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The Putin Files: Julia Ioffe

  • Published on Oct 26, 2017 veröffentlicht
  • Watch journalist Julia Ioffe’s candid, full interview on Putin and allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election - part of FRONTLINE’s media transparency project for our investigation, “Putin’s Revenge.”
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  • Rick Laviolette
    Rick Laviolette Year ago +120

    I feel very confident in her analysis. Her historical perspective, her being an international journalist, and being present when Putin's history unfolded, give us not only information but a methodology of how events happened.

    • n n
      n n Year ago +6

      @VAIBHAV SAJITH thank you, finally found a thinking person in the comments, watching this now and the newer PBS video "putin's road to war" with this same woman it is pretty clear

    • Loki
      Loki Year ago +6

      @VAIBHAV SAJITH lol 😂 this is nothing more than the facts and if you don’t have this basic knowledge of putin then you haven’t been paying attention for years, child

    • Loki
      Loki Year ago +5

      @n n shhh let the adults talk

      VAIBHAV SAJITH Year ago

      @Loki lol here comes the liberal soyjack with propaganda narratives

  • Christiaan Hart Nibbrig
    Christiaan Hart Nibbrig 8 months ago +65

    The entire series is excellent. This interviewer is first-rate, too. And Julia Ioffe is among the most insightful, informed Russian analysts and writers.

    • Jim Hodgson
      Jim Hodgson 3 months ago +2

      She is the fist snd ony person who has ever msde me consder not voting for Trump.

    • Republic of Canada
      Republic of Canada 3 months ago

      I keep explaining the bit about the West having a resource advantage over Russia that is somewhere between 25-to-1 and 40-to-1, but they just don’t seem to get it.
      So I decided to ‘draw a picture’ for them.
      Exhibit One: 250 pounds, 6 foot four inches
      Exhibit Two: 10 pounds, 18 inches

    • Meteor Five
      Meteor Five 3 months ago +1


  • Kelly Berger
    Kelly Berger Year ago +40

    I have watched several of the interviews with her now. She is amazingly articulate intelligent and passionate about the subject. It's amazing that interviews like this are not classroom material.

    • Jim McJimmersmith
      Jim McJimmersmith Year ago +4

      Why does every single comment on here deify this woman? She give half the story in a manner no more or less articulate than anyone else on tv. This must be the only video on Clip-Share where everyone in the comments seem to agree and even use the same exact compliment over and over and over. Seems legit.

    • Bruno Desrosiers
      Bruno Desrosiers Year ago +4

      @Jim McJimmersmith - Not giving the whole story is the nature of the beast. This is an interview; not a fifty-hours audiobook. She provided an interesting angle that helps many to better understand contemporary Russia. This is decent telly. Don’t be so jealous.

  • cavaliermama56
    cavaliermama56 4 months ago +41

    Julia Ioffe is a great story teller. They way she relays history sounds like a suspense novel or movie. Brilliant program. Thank you.

    • Fred Gordon
      Fred Gordon 2 months ago +1

      Story teller yes: truthful no. Calling RT propaganda is like the pot calling the kettle black. The program 60 Minutes has not offered real news for decades.

  • parentoforphan
    parentoforphan Year ago +57

    I can and have listened to her speak for hours. Her common sense, intellect, understanding of world politics, mastery of language and so much more make her the most intriguing person I have ever seen on Clip-Share.

    • Gene Rossano
      Gene Rossano 6 months ago +2

      parentoforphan, I agree.

    • Alla
      Alla 3 months ago +1

      Ahaha me too love her voice 😂! Also she is excellent at speaking and translation terminology! Simply amazing

  • Michael Fox
    Michael Fox 7 months ago +17

    The way Julia talks to the camera, the way she gives us the information and details is captivating

  • Tania Burton
    Tania Burton Year ago +150

    She is a fantastic storyteller, on top of very intelligent historian.

    • discojoe3
      discojoe3 Year ago +6

      I just let out a massive fart.

    • theflaca
      theflaca Year ago +3

      Yes she's writing history, her way.

