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Double Life Episode 1: Living With The JELLIES!

  • Published on Jun 16, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Welcome to Last Life season 3 renamed Double Life - episode 1! We start Double Life Ep1 out by getting geared up and looking for our soulmate. We try to build a base above a Minecraft Pillager outpost with disastrous results with Grain and LittleEtho. Eventually, I go off on my own and live with the Jellie Pandas and find my real soulmate. I hope you enjoy the first episode of Double Life and see you in episode 2!
    * The Jellie skin maker: TitanLyarrah
    * A Very Plump Jellie Resource Pack: www.planetminecraft.com/mob-s...
    Last Life SMP Series Clip-Share playlist:
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    * Facebook: on. 1LCWlMV
    Last Life series server members list! Check them all out!
    Grian: clip-share.net/user/Xelqua
    Smallishbeans: clip-share.net/user/Smallish...
    Smajor1995: clip-share.net/user/Dangthat...
    bigbst4tz2: clip-share.net/user/Bigbst4tz22
    Etho: clip-share.net/user/EthosLab
    Bdouble0100: clip-share.net/user/BdoubleO100
    Renthedog: clip-share.net/user/rendog
    InTheLittleWood: clip-share.net/user/inthelit...
    impulseSV: clip-share.net/user/impulseSV
    Tango: clip-share.net/user/TangoTekLP
    ZombieCleo: clip-share.net/user/ZombieCleo
    SolidarityGaming: clip-share.net/user/Solidari...
    Skizzleman: clip-share.net/user/MCSkizzl...
    PearlescentMoon: clip-share.net/user/Pearlescent...
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Comments • 5 182

  • GoodTimesWithScar
    GoodTimesWithScar  5 months ago +3375

    What did you think of the first episode and what should I do next? Also, link in the videos description for the Jellie skin creator and there Twiiter and where to download the A Very Plump Jellie resource pack from Ocepige.

  • Kathleen Geigley
    Kathleen Geigley 5 months ago +2492

    I’ve watched Grians and Joel’s POVs, but that anguished “NOOOO” still gets me every time. Pure terror.

    • hmm
      hmm 2 months ago


    • pokepwned
      pokepwned 5 months ago +3

      My favorite is Bdubs yelling “PILLAGERS”

    • David Liu
      David Liu 5 months ago +3

      7:29 Hehe

    • Mx Toonz
      Mx Toonz 5 months ago +7

      Same! I’m going to watch Etho’s pov after the second video

    • Caleb Wilson
      Caleb Wilson 5 months ago +12

      Omg literally😂😂 And scar is oblivious to it😂😂😂

  • Mia
    Mia 5 months ago +2487

    Scar after being hit by Joel "Dude I think my partner is in distress"
    Looks at Grian's pov and he's having a panic attack in the goat mountains

    • Emmanuel J
      Emmanuel J 4 months ago +4


    • marshmellow
      marshmellow 4 months ago +9

      on top of that they both ate mutton to heal at the SAME time

    • Rafael  Mtz
      Rafael Mtz 4 months ago +1

      Theres only 2 comments on a 1.3k like comment?

    • Melissa HPhone
      Melissa HPhone 5 months ago +5


    • Nia
      Nia 5 months ago +95

      scar didn't even realize that joel crit him

  • Saranghai
    Saranghai 5 months ago +1334

    I love that everyone BUT scar figured out who his soul mate was
    "I haven't found my soul mate" followed by hysterics was everything 21:00

    • All54321 Gaming
      All54321 Gaming Month ago

      @Person About 1/13

    • TheWitch'sTarot
      TheWitch'sTarot 4 months ago

      same with Scott and Cleo

    • Rafael  Mtz
      Rafael Mtz 4 months ago

      His laugh at 2x speed

    • The Dealer Rat XO
      The Dealer Rat XO 5 months ago +25

      I watched Joels perspective and it was so funny. Joel Etho and Grian finding out Grian was linked w Scar and then the soulmates went their separate ways. And then they met up again and Grian told them Scar still had no idea😭

    • Person
      Person 5 months ago +12

      What were the chances that Grian and Scar were soulmates?

