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How to Install an Elevator in your Living Room!


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  • exogy_
    exogy_ 3 years ago +85325

    I‘m stuck after the step with the hole and my mom is coming home in half an hour

  • TheMannyzaur
    TheMannyzaur 2 years ago +2675

    Honestly this channel makes me realise that disabled people will not feel disabled if they have the right people around them! This is amazing!!

    • EyeSheetMiceElf
      EyeSheetMiceElf 17 days ago

      Because everyone has that amount of money to buy such things.

    • Quinn Eilbeck
      Quinn Eilbeck Month ago

      @Trek Game nope I am not special I am disabled 😂😂

    • K Sisu
      K Sisu 2 months ago

      @First Last Thank you for your clear words pointing out the major issues and putting forward very good solutions for the issues we (mobility disabled people) have to deal with daily. The severe gatekeeping of accessing government assistance needs to end and that we can actually live modestly on it (rent, groceries, and pay our heating and electric bills).

    • J Botnick
      J Botnick 2 months ago


    • Tora Blaze
      Tora Blaze 3 months ago +1

      @Diego Sauda I live in Bulgaria and the apartment building where I live does have an elevator but 1. it's very old and most people who can walk don't use it for fear of it breaking and 2. to get to it you need to climb up a flight of stairs. Like, seriously, couldn't they put it on ground level or something? Such a fucked up design

  • PositivePasta14
    PositivePasta14 Year ago +504

    This man did such a wonderful deed for his wife and still managed to make a product review video on it. You're the man 👍

    • TheLogicIsOdd
      TheLogicIsOdd Month ago

      @AK 🤓

    • Drive Roblox
      Drive Roblox 6 months ago +15

      @AK you are a genuine bad person

    • AncientSlav
      AncientSlav 7 months ago +3

      My dog tested the safety under the elevator. Shame I forgot to connect the wires so...

    • AK
      AK 10 months ago +9

      Ummmmm... That's not really how the world works.
      He made it a video so that he could expense the cost of installing and purchasing the elevator. It was a deduction on his income taxes; he didn't pay a damn thing. That's the difference between someone filing schedule C and a W2 employee.

  • Yudy Yunardy
    Yudy Yunardy 4 months ago +166

    The way she looks at him, and the way he looks at her. There's so much love in it. I love seeing it. I hope you guys could grow old together...

  • Manawalea
    Manawalea 5 days ago

    So what was your solution to fix the ramp ?

  • Simple Home Art Decor Ideas

    every problem has a solution. and you are one of them. I agree that I don't pay much attention to people with disabilities. until one time, now my grandmother seems to really need it. thanks!!

  • Kacey Willamson
    Kacey Willamson 2 years ago +6358

    Let’s just show respect for this man he build a elevator in his house just so his wife or girlfriend could get up and down,ur a great man

    • BrAvE  QuEeN
      BrAvE QuEeN 4 months ago

      Wish my future husband is a man like him

    • Vlad Kabanilsky
      Vlad Kabanilsky 5 months ago

      A great husband.

    • Rosemary Cabral-Moreno
      Rosemary Cabral-Moreno 6 months ago

      What the hell is wrong with you people. He's helping his wife. Doing some great things for her. That's how much he loves his wife. He is willing and able to do anything for her to make it easier on her.

    • kiran niks
      kiran niks 6 months ago

      @Erik McLennan somebody hurt you badly.

    • Calyn Walker
      Calyn Walker 7 months ago

      @Cynthia Gealone I'm prety sure she was in a horse accidnet

  • Tiffany Smith
    Tiffany Smith Year ago +139

    Very blessed woman, I'm glad she has her independence. And it's thanks to her partner, great job!
    My mum is in a wheelchair, and things like these should be a lot more accessible to the handicap. This is an amazing idea.

  • MD Miller
    MD Miller 4 months ago +9

    Jerry, I wish this could become a series on TV, so that today’s generation can see the level of love and support you provide your wife! Both of you are incredibly inspiring! This is so beautiful!

