• In this video I will show you some Kpop songs that resemble others, when you watch this video you have to keep in mind that many songs that are similar are for the Sample that is used that is often free or that several use it, in addition to that many songs are produced by the same person so this makes it sound similar, among many other things.
    Just enjoy the video and don't let hate any Kpop group or Pop artist. Just enjoy the video.
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  • AE Top Musics
    AE Top Musics  2 months ago +593

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    • mono gamez
      mono gamez Day ago

      I honestly notice a lot of similarity at the start of these three songs:
      3racha runner's hight
      nct 127 sit down
      dalla dollar g-idle

    • Rweka K
      Rweka K Month ago

      BTS- ON _ Lily Collins - I Believe In Love
      The Slushious Song _ BTS - MIC Drop

    • RandomJD
      RandomJD Month ago

      KARD - Enemy with Rita Ora & Iggy Azalea - Black Widow

    • Random Bubble
      Random Bubble Month ago

      AE Top Musics SF9- “Good Guy” and Girls Day- “Something”.
      After the few little beats sounded, I was like: “DONT YOU LOOK INTO MY EYES AND LIE AGAINMMM”

    • Jin Trương
      Jin Trương Month ago

      Fiesta-IZ*ONE has the intro sounds similar to Lullaby-GOT7
      1:21 Dun Dun-EVERGLOW and 1:12 Red Moon-KARD
      All night-SNSD's chorus and Red Flavor-Red Velvet's chorus
      3YE-OOMM's intro and Kill This Love-BlackPink's intro

  • DjFox Gaming
    DjFox Gaming 17 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks solo and Gashina sound nothing alike..?

  • mono gamez
    mono gamez Day ago

    I honestly notice a lot of similarity at the start of these three songs:
    3racha runner's hight
    nct 127 sit down
    dalla dollar g-idle

  • Stupid Fillers
    Stupid Fillers Day ago

    I don't know why but when i hear Psycho it always reminds me of secret by One Republic

    SUGA BTS 2 days ago


  • Kraiwit Klipklang
    Kraiwit Klipklang 2 days ago


  • Kraiwit Klipklang
    Kraiwit Klipklang 2 days ago


  • Kraiwit Klipklang
    Kraiwit Klipklang 2 days ago +1


  • Kraiwit Klipklang
    Kraiwit Klipklang 2 days ago +1


  • Kraiwit Klipklang
    Kraiwit Klipklang 2 days ago +1


  • Linh Do Phuong
    Linh Do Phuong 2 days ago

    the beginning part of Boss - NCT U and Baby don't stop are similar too ;vv

  • essyl ghezal
    essyl ghezal 4 days ago

    Psycho ? bad boy ?
    oh not at allll

  • Snow Berry
    Snow Berry 5 days ago

    TXT - Summer & PARK BOM - SHAMEFUL

  • ChaerJi Sunnyლ
    ChaerJi Sunnyლ 5 days ago


    • Garden Vampire
      Garden Vampire 3 days ago

      Make sure to make a proper research before blindly throw away that word
      Say my name was produced by ollipop and hayley aitken, the same producers of adios, dun dun, zimzalabim and feel special

  • •Leggo Stay I.O.F•
    •Leggo Stay I.O.F• 6 days ago +1

    Songs similar:
    Red Moon (KARD) and Dun Dun (Everglow)
    Rap part

  • Garden Vampire
    Garden Vampire 7 days ago

    People in the comment still thinking similar is equal to copying. It's 2020 already bruhhh

  • Elmer Figeroa
    Elmer Figeroa 7 days ago +1


  • r e t
    r e t 7 days ago

    Uwuuu Monalisaaa

  • Magui
    Magui 8 days ago

    thumbs up y hip? hahaha no

  • shiney lee
    shiney lee 9 days ago

    the Teen Top - Dreamcatcher one had me SHOOK

    • Garden Vampire
      Garden Vampire 7 days ago

      They used the same copyright-free sample by kshmr. It's one of his popular works bc there're already bunch artists use it

  • axthxticckai
    axthxticckai 9 days ago

    I knew that Mabel - Don't call me up sounded like gfriend's fever ;w;
    I miss being a buddy :

  • wonqyukhei
    wonqyukhei 9 days ago +1

    I like Hip so much more than Thumbs Up.

