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The Triple Bath (with slide yo)

  • Published on Sep 9, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • So I built my Kids invention idea............cheers dad.
    Check out the Kids Invent stuff channel and get your kids inventions made
    • We Built a TRIPLE BATH...
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  3 years ago +4120

    Can i get my child to be the next crazy inventer on the internet hehe, well first i thought i'd bring one of his ideas to life and hope this spurs him on. Was funny making it with him and getting him to weld, if you have kids get them to weld to its much easier lol. Thanks to Kids invent stuff go give them a subscribe as there only small. See you in the next one as the TANK IS NEARLY READY

    • Seth
      Seth 3 years ago +14

      I love your yt

    • fish BAY
      fish BAY 3 years ago +14

      Hey, i like your son

    • Seth
      Seth 3 years ago +3


    • Seth
      Seth 3 years ago +3


    • Basil
      Basil 3 years ago +3

      This was sent half a minute ago woahhh

  • Slappyballs
    Slappyballs 3 years ago +4080

    Father of the year. And 2020 was one hell of a year. They're lucky to have a dad like you.

    • Ameritude
      Ameritude 3 years ago +104

      I dont know.... my dad made me a paper airplane once...

    • Spooky Lingerie
      Spooky Lingerie 3 years ago +55

      You guys are getting dads?

    • Dingus
      Dingus 3 years ago +17

      Its not one hell of a year this is just a taste of hell

    • AM
      AM 3 years ago +10

      Is one hell of a year*

  • The Real Life Guys
    The Real Life Guys 3 years ago +85

    Where did you get the bathtub? 😂🔥 awesome project!

  • Hacksmith Industries
    Hacksmith Industries 3 years ago +28

    That was a great collab!

    • TMDSM
      TMDSM 3 years ago +3

      Lol I’m surprised this doesn’t have more likes, I think your videos are great hacksmith! Keep it up!

    • Troll 411
      Troll 411 3 years ago

      Lol 2nd comment here
      Was this a collab?????

    • vulcan
      vulcan 3 years ago

      Uh 5 likes??

    • eye guy
      eye guy 3 years ago

      G'day mate

    • Braeden's Stuff
      Braeden's Stuff 3 years ago


  • Michael Norris
    Michael Norris 3 years ago +378

    I don't know who is luckier, the children for having a crazy dad, or dad having children as crazy as him.
    This is the kind of family that become legends in their own time.

  • I Identify as an RX-78-2 Gundam

    His kid is gonna be one of those kids who goes "ugh this engineering college class is so boring.....Ive been helping my dad with this since I was 6...cmon. .."

    • Leo Warren
      Leo Warren 2 years ago +13

      There's pros and cons to being that kid.

    • Baby gyal
      Baby gyal 2 years ago +5

      @Leo Warren name one con

    • Leo Warren
      Leo Warren 2 years ago +10

      @Baby gyal Design Classes can be pretty boring when you've done it already.
      2. School tools are terrible - at least my school's were

    • Baby gyal
      Baby gyal 2 years ago

      @Leo Warren but you’re talking about him using them at school he is using I
      His dads quality equipment

    • Leo Warren
      Leo Warren 2 years ago +3

      @Baby gyal Oh yes - my comment wasn't a criticism of home - it was more about school - should have made that clearer

  • Josh
    Josh 3 years ago +849

    Nextdoor’s children must be jealous of the toys your kids have

    • RB
      RB 3 years ago +5

      Can I copy it, or is it copyright free. Just curious

    • Josh
      Josh 3 years ago +5

      Copyright Free yes

    • Foughty Emit
      Foughty Emit 3 years ago +8

      My kid is very jealous that his friend, has friends who actually live next door!

