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I Found The RARE 0.0001% Marker In Roblox

  • Published on Mar 23, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • I Found The RARE 0.0001% Marker In Roblox
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  • Socksfor3
    Socksfor3  Year ago +401

    sup gamers! It came to my attention that supposedly the thumbnails Ive been using have been stolen from another youtuber, I was completely unaware and I apologize. I will have it all fixed by tomorrow and deal with the person responsible.
    Thank you!

    • B.C.&T.
      B.C.&T. 12 days ago

      vitamin delicious might call socks pay to win cringe 😮

    • Lord Frost
      Lord Frost 19 days ago

      Dragon blok!

    • Evonne Nicol
      Evonne Nicol 2 months ago


    • Josh Byrd
      Josh Byrd 3 months ago

      hey if you were interested in getting the purple makrer-dex then I could help you after all I know how to get from the easiest to the hardest after all games update and now it's 222 markers also there is a game called find the chomiks I suggest

  • MuiGamez
    MuiGamez 11 months ago +10

    Great vid Socks! Also, don’t worry, it took me like 10 tries to get the flower marker.

  • Jason Lawrence Kusuma

    Great content socks keep up the good work❤🎉

  • Ping Yu
    Ping Yu 11 months ago +4

    Find the markers and socks for 1=EPIC I would love to see him find all of the markers in the game and I found all the markers already but watching another youtuber find them is a whole new experience

  • Sarah Grose
    Sarah Grose Year ago +10

    I can always rely on Socks to post amazing content I can enjoy

  • P@B
    P@B 11 months ago +2

    to get the technical marker you gotta join the game dont turn the thing it shows you and press the right button and you will see the technical marker click on it and you get it

  • TheBearBehindTheBite
    TheBearBehindTheBite 10 months ago +7

    "this is where boys become men, and where men become women"
    -socks 2022

  • BeansTheCat
    BeansTheCat Year ago +4

    He finally played a badge hunting game, now play find the Chomiks! its great

  • Mohammad Rahat
    Mohammad Rahat 9 months ago

    Dude thanks for making this video respect you

  • ARTIN yousefabadi
    ARTIN yousefabadi 11 months ago

    I founded all the markers on my PC and it was soooo soooo hard soo have fun get all the markers :)

  • M dash the commenter
    M dash the commenter 11 months ago +2

    Yes! My favourite finding game :)

    TRAVIS FRANCO ADLAWAN 5 months ago

    Nice videos (sockfor1) make sure to make them good!

  • CaxVern
    CaxVern 6 months ago +4

    Holy shit the amount of nostalgia that hit me when he found the Battle For Dream Island marker

  • Blox Fire Insight
    Blox Fire Insight Year ago +1

    This game is pretty addictive and so much fun!

  • Lego guy
    Lego guy Year ago +1

    There are still different entrances to the other markers

  • Holden Dowling
    Holden Dowling 11 months ago

    Spam the keys on markerplier's Keyboard and when a error screen appears on the computer, walk to the computer and you should get teleported to a room.

  • Cdwayne2000
    Cdwayne2000 Year ago +6

    3:54 if you didn’t know,BFDI is where marker was created,the creator of find the markers actually owns marker (he created marker)

  • JeremyTheBluespottedCornetfish

    Fun Fact: if you know where is the technical marker, it's easier than the bee marker or any other marker. Not just because you know where it is, but because you can literally get it before you even spawn.

    EWCONLINE2KSHOW Year ago +16

    You know when socks posts a new video it will be a amazing day

    • Bonniethegenuis
      Bonniethegenuis 11 months ago

      @Sean Payton Really what did he say?

    • 1fellswoop
      1fellswoop Year ago

      Just because it's commenting diff things doesn't mean it isn't a bot

    • VRaiderFlame
      VRaiderFlame Year ago


    • Sean Payton
      Sean Payton Year ago

      First of all he’s not a bot I saw him commenting diff things on vids by another Clip-Sharer

    • Xdzeke
      Xdzeke Year ago +1

      And a copycat for always saying that I see that in every video I click on

  • Shintaro
    Shintaro Year ago

    thank god he played the game i like!

  • Random Person
    Random Person 11 months ago +13

    6:40 i love how socks just click random and did it while other people and youtuber try to solve the map on the castle for the marker lol

  • Waffle
    Waffle 9 months ago +4

    I’m glad that socks made it before he had to suffer getting the potion marker

  • Marijn Schotsman
    Marijn Schotsman Year ago +7

    Hey socks, if you liked this then play the game: egg hunt 2022 lost in time! It’s really good!

