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Taylor Swift - Anti-Hero (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Mar 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Official music video for “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift from the album ‘Midnights’.
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    0:00 I’m the problem, it’s me
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    01:02 And share your anti-heroic traits
    Written by Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff
    I have this thing where I get older but just never wiser
    Midnights become my afternoons
    When my depression works the graveyard shift
    All of the people I’ve ghosted stand there in the room
    I should not be left to my own devices, they come with prices and vices, I end up in crisis
    Tale as old as time
    I wake up screaming from dreaming one day I’ll watch as you’re leaving ‘cause you got tired of my scheming - for the last time
    It’s me
    I’m the problem, it’s me
    At teatime
    Everybody agrees
    I’ll stare directly at the sun but never in the mirror
    It must be exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero
    Sometimes I feel like everybody is a sexy baby
    And I’m a monster on the hill
    Too big to hang out
    Slowly lurching toward your favorite city
    Pierced through the heart but never killed
    Did you hear my covert narcissism I disguise as altruism like some kind of congressman
    Tale as old as time
    I wake up screaming from dreaming
    one day I’ll watch as you’re leaving and life will lose all its meaning - for the last time
    It’s me
    I’m the problem, it’s me
    At teatime
    Everybody agrees
    I’ll stare directly at the sun but never in the mirror
    It must be exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero
    I have this dream my daughter-in-law kills me for the money
    She thinks I left them in the will
    The family gathers ‘round and reads it
    And then someone screams out
    “She’s laughing up at us from hell!”
    It’s me
    I’m the problem, it’s me
    It’s me
    I’m the problem, it’s me
    It’s me
    Everybody agrees
    Everybody agrees
    It’s me
    I’m the problem, it’s me
    At teatime
    Everybody agrees
    I’ll stare directly at the sun but never in the mirror
    It must be exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero
    Director: Taylor Swift
    Director of Photography: Rina Yang
    Producer: Sara D'Alessio
    Editor: Chancler Haynes
    Production Designer: Ethan Tobman
    1st AD: Anthony Dimino
    Visual Effects: Parliament
    Production Companies: Taylor Swift Productions & Revolution Pictures
    #taylorswift #midnights #antihero
    Music video by Taylor Swift performing Anti-Hero. © 2022 Taylor Swift
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Comments • 85 296

  • Fleeting Films
    Fleeting Films 5 months ago +121631

    She never dissapoints!

  • Ndeca Jongdtrsd
    Ndeca Jongdtrsd 27 days ago +142

    I've never been a Taylor Swift fan, but this song is phenomenal. Yes, it's catchy. It's the lyrics that make this a work of art.

  • unkeithafcdjc Raesidecfem
    unkeithafcdjc Raesidecfem 27 days ago +400

    I have tremendous respect for Taylor sharing her deepest thoughts and fears in this song. Something about it makes one feel that people like her are just as normal as anyone else, which is not to underestimate.

    • Markus Kessler
      Markus Kessler 3 days ago +2

      Well I hope for her that these aren't actually her fears, because the song pretty accurately depicts symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia

  • Bloofan06
    Bloofan06 Day ago +15

    The more I listen to this song the more I feel like I can relate to it (or at least understand the message better). Lately I've been listening to a lot of her songs and this is quite honestly the best.

  • Nene Emmanuel
    Nene Emmanuel 20 days ago +720

    She would rather stare directly at the sun which is one of the hardest things to do than confront her true self by looking in the mirror. Beautiful word play and perfect depiction of how most of us would rather do anything else but acknowledge our flaws and wrongdoings.

    • mariya_a
      mariya_a Day ago +1

      thats wild. I have the opposite issue where i immediately blame myself and spiral

    • Rocksparadox From the blocks
      Rocksparadox From the blocks 3 days ago +1

      I'd rather look at everything that is wrong in the world instead of confronting how I could change and improve myself and my surroundings.