  • Stopping In Motion
    Stopping In Motion 5 months ago +810

    Love how grian says “whoever i’m with is desperately trying to get me killed” directly to scar and then screams 5 seconds later once finding out it’s scar.

    • The Dealer Rat XO
      The Dealer Rat XO 5 months ago +46

      And it looks like Scar is just happily following a butterfly
      It makes the scene look so much better

  • Dalton Brown
    Dalton Brown 5 months ago +601

    7:20 I love how Grian's voice is just fading into the background trying to explain the situation to Scar and he's STILL surprised at the end when he finds out.

  • Jordan
    Jordan 5 months ago +380

    I have a feeling that this series going to quickly become a compilation of Grian screaming "SCAR NOOO".
    And I look forward to that!

  • Panzermensch
    Panzermensch 5 months ago +216

    "Are you looking at me?"
    "Okay look"
    *looks away literally split second grian breaks the dripstone

  • SkylightCiel
    SkylightCiel 5 months ago +578

    Scar has got to be the scariest member of Double Life to watch. It just constantly feels like you're on edge thinking he's gonna die

    • [Sam]
      [Sam] 5 months ago +1

      And Grian now

  • rey
    rey 5 months ago +1997

    Scar's "Oh my god" after a full silence of realization is just... It felt like he flashbacked all the past seasons and remembered just what sort of chaos happens when he and Grian teams up together. Not to say I'm not surprised though! They *are* quite the duo...

  • Maya Moon
    Maya Moon 5 months ago +182

    Grian's scream of despair in the background as Scar chases the allay was hilarious. Can't wait to see all the craziness that's going to happen in this series.
    Also, in case you still want to breed the Jellie pandas: they need to have a certain amount of bamboo around them before they'll breed. I can't remember the exact details, but it's on the minecraft wiki

  • Harry Houndonougbo
    Harry Houndonougbo 5 months ago +144

    What Grian says: You're playing with someone else's life here you know

    • AceOfSpades
      AceOfSpades 4 months ago +5


  • Aaron Bond.
    Aaron Bond. 5 months ago +134

    5:46 “dude I think my partner is in distress” meanwhile grian on his video is screaming “who’s got food” to bigB and smajor.

  • Bridgett Hale
    Bridgett Hale 5 months ago +71

    16:00 Bdubs: What are you bringin- PILLAGERS?!
    His reaction was priceless

  • BobTheBox
    BobTheBox 5 months ago +1676

    It's so funny that scar didn't realise he was linked with Grian. Even had the audacity to accuse Grian of keeping it a secret, when one of the first things Grian said to scar was "Scar, I think we're soulmates"

    • TheCamillaRose
      TheCamillaRose 5 months ago +1

      @Wil.entity lol

    • TheCamillaRose
      TheCamillaRose 5 months ago +1

      @Wil.entity lol

    • BobTheBox
      BobTheBox 5 months ago +9

      @TheZeug I feel like scar's slight giggle there was more a result of his alley situation and as a reaction to Joel's laugh, rather than actually being aware of what happened with Grian.

    • Redstone Creator
      Redstone Creator 5 months ago +4

      I’m never looking at the comments before I watch the entire video

    • Dani's Gaming Club
      Dani's Gaming Club 5 months ago +3

      So true, Bob

  • Captain Magmar
    Captain Magmar 5 months ago +67

    "Bang me dude" is going in the book of Scars iconic quotes along with "We've got roads to build, we'll get high later" and "There's so many balls in my face right now".
    (Also Copper Golem should have won the vote, fight me)

  • MJGamermom
    MJGamermom 5 months ago +102

    I have watched several points of view so far and this one had me laughing the hardest. I love how carefree Scar can be while Grian is nervously trying to keep him alive. I am so happy you were part of the 3rd/Last Life Series or I would have never have found you. I had become a fan by the end of 3rd Life.

