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  • Published on Nov 26, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Jared McCain a top prospect in the ESPN 2023 class took on Top 25 Ranked Arterio Morris out of Dallas, Texas. This game was intense! Jared McCain finished with 20 points.
    Check out the Jared McCain docuseries: www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_0_1...
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Comments • 606

  • nickinthecutt
    nickinthecutt  Year ago +510

    Preciate yall again 4 the support everytime!!! Tryna get to 100k before the year ends Dec 31st! New episode coming this week and hopefully also the Rob one too, I just have to get it approved.

    • User
      User Year ago

      God Bless

    • Derreck Affor
      Derreck Affor Year ago +1

      Keep going, this channel is much needed and it’s gonna blow up✊🏾

    • nickinthecutt
      nickinthecutt  Year ago +3

      @Denzytheking I got u❤️

    • Denzytheking
      Denzytheking Year ago +8

      You will bruh, keep doing your thang❤

    TT GANG Year ago +2317

    That’s exactly why Jared is looked at by many on the next level. His mindset is already waaayyy beyond most high schoolers . Love this guy work ethic and not letting all the fouls the other team have not affect him 🙏🏾

  • youkapalot
    youkapalot Year ago +1969

    Both of them buckets but you can tell Jared is built for this the way he handles the hate 🙏🏽😹

    • Big Carter
      Big Carter 14 days ago

      @Undercoverism* *terrio is a year older & that’s a big difference

    • kju botushi
      kju botushi 5 months ago


    • The range
      The range 8 months ago

      @⭐️Yk Rome That turnaround is a pro move.

    • lITWINlI
      lITWINlI 9 months ago

      @⭐️Yk Rome that’s call having a bag he did what couldn’t be defended.. Terio plays the game at his pace and gets to his spots that’s something alot of players in college cant even do yet..

    • Juan Escobar
      Juan Escobar 11 months ago

      @Big Jazzy Edd on god if im guarding him and i see him do a spin i’m just jumping and swatting that bitch 🤣🤣

  • Joshua Rifkin
    Joshua Rifkin Year ago +3222

    Jared didn’t loose his cool once😂 he’s too mature for his age 😭😭

    • kju botushi
      kju botushi 5 months ago +1


    • Dayshaun
      Dayshaun Year ago +150

      My man meditate everyday that’s maybe why

  • Hooperboy 22
    Hooperboy 22 Year ago +2144

    I don’t get why Jared getting so much hate all of a sudden on the court all because of the fact that he’s having fun on tiktok and being himself but I like the way he handles the hate just continues to push thru it

    • Shekinah Wallace
      Shekinah Wallace 6 months ago

      Fr. It’s prolly cause he’s just nice tho😭😭 he’s js humble tbh.

    • MAGiC
      MAGiC 6 months ago

      He’s gay like Mahonias brother

    • RJ Slusarczyk
      RJ Slusarczyk 6 months ago

      cause its cringey asf, nobody is gonna take an “athlete” seriously when they are shakin their ass on social media like a female

    • Micro dox
      Micro dox 6 months ago +1

      It’s cause that’s the whole sport, especially in high school they talk the most sht it’s just he’s a tiktoker so they have more stuff to talk sht on him about, it’s basically apart of the game

    • Its David Fr
      Its David Fr 7 months ago +2

      @Selena Robinson no bro it’s just trash talk. Apart of the game really

  • KJG
    KJG Year ago +1316

    Terio tripping “you got bullied yesterday” jared dropped 29 yesterday😭

    • Night Owl
      Night Owl 2 months ago

      @Blackkykykykykyk GOD is king. dont use that word

    • Troy
      Troy 4 months ago

      @Dmo K that's RICH and famous at that too😂😂

    • Krow
      Krow 8 months ago

      @Bryce Woods bro don’t even worry about his ass he be on roblox talking about a nigga game

    • Fat joe
      Fat joe 8 months ago

      @Erik Taylor dumb

    • Erik Taylor
      Erik Taylor Year ago

      @Too cold wym

  • Noah Messina
    Noah Messina 11 months ago +207

    I have so much respect for this guy. He is such a good person. His patience is amazing and he never lashes out. Doesn’t let them get to him and still puts points on the board and moves the rock around.