    • Rabbit passing by
      Rabbit passing by 3 days ago

      yeah i like this

    • Rhiannon Rodriguez
      Rhiannon Rodriguez 4 days ago +2

      I agree; these are my favorite lyrics in the song.

  • Lynv
    Lynv 6 days ago +208

    I really like when all other Taylor's versions joined together in the end. I think it's a wonderful way to say that the only person you can rely on, is yourself.

  • Shivam Trivedi
    Shivam Trivedi 5 months ago +42419

    Kudos to international swifties like me who didn’t get to meet her at midnight but are still holding onto the spirit😂

    • style
      style 13 hours ago

      We meet her at noon...

    • Tanaz
      Tanaz 2 days ago

      There's a difference between being a fan and a Swiftie Shivam😅

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      billboard NEWS 2 days ago

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    • 𓆲
      𓆲 4 days ago

      FO REAL !!!

    • Peter Philippi
      Peter Philippi 5 days ago

      Ahh this is the best thank

  • C.K. Brooke
    C.K. Brooke 22 days ago +307

    I’ve never felt so called-out by a song. Taylor is all of us. Respect

    • porterde08
      porterde08 17 hours ago +2

      @Somebody Something maybe you are the victimizer. Ding ding ding.

    • Luca Santin
      Luca Santin 19 hours ago


    • 4ThLineManiac
      4ThLineManiac Day ago

      @Before It's News com @ Warning-Just the Tip- graphic video currently @ #11 but could have dropped down?

    • Somebody Something
      Somebody Something 3 days ago

      @Lesseroldertales maybe you are having trouble following the simple flow of these replies but I did not say anything about what a song *should* do. Someone said this song is about accountability. It isn't. It's about self-pity. I gave examples of songs that really are about accountability. Swift makes big money by writing for listeners who do nothing but whine. She knows her audience. Naive little crybabies.

    • Lesseroldertales
      Lesseroldertales 3 days ago +1

      ​@Somebody Something Change is hard and sometimes we don't know what to do. Art is not supposed to be instructive but you be you.

  • Nick
    Nick 16 days ago +130

    Prior to this song I was not a Taylor Swift fan. But now? This is probably one of my favorite songs of all time, I mean that sincerely. I resonate with this song so much it hurts. And every time I hear it I can't help but to admire how raw and honest it is.

    • F. H.
      F. H. 3 days ago +1

      Check out invisible, if you like this one

    • Hi 🧚‍♀️
      Hi 🧚‍♀️ 13 days ago +5

      She is pretty cool.

      BERNICE HENRY 15 days ago +4

      A friend told me to listen to this and I love it! Taylor you are so clever+ unique THANKYOU!

  • Sabine Gray
    Sabine Gray 25 days ago +157

    I love the imagery of her feeling trapped, haunted, having a persona that brings her down, feeling like the elephant in the room and like she takes up too much space to be normal. This is so refreshing from such a big pop star. This make me want to listen to her music more.

    • Tommy Hart
      Tommy Hart 7 days ago

      Sending you roses 🌹 💐...Are you single ?

    • Errol Ronal
      Errol Ronal 9 days ago +5

      Please do listen to her music more. This isn’t the only song that’s relatable. Her entire discography is mounted with songs that hits right home. You will find a friend in her when listening to her songs. She really speaks to you like no other artist does.

  • Sasorithecat
    Sasorithecat 2 days ago +64

    I'm not a fan of yours, but I do like your talent when it comes to writing songs. Your usage of your own fears and struggles in this piece was what really allows the individual listening feel a sense of comfort, knowing that they could also relate to your struggles. Great work.

    • Sasorithecat
      Sasorithecat 2 days ago +2

      @Nadz Exactly!

    • Nadz
      Nadz 2 days ago +8

      Its okay for people not a fan of her musics cuz we all have different taste.. at least you respect her work and her name.

