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  • Published on Oct 22, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    Hustler Casino Live is a live stream poker show at Hustler Casino in Los Angeles, broadcasting Monday through Friday at 5pm PT. Brought to you by Nick Vertucci and Ryan Feldman, in association with Hustler Casino.
    With stakes ranging from $5/$5/$10 No Limit Hold'em to High Stakes $50/$100 NLH and beyond, Hustler Casino Live is home to the most entertaining poker action found anywhere, featuring your favorite poker celebrities from the United States and around the world.
    Executive Producer: Nick Vertucci
    Executive Producer: Ryan Feldman
    Technical Director: Patrick Curran
    Video Production: Kyle Ravreby
    Animation: Alejandro Indriago
    System Engineer: Brett Drolet
    Production Coordination: Clint Santiago Dahl
    Graphics Technician: Brett Caprioni
    Audio Technician: Gerry Feldman, Bryan Sagbigsal
    Casino GM: Shaun Yaple
    Poker Staging: Gallagher Staging & Productions, Inc.
    Special Thanks to the Flynt Family
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  • Hustler Casino Live
    Hustler Casino Live  Year ago +204

    Intro video 29:56
    Stream start 31:04
    First hand 36:15
    Timestamp the best hands in the replies. Go!

    • RunItTw1ce
      RunItTw1ce Year ago +42

      4hr 23: 30 hand of the night (HOTN). Dwan JJ vs Gman AQ.

    • Jeremy Cheong
      Jeremy Cheong Year ago +13

      @RunItTw1ce omg thats a really good fold by Gman, but Durr is definitely capable of bluffing with AK when the jack paired the river.

    • Ranskahov vladimir
      Ranskahov vladimir Year ago +47

      6:06:06 hard to believe 🤣

    • IndyBill
      IndyBill Year ago +4

      @TheQueensJammit Unbelievable, what he did! Lighting it all on fire!

    • IndyBill
      IndyBill Year ago +1

      @Ranskahov vladimir Insane!

  • William R
    William R Year ago +491

    Shout out to Bart Hanson for making this stream very watchable. He didn’t try to be funny or crafty with quips. He just stayed on the game with top notch analysis. I think a lot of the lower level livestreams can learn from Bart and this stream.

    • Nick Johnson
      Nick Johnson Year ago +37

      he is the goat commentator tbh

    • Daddy Fuse
      Daddy Fuse Year ago +36

      Barts phenomenal. Great choice for straight commentary, and Nick flows really well as color commentary with him. Just top notch production.

    • iHave NoName
      iHave NoName Year ago +11

      Yes, I agree, he kept it very professional

    • John Green
      John Green Year ago +14

      Bart is pure class

    • Sean Maguire
      Sean Maguire Year ago +9

      Yeah he's a great commentator, his videos are great.

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson Year ago +29

    Watching these streams is making me fall in love with the game of poker more and more and I greatly appreciate it. Just watching them play would be one thing but the fact that the commentators could keep up so well and actually let you know why certain things were happening is a huge game changer and makes the stream 10x more enjoyable. Great work honestly.

    • Eric Cuevas
      Eric Cuevas 2 months ago

      This is an amazing lineup. Great mix of pros and recs, and the 🐐 of commentators Senor Bart.

  • Kristiancho Bombastichniq

    59:26 Matt v Lucky
    1:22:18 Krish v Dylan
    1:34:38 Garrett v Lucky
    1:46:31 Tom v Krish
    2:02:06 Garrett v Lucky
    2:18:15 Dylan v Tom
    2:49:19 Garrett v Lucky
    2:51:33 Phil v Garrett
    2:57:14 Lucky v Matt v Garrett
    3:16:05 Dr Eli v Matt
    3:19:28 Dylan v Lucky
    3:32:08 Garrett v Lucky
    3:53:45 Lucky v Matt
    4:09:25 Dylan v Krish
    4:14:07 Krish v Matt
    4:23:17 Tom v Garrett
    4:33:07 Dylan v Lucky
    5:08:24 Lucky v Tom
    5:15:41 Tom v Garrett
    5:23:50 Lucky v Tom
    5:56:45 Krish v Reza
    6:06:06 Krish v Lucky v Reza
    6:38:41 Matt v Dylan
    6:43:10 Lucky v Tom
    6:51:00 Matt v Lucky
    6:54:10 Dylan v Lucky
    6:57:50 Tom v Lucky
    7:23:22 Garrett v Matt
    8:05:45 Garrett v Lucky
    8:23:08 Matt v Lucky
    8:29:02 cumulative winnings at the end of the session

