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Will a BULLET PROOF Tesla actually stop bullets?

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Its time to shoot a bulletproof Tesla... Get 1000 miles of free supercharging when you get a Tesla using my code: ts.la/zack10701 And thanks to ArmorMax for letting us 'borrow' their Model S. www.armormax.com/
    See what happens when the tires go flat HERE: clip-share.net/video/VvlNMTR4r8o/video.html
    How Bulletproof is a bulletproof Tesla? What makes a car bullet proof? How much does a bullet proof car weigh? Can you make any car bulletproof? All of these questions and more will be answered in todays video where we find out if a Bullet Proof Tesla is really bullet proof. Ill be using a pretty common 9mm hand gun to fire projectiles at the fully bulletproof Model S Tesla. The cool Green laser sight I used in this video: amzn.to/2G9nyxz
    Adding bullet proof glass and paneling to a Tesla does add some weight to the body. BUT since Teslas are already pretty heavy its not a big deal. Loosing a few miles of range due to the extra weight might be worth it for the added protection.
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    The camera I used to film this video: amzn.to/2p7GtkX
    The Lens I used for this video: amzn.to/1QOXDw2
    Wide angle lens: amzn.to/2qiYM4u
    And this Metabones adapter: amzn.to/2iZ67Ty
    This is the drone I use: amzn.to/2joH00G
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    JerryRigEverything assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. JerryRigEverything recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, expensive electronics, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of JerryRigEverything, no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not JerryRigEverything. Only attempt your own repairs if you can accept personal responsibility for the results, whether they are good or bad.
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  • Aiden
    Aiden 3 years ago +12312

    this guy looks like if humans had a default skin

  • Print Atlas NG
    Print Atlas NG 8 months ago +21

    1. What about if you shoot the same spot more that once? Can the multiple impact lead to penetration?
    2. What if you shoot the glass from inside? Would we have a different result?

    • manji
      manji 5 months ago +7

      1. Modern bulletproof glass is designed in order to resist this, but if you hit it in the same spot over and over, the glass will cave eventually. A tesla is definitely not the most effective car for bulletproofing.
      2. Depending on what type and how the bulletproof glass was installed, and what car the glass was installed in. The strongest bulletproof glass is usually curved slightly outward to provide rigidity, so I'd imagine the glass would be less effective from shooting from the inside.

    • j.c man
      j.c man 5 months ago +8

      what kind of masterclass super gunslinger gangster would be able to shoot the same spot more than once on a moving car? In a real scenario I think you'd be fleeing the shooter not standing still.

    TAG CRYPTIC Year ago +322

    So this is how the “Hitman” trains and tests himself

  • Rufo Colayco
    Rufo Colayco 8 months ago +5

    The hinges of the door also to be beefed up. Otherwise, the hinges will fail with frequent opening & closing of the door. Depending on how the car is to be driven, upgrading the brakes & tires would also be advisable.

    • victor070
      victor070 6 months ago

      @Rufo Colayco it still has no trailer attached :-).

    • Rufo Colayco
      Rufo Colayco 7 months ago

      @Drew Hurst OK, so the bullet proofing only adds weight equivalent to that of 2 to 3 passengers. What happens when you've added bullet proofing AND THEN take on 2 to 3 passengers?

    • Drew Hurst
      Drew Hurst 7 months ago

      Maybe the hinges, but the added weight is only equivalent to 2 to 3 passengers so no real need to beef up the brakes and tires but hey, money is not an obstacle to anyone bulletproofing their Tesla! PS:
      I WANT ONE!

  • HealthSupercharger
    HealthSupercharger 8 months ago +4

    What would be really nice to know and test is if a 2nd bullet would go thru if it hit the same spot. I think this is very important to be able to protect a driver and passenger from multiple rounds hitting same area. Because hand guns have dozen or so rounds it would be logical to have glass that can withstand 2 rounds in same spot. Otherwise it is less safe.

