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Hanna Season 1 Be the Girl No One Saw Coming | Prime Video

  • Published on Jan 29, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • The Hana Series will break you. Action-packed fight scenes and survivalist training tactics prepare Hana to be the girl no one saw coming. Streaming now on Prime Video.
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    The song featured is called “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” performed by Karen O, originally by the Smashing Pumpkins: amazonstudios.lnk.to/KarenO-B...
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    Hanna Season 1 - Teaser: Super Bowl Ad | Prime Video
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Comments • 487

  • Prime Video
    Prime Video  3 years ago +12

    Watch Hanna now exclusively with your Prime Membership: bit.ly/HannaPrimeVideo

  • Johan
    Johan 10 months ago +8

    Dont complain, they actually did an amazing job with the series. Im impressed.

  • Elliot Perkins
    Elliot Perkins 2 years ago +6

    The show is just as great as the original I love it . Just finished for the third time

  • beingmboi23
    beingmboi23 3 years ago +11

    Episode 1 is awesome...can’t wait until March

  • Tiago Dotto
    Tiago Dotto 3 years ago

    Creio que vai ser uma ótima série, gostei muito do primeiro episódio 👍👍

  • BrownBomber92181
    BrownBomber92181 3 years ago

    The movie was fantastic, one of my favs. It was beautifully shot, and great performances from some terrific actors. Judging from the trailer the series looks pretty weak but I'll give it a chance

  • seabastion
    seabastion 3 years ago +1

    Nice to see Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman in a show again... they were great in The Killing.

  • Trentsum
    Trentsum 3 years ago +31

    I hope they focus heavily on her training and don't make her to overpowered in season one. Audiences don't just want some Mary Sue badass right at the start. They want to see her grow. A journey where she makes mistakes, stumbles, loses fights and learns to be a stealth attacker instead of brawling w grown men straight up. It looks good. I hope it's as good as it looks.

    • Nana _
      Nana _ Year ago

      @Lil Poetboy thats exactly whats I was thinking

    • durtyburg23
      durtyburg23 3 years ago +1

      How in the hell do you know what we want?

    • Shadius Xavier
      Shadius Xavier 3 years ago


    • magitsu
      magitsu 3 years ago +1

      Unfortunately it seems that the whole training and hiding part was completed in the first episode which released yesterday. Way, way too fast. It's not looking all that promising compared to the movie. It also moved from Finland (movie) to Poland (series). The guy doesn't appear like a mastermind since he stays exactly where he disappeared for a decade. Already missing Saoirse.

    • Dal Pet
      Dal Pet 3 years ago +1

      @El Qone'ars I dont have to watch it . She has XX chromosome and that equals perfection. I need no further convincing

  • regina rice
    regina rice 3 years ago +124

    There was a scene (movie) on a container park that was beautifully shot and Saoirse did a great job with the knife fight. Did they show/remake that in this series?

    • Marichelle Spriggs
      Marichelle Spriggs 3 years ago

      @Van Iyke 1

    • Cryogenius333
      Cryogenius333 3 years ago +1

      @JJJ SMITH A container park is a large staging area where they store and stack shipping containers like the ones you see on Cargo ships and freight trains.

    • Tigger Tail
      Tigger Tail 3 years ago

      I loved the movie so I am scared that this will not be a downgrade. The only reason I will give it a shot is because Joel Kinnaman is playing the father and I love this actor dearly. I hope they keep him alive at least for few episodes.

    • Belkis Siolibeth
      Belkis Siolibeth 3 years ago


    • Mr.Peppermintt
      Mr.Peppermintt 3 years ago

      @JJJ SMITH open-air shopping and entertainment venue

  • Shivanshu Panwar
    Shivanshu Panwar Year ago +1


  • Damarcus Paris
    Damarcus Paris 3 years ago +3

    It’s crazy cause I literally just finished the actual movie like an hour ago, and now I see this trailer.

  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north 3 years ago

    I may give this a go but no one will replace saoirse ronan for me she played this role incredibly well

  • breana s
    breana s 3 years ago +2

    Omg I loved the movie it was so good and now there making a show.. can't wait to watch this only wish I had amazon prime video tho

  • ron z
    ron z 3 years ago

    i love the original movie where saoirse ronan played the lead,saoirse played it remarkably and also the music of the chemical brothers was perfect for the movie..,,that movie was very good...i hope this series will give a chance for hanna to reach season 2

  • SilentSights
    SilentSights 3 years ago +1

    I wish it had the same cinematic styling and scoring of the film. That’s what made the film so special to me.