    • Harrison Lee
      Harrison Lee Year ago +1

      Listened to this 3 times already. Realized why people of Moscow - St. Petersburg tour were so guarded. Very guarded.

  • Fantasy Fitness
    Fantasy Fitness Year ago +38

    I learn something every time I listen to her speak. Her knowledge of the facts
    is remarkable and her storytelling compelling.

  • Kevin
    Kevin Year ago +63

    This is so incredible I am profoundly impressed! Julia is captivating me the entire time, without me knowing the history, she made it simple about a complex topic.

    • Bjørn Borud
      Bjørn Borud 7 months ago +3

      She is an exceptionally good speaker. Notice how she doesn't "er" and "uhm" her way through the interview. She is disciplined and even the asides are well structured.

    • Kathy Caldwell
      Kathy Caldwell 4 months ago +4

      She’s smart as a whip. Impressive.

    • stuarth43
      stuarth43 4 months ago +2

      sure you, as we all are, are swept away by her intelligence and stunning beauty

    • J Smith
      J Smith 3 months ago

      ​​@Bjørn Borudf you had properly listened she does at least once say err, isn't necessarily bad though at all.

  • James Wieler
    James Wieler 5 months ago +18

    Brilliant ! I first discovered Julia when she was a guest On John Stewart’s pod cast and came here to search for more. I was hanging on to every word thank you Julia!

  • notdem notrep
    notdem notrep Year ago +33

    Julia uses her super powers for good. This kind of reporting is why I support PBS. Real journalism is pretty important stuff.

  • AeonFlux
    AeonFlux 7 months ago +19

    This was pretty impressive. Didn't realize it was that long but so insightful; worth every bit of it. It's funny, in the end, she said "she had to go." Kudos to her! The interviewer really squeezes everything he can; I almost felt bad for her. But thank you Yuliya for putting things into perspective.

    • Republic of Canada
      Republic of Canada 3 months ago +1

      I keep explaining the bit about the West having a resource advantage over Russia that is somewhere between 25-to-1 and 40-to-1, but they just don’t seem to get it.
      So I decided to ‘draw a picture’ for them.
      Exhibit One: 250 pounds, 6 foot four inches
      Exhibit Two: 10 pounds, 18 inches

    • SnortTroll
      SnortTroll 3 months ago

      See putin in spitting image

  • Mark Frellips
    Mark Frellips 4 years ago +73

    Reading about these things, the deep history, from base motivations to the logical conclusions, leading to the systematic authority, the moral horror, it still brings chills when listening about it. Thank you for the interview, it brings about a perspective and drives it to heart.

    • Nancy Lana
      Nancy Lana Year ago +8

      I Love Frontline,it’s now taking the place of my favorite broadcast
      60minute.The above interview was so informative. We should
      all know that much on Putin., and what Russia and Russians
      really think and how Putin operates.Thank you Frontline.

    • Han Vroman
      Han Vroman 3 months ago +1

      She must be a professional trained manipulator (cia?) of the public opinion by telling lies and fake stories...

    • vovcha01
      vovcha01 Month ago

      @Han Vroman I see you, internet research agency.

    • Han Vroman
      Han Vroman Month ago +1

      @vovcha01 no ...

  • YeahTakeItEasy
    YeahTakeItEasy Year ago +38

    From exactly 1:00:00 to 1:00:30 Julia's words are PERFECTLY spot on with the present war in Ukraine, five years later. So amazing.

    • Philip Reynolds
      Philip Reynolds 3 months ago +2

      Frustrating that she couldn't be a US president lol. So articulate and knowledgeable

  • Ron Roth
    Ron Roth Year ago +40

    I am so very impressed by Julia Loffe ,,, absolutely brilliant and absolutely brilliant to listen to. Thank you Frontline for bringing her to the forefront for us to learn from. I am blown away.

    • Tony Travels
      Tony Travels 3 months ago +1

      She voted Trump!

    • Ron Roth
      Ron Roth 3 months ago +1

      @tonytravels2494 that's unfortunate, if true.

