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Why I'm Fighting Dillion Danis January 14th 2023


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  • 360 Fov
    360 Fov Month ago +66

    It's insane how fast Misfits has branded and established itself....I mean genuinely, it's absolutely ridiculous. 20 years of watching UFC and boxing; big things are measured in half decades, not half years, it's a madness.

  • Devon sampano
    Devon sampano Month ago +15

    100% agree! Let’s enjoy the ride. And yes it will be missed.

  • Alfie Jones
    Alfie Jones Month ago +3

    Don’t hang up the gloves after Jake your amazing

  • MercyDinero
    MercyDinero Month ago +7

    I feel like maywheater would be good because he would actually try against ksi

    • shush
      shush Month ago +3

      I don't think jj would want to lose his winning stream to a former champion

  • Joe Molloy
    Joe Molloy 2 months ago +19525

    It’s not that we won’t be happy till you fight Jake Paul, it’s that you’re supposed to be leveling up the opponents so you’re more ready for Jake. Dillon Dannis is not “upping the levels”. The fight with Dillon will probably be boring, and like your last fights, won’t let you showcase your improvement.

    • MegaHam
      MegaHam 2 months ago

      @Salil Saxena KSI would have struggled against Woodley, lets be real

    • Desolate Films
      Desolate Films 2 months ago

      @Malachi Duncan Says who?

    • King
      King 2 months ago

      @Malachi Duncan your not thinking “logically” if you think in 50 lifetimes ksi could beat Jake Paul haha it just proves that your such a fanboy of ksi that you are thinking extremely irrational;). Not LOGICAL 😜😂

    • Rend_a
      Rend_a 2 months ago

      nothing JJ does is boring get a grip it's not that serious

    • Ez R
      Ez R 2 months ago

      dillon dannis isn't an upping compared to swarmz lmao?

  • xen ☆
    xen ☆ Month ago +5

    press conference aged well #DILDODANIS 🤣🤣🤣

  • Grunge
    Grunge Month ago

    It’s hilarious the amount of excuses KSI gives for not doing the fight against Jake Paul, nobody is interested in this fight against Danis💀 In reality he knows Jake Paul would destroy him and that’s why he’s instead fighting some nobody who got choked out by a nightclub security guard

    • Cath Hughes
      Cath Hughes Month ago +1

      If he didn't want to fight Jake Paul he wouldn't have come back to boxing

  • adrijansakoman
    adrijansakoman 2 months ago +3

    I get your point about self belief, but believing you can beat Jake is one thing, believing you can beat a 50-0 goat of the sport is just ridiculous lol

  • ATM D10S
    ATM D10S Month ago

    Too much casuals in comment sections. Danis has been in the fighting game for years. Also why is everybody talking like Jake Paul is a pro boxer or some... The guy has been juking all real competition since his first fight. Guy got lucky Futy father injured his son

  • Telium Stone
    Telium Stone 2 months ago +26

    I don’t really care who you fight, I just wanna see you fight someone who pushes you to the end of your skill and draws out all of you technique and strength. A true test. I think you’ve been doing your best with the guys you’ve got so far, just keep it up big man 👍

  • Dayone 57
    Dayone 57 Month ago

    Ima put this jj vs jake paul thing in a wrestling prospective. Let's say wwe signs a big time indy wrestler that all the hardcore fans know and love . They want them to be the wwe champion on day one and the wwe book a slow burn and he might not fight for the title for years if ever and the fans are pissed

  • Jake Martinez
    Jake Martinez 2 months ago +2

    It’s hard to be respectful at this point jj….. you’re fighting bums. This isn’t “leveling up” it’s stepping down.

  • robbo _96
    robbo _96 Month ago +1

    Lol "last time I did this I looked like the guy from Predator" you mean the Predator? 😂

  • Mark Brewer
    Mark Brewer 2 months ago +3856

    To be honest, I'd have been perfectly happy if you just fought the guy who won the poll you issued on twitter.

