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Day One | Highlights | 2022 Mosconi Cup

  • Published on Nov 29, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Chris
    Chris 2 months ago +66

    Best USA one day Mosconi Cup appearance in years.

    • DingleDangle
      DingleDangle 2 months ago

      styer and the extras are too weak.

  • Jhorenn Lim
    Jhorenn Lim 2 months ago +4

    There's only one thing I want for this years Mosconi Cup. Regardless who wins, I want to see a competitive tournament, I hope all the players could provide that.

  • Jayvin Andre
    Jayvin Andre 2 months ago +12

    Crowd is just electric!!! Best crowd in recent years.

  • Juniar Rahmayadi
    Juniar Rahmayadi 2 months ago +3

    31:45 "Dont talk about that, that's gone,that's past"
    Respect 👏👏👏

  • AJ Mangino
    AJ Mangino 2 months ago +2

    Skyler vs Filler was as good as it gets. What a first day!

  • Monwell Chassion
    Monwell Chassion 2 months ago +16

    There were so many people against Styer playing. That dude comes with it.

  • marko antoine hadrian
    marko antoine hadrian 2 months ago

    ....and finally, looks like Earl's emotionally keeping the Team together for the first time. No outbursts, no ranting, no sulking. It seems that he and Cap JJ had a pep talk before the tourney...and it was good. 🙂

  • Steven Angasan
    Steven Angasan 2 months ago +1

    Imagine how much cooler matchroom would be if they aired the live matches like world billiard tv does

    JOHN A. BLANK 2 months ago

    That 4 / 9 was unbelievable! Great shot SVB!!!

  • joe schmoe
    joe schmoe 2 months ago

    Man, what an absolutely fantastic start for our U.S. team! Everyone had to adjust to the tight pockets and nerves the first few games. From all the smack talk against us at the conference, the ever repeating "Europe is heavily favored", the overall record against us in recent years, the fact we "only" won in 18' and 19' with a euro as our captain. ITS TIME, BABY! Earls pumped up encouraging attitude is adding to the mix in a very positive way and I think his game is going to show up big time tomorrow. I think today's wins will settle him at the table. It's all about vibe and karma with Earl, And you're never too old for that, just watch, hes going to roll, and that's going to add even more to this momentum. Europe has acted like a group of marauders who know they are the best players coming over here to have their party and then own us. Problem is, our guys have clearly gone fully insulated, closed off and fully focused, they are all locked in on playing "their" game, shot by shot...at the table. Could someone tell me is that a shirtless Billy Thorpe in the audience with the shades and the stars and stripes overalls?
    ... GO U.S.A.!!!

  • Derek Duval
    Derek Duval 2 months ago

    Wtf!! Some of these shots on day 1 are amazing!! Fantastic combo Woodward!!

  • Ray Stanczak
    Ray Stanczak 2 months ago +1

    All great pressure players.
    Team USA looking good!

  • Baffroom
    Baffroom 2 months ago +13

    i love how composed tyler plays

    • AJ Mangino
      AJ Mangino 2 months ago

      Tyler is a threat in the Mosconi. Good money to beat any member of Europe at any time

    • Robert Dominic Ceasar Salvilla
      Robert Dominic Ceasar Salvilla 2 months ago +6

      Thats why he gets the edge over Thorpe and Reinhold.

  • David...UK.
    David...UK. 2 months ago

    Great competition. Well done matchroom.

  • Robert Blythin
    Robert Blythin 2 months ago

    Skyler's reaction was great haha

  • Sub_Second_ Life
    Sub_Second_ Life 2 months ago +4

    How good is SVB? He is just so smooth

    • Doug Overhoff
      Doug Overhoff 2 months ago +2

      He's just one of the best EVER, that's all. 😁🤗👍

  • okey dokey
    okey dokey Month ago

    I think this US team would be even stronger with Bergman on it.