    • Dennis Fox
      Dennis Fox 3 months ago +1

      @Tony Travels wow, somebody typed three words into a comment section, that’s pretty ironclad. The exclamation mark drives it home!

  • carla contini
    carla contini 8 months ago +8

    This woman is so brilliant and so insightful! 👏 I've never heard such an honest assessment of Putin and the whole situation -- completely enlightening!

  • Edwin Zammit
    Edwin Zammit Year ago +12

    Some reports never die! Great job Frontline!

  • arek7198
    arek7198 4 months ago +14

    I'm polish, educated in comunist time and must say Julia's knowledge of Putin and Russia is extremely good. Emotional touch to who Putin is, perfectly pictures his personality. Thanks a lot to Julia and PBS for this material.

  • Financeification
    Financeification Year ago +270

    What an ability to understand events and collect them into a narrative. She's brilliant. This was a fun interview to listen to

    • Financeification
      Financeification Year ago +24

      @This Channel Putin troll-bot? :-) I had to watch it through again; her dissection of events and personalities is absolutely brilliant.

    • Norm Appleton
      Norm Appleton Year ago +13

      She's brilliant and honest.

  • Caap
    Caap Year ago +11

    What a brilliant and knowledgeable communicator. She really helped me put together all these bits and pieces I had previously heard and filled in so much.

  • Grant Waugh
    Grant Waugh 8 months ago +12

    Such an intelligent young woman with a deep understanding of history that preceed her. Remarkable interview. She is a definite asset to the US Foreign Service.

  • Lisa Ditalia
    Lisa Ditalia 8 months ago +27

    Julia Ioffe is a mesmerizing journalist who by her in depth knowledge and intellect transforming this complicated topic easily understood. I’m so grateful to her and frontline for this invaluable program.

  • Eileen Fuentes
    Eileen Fuentes Year ago +57

    Fascinating video! Her knowledge just flows out so smoothly. This started playing after a news video and I was all ears. Especially with what's happening, it's terrible. I watched another video where a psychologist was talking about him and how he meets all criteria of the dark triad. That along with his video really puts the pieces of that monster together. Just one man and his hunger for power, and here we are. It's terrible.

  • Sumit Kar
    Sumit Kar 8 months ago +3

    The most engaging and knowledgeable insider of Russian politics - I have learned so much listening to Julia - an absolute brilliant person and one whom I could listen to all day

  • Tangie Cleans -Nick Of Time Cleaning

    I had to come back to this interview given today’s climate. I remember hearing this many years ago and OMG did it feel like a lecture from one of the most “soothing to listen to” professor’s ever! Someone in this section previously commented that her multicultural heritage and bilingual (perhaps even trilingual) upbringing gives her more insight as to what’s happening and allows her to give a grounded explanation.

    • Robert Nicholls
      Robert Nicholls Year ago +15

      It showed back up in my recommends. I knew it would. What's scary, is that I was thinking about it last week so the algos know me.
      But, with more info after all these years, only the historical aspects of this interview are relevant and great info, actually. Her info about how it translates into modern events sounds like State Department propaganda. That stuff sounds more like opinion or speculation.
      Have you changed your mind since watching it years ago? I'm actually surprised by my skepticism because I thought this was a great interview at the time.

    • Sandee Huberman
      Sandee Huberman Year ago +14

      @Robert Nicholls i don't know. Today (March 1, 2022) I felt she offered context & perspective.

    • TheAnimeister
      TheAnimeister Year ago +6

      I’ll say.. “soothing” in so many ways!

    • Tangie Cleans -Nick Of Time Cleaning
      Tangie Cleans -Nick Of Time Cleaning Year ago +3

      @Robert Nicholls I’ve tried to find interviews outside of the Putin Files for more of a broad perspective and haven’t had any luck. Do you have any recommendations? I’m asking because outside of what’s reported in the news, Julia seems to be saying the same things that the other journalists have said.

  • Arma Rat
    Arma Rat Year ago +138

    What an incredibly well-spoken person! She barely uses any interjections when she speaks. And her intelligence is obvious. Great interview.