  • polyester
    polyester 5 months ago +45011

    It's so crystal clear how this song's so personal and heartfelt that it could resonate with anyone who's struggling with occasional or frequent moments of self-loathe

    • Yakov Sergeevich
      Yakov Sergeevich Day ago

      They made it exactly for it

    • billboard NEWS
      billboard NEWS 2 days ago

      Music N𝐞ws : BLACKPINK's JISOO FIRST SOLO MUSIC | Friday, March 𝟑𝟏🌹

    • Asafa Guidetti
      Asafa Guidetti 5 days ago

      Written by Antonoff...

    • Carol  Santell
      Carol Santell 6 days ago

      ​@Robin Skull yes your a legend in your own mind 😂

    • James Essig
      James Essig 9 days ago

      Yeah I feel like Taylor needs counselling or something

  • Sabine Gray
    Sabine Gray 25 days ago +117

    I was never really her biggest fan but I respect the work she’s put in. I think now it’s really easy to see her potential for relevance and longevity and her ability to connect with her fans. I’m really happy for her and proud of the vulnerability she’s willing to share.

  • Rinelfy
    Rinelfy 2 days ago +24

    Never been into her music that much due to the fact that I prefer other genres. But I can’t deny that she is the great artist of our time and a very talented young woman. This song is very relatable and helps a lot to deal with basically same issues as she sings about. Amazing work.

    • Mugelh72
      Mugelh72 Day ago


  • Adriano Silva
    Adriano Silva 2 days ago +3

    como sempre Taylor swfit cantando lindo um abraço do brazil yes

  • realchrisgunter
    realchrisgunter 20 days ago +138

    “I have this thing where I get older but just never wiser.”
    It’s like she wrote that line for me lol.

    WORLD's INTERFERENCE 2 days ago +5

    How could I not only love this song? 🥰

  • Meaghan Welborn
    Meaghan Welborn 5 months ago +10100

    Please don’t change this video just because some people do not understand. Some people never will. That scene resonates with me

    • billboard NEWS
      billboard NEWS 2 days ago

      Music N𝐞ws : BLACKPINK's JISOO FIRST SOLO MUSIC | Friday, March 31🌹

    • Matthew Gowen
      Matthew Gowen Month ago

      OMG! its literally a song from liberals to liberals about liberals 🤣🤣🤣 "it's me I'm the problem" 🤣🤣🤣 yes we know

    • Sensual Charm
      Sensual Charm Month ago


    • Josh Thomas
      Josh Thomas Month ago

      @Arabella Nelwhat was the original scene?

    • Luuka Luk
      Luuka Luk 2 months ago +1

      Understandable! Not everyone will always be on the same page, it's real life so leave the interpretation for everyone how they feel it!

  • Jose Maria
    Jose Maria Day ago +4

    This song has 80's tone, I love it !

  • T.T.S
    T.T.S 2 days ago +17

    So today my neighbor was playing this masterpiece from her apartment, i asked her if she was a swifty she said no...but she said she came across this song on youtube and for some reason she listens to it everyday...she says the lyrics really touched her, so i recommend Taylor's music..as I'm writing this she is playing midnights ( full album).

  • Kidney Function Is Not A Right It's A Privilege

    see I hate that the chorus has become a meme, because it's such a real song. Artists don't really write like this anymore, and I'm so proud of her for putting herself out there like this

    • Chrystal Bess Redding
      Chrystal Bess Redding Day ago

      I've never been a fan of memes. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but Taylor's music always has a storytelling and message in it. We should enjoy that, not make a mockery out of it. And I'm not I'm her demographics or a fan.

    • Chrystal Bess Redding
      Chrystal Bess Redding Day ago

      Exactly. I only know of four artists who are individual-recording, songwriting, and playing instruments. In other words, multi-faceted and are creating Art. Then we have Taylor Swift, who is more mainstream, and she's doing great with her own Art and songwriting. 🌼 This type of songwriting and storytelling is very rare.

  • Jack
    Jack 11 hours ago

    Como sempre Taylor Swift sendo Rainha

  • Searching for a Name :))
    Searching for a Name :)) 2 days ago +10

    I wasn't a Swifty until my one friend told me to listen to her. I started listening to her from from then and when midnight's was released I couldn't hold myself from listening to each and every other albums she had made. Now i am a swifty.
    Every albulb have is different from it's own way. She is an icon. I wish to meet her one day.