  • *ღFabianaAleღ*
    *ღFabianaAleღ* 10 days ago +1

    Yo creo que la nueva cancion de IZ*ONE (FIESTA) se parece mucho a LULLABY de GOT7 🎶🎶

  • Nightcore STAR
    Nightcore STAR 11 days ago

    Winner- really really
    hyunA- lip & hip

  • L
    L 11 days ago +1

    People confusing style and/or use of similar instruments as copying. Sounding similar is definitely the correct wording to use. Didn't even watch the whole video, but a majority are either using similar instruments or using the same type of beat/vocal rhythm.

  • Zilver
    Zilver 11 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks most Everglow songs sound the same? I love Everglow but I think they use too much of the hard dubstep-like style if anyone gets what I’m saying.

  • Chairina hwang
    Chairina hwang 12 days ago velvet psycho and bad boy similar

  • Muhammad Hussain
    Muhammad Hussain 12 days ago +1

    How you can think that bts cute is a copy song.

  • Lively Lisa
    Lively Lisa 12 days ago

    SF9 plagiarised SF9

  • Radja Rachmadsyah
    Radja Rachmadsyah 12 days ago

    I love both l

  • bobby bobby
    bobby bobby 12 days ago +1

    Bruh I think there’s one part in Highlight by IZ*ONE that sounds like The Hills

  • arekku kun
    arekku kun 12 days ago

    Wow I never knew Charlie puth was a kpop icon

  • Marchela Dewi
    Marchela Dewi 13 days ago +1

    eh red velvet bukan plagiat ya

  • Al Si
    Al Si 13 days ago

    Lol Sf9 to Sf9

  • SammYongncf _ar
    SammYongncf _ar 13 days ago

    Wow SF9 is so SHAMELESS how dare they copies Now or Never

  • Rahaw
    Rahaw 13 days ago

    can you also put the date that these songs released ? it would help a lot

  • Rahaw
    Rahaw 13 days ago

    it may sound crazy but I think "JYP - Fever" is similar to "Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack"
    maybe just my imagination

  • 블루스톤 킽수네Bluestone Kitsuné

    Am I the only one who thinks Khalid's Talk is copied from IU's BBIBBI?
    I bet you can't deny.
    Subscribe me if you are with me.

  • His nose is his swag
    His nose is his swag 13 days ago

    Omg sf9 is my ulti group but I can't believe they did that 🙄🙄
    How could they just steal sf9s song

  • Jenny Collamat
    Jenny Collamat 14 days ago

    Psycho sounds like ikaw pa rin ang bibi kuh. Periodt.

  • ღ Vainilla ღ
    ღ Vainilla ღ 14 days ago +1

    Hands up Chery bullet se parece a fur elise Beethoven

  • NA Naila
    NA Naila 15 days ago

    Maybe you mean they have same instrument,cause the chours not same

  • Michelle Martinez
    Michelle Martinez 15 days ago +1

    Hip and thumbs up sound NOTHING alike wtf

  • Ab Kaul
    Ab Kaul 16 days ago

    Laoum - Sugar sugar sounds more like Madonna's Like a virgin

  • R Vajubunnisa Begum
    R Vajubunnisa Begum 16 days ago

    Soyeon is genius 😂👍👍👍

  • It goes down down baby

    Psycho and badboy are not similar😐

  • Ayla Aydın
    Ayla Aydın 17 days ago

    3:56 wicth one is copied?

  • I don’t Even know
    I don’t Even know 17 days ago

    The part of good guy in the intro kinda sounds like tag tag tag by verivery

  • Small Light Bulb
    Small Light Bulb 18 days ago

    You can another one to the list BTS On and Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer intro. It may be slower but it's definitely there.

  • Fer ReSa
    Fer ReSa 19 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Jopping by SuperM sounds like fallin' by Monsta X? hshshs

  • Rio Wijaya
    Rio Wijaya 19 days ago

    Issues-Julia Michaels
    Pcycho-Red Velvet

  • Hmmm Pathetic
    Hmmm Pathetic 19 days ago

    10:48 Holy-- Guys Red Velvet copied Red Velvet!! Unforgivable 😒

  • leonerdmccoy
    leonerdmccoy 19 days ago

    I know a lot of the reason they sound similar is because of sampling and the fact that they copy western trends, BUT also, your brain is more likely to like a song if it’s familiar. If your brain is unfamiliar to certain patterns of music it doesn’t like it. That’s why sometimes after listening to a song you don’t like 3 or 4 times you start to like it, because your brain understands it. So by kpop using already familiar beats, it makes it more likely that the listener will like it.