    • Hakim
      Hakim 6 months ago

      Bulletproof can withstand a full pistol mag. A rifle could significantly weaken it but you still have high chances of escaping. There are armor piercing bullets that are specifically designed for this jobs, those are the ones you should be worried about. And hey, if you get hit with those type of bullets, just know you really pissed off Uncle Sam..

  • Shyel Singh
    Shyel Singh 3 years ago +5605

    I wonder what would happen if you shot the same spot twice

    • Hammad Awan
      Hammad Awan Year ago


    • AviationGuy1187
      AviationGuy1187 Year ago

      I wonder what would happen if you shoot an ak47 full auto at the windows

    • Jerry Sanchez
      Jerry Sanchez 2 years ago

      There is no out surviving smart 💯

    • Fuu88 888
      Fuu88 888 2 years ago +1

      What happens if you shot @Chiefin two times in the same spot?

    • w vee
      w vee 2 years ago +1

      @Chiefin no time to listen but time to comment? Youre a contradiction wrapped in a human arent you?

  • ArmyOfAll
    ArmyOfAll 10 months ago

    bullet proof glass is easy to make, I was expecting someone to shoot the bodywork which tends to be far harder to beef up in such a small vehicle while also allowing that vehicle to be able to have a top speed of more than 5mph due to engine size limitations from the vehicles size, no matter the fuel source.

  • Bananos
    Bananos 2 years ago +72

    The glass scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7

  • Tsampl
    Tsampl 11 months ago +2

    Damn it’s doing a pretty great job, I think I’ll need a bulletproof Tesla, seriously.

  • Mr.Trinidad Archibald
    Mr.Trinidad Archibald 4 months ago +1

    Great video would have liked to see you shoot through the same spot twice or even 3times and see the depth effect of another impact of the bullet or would get thru

  • RoNiCs
    RoNiCs 3 years ago +1543

    I totally didnt expect that a BULLET PROOF tesla would actually stop bullets.

  • TheCatInTheHat
    TheCatInTheHat Year ago +1

    Jerry: Shoots the glass three times andscratches the poly-carbonate on the glass.
    Also Jerry: Bulletproof glass is expensive.
    Also Jerry: Thanks to ArmorMax for letting me shoot their Tesla for free.

  • Alejandro Felix
    Alejandro Felix Year ago +5

    It’s my understanding that there is much more power behind the jacketed ball projectile than the hollow point that spreads on impact. I also alternate the cartridges in my magazine in that manner; fmj, hp, fmj, hp. Another great, great video. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Hephoof
    Hephoof Month ago

    @2:39 I won't tell people what exactly that round is, but while it is a 'hollow point,' it is not really a hollow point. The round used is more of a fragmenting round, designed to shatter once inside a target, while actual hollow points are designed to EXPAND inside a target. Regardless, I doubt there would be any difference against armor.

  • E
    E 11 months ago

    I'm definitely gonna invest in this.. When I get a car, There's no telling what might happen... The world we live in is crazy.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 3 years ago +2067

    Jerry: “no one has ever shot a bullet proof Tesla.”
    Me in GTA: “yeah aight”

    • Nickolas Phillips
      Nickolas Phillips 8 months ago

      @los vega their are many vehicles with bullet proof glass

    • Tony Tran
      Tony Tran 9 months ago

      oh my God so fake I hate when people post fake video on Clip-Share

    • John Johnson
      John Johnson Year ago

      @Ccid Timber I don’t like Chris Brown... but you’re even less than that 🥱

    • Morturry
      Morturry Year ago


    • los vega
      los vega Year ago

      I'm sad there's no actual vehicles with bullet proof windows in gta 5

  • Wilbur Jaywright
    Wilbur Jaywright Year ago

    I noticed at the third shot, it looked to me like maybe your hands are not quite in full position when you’re shooting: the gun flinched downward and missed. You need to have your hands in full support position before you pull the trigger. When at a shooting range, I will often stage the trigger before doing some final precise aiming to avoid too much repositioning tempting.