    • Chris Miller
      Chris Miller Year ago +1

      Presidents as far back as Obama and maybe Bush could have had her as an adviser on Russia and Putin. So why not?

    • karl5056
      karl5056 10 months ago +1

      @Chris Miller she was fired because of her emotional problems.

    • t
      t 10 months ago +1

      @karl5056 really ? when ?

    • karl5056
      karl5056 10 months ago

      @t Research it

    • moonnightwalk
      moonnightwalk 10 months ago +1

      @karl5056 Well she just said what everyone was thinking about D. Trump and his daughter. His inappropriate comments, and body language did not help. How does this count as "emotional problem"?

  • Paul Kubina
    Paul Kubina Year ago +16

    Thank you for the diligence and complete transparency bringing this compelling absolutely accurate interview!

  • Doug
    Doug 4 months ago +4

    She is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable, articulate and is one of the very best interviews I have ever watched. I am sorry it took so long for me to find this video interview. Thank you for providing and sharing such a good intellectual interview and letting her share her gathered knowledge.

    • Gregory Parrott
      Gregory Parrott 3 months ago +1

      It's interesting to view this video and dovetails its content with the multiple interviews conducted with Julia following Putin's invasion of Ukraine. It provides a perspective on how Putin views Ukraine, and much of the Ukraine/Russia history.

  • Richard Maidment
    Richard Maidment Year ago +66

    Julia is quite brilliant and her delivery with her wide ranging knowledge of Putin’s Russia, Russian culture and Putin himself is mesmerising. The other night I watched several of her interviews lasting some two and a half hours. Fascinating, totally absorbing and scary in equal measures. What more can I say?

  • Rick Cudog
    Rick Cudog 11 months ago +9

    I've listened to both interviews numerous times. Very intriguing interviews and informative.

  • Patrick Brawner
    Patrick Brawner 2 years ago +47

    I just discovered Julia through Dateline and now I'm seeking all of her content on the web. She's wonderful.

    • DangerousDavies2008
      DangerousDavies2008 Year ago +8

      Me too. She’s obviously very accurate as the Russians troll bots flood her videos.

    • Laura Powers
      Laura Powers 3 months ago

      She's a complete liar.

  • Elle
    Elle Year ago +10

    I've realize something new each time I've watched this video. It's just absolutely packed with so much useful, non-biased knowledge. More people should watch this.

    • 1SpiderJerusalem
      1SpiderJerusalem Year ago

      It's about as useful as the 9/11 commission report. It's just a cover up.

    • Shelsight
      Shelsight 6 months ago

      @1SpiderJerusalem yet you give no counter-argument… bot.

  • Christine Newland
    Christine Newland Year ago +6

    She is so knowledgeable and articulate. I could not stop listening. I feel I now really understand what is happening politically. This interview was 4 years ago I wish I could hear what she has to say about what is going on today, 2022!

  • EH
    EH Year ago +117

    I am flabbergasted by the insights given by Julia. What a fabulous brain does she have to understand this all, to make all the connections and to habe the ability to recollect all the information and teach us. This interview trully gives insight of why and what is now happenings in Ukrain.

    • Victor Sebastian Sylvester
      Victor Sebastian Sylvester 8 months ago +5

      just so vividly explained,luvit.Thank you

    • imran mirza
      imran mirza 4 months ago +4

      How can the world stand by and let this happen?

    • Acm B
      Acm B 4 months ago +2

      She’s had 15 years dissecting his life

    • stuarth43
      stuarth43 4 months ago +5

      sure you, as we all are, are swept away by her intelligence and stunning beauty

    • Mike Mike
      Mike Mike 3 months ago +3

      She’s tall on opinions and short on logic though ain’t she. Just imagine interviewing this gal without even axing her bout Seth Rich. Despicable.

  • Jane Soole
    Jane Soole Year ago +76

    Absolutely riveting. I'm ashamed at how little i knew about Russia before this horrible war but You Tube is now giving us these extraordinary podcasts. Thank you.