    • Mahfire thesecondofhisname
      Mahfire thesecondofhisname 3 years ago +3

      Well if they are friends they are also very fortunate they can enjoy them aswell which many other would be jealous of. And they definitely "can see it all live" so that's something other kids could definitely be jealous about. But yeah you can be jealous about everything and people are often jealous of about everything disregarding what they actually have and what other major things people are jealous of that you take for granted or have.
      Humans aren't that rational and kids probably even less so in most areas, well that's life I guess but you can still try to not be to jealous and stand still with whether it's actually worth the thaught or grudge.
      And so I have an enormously over sophicated answer to just a good short funny joke. :)
      Have a nice day.

    • Josh
      Josh 3 years ago +1

      Natan thesecondofhisname no one asked for a paragraph

  • Alec Steele
    Alec Steele 3 years ago +7

    Your kids are going to cherish this memory! What an awesome video!

    • ً
      ً 3 years ago +1


  • Jay Flynn
    Jay Flynn 3 years ago +157

    Interviewer: So what qualifications do you have for this engineering job?
    Jake: My dad is Colin Furze

    • Stranger
      Stranger 3 years ago +15

      Interviewer: sir you are now the head of the deparment

    • Steve Tucker
      Steve Tucker 3 years ago +5

      Interviewer: You got the job

    • Tim Muckian
      Tim Muckian 3 years ago +19

      @Stranger Head of Safety: I quit.

    • Ingwie Phoenix
      Ingwie Phoenix 3 years ago +2

      Legit. xD

    • Eyeballs Studio
      Eyeballs Studio 3 years ago +5

      @Tim Muckian Head of insurance: May God have mercy on our souls!

  • Eugene Bruyns
    Eugene Bruyns 3 years ago +420

    My mom when I'm taking a bath: "FINALLY"
    Collin's wife when she hears her kids are taking a bath: "Oh no! They're gonna die!"

  • Rudyolf Schiermeister
    Rudyolf Schiermeister 3 years ago +668

    Imagine being his neighbor
    "Honey the youtuber made a double decker bath"

    • BrandonTGS
      BrandonTGS 3 years ago +38

      *triple decker* and I would love to be his neigour!

    • danny Thorpe
      danny Thorpe 3 years ago +21

      one of his neighbor actually rang the council over this XD

    • Max Björk
      Max Björk 3 years ago +5

      And..its on fire?

    • Kitkitka
      Kitkitka 3 years ago +7

      The slide is going to be so hot in summer. It’s metal.

    • Boom Boy
      Boom Boy 3 years ago +1

      Triple decker

  • sirflimflam
    sirflimflam 3 years ago +27

    I love seeing your relationship with your kid, Colin. It reminds me of my childhood with my own dad. He was an industrial/nuclear welder who ended up in body work building cars from the ground up, so he knew how to make things. Our house was full of weird steel inventions. It was always fun building things with him. The last project we were able to do together was probably 18 years ago when I was a teen, putting together a Dance Dance Revolution pad so I could use Stepmania with a real pad, opposed to the literal cardboard and sheet metal design I was using and abusing, him doing the metal work and me doing the electronics. His physical health deteriorated to the point he couldn't make things anymore, but I like to think when I have my own kids, I'll be able to do the same thing for them. It might not be the solid metal work like you and him, but we'll be able to make cool electronics together.

  • Daniel Walker
    Daniel Walker 2 years ago +34

    Little Furze is always going to win every science fair.

  • Roberth Ignacio
    Roberth Ignacio 3 years ago +238

    The skills this kid will learn will absolutely be invaluable in the future. Colin knows how to teach his kids the most important lessons a father can give to a son ❤️ Wishing you well Colin, stay safe and keep up the amazing path to 100M!

    • Some random person
      Some random person 3 years ago +2

      Wait Mr Beast plus coin furze and the jack smith and mega bots = ????? Mr Beast has the fan money and sponsorships jack smith has a team to of smart people to make stuff and mega bots build giant mechs and the last one makes it crazy and epic and help make it and this will = ?????