  • Draxous
    Draxous Year ago +50

    4:02 "here we have some pulverized glass"
    *proceeds to rub fingers through it*
    me: "dont do that"

    • grim
      grim Year ago +2

      @Xploration when glass shatters the shards can be sharp to the atomic level as glass is very hard yet brittle, a glass shard can effortlessly cut your skin down to the bone.

    • Draxous
      Draxous Year ago +5

      @Xploration particles of glass can hurt/cut you without you even being able to see it. It can even get in your skin, bloodstream, or lungs, which isn't good for obvious reasons.

    • Xploration
      Xploration Year ago


  • Paul Hynes
    Paul Hynes Year ago

    I find it crazy that a company that makes civilian cars bulletproof is something that needs to exist. The worst car related incident I ever had in the UK was someone putting McDonald's sauce on my windscreen while I was in work...never been shot at...can honestly say that I really doubt I ever will be

  • Walangcha Hang Yelingden

    While it is true that it is safe, would the crash safety of the car be compromised by compromising the crumple zone?

  • NCSbros
    NCSbros 2 years ago +1859

    Bullet : Not able to break the glass
    Zach : Tries to scratch it with a razor
    Bullet : Am I a joke to you ?

  • RT Conrad
    RT Conrad Year ago

    Bullets that expand are designed to open up or “fall apart” inside of flesh not penetrate... .556 rounds are smaller than 9mm just slimmer and faster giving it more penetrating power.

  • Skumberg74
    Skumberg74 9 months ago

    Electric cars can't carry much extra weight (that's why they never come with towbars...) so that might be an issue when you reinforce them

    SURGE Year ago +1

    Bulletproof glass, doors, tires, tinted windows, waterproof car, and an anti break-in feature with full self driving capabilities and I'm happy.

  • Bill Hubbard
    Bill Hubbard Year ago +1

    I Love it.. Firearms shooting/hunting/Survival is a passion of mine.. cool to see that there is a car out there that can Take It When The World/Country Turns to shit.. but to note it is not the size of the bullet that makes it more penetrating. Bigger bullets don't necessarily mean more penetration. It is the speed of the bullet that determines its penetrating power with other factors.. If you want bulletproof tires and all you need to do is buy run-flats. Gives you up to 50 miles at about 40 to 50mph.. RIP round hollow points an regular FMJ(Full Metal Jacket) rounds Used here. RIP Hollow points do not expand like say Federal law enforcement tactical +P or regular hollow points. They fragment into i believe 5 shards upon impact dispersing a lot of energy very quickly which is by Design of all Hollow Points to make sure you do not have over penetration

  • Yasser Abuharba
    Yasser Abuharba 3 years ago +2227

    It's cool to see agent 47 making some useful experiments, he's a lot nicer than I thought.

  • Estonsman
    Estonsman Year ago

    The thing i dont like about any of the bulletproof vehile testing, is when someone is shooting at you with an automatic weapon, it is pretty much quarantined to hit at least 2 bullets at the same spot. So they should test, what happens with glass, when shot multiple times at the same spot.

  • SilverStormShadow

    The car may have survived bullets, but how would it do in the ultimate test of durability, the Bend Test 🤔

  • GreyWolf
    GreyWolf 8 months ago +1

    At this point, we're just all pretty sure that it'll scratch at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7.

  • Vee P
    Vee P Year ago +1

    What if you want to break a window to get out in any situation? Does the bullet proof car doesn’t allow you to get out by breaking the glass?

  • Alejandro Muñoz
    Alejandro Muñoz 3 years ago +1432

    Most important is that it has* scratches at level 6 and deeper groves at a level 7

    • Andrew Stasiuk
      Andrew Stasiuk 2 years ago

      BR33CH HD watch his phone vids

    • Sitsia
      Sitsia 2 years ago


    • Mario Pubg Mobile
      Mario Pubg Mobile 2 years ago

      @Luis he wanted to right :

    • Mario Pubg Mobile
      Mario Pubg Mobile 2 years ago +1

      You meant?