    • Han Vroman
      Han Vroman 3 months ago +1

      She looks like a cia agent to me, manipulator of the public opinion and media...

    • Mads Gismerica
      Mads Gismerica 3 months ago +2

      ​@Han Vroman Exactly what she is.

  • Água Clara
    Água Clara 8 months ago +3

    It’s 2022 and Julia got it right 4 years ago. Brilliant she is!

  • Letting the bear out
    Letting the bear out Year ago +43

    Love this woman. She’s a star. I’m ashamed to say I only learned of her this month.

    • Another One
      Another One Year ago +4

      You aren’t alone. I learned of her when she was invited on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert just recently

    • windbreaker57
      windbreaker57 Year ago +1

      Learned of her only today.

  • Marcin Klimas
    Marcin Klimas Year ago +6

    Absolutely fabulous interview! Full of historical precise content and personal experiences.

  • TfiveR
    TfiveR Year ago +3

    It's amazing to see how much some of this has shifted in just the last 12 months. A very interesting history, but very telling about the decision making happening in front of the world, today.

  • Sean Feeley
    Sean Feeley 4 months ago +6

    Incredible no notes no exaggeration she's a prodigy

  • Jennie
    Jennie Year ago +389

    Julia captivated me as if I was watching a movie. She’s mesmerizingly brilliant and the clarity with which she speaks and explains is refreshing and leaves you wanting more. Thanks Julia, this was just fantastic!!!!!

    • Blix Huxley
      Blix Huxley Year ago +25

      All that, and she is very easy on the eyes. Great smile too

    • Andy Rhodes
      Andy Rhodes Year ago +5

      I agree.

    • Tamas Varga
      Tamas Varga Year ago +8

      Same here… fantastic interview.

    • Andy zx9
      Andy zx9 Year ago +2

      spot on .. !!

  • Sanctuary Philosophy and Music

    We learn something every time we play this. As a family, we play this interview every morning and all sit down to listen to it. Even the kids love it. Hubby stares at her mesmerized for the whole two hours and we all clap at the end. Then we all go back to bed.

    • Mads Gismerica
      Mads Gismerica 3 months ago

      You gotta be a bot. If not your family must be really Sad.

  • microsoftpainenthusiast

    47:59 „People started listening to what he is saying... Nobody usually listens to what he says” 😂 I love Julia’s sense of humour and ability to describe things in very important details.

    • Florin Moldovanu
      Florin Moldovanu Year ago +1

      @Cosmin People forget that all modern societies are human farming operations. The only real reason why you have your limited "freedom" is because they can increase economical productivity if you think you are free and have options. If you wouldn't think the world is free and fair, you wouldn't enslave yourself to a life of debt and servitude to corporations and a state that doesn't have your interests at heart. So "democracy" is just a lie as long as there is no limit on the accumulation of wealth some people can accrue. Those people who have accumulated wealth rule and dominate over others. The only reason slavery was dropped was because slaves were not motivated to do the work, they would sabotage cultures or production hence they had no incentive for the master to succeed whereas paid workers had something to look forward towards and hopes that they could do something with the little they've earned.
      Greed is a behaviour born out of ego, born out of the sickness of the mind. All problems in society stem from our minds which are still trapped in survival behaviour of the ego. If you want we can develop further. Greed is an exacerbated fear of death. It's survival mode on steroids. The whole culture is corrupted by it and is leading to the destruction of the very thing that gave life to us, this biosphere, this planet. From this standpoint the US being in a dominant position should have reached out and help other countries to grow and in doing so they would have helped build solidarity amongst nations. Instead they are pursuing an imperialist agenda while claiming that they come in the name of freedom and democracy, which are both abstract terms.
      Biden has been pumping weapons since December (according to Washington Post) into Ukraine then when the invasion started he goes on to offer Zelensky to form a government in exile to which Zelensky refuses and becomes a national hero uniting the country behind himself and mounting a stiff resistance. I mean think about it. They pumped tons of money and weapons into Ukraine which can be see as an investment and then he offers him the offer to leave?!? That was such a fucking an orchestrated theatrical move. Biden & Co must have been over the moon when Putin finally committing to invading Ukraine. Ukraine is just a bait so that Uncle Sam can get his hands on Putin. those people dying are dying at the hands of the US as much as at the hands of Putin himself. Not only that but they keep ignoring the fact that in the early 2000's Putin was looking for closer ties with Europe and NATO but they've chosen to isolate Russia. Even cold war strategists said isolating and closing the door on Russia while expanding NATO was a mistake. The US should have put in place a "Marshall plan" for Russia in the 90's if they had such good intentions and not let them rot in poverty but the problem is that the US is interested only in global dominance and nothing else. They are no charitable organisation. Often times the Marshall Plan is being shown as being a helping hand from our friends in the US but the only reason this helping had came was to counter the communist USSR. Conclusion, don't pick sides, they're both just as bad. And don't die for your country. Your country is just an idea others have stuffed into your head. It's all a mad man's game.