    • Some random person
      Some random person 3 years ago


  • Marvelous Spyro
    Marvelous Spyro 3 years ago +14

    Out of all youtubers that has gained millions of subscribers....this man definitely deserves them all

  • Something Original
    Something Original 3 years ago +1

    I hope your kids turn into great inventors like you. They're also very adorable 😍

  • Kaylee Amelia
    Kaylee Amelia 2 years ago

    Okay, this is adorable. This is ridiculously adorable watching you two build together. 😊❤

  • jomomma1972
    jomomma1972 3 years ago +1

    This is the first video of yours I have seen. Teaching the kids how to build and be safe around all the equipment is great. I love to see kids learning all this and actively participating. I now have to watch your other videos

  • JustinWoodruff
    JustinWoodruff Year ago

    What I wouldn't have given to have a dad like this growing up. I'm in awe of you sir.

  • Ze pretty brainless amalgamate

    Normal people: Need food and water to survive.
    Colin: Needs sheet metal, steel bars and tea to survive.

    • Jim-James- Jimbo
      Jim-James- Jimbo 3 years ago +22

      Most British males can survive on tea n biscuits

    • IndoorGeek
      IndoorGeek 3 years ago +24

      You forgot the Safety Tie!

    • 1973Washu
      1973Washu 3 years ago +5

      Tea is absolutely essential.

    • Dr.Entropy
      Dr.Entropy 3 years ago +2

      All I need to survive is god Jesus holy spirt and my gaming set up

  • Priapos93
    Priapos93 Year ago

    I can't believe I missed this incredibly wholesome content for two years!

  • Alexor
    Alexor 3 years ago +1

    I wish my father teach me how to weld when I was 8. Instead he always told me to go bother someone else and play with my weird friends. These kids truly have the Father of the year. Keep it up Colin :)

  • tim wegman
    tim wegman 3 years ago +1

    Literally the best dad ever. I build stuff with my grandkids but oh man I need to step up my game cuz I got nothing on Colin. You are the man Colin!

  • Dan O
    Dan O 3 years ago +2

    Wow...I just admire the quality time this children have with their Dad. He’s truly their best friend. Quality stuff!

  • The Ello
    The Ello 3 years ago

    YES! ENCOURAGING KIDS TO CREATE! We love to see it! I am not too proud to admit that I myself have seen several kids welding very well and at least one definitely welding better than me and my coworkers at the kids workshop!

  • Sketero
    Sketero 3 years ago +2

    Mario never lived to his full potential as a plumber. Collin displays their awesome power.

  • Momo Kawashima
    Momo Kawashima 3 years ago +108

    "This is easier getting him to do all the work"
    True british heritage

  • Rob
    Rob 2 years ago

    Amazing video, so wholesome, great to see father and children working together. Look forward to more vids with them as they grow up :) great family, well done Furze!

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon 3 years ago +8

    And to think in another universe, Colin is a health and safety inspector...

  • t johnson
    t johnson 3 years ago

    You never cease to amaze me with the things you come up with. Will the world be ready for MiniFurze? He's off to a good start.

  • LiterallyMiatas
    LiterallyMiatas 3 years ago +858

    “80% of falls occur within the bathroom”
    *colinfurze builds a tripple decker tub with no safety rails*

    • John Arne Birkeland
      John Arne Birkeland 3 years ago +42

      There was a safety slide.

    • Westley Jamieson
      Westley Jamieson 3 years ago +34

      Any accidents from his invention wouldn't happen in the bathroom, they'd be in the backyard!

    • Ethan Rong
      Ethan Rong 3 years ago +5

      this was lit my first thought

    • Dr. Top Hat
      Dr. Top Hat 3 years ago +2

      Come on now those are rookie numbers we have to bring those up

    • Galaxis
      Galaxis 3 years ago +8

      Yes, that whole thing looked really unsafe, especially how there is no ladder to the top. He had to climb in, and it rocks.

  • Wi Jr
    Wi Jr 3 years ago

    This is by far one of the coolest examples of a dad I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing.