    • Shaden Knight
      Shaden Knight 4 months ago +1

      I think the "Noooo" off in the background fading out was so good

  • AkwrdAlfredoSauce
    AkwrdAlfredoSauce 5 months ago +37

    Scar: "You gonna tell the principal"
    Also scar: *Gets paired with principal*

  • StarBooLiv
    StarBooLiv 5 months ago +80

    The fact that scar edited out tango and jim dying is one of the best things about this episode

  • Chuunosuke (The Squishiest Lawyer)

    The fact that Scar *heard and acknowledged Grian saying he thought they were soulmates,* that *Grian took damage at the same time as him on screen,* and how he got overprotective of Scar after that and Scar *still didn't notice* honestly made the entire episode so much funnier from both perspectives.

    • All54321 Gaming
      All54321 Gaming Month ago +2

      I still find it hilarious that Scar heard and acknowledged the soulmate comment and then proceeded to not think about it since.

    • R Rodey
      R Rodey 2 months ago

      @Aruna He just has bad connection Xp

    • Basil bat
      Basil bat 3 months ago

      And grains
      Scar didn't even react

    • Reekill
      Reekill 4 months ago +1

      Dude it was painful and I loved it

    • Ozzie
      Ozzie 5 months ago

      @silly face I didn't say I didn't read it. I read it, but you're disagreeing with me! You are such a silly!
      but if I'm being completely honest I do know in the back of my head that your viewpoint is actually... valid, but I just d0n't want to accept that it is, so I'm currently denying it. Thanks? I am sorry for being upset about grian's fanbase, they are just too many of them. I'm sorry.

  • Kaiynest
    Kaiynest 5 months ago +59

    Scar for the pillagers not to spawn you need to be 50 blocks above the floor of the Pillager out post
    extra safety precautions you can take:
    - use slabs to save resources and prevent spawns
    - use skeletons as turrets (Risky)
    - use Jelly to make the others not want to kill you for Jelly (Who will take care of him and mourn your loss with him)
    obviously you don't have to do the pillager base thing anymore if you don't want to I would just personally like to see that base

  • Adreana Degerstrom
    Adreana Degerstrom 5 months ago +117

    The fact they paired in the last season is hilarious to me, and Grian just knows this will be chaos. I'm looking forward to seeing it unfold

    • Alwaysawesome
      Alwaysawesome Month ago

      @Adreana Degerstrom ah

    • All54321 Gaming
      All54321 Gaming Month ago

      @Adreana Degerstrom Ah, okay

    • Adreana Degerstrom
      Adreana Degerstrom Month ago

      @Alwaysawesome by "last" I didn't mean it was the last season but rather last as in the previous season they did

    • Adreana Degerstrom
      Adreana Degerstrom Month ago

      @All54321 Gaming by "last" I didn't mean it was the last season but rather last as in the previous season they did

    • All54321 Gaming
      All54321 Gaming Month ago

      This isn’t the last season. The next one just isn’t announced yet. Although we do now know there’s already an idea for it.

  • The Dealer Rat XO
    The Dealer Rat XO 5 months ago +44

    20:46 this whole interaction is so funny knowing Jimmy and Joel knows that Scar is linked w Grian

  • Dericho Hardy
    Dericho Hardy 5 months ago +26

    After watching Grian's video a couple of days ago and first hearing the rules, felt that you two would be bound from the beginning.
    There was no way that you two wouldn't be connected in some way as it makes always makes great content.

  • Jamesdalf
    Jamesdalf 5 months ago +2347

    Gran's blood curling scream of no when he sees Scar is his soulmate is beautiful

    • EmilyTheDemon
      EmilyTheDemon 5 months ago +1

      It was hilarious from Grian’s POV and then watching this one and hearing it in the distance had me howlinnggggg 🤣🤣🤣

    • T
      T 5 months ago +1

      @ENWC ahahah uh no no I haven’t
      Sounds painful

    • Bella Smith
      Bella Smith 5 months ago +1


    • I couldn't think of a good name
      I couldn't think of a good name 5 months ago +2

      @Trollpower wasn't this the game Grain Theft Auto?

    • ENWC
      ENWC 5 months ago +1

      @T Have you never curled your blood before?

  • Tiger Lily
    Tiger Lily 5 months ago +50

    7:30- The moment where he realized just how short his series may be.