  • Justin Szewczyk
    Justin Szewczyk Year ago +90

    I find it’s rare for myself or anyone to watch an entire 8 plus hour poker session but this was certainly worth it

    • mpup54
      mpup54 Year ago

      ive done it before for the early days of the PCA, its the best way to view that

    • Anuj
      Anuj 6 months ago

      5 hour watched in 1week

  • SSky06
    SSky06 Year ago +258

    It's amazing that for like 5 years nobody could figure out how to get Garrett, Dwan, Ivey and Berkey in the same room playing poker and film it. It's like PokerGO and every other poker show was allergic to making money by hosting the live stream everyone wanted to see. Well done guys. Keep it up.

    • SexAndWhiskey
      SexAndWhiskey Year ago +13

      Nobody could figure out how to get Ivey or Dwan to play televised poker period for 5 years

    • Sachsen Schlächter
      Sachsen Schlächter Year ago +4

      @SexAndWhiskey Dwan played a lot TV games in the last 5 years!

    • SSky06
      SSky06 Year ago +3

      @SexAndWhiskey You've evidently not seen any Triton Poker he's been playing in Macau for years. But he has been stateside a bunch of times and getable for games. Even if Dwan and Ivey weren't available, there still was a bunch of big names available for cash games and basically LATB got Garrett and Berkey to play together once and that was the extent of it.

    • Justin French
      Justin French Year ago +10

      It's because Ivey and Dwan were in Macau playing in games that are way to big for Berkey and Garrett especially 5 years ago.

    • M Nur Firman
      M Nur Firman Year ago +1

      is this recent event ?

  • Jerry Blackburn
    Jerry Blackburn Year ago +106

    Gentlemen I enjoy these streams immensely. The production and commentary is high quality, entertaining and easily available to watch! It is a true trifecta! I sincerely wish y’all continued growth and success!

  • Vodinh Vlogs
    Vodinh Vlogs Year ago +66

    Thanks for the stream! Putting Dwan and Ivey in this amazing line up gave the old Poker After Dark vibes which felt amazing to relive real time!

    • Woody A
      Woody A Year ago +3

      Why? Neither one did anything. Phil was too busy watching tv and Tom just folded when he shoulda made a move. Tell me what “vibes” exactly you got

    • captain scentsible39
      captain scentsible39 Year ago

      @Woody A they both changed up the style of the game , Dwan probably learned putting 100k preflop is silly 😄

    • Norbu
      Norbu Year ago +4

      @Woody A tom tripled his cash, what you on about?

    • Henry Trenter
      Henry Trenter 8 months ago

      @Woody A yea durrrrr

    • CookieThug
      CookieThug 7 months ago

      always good seeing the goats together

  • securiosity
    securiosity Year ago +11

    What an amazing lineup and so much fun to watch! Great commentators too with high level analysis. I enjoyed this more than watching high stakes poker. You can actually see how table dynamic develops during a live stream, which you can't during an edited or best-of show. Great job everyone involved!

  • Jonathan H
    Jonathan H Year ago +164

    Thanks HCL for the epic lineup. Tom totally over delivered…crushed and was super engaging and funny.

    • ambi3nttech
      ambi3nttech Year ago +10

      yeah, unlike ivey… dwans always been my fav

    • Loather 87
      Loather 87 Year ago +8

      Hope Dwan comes back sooner rather than later.

