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FromSoftware's Game Design Changed Everything

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • NakeyJakey
    NakeyJakey  3 months ago +8150

    i always end up writing these pinned comments while im delirious and sleep deprived (or sleep DEPRAVED on my fromsoft shit lmao) but thank you for coming by and tuning in i really really love these games and I know they also mean a lot to many other people too and I think thats really cool and video games are so magical. i hope this video is good! and i hope you're doing good too. and i hope the people who wanted ROMCOM merch are happy too! the hoodie is high quality 14oz heavy blend for size ref and im really really proud of how both pieces turned out and feel on my bod. anyways im gonna finally play tears of the kingdom!!

    • Hooimansen
      Hooimansen 3 months ago +19

      so true bestie

    • mide
      mide 3 months ago +5


    • Shy PaPaya
      Shy PaPaya 3 months ago +12

      I will listen and watch any video you make Jakey. I love to binge listen to all your vids in a playlist while I’m at work. They make my boring bland days full of laughs and joy. Please never stop making videos because I will always be waiting for the next one.❤

    • Stew-Stew
      Stew-Stew 3 months ago +3

      I’m 11 minutes into the video and and it’s pretty good! I appreciate to see a video essay on FromSoft for a hot minute and and I’m glad we got it, keep up the amazing work naked jacket.

    • Greg Heffley
      Greg Heffley 3 months ago +9

      Jakey plz physical copy of ROMCOM

  • VaatiVidya
    VaatiVidya 3 months ago +8905

    All hail the rat king. Honestly one of my favourite characters in all of Demon's Souls

    • Gallow
      Gallow 3 months ago +174

      The Rat King and the Worm Lord, two exceptional and underlooked bosses in DeS

    • NakeyJakey
      NakeyJakey  3 months ago +1308

      this made my day 🤯🐀

    • HPLovecraftsCat
      HPLovecraftsCat 3 months ago +14

      Ah yes vaati, the bandwagoners king of learning false lore about miyazaki games 💀

    • cellophane oxygen
      cellophane oxygen 3 months ago +27

      i thought you were talking about jake for a second

    • Maarten Prys
      Maarten Prys 3 months ago +47

      if you fuckin drop a rat king lore video on april fools day next year i swear to god

  • Arthur Durham
    Arthur Durham 3 months ago +453

    Taking a left instead of a right at Fire Link Shrine has probably ended the start of more Fromsoft game careers than anything else in their catalog.

    • wrongtoothbrush
      wrongtoothbrush 2 months ago +2


    • Cavemanner
      Cavemanner Month ago +4

      Yep, that's exactly why I still refuse to play any of their games to this day 😂

    • b'tch, i ain't Kidding
      b'tch, i ain't Kidding Month ago +15

      tbh, if anything the over exaggeration of difficulty in these games by both fans/players and haters/journalists alike have done this more than anything.
      i was a literal 13yo when i tried ds1 , heard it was hard af. so i didnt realize that i was going through a high difficulty area bit thought it was the intended path cuz it is supposed to be hard right?(also, every time i d^ed tk skeleton it still felt like my fault/impatience/misinput/spamming/bad stamina management etc) so it took me a while (a literal decade tbh) to figure that i was going the "wrong" away.

    • JGN
      JGN Month ago +1

      nah bolt from last raven exists

    • Shizzledink
      Shizzledink 27 days ago +5

      I was one of those people. Then I came back years later and was like "you know what? Maybe I should go the other way"

  • Cyanide Candy
    Cyanide Candy 3 months ago +581

    The feeling i felt when i was unlocking all the sections of the map and it just gradually getting bigger and bigger filled my heart with complete joy.

    • Gothxm
      Gothxm 3 months ago +12

      -Man describing Assassins Creed : Valhalla

    • kinmersha
      kinmersha 3 months ago +25

      I remember at first thinking limgrave and stormveil would be like... most of the game and then just being blown away when the map opened up and Liurnia was as big again and realizing this was just the beginning.

    • ChuCannon
      ChuCannon 3 months ago +19

      Right? I remember leaving Limgrave for the first time and thinking "There's no way the map can get any bigger than this. It's already huge!"
      And I had the same thought every time I found myself in a new area. And then it just kept going... and going... and going... What a massive, beautiful world. Elden Ring really is a magical experience.

    • Travis Cue
      Travis Cue 3 months ago +1

      I enjoyed it at first, then it just felt like Assassins Creed and every other open world game.

    • jase276
      jase276 3 months ago +7

      The best was going underground and realizing there's an entirely separate map

  • Merci
    Merci 3 months ago +100

    I think it's cool how Miyazaki's lack of English skills made him fill in the gaps in the story with his imagination. It's even cooler that he translated that experience into a whole new genre of game!

    • Generic Name
      Generic Name Month ago +1

      Dark souls storytelling method isn't really anything new, its just new for large scale video game productions. As I wouldn't be surprised if there are quite a number of games that are smaller scale that use mostly environmental story telling.

    • Dani Oliveira
      Dani Oliveira Month ago +1

      Some people dislike the speculation and "gap filling" side of Fromsoft' games lore, but honestly that's one of my favorite parts of them. I really love having theories popping in my head while playing the game and debating about them online, it really brings the community together

  • FrankenSama
    FrankenSama Month ago +83

    One aspect that doesn't get discussed enough is how FromSoft's success isn't an overnight thing, but purely years and years of iterative design.
    From the King Fields, Armored Cores, Otogi, Evergrace, and Souls, each one of them is just years and years of iterating on those same ideas and moving the needle just enough to make it feel fresh, and Elden Ring feels like a perfect culmination of those 36 years of existence.

    • Mashīn
      Mashīn 22 days ago +3

      hey dont forget about The adventures of cookie and cream

  • I Am The Marble
    I Am The Marble 3 months ago +72

    So refreshing to see this dude post a classic video. Look at the likes he got from this video. Just to show people are still watching and new people are coming to watch. Proud of your journey and your music man

    • Mr Red
      Mr Red 2 months ago

      Do you feel refreshed :)

  • Berd
    Berd 3 months ago +1923

    congratulations to from software for making everything great for all the jacobs out there

    • Wyzepoi
      Wyzepoi 3 months ago +4


    • Jayfeather3451
      Jayfeather3451 3 months ago +7

      As a Jacob, I can say confidently they have indeed helped us immensely.

    • Jacob Johnakin
      Jacob Johnakin 3 months ago +3

      @Jayfeather3451Same, brother

    • Abdullah Bughdady
      Abdullah Bughdady 3 months ago +5

      im so confused. to or from said software? also what is the software you're referring to?

