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Dope Tech: The Hottest Laptop Design!

  • Published on Sep 29, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • XPS 13 Plus is the most beautiful laptop you wouldn't want to use.
    Thanks to EcoFlow for sponsoring a portion of Dope Tech! Check out the Delta Pro and Delta 2 and get 8% off using offer code MKBHDEF8 on Amazon: amzn.to/3PRA9ao or their website geni.us/Qsj4Obc
    Dell XPS 13 Plus Laptop: geni.us/ittF5d
    The Sensegloves: geni.us/U4PK
    Dave2D's XPS 13 Plus clip-share.net/video/6fPj6mj-M_k/video.html
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  • TechPhD
    TechPhD Month ago +3785

    I am a whole new level of curious as to what VR "feels" like 👀

    • Harshmelloz
      Harshmelloz 10 days ago

      @William McEwen Because it lets us do things we can't IRL. I'll never get to hop on ship to the moon, so why not check it out virtually? Sure, I can get into a sword fight with some guy on the street, but I'd rather 'fake it' and live to tell the tale. For my buddy who's doomed to be stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, the ability to "go on a hike" or "drive a motorbike" is *everything*.

    • William McEwen
      William McEwen 11 days ago

      @Harshmelloz what I’m saying is just do that stuff in real life… why make it a fake experience

    • Harshmelloz
      Harshmelloz 11 days ago

      @William McEwen yeah we have these already. Bhaptic suit, haptic gloves, even a bunch of naughty tech for the other things you'd want to feel in VR. Don't knock VR til you've tried it, it can't be put into words how much of a game changer it is.

    • Alastair Hewitt
      Alastair Hewitt 29 days ago

      @Ryan I'll take a Westworld style android that can change its shape / appearance. I need that raw haptic feedback haha

      EVOLICIOUS Month ago

      @PERCY god isn't real, all religion is man-made

  • BloomFilms
    BloomFilms Month ago +570

    This is literally one of the best watch-while-you-eat channels I swear 😌

    • fahad bhutta
      fahad bhutta 2 days ago

      I was literally eating my breakfast while watching this.... Glad i can relate to so many people !

    • DARKSTAR666
      DARKSTAR666 4 days ago

      My go to channel while eating

    • Amith Sony
      Amith Sony 28 days ago

      im eating rn xD

    • A XXIII
      A XXIII Month ago


    • RealityClub
      RealityClub Month ago

      @Mephobia Yes in my opinion. Thanks for the incredibly helpful input smartass.

  • Jordan Mntungwa
    Jordan Mntungwa Month ago +105

    2:07 I think visually, the track pad is cleverly marked with the lines of the space bar. Its very clever. Props to the design team for a functioning modern aesthetic

    • Darshan Hihoriya
      Darshan Hihoriya 14 days ago +2

      No it's not. But it doesn't matter after using it for 2 days I never faced such issue.

    • daisho
      daisho Month ago +2

      nice catch!

  • Tome Cile
    Tome Cile Month ago +104

    I think we all know what the next "glove" will be made for 😂

    • Lapid Palid
      Lapid Palid 23 days ago +2

      i think this is the reason he didn't want to do this video lol

    • quest 77051
      quest 77051 24 days ago


      EVOLICIOUS Month ago +6

      TBF, they have been around since 2016 and are still not remotely as good as they would need to be to actually immerse you beyond what hand presence does with a regular VR controller.
      VR porn industry would be throwing money at these projects if they actually worked.
      Truth is, the automated jerkoff machines, high-end HMDs, and subscription-based high-end virtual experiences still reign king in that world. The only innovation that market is growing are the automated jerkoff machines that sync to gameplay.
      Until a special hydraulic-air compressed or micro ultrasonic haptics in a glove to simulate thousands of different points on a glove, with a pully system like the video but small enough to not limit movement, is made, we won't have anything better than what Valve offers with the knuckles.

  • Srinivasa Varadhan
    Srinivasa Varadhan Month ago +196

    The VR glove could take hookups to a whole new level. 😂

    • Will Swift
      Will Swift 26 days ago

      What kind of contraptions are out there?

    • Kevin
      Kevin 29 days ago

      Nah man. The porn industry has had virtual hookup hardware for a long time. I know about this because of... "scientific research." That being said, I am not brave enough to actually use one of these crazy contraptions with seemingly endless potential for maiming one's valuables.