      POPWELL Year ago +14

      Tom's social skills have certainly improved more than Phil's

    • Noah Whipkey
      Noah Whipkey Year ago +4

      @dave himlin he's a real professional about the game, and its a joy to watch pure poker

    • Nunya Business
      Nunya Business Year ago +3

      Phil acted like a heroin addict. Maybe it was the college football drug of choice. Or actual speedballs or something. Why do something if its so painful to pay attention?

  • Derek Allen
    Derek Allen 11 months ago +2

    This is hands down so much better than watching the stream at the lodge Bart really brings a special treat to this vicious action

  • Syncratic
    Syncratic Year ago +6

    This was an amazing stream... some of the best action I've seen over a long session!

  • George
    George Year ago +12

    Really enjoyed this session I watched like 5 hours of it last night and continuing watching today..really entertaining..hope to see more like these in the future great job guys

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson Year ago +56

    Exactly what the poker community needed/wanted to watch

  • Jared S
    Jared S Year ago +80

    The production here is fantastic it really looks great having a camera man and more angles. And all the streams are free! Good job team

    • smurfilms
      smurfilms Year ago

      @Robert Horry fax

    • captain scentsible39
      captain scentsible39 Year ago

      ESPN fell off around 2010. After that it never felt the same. They would show more events in the early years. And the main event had some great players, styles and vibes.

  • fred smit
    fred smit Year ago +5

    Great stream and great commentary by Bart. It's nice to hear the strategy from Bart instead of other commentators that just describe the action without saying why it occurred.

  • L E
    L E Year ago +44

    Good lineup, announcers are really really good, and production quality is great. Has to be best poker content in a long time. Thanks

    • The Great One
      The Great One Year ago

      great for taking big, nasty and unreal smelly ones in the morning after a cup of joe ya know?

  • the1mrsmith
    the1mrsmith Year ago +31

    I watched this stream all the way through. It got absolutely NUTS towards the end. Even my ol lady watched the last 3-4 hours which she NEVER does. SO glad to see real nose bleed games being televised again. Taking their phones away made it a much better experience for the viewers.

  • Liberty Hound
    Liberty Hound Year ago +14

    The look on Phil's face when Tom doubled off of Dylan was pure gold...

  • Lloyd Lewis
    Lloyd Lewis Year ago +74

    Great game, commentary, players and cameras! Best poker live stream on the Planet.

  • Shaun
    Shaun Year ago +10

    So nostalgic to see Ivey and Dwan on the same felt again 🙌🏽

  • Many Walks of Life
    Many Walks of Life Year ago +4

    great stream you guys do it like no others. keep it up and the people will come in spades :^) thanks for your hard work.

  • Taken X LP
    Taken X LP Year ago +3

    After watching more than half of this, I’d say that I have much respect for all of these players. Tom said,”That’s when they were calling.” Exactly why he* played extremely tight on a loose* table.

  • Nyquil07 Na
    Nyquil07 Na 7 months ago

    Awesome moments in this session. Wish Phil would have stayed and ran but Tom had some solid play. Lucky played like an animal.

  • Josh
    Josh Year ago +5

    Amazing show guys. It was great to see Reza, Dr. Eli, and Ron get in there tonight.

  • Empresario1308
    Empresario1308 Year ago +10

    Tom has always been ahead of his time. He is for sure one, if not the best high stakes live cash game player ever. No question about it.

    • Sachsen Schlächter
      Sachsen Schlächter Year ago

      Elton Tsang, Tan Xuan are better. For Tom this is not a high stake game.

    • Brandon Hammond
      Brandon Hammond Year ago +2

      @Empresario1308 definitely one of the best. Ivey is, arguably, the GOAT, though.

    • Empresario1308
      Empresario1308 Year ago +2

      @Sachsen Schlächter I respect your opinion, but nevertheless disagree. BTW, I didn't say this game was a high stake game.

    • Empresario1308
      Empresario1308 Year ago

      @Brandon Hammond Nah, bro. Ivey is more of a tournament guy.