    • FergusOfDalibor 42
      FergusOfDalibor 42 3 months ago

      ​@Abdullah Bughdady 😂

  • Jay
    Jay 3 months ago +33

    While you were talking about the game “not hitting quite as hard on subsequent play throughs”, it made me think about my first experience playing Elden Ring and how special it was. It’s such a core feeling inside me, drumming up tons of memories and emotions. The aweh I had playing this game was like no other and I can’t wait for another game to come along and make me feel that way again.

    • lipayy
      lipayy 3 months ago +5

      Seriously I couldn't play my 2nd playthrough for more than 5-10 hours, having prior knowledge of the map ruins the experience. I will play it again in a few years when I've forgotten most and play another 150 hours :)

    • Rover
      Rover 3 months ago +1

      You obviously haven't played Bloodborne. The best game ever made in my opinion alongside Red Dead Redemption 2.

    • André
      André 3 months ago +4

      ​@Rover I played those two you mentioned and I also consider them my favorites of all time, but I had the exact same feeling he had on Elden Ring.

    • AH silver
      AH silver 2 months ago

      @Rover ehhhh...i played bb right after ER it just isnt anywhere near as good imo, the art, the world, the batshit insane exploration moments like going down the elevator and discovering the underground...ERs first playthrough is just freakin magical and frankly it has no equal if you ask me, but i agree that after the first playthrough its tiring to play again.

  • Dragonslayer Johnson
    Dragonslayer Johnson 3 months ago +19

    I love that you mentioned 'choose your own difficulty' structure of ER. I wonder if it would have helped to have something like Bonfire Ascetics from DS2, to not only selectively buff areas, but also cut down on the number of playthroughs needed to complete your wishlist? :D

  • Babyfather
    Babyfather 3 months ago +22

    I think you're at your best when the videos are more 'serious' since the humour feels way more organic, you have a great way of never feeling like you've actively tried to be funny more just its a part of your fun way of conversing.

  • mojotheaverage
    mojotheaverage 2 months ago +44

    I think my biggest complaint about one of the ways elden ring failed to innovate on previous games is the gear upgrading system. The game cries at you to experiment with different builds and weapons, and whilst it's never been easier to respec your stats, the old smithing system feels completely archaic in this game. It taking so long and so many materials to upgrade a new weapon you might want to try is a nightmare, especially when you don't tend to be able to buy the required stones until you've already started upgrading your main weapon with the next level of smithing stone.
    I personally think emphasising the impact your stats had on weapon scaling would have made more sense in elden ring, or perhaps getting a key item that upgrades your smith and it only takes runes to upgrade them, or at the very least have a weapon respec option like with your stats where you can remove smithing materials and reuse them.
    I like the progression of weapon strength in these games, but I think so rigidly keeping it the same in elden ring that was in dark souls 3 was a mistake that limits the amount of experimentation you're willing to try out.

    • Don Pistachio
      Don Pistachio 2 months ago +5

      plus there are a limited amount of +10/+25 items in the game for each NG cycle and no way to farm them, unlike past games. It wasnt easy but you could get titanite slabs to drop in DS1, and you could buy bloodstone rocks in bloodborne for 60 insight and also find them in certain chalice dungeons. Elden Ring has the most accessible respec system for trying different builds within a ng cycle but you can never optimize it because you will only be able to max out a certain amount of weapons. it's a strange, frustrating choice, and I hope the DLC brings us some final smithing stone bells to let us just buy maxed out stones

    • Don Lobo
      Don Lobo 2 months ago

      ​@Don Pistachioor just give us one buff ass enemy we can maybe farm them from.

    • David Milne
      David Milne 2 months ago

      @Don Pistachio Bloodborne had the same issue. They only made bloodstone rocks purchasable after the Old Hunters was released.

    • Ryan
      Ryan Month ago +4

      Entirely agreed.
      I really, really hope Fromsoft takes another crack at and Elden Ring sequel the same way Nintendo did with Breath of the Wild via Tears of the Kingdom. BOTW was incredible, I absolutely loved it but it had some clear weak spots. Fortunately the game was so good and brilliantly innovative those weak points didn't affect my overall enjoyment that much, and I think the same can be said for Elden Ring. But TOTK hones, refines and overall improves BOTW in practically every conceivable dimension while tacking on another half dozen batshit crazy mechanics and packing the entire package so full of high quality optional side content that I can't fathom the idea of ever playing BOTW again, TOTK is just that much better. ER is an ambitious and glorious masterpiece issues like the smithing stone system getting ported directly from a more linear series and NPC questlines being impossible to follow without a guide are objectively weak points that, dare I say, tarnish the experience. The idea of Fromsoft giving ER the TOTK treatment gives me actual chills, a bigger, badder, more polished Elden Ring where they have time to flesh out some of the less functional systems would be fucking nuts and I pray we get to see that someday.

    • Mitchell Rapley
      Mitchell Rapley Month ago

      bruh did u even finish the video before typing this lmao

  • three mooseqateers
    three mooseqateers 2 months ago +6

    if I'm being honest, I absolutely love that most of the dragons are similar. it was awesome to get to know their entire moveset, and it made their standout abilities more memorable. It felt like even though I had beat a dragon, I still had the opportunity to continue learning the ins and outs of fighting dragons because there was another one waiting for me somewhere else. I am having such a blast hunting them all down, but I was honestly quite disappointed when Fia's dragon (whose name befalls me at this moment) was completely different from the others. I would have liked if the culmination of hunting all the dragons would give me a strong advantage against the late game ones. even my least favourite dragon fight, decaying ezykes, I think of fondly because it was unique to add those new (bullshit) smoke attacks into my catalogue.