  • Brianna Bloom
    Brianna Bloom 5 months ago +9690

    The hypocrisy of the media is astounding. I thought the scale scene was really vulnerable and I'm really upset that part of it was taken out. We love you Taylor and we appreciate you being open with us about your insecurities

    • Elizabeth Nahanee
      Elizabeth Nahanee Day ago

      I don't care mbu cared more Jaseh Infrow XXXXTENTATION

    • 4ThLineManiac
      4ThLineManiac Day ago

      @Before It's News com video Warning- Just the Tip- graphic content currently #11.

    • Aki Kennedy
      Aki Kennedy 2 days ago

      ​@Oh okayyy i went to go look at it since you said that and.... are you fr? Im not a TS fan but come on now the two are not at ALL similar

    • billboard NEWS
      billboard NEWS 2 days ago

      Music N𝐞ws : BLACKPINK's JISOO FIRST SOLO MUSIC | Friday, March 31🌹

  • Jüninho Vlog
    Jüninho Vlog 18 hours ago

    Belíssima Taylor ❤

  • Jaye Beaumont
    Jaye Beaumont 2 days ago +2

    Not only is this song amazing the set designs in this video are beautifully done.

  • Polo Jacobo Leyva
    Polo Jacobo Leyva 14 hours ago

    Vamos por esos 200 millones Swifties!!!

  • Joel Alexander
    Joel Alexander 3 days ago +23

    I’m not a t swift fan but I’ve never felt this way about a song before. It just hits me.

  • Donovan
    Donovan 3 days ago +60

    Never has any artist before in history, write a song about their insecurities in such a raw and relatable way, that anyone who as much is emotionally invested in it can just listen, and understand how it feels like. And Taylor Swift did that, this song is a testament to her legacy and remarkable talent as a songwriter. She absolutely delivers!🤞🏼💓

    • Donovan
      Donovan 2 days ago

      @Mike C thank you for the suggestion! Totally agree, and will gladly check out the artist you recommended💓

    • wayne ellison
      wayne ellison 2 days ago

      @htepo taylors lyrical structure is far more complex than any of the bands you have mentioned..and I listen to every band you mentioned... open your mind and let her in....

    • Mike C
      Mike C 2 days ago +1

      This song has probably Taylor's catchiest chorus. I think it's the first one of her lyrics I actually learned (I'm a late initiation Swiftie, just found out she's one mighty artist last year). So, in that sense, you're absolutely right: she delivered emotional transparency and raw vulnerability, and did it in a way pretty much anyone can listen to. When you've got people who listen to Nirvana, Paramore, Queen, or Björk (like myself) agree that it's a great song, then you've got something in your hands.
      That being said, I can recommend a couple artists that, even though not as popular as Taylor, have touched these topics: Aimee Mann, especially her album, "Mental Illness"; and Fiona Apple. Any album. Girl has made insecurities, mental illness, broken relationships, suffering and pain her motifs since 1996. It's tragic, but she's one of my favorite musicians and singer-songwriters, ever.

  • Rezilienza
    Rezilienza 5 months ago +3327

    I can still remember when Taylor broke the internet. I hope she does it again this year!

    • 4ThLineManiac
      4ThLineManiac Day ago

      @Before It's News com Warning-Just the Tip - graphic content video currently at #11.

    • E User
      E User 7 days ago

      oop sorry i didnt mean to reply to u, luna, i meant it to the person who commented

    • E User
      E User 7 days ago

      @Luna zebracat wait fr?

    • Raamesh 80
      Raamesh 80 16 days ago

      she deserve the world

  • wrinkled
    wrinkled 28 days ago +85

    Please tell you all relate to it too. I'm not the only one who ghosted everyone who tried to gave me affection. Ran away from attachments every single damn time. Still trying to not hurt anyone. Low self esteem and extreme anxiety. Still cries at midnights while being deprived of love... Please I'm not the only one, right?