    • ChiefQueef92
      ChiefQueef92 Year ago

      Sorry to break it to you but the solver bot boys are all far better. Dwan would be the spot in a 6-handed game with Trueteller, Fish2013, Limitless, LlinusLove etc. He’s definitely a legend of HS though and the way he steamrolled the dinosaurs on those old-school High Stakes Poker shows was great viewing.

  • Juanito Caze
    Juanito Caze Year ago +30

    I love watch Tom Dwan playing what an awesome line up!! we needed matt, garret, phil e dwan on same game. New high stakes generation meeting the old sharks :)

  • J H
    J H Year ago +19

    Well 2 years ago I said wouldn't it be good to have Garret playing Dwan and Ivey and Hellmuth - and you delivered - awesome game - loved all the players - great seeing Dwan play - I do hope the commentators let us hear all of the table conversations as this will allow them to get more likes - without always having to ask - but great video 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • Jack Ryan
      Jack Ryan Year ago

      Hi By What is wrong with what he said? We should celebrate our uniqueness; we should celebrate our difference of opinion.

  • Pandu Laksono
    Pandu Laksono Year ago +22

    Thank you Hustler for this incredible free show!

  • This is Frank
    This is Frank Year ago +9

    Outstanding stream.
    It was cool to see Durr play, thought I’d see more from Ivy. Nice to see those guys at the table.

  • safc_ali_ftm
    safc_ali_ftm Year ago +6

    Awesome coverage and streams as per norm + top notch lineup, although Phil seems to be flitting off to play other poker tables or games lol

  • Daniel White
    Daniel White Year ago +5

    Big shout out to Lucky, Matt, and Garrett for hanging out the entire time and actually splashing around.

  • Yancey Ward
    Yancey Ward Year ago +3

    I have never seen Adelstein that discombobulated at the table. Great livestream, guys- one of the best I have ever seen.

    • captain scentsible39
      captain scentsible39 Year ago

      I was once playing an old timer who was smoking drinking wine and reading a book. While beating me to a pulp . Sometimes the cards don't fall *(

  • jazeboy69
    jazeboy69 Year ago +3

    So great to watch unedited Hugh stakes poker with nice background commentary that’s not over the top. Nice work guys!

  • Michael Gray
    Michael Gray Year ago +2

    Great weekend of poker! Fixed on the action for two nights didn't miss a beat thank you Hustler.Interesting comment by Phill to Dylan as he left the table saying to him he was going to the game"Have Fun!!! Ha ha cheers.michael New Zealand.

  • Mobbin Majin
    Mobbin Majin Year ago +18

    Dwan was so patient and it payed off in the end . He killed it

    • captain scentsible39
      captain scentsible39 Year ago

      He opened up his preflop game after he tossed that 7 away and the flop was 777.. not sure if that affected him or not.

  • Julien Ehrhardt
    Julien Ehrhardt Year ago +1

    Nick is an awesome commentator. Amazing to have a guy who is not only playing the game often so knows exactly what's up but also very smart in his comments. Great job nick !

  • Herbie Go Bananas
    Herbie Go Bananas Year ago +28

    This is such brilliant poker to watch and the coverage is perfect.

  • The_king_
    The_king_ 10 months ago +1

    I really like Reza, like the guy always tips the dealers and is there just for fun.
    Amazing player and human

  • Bij Man
    Bij Man Year ago +11

    Wow we wanna see more games like this....Hats off to commentators for keeping things interesting.

  • Doni is Tank
    Doni is Tank Year ago +40

    Bart is so relaxing to listen to. Much props tp him and Nick. Thanks fellas

    • Bradley -
      Bradley - Year ago +1

      I agree, Bart is great. He finds the right balance with allowing us to hear the table talk and providing a good analysis of hands. The commentary here is miles better than Poker Go or on the TCH stream

    • The tree
      The tree Year ago +2

      I love Bart but he and nick have almost no chemistry. Bart often ignores nick’s questions/comments/jokes. It did get a little better towards the end.

  • Melldog23
    Melldog23 Year ago +5

    I was rooting hard for Garrett. I love his game. Can’t wait to see the next Hall of Fame lineup HCL pulls up with.