    • Prabhakar Dhar
      Prabhakar Dhar 3 years ago +1

      i was searching for this

  • TNOutdoorsGuy
    TNOutdoorsGuy 2 years ago

    the hollow point being used is called RIP ammo, its lighter weight bullet, would have higher velocity. Federal HST or Speer gold dot's are some of the better hollow points in 9mm the RIP ammo is kinda shitty. Hollow points are designed to spread, the FMJ/Ball ammo would be the one to penetrate the glass more than a Hollow point

  • Mathew Gordon
    Mathew Gordon 2 years ago

    It probably had a smaller impact because the RIP hollow point is a relatively under-powered round

  • Fred Malito
    Fred Malito Year ago

    Not a real surprise that the G2 RIP round did not perform well against those panels. They don’t really perform that well against soft targets, so hard targets are well beyond their capability. They’re a gimmick aimed (pun intended) at the uninformed, nothing more.
    Besides, hollow points are designed to expand in soft tissue; a common winter coat will plug up the hollow core and defeat that feature of the bullet completely in many cases. Even quality hollowpoint bullets are not designed for use against hardened targets at all. That would be the job of armor piercing rounds. Any soft metal will expand dramatically when it hits a hard surface at that velocity.

  • Kian
    Kian 2 years ago +34

    I swear Zack's skin just doesn't cut, the amount of cracked glass he touches in his videos is insane.

      MONSTER_ HARSH 5 months ago +1

      Because it is tempered glass

    • allowmi
      allowmi 8 months ago

      Look at his hands. Leather.

  • Nonstop Alex
    Nonstop Alex 2 years ago +1317

    Imagine being rich enough to buy Tesla’s and other expensive cars just to shoot it for fun

    • Ozkan Benito
      Ozkan Benito 7 months ago +1

      @Drew Hurst You have clearly not driven the cars i mention. And i don’t blame you, it’s not for everyone.

    • Drew Hurst
      Drew Hurst 7 months ago

      @Ozkan Benito G-wagon falls on it's side more easily than Tesla
      BWM is poor value because it doesn't have Tesla's rich features
      Volvo's safety has been surpassed by Tesla
      Each to their own. All the best

    • Ozkan Benito
      Ozkan Benito 7 months ago +1

      @Hugo No Then you should buy a Volvo, they have saved more.

    • Ozkan Benito
      Ozkan Benito 7 months ago +1

      @Drew Hurst And i would buy a G-wagon and a BMW m8.

    • Drew Hurst
      Drew Hurst 7 months ago

      @Ozkan Benito If I was rich I would buy S 3 X Y and Cybertruck models

  • Modina Computer
    Modina Computer 11 months ago

    I Love it.. Firearms shooting/hunting/Survival is a passion of mine.. cool to see that there is a car out there that can Take It When The World/Country Turns to shit.. but to note it is not the size of the bullet that makes it more penetrating. Bigger bullets don't necessarily mean more penetration. It is the speed of the bullet that determines its penetrating power with other factors.. If you want bulletproof

  • OG980
    OG980 Year ago

    Your DIY videos are amazing.

  • Rodrigo Avalos
    Rodrigo Avalos 5 months ago

    This is totally amazing, I would pay a lot for this

    • RichardTheTroll
      RichardTheTroll 3 months ago

      A Dr. Burned to death in a Tesla cause they could not break the glass to get him out after he crashed.. think about that

  • PokeZachary
    PokeZachary Year ago +2

    I’m confused… he’s testing a piece of bulletproof glass, not the rest of the car itself?