    • Doctor Corgi
      Doctor Corgi 5 days ago

      Most of today’s generation is on Clip-Share anyways.

  • You Can't Spell Dum _ F_ _ _ _ without BUCKS !!!!

    She's a lucky lass, and he seems to prove day in and day out how luck of a lad he is himself! Much love to how you treat your wife! I'm glad you two found each other

    • Constance Miller
      Constance Miller 4 months ago

      When he becomes the first elevator and catches Cambry with those manly muscles? That was the most romantic nerdy DIY thing ever recorded.

    • Hassan
      Hassan 5 months ago +2

      most british comment

    • ella
      ella 5 months ago

      @Mark smith what

    • Atom
      Atom 8 months ago

      @Mark smith what

    • Existence.
      Existence. 10 months ago +1

      @Mark smith what

  • Steven B.
    Steven B. 9 months ago +29

    Wonderful. It is tough when you have immobility issues in a multi-level house. My niece is and my sister had to build a single level house. Just to note, at 8.09 the brand of the elevator was not blurred out if that is something you didn't want shown.

  • Abhishek Zambre
    Abhishek Zambre 3 years ago +770

    The respect for this guy just skyrocketed. And also, more Cambry, please. You look amazing together. :)

    • Scolex
      Scolex 3 years ago

      TellosaurusRex fucking made me die

    • SA
      SA 3 years ago

      @Ajay Ganesh Sweet home Alabama😂😂

    • CockOfJustice
      CockOfJustice 3 years ago

      Women tend to leave their disable husbands and heck even try to divorce rape disabled war vets. Plenty of stories around and for some strange reasons society, Twitter and Instagram feel sorry for such women.

    • Jibreel
      Jibreel 3 years ago

      Is that her dad??

    • spiddyman007
      spiddyman007 3 years ago +1

      TellosaurusRex haha yoo

  • GrandDude
    GrandDude Year ago +48

    The electric truck videos got me subscribed to this channel. And this episode really touched my heart. I was diagnosed with MS when I was 25,. I am now 62 a total quadriplegic. This video touched me on so many levels. Thank you both!

  • ForcefighterX2
    ForcefighterX2 5 months ago +33

    I watched this episode with my wife and she was very glad to see that Jerry's wife as similar "throwing skills" as she has.

    • Matoos_008
      Matoos_008 7 days ago

      @Jackson Hoover oh ok, I get the two confused

    • Jackson Hoover
      Jackson Hoover 7 days ago

      @Matoos_008 it’s spelled zack though

    • Matoos_008
      Matoos_008 Month ago

      just a friendly comment, his actual name is zach, he just uses jerry bc of his channel name

  • A C
    A C 9 months ago +10

    Amazing to see what this guy can do. Hats off to you Zack. You are a true gentleman.

  • Moses Blount
    Moses Blount 6 months ago +17

    I would love this for my home. Me and my wife have issues climbing stairs, so which product link in the description did you have in the video, because I want to order the same thing. Question: does this elevator add or take away value from your home?

    • City Lock a polytechnikey llc company
      City Lock a polytechnikey llc company 2 months ago

      @Dave MacDonald There is limited inventory of accessible homes. This would either add, or be a wash to the valuation. 2-3K to remove and patch floor/ceiling/carpet is negligible, but the added value would be there, especially if marketed by a RE Agent who is tapped into the community.

    • Moses Blount
      Moses Blount 5 months ago

      @Dave MacDonald Thank you for your reply. That’s very good information.

    • Dave MacDonald
      Dave MacDonald 5 months ago +1

      No chance of adding value. We are having one fitted tomorrow and I have done research on the house value afterwards. Unless you rings a buyer who wants the lift the value of your house will be less as it costs £2000 to £3000 to remove the lift and make the floor/ceiling good again. This will put buyers off.

    • manuel baca
      manuel baca 5 months ago

      Definitely will add value to your house

  • Pog BoyTM
    Pog BoyTM 3 years ago +988

    This elevator is scratching at level 6, with a deeper groove at level 7.
    *This elevator is up there with elevators in 2019.*

    • Pog BoyTM
      Pog BoyTM 3 years ago +1

      @Progeusz maybe but doesn't mean it could not

    • Progeusz
      Progeusz 3 years ago +3

      Are American houses actually capable of supporting chairlift?