  • Pyrocynical
    Pyrocynical 3 months ago +1780

    I like how you shown the Crucible Knight as an example of a weaker boss

    • Willuigi
      Willuigi 3 months ago +42

      Why hello Pyro, nice to see you here

    • Gimisum Dungeon
      Gimisum Dungeon 3 months ago +16


    • Hi I'm Zeke
      Hi I'm Zeke 3 months ago +45


    • Bro Momento
      Bro Momento 3 months ago +89

      From what I've seen, Crucible Knights seem really easy if you're decent at parrying. (Which I'm not lol)

    • shrimp
      shrimp 3 months ago +25


  • Tony Starrk
    Tony Starrk 3 months ago +5

    Fromsoftware and indie games have pretty much defined my last decade of gaming. The first game I played of theirs was Bloodborne when it came out in March 2015 (I saw some of the trailers and thought it looked cool), by the time I had gone through Central Yharnam and beat Father Gascoigne I was hooked. The level and art design were immaculate, the OST was beautiful, the game feel was amazing (the sound effects from transforming weapons and visceral attacks are perfect), and the boss fights were intense with amazing movesets. In fact, I want to emphasize how fucking good they are at enemy attack animations, tells and wind-ups, it's the main reason the boss fights are so fun to learn and dodge through.
    After Bloodborne, I immediately bought DS2: SotFS because it was the only other Fromsoft game available on PS4 at the time, I loved that as well. Then I went out and got a PS3 to play Demon's Souls and DS1. After I was done, they sort of ruined other games for me, lol. The combat and bosses in other games didn't feel as intense or dangerous (Team Ninja's recent games are probably the closest for me). I also think Fromsoft does healing management better than a lot of other games, it's limited, done in gameplay (not a pause menu), and you have to find an opening to do it (usually by sacrificing an offensive opportunity, Hollow Knight also has good risk/reward healing for example). At this point, I'd play anything they want to put out. Armored Core 6 is my most anticipated game despite me never having played the series and never really playing mech games in general. I have that much confidence in Miyazaki and his team.

  • dave
    dave 3 months ago +5

    Hey Jake if you ever get the chance, play through this game again with a proper HDR display with HDR on - it totally transforms the visuals in this game. I don't know how to describe it other than - My friend without HDR was screen sharing as we went through the game together in COOP, I would ask him where he was... and he'd be right next to me. The locations were almost unrecognizable that's how different the game looked. And it really made me interested in exploring the world again just to see how gorgeous it is with HDR

  • Lord Tepes
    Lord Tepes Month ago

    I would like to say, for the record, that in Vahalla you can do the same type of exploration that you can do in Elden Ring (where it doesn't show you makers on the map). You can turn off that feature. It even ask you before you even start the game if that's how you would like to play the game (and how it's recommended). I actually enjoyed Vahalla. Those River Raids were a lot of fun.

  • macbeth v entropy
    macbeth v entropy 3 months ago +10

    such a good point about the upgrade systems. When I was getting through my first run through of bloodborne, every upgrade was a near panic inducing choice (however, it could be argued that for that game that might have been intentional)

  • John
    John 3 months ago +3

    if you load in all the areas in DS3, its actually all correctly placed. Every area has a vantage point where you can see most other locations in the game, the first one being after burning the door at the start of the game.

  • Ygypt
    Ygypt 3 months ago +28

    ive always said that the bell bearings should have been tied into the main progression, instead of hiding them in random little dungeons

    • ZeeHero
      ZeeHero Month ago +3

      Or at least include hints to where they are close to the areas the story has you go. like, in the hallway before a mandatory boss, a little map showing the location of one, but not telling you exactly what is there, but you go there cuz something good must be there

  • Breadnon
    Breadnon 3 months ago +16

    I’ve watched a *lot* of video essays about souls games in the hopes that someone out there can better articulate how I feel about them than I can, and this video is the first one matches my thoughts beat for beat. Watching it was cathartic, and as always I love your work. Thank you for being who you are!

  • Kayla
    Kayla 3 months ago +3

    I was fighting the pumpkin head looking guy on my way to Fort Haight and by the time battle was over (it came pretty close with 2400 runes on the line 😢) my heart was beating out of my chest and I was like...this is it. This is the feeling of fear or loss nakeyjakey described.

  • Morgan Walkup
    Morgan Walkup 3 months ago +7

    So excited to see Jakey doing a deep dive on the Souls games!
    I finally played through Dark Souls this year, and it was just as good as everyone said. Now my wife and I are playing through Elden Ring with a co-op mod, and it's been so cool to share this with her. These games are really something special.

  • Thomas Jurasits
    Thomas Jurasits Month ago

    I agree it feels bad when you get a weapon you want to play but you don't have the stones for it! BUT to me that's why I love my subsequent playthroughs. After my first game I now have an idea of what weapons I really want to play with next time!

  • CircleToonsHD
    CircleToonsHD 3 months ago +366


    • Keegos
      Keegos 3 months ago +4

      Love your animations brother.

    • old man
      old man 3 months ago

      you fell off 4 years ago

    • Valefree
      Valefree 3 months ago +3

      @old man ????

      DIABETOR 3 months ago +1

      He really doesn’t

    • MadlockFreak
      MadlockFreak 3 months ago

      This is the dark souls of youtube comments

  • ItsBlackjack
    ItsBlackjack 3 months ago +5

    Jakey your videos give me happiness, thank you for your hard work and effort you put into these videos to bring us cheer into our lives

  • God Ribbon
    God Ribbon 3 months ago

    Really great video. I do think I would really hate a level scaling prompt and would rather just take the underpowered enemies. As for weapon respec, personally I like the feeling that you have invested in something, and that the benefit of collecting weapons is to know where they are for repeat playthroughs

  • Scott Grant
    Scott Grant Month ago +2

    It's pretty cool how accessible Elden Ring is compared to Dark Souls, whether it's the removal of the Durability stat that caused weapons to break, and even simple things like the compass marking where your Grace is when you die, or even the ability to choose what bosses you want to fight first. I can imagine it's surprisingly easy to jump into compared to other FromSoft games, other than Dark Souls, Bloodborne, or even Sekiro.

  • Spire25
    Spire25 3 months ago +2

    Slight correction: DS2 wasn't delirious because it wasn't directed by Miyazaki (at least not exclusively), it's because it was more or less passed to a new director about three different times and nobody could agree where it needed to go as a whole. The last director eventually figured out a theme to string all the "what the fuck is happening" into a narrative, being "human civilization is both cyclical and doomed to be overwritten by what comes next". If anything, it's even mastered by DS3, which is why it feels like "Fromsoft's Greatest Hits". It's the last hurrah of a dying world.

  • W R A T H
    W R A T H 3 months ago +2

    JAKE!!! I love your video essays from the topics you cover, to the editing style, to your stellar personality. Thank you for everything you do.

  • Giovanni Antonio
    Giovanni Antonio 3 months ago +1455

    I love how Jake's fans have all collectively decided that he's our cool older cousin that we never see. It's just so fitting.

    • Gavin Clark
      Gavin Clark 3 months ago +6

      no fr he's the best

    • thingus wingus
      thingus wingus 3 months ago +2

      can anyone tell me what the song used at 31:51 is?