  • Somalia Gullette
    Somalia Gullette 3 years ago

    I want to give this a chance. I love the movie, so I have hope for this series.

  • Mark Terene
    Mark Terene 3 years ago

    The movie was amazing.

  • Nitish Rai
    Nitish Rai 2 years ago +1

    One of best web series ever

  • Starless
    Starless 3 years ago +17

    Really? Yes let's just make a series about a movie that is already amazing.

  • Hooman
    Hooman 3 years ago

    Awesome, I love this movie a lot so i can't waiting for this

  • Elijah Graham
    Elijah Graham 3 years ago

    Two issues:
    Her being a brunette really brings down my “She’s a government super soldier” kinda vibes. The movie she had that pale blond look that made her look more dangerous than any average girl.
    2: In the movie they made it even look like they had been living in the arctic for a long period of time. They had clothing made from animals they killed and their house looked like it was made by someone who didn’t want to be found. Thile trailer shows them wearing jackets that you would go to a mall to buy not really laying low.

  • Rochelle Deliz
    Rochelle Deliz 3 years ago +2

    I don’t think this will be as good as the movie. But as soon as the guy started talking in a German accent I was like “is this a Hanna remake??” It is. And I’m definitely checking it out.

  • Queen
    Queen 3 years ago +27

    I love this movie. Hopefully the show isn't a letdown.

    • Queen
      Queen 3 years ago

      @JCRivera98 but it's not

    • Queen
      Queen 3 years ago

      @Al Lyles not understanding u

    • Asma cheema
      Asma cheema 3 years ago

      I 7

    • Al Lyles
      Al Lyles 3 years ago

      @Queen ??

  • Justin Altman
    Justin Altman 3 years ago

    I like the first Hannah a lot. I don't know why they would remake it instead of a sequel

  • Jess
    Jess 3 years ago +178

    Why can't they make their own original content. Saoirse did an amazing job let it be.

    • Rori Ronan
      Rori Ronan Year ago

      Bro it's just a fucking TV show. You're acting like making a retelling is a crime. Stop.

    • Toby Riecke
      Toby Riecke Year ago +1

      The series is co-created by the co writer of the original. The show is actually pretty good. It takes from the original but also adds a lot more

    • epiccollision
      epiccollision 3 years ago

      JessieSevenfold it was supposed to be series the movie killed it

    • Eugemnia Sksk
      Eugemnia Sksk 3 years ago


    • Markus Arike
      Markus Arike 3 years ago +2

      Amazon Studios has boatloads of award-winning original shows and movies unlike the lame, derivative Marvel shows of Netflix.

  • Luke H
    Luke H 3 years ago

    Loved the movie. Will give it a try, because once again the hate prove a simple fact that is so obvious but many ignore/can't see because they are so blinded; the more you hate something, the more it'll make people do it. Ya, that "it's cold outside" hate? Made people use it more.
    FO76? I want to play it the more I hear hate about it. This show? I want to watch it because there is so much hate about it.

  • clash of kings
    clash of kings 3 years ago

    Hopefully it's as good as the movie

  • Jonathan Boyd
    Jonathan Boyd 2 years ago

    I heard it's pretty good gonna have to put it on the watch list so much stuff is on my watch list at the moment though

  • Ken G
    Ken G 3 years ago

    I enjoyed the first episode, can't wait for March.

  • Veronica
    Veronica 3 years ago +3

    *Squeals* I own this movie so an adaptation/remake. I'm here for it.

  • Rouse Moon Black
    Rouse Moon Black 3 years ago

    I just want Saoirse, Eric and Cate back

  • easyrider rider
    easyrider rider 3 years ago +5

    Looks Awesome!! Must Watch!!! 😊😊😊😎😎😎👍👍👍👍🍺🍺🍺🍺🍻🍻🍻🍻🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

  • Kelly Darrow
    Kelly Darrow 3 years ago

    The original movie was fantastic, so well done. Wish they'd leave it at that. The constant remake routine in entertainment is annoying. Original is sorely missed!

  • kassi420
    kassi420 3 years ago

    She IS Hanna!

    SHIRA SHTITZER 3 years ago +2

    I’m waiting for seeing this series .

  • Curly Gee
    Curly Gee 3 years ago

    Very nicely done

    RUBIX QOOB 3 years ago

    Yep. Loved that movie. Let's go.

  • Uncle John
    Uncle John 3 years ago

    There’s no way it’s better than the movie...