    • Pog BoyTM
      Pog BoyTM 3 years ago +2

      @RyanX The elevator passes the bend test and is an impressively solid elevator.

    • 雞根博士
      雞根博士 3 years ago +1

      But the burn test left a permanent mark

    • Tudor
      Tudor 3 years ago +3

      It's actually plastic so it scratches at a level 3 😉

  • JediWebSurf
    JediWebSurf 11 months ago +54

    The price is around $20k-$25k for those wondering. It's called the "Stiltz Trio Alta".

    • 007bondspy
      007bondspy 4 months ago

      @spilled hot-hibiscus tea. yes you should try the “mixing bowl method “ it might leave you a bit raw but it’s good

    • spilled hot-hibiscus tea.
      spilled hot-hibiscus tea. 4 months ago +1

      @007bondspy anyway.

    • Sreenikethan I
      Sreenikethan I 5 months ago +3

      @007bondspy smh

    • 007bondspy
      007bondspy 6 months ago +1

      Does that come with the beautiful Woman or do you have to buy her separately ? Lol

    • EMYHR
      EMYHR 6 months ago

      How much for the single?

  • Bumstead13
    Bumstead13 5 months ago +7

    Great addition if you can afford it. My dad was paralyzed after a car accident. It was difficult for him to mentally accept, it breaks my heart seeing someone so young in a wheelchair. Your a good man and she has so much trust in you. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy. Beautiful relationship and a beautiful couple. I respect what I see.

  • Ken Herrera
    Ken Herrera Year ago +4

    I can see how this would be wonderful for anyone confined to a wheelchair because it gives them freedom to move about any two story home. Loved this presentation, thank you!

  • Jersey Boy
    Jersey Boy 5 months ago +3

    Fantastic. I came to this page from Rivian 1500 mile review. My teen daughter is in wheelchair. We were able to modify our 1960s home sufficiently without an elevator but love seeing this compact solution. Now I need to find the off road wheelchair videos!!

  • Jithin V Pillai
    Jithin V Pillai 3 years ago +915

    Thats not a big chunk of money spent on a lift , Its love and care for her . Diamonds and dresses can't do this
    Zack you are the man, Hat's off to you

    • Binoy Mathew
      Binoy Mathew 3 years ago +1

      @Marcus Novotny His fiancee... c'mon guy.

    • Neol Sviskon
      Neol Sviskon 3 years ago

      Mai Rupnik lol, but what is it though

    • Mai Rupnik
      Mai Rupnik 3 years ago +21

      @Marcus Novotny I swear to god you just ruined the whole comment

    • Marcus Novotny
      Marcus Novotny 3 years ago

      Is cambry his wife or child?

  • Demolition Man
    Demolition Man Year ago +10

    That is really a cool thing you did! Loved watching the installation.

  • Carsnip Carpet
    Carsnip Carpet Year ago +5

    You guys are absolutely awesome and everything you guys show is inspiring and I’m sharing it with my friend that is paralyzed for the last year

  • Adam Gravelyn
    Adam Gravelyn Year ago +17

    This guy is amazing. From the first time I watched a video of them you can tell they are going to be together forever. He isn't doing this to make it easier for him since she is in a wheel chair, he is doing this so she can have independence and be free to do a lot of things that she couldn't before. I wish I was as handy as him so I can help make people's lives easier.

  • George McCormick
    George McCormick 6 months ago +2

    If I may, Ms. Cambry... THIS is what a true partnership looks like. "Not that I don't love being carried by you..." That made all the work worth it... just hearing that, I'm sure. This may be one of the sweetest things I've ever seen done for a person. Jerry literally expanded your independence... how freakin' cool. Props, Brother... this (and the wheelchair-ring video) was 14 minutes well-spent. Love it !!!

  • marc
    marc 2 years ago +1849

    This guy could build an elevator at his house for a week, while my school is still building it after a year.

