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Red Bull X-Fighters meets the LAAX Open ⚡️

  • Published on Jan 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Retribution
    Retribution 2 months ago +1370

    It really doesn’t hit the same without a 2 or 4 stroke.

  • PapaSquat
    PapaSquat Month ago +263

    Seeing him hit that launch without the rip of the engine just made me think he wasn't going fast enough 😅

  • Cody McDonald
    Cody McDonald Month ago +12

    that’s weak af with out the brap brap

  • Javier Ramirez
    Javier Ramirez Month ago +16

    That bike sounds like it likes men

  • Edmarus Hacenti
    Edmarus Hacenti 2 months ago +89

    So clean how he scans goes through and it slowly closes behind him

  • The Dude
    The Dude Month ago +74

    Was already a winter sport cuh!

    • Jordan Emede
      Jordan Emede Month ago +3

      Right lol you would think redbull would remember WINTER X GAMES

  • Kelvin Rimmer
    Kelvin Rimmer 11 days ago

    Thats dope. Love the ev bike

  • maaxam
    maaxam 23 days ago +3

    Fork spring rate harder than my final exams

  • FUOFire
    FUOFire 19 days ago +3

    imagine if that battery cut out for cold temperature while on the ramp

  • balf1111117373
    balf1111117373 11 days ago

    They did this on x games about 15 years ago. It was a full fmx event on snow

  • Bradley Smith
    Bradley Smith Month ago +49

    Not the first time I have seen a prius fly

    • London Hensley
      London Hensley 15 days ago

      ​@Cody Goochhe's saying that cause it's eletric

    • Cody Gooch
      Cody Gooch Month ago

      Cars can’t fly silly

  • Martin Kaufmann
    Martin Kaufmann Month ago +1

    I miss the 2-stroke sound!

  • V
    V 23 days ago +2

    Brooo where’s the sound😭

  • Coco
    Coco Month ago +2

    Bruuu this sound !

  • mrsmith
    mrsmith 2 months ago +9

    Holy crap bro got launched

  • Aut0matixSc4rz
    Aut0matixSc4rz Month ago +27

    It doesnt feel the same when its not gas

    • Johannes Münch
      Johannes Münch 19 days ago

      @Michael O'Halloran ​ Noise is not Overrated… the sound of a 2 or 4 stroke engine gives people goosebumps because they make you feel some sort of way… hitting the throttle and banging through the gears in to the revlimiter is a feeling a electric bike can’t give you… I tried electric and it does nothing for me! No feelings, no Nostalgia, no emotions…

    • Spudwick Throckmorton
      Spudwick Throckmorton 21 day ago +2

      @Michael O'Halloran also noise is not overrated at all, making a racket is half the fun if you actually ride

    • Spudwick Throckmorton
      Spudwick Throckmorton 21 day ago

      @Michael O'Halloran how long does it take you to charge up again? Cause I’d bet a tank of gas its a helluva lot quicker to put a couple gallons in a tank. Not to mention you can carry a milk jug in your backpack. You run out of juice on the trails, you’re SOL

    • Michael O'Halloran
      Michael O'Halloran 25 days ago

      No it’s better.. noise is completely over-rated. Nowhere else in life do we prefer noise - bikes are no different.. accessible performance and no engine heat are what matters. If you haven’t tried electric you know not what you say..😎

  • White SUGER BOMB
    White SUGER BOMB 16 days ago +1

    I was at LAAX and it’s so cool

  • doen johnjo
    doen johnjo Month ago

    Sounds so cool…. Lol

  • Scott’s life
    Scott’s life Month ago +8

    I speak for 95% and agree that electric just doesn’t cut it. No sound, no adrenaline factor from a thumping machine. I will never purchase an electric dirt bike in my lifetime. I’ll keep my CR250R! Love the footage and products Red Bull!!

    • SuzukiKid400
      SuzukiKid400 Month ago +2

      100% agreed. They need to add speakers to these bikes.

  • samyonboard
    samyonboard Month ago +1

    we did that at Air&Style Seefeld in 2003 if I remember right ...

  • Ibra
    Ibra 28 days ago +2


  • John Bear grease
    John Bear grease Month ago +10

    They were doing this in the x games 20 years ago

    • Flying90
      Flying90 Month ago +3

      Whoever created the short probably wasn’t born yet or old enough to remember 😂

  • Daniel Sch.
    Daniel Sch. Month ago

    tryed the same, got arrested at the lift entry

  • bob often
    bob often 16 days ago

    LAAX " A ski resort in Switzerland "
    ( yes I googled it )

  • Gabriele Chimento
    Gabriele Chimento 2 months ago +7

    I'm terrified of bikes and snow because of that Brian Deegan Slam, I can't recall the year tho

  • Drew Jones
    Drew Jones Month ago

    So sick it’s electric: we can get away with riding so many more spots!!! Including urban!