  • steve Simages
    steve Simages 3 years ago +2

    Irrespective of the project, it’s an endearing and lovely video of a bloke with his kids. You’re quite a dad, Colin!

  • A Man Online
    A Man Online 2 years ago +6

    I hope Mini Furze turns out just like his father... A crazy engineer with a tie

  • Wham Meister
    Wham Meister 3 years ago

    I'm glad this man is so good at what he does, this could have easily gone horribly wrong lmao

  • Modelgio360
    Modelgio360 2 years ago +8

    I hope mini Colin's have a great life, their dad is an amazing dad

  • Matthew Dickens
    Matthew Dickens 3 years ago +938

    When Mom leaves the kids home with Dad for a few days

    • suave kibbles 805
      suave kibbles 805 3 years ago +22

      All Karen's be like you can't let him touch that don't let him do that no stop don't let him touch the bright blue thingy

    • Keegan Owens
      Keegan Owens 3 years ago +2

      @suave kibbles 805 Hahaha!

    • Meatball Samurai
      Meatball Samurai 3 years ago +6

      Wish my dad didnt leave me if thats the case

      XUEKUN YANG 3 years ago +3


    • user
      user 3 years ago +3


  • Harry Ayres
    Harry Ayres 3 years ago

    I hope he realises how lucky he is to have a dad like that at that age

  • Cablesmith Electrical
    Cablesmith Electrical 3 years ago

    That is absolutely insane man ! 👌🏼 props to you for them 2 tube bends for the slide, that must have been hard !

  • Tobias Quartier
    Tobias Quartier 3 years ago +8

    This guy should open a museum for all his inventions

  • Driftliketokyo34 Ftw
    Driftliketokyo34 Ftw 2 years ago

    You have no idea how lucky you’re kids are to have you as a father.

  • N0ARX
    N0ARX 3 years ago

    now this is an example of a good father. wish my dad was more like you.

  • Nerf Shooter
    Nerf Shooter 3 years ago +2115

    At school
    Teacher: "So what did you do over the weekend?"
    Kid: "I made a bunk bath with my dad. And used a welder"

    • colinfurze
      colinfurze  3 years ago +745

      And safety squints

    • Laird Cummings
      Laird Cummings 3 years ago +46

      "I created an attractive nuisance in my back yard.
      Oh, and my dad was there, too."

    • richard hughes
      richard hughes 3 years ago +2

      @ELZZZ You're a wonderful human being, sending mega love in return ❤️😍😘

    • HarriMation
      HarriMation 3 years ago +7

      @ELZZZ well you obviously are an AI bc you've replied to every comment I've seen

    • Ye ye
      Ye ye 3 years ago +3

      HarriMation copy and paste isn’t that hard

  • James L
    James L 3 years ago +1

    Colin - I love all your videos, but this one specifically is truly delightful !!!

  • Ingwie Phoenix
    Ingwie Phoenix 3 years ago

    The last few seconds with him, in the dark, in the bath...that situation just sums up this whole channel. A lot. XD
    Love this stuff! Kid-Furze has interesting tastes. Dad an ex-plumber and now-inventor...and first thing the kid wants to build, has to do with plumbing and crazy shenanigans. Got your genes - thats gud! :D

  • mikeb55
    mikeb55 3 years ago

    Hasn't anyone told you Colin, its dangerous to light your farts in the bath. Great work with the kids: fun, confidence and learning, brilliant.

  • John Penny
    John Penny 3 years ago

    Now you are a PROPER Dad. Doing stuff with your kids is great - doing them with your Grandchildren is even better!!

  • Ruckus FPV
    Ruckus FPV 3 years ago

    Great video! Looks like loads of backyard fun. I saw the hacksmith made a jet canoe, and I would love to see your take on a pulse jet canoe. There are two changes to their design that I would suggest based on my experience with canoes. First make sure the weight is balanced more and not so rear heavy. Second you will need a rudder of some kind for steering, canoes are too long to depend on thrust vectoring to turn them effectively. Keep up the spectacular work, I always look forward to new content from you.