    • Z
      Z 2 years ago

      @PJ8730 Transport Studio It's broken easily because pupils do Vandalism I think.

    • Beefy Stew
      Beefy Stew 2 years ago

      BlueSimps CHILL BRO

    • SparEcks
      SparEcks 2 years ago


    • puneeth 343
      puneeth 343 2 years ago

      indian schools never bulid its like
      hold my beer

    • Aping ChuPapi
      Aping ChuPapi 2 years ago

      The same with our comfort room, it took 2 yrs to finish..

  • Spartan Conscience
    Spartan Conscience 5 months ago +1

    You're a good man Jerry. If only the world had more people like you. A world where all dreams are possible if you believe in them.

  • GeocatWizard
    GeocatWizard 11 months ago +4

    This video really helped, though my landlord wasn't very happy that I installed one that goes directly to my elderly neighbor on the 4th floor, I'm also now in debt but it's fine, as long as that lady can get to her room easy and safely

  • mjcfsutton
    mjcfsutton 7 months ago +2

    😭😭😭This is a perfect demonstration of love 💕 brings tears to my eyes.
    My mother was in a wheelchair for most of my life. I understand the underlying emotions around the appreciation of independence and gratitude for a labor of love.
    Well done young man, we’ll done!

  • klwty
    klwty 8 months ago

    nice project, for my father we have an elevator powered by hydraulic pump, but it seems yours is even quieter than ours. Just a tip, generally for those lifts powered by a motor/pump, it sometimes just needs to replace a start/run capacitor, when there is a delay or no response after pressing the button; our service provider asked for 7k for replacing the whole power unit, but I fixed it with a $20 capacitor… you can easily locate it near the motor, our capacitor went died after five years of operation, significant slower going-up speed in the last month. And with the new capacitor it runs as fast as day 1.

  • TheBlitzCrusader
    TheBlitzCrusader 3 years ago +675

    The level of respect I have for this man is not measurable.

    • NoobProfessional
      NoobProfessional 3 years ago +1

      @SSOB92 Yes he's a human.

    • SSOB92
      SSOB92 3 years ago

      @NoobProfessional That mean he is not a diamond?...

    • NoobProfessional
      NoobProfessional 3 years ago +4

      @SSOB92 No. A scratch at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7.

    • SSOB92
      SSOB92 3 years ago +24

      It's lvl 10, with deeper groove at lvl 11

  • Gerald Onyango
    Gerald Onyango 8 months ago

    This is one of my favorite videos. Awesome build and it shows how good of a relationship you have. Love everything about this.

  • Ducky Drummer
    Ducky Drummer Year ago +1

    Very neat. Congratulations guys on your elevator, well done! The only thing I noticed that I would like to change is the speed of the lift. It seems like it might be a little slow but I don’t know.

    • Warren Kawamoto
      Warren Kawamoto 9 months ago +2

      If it goes faster, there will be more stress on the motor as torque forces increase.

  • CadenLol
    CadenLol 10 months ago +2

    It's nice to see that an absolute unit of a man is so caring for his loved ones

  • Beyond Artists
    Beyond Artists Year ago

    I think it should have a sliding door. Since it's kinda designed in a rounded shape. Great job!

  • Premium
    Premium 3 years ago +65366

    Building a whole damn elevator to get a girl to the bedroom. Initiative level 2000

  • Gary Livesey
    Gary Livesey 4 months ago +1

    Great stuff Jerry, looks amazing, 12:16 That sounds horrible about the static, hope you can find a fix for it. xD

  • Dillons World
    Dillons World 9 months ago +2

    6:00 I would actually keep the plastic or whatever wrap on because it looks a lot better then the regular inner walls

  • Martin Kern
    Martin Kern 28 days ago +1

    I just had the Stiltz Trio Alta home elevator installed. Took about 8 hours to assemble and fully install reasonable price relevant to lifts, of course. I went with the half door, and no handle bar inside. Totally agree concerning the steep ramp and very slow speed, unwise pleased