  • Dylan Robbins
    Dylan Robbins Year ago +5

    best stream i've seen in years PLEASE don't let it be a one and done, MORE!

    • captain scentsible39
      captain scentsible39 Year ago +1

      3 months later and no sign of Dwan or phil. I think this was a one time deal. They may have to pay them both to come out. Who knows.

  • Robert Damphousse
    Robert Damphousse Year ago +5

    Great lineup nick put together. Lookin Forward to future streams.

  • Luka Milas
    Luka Milas 7 months ago +2

    Tom plays perfect! After all these years he’s still a monster, crazy

  • Jonathan B
    Jonathan B Year ago +6

    A session where we actually hear what they say even though is more or less irrelevant sometime, diversity is refreshing and still interessing. I wish we had more of this type of host, you guys did a great job balancing it out

  • Rob's vids
    Rob's vids Year ago +5

    Awesome job, great stream and game. Commentary is really good, very impressed by Nick's insight and readability of players, however please stop talking over the players, really like hearing the conversations these guys are having.

  • Oren Weisenstern
    Oren Weisenstern Year ago +3

    I'v watched all High Stakes Poker, Poker After Dark and WPT tours. What you've done here is the best poker I've seen ever! Thank you for that.

  • Alec Schneider
    Alec Schneider Year ago +10

    im digging these, its honestly great to see some of the boring hands too, realistic and shows how even the amazing pros can be tight for a while.

    • Hans Müller
      Hans Müller Year ago +1

      The "boring" hands are more exciting than the big hands, cause you learn a lot about ranges and when to bet and win without going to showdown. Thats 99% of the life of a NLHE Player. Everybody can play their big hands.

  • John O
    John O Year ago +5

    Best poker Stream ever!
    The Camera work in heads up situations was awesome.

  • oontur- mench
    oontur- mench Year ago +2

    Tom came and did his thing. Always a fun time watching him play

  • david stock
    david stock Year ago

    Like iveys self disciplined 10-2 lay down, pre flop. Good to see Ivey continue to strive. He's fun to watch, especially when he, also Danny are same table, it transitions into quite an adventurous ride.

  • LightOn Stillwaters

    Nick, you make some great jokes (sweatpants and jackets), so don't be discouraged by Bart's lack of laughter.
    Premium poker chat by both of you, btw.

  • oontur- mench
    oontur- mench Year ago

    1:49:50 wholesome moment from dr eli to the veterans ☺️

  • millhouse millard

    So glad to see while PokerGO is out here gouging people at every turn that there is a high quality stream with high quality players and high quality commentary and its.......FREE. Well done.

  • BlazeTheGamer
    BlazeTheGamer Year ago +19

    Best game I’ve seen. AMAZING. Players, commentators and the camera work was great. Ty you very much for making this available to us for free Graphics was sick also. Keep them coming. 🤑🤑🤑🤑

    • engr138
      engr138 Year ago +1

      I guess you've never heard of High Stake Poker or Poker After Dark, huh? LOL

  • ieee754
    ieee754 Year ago +2

    3 of my top 5 players are here. Bart Hanson on the mic. Super high stakes. Timestamps. This is perfect.

  • Ethan Strauss
    Ethan Strauss 7 months ago

    Garrett just seems like a super nice guy.

  • fyrs status Records

    Very nice table. A very good stream. Having the chance to watch Tom dwan gives me joy thank you

  • The Wonderful Life Of Brian Webb

    This will undoubtedly be your most viewed livestream ever!

  • ViewMaster617
    ViewMaster617 Year ago +1

    Best poker session I ever watched very entertaining

  • Mario M
    Mario M Year ago +4

    This is by far my favorite youtube poker channel. Show was great but Ivey looked like he didnt want to be there. Nick was hillarious with his upselling attempt. Trying to make u believe Ivey was so excited with the show that he wanted to come back.