    • dedx654
      dedx654 10 months ago

      you are the best

  • MSMDOFrocks
    MSMDOFrocks 11 months ago


    • Robbie Gibson
      Robbie Gibson 23 days ago


  • Brussel sprouts with bacon.                      a

    you should play a difficulty chart it helps with obbies

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Year ago +2

    the hardest marker to get is probably just the difficulty chart marker not from finding it but because of the intense parkour

    • Cooliobros
      Cooliobros Month ago

      But as of now its probably danger marker

    • Cooliobros
      Cooliobros Month ago

      I got runner marker and I thought that was hard💀

    • Galen Pratama🐼
      Galen Pratama🐼 10 months ago

      nah its potion marker it require an big brain while diff chart require skill and big brain is harder than having good skill

    • a Player
      a Player 11 months ago

      Nah it's Santa Marker
      Santa Marker is only available on December

    • Loopy Loop
      Loopy Loop Year ago

      I have it

  • Holden Dowling
    Holden Dowling 11 months ago

    Also, you should make a part 2 to this game, I collected over 110 markers

    • Roblox gamer
      Roblox gamer 7 months ago +1

      joke on you i allready got 173 marker :]

  • Cario For Super Mario
    Cario For Super Mario 8 months ago

    "Stapy, will you play eat the dirt with me?" -Marker from BFB

  • Naruto uzumaki
    Naruto uzumaki 9 months ago

    Well now we all know he watches Yu-Gi-Oh since the Yu-Gi-Oh reference

  • TW.Stormex
    TW.Stormex Year ago +4

    i love how he said "there is like a thousand marker" but there was only 151 lol 0:39

    • Claire Gibbins
      Claire Gibbins 6 months ago

      They are catching em all since there's 151

    • TW.Stormex
      TW.Stormex 11 months ago

      @Elijah Burnham you think I don’t know bozo

    • Elijah Burnham
      Elijah Burnham 11 months ago

      its called sarcasm

  • Peter Allen
    Peter Allen Year ago

    I just realised that the Glitch marker is using the Pibby Corruption.

  • kathleen
    kathleen Month ago

    If you tap the keyboard at the Markiplier marker one it will eventually say "ERROR" and it will give you the error marker

  • night blaze
    night blaze 6 months ago

    When blaza randomly started saying no way I was dying

  • SenseVFX
    SenseVFX 11 months ago

    Socks should try and get the difficulty chart marker

  • Carley McBee
    Carley McBee 6 months ago

    I can tell you how to get the technical marker you have to enter the game and when you see the colors scroll down and click on the Marker

  • Bonniethegenuis
    Bonniethegenuis Year ago +225

    He should make a game called "find the socks" like find the markers. (Thanks for the likes and comments much appreciated)
    Edit 2:
    Yo he actually made it!

  • TheElectric 开心 :)

    FINALLY! The game is based on the object show BFDI-BFB. I have all the markers.

    • Sadness
      Sadness 10 months ago

      POGGERS someone who knows marker is not from find the markers

    • Stella Lizoe
      Stella Lizoe 10 months ago +1

      Clip on Blaza just heared that!
      😂😂 Something he said clip at 5:35

  • Gelber Family
    Gelber Family Year ago

    I’m so happy u played find the markers it is one of my fav games!

  • Epicboi2000
    Epicboi2000 7 months ago

    it's not a mistake✨its a master peice✨

  • Vanessa Mai
    Vanessa Mai 11 months ago

    Bro please find the trollfaces, it’s underrated and really good. It’s made by Qwhippy and others, you should try it

  • Yoneko Bysura
    Yoneko Bysura 7 months ago

    2:01 I did actually get this on my first try

  • Concepcion Abu
    Concepcion Abu 11 months ago

    The update is cool the zen marker is rare but you have to find the 5 notes

  • Itz_ Kerlton
    Itz_ Kerlton Year ago

    Plz continue I loved watching this 😂😃

  • Tawsha Thompson
    Tawsha Thompson 8 months ago

    me every thirty seconds when watching this video: * takes notes *

  • irongreenfire
    irongreenfire Year ago +1

    Amazing video keep doing what you do

    • Joan Coraza
      Joan Coraza 11 months ago +1

      s!ty Stop commenting I will report you to get the community guidelines To learn your lesson bot