  • rckd
    rckd 3 years ago +16158

    Finally, I can drive through Detroit and survive

    • Don Canny
      Don Canny 6 months ago


    • Det 313
      Det 313 6 months ago

      @Shayma Begum your not from Detroit your from hamtramic

    • Trump gender
      Trump gender 7 months ago

      Or Poverty rates were highest in the states of Mississippi (19.58%), Louisiana (18.65%), New Mexico (18.55%), West Virginia (17.10%), Kentucky (16.61%), and Arkansas (16.08%)

    • trentongriffin75
      trentongriffin75 8 months ago


    • Viola Grinnell
      Viola Grinnell 8 months ago

      Bahaha!! #☠️

  • Roozie F
    Roozie F Year ago

    That was awesome
    You should do a video on pressure and with higher caliber

  • Jody Gryczkowski
    Jody Gryczkowski 10 months ago

    But as others have suggested one solution is to just simply try to remain calm let the car fill up with water remove the seat belt and then open up the door when the internal and external pressure are basically the same

  • Greg Montecarlo
    Greg Montecarlo 2 years ago

    its all about tensile strength and bendability. the polycarbonate layer can bend without breaking but unlike glass it has a low tensile strength which is why razors leave marks. but since the outter layer of glass has a great tensile strength it can significantly slow down the bullet while protecting the polycarbonate layer (a layer which adds extra support to the glass think of like making a hybrid of a dog and a cat to get the best of both worlds.)

  • Brie
    Brie Year ago

    One question- are all the windows still able to roll down?

  • Dakilang Maginoo
    Dakilang Maginoo 3 years ago +433

    "Glass is glass and glass breaks." this guy predicted the cybertruck glass smashing.

    • Yimmy
      Yimmy 3 months ago

      even a big steel ball didn't go through the window though which is the point of bullet proof. This is why they call it bullet proof, not smash proof. The bullet was stopped and so was the steel ball

    • Witteny Cineus
      Witteny Cineus 10 months ago

      Cannot wait to see the CyberTruck on the road.

    • Connər Wælsh
      Connər Wælsh 10 months ago +3

      Bulletproof does not mean shatterproof. It means it doesn't let bullets through. If it catches the bullets & cracks it still did it's job 100%.

    • jason
      jason 2 years ago


    • YoungDull bot #REET
      YoungDull bot #REET 3 years ago

      The windows were just loosened by testing before the show so it was loosened and weakened

  • Random Citizen
    Random Citizen Year ago +6

    What about multiple rounds with the same point of impact?

    • Felipe Ranieri
      Felipe Ranieri Year ago

      @Ghostatt Ca vivo en Brasil, soy brasileño

    • Ghostatt Ca
      Ghostatt Ca Year ago

      @Felipe Ranieri De dónde sos?

    • Felipe Ranieri
      Felipe Ranieri Year ago

      There are many specifications of armoured glasses. Each one of them are designed for withstand at least a certain number of rounds within the same spot. The amount of hits and calibers supported are specification dependent. In my country the maximum civilian vehicle specification is called III-A and can withstand at least 5 shots per inch of calibers up to .45. Anything stronger than that is military restricted.

    FLUXXEUS Year ago +6

    All I can think of is: Bullet proof Tesla being hit and only getting a small dent while the other "regular" car is totaled 😂

  • #1 Fortnite Fan
    #1 Fortnite Fan 10 months ago

    In the slow motion,it was so satisfying when the glass came flying in the other direction

  • Wowmage 5.56
    Wowmage 5.56 2 years ago

    Does the roof have reinforcements too? I feel like it should. If not that's a weak point.

  • Clear Adventure
    Clear Adventure 3 years ago +918

    PLOT TWIST: The guy in the spacesuit was Elon Musk.

  • Bulletz4life
    Bulletz4life Year ago

    does the glass still scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7?

  • steven jabs
    steven jabs 6 months ago

    But if you hit it again at the same spot on the glass, it would have been a different story

  • Shashank Achari
    Shashank Achari Year ago

    But real question is Does it scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7?