    • TheGlitched
      TheGlitched Month ago +5

      @Swagskii ok i wont

    • Kha N Br
      Kha N Br Month ago +9

      @Swagskii ok

    • Swagskii
      Swagskii Month ago

      Don’t click my profile😂

  • Teagen Daerr
    Teagen Daerr Month ago +1889

    Imagine if on the laptop they found a way to keep the whole area bellow the keyboard white but light up a box around the track pad with LEDs when the computer is on

    • ZaidXDesign
      ZaidXDesign 7 days ago

      AW has done it

    • M K
      M K 15 days ago

      This was a feature in a HP laptop I used. HP dv7.

    • Cyba IT
      Cyba IT 29 days ago

      @Mhlengi Ndlovu Yup, you're not wrong there man

    • Kevin
      Kevin 29 days ago

      @thatrawk The lights could dim around the edges a bit to form a battery gauge.

    • Mhlengi Ndlovu
      Mhlengi Ndlovu Month ago

      @Cyba IT Alienware was cooler before dell.

  • The Virtual Reality Show

    I got to try this glove out with Thrillseeker (another VR youtuber) back at CES this year. I cannot even EXPLAIN how awesome of an experience it was. If you pair this with one of the next gen VR headsets, well... let's just say you won't see the world the same anymore 😅

  • Rebbecca- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞

    Love the videos 😀 I'm so happy to see this technology getting into the hands of some much larger channels, this will hopefully show people that VR is constantly growing and not just a gimmick. Seriously, the amount of things you can do with tech like this is huge. Great video!

  • Aisu Kitora
    Aisu Kitora Month ago +7

    11:19 A neural interface/BCI is more feasible than external haptics to create a feeling of the senses. External haptics is a dead end for VR but BCI has limitless possibilities!

    • Aisu Kitora
      Aisu Kitora Month ago

      @Swiiifty Hopefully something better than that~

    • Swiiifty
      Swiiifty Month ago

      my guy about to recreate sword art online

  • I’m subbing to everyone who subs to me

    Marques Brownlee never fails to entertain us, Keep it up!

  • Bianca L.
    Bianca L. 28 days ago +2

    So I've been googling haptic after watching the peripheral and was surprised that these haptic gloves exist 😅 anyway interesting to follow over the years where the VR Tech is going

  • Zaphod
    Zaphod Month ago +4

    A very elegant solution for the trackpad in the Dell laptop would've to outline it with soft white light, would fit very nicely with the touchbar as well

    • RealityClub
      RealityClub Month ago +1

      Or even just 1 really thin and light line on each side of the trackpad. Doesn't destroy the minimal look nor does it cost anything extra.

  • ReddyUp
    ReddyUp Month ago +9

    I really would like to see more VR tech on this channel, I know others like Thrillseeker already make videos on it but the industry could use as much attention as possible!

    • The Outlet
      The Outlet Month ago +1

      Exactly. We could use another Bonelabs video by a mainstream channel not that the internet is not bombarded with Bonelabs video

  • Youtuber
    Youtuber Month ago +2

    These with the PSVR2 haptic engine and controlls gives a good immersion I bet. The ps5 controllers in games like astrobot is pretty amazing

  • Cyba IT
    Cyba IT Month ago +3

    I'd love to see how much more advanced the version is that the space agency are using.

  • Robert Downey Pooper
    Robert Downey Pooper Month ago +2

    I’ve had that idea for the vr gloves for years now, it only I was like 50x as smart as I am so I could have made those

  • tommoex
    tommoex Month ago +3

    Sony's dualsense actually feels incredible already like in astro, so I'm excited for psvr2 and what they can do for the commercial market

  • Peter Dressler
    Peter Dressler 8 hours ago

    I have this laptop. It's my third XPS and it is pretty solid. I did run into a few weird issues but all were relatively easy to resolve.

  • Jaden Stock
    Jaden Stock Month ago +777

    Nothing better than sitting back and watching Marques tell you about cool tech stuff

      EVOLICIOUS Month ago

      90% of the things he talks about he has no clue what he is talking about or doing.