  • Amita Mathur
    Amita Mathur 20 days ago +1

    What was the first song when the video started please tell me

  • bobby kim's
    bobby kim's 20 days ago

    Actually exo-they never know more like blackbear-deadroses

    • Garden Vampire
      Garden Vampire 19 days ago

      Both exo and bts's songs sampled deadroses

  • Thitiwan Lentas
    Thitiwan Lentas 20 days ago

    i don't think psycho and bad boy r similar ~

  • Kirti Sawant
    Kirti Sawant 21 day ago

    GWSN using their own refurbished tracks 🤣

  • kim sara
    kim sara 21 day ago

    Psycho is similar to 7 rings

  • David Petris
    David Petris 22 days ago

    Is not kpop charlie puth and fifty harmony

    • David Petris
      David Petris 18 days ago

      @Garden Vampire ah it's true I read wrong 😅😅

    • Garden Vampire
      Garden Vampire 19 days ago

      Pretty sure the title said "kpop songs sound similar to *other songs"* instead of kpop songs sounds similar to other kpop songs

  • Marina Vs
    Marina Vs 23 days ago

    SF9 : that groups songs look good

  • Bar Bhatt
    Bar Bhatt 24 days ago +1

    All the groups work day and night sacrificing a lot so you shouldnt hate them!they have started since a kid!try to respect if not like

  • Bar Bhatt
    Bar Bhatt 24 days ago

    1st is so different anyways
    But times up is similar

    • Garden Vampire
      Garden Vampire 19 days ago

      Bc thumbs up is a remake of time's up. It's from the same producers

  • dixion
    dixion 25 days ago

    1. Bon Bon Chocolat = Thank You Next + Everyday -Ariana Grande
    2. Adios = Destin -Trooper
    3. Dun Dun = Young Gods -Total Ape

  • - 00
    - 00 25 days ago

    Recien me entero que sm compró deadroses
    Me siento robada u.u

  • caliope laframboise
    caliope laframboise 25 days ago

    * Gfriend songs are similar *
    * sf9 songs are similar *
    * momoland songs are similar *
    * gwsn songs are similar *
    everybody: it's plagiarism
    * red velvet songs are similar *
    everybody: I loved!!!!!

  • M O C H I ‘
    M O C H I ‘ 25 days ago

    Ok but can we just appreciate how damn good my girl hyebin looks in the thumbnail

  • Ame Elliston
    Ame Elliston 26 days ago +1

    Lowkey triggered when it says Dead leaves instead of Autumn leaves

  • Emolga Chan
    Emolga Chan 27 days ago

    Thumbs Up by Momoland is a masterpiece no one can change my mind

  • Marquis de LargeBaguette

    im surprised at how few people compare limitless by nct and fantasy by jbj

  • 리브livchuu
    리브livchuu 29 days ago

    To me, Gashina & SOLO don't sound alike AT ALL lol.
    Btw, how often do you wanna mention it? Wasn't that in all the other parts already?

  • 리브livchuu
    리브livchuu 29 days ago

    Dead Leaves and They Never Know actually took both the exact same sample of Blackbear's DEADROSES. It came out first, it sounds exactly the same.

  • Abigail Llano
    Abigail Llano 29 days ago

    ATTEZ - Answer y CNCO - Reggaeton Lento⚡

  • berryoongi
    berryoongi 29 days ago


  • Soooza Bell
    Soooza Bell Month ago

    ANS 😍
    Everglow 😍
    my two favourite rookie girl groups of 2019

  • Hayan Park
    Hayan Park Month ago +1

    I think it's hard to judge by the drums/rhythm because at some point, they're all kinda similar

  • DonySaur
    DonySaur Month ago +1

    KARD - Ride On The Wind and SEVENTEEN - Come To Me
    SEVENTEEN - Network Love and R. Tee x Anda - What You Waiting For

  • ya shop
    ya shop Month ago

    i think sound intro Izone Fiesta familiar like got7 lullaby



    • Garden Vampire
      Garden Vampire 19 days ago

      Thumbs up is a remake of time's up. It's from the same producers

  • Römænsē Pårtnær

    I read "Dead Leaves" as "Dad Leaves" i- 💀

  • Fahriye Nakkas
    Fahriye Nakkas Month ago +1

    Ans everglow? Idk it isn't similar