  • Amaura w
    Amaura w Year ago +649

    they was so worried about Jared not knowing his other teammates can score 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

    • marque mason
      marque mason Year ago +1

      I don't know what game you watch.. but you completely false lol lol ..kimball players timid the whole game.. only one came w heart this game was terio (my opinion)

    • nickinthecutt
      nickinthecutt  Year ago +25

      Luckily they didn’t double this game

  • Lil Ballas
    Lil Ballas Year ago +805

    sadly, jared is going to be getting hate like this on the court for a while, main thing for him is to continue to keep doing what he’s doing and staying himself, which he is. it makes me laugh because a lot of hoopers and people out there think he probably soft and not about basketball bc of what they see on tiktok, but he is REALLY LIKE THAT. keep pushing and applying pressure jared you’re going to be a star bro

    • kju botushi
      kju botushi 5 months ago +1


    • leo
      leo 8 months ago

      @BJ why are you hating so much bro,leave jared alone he is doing his thing and he doesnt spread negative energy towards anyone so whybare you doing it to him

    • franchise
      franchise 9 months ago

      @BJ He’s a 5 star recruit now you goof ball.

    • franchise
      franchise 9 months ago

      @YNW_ SwEaTs He is a 5 Star Recruit.

    • 𝕪𝕒𝕓𝕠𝕚-_-𝕃𝕁 💫🥷
      𝕪𝕒𝕓𝕠𝕚-_-𝕃𝕁 💫🥷 11 months ago

      @BJ and you are 🧐? Keep hating nigga 😂👎🏾

  • dropz
    dropz Year ago +2887

    jared jus be coolin, he focused.

  • Sione Maama
    Sione Maama Year ago +172

    Jared is such an awesome player. This is the stuff NBA teams and college teams will look at. Everything going against him and every reason to sulk, but he and his brothers just keep pushing.
    Great content as always Nick!

    • kju botushi
      kju botushi 5 months ago +1


    • Gymrat
      Gymrat 5 months ago +1

      @franchise being ranked #22 hardly means anything considering the nba drafts all over. Only the top 5 or top 3 players are basically guaranteed to be drafted. But based on what I’ve seen his handle isn’t great, can’t blow by his defender. And isn’t much of a playmaker or shot creator on top of that. His motor on defense isn’t high either.and unless your one of the best offensive players in the world good look making a nba team if you can’t play defense. He does seem like he would be a very good college player though

    • franchise
      franchise 9 months ago +1

      @VonDukes Scouting He’s the #22 ranked player in the class of 2023, his chances of playing in the league are high. You not a real scout, this kid can hoop.

    • Sione Maama
      Sione Maama 11 months ago +1

      @VonDukes Scouting first of all I didn’t say he’d make the NBA, but NBA evaluators will look at this stuff
      And he can shoot the ball really well that’s the NBA game today. He’s only going to get better. Super skilled and works hard

    • VonDukes Scouting
      VonDukes Scouting 11 months ago +1

      Collège not NBA great college player and future pro doesn’t really have an NBA game

  • t
    t Year ago +455

    nick already filmed, edited AND posted todays game?? you are the goat bro 🙌🙌

  • Chandler
    Chandler Year ago +31

    Bro love this perspective you bring as a top rated athlete in your craft. Hope you continue this at the next level. Bless up 🙏🏾

  • WhiteAfrican _Ty
    WhiteAfrican _Ty Year ago +108

    Honestly I feel like nobody can’t make jared mad he’s just a calm, happy person no cap💯

  • LincolnSparks
    LincolnSparks Year ago +364

    I love how he just smiles and proceeds to cook him

    • Jerron
      Jerron 4 months ago

      @Eric Franklin that’s what I’m sayin 😂😂

    • kju botushi
      kju botushi 5 months ago +1


    • Oscar Martinez
      Oscar Martinez 8 months ago

      fym mean terio was cooking that whole cen10 squad all game lol

    • Trevohn Bratton
      Trevohn Bratton 10 months ago

      @Justen Dozier I mean this game he anit show it if he lost doesn’t make sense but ok

    • ItzShy
      ItzShy 11 months ago

      @Justen Dozier u legit got other people in the comments tellin u the same thing 🤣💀

  • Simamkele Ngcwenga
    Simamkele Ngcwenga 4 months ago +1

    Love how his teammates are always there for him

  • Mir Mir
    Mir Mir Year ago +71

    #2 did that same spin move into a jumper like EVERY possession 😂

    • Cyrus David
      Cyrus David 7 months ago

      @Daddy c it worked like 2/12 times

    • 1k Spades
      1k Spades 10 months ago

      @Just Gingi yes he scored

    • Just Gingi
      Just Gingi 11 months ago +4

      @Daddy c they took the L... sooo... did it really?