    • Umbela
      Umbela 3 months ago +24

      The cousin that gives his old games to you and and is for some reason a expert in everything

    • StaticWolf Blogson
      StaticWolf Blogson 3 months ago +4

      I have 27 cousins and is till see Jakey more often that most of them

  • God
    God Month ago

    the weapon respec is literally the #1 thing im wanting from the next fromsoftware game. in most souls games i end up sticking with a weapon i find good in the beginning, and then looking up what the strongest weapon is halfway through the game because my weapon sucks now and putting resources into a weapon that turns out to suck could flush hours of time down the drain. i would love to be able to try all the weapons but with the way the games built i always just go for the greatswords

  • IndyJay53
    IndyJay53 3 months ago +4

    Can't wait to stumble across this video 10 years from now after I've had the chance to finish all these games finally. I can already tell it's gonna be a good one

  • Maxim Decimus
    Maxim Decimus 3 months ago +4

    I love that line at the start "a gameplay first philosphy". It seems self evident that the gameplay of a game should be front and center.

  • The PSN Formerly Known As Akuumuu

    This guy's channel made me want to try my hand at video essays back in 2019 (didn't work out) and my first idea was making a piece about FromSoft's design and the impact of it. Years later, this video is easily the best thing I've ever found in my sub feed.
    This truly is the Elden Ring of The Dark Souls of FromSoft Video Essays.

  • G
    G Month ago

    Just came from Asmongold's reaction video to yours, and I felt that I had to sub cause your content is pure gold. Absolutely brilliant and well done mate.

  • Critical Nobody
    Critical Nobody 3 months ago +827

    I was working at GameStop when Demon’s Souls came out. We didn’t get many copies at first, but slowly over the next several weeks more and more people came in asking for it and we kept getting more and more copies due to demand. That natural word of mouth growth was something that rarely ever happened

    • Tyler Brown
      Tyler Brown 3 months ago +54

      I remember at launch of Demon's Souls on the PS3. My dad and I had to drive to 3 different Gamestops to find a copy. Was well worth it and I immediately loved the game. As a 30-year-old adult now, I appreciate that little adventure with my dad.

    • Collis W
      Collis W 3 months ago +8

      I remember it well, all my gamer friends talking about this weird game that was actually extremely challanging but didn't feel unfair. Truly a masterpiece.

    • BladeChild
      BladeChild 3 months ago +7

      The game didn't even release in the UK at the time it was getting good reviews. Everyone was buying a Japanese copy which had English text off PlayAsia lol

    • cattysplat
      cattysplat 3 months ago +8

      Played it at a friends house and couldn't understand why all the reviews were so crazy. I couldn't get past the first area dying to basic enemies over and over because I had 0 patience and just wanted to smash thing. You really have to learn some humility and focus on surviving rather than just brute forcing everything. At a time where games being more accessible = good to most people, a game that kicked your ass until you stopped trying to play it your way and started to play it correctly was incredibly polarising in games media and gamers.

      DANNY SULLIVAN MUSIC 3 months ago

      agreed dude. 110% right

  • Niko L
    Niko L 3 months ago +2

    While Elden Ring was very clearly inspired by Breath of the Wild in a lot of its decision making. Tears of the Kingdom took some inspirations from Elden Ring right back. It's nice to see when studios inspire each other

  • Spyrotikus
    Spyrotikus Month ago +1

    In action games like God of War, secret areas are fun to find, but are secret compartments with a chest and a power up or some shit. In Dark Souls, secret areas are AREAS that are also secret. Their game worlds have a feeling of exploration that is really hard to explain to someone who hasnt experieced it before, because there isnt really anything that compares to it, and is as good as it.

  • Nate a
    Nate a 11 days ago +1

    Pretty much every problem that you stated has a mod that and make the experience different and better on consecutive playthroughs like the convergence mod I believe it's called and there are others as well. That goes beyond just the vanilla game and makes it more interesting if you played through a few times already

  • Adam X
    Adam X 3 months ago +1

    Thank you for bringing up the weapon upgrade system! I loved Elden Ring, but that was my biggest complaint with it. Nothing feels worse than investing a ton of resources into a cool looking weapon to bring it up to the level of your main one, only to find out that you don't like the damage output. It made me just not even bother with the vast majority of weapons I found, even the ones that fit my build.

  • TimxtremeGR
    TimxtremeGR 3 months ago +1

    This is a great video from a true souls games devotee and i have to thank you for it. I think your thoughts represent the most of us since every other game after you meet the souls concept and mechanics, is just a small break. A small break until the next souls release or until you go back and start all over again with the previous titles. Cheers from Greece and thanks again.

  • MsPoopdragon
    MsPoopdragon 3 months ago +638

    Realizing the Miyazakis approach to storytelling was akin to reading a book in a language where you only understand about 75% of the words explains SO MUCH!!

    • jon
      jon 3 months ago +33

      It's kind of a revelation, really.

    • Zeeboss
      Zeeboss 3 months ago +19

      It may be a hot take but I love that the story and lore of the worlds is left purposely vague. It makes it so much more compelling and interesting.

    • OSD
      OSD 3 months ago +5

      @Zeeboss I've never seen so many people glorify bad writing.

    • Draw.Distance
      Draw.Distance 3 months ago +15

      @OSD you not wanting to put the effort in is completely fine and your right to choose, but that doesn't make it bad, just different

    • Celestial Draconis
      Celestial Draconis 3 months ago +5

      I'm not really serious about the lore in these games (with the exception of Bloodborne), but the _vibes_ are just so immaculate that it's enough to sustain me.

  • Hazem Yasyn
    Hazem Yasyn 3 months ago +8

    your channel makes me accept who I'm as a person, I don't know why exactly but watching you happy and doing what you love makes me happy even though I feel that I shouldn't be

  • Nj Montano
    Nj Montano Day ago +1

    Some of these modern innovations(dodge roll/i-frame, weighted combat that requires commitment, to name a few) were showcased by Capcom through Monster Hunter years before the first Souls game came out. There was a period back then that these two IPs are always being compared due to their similarities.

  • TheInfectiousCadaver
    TheInfectiousCadaver 3 months ago +3

    i beat darksouls 1 years ago.
    decided to play it again recently, and was surprised that i could still easily remember the map.
    the design of dark souls 1 brought my love for gaming back. the way its played the fact that you could literally go anywhere from the start.
    a masterpiece.

