moved here and I have been booked. Keep the amazing work. You both look amazing.

  • mr3pac
    mr3pac Month ago +11

    Ihr zwei sind wunderbar!!!

    • Sophie
      Sophie Month ago +4

      *seid wunderbar 😉

  • Dennis Engelen
    Dennis Engelen 8 days ago

    The Brit to the native German : '' Your German smile was too friendly ''

  • Sophie
    Sophie Month ago +2

    Und bei ihr glaub ich sogar, dass sie die Flaschen wirklich selbst geöffnet hat 😂 Bitte mehr mit deiner Frau!

  • Moti3X - Motix ッ
    Moti3X - Motix ッ Month ago +4

    On 100% they are going to rise a perfect *COLD BLOOD* german 😊

  • Kyle Heins
    Kyle Heins 4 days ago

    Her German smile is perfect. Seems too friendly to pull off a death stare though.
    Tell her or any German that to their face to get the real thing.

  • guddefulgaming
    guddefulgaming Month ago +2

    This is it guys. Season 2 has finally begun!

  • zer0homer
    zer0homer Month ago

    She’s precious, protect her at all costs (from becoming a less friendly smiler, too)

  • Winterland Neolia
    Winterland Neolia Month ago +2

    So lovely 🥰
    I never seen someone use psychic powers like that 🤣

  • cloudface von ruckus

    One of the few times in cinema history a German was accused of seeming too happy 😐

  • PsychoLogisch
    PsychoLogisch Month ago +2

    I love my German death-stare, prevents me from small-talk

  • gregorysharp
    gregorysharp Month ago +1

    I dreamed of going to Germany since I was a kid in the 1970s. I’m now 55. Still in California. One reason or another I never went. But I studied German and spoke it when I could.
    So thank you for your videos. ❤

  • Gubbel Gubbel Gaming

    Important to note here: she really opened a fresh beer every time and did not prepare 'em beforehand

  • Noxci Borz
    Noxci Borz Month ago +2

    Bro I think you just saved the world by stopping from world war 3 happening💀

  • Rob Carter
    Rob Carter Month ago

    This guy gets it. Wife always wins.

  • lol bg
    lol bg Month ago +2

    His wife opening beer with her eyes:
    Omae wa mou Shindeiru
    Btw, greetings from Germany🇩🇪❤️

  • Allen Cummins
    Allen Cummins Month ago

    My guy just learned a lesson and we could all learn from this

  • DaCringePerson
    DaCringePerson Month ago +1

    Liam, blink twice if you are at gunpoint and need help

  • NavyVet9702
    NavyVet9702 Month ago

    If you replace the beer with a wooden spoon when she does the death stare, you get the old school German-American Midwestern mom.

  • Manny Khan
    Manny Khan Month ago

    Man I love this guys videos despite not living in Germany.

  • Matilda's ART
    Matilda's ART Month ago +1

    She killed it 💀

  • Silver Hetch
    Silver Hetch 3 days ago

    she killed it, literally :D

  • Natasha26
    Natasha26 Month ago

    Liam knows how to save his marriage or German authorities will send him back to East London.

    ONLYFOAPS Month ago

    bro got the best smirk and best stare idgaf what other say

  • Temirlan Diusheev
    Temirlan Diusheev Month ago +1

    Lol, why my polish friend‘s heart started beating so fast after seeing this video?

  • Umer Anwer
    Umer Anwer Month ago

    Objection she's already German so this would technically be an IRL vlog

  • Kowyth
    Kowyth Month ago +1

    blink twice if your wife is holding you hostage

  • Frank Lopez
    Frank Lopez Month ago

    wise man....he will most likely outlive most of us.
    i would love to see bloopers

  • Machin
    Machin Month ago

    The telekinesis was so smooth it didn't register at first in my brain

  • Jazzy Crescendo
    Jazzy Crescendo Month ago +1

    DEFINITELY make this a series

  • Szilard Fineas Covasa

    "You've even delivered that package, honey..."
    He's just afraid for his life, for the next time they're on the Autobahn.

  • VOP
    VOP Month ago

    I love how on this one it really looks like she opened the beer at the spot and when he did it it looked like he made preparations before the camera was on haha!