    • Daddy c
      Daddy c  11 months ago +2

      And it worked

    • KingWorld Adventures
      KingWorld Adventures Year ago +13

      @Gabriel Wier when did he say anything that had to do with your comment

  • xNateDiiferent
    xNateDiiferent Year ago +73

    I swear the refs were so bad this game 😂😂

  • Brooklynn Fynn
    Brooklynn Fynn 6 months ago +2

    Can’t wait til the day we get to say “I knew this player since he was a kid” 😂🔥💪🏽
    mad respect 🙏

  • Pope Fam
    Pope Fam Year ago +27

    Jared’s toughness and composure on full display

  • yahir luna
    yahir luna Year ago +163

    They always hating on my boy Jared😤

  • ItalicBeast87
    ItalicBeast87 4 months ago +11

    This game makes complete sense now we know who arterio really is

    • ItalicBeast87
      ItalicBeast87 4 months ago

      @Jerron he was physically and mentally abusing his girl… sad story

    • Jerron
      Jerron 4 months ago

      Bro what ?

  • Sadie Bro
    Sadie Bro Year ago +20

    respect for Jared he can always keep his cool

  • razer
    razer Year ago +60

    glad we get to see a close up ingame jared

  • Deuce
    Deuce Year ago +41

    how can you get mad at jared he’s just positive

  • Bxuba
    Bxuba Year ago +104

    This part got me
    spectator :" stop talking put some points on the board "
    Tertio: i am , you know how it go

    • nickinthecutt
      nickinthecutt  Year ago +5


    • Mike T.
      Mike T. Year ago +42

      Sounds like he low-key threw his team under the bus right there 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • vOffBallin
    vOffBallin Year ago +146

    so embarrassing when bro says “i am, you know how it go” 💀

    • Slyfox BS
      Slyfox BS 6 months ago

      @HomixideKash so you can’t be hating? It’s not his fault they didn’t win if he had the teammates Jared had he would’ve won lmao

    • HomixideKash
      HomixideKash 6 months ago

      @Slyfox BS Yeen even put ah close quotation bih 😂nd he was ballin fs but … did he win 😨? No

    • Slyfox BS
      Slyfox BS 6 months ago

      @HomixideKash lmao “ah win” instead of “a win for what. And they lost because his teammates didn’t show up Terio was still ballin it’s not fully his fault

    • HomixideKash
      HomixideKash 8 months ago +1

      @braylon williams those points ain get em ah win tho huh ?

    • Profuse Habits
      Profuse Habits 8 months ago +2

      @Oscar Martinez I was just about to say Terio was killing lmfao

  • kju botushi
    kju botushi 5 months ago +1

    Jared’s team really deserved that win the other team was talking trash and they fought through it and trusted God and won ❤️✝️🙏🏾

  • Emerson Martinez
    Emerson Martinez 11 months ago +7

    Jared is to cool, chill, tuff and mature for his age

  • Zack Young
    Zack Young Year ago +11

    Real scrappy game both teams was playing with heart. Jared got no conscious no matter what they say or how many shots he missed he still locked in. Terio cold asl too they both league fasho.

  • John Meretighan
    John Meretighan Year ago +47

    Jared be chilling fr😂

  • franchise
    franchise 9 months ago +4

    They both ranked #22 in their classes, you love to see the competitiveness.

  • daniel
    daniel 8 months ago +2

    Love the way Jared plays and how he keeps a cool head

  • Lil'Eric Hotchkiss
    Lil'Eric Hotchkiss Year ago +130

    They hating because he getting the attention they want that’s all. 🤷🏽‍♂️💯😂

    • Lil'Eric Hotchkiss
      Lil'Eric Hotchkiss Year ago +1

      @glizzywithda scope never said they didn’t they just not well known and as hyped as terio and Jared is what my argument is lol

    • glizzywithda scope
      glizzywithda scope Year ago +1

      @Lil'Eric Hotchkiss almost everyone on Kimball have D1 offers from some of the best colleges 😂

    • Lil'Eric Hotchkiss
      Lil'Eric Hotchkiss Year ago +13

      @Blackkykykykykyk aww no doubt mans a bucket so i see why him and Jared would be talking back and fourth but the rest really got no place to be speaking you feel me

    • Blackkykykykykyk
      Blackkykykykykyk Year ago +4

      U right but terio still top 25 but I understand what u saying

  • Adrian Lewis
    Adrian Lewis Year ago +19

    Mannn this what I like to see😂ain’t nothing wrong with a little trash talking let them be. Jared and terio both going high D1 regardless they get buckets frfr lol

  • UnTakenBTW
    UnTakenBTW 7 months ago +3

    All that trash talk and still lost to
    Jared and his team 🥱

  • monkey
    monkey Year ago +53

    He was mad Jared spreading positivity through his dances/videos on tiktok, that’s called winning off and on the court.

