[M/V] SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - 독 : Fear

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • ‘자체제작’ 타이틀로 가요계에서 꾸준히 성장세를 보이고 있는 세븐틴이 이번엔 정규 3집 [An Ode]로 더욱 성숙하고 깊이 있는 앨범으로 돌아왔다.
    세븐틴의 정규 3집 [An Ode]는 'Ode(시)'를 통해 화자가 메시지를 은유적으로 표현하듯 세븐틴 또한 그들이 전하고 싶은 메시지를 다양한 방식으로 녹여내 특별한 의미를 전달, 많은 이야기를 담아냈다.
    특히 누구나 한번쯤 느낄 수 있는 '두려움'을 세븐틴은 창작하는 과정을 통해 느끼는 감정 중 하나로 마주해 이에 대해 스스로 내면 깊숙이 통찰, 고뇌에 빠진 세븐틴을 한 단계 더 성장하게 했다.
    또한 세븐틴의 대표 수식어인 ‘자체제작돌’에 걸맞게 이번 정규 3집 [An Ode]에서도 멤버들이 음악 작업에 참여해 진정성을 더하며 세븐틴만의 감성으로 한층 더 성숙해진 완성형 음악을 선사할 예정이다.
    SEVENTEEN returns with their 3rd full length album, [An Ode], proving their growth and maturity as “self-producing” artists.

    As a writer metaphorically expresses his/her message through an “ode,” SEVENTEEN also seeks to share their messages and stories to listeners through this album.
    “Fear” is an emotion many people encounter at least once in their lifetime. SEVENTEEN explores fear as an emotion they face during their creative process. As the members search within for insight, the agony they endure help them develop one step further as artists.
    As expected from “self-producing idols,” the members participated in producing the album, adding on to the authenticity of their music. Through [An Ode], SEVENTEEN plans to present their distinct emotions in a more sophisticated manner.
    iTunes & Apple Music ▶ music.apple.com/us/album/an-ode/1479663299?app=itunes
    Spotify ▶ open.spotify.com/album/4btxaakgIaE1AkXqpReLwd
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    SEVENTEEN Official Instagram: saythename_17
    SEVENTEEN Official Fancafe: cafe.daum.net/pledis-17

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    Hey guys if you have Twitter, on OCT 31st, lets try to trend SVT_Fear__Halloween for Halloween! Attach your favorite scene from the MV with your post. Also share the Clip-Share link to the video if you can. We can try 6pm KST. I really would like to see this get picked up but I clearly can't do it alone, so please up vote this so everyone can see. Oh yeah, please also at Pledis_17 and Pledis17_staff on Twitter when you make your post. Fighting!

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    20 133 183^^ Good Morning Fam Happy str34ming the str34ming party is still on the road make sure to have fun XD Have A Wonderful Day/Night Fighting ^^

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    I’m so happy we broke through 20mil !!!

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    I'm back swimming here again,,, (●´з`)♡....love SEVENTEEN AND CARATS

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    1m 🔓
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    Good morning happy swmming everyone, enjoy this bop, fighting

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    Jun is my bias.
    one and only amazing visual, amazing dancer

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    2:47 that's CRAZY
    The high note

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    LPM SON ARTE!!👀💙

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  • • SEVENTEEN • got me so whipped Junhao

    We always appreciate you seventeen

  • • SEVENTEEN • got me so whipped Junhao

    Lets go carats

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    Are all these hoshi INCs the same person

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      Yes hahahah she's working hard

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      hahaha. She is and her many acct name. if you saw her acct meaning she's str3@ming using all her gadgets.

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    I ‘Fear’ for the people that sleep on these fine man.

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    2 am here..
    Good night/ morning/ evening/ afternoon fam
    Take care of yourself, keep swimming, thank you for not giving up and being here everyday
    Drink water, tale your vitamins, dont skip your meals
    Study well and good luck with life
    Dont overstress fam, fighting
    Horanghaee Fam ♡

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    Fighting Caratfam ^^

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    I'm starting to stan this group huhu hope I'm welcome to their fandom huhu

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    the way I love the way I love~

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    YEAY 20

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    friend:So who do you like
    me:The asian one.
    friend:they all are !
    me:I think i like the one with blonde,brown or red hair.
    Friend:Dont they all?
    Me:I like the pretty one or the hot one oh and the cute one.
    friend:All of them?
    Me:Im not sure...

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    Love you so much love you so so much

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    Love you so much seventeen

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    Love you so much seventeen

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    Love you Seventeen ♡

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    end of the year is getting closer lets fighting together ^_^

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    my mind : you need to rewatch svt ganganm style dance video
    me : HELL YES

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    Tell me what you want

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    Everything turns grey

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  • adribel
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    SEVENTEEN's physical album sales are good, but Clip-Share View is suck. they want popularity in Southeast Asia and South America.
    ikon&momoland, they are kings of Clip-Share, but they do not have fans to buy albums. only love playing Clip-Share.

  • Rawrr
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    Where’s all the USA CARATS?!!!!
    SVT will perform their FIRST concert in a Huge Staduim. Please be there and gives a Lots of support! Lots of love! You don’t want to missed and regret this. I’m counting on you, carats!!!!! ^__^

    • Tracey Cha
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      I'll definitely be there for three of the shows in the US

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    Dino 💖

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    Seventeen fifhting!!!

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    finally!!! :D 20 million!!! 10/19/19 [Oct. 19, 2019] ; ~5am KST, we added 10 million more views in exactly one month !!!
    ( last time I checked, achieved 10 million in less than 4 days :D (9/19 ~9:40am KST) ) congratulations to all of us and to more!)

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    The8 is the cutest in the world 😭💜

  • Abeer Alsaadi
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    اموت فيكم

  • Abeer Alsaadi
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  • Abeer Alsaadi
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    when I see this MV :
    (baby I'm fallen fallen)🤭💜
    I'm fall in love with seventeen 💜😭
    ARMY & Carat 🤭💜

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    hi caratdeul back again to str17m... 20m im so happy

  • Boo is the fluffiest and sweetest lil bub ever

    Wth im the 20m view this mv needs.

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      Boo is the fluffiest and sweetest lil bub ever I love your name

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    20M !!!!!!

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    This is love..

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    I'm crying right now, I really love SVT huhu

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    yeh,damn seventeen killing it again!!!!!!!! fighting

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    happy 20 million

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    2:01 this part is killing me wtf that is so hot

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    good night caratdeul, thanks for working hard. Happy strmming, fighting


    I am writing this with my sincerity.
    I don't understand why they are not famous like its so difficult to get 30 million viees but for groups who are famous they get 300 million viees easily.
    They are so talented there songs are just amazing their choreographies are lit their vicalss are killing their rap is on fire their lyrics are touching yet they don't get much viees.
    I am not saying that famous groups are not talented they are talented and their talent made them reach where they are today but as for SEVENTEEN they are also talented they deserve alot of support please support them and show them how much we love them let's get 30 million soon.

    • Rawrr
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      Most people here are either BTS Fans and multi fandoms. And a little bit of carat fandom, too.

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      one day seventeen will dominate the world...

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    I'm so in love with everyone's voice ughh they're the best

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    im a new fan and i can't believe these hot guys are dorks and clowns because they're not seems like THAT???? PLEASE SUM1 HELP ME IM CONFUSED???????????????

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    hwaiting caratdeul don't give up to str3am it's weekend let's party here

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    im crying we finally reached 20M :> keep fighting carats, next target *30M*

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    20,084,430(2019/10/20 0時17)