  • NotGaphAfn
    NotGaphAfn 3 months ago

    honestly there's just so many upgrade materials, especially somber stones that I never thought about transferring of weapon upgrades. But I don't think that's required, elden ring by itself offers you so many materials and the caves where you get the bell bearings are pretty much marked on the map with the red volcano looking spots. I think if they just put the bell bearings in a way you know you could get them if you went to the caves then it'd work, since the amount of runes required to upgrade the weapons starts to become easy. Also yeah the inconsistent amount of runes you get for beating difficult enemies is kinda dumb but it also makes sense, in my first playthrough i fought every boss in which half of the time i fought bosses I used the gold scarab and I was level 170 by the end. Which is fine, but I fought every boss and was only a few levels higher than the average playthrough, which is kind of stupid. If a boss consistently equated to around 1 level in any area it'd be great, which overall it does happen, but the majority of your levels you get from the high rune bosses, for example the shardbearers, outside of them, there are not many runes.

  • Shiiche
    Shiiche Month ago +4

    Jacob Geller made an amazing video (Dark Souls 3 is thinking of ending things) talking about some of the design choices and thematic directions Dark Souls 3 had taken and explains (in a purely vibesy way) why it is the way it is.
    Deffo worth a watch!

  • Pat Gilroy
    Pat Gilroy 3 months ago +364

    Are we ever gonna acknowledge the insane amounts of drip this man has acquired over the years

    • Jonathan Wilson
      Jonathan Wilson 3 months ago +12

      yoga drip gamer

    • Omega Sean Show
      Omega Sean Show 3 months ago +7

      Ever since I first came across Jakey, his fashion sense has made me envious. I'd feel like a goof in what he's wearing, but Jakey rocks it well.

    • zeast
      zeast 3 months ago +20

      a hoodie and some dress pants? is that considered high fashion to you people?

    • Milo Tek
      Milo Tek 3 months ago +13

      @zeast it's the way he wears it

    • Jokez
      Jokez 3 months ago +15

      @zeast They're gamers what do you expect

  • TheProdigal Son
    TheProdigal Son 3 months ago +1

    Missed u nakey. Hope we see u more. Don’t care what capacity, as long as your happy man
    Take it easy jake

  • The Derp Side
    The Derp Side 23 days ago +1

    To the area scaling point, I liked bonfire ascetic from dark souls 2, maybe something similar could have worked in Elden ring to ascend certain areas to higher ng cycles, harder but more runes

  • Terron29
    Terron29 3 months ago

    Fantastic upload mate, subbed. I know it would never happen but similar to how tears of the kingdom often feels like breath of the wild but much more complete I wish with the upcoming dlc for elden ring that it got some kind of scholar of the first sin treatment where many of the repeat bosses were removed and some quality of life stuff (like weapon upgrades being respecable) gets added, better balance with bosses and of course the new stuff being added with dlc put in there too. Basically I wish for an Elden Ring definitive edition that fixes a lot of the issues it has while adding in even more cool new stuff with the dlc lol.

  • TheObicobiHD
    TheObicobiHD Month ago

    Bloodborne in 2015 was one of the best gaming experinces in the last decade for me. Favorite game of that year. After school in my junior year of HS, coming home and playing the game till i had to go the school the next day 😂 From the atmosphere, weapons, gameplay, lovecraft/berserk inspired worlds and enemies, what a game! 💜 Great video mate

  • Stiven
    Stiven 3 months ago +5

    My theory is that FromSoftware created multiple masterpieces for 15 years to grab million's atention just to eventually tell them they are maidenless and laugh their ass off

  • Devronicus
    Devronicus 3 months ago +311

    Rejoice fellow gamers. This is some of the most consistent Jakey content we have seen in a long time.

    • Dr. Spaceman
      Dr. Spaceman 3 months ago +5

      Dog has blessed us

    • pierre117
      pierre117 3 months ago

      If anyone is rejoicing it's Jakey
      Making 2000 dollars every month of patreon
      Makes 4 videos a year
      Yeah I'm jealous

    • Your Average Passer-By
      Your Average Passer-By 3 months ago +2

      @pierre117 each vid probably takes over 2 months depending on length and topic density

  • Jacob Wyatt
    Jacob Wyatt 3 months ago

    Damn and bless you - ok no just bless you, that’s mean - anyway now I have to (read: GET to) complete the quest of finishing all those FromSoft games so I can be rewarded with seeing another of your videos (THIS video). You are truly a video game culture hero
    Seriously Clip-Share probably has no way of calculating the value of your video being that I’ve only seen less than a minute of it, but now I will go and play all these games so I can return and watch the whole thing… that’s a whole other level of video goodness

  • Kuma
    Kuma Month ago

    I held off the video until I had cleared an almost 200 hour through Elden Ring and man were those both worth it. I was gonna move on with my life afterwards but then I actually checked out "In Rainbows" and that album too has not left my mind for a second. I appreciate you, NudeJacob.

  • L sid
    L sid 3 months ago +1

    what an amazingly high quality, enjoyable, and informative video. Thank you for this.

  • Bartz0rt
    Bartz0rt 3 months ago +2

    In the games by Supergiant Games (Bastion, Transistor, Pyre, Hades) there's always a mechanic to crank the difficulty in various ways for better rewards. Elden Ring could've done something similar I suppose.

  • Arthur Durham
    Arthur Durham 3 months ago +5

    I know Elden Ring made all the money but I really hope Fromsoft goes back to a smaller more compact design. I got so burnt out on this one, esp the inability due to scale enemies the same.

  • Tanhar
    Tanhar 3 months ago +217

    He's the hero we need, but not the one we deserve. Welcome back Jakey

    • sitkin ator
      sitkin ator 3 months ago

      Sad I probably won't be able to watch this one, since I haven't played Elden Ring yet.

    • lincoln
      lincoln 3 months ago

      @sitkin ator PLAY IT

    • Scott Douglas
      Scott Douglas 3 months ago

      You either die a Jakey or live long enough to see yourself become the Jakey.

  • Tribacious Tee
    Tribacious Tee 2 months ago +2

    Demon's Souls will forever remain my favourite. What a heroic story of a game that was. Everyone counted it out, but it rose on its own two feet. Much like the journey it makes you the player take as it whoops your ass.

  • Mega God Ultra XXX
    Mega God Ultra XXX 3 months ago +2

    One thing I realized while fighting margit was that the fact that they place this (at first) seemingly impossible enemy to tell you, "You can do this. Get up."