  • Nomma Rillnaim
    Nomma Rillnaim 2 months ago +78

    7:45 One of the greatest shots I've ever seen under pressure. Shane the 🎱 🐐

  • JoeRandom11
    JoeRandom11 2 months ago

    I love how hypocritical Earl is....Saying Albin (I think that's who he played) is "the luckiest" and then immediately gets a lucky safety after an easy shot miss.

  • Ryan Riley
    Ryan Riley Month ago

    The pearl ended on a high note!

  • 轉圈圈Turner
    轉圈圈Turner 2 months ago +1

    12:29 , 14:05 ........ FSR is Monster of Monster !!!

  • KvnDWr
    KvnDWr 2 months ago

    7:49 SVB wow 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Animu lovers
    Animu lovers 2 months ago

    I wish this time USA will triump....thank yiu match room for the wonderfull match pool highlights.

  • diathekedriven
    diathekedriven 2 months ago +60

    Fantastic seeing Earl in there cheering with so much enthusiasm. Seems to have a good effect on our boys! I’m hoping we can keep the momentum!

    • Terry Mayo
      Terry Mayo 2 months ago

      @LA Gamer ok

    • LA Gamer
      LA Gamer 2 months ago

      @Terry Mayo it didn't look like the cue snapped

    • Terry Mayo
      Terry Mayo 2 months ago

      @LA Gamer In the 3rd rack against FSR and Filler in their doubles match Woodward was his partner..the article says he smashed his cue stick

    • LA Gamer
      LA Gamer 2 months ago

      @Terry Mayo when

    • Terry Mayo
      Terry Mayo 2 months ago

      The idiot smashed and broke his cue also

  • Jeremiah Reyes
    Jeremiah Reyes 2 months ago +145

    Seeing Earl cheering on brings a tear in my eye. Welcome back Earl!

    • scambodia147
      scambodia147 2 months ago

      @pale shelter you gone quiet boy-you ok?

    • Jay Nosowsky
      Jay Nosowsky 2 months ago

      More i think about it...its not Earles fault . He should of never been put in this Situation...he never should of been picked...and whats worse, when we got the lead and we were winning...instead of going for the Is throat, we keep putting earle in ...over and over and over again...until there up by 2 pts...wrong players and shit lineups!!!! Thats all on Jeremy Jones!!! Love for you earle!!!!

    • Terry Mayo
      Terry Mayo 2 months ago

      @Jeremiah Reyes wow.. now you're saying Earl the idiot was picked only because he draws controversy and an audience.. so it has nothing to do with skill.
      I told you you were a joke

    • Jeremiah Reyes
      Jeremiah Reyes 2 months ago

      @Jay Nosowsky so true man. I see it exactly the same as you

    • Jay Nosowsky
      Jay Nosowsky 2 months ago

      @Jeremiah Reyes shaw won't even play Justin Bergman for money... he got out of it saying the tables were bad...and Justin said he'll play him on any table...and he still wouldn't...Justin is at the top of his game..I've never seen him play so good. Justin was on the team ...America wins 11-5 easily...Europe is playing the worst they ever have in history and there still winning some how

  • Mr.New2town aka TwattyLatte
    Mr.New2town aka TwattyLatte 2 months ago +17

    im not a fan of earl at all, but every time i see him cheer on his team it brings a smile to my face. Keep it up Earl your winning alot of fans!!!!!

  • Observer
    Observer 2 months ago +35

    Class oozes out of every pore in Allison's body! What a great ambassador she has always been for pool and snooker!

    • Myspachor
      Myspachor 2 months ago +1

      @Doug Overhoff Thanks Doug

    • Ty Arnold
      Ty Arnold 2 months ago +2

      Is that her commentating? Sounded familiar.

    • Doug Overhoff
      Doug Overhoff 2 months ago +2

      @Myspachor Allison Fisher.

    • Myspachor
      Myspachor 2 months ago


    • Doug Overhoff
      Doug Overhoff 2 months ago +1

      She's a great lady. Met her only once, and not only is she one of pool and snooker all time best, she does personify class!

  • Kelvi Kelv
    Kelvi Kelv 2 months ago +60

    Some *Excellent* shots made here. Skyler is in MVP form! SVB is redeeming himself!