    • Future
      Future Month ago


    • Daniel
      Daniel Month ago +2

      Nothing better than creating dope tech yourself

    • Swagskii
      Swagskii Month ago

      Don’t click my profile😂

    • Adewuyi Goodness
      Adewuyi Goodness Month ago


  • Nikolas Efthimiadis
    Nikolas Efthimiadis Month ago +13

    For everyone that doesn't want to spend a ton on VR Gloves, you should check Lucid VR DIY gloves (made by Lucas) that basically started, (As far as I know) this whole trend and basically function the same, if not better. They are also extremely cheap, and easily accessible.

    • Nikolas Efthimiadis
      Nikolas Efthimiadis Month ago +2

      @Max Quagliotto yes. His work is really detailed and cool.

    • Max Quagliotto
      Max Quagliotto Month ago +6

      And if I recall correctly, he made a tutorial on how to make your own set with 3d printed parts and everything, right?

  • Paul Sinnema
    Paul Sinnema Month ago

    I really like this content that covers products most of the time I wouldn’t buy but there nice outtakes here. Thanks you for sharing Marques.

  • Pjotr Svetachov
    Pjotr Svetachov Month ago +4

    Have you tried the HaptX gloves? They actually make a tech that makes you feel the objects in your hands. But they are an order more expensive than the Sensegloves.

  • Jonathan McLaren
    Jonathan McLaren 23 days ago

    Haptic feedback WILL be a huge part the future of VR. I love how the product is blazing ahead using the overlay approach using mechanical components. While far-fetched, I think the better direction would be to somehow trick the somatosensory system using electro-magnetic signaling... somehow... throw enough smart people and money at it :D

  • The Mysticle
    The Mysticle Month ago +409

    Love the videos 😀 I'm so happy to see this technology getting into the hands of some much larger channels, this will hopefully show people that VR is constantly growing and not just a gimmick. Seriously, the amount of things you can do with tech like this is huge. Great video!

    • Will Swift
      Will Swift 26 days ago

      Vr is cheaper. People will just vegetate in their living pods on ubi.

    • ImPastaBowl —
      ImPastaBowl — Month ago

      Just watched your Meta Connect stream 👌👌

    • Æmon Dæmonium
      Æmon Dæmonium Month ago +1

      @tggt00 that's problably the only thing you do

    • tggt00
      tggt00 Month ago +1

      Yeah, like porn, and that's about it.

    • Æmon Dæmonium
      Æmon Dæmonium Month ago

      Didn't expect my blue-haired VR homie here

  • Llamu
    Llamu Month ago +1

    This is so cool. Another thing I’m interested in in vr shoes. Specifically the ones from freeaim vr. Soon we will be able to combine vr shoes, vr gloves, a vr haptic suit and a pimax 12k or something and get a ready player one experience

  • Cyranek
    Cyranek Month ago +9

    imagining all the things I'll be able to feel in vr 😏

  • Joop Westra
    Joop Westra Month ago +13

    VR games have weight to items. Boneworks/bonelab has this. What it does, it makes objects really heavy by making it so that your ingame hands dont move up as much. And you have to lift your actual hands higher. It feels really good and semi life like.

  • Drew Shoto
    Drew Shoto Month ago

    It is so cool on how much VR has come along so excited for what comes NEXT .

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E Month ago +369

    They can simulate weight for the VR thing by making a full body suit with elastic bands along the limbs so that when you pick something heavy up, the elastic bands tighten, giving more resistance to your limbs, simulating something heavy. Think like the excersize bands but on a suit

    • Ethan
      Ethan Month ago +1

      @EVOLICIOUS fair

    • Corporate
      Corporate Month ago +1

      @EVOLICIOUS I think they want to actually feel that weight in real life too though

      EVOLICIOUS Month ago +1

      @Ethan sounds like a good way to get wet with your vr hardware, lol

      EVOLICIOUS Month ago +1

      No need. you can actually just offset the virutal item and give it weight in vr space to simulate. Boneworks, Blade&Sorcery, Half Life Alyx, Walking Dead:S&S, all do this perfectly.