  • JAlexanderG
    JAlexanderG Year ago

    This is awesome content! Production quality is top notch. Thanks for the stream

  • George Fan
    George Fan Year ago +1

    Starting to like Lucky because he’s so generous with the tips, respect

  • Mony Chahal
    Mony Chahal 6 months ago +1

    Ivey tipped $100 for a free coffee. What a legend 🐐

  • Scott Rainey
    Scott Rainey Year ago +3

    Garrett is a Class Act even when he's down

  • nihonretto
    nihonretto Year ago +48

    Tom Dwan appears 1:12:24
    Tom Dwan enters 1:17:35
    Tom Dwan leaves 7:42:45

    • Alex Gordon
      Alex Gordon Year ago +2

      That rascal

    • EN
      EN Year ago +1

      Legendary comment

  • N Bro
    N Bro Year ago +49

    8:05:45 fun hand, haven’t seen garret this pained in a while. Lucky staying quiet at the end was a boss move after talking all night when he had it. Garret was begging for lucky to say something on the river

    • Eurostep
      Eurostep Year ago +2

      Totally agree

    • rubbertoad
      rubbertoad Year ago +12

      Garrett should have had all the information he needed by Lucky not talking there. When Garrett is saying he is going to have to pay Lucky off and everything Garrett is saying is towards calling, Lucky does not want to say anything to change this course of action. Typically a guy like Lucky talks when he wants to change the course of action by the opponent. If Garrett was leaning towards folding the whole time, Lucky would have 100% started talking trying to get Garrett to change towards a call.

    • Doug Cronkhite
      Doug Cronkhite Year ago +2

      Lucky staying quiet is a SOLID sign he's strong. He can't help but talk when he's weak.. /shrug

    • captain scentsible39
      captain scentsible39 Year ago +2

      @Doug Cronkhite he won with those 55s vs Garrett's kk.3.30 hour mark. Or so. And lucky was chirping like a bird. 🐦 🦜

    • Sanjit
      Sanjit Year ago +1

      Garrett made some incredible folds.. what a true pro. Feel bad he wasnt hittin but goddamn some of those folds were next level

    JOHN MAR 10 months ago

    I can watch this for 80 hours. Keep up good work.

  • N_A
    N_A Year ago +2

    Phil Ivey's face at 2:20:30 after the 33 v AKs flip is amazing

    • tryptpalace
      tryptpalace Year ago

      can u explain? how did ace high beat a pair? what is counterfeited?

    • Hao
      Hao Year ago

      @tryptpalace bc there are 2 higher pairs on the board 88 1010 and dwan’s kicker (A) is best

    • captain scentsible39
      captain scentsible39 Year ago

      Yes I commented on this, phil looked like he was happy for Dwan. Or looked puzzled ace high won 200k. 🏆

  • David V
    David V Year ago +1

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player play better then Matt. Always knows where he is at

    • Eric Cuevas
      Eric Cuevas 2 months ago

      I'm a big fan of Berkey, but I think he is prolly 3rd best at the table in this lineup.

  • CrushlivePoker
    CrushlivePoker Year ago +2

    6:22:45 I am still mind boggled by the fold by Berkey with AT vs Dwan and 42cc on the JT9J board after that action. I had to rewind it while doing it live to make sure I saw the cards right -- Bart

  • mosscreek
    mosscreek Year ago +36

    Outstanding game!, U guys have raised the bar for other streams. Cheers

  • John B
    John B Year ago +190

    1:00:00 Lucky V Berkey ALL IN PREFLOP (QQ V KK)
    1:35:00 Garett v Lucky 200K POT!
    2:19:00 Dwan v Dylan ALL IN PREFLOP! (AK V 33)
    2:52:30 Ivey v Garrett 4 BET POT! (KK V TT)
    2:57:30 Garett v Lucky V Berkey 3-BET POT
    3:45:20 Ivey v Dwan
    3:54:00 Lucky v Berkey 110K POT!
    4:23:34 Dwan v Adelstein STRAIGHT V QUADS (JJ v AQ)
    4:33:00 Lucky v Dylan 3-BET POT! ACTING AWARD GOES TO LUCKY (KK v T8c)
    5:08:30 Dwan v Lucky (9 HIGH CALL!!!)
    6:15:28 Just an interesting conversation by Dwan and Garett, I guess we can say that Tom is coming back to the show.
    6:23:00 Dwan v Lucky V Matt (4 HIGH WIN!)
    6:44:00 Dwan v Lucky 4-BET POT! (KK V QQ)
    7:05:00 Garett v Lucky 125K POT!
    7:14:00 Dwan v Garett 3 bet POT (56 v QQ)

    • Mark Crozier
      Mark Crozier Year ago +5

      We much appreciate your taking the time to post this. Thank you very much.