    • wrinkled
      wrinkled 3 days ago +1

      @Kristi Wasserman yeah. I actually found it so comforting that I'm not the only one being like this. Like pushing everyone away, or finding reasons to get them away from me before they go away by themselves, and at the same time wanting them to hold me tight. It's like never wanting affection since you know if the other person hold you really tight, you'll really crumble apart. Like afraid of being vulnerable but knowing you're the most sensitive one. This endless cycle...

    • Kristi Wasserman
      Kristi Wasserman 3 days ago

      She battled anorexia and extreme anxiety. That's why you can relate. With chronic anorexia you constantly battle your head, hence the scene edited out. Nights are when the obsessive thoughts take over. Definitely no where near alone

    • G. sdfghkldbfkebxb Bdjxjdj
      G. sdfghkldbfkebxb Bdjxjdj 7 days ago

      Me sentí super identificada

    • Hạnh Nguyễn
      Hạnh Nguyễn 7 days ago

      no, not the only one

    • M Mac
      M Mac 7 days ago

      💯 nope you’re not the only one

  • John Grow
    John Grow 5 days ago +58

    I'm 77 years old and a Marine (1965 to 1971), and I love this music that comes from this young woman's mind.

  • Tosin Mc
    Tosin Mc 6 hours ago

    Taylor I love your singing it touched my heart ♥️ 🎉 You mean the world to me

  • Khalil Omar
    Khalil Omar 3 days ago +7

    This song will never get old. Strong words that I can relate to.

  • simon butler
    simon butler 2 hours ago +1

    Love this 80's vibe tune, don't often listen to pop music these days( mostly 80's 90's, Trance, techno and various others) but this ticks all the boxes, quality, my mind shifts to the film Driver where it would of fit perfectly had it happened before the film was produced

  • Mannie Kaur
    Mannie Kaur 5 months ago +4186

    Yes, people in bodies of all sizes experience eating disorders.
    Yes, Taylor is sharing her own story and her insecurities through this artful and vulnerable song. I, as a girl that has faced eating disorders, really resonated and felt seen in this video.
    Taylor Swift is simply relaying her thoughts that many of us can but shouldn’t have to relate to.

    • Sensual Charm
      Sensual Charm Month ago


    • LuminousLies
      LuminousLies 2 months ago

      @Jack Green I mean yeah, let’s just ban all art. I mean art is an expression of the person who made it but with your logic they’re all complaining. So let’s just ban art 😊 who needs it? Who needs to listen and resonate with art that would inspire other people or even make them happy. Let’s just go back to the dark ages and work in factories and ban anyone from our tribe that wants to express themselves with art 👍

    • countrycoverangel
      countrycoverangel 2 months ago +1

      It’s me, hi…I have ARFID.

    • Mindy Roland
      Mindy Roland 2 months ago

      @Mannie Kaur The size of your body DOES equate to health. I would have said that differently, but I know what youre trying to say. Ones health is generally a consequence of their weight. A person is not bad or mean for saying that; its reality.

  • rachel heart
    rachel heart 2 days ago +3

    I can't stop listening to this song.

  • Marga DE LA CRUZ
    Marga DE LA CRUZ 9 days ago +4

    TS is a genius ❤

  • Arvind Motha
    Arvind Motha 4 days ago +15

    Great song.. One of Taylor's best work. Playing in repeat mode ❤

  • Felipe Cast.
    Felipe Cast. 2 days ago +7

    I really love her and her songs. She is the best. ❤

  • Özge Solmaz
    Özge Solmaz 5 days ago +18

    This song is straight-up poetry man.. I've always been listening to her catchy tunes but i have mad respect for her after listening to this masterpiece

  • Riddhi
    Riddhi 5 months ago +1249

    In love with how she symbolizes self hate, feeling of not being accepted, overthinking past and unhealthy mental being in general so correctly.