    • babapoppp
      babapoppp 2 months ago +1

      @BarberRO how'd you not know what is mvp?

    • Eric Javier Franco
      Eric Javier Franco 2 months ago +2

      @BarberRO most vicious person 😅

    • Kelvi Kelv
      Kelvi Kelv 2 months ago +3

      @BarberRO, Most Valuable Player.

    • BarberRO
      BarberRO 2 months ago

      What its “MVP”?

    • BEAST IN H3
      BEAST IN H3 2 months ago +1

      @Right! If he keeps it up,which I'm sure he will I gotta agree with you 💯 on that!

  • Jack Miller
    Jack Miller Month ago

    How long until we get to watch the full matches on Clip-Share?

  • eL_T
    eL_T 2 months ago

    This crowd reminds me of a sitcom filmed before a live studio audience.

  • Nick
    Nick 2 months ago

    2:20 Funny roll of the 1ball

  • Tyler Massey
    Tyler Massey 2 months ago

    Skylar drops the 9 on the break:

  • Dennis Dudgeon
    Dennis Dudgeon 2 months ago

    Now that is team USA they look like a fuckin team love it that's how you win like a team not as an individual right there. Your all there together doesn't matter if it's a singles match or whatever your there as a team.

  • James Davis
    James Davis 2 months ago +5

    I realize not every tournament can be like the Mosconi Cup - but come on guys and gals - this is fantastic. The crowd being so into it, whether it is played in America or somewhere in England - just brings these matches to another level.
    The people that run pool - all of the different people - have to figure out a way to make tournaments more lively and like this. Whether America wins or loses - this shit is fantastic. Come on America, keep the pedal to the metal.

  • Jason Sanders
    Jason Sanders 2 months ago +11

    So glad to see svb have some outstanding moments on day 1.and Skyler Woodward's match was incredible. Earl Strickland still has a few more days to have his moment. We need another big win from Earl. Just because for years he was a main figure. Europe is a powerhouse so. I mean that team is loaded. When shaw is considered your 3rd or 4th best player damn. This is some great pool. I really want the us to make this thing close. Yes I want us to win but this will be some great pool

  • TheUntold
    TheUntold 2 months ago +8

    Ah, I love the mosconi cup. It's my super bowl for cue sports.

  • Brett Smith
    Brett Smith 2 months ago +33

    Being here live and watching earl be the first teammate up to cheer his teammates everytime is touching.
    Tyler styer besides that missed six shot lights out.
    Lastly Josh filler has acted so humble here and I applaud him for that.

  • Cesar Jr. Mata
    Cesar Jr. Mata 2 months ago +14

    Nice to see Earl still playing Go USA!

  • Brandon Kelly
    Brandon Kelly 2 months ago +9

    Damn, the shots SVB was making were incredible.

  • Shannon McStormy
    Shannon McStormy 2 months ago

    The Mosconi Cup sucks ! I love so many players on BOTH sides ! Ugh ! I'm solidly Team-USA, but I love Filler, Sánchez Ruíz, Shaw......Sigh. Thankfully, my favorite player is SVB and he is rocking: those two combo shots on day-1 were mind-blowing. Like watching a trick-shot expo rather than a hyper-competitive world-class 9-Ball match. .....Ok.....Actually......I LOVE the Mosconi Cup. The pressure means that even the best players are capable of missing in clutch moments, in non-clutch moments - It is truly exciting to watch. This is excitement start to finish. Really outstanding. The commentary is Top Shelf, the Video-Quality (lighting, positioning, etc.,) is amazing. I used to hate the boisterous crowd, but now I love it. WOW !

  • Richard's World Traveler
    Richard's World Traveler 2 months ago +6

    I don't think I've seen Earl this happy and excited for other players before.