  • Danilotl
    Danilotl 5 months ago +32

    Those few moments of silence when Scars brain realizes that Grian is his soulmate HAHAHA

  • Nikko Trinh
    Nikko Trinh 5 months ago +15

    by the way Scar, to breed pandas, there has to be a bamboo tree around the two pandas that you're trying to breed.🥰

  • Wren Smith
    Wren Smith 5 months ago +7

    The anguish in grains voice when he screams "NOOOOO" gets me every time, the true sadness in his voce is just perfect paired up with the music playing

  • Sliding Architecture
    Sliding Architecture 5 months ago +1350

    Lol Scar actively being told who his soulmate is early and still taking a whole session to realise.... also back to his stealing ways of course.

    • Jacinta Capelety
      Jacinta Capelety 5 months ago +4

      @Rachelcookie321 Both Grian and Scar's videos included the part where you can hear Grian outright say "Scar I think we're soulmates and you're busy chasing fairies." so he wasn't editing out bits where he wasn't properly paying attention. If he was truly just ignoring it and editing out parts that made it obvious that's what he was doing, he would have edited out that part, but he didn't, cause he was just genuinely oblivious.

    • Rachelcookie321
      Rachelcookie321 5 months ago +1

      @Jacinta Capelety I know how oblivious scar can be but there was clearly parts were he was ignoring it and not just not noticing. Like how I said before, he edited bits out that made it obvious he was just ignoring it. Grian can be a good actor but if scar was finding his genuine reaction funny, like I assume he was, then I think he would of wanted to keep that going. He was probably laughing thinking of Grian freaking out about it and thought that was funny so kept it going. Genuine reactions are way more funny. You can be a good actor but unless you’re one of the world’s top actors, there’s just going to be something a bit more real about a genuine reaction so they are preferred.

    • Jacinta Capelety
      Jacinta Capelety 5 months ago +1

      @Rachelcookie321 If you think it's obvious Scar was acting then you haven't been watching Scar long enough to know how oblivious he can be sometimes. It was very clear that he legitimately didn't know. Scar knows how good of an actor Grian is. If it was an act, he wouldn't have lied to Grian in the break message. He would have told Grian, and trusted Grian's acting skills, because he knows Grian's acting reactions are just as convincing and funny as his genuine reactions.

    • Rachelcookie321
      Rachelcookie321 5 months ago +2

      @Jacinta Capelety it is obvious Scar was acting. He’s a good actor but you can definitely tell he was just playing around. Of course he wouldn’t of told Grian because he thought Grian’s genuine reactions were funny. He was acting so we could get the funny genuine reactions from Grian.

    • Jacinta Capelety
      Jacinta Capelety 5 months ago +2

      @Rachelcookie321 These minecrafters have established themselves as good actors. There's been several times in past videos where the only way a joke could have played out the way it did would have been for everyone involved to be in on it (for just one example, the big moon in Hermitcraft season 8), and they managed legit seeming reactions for those. Grian went so far as to say in his video "I thought he was just playing dumb and doing a bit, but I asked him during the break and he legit doesn't know". If it was truly a bit, Scar would have told Grian over the break, and Grian could have easily acted his reactions, because these people are good actors, but his reactions were actually more genuine because Scar not knowing was genuine. And honestly, I think that makes it even funnier, because him legit not knowing is funnier than him just pretending.

  • zoupsoup
    zoupsoup 4 months ago +4

    Grian going "I have something to tell you--" as Scar walks away, completely oblivious 20:41

  • Kyanite14
    Kyanite14 5 months ago +5

    7:30 Grians distant scream was literally the funniest part of the episode

  • Tilde Kahveci
    Tilde Kahveci 5 months ago +5

    Coming from having just watched Grian's video, it is very funny to watch you be unaware as Grian cycles through the five stages of grief at being your soulmate. Especially when I remember his panic when Joel axed you! XD
    The chonky Jellies are adorable! As is the Jellie on your head, once the reason behind your skin was explained. It was very funny watching other people react to you seemingly having a cat head

  • Elena Sullivan
    Elena Sullivan 5 months ago +2

    I love the random “Mojang, we gotta do something about this inventory, it’s ridiculous.”
    Very accurate, I was just not expected it right in the middle of Jellie pandas lol.