  • Joshua Clare
    Joshua Clare 9 months ago

    This glass scratches at a level 9mm, with deeper groves at level .45 acp.

  • spindlerjohn
    spindlerjohn 3 years ago +458

    Back at the dealership: “Yeah, test drive went great, those windows were bulletproof just like you said.”

  • Andrew Fontanez
    Andrew Fontanez Year ago

    Or at least 9mm. I wonder how 45acp would do.

  • Altamiro Allebrandt Junior

    Glass is glass, and glass breaks, the plastic doesn't stop the bullet, it stops the glass, what stops the bullet is the energy dissipation that the glass provides when breaking.
    the thing is, this composite of glass and plastic combines the properties of both materials, as carbon fiber combines with resin to be stronger. both alone cannot be bullet proof, but together they are, because there is strength in working together.

  • Walter Abernathy
    Walter Abernathy 9 months ago

    Wonder what would happen with a 357 sig Auto? Or a 10 mm or just a 40 Smith & Wesson. Believe a 30-06 or 223 would just go straight to the glass. Armor on a Hummer can stop a hot 44 magnum at point blank range, it can be penetrated by a 5.56 from 100 yards.

  • Jubraj Toolsie
    Jubraj Toolsie Year ago +1

    so the bullet was completely destroyed by the lightning power but bullet proof glass was used for good measure, i am sorry but i just can not see the tesla lightning but thanks for the inspiration that is a great defense the electricity melts the bullet but somehow the glass still broke? supposed if we were to make a suit and a helmet i guess glass should be avoided maybe. so polycarbonate stops bullets? good to know. what happens when the tesla is aimed directly with a bullet? would it be destroyed or will it fight off 100 more? can you make a video on that? it would be cool to actually defy a bullet. i have heard swords can slice bullets in half is that real?

  • Jazmin Lopez
    Jazmin Lopez 3 years ago +1600

    “What about the tires”
    Just pay the 25k to make them bulletproof

  • Waddup Mayne
    Waddup Mayne Year ago

    Damn it withstood 3 bullets... after the first one i was sure it will shatter when the second one hit but nope! Thats some strong ass glass...

  • Mindy Hankinson
    Mindy Hankinson Year ago

    Hollow points are for carrying for protection, they’re less likely to kill someone.

  • Quack
    Quack 3 months ago

    Wouldn't bullet proof glass be harder to break in an emergency.

  • Bigmoney703
    Bigmoney703 Year ago

    Anyone notice how the laser pointer and the bullet impact were not even close? Maybe it's the refraction from the glass?

  • Vishishta R
    Vishishta R 3 years ago +452

    Jerry: No one has shot a bullet proof tesla
    GTA players: Hold my guns

    • Mr.N54
      Mr.N54 2 years ago

      He didn't even shoot the car. So He shoot a bullet proof glass that can be installed in any car. Nothing special here. His aiming sucks too. 3rd shot should of been higher up. But good video. What did elon say? His cyber truck needed you at his reveal

    • Alauddin Mandal
      Alauddin Mandal 2 years ago

      @IINo1GoodII Ps4 r/woooosh

    • Tami Rose
      Tami Rose 2 years ago

      @Low-Budge Fudge facts

    • Niranx _YT
      Niranx _YT 2 years ago

      NofaZynxx YT ikr stop being tucking toxic

    • Niranx _YT
      Niranx _YT 2 years ago

      No1Good iOS its a joke u sour pussy

  • Draxous
    Draxous Year ago +3

    6:20 i notice he has quite a bit of preemptive recoil adjustment so his shots end up lower than where he originally aimed

    • Stev
      Stev Year ago

      @Desoxyri Seen this, best to clear and place down unloaded.