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Month ago

    I’m not gonna lie that is kinda cool

  • joshua tootell
    joshua tootell Month ago

    It was a winter sport not too long ago

  • David Cook
    David Cook Month ago

    Special permission given.

  • Mazhar Ansari
    Mazhar Ansari 19 days ago

    Normal winter day at RedBull

  • awandanu
    awandanu Month ago

    Nice toaster

  • Forrest Cason
    Forrest Cason Month ago +8

    It was a winter sport but they deemed it too dangerous…

    • Danny Walker
      Danny Walker Month ago +2

      Deegans 360 stack!… a big one!.. back in the good ol days of FMX 😊

  • SnowingFire
    SnowingFire 3 days ago

    so you gonna buy me an mx so we can do this snow cross style all downhill?

  • Nigel Dean
    Nigel Dean 25 days ago

    I miss winter xgames fmx

  • Zachary Radford
    Zachary Radford Month ago +5

    Reminds me of a power wheel. Or that Razor dirt bike. Seems like a toy.

    • Ayo
      Ayo 17 days ago

      ​@-Jöö 😮‍💨

    • -Jöö
      -Jöö Month ago +3

      lmao, these Electric "Toys" have more power than any ICE powered dirt bike...

  • 06racecar60
    06racecar60 Month ago +5

    You couldn't pay me to ride an electric dirt bike.

    • Marco Cruz
      Marco Cruz Month ago +1

      i say the same but you have to admit they are nice they just don’t compete with the brap of an engine

  • PilotGeorge.
    PilotGeorge. 18 days ago

    I was there a week ago😂

    THE GMAN Month ago

    I'm just curious why have I never seen someone put grind pegs on a dirtbike and do some bmxing lol 😆 😂

  • Shred Spectrum
    Shred Spectrum Month ago +4

    They’re trying to go electric

  • jake smith
    jake smith Month ago

    it was a winter sport as a freestyle event in the x games. for a very short period of time seeing as it was way more dangerous than dirt. the snow was more like ice and many riders took bad falls and i wouldnt doubt if one or more lost their life too. safe to say that did not last long 👍

    KNIGHT FALL 21 day ago

    I wanna see these bikes with spikes take on a red bull crashed ice course once it’s over

  • daniel jordan nicol
    daniel jordan nicol 6 days ago

    2 stroke noise needed

  • Micha St
    Micha St Month ago +2

    I really like this electric bikes. They are way less annoying than combustion engines and got such an great power output.

  • EastAtlanta
    EastAtlanta Month ago +6

    I thought somebody was playing with a remote control car at the end

  • Paul
    Paul Month ago

    Most striking thing about watching the video of him going up the steps is how stiff the suspension was...not much give in it..plus not much drama of the sound of a two or four stroke ripping through the gears bouncing over obstacles..boinggggggg..🤣🙌

  • SplitedCell
    SplitedCell Month ago +3

    Weird as hell not to hear the engine

    • towtrkdug43
      towtrkdug43 Month ago

      @Matt Bolt maybe you should read my comment again?. Like I said it sounds like my Surron Light Bee 🙄

    • Matt Bolt
      Matt Bolt Month ago

      @towtrkdug43 its an ev

    • towtrkdug43
      towtrkdug43 Month ago

      You couldn't hear it ? Came through on my phone. Sounds like my Sur Ron Light Bee, but a little louder. And I think the proper term is motor, not engine, if it matters.

  • Diego Manoni
    Diego Manoni Month ago +1

    Hermosa moto

  • Riezig
    Riezig Month ago

    It's not the same without a gas engine.

  • Aerial Aces
    Aerial Aces Month ago

    Can we revisit Alta motorsports? Where is the Redshift now??

    HASHBAR 22 days ago

    Electric 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Florian Maurer
    Florian Maurer Month ago +1

    What bike is it?

    KILLROZE Month ago

    I never even knew there were electric bikes like this

  • Anoxzia
    Anoxzia Month ago

    It was a winter sport for years

  • Carlos Ferreira
    Carlos Ferreira Month ago


  • Puskás Bence
    Puskás Bence 3 hours ago

    Where is THE sound

  • KondzioYT
    KondzioYT Month ago

    electric 😂

  • TalksWithRyan
    TalksWithRyan 13 days ago

    Fix was a winter sport Brian Deegan and most of the metal mulisha done it

  • three oh five
    three oh five Month ago

    It was a winter sport at one point

  • Coastz
    Coastz Month ago

    It was at one point. Ask Brian deegan how that went

  • Ivan Altamirano
    Ivan Altamirano Month ago +2

    Why is it electric? 🤢

  • Dave Bosman
    Dave Bosman Month ago

    So sick !!!