    • Troy
      Troy 3 months ago

      for me, margit was there specifically to tell me “you shouldn’t do this right now, go level up and come back when you’re stronger” which is I think closer to the intended purpose

  • Zanaki
    Zanaki 3 months ago +2

    Crazy idea, what if there was an item you could get that you could use only at sites of graces that scaled enemies or bosses or both to your level? Or maybe a ring idk, someone smarter can fine tune it, but I think it be neat.

    • Web Pombo
      Web Pombo Month ago +1

      I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not
      Because previous games have had these exact mechanics
      I've either enlightened you or made myself a fool for explaining a joke to the joker

  • Axu
    Axu 2 months ago +2

    I really liked the DS2 healing system the second time I started to play the game/when I restarted and knew what I was doing. The small healing orbs were so afodable that I would buy max amount and roll through the whole game with them. Made the whole exploration side so much more manageable

    • SGT Pastry
      SGT Pastry 51 minute ago

      I loved how Bloodborne did away with affordable healing items and fully embraced capitalism.

  • Peppep
    Peppep 3 months ago

    Nakey Jakey just want you to know man that once every year I go back and watch all your videos from the very beginning with Games that Should Bang up til the more recent stuff. I just start watching one then get hooked watching the rest of them. I think you’re funny as hell and we’d be good friends irl (very similar sense of humor, Tim and Eric especially) and I’m also a hot boy born in 1994. Also, your videos give great insight and I’m a nerd about video games and the stuff surrounding it intrigues me too like “ads in video games” or small stuff like “title screens in video games.” Etc. Etc. I hope you keep doing what you love by making awesome music and uploading great Clip-Share videos. Take care man!

    BLCKNGHBR 3 months ago +398

    Seeing this man is like reading Game Informer or Gamepro as a kid, and being immersed in playing a good ps1,N64 or Dreamcast game. Or reading a classic manga that wasn’t popular but was well known. A wholesome, informative, funny, and well crafted tv show or movie. It’s a heart warming feeling that gets rarer as time goes by.

    • Francisco Leite
      Francisco Leite 3 months ago +4

      Perfect comparison

    • Alex Rush
      Alex Rush 3 months ago +1

      Wow, high praise! Hoping I feel the same after watching this

    • Marzimus
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      Next Generation used newspaper-like pages. It's the ultimate Nostalgia 1-2 Punch flipping through one of those this decade.

    • Moop
      Moop 3 months ago +5

      Reading game informer as a kid..yeah, you nailed it. That's exactly it :)

    • Logan Ronin
      Logan Ronin 3 months ago +2

      Thank you for putting into words what I feel whenever I watch Jakey.

  • L S
    L S 3 months ago +1

    I was so freaking lost with the NPC’s quests that I ended up following guides and that kind of ruined some discoveries but I know it’s still my own fault. I just can’t progress through any game without knowing I have done everything possible in a single area. Elden Ring taught me to stop caring about that, at the very least, and that it’s not that important, on your first playthrough that is. I have never played DSII and will dive into it with that idea.

    • Web Pombo
      Web Pombo Month ago +1

      Yeah, it's really all about finding and experiencing all you can, even if that means you'll naturally miss content, right up until you're ready to knock on the final boss's door, or have already beat it, to then finally look up what you missed

  • The Shiny Haxorus
    The Shiny Haxorus Month ago

    33:00 the game design problem with this approach is that it basically means you can fully upgrade like 2 weapons and basically never have to look for upgrade materials ever again, which is obviously not what they wanted. One way to get sort of around this would be to only give you half of your upgrade resources back from your old weapon, but that's more like putting on a bandage than actually solving this design issue.

  • Nathan Worobey
    Nathan Worobey 3 months ago +1

    The intro is such a beautifully long, strange way to say how much of an effect from Software has had on the gaming industry and himself

  • Mark Gregory
    Mark Gregory 3 months ago +1

    I was onboard with everything until the last part about gating the narrative to happen at specific locations and specific times of the day - this ties into the discovery aspect you speak about earlier.

  • Schweine Hund
    Schweine Hund 3 months ago +1

    I watched a blind playtrough of elden ring by an experienced souls player and he both found the flame of frenzy and the way to fix the corruption without help. I don't think it's too hard, just a reward for stubborn players who are thorough.

  • Pengmaeda
    Pengmaeda 3 months ago +515

    I sometimes forget about how Jakey is an attorney when he isn't making videos for years at a time.

  • Rae Stay
    Rae Stay 3 months ago

    I loved hollow knight and elden ring. But I loved how the more open world and allowance of upgrading in elden ring helped me get through some tough areas. Otherwise I would have quit. I quit hollow knight cause there gets a point where you have to get one particular perk to progress, and if the tools you have now aren't helping you then you are screwed. I like how in elden ring I could get stuck and it would force me to explore more so that I can come back stronger.

  • North Nova13
    North Nova13 3 months ago

    I really like the way you have your self imposed in the game on the ball!
    Great video 🇨🇦

  • JGuilherme
    JGuilherme 3 months ago +3

    Jake videos are rare, but when they come, it's one of the very few channels that make me laugh out loud several times throughout the video.

  • TraceofHatred
    TraceofHatred 3 months ago

    A lot of ideas you had were interesting. I'm not sure if I'd prefer them personally, but they're good food for thought. The only thing I didn't agree about was the questlines because I felt they actually did make them much easier. Kenneth Haight for example basically tells you exactly what to do in his questline. While not all of them are that straight forward, the game will automatically progress questlines if you miss a step or a step is made impossible due to some issue. I think what would be a better fix would be some kind of journal or quest tracker so that you could actually keep track of all these quests over the game. Not like the ubisoft map tier shit, just like a book of friends that tells you what you did last with them. Kind of like Nioh's NPC gallery. Sometimes the key item notes help with this, but i find forgetting what progression you are in a quest much more than how to actually do the quest was my issue.

    • Daniel Sibaja
      Daniel Sibaja 3 months ago

      Quests are better yes, but they are still unnecessary obtuse...

  • CopingFlower
    CopingFlower 14 days ago

    What I love about Fromsoft is the fact they don't give a fuck if your good or bad, they stay true to their story and game play loop and after all these years of growing still have not shaken that foundation and have only built on it further and further

  • jacob saul
    jacob saul 3 months ago +420

    as a jacob, i can confirm that it has had a huge impact on the industry of jacobs. we'll never be the same

      KING’S REVENGE 3 months ago +1


    • Fracticality
      Fracticality 3 months ago +4

      I am a friend of several Jacobs (Jacobi?), and I can confirm they changed post-Demon's Souls release.