    • Janet Ramos
      Janet Ramos 2 months ago

      So Sorry what a hot mess . WHEN DID BILLARDS BECOME A SCREAMING MATCH . Can't imagine watching 😕

  • Alonso Acosta
    Alonso Acosta 2 months ago


  • August Bobby
    August Bobby 2 months ago +16

    Let's go USA. Keep it going

    DJJESSEJ 2 months ago +2

    Tyler’s jump game is so crucial for Team

  • Roope McCane
    Roope McCane 2 months ago +1

    The europe fan in 9:10 really testing it. Will probably show up in the next match with a bruised face... lol...

  • Mr.New2town aka TwattyLatte

    tyler played amazing today with 2 huge cross banks. keep it up young fellow, become a legend.

  • Rabi Havi
    Rabi Havi 2 months ago

    imagine this fantastique fans and there plays Eklent Kaci vs Alex Kazakis without shotclock...all will gone, nobody will see that and pool will die

  • Mike A
    Mike A 2 months ago +3

    Holy moly that is the loudest crowd in a pool match I've ever heard!!

  • Adrian Castruita
    Adrian Castruita 2 months ago +6

    Billy Thorpe cheering on team USA representing!!!

  • Kierron
    Kierron 2 months ago +6

    I’m from the uk but gotta love an underdog! Go team USA!

  • Sharkpuncher
    Sharkpuncher 2 months ago +3

    SVB is still awesome. When he's in form it's nonsense to beat him. Him and skyler are going to be an impossible team to beat this year.

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith 2 months ago

    SVB is the best in the world. It really is amazing how well he sees difficult shots

  • Right!
    Right! 2 months ago +9

    Skylar way to freaking go beating filler.

  • darren apple
    darren apple 2 months ago +5

    Great playing team 🇺🇸 !!!!

  • Att_ronez
    Att_ronez 2 months ago +1

    The whole team is really coming together. This year is for USA

  • Derek Duval
    Derek Duval 2 months ago

    Respect muricans!!! What a freaking awesome first day!!! I’m English so team Europe, but wow that was the best first day of the mosconi cup for years!!!

  • Michael Bardeleben
    Michael Bardeleben 2 months ago +2

    Nice to see the pockets really tight. At this level they should be. Wel done Matchroom!!!

    ORGAN DUDE 2 months ago +1

    Let’s gooooooo

  • Ben
    Ben 2 months ago +1

    Love that energy! What a show!

  • Duper
    Duper 2 months ago +1

    Vote SVB for MVP

  • TonyB
    TonyB 2 months ago

    Thorpe out there putting the Billy in Hillbilly with his US flag toga :P

  • Peroxide
    Peroxide 2 months ago

    I looked forward to this event the entire year … I even got several of my friends who don’t watch pool super pumped for it and the day finally comes and guess what!? We can’t stream it anywhere lol they list all these places that are supposed to stream it but it’s garbage and they want like a 30 dollar sign up fee. But they don’t have a problem posting the highlight reels! Lame. Way to be like all the other sports , guess I’ll go back to not giving a shit about professional sports

  • Billy Sikes
    Billy Sikes 2 months ago +2


    • scambodia147
      scambodia147 2 months ago +1


  • Justin Bowman
    Justin Bowman 2 months ago +1

    Come on guys! GO USA! You got it guys! SEE YOU ON DAY 3!

  • Derek Duval
    Derek Duval 2 months ago

    What a quality opening match, atmosphere looks amazing!! Fuller was loving it!!!

    • Terry Mayo
      Terry Mayo 2 months ago

      Who is Fuller? There is nobody with that name playing

  • Bob G
    Bob G 2 months ago

    Should've left the cross bank in Tyler used to get to that 6, one of the most clutch shots of the day!!!

  • ItsVishyBreh
    ItsVishyBreh 2 months ago +1

    First day went well. Almost all matches went hill-hill, I hope it’s like this all tournament. Was on the edge of my seat watching this

  • Bassin&Billiards
    Bassin&Billiards 2 months ago +15

    Tyler played well both times he came to the mosconi imo

    • Bassin&Billiards
      Bassin&Billiards 2 months ago

      Yeah I think he's a good foundation for team usa. Hopefully Earl can put together one last good Mosconi 👍

    • diathekedriven
      diathekedriven 2 months ago +2

      Agree 100%. He has such a quality stroke and calm attitude. Some mistakes here and there but I’ll take him on the team any day…

  • Blue AK
    Blue AK 2 months ago +1

    Go USA. No shame in losing to World Cup of pool champs alcaide/FSR. Well played!