    • Corporate
      Corporate Month ago +2

      They found a better solution for this. If you have the glove tug on your wrists while trying to pull or push things it tricks your brain into thinking that you are actually pushing or pulling something, so it tenses the rest of the muscles in your arm and back to make it feel like you’re pushing or pulling something

  • Harrison Munitz
    Harrison Munitz Month ago +8

    Smarter Every Day did a video ~4 years ago about a similar set of gloves. iirc, it had small inflatable bubbles in the palm and along the fingers in order to solve the issue of actually feeling what you touched; when you touched something those particular bubbles would inflate, creating a bit of pressure against your skin. It seemed like a much more completely featured prototype, but it was wayyy jacked up with wires and tubes to make it work. This one seems much lighter, smaller, more portable, and generally more market ready (although still not completely ready yet)

  • Homer Morisson
    Homer Morisson 29 days ago

    As a proof of concept, those gloves are pretty impressive.

  • boltspeedman35
    boltspeedman35 Month ago +1

    a soft escape key sounds like an actual nightmare, those gloves are sick though, one day we will be doing OBJ 3 finger catches in VR

  • raksh
    raksh Month ago

    They could've made like 2 vertical lines of light to outline the left and right of the trackpad, like the leds of the touchbar above the keys it would actually help identify where the trackpad is and keep the clean look of the laptop "futuristic"

  • FrCat
    FrCat Month ago +29

    Not gonna lie the Dell XPS 13 Plus deserved to be on the dope tech, and I appreciate you bringing it in this video!

  • Murdvre
    Murdvre 6 days ago

    For weight I could imagine a bigger rig that covers the arm and changes resistance depending on the weight of an object.

  • X32i
    X32i Month ago +3

    More VR coverage on this channel please 🙏

  • Tim Saylor
    Tim Saylor 10 days ago

    It'd be sweet if they used LED's to outline the trackpad similar to the ones they have at the top. Invisible while they're off, functional while they're on.

  • Devwardhan Kothari
    Devwardhan Kothari Month ago +2

    I was really thinking that the VR gloves could restrict hand movement to increase immersion. Like if you hold a glass in VR then the strings could stop extending and you hand could form an arc (the grab like shape) giving the illusion of actually holding something.
    Not sure how to implement this but it would really take it up a notch with all the haptics and resistors.

  • Julio Augusto Borges
    Julio Augusto Borges Month ago +3

    I've tried a demo once where they attatched motors to my right wrist and, in VR, I could balance a sphere on a plane just by feel. The most amazing part is that the torque ramps up as it gets near the further edges (as it should), and do the opposite as it got near my hand. I am really looking forward to that being more popular.

  • itsaustingreen
    itsaustingreen Month ago +1

    Marques needs to try his VR headset with a motion sim racing setup bc what he’s talking about is already here

  • HRNx Genos
    HRNx Genos Month ago

    The 2nd one was really amazing, I do want to own one of that one day

  • choo choo
    choo choo Month ago +2

    Great video! Love the VR tech content keep it up!

  • mikumiku Obseq
    mikumiku Obseq 27 days ago

    an above elbow glove would give you the ability to have cables that restrict the elbow fulcrum which could resist up and down movement. It wouldn't be true "weight" but it would give the impression of weight giving some resistance to the momvement of it.

  • SilentKaliSmoker
    SilentKaliSmoker Month ago

    The gloves Dustin from smarter everyday's video were cool. I'm sure you've seen it. Too bad all these companies are battling to get it right first, rather than work on it together to get there faster. So many good designs where some have figured it out and others haven't, in which together they could possibly solve it all. But I think the biggest problem is size. They can only do so much on your hand without putting you in a suit 😂

  • Ighayin Osayi
    Ighayin Osayi Month ago

    I feel like the track pad location is something you'll easily get used to. As for the headphone jack, I've had my present laptop for like 7 or 8 months now and I have never used d headphone jack

  • Chandler Walton
    Chandler Walton Month ago +2

    A cool feature that could make electric cars feel like gas cars when "running out of electricity" would be to have a replaceable battery, so instead of having one battery you would have to charge up, maybe you have a smaller backup battery that's not as built into the car and is easy enough to get out and swap it with a charged battery at the gas station or even just have it as a backup so you can make those extra miles

    • pyRoy6
      pyRoy6 Month ago

      What I like about this idea is that the "emergency service" would not mean waiting 15-30 minutes (assuming 110v/~1kW) to partially charge the main battery. Your idea would provide an instantaneous 1-3kWh of charge. But it also seems like a bit complicated of a system for emergencies that are going to get less and less frequent. I suspect that it might make more sense to have systems like this in utility vehicles (mostly commercial, but not necessarily) that might also be able to provide 50kW+ charging to other cars.