    • Desoxyri
      Desoxyri Year ago +1

      Even worse, he keeps his finger on the trigger while the gun is still loaded after he had shot

  • The_Ultra_Robot
    The_Ultra_Robot 2 years ago

    Jerry: says rifles have but bigger bullets.
    Rifles with pistol rounds: am I a joke to you?

  • Jayden Yang 楊郎
    Jayden Yang 楊郎 Year ago +79

    Tesla: We made a bulletproof Tesla!
    DemolitionRanch: Hold my beer.

    • George Spalding
      George Spalding 8 months ago

      Deer rifle would penetrate this glass, say 30-06 type. But the BP Glass at your local Bank would protect from 50 caliber most likely.

    • DY
      DY Year ago +3


  • Kyle Rosen
    Kyle Rosen Year ago

    Wouldn't bulletproofing a tesla be kind of pointless by reducing the overall range by quite a bit?

    TREB0II 3 years ago +1214

    I can't get over the fact this guy looks like Mr.clean😂😂

  • Lina
    Lina Year ago

    I really need one of these cars, I have a fear of road rage incidents and some people are insane

  • xm15e2s
    xm15e2s 10 months ago

    You know, this is actually pretty cool!

  • I love u Jk lang
    I love u Jk lang Year ago

    This guy really enjoys abusing expensive things 😂

  • Vaibhav Hood
    Vaibhav Hood 11 months ago

    but once the windshield gets totally damaged by 4-5 bullets and the person inside isn't able to see anything through it. He might crash the car or will have to stop. So u will get away only if u are lucky..

  • bigcanbepis
    bigcanbepis 3 years ago +1352

    Rich gangsters: *buys bulletproof tesla*

  • Tuqsey Molean
    Tuqsey Molean 9 months ago

    Depends on the type of gun

  • Nick Kvalevog
    Nick Kvalevog Year ago

    So the window is made of real glass, with light scratches at a 5 and deep holes at a 9mm

  • DaffodilHen1179 -canal inactiv-

    The real question after installing this glass is:
    How do you brake the glass in case of emergency?

  • Static Snipezs
    Static Snipezs 2 years ago

    So ik this isn't a gun channel but I've noticed something about hollow points or at least 9 mil hollowpoints and when i sent shooting at an actual range for the first time i noticed this as well: hollow points typically have a silver colored casing compared to regular rounds (not sure what to call them) , rounds you'd shoot at the range have brass casings. why is that?

  • Thu Ta Oo
    Thu Ta Oo 3 years ago +1607

    elon musk: *hits blunt*
    elon: why don't we make our tesla bulletproof because this is america?

    • Hey Nugget
      Hey Nugget 3 years ago

      Aryan poorasad No he is not
      hes god

    • Frey
      Frey 3 years ago +1

      Team Skovhugger it’s called Elon Musk has too fucking much money

    • Team Skovhugger
      Team Skovhugger 3 years ago

      What about the roof? Is the floor bomb proof if the tesla should drive over a bomb ?????
      If not whats the point og all this ????
      A chain is only as strong as its veakest link.

    • Team Skovhugger
      Team Skovhugger 3 years ago

      Oh yes that make a lot of sence 👍😂

    • Frey
      Frey 3 years ago

      Isn’t it fallout proof too

  • Michael Stuben
    Michael Stuben Year ago

    It is not bullet proof, just resistant. This was level 3 and it can be done for most car models. Depending on the order the protection can also be extended to the trunk or engine/battery compartment. You often lose some features like A pillar airbags or rain sensing wipers. Also this type of car should not be parked in the sun as the windows will get milky and cost a small fortune to be replaced.

  • Mr HDebater
    Mr HDebater 10 months ago

    I was wondering why he didn't shoot at the same spot again and again like in most bullet proof test videos?

  • Masri Mus
    Masri Mus Year ago

    What happened if the bullet hit the same exact point twice? Or 3 time? Would the bullet penetrate?