  • Dan Shepler
    Dan Shepler Year ago +1

    Fantastic,. Like about 10 years back in the last home we owned I build an elevator in the garage to lift my power chair & me from the garage floor up 32" to the hall floor of the double wide. Not as pretty as yours but a lot cheaper. I used 2x6 to form an L at each four corner, a 2x6 frame around the top and metal brackets screwed into the concrete at the bottom. I bought a wench and mounted it on the side and ran 1/4" cables through pulleys at each corner to lift the platform. I used garage door runners and pulleys at each corner to keep the platform centered and running smoothly. I had a set of steps beside it for normal use. The control for the wench was on a cable that hung loose and was hanging inside and traveled with the platform. She is a very lucky lady.

  • Jason C
    Jason C 3 years ago +203

    The most important question: will the elevator scratch at Level 6, with deeper groove at Level 7?

    • Shivam Mishra
      Shivam Mishra 3 years ago +3

      No they pop like a little lego

    • Whyte Rhomer
      Whyte Rhomer 3 years ago


    • The Curious Noob
      The Curious Noob 3 years ago +28

      It's made of plastic so it scratches at a level 3 with deeper grooves at a level 4.

  • Golden Bhoy
    Golden Bhoy Year ago

    Hi Jerry, what solution did you come up with to resolve the steep slope ramp?

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Year ago +2

    It's so very thoughtful and cute you install an elevator for your disabled wife, much respect 👍

  • 3D-Obsession
    3D-Obsession 9 months ago +2

    Awesome video. Congratulations Cambry! Are you still using this elevator and what was the ramp solution?

  • Alex Paikada
    Alex Paikada 7 months ago

    I wish to grow up and be like this man one day. Nothing but mad respect

  • Elda715
    Elda715 Year ago +3340

    If I ever have a daughter, I pray she finds a partner as nice as this man

    • Alduiin-_-Playz
      Alduiin-_-Playz Month ago

      @Ostrich Cum how so?

    • Alduiin-_-Playz
      Alduiin-_-Playz Month ago +1

      At the time of you commenting this they’re married

    • Elda715
      Elda715 Month ago

      @Rozina thank you. However none of us have any choice in this life and choice what our genes give us. I would do everything to accommodate and watch my child succeed, even if they are disabled.

    • Angelo Ramirez
      Angelo Ramirez Month ago +1

      We can't truly know this man. Be careful of what you wish for. 🙈

    • Harris H
      Harris H Month ago

      @SupremeDreams 2.0 ‘M. My. M :

  • Denver Adams
    Denver Adams Year ago

    Could have used an inclined chair or platform lift. Also does it have a mechanical safety in case the cable breaks and a slack cable switch. The fire department needs to see this unit and understand rescue procedures in a worst case scenario, speaking as a former elevator mechanic and a current state elevator inspector. P.s., a battery back up would be a good thing to have and a phone on the lift is definitely needed.

  • GrandpaKrakr
    GrandpaKrakr Year ago +1

    You guys are fun to watch. Your interactions make me smile. Thanks for that!

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine Year ago

    Nice video, what do you use to clean the polycarbonate clear panels of the lift?

    DIEGO RANCH INC 10 months ago

    This is really cool. I run a nonprofit equine therapy program for children and adults with disabilities. We have big looking at different lifts for our students and raising funds for one. Thanks for the great idea, you guys are awesome.

  • Josh 01
    Josh 01 3 years ago +509

    The glass on the lift door is made from tempered glass, as you can see the level 6 pick starts to scratch, with deeper grooves at level 7.

  • John El Hanafi
    John El Hanafi 10 months ago

    I noticed the ramp slope as soon as she got on it for the first time; I am sure you took care of that for her; such a nice guy. This was awesome to watch!

  • Nicholas Fisher
    Nicholas Fisher 2 months ago +1

    What a cool dude to put an elevator in for his wife! I never knew this about Jerry rig, glad I subscribed! this dude is freaking awesome!

  • Sarah
    Sarah 4 months ago

    Try adding a ground wire to the frame of the unit. That should help with the static.