  • Arthur Blue
    Arthur Blue 5 months ago +1404

    grian trying to tell scar they’re soulmates while scar galavants around the server is so, so funny

    • 2Fluffy TV
      2Fluffy TV 5 months ago +9

      @Joshua Holdsworth 7:18 he tried, 7:30 Grian realized what he got himself into.

    • Defect
      Defect 5 months ago +14

      @Joshua Holdsworth He tried multiple times as scar either got distracted or ran off before he had the chance. It was hilarious and you missed it?

    • Joshua Holdsworth
      Joshua Holdsworth 5 months ago +2

      He wasn't trying lol

    • AAnrrat
      AAnrrat 5 months ago +80

      Grians heartbreaking, gutteral NOOOOOOOOOOO when be realised he'd have to babysit scar for the rest of the season was priceless.

    • Defect
      Defect 5 months ago +76

      Don't you mean "gandlebands"?

  • Gerald
    Gerald 5 months ago +3

    So glad you joined again. You make everything so hilarious.

  • Mirbee
    Mirbee 5 months ago +6

    Grian is really acting like a soulmate
    He next to Scar XD

  • JustAContentCreator
    JustAContentCreator 4 months ago +2

    Watching this after watching Grian’s perspective is amazing.

  • ★ Starry Toca ★
    ★ Starry Toca ★ 5 months ago +2

    Hearing Grian screaming in the background and his mic dying while scar remains perfectly calm and happy chasing his allay lol

  • Emily.J.W.
    Emily.J.W. 5 months ago +4463

    The fact the Grian found out first that Scar is his soulmate is hilarious, expecially since Scar didn't hear Grian when he said about them being soulmates.

    • TheWolfboy180
      TheWolfboy180 5 months ago

      @Game Knight a minecraft video is not the place for a religious discussion. Got a Discord?

    • Game Knight
      Game Knight 5 months ago

      @TheWolfboy180OH? How is that?

    • 🌸Blossom_Builds🌸
      🌸Blossom_Builds🌸 5 months ago

      Who's Griam he's called Garfield

    • TheWolfboy180
      TheWolfboy180 5 months ago +3

      @Game Knight if he cared about people he would not be spreading blatant lies

    • Game Knight
      Game Knight 5 months ago +2

      @A Messenger I am glad that you are telling people this. I do not think I found anything I disagree with in what you said. God is our creator and does expect us to repent for all of our sins against him and to ask for forgiveness. Without doing that everyone going to spend eternity in a lake of fire forever. The only reason we can do that is because God loves us so much that He gave His only begotten son to take the punishment on our behalf.

  • Clnne •
    Clnne • 5 months ago +2

    watching this from midway through grian's video because i was completely convinced that scar was just pretending to not know. I'm completely baffled. you two are so hilarious

  • Jenny Pollard
    Jenny Pollard 5 months ago +2

    omg, the Jellie-pandas are the cutest thing ever! & I literally laughed out loud when Scar finally realized he was soul-bound to Grian.

  • Rivner
    Rivner 5 months ago +2

    This was the greatest video in a long while I’ve seen, love that it’s so hilarious!

  • Flaming Pulsar
    Flaming Pulsar 4 months ago +2

    I prefer the allay, but it would be nice to ALSO have a copper golem. I always think that they should add ALL the mob options rather than having us vote for only one of them

  • 尺丹卞丹
    尺丹卞丹 5 months ago +4930

    Grian's distant cry as he found out they were soulmates was everything

    • Ultimate Gamer863
      Ultimate Gamer863 4 months ago

      @LowGun (ahem) Have you ever heard of…. not looking at a certain place on your screen?

    • valentina roldan
      valentina roldan 4 months ago

      @alex rollins you don't understand the word harassment then

    • UNGG5
      UNGG5 4 months ago

      You can just hear him in back and he’s like NOOOOO!!!

    • Davi Clemons
      Davi Clemons 5 months ago

      @valentina roldan Cringe

    • Phluffy Dragon
      Phluffy Dragon 5 months ago +3

      @valentina roldan Grian literally needed to do everything Scar asked of him in 3rd life how is he controlling?