  • Okay-Ba-Okay
    Okay-Ba-Okay 9 months ago

    First time to see your video, thanks for showing us the Tesla bullet proof glass :) I thought you're the son of Lex Luthor :) in a good way :)

  • g d.l.p.e
    g d.l.p.e 3 years ago +712

    Nothing is actually bullet ‘proof’ things are bullet ‘resistant’ however.

    • Joseph Atnip
      Joseph Atnip 3 years ago +1

      @Slade AF watch videos on Clip-Share try it and it'll go right through it titanium is an alloy not a pure naturally occurring metal what makes titanium unique is it's light as aluminum but as strong as steel I work with it everyday as a machinist it's the high levels of nickel that make it difficult to work with

    • Gavin Bennett
      Gavin Bennett 3 years ago

      @Notorious bro, you can crush diamonds with a hammer. They're not that strong. They are, however, extremely hard. And hard in this instance meaning highly scratch resistant. Theres a scale for it.

    • adam reed
      adam reed 3 years ago

      The doors on NORAD is bulletproof

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy 3 years ago

      AirPodsUser Harvard: yo you want a scholar

    • Kaizic
      Kaizic 3 years ago

      Durabillity *COUGH* *COUGH*

  • Eartz97
    Eartz97 2 years ago

    i wish you would have shot the same spot multiple times because i mean if someone was going to get shot in a tesla they would most likely be parked and the person would shoot multiple rounds towards them at roughly the same area it wouldve been nice to see how many bullets it can stop in the same spot b4 caving.

  • Oreo with Urea
    Oreo with Urea 2 years ago

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  • NickisSick
    NickisSick 6 months ago

    Would be cool to see an armor piercing round shot at the car and what it would do

  • Цане Димитров

    Zack: grabs a pistol
    Me: That's a GlAwK - 18
    Zack: That's a GlAwK - 19
    Me: CSGO, you've taught me well

  • dendonflo
    dendonflo 3 years ago +2874

    You didn't even try to bend the car, how am i supposed to know how it'll hold up in my back pocket ?!!

    • Crystal Joy
      Crystal Joy 3 years ago

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    • Crystal Joy
      Crystal Joy 3 years ago

      @God Venom u just don't get the joke

    • Crystal Joy
      Crystal Joy 3 years ago

      @God Venom bro I was joking..

    • Crystal Joy
      Crystal Joy 3 years ago

      @milo 😩😩 I typed in bold, u can't wooosh people type in bold text

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      Arijeet Sahoo 3 years ago

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  • deku asta
    deku asta 2 years ago

    What if it's hitted on same spot continuous?

  • Mike
    Mike Year ago

    Zach, you're hitting low left which means you're probably anticipating and trying to compensate for recoil.

  • Sayed Mobin Balkhi

    Try to hit three bullets on a same point, then you will realize the deference between a bullet proof and bullet resistant glass! 😀

  • AYA Teppanyaki
    AYA Teppanyaki Year ago +1

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    Alfie Bee 3 years ago +645

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      Daniel Lopez 3 years ago

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      BRC21 3 years ago

      That’s right and it broke during the cybertruck unveiling

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      Ctyr s 3 years ago

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      Fuu88 888 3 years ago

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      Eschatonx 3 years ago +3

      Alfie Berenyi: Jerry rig: “glass is glass and glass breaks”

  • Цане Димитров

    Zack: grabs a pistol
    Me: That's a GlAwK - 18
    Zack: That's a GlAwK - 19
    Me: CSGO, you've taught me well...but not well enough

  • TheAltoAccounto
    TheAltoAccounto 8 months ago +1

    Short answer: yes a bullet proof Tesla can survive bullets otherwise it wouldn’t be legal to false advertise

  • My animals
    My animals Year ago

    Thing with these handguns you can usually shot multiple times so how would that effect it?

  • Mars Aries
    Mars Aries 9 months ago

    It does not matter what kind of car you have. Bullet proof glass will stop bullet, hence bullet proof. But may not stop bullet though.