    • Cosmin
      Cosmin Year ago +4

      ​@Florin Moldovanu I don't think this is the place to discuss freedom, democracy, or the other issues you've touched upon from a philosophical, or even pedantic, POV.
      The fact of the matter today is that the average person(read: middle class, largest cohort) in the United States or any 1st world democracy, objectively lives the longest, is the most educated, and has the most freedom to pursue whatever they want without the fear of death or persecution IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY. Let that sink in.
      And also has the most opportunity possible to climb through the socioeconomic classes of their society.
      That cannot be said for Russia, or any country under its historical influence, or even that followed its communistic and/or autocratic path.
      As for Ukraine... You can either believe what the majority of its population wants for themselves or what a person who calls them Little Russians, Nazis, and has complete control of the media and information in his own country, tells you.
      Better yet, just look at the mathematics of prosperity I've touched upon above. The numbers cannot lie, unlike a politician.

  • Pip Rist
    Pip Rist Year ago +6

    I am captivated. What amazing depth of knowledge. I could listen to Ms Loffe for hours. I need to find any books and read.

  • 113001596
    113001596 Year ago +98

    That was impressive!! I started watching this, then realized it went on for near 2 hours, ended up watching it all in one sitting. This is hands down the best interview or commentary I have watched on Putin. I've followed Putin & Russian politics closely for nearly 2 decades and this lady has his & Russian politics down to a T. Super smart, knows her stuff, eloquent - and quite stunning too! The 2 hours spent watching was worth every second.

    • A2Z
      A2Z 8 months ago +6

      Clever and beautiful , 2,3, 4 or 5 hours who cares, I’m watching for however long she wants to talk.

    • wojciech grodnicki
      wojciech grodnicki 7 months ago +4

      She knows Russian politics down to a Я

    • Anatolio Oclarit
      Anatolio Oclarit 7 months ago +1

      She's the brightest journalist I ever know she's very good 👍

    • Gene Rossano
      Gene Rossano 6 months ago

      113001596, I agree. And so have I, "followed Putin & Russian politics closely for nearly 2 decades and this lady has his & Russian politics down to a T. Super smart, knows her stuff, eloquent - and quite stunning too! The 2 hours spent watching was worth every second".

    • wojciech grodnicki
      wojciech grodnicki 6 months ago +1

      @Gene Rossano The Russian Government reads like an LA Crime Noir.

  • James Doyle
    James Doyle 4 months ago +3

    This was so fantastic. So real and informative.

  • Richard Krejstrup
    Richard Krejstrup Year ago +3

    Julia is the best of describing what's going on now by displaying the history. Easy to listen to and to follow, interesting to listen to. More of personal telling than academically dry. Love this!

  • tommo91
    tommo91 3 months ago +3

    Just incredible. Incredible. Nice to hear from a Journo who specializes and my god does she know her topic. Fabulous!

  • Mark Murawski
    Mark Murawski Year ago +290

    So incredibly well spoken with an awesome ability to recall so many events. Thank you Julia!

    • D
      D Year ago +15

      It's hard to find instances of her saying "um". Her speaking ability is fairly remarkable which often reflects thinking ability.