  • Mason L
    Mason L 3 years ago +501

    This kid is literally living phineas and ferb in real life

    • Brilliant Design!
      Brilliant Design! 3 years ago +15

      ABSOLUTELY! "Hey Dad, I know what we're gonna do today..." Outrageousness ensues...

    • Brilliant Design!
      Brilliant Design! 3 years ago +12

      The cranky neighbor a couple houses down named Candace: calls police.." .. and there is a giant AT-AT and a bunk bath in the back and it is on fire!"
      Police: "Hey Bill, wanna get some donuts?"
      A great idea!: Colin could do a COLLAB with Phineas and Ferb, animated.

    • Dennis Cuesta
      Dennis Cuesta 3 years ago +6

      Where's perry tho?

  • The girl who really loves Stranger Things

    This is brilliant. Great how you got your kids involved.

  • Brian T
    Brian T 3 years ago

    Fantastic Colin, ya made me smile ear to ear!!!! LOLOL
    You have lovely children man! Lively as their dad! Watch out world!

  • Bxunt
    Bxunt 3 years ago

    Dude imagine how fun it'd be to have colin as ya dad

  • That one guy
    That one guy 3 years ago +440

    At school
    Teacher “So, what did you do over the weekend, Minniefurze?”
    Minniefurze “my dad build me a triple decker bathtub, and his tub dumps his water on me!”
    Teacher “.......”
    Minniefurze “AND we set dad’s tub on fire!”
    Teacher “.........”

    • Sea Skimmer
      Sea Skimmer 3 years ago +11

      Oh and i did a spot of welding (spot , weld, getit?)

    • Bingusé
      Bingusé 3 years ago +4

      The physics teacher:"IMPOSSIBLE"

    • Pratham Patel
      Pratham Patel 3 years ago

      And we also worked on getting supplies

    • MasterGamer WASD
      MasterGamer WASD 2 years ago +2

      Teacher: So the usual?

    • Warren Cash
      Warren Cash 2 years ago

      Crocodile dundee III much?

  • Casey sir
    Casey sir 2 years ago

    Best one yet. Enjoy seeing your son welding. More kids should be allowed to build things outside or in the shed. Not just on a video game.

  • Kids Invent Stuff
    Kids Invent Stuff 3 years ago +233

    We loved building Jake's invention... everyone's bath needs FIRE!!!
    -Ruth & Shawn

    • Noob Tube
      Noob Tube 3 years ago +6

      Omg you are actually them

    • Will
      Will 3 years ago +4

      Colin will probably attach a flamethrower on the back of it like he did on a scooter and got a firearm charge for it lol 😂

    • Laird Cummings
      Laird Cummings 3 years ago +3

      That was NOT what I was expecting!

    • colinfurze
      colinfurze  3 years ago +33

      i just love my wonky slide lol

    • Rayyan Feroz
      Rayyan Feroz 3 years ago +3

      colinfurze haha lol

  • Michael Childs
    Michael Childs 3 years ago

    Imagine having Colin Furz as your dad! Thanks for sharing.

  • Eyeballs Studio
    Eyeballs Studio 3 years ago

    I hope to build cool stuff with my daughter one day (she's 18 months, a bit too young to handle power tools). You, sir, will go down in history as a true legend!

  • Steve H2488
    Steve H2488 3 years ago

    Nice to see you using end feed fittings to keep the cost down. 😊

  • Diego Souza
    Diego Souza 3 years ago

    This is such a happy video! Awesome project as always Colin and kids too! =D

  • Corncrus
    Corncrus 3 years ago +9

    i can tell his son will take this channel and make stuff like him one day

  • Philip Yurk
    Philip Yurk 3 years ago +313

    His neighbors friends: why is there a bathtub 20 feet in the air?
    His neighbors: it’s just Colin again

    • Robert Martindale
      Robert Martindale 3 years ago +8

      Living next door must be interesting.