    • Vinh Uzi
      Vinh Uzi Year ago


    • Daddy Fuse
      Daddy Fuse Year ago

      Man, Gman ran as cold as ive ever seen.

    • ten_bagger
      ten_bagger Year ago +2

      Legend. Does anyone know what Dwan and Garrett are saying at 6:15:28? Can't tell with the background noise

    • John B
      John B Year ago +7

      @ten_bagger Pretty much tom's asking garett if there's gonna be more of this kind of (big) game, he answered it depends but garett offered Tom if he has one he'll let him know, pretty much he will secure a spot for Tom. Base on my understanding.

  • fabiogtv
    fabiogtv Year ago

    top nothing to say! well filmed, well commented, pleasant to watch. of course the presence of Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey is a plus.

  • Sm00th GAMES
    Sm00th GAMES Year ago +1

    You guys could easily sell this to a tv network but you put it up for us to watch for free on youtube, tyvm!

  • LightOn Stillwaters

    Hustler deserves likes from every viewer!!!
    Nick and Bart and team are A+++ 👍👍👍👍👍💫💥💢💯

  • William R
    William R Year ago +8

    I love Dylan calling Lucky a box. Lucky is that player who clicks buttons, but can still hold their own. He’s the player that likes to see all 5 cards. In a session that runs 8 hours, he’s undoubtedly going to suck out on you.

    • Cochice Cochran
      Cochice Cochran Year ago +2

      Right. He plays these stakes all the time, he’s learned how to play this game his way. Meanwhile Dylan down 400k+ in 2 days.

    • Superfly247
      Superfly247 Year ago +2

      When Dylan insulted Lucky and said ,"you're not good enough to bluff." I wish Lucky would have laughed at how much money Dylan had lost. Who is he to talk?

    • captain scentsible39
      captain scentsible39 Year ago

      Garret was talking about a basketball player and asked if 2 guys had any resemblance in play style. And lucky said." He black " 😄 4:20:00 around that time

    • Cochice Cochran
      Cochice Cochran Year ago

      @captain scentsible39 that’s wasn’t Garret though

  • Shawn ¿
    Shawn ¿ Year ago +1

    Would have loved to see AndyStacks have a seat at this game.
    He could definitely hold his own here too. Interesting to see him play with dwan and ivey

  • Pokerbat
    Pokerbat Year ago +3

    Very nice to see Tom still crushing it!

  • Lun He
    Lun He Year ago

    enjoyed this as much as the old school HSP, you want big names, check, all ins, check, suck outs, check, blow ups, check, and last but not least awesome commentary, if I was in the states I wouldn't play anywhere else!

  • D Lo
    D Lo Year ago

    My jaw is still on the floor at the run good of tom Dwan the legend at 4:24:20

  • fassa
    fassa Year ago +1

    Missed a great lineup like this one since Triton, thanks Hustler Casino!

  • ManHyzerShot
    ManHyzerShot Year ago +14

    Garrett plays wild when he plays at the bike, but when some big dogs join the game he’s super tight and cautious.

    • Christian Mook
      Christian Mook Year ago +2

      That’s what good players do . Play more aggressive when you have an edge

  • Beach Fraser
    Beach Fraser Year ago +31

    Hey Ryan and Nick , great job here, seriously!!Well done

  • I'm dead
    I'm dead Year ago +1

    That's what real poker is! Some skill, some luck, some jokes and a lot of class. Not like tournament bullshit!

  • ExistenceGhost
    ExistenceGhost Year ago +53

    Gotta love Phil tipping the Wiatress a 100 dollar chip for a cup of tea. High level class.