  • Michelle
    Michelle 3 years ago

    Dood the movie with the girl from the lovely bones was good I can’t wait to watch this version

  • Outcast POV
    Outcast POV 3 years ago

    I'll give this a chance depending on the ratings

  • Ciara Watkins
    Ciara Watkins 3 years ago

    but - the movie was awesome enough - whyyy

  • Sieciowy Toster
    Sieciowy Toster 3 years ago

    First Episode amazing.

  • Curious Cupid
    Curious Cupid 3 years ago +1

    I hope they recreate the container park scene with the exact song

  • sound wave6
    sound wave6 3 years ago +1

    🌹HANNA🌹🤣she almost choked him out

  • Lil Poetboy
    Lil Poetboy 3 years ago

    wow one of my favorite female action movies is now a series? Holy crap, i can't stop the tears of joy.

  • Legion
    Legion 3 years ago +2

    That Ep-01 end credits song you're looking for is *Beak by Wulfstan.*

  • multificionado
    multificionado 3 years ago +3

    0:11 "The mast is not a worthy opponent."

  • OG Reticular
    OG Reticular 3 years ago

    If the whistle tune from the hanna movie isnt in the show i dont want it🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Noah Zuniga
    Noah Zuniga 3 years ago

    i loved the movie, watched the first episode with low expectations: don't waste your time, it's a generic mess, even if you didn't see the movie there's nothing interesting to see

  • Lil Poetboy
    Lil Poetboy 3 years ago

    I think i'm the only person in the world who wish for the ending of the first season does not end like the movie. I really hope there's alot of changes from the movie( sure as Marissa killig Erik) as much as i LOVE and ADORE tiny girls kicking massive guys ( i think the character Gully from Battle Angel Alita manga started this obsession in my childhood that i have nurtured into my adulthood).

  • Elinor Vision
    Elinor Vision 3 years ago

    love to see the killing cast togather

  • Melbo Mcguillicutty
    Melbo Mcguillicutty 3 years ago

    Isn’t there a movie already 🤔

  • samasia skipperable
    samasia skipperable 3 years ago +1

    This is like Dark Angel.

  • kris kemp
    kris kemp 3 years ago

    The original movie is amazing, with perfect casting and a memorable soundtrack by The Chemical Brothers. Amazon is gonna ruin this by making it politically-correct.

  • LeoDeLaVega.art
    LeoDeLaVega.art 3 years ago

    Looking foreword to this!

  • gorgeousblackwoman
    gorgeousblackwoman 3 years ago


    PSYCHOGROUPIE1111 3 years ago

    Should watch the moviee with saoirse ronan! It was pretty good

  • Alex Woodard
    Alex Woodard 3 years ago

    This was already a dope movie 🤦🏿‍♂️ TV show remakes suck

  • I. Rex
    I. Rex 3 years ago

    Will we be getting a Saoirse cameo at some point? if not, I have no interest.

  • Joshua Bates
    Joshua Bates 3 years ago +2

    Ugh, I bet the folks at Amazon were thinking "Hey, remember when Netflix did a TV series based on From Dusk Till Dawn? We should do the same thing with an even less memorable movie that only came out 7 years ago."

  • Helen Asanovic
    Helen Asanovic 3 years ago

    I know Hanna wasn’t big In the box office but I really love the movie ! I’m going to skip this Show ! No thanks !

  • marco polo
    marco polo 3 years ago

    Is this based off that movie from so time ago? I actually enjoyed that movie

  • Liz Smith
    Liz Smith 3 years ago +1

    I loved the movie so my expectation is pretty high

  • SoloClone
    SoloClone 3 years ago +2

    Whoa WHOA WHOA!
    Hold it....
    Can't just wear the track suit an act Slav....
    Can she squat like Slav.....?
    -nods head

  • Susi Laila
    Susi Laila 3 years ago

    Episode 2.... when???

  • gmerashell -.-t
    gmerashell -.-t 3 years ago

    People in the past thought we'd be the generation that would have flying cars and stuff like that; nope we're the generation that got a crap ton of movie remakes cause apparently in our time all directors lose their imagination and creativity.

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake 3 years ago +1

    The smashing pumpkins made the already amazing trailer 10 times better

    • Grim
      Grim 3 years ago

      Jake Dunbar do you know where I could find this cover? I was thinking the same thing dude

  • Joyride_zd
    Joyride_zd 3 years ago

    Didn't they already make a movie about this, like say, 6 some odd yrs ago? Is this a pick up where the movie left off? Because the movie was great

  • Zoephia
    Zoephia 3 years ago

    Does anyone think this girl looks like Annie Rose?

  • AttackoftheMooshi
    AttackoftheMooshi 3 years ago +2

    Feels odd without the chemical brothers

  • Dee Stttone
    Dee Stttone 3 years ago +1

    Wasn't this a movie already - one with a likeable actor? We don't really need this.