    • Philip Yurk
      Philip Yurk 3 years ago +1

      Robert Martindale yeah😂

    • ‎
       3 years ago +1

      It's Colin being Colin

    • SpeedStriker
      SpeedStriker 3 years ago +1

      And why is it on fire?

    • Luke Brown
      Luke Brown 3 years ago +1

      @SpeedStriker why wouldn't it be on fire?
      Also it's so the neighbors actually see it and cannot just turn a blind eye to the craziness going on their.

  • SyniStar616
    SyniStar616 3 years ago

    There are times when I think "Furze is a father?" All incredulous like, then I see videos like this and think "Furze is a father." Reassured that he's doing all this crazy stuff for his kids and showing them more fatherly love than a lot of kids get.

  • joe holland
    joe holland 3 years ago

    Love it Colin, nice to see the kids getting hands on 😂

  • Laura Willits
    Laura Willits 2 years ago

    Yay Furze family! Just adorable. And chaotic. What could be better?

  • Dean TM
    Dean TM 3 years ago

    Mini furze needs his own channel! What an awesome little character 👍🏼

  • Halilintar W
    Halilintar W 3 years ago +167

    I hope he will grow up like his father
    Become the madman with a tie.

    • Killkor
      Killkor 3 years ago +5

      The tradition must go on across generations. This is the only way :D

    • IngeniousOutdoors
      IngeniousOutdoors 3 years ago +1

      madlad with a tie lol

  • Charlotte O’Connor
    Charlotte O’Connor 3 years ago +182

    Colin is the type of guy who doesn’t care about money and just wants to have fun

    • BriMoo
      BriMoo 3 years ago +2

      Thats the Colin Furze Clip-Share channel, subscribe... and buy merch...

    • Jacob Gardner
      Jacob Gardner 3 years ago +6

      He even disabled mid rolls so we don’t get interrupted by ads

    • finmin
      finmin 3 years ago +2


    • Richard Harrold
      Richard Harrold 3 years ago +1

      He ain't short of a bob or two. His ad revenue alone is in six figures a year.

  • Matt Ling
    Matt Ling 3 years ago

    Thanks colin for raising the "cool dad" bar completely out of range for the rest of us dads. Keep it up dude, your a ledg

  • Jubair Siddeeque
    Jubair Siddeeque 3 years ago

    It is very joyful to see father and children having fun and being happy.

  • Sean Beardon
    Sean Beardon 3 years ago +112

    Wholesome Furze family fun
    Your boy is growing up quick

  • Longarms
    Longarms 3 years ago

    Genuinely impressed with Mini Furze's skills!

  • CouchPotat
    CouchPotat 2 years ago +24

    most parents: DONT RUN ON THE STAIRS
    collin furze: good job welding my child who is 7

  • Stanley
    Stanley 3 years ago +117

    not only is this guy an amazing inventor, but he also looks like an amazing dad.

    • chand
      chand 3 years ago

      Yep can he adopt me too? 😊

    • Aidin Withers
      Aidin Withers 3 years ago +1

      you couldn’t have said it any better👏🏽

  • littlebogie9
    littlebogie9 3 years ago +2

    Colin is literally the coolest Dad ever...

  • Banana Blox Games

    Colin is the only person who just accepts that his bath is on fire.

  • Dan B
    Dan B 3 years ago +1

    Lets be honest, Colin is the best Dad in the World!

    SPUDS 3 years ago

    I wish I had a dad like Colin.

  • NightLifeKid
    NightLifeKid 3 years ago

    You are a true hero and a great father Furze..