  • jt
    jt Year ago +49

    nick recorded, edited n posted this whole video within like 2 hours after the game. real goat tingz

  • Emerson Martinez
    Emerson Martinez 11 months ago +1

    🔥 video nick keep up the good hard work keep grindin love ❤️ your videos sm

  • Jayds Jacksin
    Jayds Jacksin 4 months ago +6

    they always wanna talk negative abt jared, that boy ain’t focused on them. plus he better than all them on that team😂😂

  • joshua
    joshua Year ago +15

    Some of the worst officiating I’ve ever seen even on a hs level these refs should be fired

  • Mari
    Mari Year ago +14

    one thing I love bout Jared is he never let that hate shit get to him 💯

  • youkapalot
    youkapalot Year ago +40

    bro how in the hell can you hate jared, bro just be coolin Ong 🤦🏽‍♂️😭

    • ayywoe!
      ayywoe! 8 months ago

      The niga zesty asl

    • colton_
      colton_ 10 months ago

      @Chris Orosz huh

    • Chris Orosz
      Chris Orosz Year ago

      Cause he’s a smart ass

  • Carmine henderson
    Carmine henderson Year ago +10

    Jared is kinda unguardable because he uses his skill and you give him a little bit of room its money but if you bite on a pump or hesi its layup or free throws

    • SvrnSZN
      SvrnSZN Year ago +2

      @Hunter Technik not being soft,he jus was dtm bruh was basically talking to himself

    • Hunter Technik
      Hunter Technik Year ago +2

      i think jared and hooper and love his tiktok, but y’all all highkey sleeping on terio bc y’all soft, he was unguardable bro lmao

  • Santana Sage
    Santana Sage Year ago +4

    look at jared man, so inspirational

  • Sticks wyd
    Sticks wyd Year ago +40

    Jared is so tuff

  • 1brokenkingdom1_
    1brokenkingdom1_ Year ago +8

    Jared stay smile there's never a time when hes not smiling

  • shiesty
    shiesty Year ago +4

    Jared is very humble

  • JMakaveli
    JMakaveli Year ago +14

    These refs are crazy bro😭😭

  • Godsimp
    Godsimp Year ago +7

    Nick coming through as always

  • AceyPLUG
    AceyPLUG Year ago

    damn terio spin a lot 😂😂

  • jordonh1_
    jordonh1_ Year ago +4

    this was a great game, from the film you got looks like the refs kinda let them play a little and that’s good!

  • Hangtyme94
    Hangtyme94 10 months ago +1

    That man Terio spin left everytime he touch the ball

  • Rraceyy
    Rraceyy Year ago +3

    A man who keeps his mouth keeps his life 🙏🏾🔥🤎

  • JuderzGaming
    JuderzGaming Year ago

    Nick always dropping bangers Jared a Bucket no cap 🥶

  • Dylan Cambridge
    Dylan Cambridge Year ago +2

    Jared a W man😂

  • giselle davis
    giselle davis Year ago +1

    jareds the goat he doesn’t got time for the haters

  • Joey Bell
    Joey Bell Year ago

    Why is no one talking about #2 on Jared’s team. That boy was cookin

  • Inosuke Boars
    Inosuke Boars Year ago +4

    Bro be blessing us with the QUICK upload! Love Nick

  • dhylan henry
    dhylan henry Year ago +1

    I know the refs have to stop when two players beefing but I feel like because of the nba refs everywhere take a power trip when someone is playing like they don’t like or something I don’t know what it is but reffing is ruining every type of sport

  • MonforPrez
    MonforPrez Year ago +16

    This whole tournament they was trying to fight jared

  • Imani Frazier
    Imani Frazier Year ago +13

    sad how he’s getting hate for being a normal teenager and making tiktoks for fun..