  • Irina K
    Irina K 3 years ago

    ✉ 💌 ★★ ► How cool these few min. are! - In my mind - I'm that type of girl.....
    even after 50, even battling ugly illness for over a decade, even without one crucial organ in my body, even being deprived on many things in life that we all take for granted: one of which is an ability to move fast and freely and feel adrenaline in your veins....
    Cherish your body & brain - being on this planet you will need it pretty darn healthy till you 100+...
    This is my New Moon message for today ;)
    Feb 4, 2019

  • Franz Haas
    Franz Haas 3 years ago


  • Weasel
    Weasel 3 years ago

    Can someone give me a guide on which prime shows to watch? So far I’ve seen the new tick and parks and rec. On my list is Twilight Zone, Chuck, Psych, 24, and Jack Ryan. What else should I watch?

  • Gundam Gunpla
    Gundam Gunpla 3 years ago

    This looks just like a movie under the exact same name. Hanna was an okay movie, but I don't know how they'll get a whole show out of it

  • Emma Tilitile
    Emma Tilitile 3 years ago

    She looks like the female counterpart of Asa Butterfield lol

  • andrew carson
    andrew carson 3 years ago


  • Adrian Gonzalez
    Adrian Gonzalez 3 years ago

    Hannah and Wayne crossover pls

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 3 years ago

    How many times are they going to make this storyline?! Hollywood is lazy AF!

  • Truffle73
    Truffle73 3 years ago

    Here's the show: government bad, girl strong, old man good

    • Mariachi153
      Mariachi153 3 years ago

      at least a man is one of the good guys.

  • Paul Grimm
    Paul Grimm 3 years ago

    What’s all this girl power ? We know women are wonderful creatures

  • 王俊伟
    王俊伟 3 years ago +1

    Good video! I'm liked and share 451 times :D

  • Tyler Murray
    Tyler Murray 3 years ago

    The original movie is already great...

  • M
    M 3 years ago

    Does this take place after the movie or before?

  • Hey Its Hannah
    Hey Its Hannah Year ago

    1Yr late watching this😃Anyone in 2020💞

  • david friend
    david friend 3 years ago +157

    Great. Another remake of a movie that's not old. I guess movie makers lost their imaginations. This remake trend is getting old.

    • Fabi
      Fabi Year ago +1

      Val 91 that is completely incorrect and not true at all

    • Player Zone
      Player Zone 2 years ago +2

      @Val 91 it's not same story your need to see it again

    • Ghost
      Ghost 3 years ago

      @El Qone'ars let's be honest though, this looks pretty cool.

    • Alexander Rios
      Alexander Rios 3 years ago


  • brent847
    brent847 9 months ago

    too many plot holes she grew up in the woods but knows about phones and driving a car? im another female in god mode.

  • belen Hernández
    belen Hernández 3 years ago


  • Minecraft Sun
    Minecraft Sun 3 years ago

    Anybody know the song in the very beginning? Like the first 15 seconds or so?

  • Seth Tyler
    Seth Tyler 3 years ago +16

    The movie is already better

    • K Everdeen
      K Everdeen Year ago

      I love the movie, but after watching the series, i fell in love. I mean it. It is a good one.

    • Elliott Taylor Perkins
      Elliott Taylor Perkins Year ago

      Nope this show is something bigger

  • Justin Valente
    Justin Valente 3 years ago

    I rate this show 4.5 out of 5 Zs. ZZZZz

  • Micidonal
    Micidonal 3 years ago +2

    The dude sounds exactly like Tyrion Lannister

  • J E
    J E 3 years ago

    Just missed my heart

  • Xandra Trevino
    Xandra Trevino 3 years ago

    Kind of like X-23 from Marvel.

  • Victoria Yargeau
    Victoria Yargeau 3 years ago

    I liked the movie, hated that it was rated R for sexual content. I think the hair color change is an interesting way to go. Like the bullet with butterfly wings at the end. Who's doing the cover?

  • Hidden Winter 1
    Hidden Winter 1 Year ago

    This is sick!!!!

  • BUH lucky
    BUH lucky 3 years ago +1

    Movie was good. Maybe this will be this generations "the pretender".

  • Captain Picard
    Captain Picard 3 years ago

    I love Joel Kinneman.

  • Cape Designs
    Cape Designs 3 years ago

    another teenager better than everybody

  • jorejaha
    jorejaha 3 years ago

    I thought this was gonna turn into a geico commercial it was so ridiculous.