  • Neal Bowser JR
    Neal Bowser JR 24 days ago

    3 years after this video, I am considering some sort of option for both my wife and my mother in law. We bought a split level house, and are now regretting having to go up and down the stairs all the time. My mother in law is on Oxygen, and cannot use the stairs, she gets winded after going up 7 steps and has to take a 10 minute rest halfway up, and another 10 minutes when she gets to the top. My wife needs two knees, and she gets a sharp pain when she steps up and down more than an inch. My wife is heavy set, and although under the 500lb limit, it would be on the upper side of it's maximum. For that reason, I don't think chair lifts would be an option. I was thinking of a small elevator, but the only solution would need to be stepped on for the upper level, since the only area an elevator could feasibly go, is by the stairs. This wouldn't be a good solution, but it has given me some ideas. We are on the poorer side, so we couldn't afford this as well. There are other things to consider when installing an elevator like this, like making sure the foundation can support the extra weight (We've discovered since moving in that our foundation is unusually thin). I am glad you both found a solution. And videos like this give me hope that a solution could be found. In the meantime, my mother and law and wife are housebound, and get out of the house about once per month, and my mother in law is feeling Isolated not being able to join us for dinner, being stuck in her room for weeks at a time.

  • Toya Malak
    Toya Malak 3 years ago +2696

    He protect.
    He attack .
    But most importantly , he helped his wife’s back .

  • Willycruyff
    Willycruyff 5 months ago

    Just an observation
    7:08 That's not your inverter, that is the braking resistor. The inverter is shown at 6:55, the gray dark unit beside your power supply

  • speedlever
    speedlever 2 months ago

    Zack, just curious, but how did you decide to use 2x10 beams to support the upstairs floor when you cut through it? Did you have a structural engineer come out? Just curious how you processed that structural change.

  • Ghostface
    Ghostface 11 months ago

    Jerry is such an amazing person and partner to his wife, its so nice he did that for her :)

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 8 months ago

    I always wondered what would happen if like you got stuck in an elevator shaft and the elevator starts coming down on top of you. Good to know we have safety features.

  • Geoffrey Hodies
    Geoffrey Hodies 2 years ago +786

    My wife was just diagnosed with GNE myelopathy. A muscle wasting disease and she will soon be in a wheelchair. Your optimism at overcoming physical barriers is inspirational. Keep up the good work.

    • voidremoved
      voidremoved Year ago

      @Steven Arther Brother, the real secret is that Jesus can be your microscope. Then we wouldnt need the doctor or the scientist... When you resonate with the voice of the Most High. Not Urethra McEntire

    • Steven Arther
      Steven Arther Year ago +3

      I recovered from a major car accident and the reconditioning of my muscles was done with a machine that the government does not want us to have it can be used for atrophy and also building muscle not to mention repairing nerves the man that invented it was actually in the process of curing cancer with it and did and that's why it's not on the market it works on many things but the government will not let us have it I actually had talked to doctors on the East Coast that we're friends with Donald Trump and they were working on getting it accepted by the FDA and AMA for it had been once before unfortunately there was so much money in Pharmaceuticals that they banned the production of this machine and anyone that makes it goes to jail or is murdered in jail and that's exactly what has happened to the man that was holding the patent on the frequencies that dr. Raymond Royal Rife had figure it out while he was looking through the most powerful microscope in the world called no not the electron that's a child's toy in comparison to this one it's called the universal microscope he had an aha moment and decided that he couldn't attack free radical cell while looking at them and hitting them with a frequency similar to something like Aretha McEntire's voice breaking glass. Yes they did Carol diseases in 1933 well that was the beginning anyway the corruption is only going to get worse now unfortunately if we cannot stop what's happening.

    • birb
      birb Year ago +1

      i’m sorry dude

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker Year ago +1

      So sorry 🥺

    • Tyu Siz
      Tyu Siz Year ago +1

      Sending you support my brother. Stay strong

  • Warren Penner
    Warren Penner Year ago +1

    New subscriber just from the laser HUMVEE mounting stuff; Well done Zack - now I've found a way, costs and options to have an elevator installed for my son's wheelchair. Greetings from Jakarta - my son will be 10 in October. Peace!