    • Daimon
      Daimon 16 days ago +1

      What we all think

    • Fluet David
      Fluet David 23 days ago

      That sounds like life. Lol

    • Kaitlyn Karol
      Kaitlyn Karol Month ago +1

      @olivia obrien - Q for ya: Did Taylor know of this when she worked w/ him? IF so, may seem hypocritical but it all depends on the circumstances of which, outsiders don't know. Also, we must be able to compartmentalize and understand duality: you have to divide the person from the talent as they are two very separate parts of ourselves. None of us are what we do - 2 diff things and they should both be judged on their own individual merits.

    • olivia obrien
      olivia obrien 5 months ago

      I’ve loved Taylor Swift for most of my life… but after she worked with David O Russell I haven’t felt the same. I turned to her music to get me through times when I was being assaulted and then she went and worked with a guy who did the same to his niece…
      I want to love her music again so badly. It really does feel like she betrayed us.

    • XD
      XD 5 months ago

      @Riddhi Excuse me, take a sec and listen to some of the records I've made , then give me ur honest opinion on it. I'd really appreciate it fam 💯. Have a great week.

  • lifeavoidit
    lifeavoidit 20 days ago +26

    Every so often a song comes along and just hits home. I cant express how much this song actually sums me up but i think its what the song is getting at. Thank you Taylor.

  • Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson

    Such a cinematic song! It has been playing on the radio forever but I would have never thought that it was sung by her :)

    • Tommy Hart
      Tommy Hart 7 days ago

      Sending you roses 🌹 💐...Are you single ?

  • Erik Espitia
    Erik Espitia 19 hours ago +1

    Can't stop watching this video and listening to the song. It makes me feel something that I can't even explain...

  • David Todd
    David Todd 18 days ago +47

    Not a fan normally but this song is a masterpiece

    • ÇEA
      ÇEA 17 days ago +3

      I'd recommend you to check her recent albums folklore & evermore

  • Ryan McDonald
    Ryan McDonald 7 days ago +2

    😊love your music keep it up

  • Brandon M
    Brandon M 5 months ago +2872

    I am a 51 year old guy with grown kids who loves Taylor Swift's music. I know I'm not the demographic, but as a music fan, a great song is a great song. She's one of the most talented songwriters and artists in my lifetime. Her music is authentic, vulnerable, passionate and creative. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world, Taylor.

    • billboard NEWS
      billboard NEWS 2 days ago +1

      Music N𝐞ws : BLACKPINK's JISOO FIRST 𝙎𝙤𝙡𝙤 MUSIC | Friday, March 31🌹

    • Donald Saigh
      Donald Saigh Month ago

      @ ssp It's not Madonna's fault. It's the nature of pop music that everything is throwaway, the music and the performer. The popularity of the music is tied to the popularity of the "artist". In a few years when Taylor is forty, no one will care about her and her music anymore. It's all based on transient youth culture. She will have been replaced, same as Madonna.

    • Donald Saigh
      Donald Saigh Month ago

      @Brandon M I'm retired. I have plenty of time for hobbies and to enlighten.

    • Brandon M
      Brandon M Month ago

      @Donald Saigh If you aren't a fan, why are you DEEP into comments on a Taylor Swift video? Need a hobby? I heard Pickleball is fun.

    • Donald Saigh
      Donald Saigh Month ago

      Has she ever written a great melody? If so, where is it?

  • XxUicornXx zoey
    XxUicornXx zoey 20 days ago +22

    Honestly this is one of the Taylor Swift songs that I could really relate to. Thank you Taylor for writing this song:)

  • Mike Eaton
    Mike Eaton 19 days ago +40

    I’m not into your music I’m a metal head, but I can’t stop listening to this, ur defining song, absolutely amazing, well done, it’s not easy for me to like a song like this but I gotta say I’m all in, I get why people like you. Keep it up hun

  • SeraphSparkles
    SeraphSparkles 6 days ago +1

    It just popped out this song on my home page. Hearing you is nostalgic, oml.
    Man, I feel so old, I've fangirled for you when I was a lot younger, like 7 years ago or so more. Now I'm 18 and looking at the present time and seeing Katy Perry reaching the end of her golden years and so having a baby too, omg, this is something else; also, seeing Taylor maintaining her position so well and her amusing adaptability skills doesn't really impress me really, she has been a literal queen at it from the begging. Wildestdreams was my favourite song, also 22 and one of the Reputation album (One that says "Are you ready for it?").
    Overall, seeing both of my childhood idols again, really is a nostalgic travel.