  • Newcomb Rage
    Newcomb Rage 5 months ago +2

    The distant “Nooooooo” from grian is so much funnier from scars perspective!! That yell was pure pain

  • Connie
    Connie 4 months ago +1

    “I’m gonna trust him, he is Canadian” is my official favourite scar line ever

  • Jake Knight
    Jake Knight 5 months ago

    This episode is just a gold mine of amazing moments.

  • Kirke K
    Kirke K 5 months ago +1

    I'm living for Grian's distant scream at 7:30 when he figures it out

  • eyako ☻
    eyako ☻ 5 months ago +825

    you hear grian screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOO” when he realized he’s partnered up with scar 😂 timestamp: 7:30

    • Apeman
      Apeman 5 months ago +1

      Darth Grian scream 🤣

    • Joanna Dent
      Joanna Dent 5 months ago +2

      He said “it’s you it’s you” so sadly it was hilarious!

    • Ty
      Ty 5 months ago +2

      hahahahahahaha such a good catch

    • FrumpGaming
      FrumpGaming 5 months ago +9

      he sounded like the fucking riddler

    • Zachary Per Lee
      Zachary Per Lee 5 months ago +12

      thank you for that hilarious timestamp

  • juxoq
    juxoq 5 months ago +1

    I love how in the background of scar chasing an allay you can just hear Grian’s anguish of being partners with scar

  • Anonymous Jolty
    Anonymous Jolty 5 months ago +1

    Giant Jellies sounds like a beautiful paradise in the absolutely perilous 1.19 world.

  • Evie 0h
    Evie 0h 4 months ago +2

    Personally I wanted the Glare, I voted for Glare on about 4 different accounts haha. Wasn’t helping much lol!
    Been seeing so much about this series, and being tuning in to the streams on twitch when I can, so I decided I’d see what it all about and I’m loving it :D

  • SlyFox
    SlyFox 4 months ago

    20:25 "I found my soulmate!" Grian's scream and laugh after is HILARIOUS I love it

  • September Marvin
    September Marvin 5 months ago +1930

    Joel and solidarity: laughing when scar says he hasn't found his soulmate
    Scar: completely oblivious

    • September Marvin
      September Marvin 3 months ago

      @frostie stories I'm sorry what??

    • frostie stories
      frostie stories 5 months ago +8

      @bilishu aliss comment copied from @Saranghai they commented 3 days before this reply.
      Edit: as of 08-29 the comment is no longer a copy.

    • September Marvin
      September Marvin 5 months ago +26

      @bilishu aliss yeah I almost think they thought he was joking but then again they all know that scar is a bit oblivious.

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss 5 months ago +58

      I love that everyone BUT scar figured out who his soul mate was "I haven't found my soul mate" followed by hysterics was everything 21:00

  • Hannes
    Hannes 4 months ago

    That was an amazing start in the new season. I love it.

  • EnderMayer
    EnderMayer 5 months ago +2

    its one of my pet peeves when people call allays allies, but when scar says it its hilarious.

  • zelibeli
    zelibeli 5 months ago

    I've watched a few different episode 1s for this series so far and this, by far, was the best (because I finally get what the Jellies are!)

  • Kr8ZBot
    Kr8ZBot 5 months ago

    I love how the majority of this episode is people asking if Scar has found his soulmate, where be replies no, while standing next to Grian... it's just byoutiful

  • Penny Underbust
    Penny Underbust 5 months ago +7599

    *running at Cleo with an army of pillagers* WE ARE TRYING TO REACH YOU ABOUT YOUR CARS EXTENDED WARRANTY

    • Lord Sergal
      Lord Sergal 5 months ago +1

      @D Votion Everybody's gotta have it, gotta have it! Those who have it really have it, if you haven't well you've had it, couldn't hack it.

    • D Votion
      D Votion 5 months ago

      @Lord Sergal But the fact is…

    • Ckinggaming5 Bucket Madness
      Ckinggaming5 Bucket Madness 5 months ago +1

      Animators, get on this.

    • Grutar G
      Grutar G 5 months ago

      @Dr. Florida Man; PhD LOL, I was about to flag you as spam, but then I saw the context and figured out you were joking.