  • Lucas VRTech
    Lucas VRTech Month ago +55

    If only there was a way to get cheaper VR force gloves than from SenseGlove 😉

    • Vasilis Stamatiou
      Vasilis Stamatiou Month ago +1

      I know right. Up until the moment he said the name of the company i thought it was Lucas'voice on the tutorial

    • Hunter Lind
      Hunter Lind Month ago

      Valve Index.

    • Jashsher2
      Jashsher2 Month ago +3

      when I first saw the video I thought it was gonna be your gloves and then it turned out to be something else

    • Skeleton Guts
      Skeleton Guts Month ago +9

      @Daometh Did you see who you were replying to?

    • Aidan
      Aidan Month ago +9

      Clicked on this video hoping it was showing off your tech, was a little dissapointed

  • ProIT
    ProIT 9 days ago

    Thank you for sponsor in this video.
    This battery is a beast and I needed something like that.

  • Waz
    Waz Month ago

    Love the videos man, Keep on going I'll keep watching 😉

  • Laurent de backer
    Laurent de backer Month ago

    This is really cool. I wonder if they could make you feel the weight in the same sense as they can make you feel the resistance. Like the DualSense can when using a bow or pulling the trigger from a gun. Really cool tech indeed!

  • Dax
    Dax Month ago

    Appreciate you finally taking look at VR but I gotta tell ya VR haptic feedback gloves, vest etc are far beyond what you've displayed here in this video. Invite the Clip-Share VR dude SadlyItsBradley on your show to fill you in on the latest details in VR gear. He's well respected in the VR community and VR Championship Gold Medal winner - (USA)

  • Arosh Abbas
    Arosh Abbas Month ago +2

    I'd like to "feel" the squeezing feature in VR using that glove

  • Shanah Jr Suping
    Shanah Jr Suping Month ago +1

    I didnt want this video to end. A very fun watch!

  • Joe Ramage
    Joe Ramage Month ago

    ive had this thought for a long time, like haptic gloves that have a loop going to a backpack filled with water, the water would be used to change the weight of the gloves to make it feel like your holding something heavy, that obviously would work as the movement of water is just too difficult and would take up so much room in the gloves for weight, i truelly hope in the future some company finds a way of adding weight to vr as it would be an amazing way of diving more into the virtual world

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      TELEGRAM ME@MarquesBrownlee383 Month ago

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      Telegram only to claim your prize 🎁🥰🎁💬!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎉🎉🎉

  • Chas Stevens
    Chas Stevens Month ago

    I don’t know where I would be without these dope tech reviews!
    Thing I wanna try and see but don’t want to spend money on!

  • Darkroverit 5
    Darkroverit 5 Month ago


  • Jacob Bailey
    Jacob Bailey Month ago

    For the vr there are a few experiences that use hand tracking and you don't need the gloves

  • McMaschio.
    McMaschio. Month ago +1

    Yo You guys are absolutely Killing the Thumbnail Game 🔥💯😍

  • Keisar PR
    Keisar PR Month ago

    The ultimate level of vr is when it can "manipulate" our brain to adjust every senses we had

  • NZOC
    NZOC Month ago +61

    Hey MKBHD - just gotta say your videos are amazing and it’s unreal to see how far you’ve come. Keep it up.

    • Swagskii
      Swagskii Month ago

      Don’t click my profile😂

    • Dante22
      Dante22 Month ago

      He’s still going

  • Darkroverit 5
    Darkroverit 5 Month ago +1


  • misterbeane
    misterbeane Month ago

    I've thought now that the next generation of Apple laptops will adopt the same "no visible trackpad" strategy like this, but with one key difference: the ENTIRE area below the keyboard will be able to be used as a trackpad, simulated clicks and all. I'm not sure if palm/wrist rejection tech is that good yet, but I can easily see Apple going that route, because, really, why not?

  • Mary & Dave
    Mary & Dave 10 days ago

    I already did some VR training for Audi on their EV vehicles. Pretty cool, with these gloves it will be next level

  • Nathaniel Wu
    Nathaniel Wu Month ago

    Just wanted to point out that driving simulators don’t need haptic gloves, sim racing equipments provide far more detailed feedback than these could ever do.

  • Jedielder
    Jedielder 28 days ago

    Duh, add an artificial gravity module to the gloves. Hey, this is some next level stuff you have been covering, which is sick. Thanks!