  • Joni Boulware
    Joni Boulware 4 months ago +2

    She is so strong to hold herself onto that upper floor on the "first use".

  • sebastian ocampo
    sebastian ocampo Year ago +1

    He really loves her. Such dedication to make sure she’s happy. And the way she looks at him I know she loves him

  • Pete ASMR
    Pete ASMR Year ago

    That looks like a European inverter, interesting 🧐
    What a fascinating video. And what a great improvement on the house. So happy for her 😁.

  • studentman
    studentman 3 years ago +699

    Zack: Let's build an elevator...
    Redstone Builders: Allow us to introduce ourselves...

    • Euclid
      Euclid 3 years ago

      I cant like this coz its on 666 and I want it to stay that way

    • Ed Cullen
      Ed Cullen 3 years ago

      @itachii267 Uncultured swine

    • Así lo hace Luis
      Así lo hace Luis 3 years ago

      Uff time to use our t flip flops, watch some mumbo jumbo and our triple piston extenders baby!!!

    • Jesse Robson
      Jesse Robson 3 years ago

      MrSlimeEyeITM funny dat 😆

    • joi
      joi 3 years ago +1

      @Krzysztof Juszczak BURN *100*

  • Jeremy Stüve
    Jeremy Stüve 2 months ago

    I imagine doing this at my place. Thick steel and concrete floors. It is so crazy how houses are build in the US :D

  • Dana Mama
    Dana Mama Year ago

    Eeek the first trial of the elevator with the hole! She is so brave and confident and trusting and he is very strong! This is true love and is heart melting. You are both wonderful soul mates. :)

  • MAD Streamer
    MAD Streamer Year ago

    Awesome diy project I love it. But it looks like the latest installment of final destination.

  • dnwalkingoneggshells

    I found you guys from the LDS Clip-Share video about Cambrys journey with being paralyzed. I really love seeing your journey together as an (im assuming, feel free to correct me and ill delete me comment!) LDS couple who are going to through life with unusual obstacles but handling it all in such a way that is filled with purpose and love.

  • JustGopherIt!
    JustGopherIt! Year ago +2111

    "I love it... gives me independence...not that I don't love being carried by you...but I'm independent." This is how all great relationships work... on both sides.

    • D4RK-WYV3RN
      D4RK-WYV3RN 4 months ago


    • Jeremy Sales
      Jeremy Sales 10 months ago +9

      @Davida Aubrey Sackman if you watch his videos, they explain how they came to be a power couple. I hope things get better for you. At least mentally if not physically.

    • Davida Aubrey Sackman
      Davida Aubrey Sackman Year ago +6

      May I ask, where you happened to have met him??
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    Judy Hinkle 9 months ago +1

    Would this work for a business where it wouldn't be used much but make it ADA accessible? I never could see the cost on this lift.
    Good job BTW😊

    • SP30305ATL
      SP30305ATL 9 months ago

      The rules will be state and local, but you can pretty much bet anywhere in the US or any first world country, the regulations for commercial elevators will be much stricter, and this kind of thing will only be allowed in private residences.

  • BonBonToro
    BonBonToro Year ago

    I literally stumbled across this channel to see a durability test for the switch and happened to see other phone videos too out of curiosity and now I see this, man I didn't expect to see something that you'd literally consider making in a video game but now we're here ahahah
    but man big props to you on this and now to see what other amazing stuff you've uploaded on this channel, all thanks to a video on performing big scratches on a switch X'D

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    Doc Luca 5 months ago

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    Should have a small audio visual alarm when the lift is being used..and include a PMS for the components check...especially the sensors.
    In any case ...Be sure to make an enclosure around the beams for safety and awareness...matching the surroundings .
    The house is having a wooden framework structure. Not sure how the bearing and transmission loads is mated at the foundation or the roof.
    Really good mind.👍

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    Very happy for you!

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    Cambry: 'Let's get started!'
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