  • bluesdjben
    bluesdjben 8 days ago +12

    Taylor has always had great music videos, but this one is my new favorite. It's so funny and self-aware and yet poignant as well.

  • Kenneth Huang
    Kenneth Huang 3 days ago +4

    KENNETH HUANG 3/28/23.

  • Emma M
    Emma M 4 months ago +7726

    The fact people made her feel bad enough to delete the scale scene is ridiculous. I’m “overweight” and I see nothing wrong with it. She’s not offending me because she’s talking about herself and how she sees herself. She’s allowed to say what she wants about her body and shouldn’t have been shamed for expressing how she feels when stepping on a scale. If anything I related with it and it helps me to realize I’m not alone with those thoughts. Keep it up Taylor:)

    • dieste8
      dieste8 8 days ago +1

      2:03 bruh...

    • Kevin Conde
      Kevin Conde 12 days ago

      @LORE GODOY TAPIA the video could be edited by the owner once uploaded without releasing another new one

    • Gurleen
      Gurleen 14 days ago

      @Samuel Pacheco its okay. You are allowed to write your opinion. But it does better to keep an open mind and listen to the opinions of others. When you listen to people around you and hear that what they're basically saying is, "you're not alone," that stuff heals. When someone at Taylor's level, says that she suffers with those thoughts too, it helps alot of people in admitting it atleast to themselves and the people who didn't even know that was an issue, become aware and become sensitive of troubles of others. That's my opinion.

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      erna Talen 15 days ago

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    • natashaƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
      natashaƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Month ago

      @Peacho Gonzalez there's a song only the young. She wrote that as well. You may listen to that as well. Not all of her songs are about bfs. Listen to her recent albums, you'll get ur answer.

    • carlito
      carlito 5 months ago

      It's from another music video. By the shins

    • Bees knee key
      Bees knee key 5 months ago

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    I wish her all the best! ❤❤🎵🎵

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      @natashaƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ if you are only now learning that Taylor only got signed to a record deal because her dad bought the damn record label I don't know what to tell you. Maybe learn the bare minimum about the artist you stan?

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    I weight 260lbs and I'm offended by people that called this "fatphobic" and made you delete the scene. Your experiences are your own and It was OK to have that scene. Thank you Taylor for everything you give us. Great song!

    • Alexandra Noel Karagoz
      Alexandra Noel Karagoz Month ago

      I'm 238 and I agree with you!

    • Sensual Charm
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      Yes 👏🏻

    • Pink Cat
      Pink Cat 3 months ago

      @Jared Stasch ikr even if the opinion is about yourself too

    • Gordon Clark
      Gordon Clark 3 months ago +2

      @Matthew As one whose mother was fatphobic and vocal about it, even to my sister after the birth of my nephew, I can assure you that it exists. Tay is calling it out, just like she has called out other forms of hate.

    • NaomiDollxoxo
      NaomiDollxoxo 4 months ago +2

      @XD oh and you’re more likely to have people listen to your music by advertising on other socials or upload more on your account.

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    • XD
      XD 5 months ago +2

      @Mark Jude Maata Excuse me, take a sec and listen to some of the records I've made , then give me ur honest opinion on it. I'd really appreciate it fam 💯. Have a great week.

    • Mark Jude Maata
      Mark Jude Maata 5 months ago


    • SANDRA Danielson
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      I also feel bad for how she feels being famous. Sure being famous has MANY perks but it's also VERY isolating. And her thoughts about when she passes...so sad.