  • animan095
    animan095 Month ago +1

    Oh damn! He actually has a director chair!

  • Tayna Delmar
    Tayna Delmar Month ago

    With the cap and the cross body bag you immediately know what species it is. So here's the female version 😂😍

  • Saengtawan Surakarn

    The moment he says "Make the German not so happy" then cut to her face. Perfect!

  • melancholia winters

    She even nailed the look. She is awesome 😍

  • Milady7021
    Milady7021 2 days ago

    Her smile looks sweeter and it's perfect😊

  • K. R.
    K. R. Month ago

    After around 500 videos, i realised that bro has his own theme song.

  • Gold
    Gold 27 days ago

    damn, how come they are both so fucking beautiful?

  • Raylandscape
    Raylandscape 4 days ago

    Pro Tipp: Happy Wife, Happy Life!

  • LRR from Omicron Persei 8

    I’m not sure what your talking about. That was the most unfriendly friendly smile I have seen. She got it correctly I’m not sure if I should feel welcomed or if I should get out. 10/10 for her smile.

  • SomeCrumbs
    SomeCrumbs Month ago

    that's one of the most fitting couples I've seen

  • Debra S
    Debra S Month ago +1

    Your wife is beautiful and I think she did a great job with your videos.

  • emailshe
    emailshe Month ago +1

    Some people may not believe but it is quite possible that she opened the bottle with Bread.

  • C Heitman
    C Heitman Month ago

    If she is cool with it I’d totally sub to that series! It would also be cool if she did English/British stuff to poke fun just to make things fair but even if things stayed the same this is a great channel

  • B 37
    B 37 Month ago

    Ngl I did think that smile at the end was too friendly

  • Lib Floyd
    Lib Floyd Month ago

    Ok, so she covered I AM GERMANY as well as I AM WOMAN all rolled up into one. Great job, Mrs. Carp. 🤗

  • Lukas Prien
    Lukas Prien Month ago

    As a german i confirm the Brötchen one is legendary

  • ytseak
    ytseak Month ago

    Deine Videos machen mir wirklich große Freude, danke! Und deine Freundin macht sich auch gut dabei, gerne mehr davon!

  • flortrupp
    flortrupp Month ago

    "Dont make the smile so happy this time"
    German standard mimic
    "Thats perfect"

  • Cédric Theveneau
    Cédric Theveneau Month ago

    I was waiting for a final « plot twist smile » from her at the end haha

  • Marmotta Marmotta
    Marmotta Marmotta Month ago +3

    Very intresting, your personality is really more Ger. than Engl....

  • ken guto
    ken guto 5 days ago

    I felt so betrayed not seeing The Smile at that last cut, such wasted potential 🥲

  • biomechanism1
    biomechanism1 Month ago +1

    Dude escaped death and He doesnt even know it

  • DePe
    DePe Month ago +1

    The evil smile at the end, is an English thing, as Germans do these actions naturally (so are them without any intention)

  • Stormerbuzz35
    Stormerbuzz35 Month ago

    That look at the end was the best! Your wife got me to sub

  • Suisite Bomba
    Suisite Bomba Month ago

    She is so good at it!
    Sie hat was drauf und kommt super sympathisch rüber.

  • Gio Gaming
    Gio Gaming 16 days ago +1

    I Didn’t Know Her Wife Can Make Better Smile Than Him

  • Q Lim
    Q Lim Month ago

    The last scene when she opened the beer bottle with her death stare 💀

  • Kira M.
    Kira M. Month ago

    the ring bottle-opening looked natural. 10/10 can see my family members do exactly that.

  • dark Empereur
    dark Empereur 2 days ago

    Bro you smile always makes me happy to see your videos 🌹

  • acac
    acac Month ago

    Lol, this is great. I hope you two make more of these.

  • Völl Däpp
    Völl Däpp Month ago

    In my youth people told me: "Can't you look a bit more friendly? Can't you smile?"
    And I was like: " I AM smiling!"
    (Yep, I am German)

  • Aspen Fischbach
    Aspen Fischbach Month ago

    This reminds me of my dad, he also opens it with everything. And one day i will learn this art and maybe even teach it to my children if i have any.