  • tory zwanziger
    tory zwanziger 2 months ago +11

    Great day 1 USA!!! Stayed focused

  • Andrew Hoeft
    Andrew Hoeft 2 months ago

    Hard to beat Nick and Allison on the call... Outstanding 👍.

  • Derek Duval
    Derek Duval 2 months ago

    SVB you absolute animal.. that 4-9 combo was insane!!!

  • Neil NZ
    Neil NZ 2 months ago +1

    Some pool playing going on here with this one. Fired up the US for this one.

  • Mohammed Taqi Alhamad
    Mohammed Taqi Alhamad 2 months ago +3

    11-6 for Europe

  • Pablo Sandoval
    Pablo Sandoval 2 months ago +8

    Mexicano apoyando al team USA, vamooosss 😎

  • Pj Tyra
    Pj Tyra 2 months ago +3

    Dude Billy is BUILT for the crowd member hype!! Holy shit

  • Joe Bly
    Joe Bly 2 months ago

    Wow all the young guys really gettin svg out of his shell. Never seen him getting that pumped before. Love it

  • TheGameChanger
    TheGameChanger 2 months ago +42

    Earl the Pearl better get some rest tonight! He blew it today. I'm forever an Earl fan but his playing could potentially cost team USA a tournament win in the end!

    • Doug Overhoff
      Doug Overhoff 2 months ago +1

      @Jay Nosowsky Gee, only 9 out of 10? If that shot was so easy, why not 10 out of 10, big boy?
      Don't flatter yourself! Under that pressure you'd probably fold like a cheap card table. And that's if you didn't soil your drawers, first. I'll bet you've never even played on a table with pockets as tight as those before. Because, if you had, then you'd know how easily that shot can be missed, and Earl didnt miss it by very much at all.
      But then, of course, you're a much better class of player than Earl is, right?

    • Jay Nosowsky
      Jay Nosowsky 2 months ago

      @Doug Overhoff oh please for a pro , them are baby shots .. I could make them shots 9 out of 10 times.

    • Doug Overhoff
      Doug Overhoff 2 months ago

      @Jay Nosowsky There was nothing simple about that shot, nor was it straight in. It was makeable, sure, but also very missable and not really all that easy, given the cue ball was tight on the rail. And you heard Allison say that those side pockets are treacherous. Give it a rest!

    • Jay Nosowsky
      Jay Nosowsky 2 months ago

      @BEAST IN H3 Bergman Fargo is 800...and this is the best I've seen him play...plus he's a monster in doubles..and that huge!!!

    • Jay Nosowsky
      Jay Nosowsky 2 months ago

      @BEAST IN H3 Jeremy Jones doesn't know what talent means? I mean he took his neighbor 2 years in a row( Chris reinhold/Robinson)
      . That dude was a 🤡 clown ....now we have another clown that should be retired. We have to win a mosconi cup with 3 and a half people now...we need tons of luck!!! And Europe to keep screwing up!!!

  • Darian Soennichsen
    Darian Soennichsen 2 months ago +11

    Woot, woot, GO USA! Nice job guys, keep it up, ol Earl is in their heads, lol.

  • L Milne
    L Milne 2 months ago

    The pearl what a guy. Mosconi was never the same without him.

  • Toan Chu
    Toan Chu 2 months ago +7

    Billy the top tier hypeman

  • VdV
    VdV 2 months ago +1

    It's interesting to see how matchroom has found a way to present pool in an attractive and exciting way for not just the pool in crowd. The shirtless high fiver on the side is priceless. Such a great atmosphere. Not suitable for all tournaments but it definitely works for the Mosconi cup. Kudos to all involved in setting this up and not just the players.