    • louise ^^
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    YUDI ROJAS MONTAÑEZ 3 days ago +3


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  • dolltannies
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    it's insane how everyone else can have an opinion on Taylor's body and how she was labelled but taylor herself should not and CANNOT...I just hope she's happy and always knows there's people who love and support her and wouldn't judge her for when she feels vulnerable or feels comfortable enough to let people know what she's gone through

    • K. B.
      K. B. 24 days ago

      ​@todor7906 I'm a Christian. And as such, I would love to remind you of this verse: ' “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?' Matthew 7:3, NIV.
      Jesus himself would have lunch with prostitutes, women viewed to be "promiscuous", and he treated them equal to those around him. He also took meals with Tax Collecters, which was very frowned upon by the religious leaders of the day - because Jesus himself disapproved of the way religious leaders would look down on those they claimed they were 'saving'.
      If you want to judge someone, or call them promiscuous, fine. I can't stop you. But you do not get to hide behind the title of 'Christian' in order to do so. You aren't judging her because you have any right to do so as a Christian, you're doing it because you want to and are trying to use the Bible to justify your opinion
      EDIT: typo

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  • Kübra Türk
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    this song is me, literally talks about my all flaws on the lyrics!

  • Sutirtha Jhuri
    Sutirtha Jhuri 5 months ago +4613

    She was never fatphobic. The society and media body-shamed her, and she was just representing how they bullied her for gaining weight. I feel so bad that she had to remove that scene, because of all the people backlashing at her for absolutely no reason. She got the rights to address her bullies and all the body shaming she got all over the years. It really isnt fair. We love you Taylor, and we always with you.

    • Sensual Charm
      Sensual Charm Month ago


    • Sirena
      Sirena 2 months ago +4

      That’s what I was thinking, too. Like, did people not notice that in her “Miss Americana” documentary she opened up about once having an eating disorder? She struggled with body image. Why can’t she represent that in her music video? People are so cruel nowadays.

    • GuestlordPlayz
      GuestlordPlayz 2 months ago +2

      @Lauren Ruth how is it fatphobic💀

    • Lauren Ruth
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      it was fatphobic and that’s okay to admit

  • john benjamin ortiz flores

    El año pasado escuche esta nueva canción de Taylor Swift y realmente tiene una gran reflexión donde trata de ella misma de como ella lucha por sus inseguridades por medio de lo que odia ella misma en su otra yo y realmente me siento identificado con ella ya que tambien siempre lucho con mi otro yo para saber quien soy realmente sin que mis problemas me derriben es como si estuviera tratando de apoyar al anti héroe que llevo dentro en mi interior y debo ver como puedo seguir adelante en mi vida para poder cumplir todos mis sueños, metas e ilusiones nos vemos y sayonara 😉😊🤗🥰😍😘🤩❤💖💘❣️💟💕💞💓💗💝💌💎💎💎💯💯💯

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    CoLLCaTiLLWiLL Day ago +1

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    It's the way she took her darkest thoughts and experiences and created something so beautiful. Her imagination and creativity have always been so inspiring. It takes a lot of courage to share your heart with others and to do on that on such a massive scale! I believe people can say whatever they want to, but to us fans she'll always be fascinating, inspiring and absolutely adorable.

    • AERO5
      AERO5 4 months ago

      Hey swifties,
      I am a swifty as well, I made a remix for this song. I would love to know what you think about! 🙂
      Also sorry, if you think this is self-promotion! 🙏

    • Golden Times
      Golden Times 5 months ago

      @Second Yeah, but many alternative pop artists like Lorde (Sober- Melodrama) written these stuff (also Ellie Goulding as I said previously) when they were struggling with their own alter egos driving them toxic fame & popularity. The difference is their lyrics are more metaphorical (poetic?) than Taylor.

    • Second
      Second 5 months ago

      @Golden Times
      You rlly need a life, imagine taking time writing something like that

    • XD
      XD 5 months ago

      @fishhuntadventure Excuse me, take a sec and listen to some of the records I've made , then give me ur honest opinion on it. I'd really appreciate it fam 💯. Have a great week.

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