    • criselda
      criselda 5 months ago

      IM DYING 😂

  • Bailey 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me

    Gran's blood curling scream of no when he sees Scar is his soulmate is beautiful

  • insert name
    insert name 3 months ago

    watching both grians and scas povs is genuinely hilarious

  • Bri_ByunOh
    Bri_ByunOh 5 months ago

    Can't wait for the next episodes, this was hilarious

  • Maya Bananna
    Maya Bananna 3 months ago +1

    7:29 i love how you hear Grians distant NOOOO while Scar just chases the allay

  • IronBlaster_
    IronBlaster_ 5 months ago +1

    Watching this after grians and hearing grians scream again from scars perspective killed me dude. 😂

  • RedGabs
    RedGabs 5 months ago

    Scar never fails to make me laugh 🤣

  • Highland Outsider
    Highland Outsider 5 months ago

    Seeing all the giant Jellies at the end from Scars point of view is soo good 🤣 its like a crazy persons pov 🤣🤣🤣

  • Zoe Snow
    Zoe Snow 5 months ago

    Scar your true gem, I hope you have a great series with Griean

  • Alice Petal
    Alice Petal 5 months ago +1481

    grian screaming NOOOOO when he found out who his partner is, is life. I love these two. I love that they're paired up. This series is gonna be incredible.

    • MasonBoss
      MasonBoss 5 months ago


    • iloveowls90
      iloveowls90 5 months ago

      @Da Shadow Girl no its random

    • soulcats
      soulcats 5 months ago +18

      Hedge_The_Hog i totally thought the same thing but i’m not completely sure since grian messaged him during the break about it and he still seemed as though he didn’t know, even off camera lol. like in grian’s video he said he thought scar was just playing along and doing a bit but since he messaged him about it apparently not. i do see what you mean though, since scar always plays the oblivious and easily distracted one. it’s probably based on his real personality and just exaggerated to be entertaining so maybe it’s plausible idk honestly lmao

    • ahmed4363
      ahmed4363 5 months ago +24

      @Hedge_The_Hog No, turns out he literally did not notice

    • Chris Anders (Galve-Sharks)
      Chris Anders (Galve-Sharks) 5 months ago


  • Hlyn Urth
    Hlyn Urth 5 months ago

    I would love to see you guys trap spawn, and go around breaking everyone’s beds, so when someone dies, they die again straight away. Brutal.

  • Hit Monke
    Hit Monke 5 months ago +1

    I voted for the *Copper Golem* but now that I've played with the *Allay* I'm happy with the outcome.

  • coffeeking
    coffeeking 4 months ago +1

    I love how the most replayed part was when the soulmates met XD

  • meganekk0
    meganekk0 5 months ago +1

    grian's scream of agony is even funnier from scar's pov because of the in-game proximity chat making his voice fade away while scar is just chasing the allay

  • Der Weltenbauer
    Der Weltenbauer 5 months ago +1553

    The anguish in Grian's "NOOOOOOOO" when he figured out it was Scar has me in tears, bro.

    • Savannah Hines
      Savannah Hines 5 months ago

      watching from Grian's prespective was so funny to be because of that no

    • KryptCeeper969
      KryptCeeper969 5 months ago +1

      I heard the scream in 3 different videos and scars perspective was definitely the funniest

    • Akira
      Akira 5 months ago

      This is gonna be a short but long season

    • Iabgunner
      Iabgunner 5 months ago +1

      @Nyerguds Already did.

    • Nyerguds
      Nyerguds 5 months ago +3

      @Iabgunner Watch Grian's video then. He literally explains it.

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    WildflowersCreations 5 months ago

    This was the best, I just have to finish watching everyone elses 1st episodes so I can watch the next ones. Love the series.

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    Mike Guevara 5 months ago +1

    Love the content keep up the good work scar!

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    phelanwolf89 5 months ago

    heyo scar! so loved the episode and i officially got my first ever jelly on survival! thought i would share since this episode it properly named!

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    jack 5 months ago +480

    i knew grian and scar were soulmates as soon as grian said “whoever i’m with is desperately trying to get me killed”

    • Sawyer Rose
      Sawyer Rose 5 months ago +1

      The moment I clicked on the video I knew grian was scars soulmate

    • Joelle Jansen
      Joelle Jansen 5 months ago +3

      I mean, that's what Cleo thought as well. But it was just Martyn in the caves, ancient city and the nether, haha.