      BANEPOKER Year ago

      What time was that at?

    • woofyams
      woofyams Year ago +5

      Lucky tipping the dealer 2k was also godlike.

    • ExistenceGhost
      ExistenceGhost Year ago

      @BANEPOKER 1:02:32

    • Blake
      Blake Year ago +1

      gotta love phil - period.

    • Some Body
      Some Body Year ago +1

      @ExistenceGhost In small cash games people also pay drinks with the chips in play on the table. The question is did she give Ivey back the rest of the money near the cup of tea or not.

  • Imad Syed
    Imad Syed Year ago +1

    This stream was the game of Lucky!

  • Richard Woolley
    Richard Woolley Year ago

    Garrett looking rested, tanned, calm and strongly in control of himself and this table!

  • Streets of Los Angeles

    Lucky is good energy. Was good to see him run that table. He shows love and gets players confused.

  • Dung Nham
    Dung Nham Year ago +12

    Just when I thought that Krish was getting better, he keeps on betting for “thin value” on the river with bluff catchers, and then came that massive punts. From up 100k early to -200k Feelsbadman

    JOHN MAR 10 months ago

    Garrett is my favorite poker player because he is a gentleman. I also like Ivy & Durrr and wished he could play as well as they do.

  • James Nguyen
    James Nguyen Year ago

    Garrett is true class, most professional of all professional poker players

    • kelvin tang
      kelvin tang Year ago

      How? The dude constantly tries to get information by berating amateurs then acts like he's not supposed to lose when he tries to hero them or bully them out of pots. We've finally seen a show where he gets smacked around and it's about time. What makes it worse is he's always looking around when he's talking trying to get people to agree with him.

  • Mark Tweedy
    Mark Tweedy Year ago +3

    Enjoyed watching Lucky be nice to see him on the stream more often

    • Richard Yu
      Richard Yu Year ago +1

      He played so bad. But it's good to have donks in the game. Otherwise its too boring

    • captain scentsible39
      captain scentsible39 Year ago +1

      @Richard Yu have you seen that guy mikki play ? He takes major swings. But good for the game. He bluffed Garrett with 5 high then asked him was 5 high good ? Haha no idea if he was needling him. Cuz he was playing the board. 😄

  • Kevan Majere
    Kevan Majere Year ago +3

    Thank you so much for uploading these contents :)
    One thing I observed, the non-pros seem to be so easy to read - bet when they have it, check when they don't. Coming from watching the cash games at Triton, where I think the overall standard of play seems much higher, it is almost painful to watch these non-pros being slaughtered.

    • Johnny Cyborg
      Johnny Cyborg Year ago

      I was rooting for Lucky almost all the time, Im guessing he is a nonpro. I wanted him to make the right move and play, and make the right decisions. BUT some of the others DR Eli and Krish I cant see them being winners in the poker-game at high stakes. Make too many wrong decisions and doesnt seem to analyse the hands correct. Pros are gonna pick up on their weakness. I have ALWAYS been fond of the tv-pros the Dnegs, Ivey, Dwan, Antonius, even Esfandiari but here in this game Dwan and Ivey seemed a bit off, maybe too low stakes, maybe they were bored, im sure they can play a LOT better when put to the test.

    • Kevan Majere
      Kevan Majere Year ago

      Yes Susan, I totally agree ;) best comment 👍

  • B!tch Please
    B!tch Please  Year ago +1

    2:01:53 Me when I see Tom, Phil and Garrett in the same game.

  • Nikita Kucherov
    Nikita Kucherov Year ago +7

    For all you folks that swear Gman runs so pure, watch this stream and never say Garrett is lucky again

  • Leris Jeris
    Leris Jeris Year ago +1

    Classic check-raise from Tom
    What a legend

  • gerry black
    gerry black Year ago +2

    Great session. Tom is my favourite.

  • The W
    The W Year ago +2

    3:35:35 funny in that split second Garrett's expression when he thought Lucky really meant it when he said 'good call'