    • leohobb leohobb
      leohobb leohobb Year ago +3

      She is a propagandist

    • leohobb leohobb
      leohobb leohobb Year ago

      @Stal Zemsty Not my kind of content.I did not bother to watch it all. I know there is a strong bias do to all the lies and some truth,s.when i smell lies/propaganda i sometimes call it out.Blame y,tube.s algorithms that play this.

    • Amédée Boulette
      Amédée Boulette Year ago +1

      @leohobb leohobb lol

  • Iza Ryterska
    Iza Ryterska Year ago +12

    Amazing interview and so scary because what Julia says makes all sense.

  • Jaesc751
    Jaesc751 Year ago +6

    Beautiful Interview! She is awesome, so smart and easy to follow her conversation.

  • Gregory Parrott
    Gregory Parrott 3 months ago +5

    I returned to Julia Ioffe's 2017 interview here after watching her discuss Putin's 2022 invasion of Ukraine. This adds a lot of historical context to the invasion and reveals some continuity in what Putin has done over the intervening years.
    Thanks to PBS for conducting and posting the lengthy series of interviews pertaining to Putin, trump, the 2016 election, Ukrainian history, and the invasion of Ukraine.

    • Thomas P. Crenshaw
      Thomas P. Crenshaw 2 months ago

      Thank you for this kind comment. I am Julia's husband and I wanted to say she appreciates the support from so many people here on Clip-Share.

  • Ashly's Info and Music

    Wow! Amazing work!! And this journalist has how many decades of feet on the ground, nose in the book, living with and alongside the subject. She’s got it all in her head seamlessly, calm, cool, collected. Again, Wow! Very very informative and eye opening, yet allows the listener to connect their own dots. Thank You!!
    If this doesn’t win both interviewer and journalist an award nothing . . .

  • superbrian113
    superbrian113 3 months ago +2

    Sometimes the ability to like a video on youtube is not enough- This interview is outstanding, one "thumbs up" is clearly not enough.

  • Nelson H
    Nelson H 4 years ago +68

    This interview should be re-broadcast. Highly informed and articulated by Julia Ioffe. Unexpected clarity.

  • L P
    L P Year ago +5

    I like that Ms. Ioffe doesn't engage in the automatic female smiling thing. She owns her authority and power and is comfortable with herself. This woman is a national treasure.

  • Le Englishman
    Le Englishman Year ago +4

    Exceptional interview with Julia putting across a world view in Putins eyes wonderfully. So much more makes sense now. Thank you!

    • observer42
      observer42 5 months ago

      She's like Rachel Maddow. An incredible scholar, speaker, and story teller.

  • Juan Blankevoort
    Juan Blankevoort 4 months ago +4

    Julia you are brilliant, captivating and full of knowledge thank you for the information you provided to us

  • TheBatracho
    TheBatracho Year ago +357

    I'm a well-educated, 30 year old Russan citizen who was born in Moscow and lived my first 20 years there but my most recent 10 in the US. Julia has the best grasp on the modern Russian history, and Putin Era specifically, of pretty much anybody I have heard in the English-speaking media. She is honest, her reporting is very well-sourced, she is very "in the know" about Russian politics, and understands both sides of the US-Russia relations. Thanks PBS for interviewing her. It totally mirrors my personal experiences in Moscow, be it Bolotnaya protests or Medvedev's restart of relations with the West and the sense of optimism that was in the air then. I left in 2012 for the US to study for my doctorate, right after the HUGE wave of protests she talks about, and it was the best decision I've ever made, as I witness the corrosion of democracy and, more importantly, civil liberties, in Russia, where all my family still lives.

    • ConsiderablySane
      ConsiderablySane Year ago +26

      Good for you to escape this early in life! And I have a lifetime of regrets that I didn’t escape back in 2014

    • Dwight Davis
      Dwight Davis Year ago +8

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    • Dwight Davis
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      Exhibit One: 250 pounds, 6 foot four inches
      Exhibit Two: 10 pounds, 18 inches

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  • Kalamazoo man meets the world Audit

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