    • Jake Aaron
      Jake Aaron 3 months ago +7

      As another jacob, i agree

    • Jacob Jones
      Jacob Jones 3 months ago +5


    • Astronaut Sloth
      Astronaut Sloth 3 months ago


  • Hoon
    Hoon 3 months ago +1

    I've had Dark Souls 3 in my steam library for ages because I tried it once and couldn't get into it but this video inspired me to pick it up again so thanks Jakey! Also In Rainbows is their best so I knew that I was listening to a smart man in this video

  • JamienautMark2
    JamienautMark2 3 months ago +1

    If you looked at my favorite games of all time it would be a lot of Nintendo, Capcom, and Konami with some indie titles sprinkled in. But over the last 9 years since I first played Dark Souls and all the other games several of them etching their way into my favorites.

  • Snack pack
    Snack pack Month ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed this game. But I got to that large city (forget what it’s called) and got very frustrated and gave up. I really should finish it. Beating DS3 was some of the most satisfying experiences I’ve ever had

  • NicoTown
    NicoTown 3 months ago +1

    I remember you talking about how Dark Souls helped you out of a dark time in your life and i really connected with that, at the height of my depression, playing Dark Souls for 20 hours a day and suceeding with something as hard as Dark Souls really gave me hope.

  • Oscar Roswall-Stanley
    Oscar Roswall-Stanley 3 months ago +1

    Despite everything wrong with what happened to this show, I am still very excited for the final season

  • Logan Berkheimer
    Logan Berkheimer 3 months ago +141

    I've always thought it was hilarious how far boss quality swings in each game. Every single games has at least one 11/10 masterpiece of a fight as well as some load of horseshit that should never have seen the light of day

    • D. H.
      D. H. 3 months ago +8

      Each one was made with love(Bed of Chaos, Covetous Demon, Deacons of the Deep, Micolash, and Ulcerated Tree Spirit aside. All those bosses were made from the shit smear on Fromsoft's tighty whities.)

    • DaLatinKnight
      DaLatinKnight 3 months ago +2

      Which is cool, because it means someone tried something and it failed horribly. A learning experience, even if some learning experiences should have been learned a while ago (e.g. gank boss fights)

    • Logan Berkheimer
      Logan Berkheimer 3 months ago +4

      @DaLatinKnight It seems like they learn things and then somehow forget them. They finally figure out gank fights with the Demon Prince in DS3, and then release Elden Ring without a single good gank fight

    • James Lough
      James Lough 3 months ago +3

      @Logan Berkheimer Thry expect you to use summons for the gank fights in Elden Ring, that’s why all of them are complete horseshit

    • D. H.
      D. H. 3 months ago +5

      @James Lough I mean, I don't see the problem. The game lets you fucking choose your difficulty. Want it hard with extra no lube? Play strictly melee, no magical AoWs, no summons.
      Want it easy with extra lubey lube? Use magic, summons galore.
      Want it kind in-between with the right amount of lube? Use stuff that compliments your build but doesn't create a power vacuum.
      There are a shitload of weaker support summons. Use them. A 2v1 is not supposed to be fair in the first place.

  • miles young
    miles young 3 months ago

    I haven’t played the series before, but it does combine aspects of botw and hollow knight and even dungeons and dragons which are all my JAM. This is a great video, I’m glad you mentioned them, even though I haven’t played these games I can relate to the style because of that. Although one little detail, towards the end you talked about how in dark souls if you were stuck on a boss you HAD to go grind to get better stuff and better gear and it SUCKED, and then you said the same for Elden Rong but stayed it was better. Knowing I haven’t played the games, is there a significant difference there I’m missing?

    • Web Pombo
      Web Pombo Month ago

      The difference is, since other souls games before Elden Ring were more closed, you'd often do all there is to do before you reached a wall you couldn't get past, and grinding meant doing previous content over and over until you felt you were strong enough
      With Elden Ring being so open, reaching a wall doesn't mean doing past content over and over, it means going somewhere else and doing different content, which will inevitably cause you to get stronger, no grind, simply progress.

  • Matt Zientek
    Matt Zientek 2 months ago +1

    JAKEY OMG IM SO HAPPY TO HEAR YOUR VOICE! Bro your videos have kept a special place in my heart. I just watch my favs over and over. I can listen to your opinion and know that it's genuine and coming from a place of love. Please never stop! Youre a straight up G

  • PurpleFreezer
    PurpleFreezer 3 months ago

    This video is great for many reasons! Well done, NakeyJakey!

  • Mr Freeman
    Mr Freeman 3 months ago +13

    I've spent 700 hours so far in it. I really just enjoy the world. The sounds, the vista, the music, and singing rats with wings. Sometimes I just put the controller down and listen to it. Sometimes I put my summon sign down for hours on end. Sometimes I actually find the courage to progress the story.
    I frequently think I've completely explored an area, no possible way I missed anything, then while just rerunning through areas for the hell of it, boom, stumble on something I didn't notice before. If you look at something the wrong way or from the wrong angle, you will completely miss it and not even know it. Granted this doesn't always amount to anything tangible, for me it's still worthwhile.
    I understand people's criticism of the catacombs, but I think they did a great job generally speaking. I've been through most if not all of them, while they look similar in the obvious aspects, they really went out of their way to mix things up more than just a little. The familiarity actually works against you because you think you know it all, only to get blasted by a simple trap. Especially how frequently they mix up the mechanics to progress. One of the last ones with the light mechanic is my favorite, that place is just full of obscure areas you'd only figure out if you'd been through many of the other catacombs.
    I have to agree with the difficulty, perhaps easier bosses you missed the first time around could just get progressively stronger the more time goes by? I could see some interesting mechanics there similar to Chrono Trigger. Though I've been summoned more than a few times to one where there's three of us and we spend more time buffing up like Super Saiyans than actually fighting. Like using an M60 as a weed whacker.
    A big mistake I see people in general make is the Astel assumption. I don't believe Astel is it's name, it's just what they are called. You actually fight some of these hanging down from the ceiling in other places in an earlier pupa-like stage. Basically Astel just means "Freaky Space Bug". These along with the other gravity focused monsters from space and even General Radahn, actually make the world bigger by introducing an outer space to the Lands Between. I imagine armies of Astel raining down on planets around the galaxy. Why? You wouldn't understand, it's a freaky space bug thing.
    I love these games because they refuse to revolve around the player directly, corpses of those that came before you are strewn about your entire playthrough. Things aren't spelled out for you just like in real life, you have to get out there and figure some stuff out and maybe study a few wiki pages along the way. I actually didn't screw up any important NPC quests this time, they were pretty forgiving with time sensitivity. They did a great job of making you care about NPCs, especially when it's your fault they die or when you realize they aren't coming back, you visit their place and they aren't there anymore. So few lines of dialogue and yet they leave an impression on you. Also the feeling of rage when an evil one tricked you into it. At least we got some cool boss fights for our troubles.