    WHITE LION Month ago

    I usually upgrade my Dell XPS 13 every other year but they really just make it worse overall. They focus so much on making it thinner every year when it gets so hot you can fry an egg on it. I upgrade because it has the best screen and the processors are more energy efficient. When Asus can make their dual screen 14" with 4k screens then I'll switch.

  • F4bkyn
    F4bkyn Month ago +2

    You could add “weight” with an electromagnetic floor plate that attracts/repels the glove in sync with the AR. It could even create surfaces to rest on.

    • Daemon Targaryen
      Daemon Targaryen Month ago

      wow that's interesting. I always wondered about how vr can get u to experience weight.

  • Chris L
    Chris L Month ago +4

    Dope tech, dope channel, dope beats on intro. These guys deserve their success

  • ner721
    ner721 Month ago +14

    Could you do a comparison between those VR gloves and the LucidVR gloves? It’s an open source project with many iterations and has been showing a lot of promise in the VR hand tracking and haptics.

    • ner721
      ner721 Month ago +1

      @Daometh Lucas and a whole lot of people in the LucidVR discord have been coming up with great haptic solutions and most of them at really affordable budgets. I hope we see it get implemented more natively soon into VR experiences.

    • Daometh
      Daometh Month ago +6

      im surprise that no one talks about lucidVR here. it took me too much time finding this comment.
      it really looks like his design just with a shell. idk if it is and i really hope its not a situation like: Make Anything V Torshn

    • Zach Norris
      Zach Norris Month ago +6

      yes. these just look like a knock off of the open source gloves. I kinda expect more research out of MKBHD. At least mention the obvious likeness.

  • Mr. Sphlictor
    Mr. Sphlictor Month ago +2

    Can you imagine controlling a robot in a lab 3000 miles away with this? VR is also great for practicing on things you want to become good at. This will take humans to the next level

    • Lapid Palid
      Lapid Palid 23 days ago

      This!! Can you imagine controlling a robot on Pluto or on a remote unmanned spacecraft. I mean, the delay will be insane, but still... never gonna go there in person, probably money to be made just in giving people the experience.

  • Kalpesh Patel
    Kalpesh Patel Month ago

    Future of VR would be doing the things that you want to escape in the first place. Like I don't want to get tiered running hundreds of miles in VR. And VR will do exactly that. Build something for the sake of immersion that will make you feel tiered.

  • Kami
    Kami 14 days ago

    I have the previous version of the XPS13 it's absolutely beautiful. It doesn't have the caveat that you were talking for the newer one.

  • Olie
    Olie Month ago +3

    The xps 13 + comes with a headphone and usb-a dongle in the box! Although, I often accidentally press the delete touchkey and the trackpad sometimes randomly stops working, but could be bios issue

  • Rcmaniac25
    Rcmaniac25 Month ago +1

    I've been seeing those batteries more and more. Glad to see they have something to charge an electric car from that battery. Seen more then one image of someone going "lol, this is how you charge an electric car that ran out of power" and it's literally a gas generator on a trailer attached to a AAA service vehicle.

    • BenjiMC1
      BenjiMC1 Month ago +1

      In the US there is a company called currently which will ship rapid charger unit to you.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 29 days ago

    The best answer to weighted haptics we've all seen at the gym. I've been envisioning haptic gloves attached to cables going in 4 or more directions with a piece of hardware creating and releasing tension based on what the VR app is telling it. Another version of this that's way beyond my understanding of how things would work would involve electromagnets. They are good enough to levitate and move trains that are weigh multiple tons. Tiny ones could create a more seamless simulation of weight and resistance. With enough fine tuning, you might be able to swim in VR with the sensation of moving your arms and legs through water.

  • Marc Spunt
    Marc Spunt Month ago +1

    The EV charger accessory is extra on the Delta Pro, I have one and love it, but don't use it too often, mostly for backup.... I am like you now, I have your tech! Great Vid!

  • Bryz! ☁️
    Bryz! ☁️ Month ago

    I can’t be the only one who was curious to see MKBHD as a robot with a VR on 😅

  • Wulfleyn
    Wulfleyn Month ago

    There is a company called haptx you could maybe talk to who specialize in haptics and have made a really precise pair of gloves that can let you feel things like rain falling on your hand or a tiny animal crawling on it.