    • Dicky does audio
      Dicky does audio 2 months ago

      The shirtless high 5er played in this cup last year and the previous year I believe . Could have possibly been out there this year also.

    • djpstacked
      djpstacked 2 months ago +1

      The shirtless high 5er is a pro pool player himself. Billy Thorpe.

  • Josh White
    Josh White 2 months ago +7

    filler's 9 ball low tier, shane's 9 ball was insane

  • Keanu Rivera
    Keanu Rivera 2 months ago +3

    Tyler's stroke is nice isn't it??... From the looks of it... This is going to be a TIGHT Mosconi Cup this year!

  • Antonio Canal
    Antonio Canal 2 months ago +5

    Still can’t believe Fedor Gorst isn’t part of team Europe

    • Rick
      Rick 2 months ago

      Maybe he's from the 77% of Russia that's in Asia? 🤔

  • Chase Davis
    Chase Davis 2 months ago +7

    7:50 shot of the cup imo. That was SvB

  • slprhooptie
    slprhooptie 2 months ago +5

    All pool games should have this level of excitement.

  • FvGa
    FvGa 2 months ago

    What an atmosphere, wish I was there!

  • ThatsaDumbComment
    ThatsaDumbComment 2 months ago +6

    JJ did a great job of team comp for the first day. It was going to hard to beat the Spaniards so putting Oscar and earl to get thier feet wet since they havnt been in a mosconi cup in a while was a good movie in my oppinion. Impressed usa is winning 3-1. Go starts and stripes

    • ThatsaDumbComment
      ThatsaDumbComment 2 months ago

      3-1. Your right.

    • timmyg000420
      timmyg000420 2 months ago +3


    • Robert Dominic Ceasar Salvilla
      Robert Dominic Ceasar Salvilla 2 months ago +3

      I think it was a great move or even the best move to shove the rust off those two. I did see that coming right from the start because that is in order to counter Alex Lely's plan in doubles. SVB and Woodward can outlast any doubles in Europe team since those two were on fire.

  • Melanin On Code
    Melanin On Code 2 months ago +1

    LET'S GO USA 🇺🇸

  • Thabo Vincent
    Thabo Vincent 2 months ago

    ''Don't talk about that thing, don't talk about that, that's gone that's past" SVB is not missing this time. 😄🤗

  • Chris R
    Chris R 2 months ago

    One of the highlights of this Mosconi so far is Karl in the booth when he gets excited, do we have the next Sid Waddell on our hands?

  • Shakira Valdez
    Shakira Valdez 2 months ago +1

    Excelente deporte

    AL JORDAN2 2 months ago +2

    F’ing AWESOME! 👍🏻, thanks!

  • Woodmaster Pete
    Woodmaster Pete 2 months ago +2

    I saw written here once, some euro player made a statement to the effect that SVB was the only thing the USA had going for it. I beg to differ, hell no, not beg but point out the improvement made by Tyler and Skyler also. Shane is already in the history books and so shall others be!

    • Terry Mayo
      Terry Mayo 2 months ago

      @Boyd Jackson I don't blame your abrasive ignorance on you.. because your sister is actually your biological mother

    • Boyd Jackson
      Boyd Jackson 2 months ago

      @Terry Mayo while you are 17 years old and know everything, do the world a favor.

    • Terry Mayo
      Terry Mayo 2 months ago

      Tell us what Tyler and Skyler will be in the history books for...this will be comical

  • trevor ward
    trevor ward 2 months ago

    Billy Thorpe shirtless in fuzzy overalls was the highlight of this video 😂😂🇺🇸

  • Nick
    Nick 2 months ago

    Shane's early 9 was skill, Sky's too... Filler's not at all... pure slop.

  • battle field
    battle field 2 months ago

    Is that thorpe who is shirtless in skyler vs joshua match?:D

  • Waaatson
    Waaatson 2 months ago

    How can you cheer a fluke 🥱

  • Patrick Henderson
    Patrick Henderson 2 months ago +1

    Man i would love to be there in that atmosphere