  • Brittney Neal
    Brittney Neal 3 months ago +1

    It’s funny how blaza say yes like that in the washable kingdom
    Edit: I meant he is

  • guy with no limbs
    guy with no limbs Year ago +4

    socks should play dawn of auroua and pull off some massive heist in the bank (dawn of auroa is like cyberpunk 2077 in roblox)

  • TheRealFloogull
    TheRealFloogull 11 months ago

    Good job! now get difficulty chart marker in under 5 minutes

  • Trinnnnn
    Trinnnnn 7 months ago +1

    You didn’t have to stop you need that lock thing but you didn’t have it on but that’s OK if you just run through it no speed on then you’re good

  • zasss playz
    zasss playz 11 months ago

    I love how socks has so many robuck but he did not design his avatar

  • Nadari
    Nadari 11 months ago

    Hey socks play 2 player wizard tycoon, very fun entertained me for hours

  • TheEpicFace
    TheEpicFace 10 months ago

    Marker Is From The Show Call Bfb But His First Appearance Was Bfdi Shortened For Battle For Dream Island And Now Playing In Tpot And Bfdi Was Created By Jacknjellify

  • Lujo Drimov Kvišin
    Lujo Drimov Kvišin Year ago +18

    There's something I found out and you should know, socks. So, Vitamin Delicious just made a post. Turns out your thumbnail artist might be stealing art. You should check it, Vitamin already exposed content thief.

    • Aron Pjetri
      Aron Pjetri 4 months ago

      That’s actually true

    • ɹᴉɐɥɔ ɐ
      ɹᴉɐɥɔ ɐ Year ago

      he found out,it got fixed.

    • Shiftboi
      Shiftboi Year ago

      I dont think he created the thumbnail but the people who work for him
      But its recommended to credit the original creator to avoid another drama

    • Chad Ramagadoo
      Chad Ramagadoo Year ago

      man vitamins find the markers was first then he stole it i think

  • Eyes
    Eyes 11 months ago

    I got this on my second try the flower marker you literally just rolled W

  • James Conway
    James Conway 11 months ago

    I love it so much I already have 150 something markers

  • No
    No 11 months ago

    I got the flower marker on my first try and non stop walking

  • ShootingStar
    ShootingStar 23 days ago

    I wish this game didn't update because I can't get all of them and when I do (probably never) the update ruins me form getting every marker.

  • mariateresa appierto
    mariateresa appierto 8 months ago

    I got this on my first try lol

  • Austin Ellison
    Austin Ellison Year ago +9

    “How hard can it be”

  • bingus
    bingus Year ago +1

    I love how socks thinks all of these markers are so easy
    man you gotta now collect 177 man

    • Muhammad Rifqi Wafiy Mohd Yusri
      Muhammad Rifqi Wafiy Mohd Yusri 10 months ago

      It's time consuming but most of the markers is easy...with tutorial. But some markers are hard (mostly rng) is potion marker and that's the last one I didn't get

    • bingus
      bingus Year ago

      I don't really like how he says the 0.0001 MARKER

    • bingus
      bingus Year ago

      cornbread marker isn't even in "Find the Markers"

  • ThunderStormAlpha
    ThunderStormAlpha Year ago +2

    i've played this already there's a dark green marker under the map in between the mountain and cave

  • yeet boi X.X
    yeet boi X.X 10 months ago +1

    The Bfdi marker is from a series called B.F.D.I Battle For Dream Island :) .

  • Andrea Misha Kirana
    Andrea Misha Kirana 9 months ago

    I would play every different game like this

  • Niemyoh Gonzales
    Niemyoh Gonzales 10 months ago

    I can’t believe Socksforone actually got put in a locker by 2 girls

  • Team Larry
    Team Larry Year ago +13

    So great edit! This videos never dissapoints, thats what I love to see! 💙

  • Mc
    Mc 10 months ago

    Socks how do you miss the purple marker its right in the spawn

  • riffity raffity
    riffity raffity Year ago

    I can't believe you didn't get the purple marker its literally the easiest one and you spawn in front of it

  • VoidX
    VoidX 11 months ago

    Im pretty upset bc it took me a week to get the flower marker. But they got it in like 10 minutes. Like wtf

  • Saibe
    Saibe Year ago +1

    You should do another Terraria video, I really miss them!