    • ahmed4363
      ahmed4363 5 months ago +1

      i genuinely thought it was either Scar or Tim

    • Michael Bailey
      Michael Bailey 5 months ago


    • 神
       5 months ago +12

      @Tsinu_ Or maybe both of them being the last survivor again

  • Vinefrog
    Vinefrog 5 months ago

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    NickMineboom 5 months ago

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    a_person._. 5 months ago

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  • Ninten Joe
    Ninten Joe 5 months ago +1315

    Just come over from Grian’s video, and I’m amazed at Scar not realising what Grian said, and how well the desperate ‘NoooooooOOOOOO’ carried across. I love both of these knuckleheads and can’t wait to see more! One way or another, it’s definitely going to be a long, LONG series.

    • Ozzie
      Ozzie 5 months ago

      @Ninten Joe thanks for wasting your time!
      Btw pearl and etho did have more interesting things happen. etho (and joel) died after claiming scar won't last long, and pearl got dumped by her soulbound (scott) and her non soulbound (martyn) at the same time.

    • Ninten Joe
      Ninten Joe 5 months ago

      @Ozzie If Pearl or Etho had something crazy happen like this then, yeah, I probably would have.

    • Ozzie
      Ozzie 5 months ago

      @Ninten Joe oh stop it, you probably wouldn't have even bothered saying "I came from pearl's video" so just quit continuing this.
      Go watch the new double life videos and improve your mistakes, I've already said multiple times that I am not going to start these arguments so you need to get things together. Please reply to me more so that you can waste your time.

    • Ninten Joe
      Ninten Joe 5 months ago

      @Ozzie I came from one video to another. Doesn’t matter if it’s Grian, Pearl, Rendog or Impulse. None of them are better or worse, just different. One of them happens to be more popular, which is probably why they showed up first in my feed, that’s all.

    • Ozzie
      Ozzie 5 months ago

      @Ninten Joe I'm not really using your comment as a window for me to stereotype you, I am not saying you are a bad person.
      I'm just saying your comment is bad. Because you said you came from grian's. And that ticked me off because it's like you're letting everyone know who the best minecrafter really is... And the fact that so many other comments barely had a relation to scar.
      I promise I will not continue/start these arguments in honour of you.

  • Clover Arcondas
    Clover Arcondas 5 months ago

    Scar is so easily distracted 😂😂😂 i love him

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    Adrianna Perez 5 months ago

    25:28 My new favorite reaction to realizing something lmao 😂

  • Zalle Syn
    Zalle Syn 5 months ago +1

    there were so many times when scar saw grian take damage and didnt connect the dots omg, the pillager arrow was so clean, grian screaming it.... special potato he is

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    I have left 5 months ago

    The fact that I called that it would be grian & scar is something I'm proud of

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    Bert Nelson 5 months ago +1066

    I love how you can match Grian’s time stamps with Scar’s by the panicked screams because they lose health.

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      @bilishu aliss you stole this comment word for word !

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss 5 months ago +48

      Love how grian says “whoever i’m with is desperately trying to get me killed” directly to scar and then screams 5 seconds later once finding out it’s scar.

  • Lady Lotus
    Lady Lotus 5 months ago

    It would be really cool if there was another series like this, but you and your soulmate also share the same inventory. I wonder how that would go.

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    Jasmine Gorton 4 months ago

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    Daily Life Clips 5 months ago

    The pandas need to have at least 5 bamboo planted next to them to breed i think :)

  • JStarV104
    JStarV104 4 months ago +6

    The contrast of Grian and Scar's POV's, with Grian spending his time worrying about being soulmate with Scar and then Scar worrying about having the time of his life in that session

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    • Video game guy
      Video game guy 5 months ago

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      This year it’s goat horns lol

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    wnnalis cioov 5 months ago

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    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov 5 months ago

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  • Abraxasdestructo
    Abraxasdestructo 5 months ago +673

    Grian's cry of pain at 7:30 as he discovers he is soulbound to Scar while he ignores him is precious

    • Video game guy
      Video game guy 5 months ago +22

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