    • rayd
      rayd 3 months ago +1

      Excellent comment, and in my more than 700 hours too, the same thing happens to me that I always find something new that I had not seen before or that I did not give enough importance to. I am also a defender of catacombs. This game is amazing and I'm crazy waiting for the dlc.

  • Yaksher
    Yaksher 3 months ago

    @12:00 I will say that Bloodborne's system has some redeeming qualities. The ability to loot healing items from enemies and exploration while simultaneously forcing you to make use of the rally mechanic to recover health where you can because your healing is precious makes the non-boss sections of the game, in my opinion, a lot better. The combination of forcing you to conserve healing with letting you persevere on as long as you're killing things faster than they're killing you is actually a big strong point of Bloodborne's exploration in my opinion...
    On the other hand, the system completely fails and falls apart when it's time to fight Orphan of Kos and you die 700 times and burn through 14000 blood vials in the process. But still, there's something to be said for the way it interacts with exploration that I really liked.
    I think FromSoft realized this, because they tried something similar in Elden Ring, where killing packs of enemies in the open world recovers your flask, but it's just... useless. With all the fast travel and plentiful sites of grace, you're never more than about 5 seconds away from being able to just refill your flasks in the open world, so there's very little to conserve them and very little reliance on the recovery. It's a minor QOL, preventing you from having to rest if you just got nicked a few times by the pack of wolves, but it doesn't have the same feel.
    I wonder if you could optimize Bloodborne's system to get the best of both worlds somehow: The key is scarcity while exploring, as well as ability to recover through successfully exploring, while keeping a similar system to what there is now for bosses. One thought I've had while I write this is basically just... have a Bloodborne-like consumable system, but make doing damage to bosses (effectively, somehow or other) put blood vials in your inventory. Or something else to functionally just... refund any blood vials used in boss fights.
    @31:30 You make a great point there with the Hollow Knight comparison and like... Elden Ring has 3 perfect opportunities built right into it!
    • Like halfway to 2/3rds through the game (depending on how you count, but given that it naturally happens easily before Rykard, Malenia, and Mohg, I'd say it's fair), you set the Erdtree on fire, and this makes all the early game areas covered in a perpetual rain of embers... so make this come with some small changes. Set some trees on fire and replace some enemies with fire variants or something. And while you're at it, rescale the entire area!
    • Opportunity 2 is not far after that, which is to say: When you obtain the rune of death and make the capital into the Ashen capital, they could have made this have effects outside the capital. You've got the Rune of Destined Death now; the theft of the Rune of Death and murder of Godwyn is what made the Ones Who Live in death everywhere, so I dunno; buff the fuck out of them and get rid of their respawn.
    • Opportunity 3 is after you obtain an ending, though less obvious what you'd do there.
    Still, the game already has changes to the world, if they just came with changes to scaling if nothing else, it'd go a long way to alleviating the whole "I skipped this area, now I step on it with one pinky" without invalidating your progress the way enemies scaling on your level would.

  • UltimateDailga12
    UltimateDailga12 3 months ago +696

    Only Jakey could get me to watch a half an hour video on a game series I've never touched in my life. I love all of your videos man

    • Teleitda
      Teleitda 3 months ago +78

      My advice: touch every single one of games you can get your grubby little mits on

    • KamitoRings
      KamitoRings 3 months ago +9

      you're not missing much, this video is very big gaslight.

    • Milkshaco
      Milkshaco 3 months ago +74

      @KamitoRings i mean, that's a very subjective opinion.

    • OctoDaddy83
      OctoDaddy83 3 months ago +35

      ​@KamitoRings gaslighting how? Youre saying these games arent actually good?

    • UltimateDailga12
      UltimateDailga12 3 months ago +17

      @Teleitda I just never been the target market for these kinds of games tbh.

  • JostinGotJuice
    JostinGotJuice 3 months ago +91

    Playing elden ring made me feel like a kid, I could just explore endlessly and just keep finding new objectives to engage in. One of the best games to come out in years

    • Zoe Reed
      Zoe Reed 2 months ago +3

      Gave me the same feeling breath of the wild and before that Skyrim gave me

    • JostinGotJuice
      JostinGotJuice 2 months ago

      @Zoe Reed exactly

    • SL4PSH0CK
      SL4PSH0CK Month ago +3

      Elden Ring for me was a reexperience of what openworld can be

  • Connachta319
    Connachta319 3 months ago +5

    I loved Elden Ring… the first run through. How people keep playing with new builds after the exhaustion of one run is beyond me.

    • Web Pombo
      Web Pombo Month ago

      It's a collection of things people replay for, they like the combat, so they do it to fight stuff, they do it to try new ways to fight, such as different builds, for challenges, lots of reason really

  • T
    T Month ago +2

    They already have items that allow you to increase the difficulty if you're finding things too easy.
    And recycling upgrade materials would make the entire aspect beyond redundant. Besides, I've always had tons of materials leftover by just the halfway point in any souls playthrough.

  • Yamcha Kippur
    Yamcha Kippur 3 months ago

    I agree with the weapons upgrading issues. I found a brick hammer early on and I've invested so much into it. I've found other hammers (and other cool weapons that aren't hammers), but I stick with my brick.

  • C.J. Franklin
    C.J. Franklin Month ago

    I spent 100's of hours in the game and platinumed in the couple of months after the game first came out and thought that the exploration would be boring when I started again. But after nearly a year, I have just started again and am so excited to jump back in

  • ErrorNV
    ErrorNV 3 months ago +290

    Please never stop making these passion projects Jakey, top tier as always.

  • SharkDad
    SharkDad 3 months ago

    jakey i love your videos and just in general and i am so happy to see you thriving

  • PurpleFreezer
    PurpleFreezer 3 months ago

    I've been trying to apply breath of the wild's design to my DnD campaigns, and one thing became super clear
    Player rewards hugely impact exploration
    Like, I'm convinced the reason why I enjoy breath of the wild is because of its reward structure.

  • J A
    J A 3 months ago +4

    I love that “really makes you feel like Batman” joke because I remember all those reviews for Arkham Asylum. They all said that over and over, so much so that the instant you said it I remembered them