  • 💖ICECRREAMcat💖
    💖ICECRREAMcat💖 6 months ago

    Fun fact: The character, marker is actually from a animation series call bfb and bfdi on Clip-Share by jacknjelify (idk if I spelled that right)

  • monkey
    monkey 5 months ago +3

    The thumbnails are crazy he's going to find the gay marker

  • Incepter
    Incepter 7 months ago

    I played that game but like 50 years later there gonna be like 20,000 markers and new players going to struggle

  • Primify
    Primify 9 months ago

    So washable kingdom it's not a secret world it is just a world for people to collect markers yes it's another world where you have to explore just like the main map(if socksfor1 sees it)

  • Niemyoh Gonzales
    Niemyoh Gonzales 10 months ago

    I can’t believe Socksforone actually got put in a locker by 2 girls

  • Zam Plays
    Zam Plays Year ago

    I got that marker in the parlour on my 100th time

  • Leigh Jordan
    Leigh Jordan 11 months ago

    I got that marker on my 15000 try lol

  • FlameDuplix007
    FlameDuplix007 Year ago +71

    yes YeS YES!!! The markers are from a thing called an object show. You should try watching BFDI-BFB it's good.

  • 🎵[JungKookie]🎵
    🎵[JungKookie]🎵 8 months ago

    Y'all should play Find the Chomiks just to get the final ARG Chomik (Hamster)

  • Lily Samvelian
    Lily Samvelian 7 months ago +1

    I'll invite the actual creators of B.F.D.I. to this game...I really will!

  • The Legendary Potato
    The Legendary Potato 11 months ago

    BFDI marker is a reference to Battle For Dream Island.

  • Holden Dowling
    Holden Dowling 11 months ago

    Don't feel bad, roblox stole the oof sound from messiah, also, to get error marker, you need to spam on markerplier's keyboard until the screen on the computer has a error screen, then walk to the computer and you should get teleport ed to a room.

  • Jovi Cheung
    Jovi Cheung 3 months ago

    “THERES LIKE A THOUSAND” Bro forgot there’s only 151 markers 8 months ago💀

  • Morgan Gamez
    Morgan Gamez Year ago +4

    Episode 1 of Asking socks to play Jailbreak

    • Nuisance
      Nuisance Year ago

      I was on episode 20 of asking Jeromeasf to play starscapes


    I suggest u to play scp 3008 with the whole
    gang and u have to make a base to protect
    urself from monsters and the monster will
    kill u at night or if u get close to them in the
    day. Collect food press g and press on the
    food to eat food for energy and when u
    have less energy u die and u get energy
    and health with food and med kits. U also
    can whistle and then ur friends can see
    your names but at night if u whistle the
    monster will come to u, u can put waypoints
    at ur base so u know where ur base is.

  • Harsh Agrawal
    Harsh Agrawal Year ago

    Hey socks play naval battle or work at pizza games these are getting famous you can boost that up with your community

  • Sheri Wentzell
    Sheri Wentzell 7 months ago

    fun fact: BFDI marker is from a famous object show name BFDI

  • Doomguy
    Doomguy 10 months ago

    Socks you should do survive and kill the killers in area 51 p.s. hope you can aim and control recoil and remember places

  • The T-Giga
    The T-Giga Year ago


  • Guy on YouTube
    Guy on YouTube Year ago +3

    Fun fact: find the markers has no markers that has rng

  • Epikdud112
    Epikdud112 9 months ago

    The funny thing is sock cant buy things in this game

  • Petruscha
    Petruscha 11 months ago


  • Wasp
    Wasp 10 months ago

    I love you’re videos

  • Randumff
    Randumff Year ago

    they should have called the dream marker, fatherless marker

  • moter guy 2 yeah
    moter guy 2 yeah 6 months ago

    Did anyone realize the battle for dream island reference?

  • Nate
    Nate Year ago +4

    This is amazing

  • Teodorica Ebuenga
    Teodorica Ebuenga 11 months ago

    Do a part two and il teach you how to find over 110 markers

  • -[S O F F Y] - Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

    So great edit! This videos never dissapoints, thats what I love to see!

  • JG_Gaming
    JG_Gaming Year ago +2

    Omg I love this too much 👀

  • Biki Store
    Biki Store 11 months ago

    Part 2 please 🥺

  • Live grenade
    Live grenade 11 months ago

    socks the hardest marker is difficulty chart marker