  • Stephan Leddick
    Stephan Leddick 25 days ago

    Reminds me of the NBA bubble crowd…silent

  • Rare Pepe
    Rare Pepe 14 days ago

    what a bike is that?

  • 웃Anͥgeͣrͫ
    웃Anͥgeͣrͫ Month ago

    Nice bike I'd love to tear one around my estate stealthily

  • More and row
    More and row 2 months ago +5

    Ew, electric FMX

  • Diesel Hunter
    Diesel Hunter Month ago

    It’s such a nice bike

  • Jeremiah Woodruff
    Jeremiah Woodruff 2 months ago +2

    Better bring some extra batts

  • Teddington
    Teddington Month ago

    Why is it electric…?

  • bmxfu419
    bmxfu419 Month ago

    We tried this before at x games. Didn't end up well lol

  • Cosmic Loops
    Cosmic Loops Month ago +3

    No sound no like

  • Ryan 🇦🇺
    Ryan 🇦🇺 Month ago +4

    Bring back the 250 2 strokes that used to do this or a 500 2t it doesn’t feel right with an electric bike

  • Unlawfullettuce
    Unlawfullettuce Month ago +7

    Real riders ride gas powered engines...

    • Oram
      Oram 15 days ago +1

      Real riders dont gate keep...its about the love of the sport. The way you do that is up to you.

  • Bob McBob
    Bob McBob Month ago +3

    Still sounds like a can opener


    в снег на саморезы это конечно сильно🤦‍♂️

    MR JOLLY 20 days ago +2

    Electric vehicles are the new Rainbow Flags

  • Dutch Van Der Line
    Dutch Van Der Line 2 months ago +12

    Electric pos

    • -Jöö
      -Jöö Month ago

      litterally puts out more more than any ICE powered dirt bike...

    • Syndikat
      Syndikat Month ago

      Have you ridden one?

    • Dutch Van Der Line
      Dutch Van Der Line Month ago +1

      @azerty ytreza no I'm talking about the garbage bike that is shown

    • azerty ytreza
      azerty ytreza Month ago

      Are you talking about your girlfriend lol

  • Moto Bros TV
    Moto Bros TV Month ago

    Wait till they hear about winter x games

  • Stormtropler455
    Stormtropler455 Month ago

    Look there a RC Car

  • Nameymcnameface
    Nameymcnameface Month ago

    My girlfriend has a white plastic battery powered toy as well…

  • Amber Davis
    Amber Davis 18 days ago

    So dangerous

  • Alfredo Carpaneto
    Alfredo Carpaneto Month ago +2

    It is so weird seeing a dirt bike but hearing an RC car. Without the BRAAAAP it just seems lame.

  • Philipp
    Philipp Month ago

    Looks like Gta5😄

  • Adam Dot
    Adam Dot Month ago

    Gimme 2stroke anytime

  • Mysterious Stranger

    The future? LOL.

  • LJ Malan
    LJ Malan Month ago

    If you vlose your eyes
    The first part sounds like Muttley laughing

  • Alex Carnes
    Alex Carnes 15 days ago

    Considering there were multiple people why not have a mic operator.

  • puzzypopper3000
    puzzypopper3000 Month ago +2

    Needs a engine

  • Lesko Brandon
    Lesko Brandon Month ago

    Premature electrification.

  • B
    B 16 days ago

    Everybody saying electric is better is either 1. Because they own one, so now they think its the best and probably never had a real mx race bike..or 2. They've never had a bike period. Didn't grow up racing mx and know nothing about the lifestyle and how fast 250 and 450s really are. When you're ripping a race bike, the sound of the power delivery boosting you around the track is everything. Plus it's sexy too.

  • 415stunnaz
    415stunnaz Month ago +1

    Sooo how long does that battery last?

  • Magziu
    Magziu Month ago

    Why it's electric?

  • Surron Country
    Surron Country Month ago

    Me on the surron
    Up the stairs😂

  • Le Tool
    Le Tool Month ago

    Electric vehicles as an alternative for when fossil fuels run out. What happens when fossil fuels run out and those power plants that were supplying the EV chargers are no longer supplying the EV chargers?

  • Ducati SCRS
    Ducati SCRS 24 days ago


  • bermrider32
    bermrider32 Month ago

    Has everyone forgot it used to be in winter x games?

  • TheMrvidfreak
    TheMrvidfreak Month ago

    The fighters I know, well, fight.

  • clinton helton
    clinton helton Month ago

    I was a winter sport back in the day

  • Craig Stanton
    Craig Stanton Month ago

    That thing is more mtn bike then dirt bike

  • DOPE RiderZ
    DOPE RiderZ Month ago +1

    where is braaaap?

  • Jordan Fritsch
    Jordan Fritsch 2 months ago

    Go essence 🔥