  • EsenC
    EsenC Year ago +1

    Can’t let yo emotions control you, especially when facing adversity against tough competition

  • Tyler Luk
    Tyler Luk Year ago

    Damn they really trash talking while losing. That’s just ironic. Must really hate the man

  • Aaron BOwman
    Aaron BOwman Year ago

    Bol was locking red head he was just shooting it 😭😭😭 nah caue that’s defense and dude got calls for when it wasn’t a foul 😭😭😭

  • Mike T.
    Mike T. Year ago +2

    A whole lot of bricks and bad shots in this game man. But I like the energy both teams played with. If you losing at the end, bro with the braids on Kimball don't need to be talking.

  • Daniel Willis
    Daniel Willis Year ago +1

    jared is going to be great

  • Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E1

    Jared McCain not a Tiktoker Star he’s a humble player that will give y’all favorite players and team buckets 🦍❤️🔥👿⭐️

  • Jdonaldson 901
    Jdonaldson 901 8 months ago +1

    Yeah Jared gone be cold because he got his ass beat in high school… I feel this just mentally getting him prepared on what’s to come! #StaySolid

  • Antonio Ramos
    Antonio Ramos Year ago +1

    Jared a good guy

  • Scxtty Pimpin
    Scxtty Pimpin Year ago +2

    nahh that no call at 7:41 was CRAZY 🤣 ref staring right at it

  • Malieya Jackson
    Malieya Jackson 4 months ago

    Imagine being that big of a hater😭😭

  • Global Darius
    Global Darius Year ago +1

    “Sorry ass tik toker” 😂😂😂😂

  • Michaiah
    Michaiah 11 months ago +2

    Terio do the same move. Would have been ripping him on that spin every time

  • Inspired.Hooper
    Inspired.Hooper Year ago

    2 dislikes? How? Keep doing ya thing Nick

  • BernyisaBucket
    BernyisaBucket Year ago +4

    9:20 the spectator made me laugh! He shut him up!

  • RJ Liwanen
    RJ Liwanen Year ago

    Jared such a 👑

  • Uzoma Ojinnaka Jr.

    4:39 you could tell camera man likes bro because that was just a flop 😂

  • Jaylin West
    Jaylin West Year ago +15

    Why they mad Jared doin his thing…it really doesn’t make any sense🤦🏽‍♂️

  • jt
    jt Year ago +1

    NEED EPISODE 6 !!!!

  • Happy Tree Friends
    Happy Tree Friends Year ago +1

    Damn number 2 like that huh? My goodness, and somebody in the comments said this is High school??? Damn, the game just keeps on improving

  • Cayden Hunter
    Cayden Hunter Year ago +1

    Not gonna lie seems like you only show the missed shots😂😂

  • uicideboysFTPluvrr Chris

    Terio got good dribbles

  • Yassier Adam
    Yassier Adam Year ago

    Keep it up nick this content better than big time platforms

  • Hawaiki's got hops
    Hawaiki's got hops Year ago +1

    dawg rlly said all that and still lost

  • John Meretighan
    John Meretighan Year ago +6

    My boy Nick with a short banger once again💯

  • Camnewtonsdab
    Camnewtonsdab 11 months ago +1

    #2 is a very good player he should be more humble

  • revivejor
    revivejor Year ago +15

    jared got tht positive mindset only! lockedin

  • Daddy c
    Daddy c  Year ago +2

    Number 2 on the other team is cold asf idc what anyone say

  • Paola Akimana
    Paola Akimana 6 months ago +1

    The game was to tight for him to be talking shit like that tho, he talking like it was a big point gap 😐

  • Johnathan Davis
    Johnathan Davis Year ago +1

    Donavon dent definitely a 4 star

  • Rixon Pollock
    Rixon Pollock Year ago +1

    Terio tuff but how he gonna talk that much losing

  • Turbo2k
    Turbo2k Year ago +1

    Jared is just a hooper

  • AJ
    AJ Year ago +1

    This game made be a McCain fan

  • Chiilz
    Chiilz Year ago +1

    jared really a goat bro

  • Isaac Allen
    Isaac Allen Year ago +3

    did jared point at the score board😂?

  • Tyrell Hines
    Tyrell Hines Year ago

    Damn these dudes mic’d up talking crazy 🤣🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Oscar Martinez
    Oscar Martinez 8 months ago +1

    "Stop talking put some points on the board" Terio was making all kinds of fucking plays what was she talking about lmao

  • Bigballercoco 1
    Bigballercoco 1 10 months ago +1

    Ref was buggin 😭

  • Bryant Carter
    Bryant Carter Year ago

    Did all that talking and loss smh 🤣