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  • Published on Sep 22, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Tune in on September 29th to catch Whit3 Iverson, Slim Reaper, and DC Heat in this season's first Creator League game! 🍿
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Comments • 24

  • Hunter
    Hunter 2 months ago +17

    Pretty scary team. I know that slim is dunking on someone’s ass this tournament.

  • Tekkman 44
    Tekkman 44 2 months ago +6

    They winning for sure. Well balanced and bags of talent

    • VI.
      VI. Month ago

      This aged horribly 💀

    • ic
      ic Month ago +2

      ain’t no way

  • DrewMostHated
    DrewMostHated 2 months ago

    Love seeing dc heat getting love now been watching him since like 2015

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 months ago +2

    Tbh I think it’s gonna be this team and friga team that’s gonna be in the finals

  • Cxlt45
    Cxlt45 Month ago +2

    That murakami phoenix suns jersey white iverson was wearing in that video is beautiful 🤩

  • Turab Qanoongo
    Turab Qanoongo 2 months ago +3

    Y’all should have had savage squad in this out here

  • Hen Bui
    Hen Bui 2 months ago +1

    white iverson's pass and slim's dunk & hangtime gonna smoke all other teams

    IBLION 2 months ago

    They winning a 💯

  • Vincent Chen
    Vincent Chen 2 months ago +1

    That’s is so unfair 😢

  • TJ
    TJ 2 months ago

    Because it'd be OP and unfair if they had to face a team of 3 From InTheLab lol

    AMOUNG US 2 months ago

    This wait is "AMOUNG US" until it comes💯🥸

  • JBlazeHNIC
    JBlazeHNIC 2 months ago

    We’ll we know what team won

  • Jacob Walker
    Jacob Walker 2 months ago

    Zone 6 are iso-ballers instead of a team. 2Hype is kinda ass. Friga, White and Raye could be good but they don't know each other like that. My money is on these guys.

  • kD
    kD 2 months ago +6

    Ohhh Taquavious in this yessirr

  • Samurai Tuff
    Samurai Tuff 2 months ago

    Team ypk raye ooooohhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh

  • NBG Hezi
    NBG Hezi 2 months ago

    They one fosho

  • Michael Mayers
    Michael Mayers Month ago

    Why they left bil

  • Shay Micah
    Shay Micah 2 months ago

    THEY Didn't leave BIL. It's just COM0

  • jryn
    jryn 2 months ago


  • Tracy Mcswain
    Tracy Mcswain 2 months ago +1

    This is a 🔥 🔥 video idea to do in this video in life right know know for us only okay