  • Andrew Willard
    Andrew Willard 3 years ago +20

    Imagine waking up just every day and seeing your dad make the stuff Colin can make every kids dream😂 love the content always unique

  • The Term
    The Term 3 years ago

    If I'm half as good as a dad that you are, then my children will be incredibly lucky

  • danny Thorpe
    danny Thorpe 3 years ago

    i cant believe your neighbor complained about this! i hope they see the kids loving it and having fun and question their lives! great to see colin love it

  • Marc-Andre Levesque
    Marc-Andre Levesque 3 years ago

    Your daughter is the most sane of the 3 :) Mini Colin as crazy has his dad lol in a good way

  • Daniel De Jager
    Daniel De Jager 3 years ago

    Need more Mini-Furze!
    It's a hoot seeing him involved in your shenanigans!

  • a normal spider
    a normal spider 2 years ago

    *can we just all agree that this video is super wholesome-*

  • Damien S
    Damien S 3 years ago +216

    Its a dangerous world out there

  • Cameron Jenkins
    Cameron Jenkins 3 years ago +5

    My favorite thing about Colin is that even though he's 40 years old, he's still a kid inside.

  • S.KXX195
    S.KXX195 3 years ago

    We all want to be a dad like colin !

  • Stephen miles
    Stephen miles 11 months ago

    colin has an incredible work ethic

  • Marrow Rat
    Marrow Rat 3 years ago +10

    When he revealed how his own bath would be on top, I thought "that's a bit dangerous, what if it falls down?"
    Then I remembered that this was Colin Furze

  • Matt Luxton
    Matt Luxton 2 years ago

    I love each and every one of your videos. This one however is my favourite. Be great to see more mini furze action in future videos.

  • DamascusRaven
    DamascusRaven 3 years ago +237

    Imagine having to be one of his neighbors.
    "Daaaaaad, the neighbor kid's dad built them a water slide in the back yard, when are you going to do something that cool?"

    • Blahorga Slisk
      Blahorga Slisk 3 years ago +9

      You forgot about the flaming top bath...

  • The_404
    The_404 3 years ago

    Now see, THAT is the kind of bathtub we all need

  • Bucketman
    Bucketman 2 years ago +1

    I'd love to see him have his own creation channel just like his dad ngl, it would poetic for it to be like a family thing

  • Baba Boi
    Baba Boi 2 years ago

    When I'm older I want to do this with my kids, I wish I could have made things like this with my dad.

  • Ellie Sharp
    Ellie Sharp 3 years ago

    What a legend of a dad! 👌🏼

  • Jerry Gala
    Jerry Gala 3 years ago

    I wish my dad taught me how to weld or anything. I had to learn everything on my own. Kudos!

  • Bruno Charron
    Bruno Charron 3 years ago +314

    I bet none of his neighbours want to move due to the local entertainment value, and if they do sell it'll be for a premium
    "This house is near schools, bus routes, and Colinfurze" "SOLD"
    Next video: Him building a watchtower for his neighbours to get a good view of him inventing

    • I’m From Iowa
      I’m From Iowa 3 years ago +2

      @Bruno Charron You got the last one switch around.
      The neighborhood would team up, pick the best backward, & start building.

    • AMoliski
      AMoliski 3 years ago +7

      I'd rather not live next door to someone who has a non-zero chance of burning the block down...

    • Frankie Rzucek
      Frankie Rzucek 3 years ago +4

      Lol great comment. Id love to be his neighbor

    • Ben C
      Ben C 3 years ago +1

      @Frankie Rzucek same lmao

    • MrKingpin
      MrKingpin 3 years ago +3

      Don't forget about bunker in the yard :D

  • marcus roussy
    marcus roussy 2 years ago

    Bro your kid is going to be set for life with these skills at his age lol, Great Job Cheers :)

  • Restore and Make
    Restore and Make 3 years ago

    Wow, how brilliant, well done, it’s hard enough to get the kids into one bath, let alone three👍😊

  • stefan
    stefan 3 years ago +1

    This kid has the best dad on the internet. How many kids his age know how to weld? Furze, you're bloody amazing.