  • Chad Olof
    Chad Olof Month ago

    This is amazing yet I’m still more stoked about the eco flow batteries 🔋

  • Xius
    Xius Month ago

    I was setting up my kids VR for his birthday....The thing is just fucking cool as hell. Im now wanting to get one myself because of it.

  • Bradlei
    Bradlei Month ago

    Lol, just bought that laptop after watching a bunch of reviews that all mention those exact 3 points...Love it, Sooo prettty. only thing that almost stopped me was the touch bar but can remap the esc or del key if it really starts bothering me

  • Yaman Kaytaz
    Yaman Kaytaz Month ago +4

    We are already wearing the most advanced VR headset we will ever have… the human body! When we take it off we will see the real world.

  • Hassan Mohammed
    Hassan Mohammed 7 days ago

    Those VR gloves can revolutionize teaching and demonstration of surgical procedures. That's really dope tech

  • Unfeeling Monster
    Unfeeling Monster Month ago

    Part of me feels like this type of immersion will not be the future of VR. My idea mostly comes down to: Why go through all the effort to stimulate all the nerves and senses when you can just trick the brain into believing it is being stimulated. I think a direct link to the brain will likely be the future

  • Ruben Moreno
    Ruben Moreno Month ago +1

    I love how the pingpong table says MK but then with tape BHD, that's hilarious and creative.

  • Punara Seshani
    Punara Seshani Month ago

    Love Your Videos MKBHD . Great Video MKBHD .

  • Punara Seshani
    Punara Seshani Month ago

    Love Your Videos MKBHD . Great Video MKBHD .

  • Punara Seshani
    Punara Seshani Month ago

    Love Your Videos MKBHD . Great Video MKBHD .

  • Punara Seshani
    Punara Seshani Month ago

    Love Your Videos MKBHD . Great Video MKBHD .

  • Abiola Olayinka
    Abiola Olayinka Month ago +1

    The same haptic gear used in Amazon's "Pantheon". Awesome.

  • You
    You Month ago

    Finally I’ve been waiting for you to cover VR content

  • Asad Maqbool
    Asad Maqbool Month ago

    I can't wait to see those VR gloves being implemented in surgery training simulators!

  • modesigns
    modesigns Month ago

    Now imagine combining the VR gloves with the haptic vest? The future is exciting but scary at the same time lol

  • Wither_Strike
    Wither_Strike Month ago

    for the vr gloves there are a couple of ways to add weight actually, could add more motors so it covers the entire arm instead of just your hand, or make better software for the game like almost every physics vr game has done like the bone series and physics playground

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  • G Four Gadget
    G Four Gadget Month ago +197

    Now this is definitely another step towards fully immersive VR experience, to be able to grab things by hand and feel the objects. Next up is to smell and taste 😋

    • Casey Murray
      Casey Murray Month ago

      @Hunter Lind Not in the slightest. The index has finger tracking, not resistance and feedback. You can't "feel" anything on the index with these gloves you can.

    • Malindrome
      Malindrome Month ago +1

      @Joel yeah but i cant tell if there's a fire or anything, if something dangerous happens, I could be stuck in a fire, so having something like that helps, its like how deaf people have subtitles on the tv so they can "see" the words

    • Joel
      Joel Month ago +3

      @Malindrome That seems kinda pointless, unless we are talking about direct brain conection I don't see the point of having "smell subtitles" except for very specific applications.

    • Vxnom10
      Vxnom10 Month ago +2

      @Lamb sword art online flashbacks

    • Hunter Lind
      Hunter Lind Month ago

      Valve Index can already do all of this for the most part.

  • Zygote
    Zygote Month ago

    I'm thinking they can use this VR and haptic feedback glove etc would help lot in repair of spacecraft etc instead of guy's taking spacewalk 👍🏼

  • AV² Studios
    AV² Studios Month ago +1

    0:06 Laptop
    4:05 Car
    7:50 VR Haptic Gloves
    you're welcome :)

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  • Blue
    Blue Month ago +2

    Please do more of these, I love them

  • Carlos
    Carlos Month ago

    The laptop does look like modern day laptops, I have the surface 2 with good specs and the laptop you showed just reminded me of my surface 2, got this laptop for 440$ and it sells for 1,100$. It’s used but what a steal!!

  • Future
    Future Month ago

    I always wanted these types of gloves