    • Mark Brewer
      Mark Brewer Month ago

      @Oscar Buglass Yah fckn yah hahaha yahhhahahahah!!!!

    • Oscar Buglass
      Oscar Buglass Month ago

      @Mark Brewer That's a fkin boxing match hahaha

    • Mark Brewer
      Mark Brewer Month ago

      @Oscar Buglass AJ came second twice against Usyk. Look where that got him.

    • Oscar Buglass
      Oscar Buglass Month ago

      At least Dillon was second

    • JohnPaolo Guido
      JohnPaolo Guido Month ago

      @Jimmy Vee ok back up your statement then dont just say woodley is worse than dillon

  • Eric Butu
    Eric Butu Month ago

    Man's been eating cement 😂

  • Jekkous
    Jekkous Month ago +12

    Everyone's gotta agree he's definitely got more responsibility promoting other fighters and fights then fighting himself.

  • Big Boy Kila
    Big Boy Kila Month ago +6


  • Juman Kayer
    Juman Kayer 2 months ago

    You shouldn’t be so rude to someone whose backing your corner

  • Niel
    Niel 2 months ago +1638

    Your fans literally voted for you to fight Woodley next, no one would have criticized you for fighting him. And we would have also been happy to see you fight Joe Fournier because that’s a genuine level up from your previous opponents, and that’s all we want to see. Your fans know and understand that the Jake fight can’t happen right now.

    • Mr. Furret .Gamer
      Mr. Furret .Gamer Month ago

      @Gareth M prove it ksi fan girl

      KEEP MY WIFES NAME Month ago


    • Dara
      Dara Month ago

      M8 Woolley is a 40 year old wrestler who is retired why would anyone fight him if they’re trying to improve as a boxer that’s just completely useless

    • Cayden.M
      Cayden.M Month ago

      These new KSI fans really be complaining about everything 😂

    • M A
      M A Month ago

      Who are you lying to 😂😂every fight if its not jake he gets slandered

  • Shan Lo
    Shan Lo 2 months ago +3

    KSI is now the one looking like cherry picking opponents, you guys might hate Jake Paul but all he has fought are athletes, fighters albeit old they are still fighters and it shows that he can hang with them. KSI picking a literal nobody compared to who Jake has faced

  • LoverBoyIsKrazy
    LoverBoyIsKrazy 2 months ago +1

    Jj I'm starting to realize you need new fans, fans that actually just appreciate you not this bullying shit it's 2023

  • Benjamin Todd
    Benjamin Todd Month ago +2

    Why does KSI look like booker T when Dannis pulled up

  • Kip
    Kip 2 months ago +1

    @ksi just know that we support u and u should use peoples doubt to fuel your fights!

  • ami we73
    ami we73 2 months ago +1840

    The way Steve carried him away like he was a six year old 😭😭😭

    • Holy Jebus
      Holy Jebus Month ago

      Steve is so good at his job, the size helps but the quick thinking makes him great 👍

    • LaserStorm17
      LaserStorm17 2 months ago +1

      Good thing he did ksi would’ve gotten killed

    • ???
      ??? 2 months ago

      my g had me ded XD

    • Big Jumpa
      Big Jumpa 2 months ago

      That was funny asf 😂😂😂

    • Greenedo
      Greenedo 2 months ago

      @Santa 🎅 fake

  • Tyson
    Tyson 2 months ago +50

    It’s always the fan’s fault for being upset, it’s never his fault for making an error

    • Chael Sonnen
      Chael Sonnen Month ago

      @Tyson i mean he can complain about what he wants. Same as the fans can. It’s not one rule for one and another rule for another lmao.

    • Riso
      Riso 2 months ago

      @eNezra cap

    • Riso
      Riso 2 months ago

      @Tyson he can because yall speds are never satisfied no matter what he does

    • Riso
      Riso 2 months ago

      @eachypinky no lies lmao

    • eachypinky
      eachypinky 2 months ago +2

      @Riso same Woodley that was flying to Dubai just to confront KSI about not signing contract ? You fans are using last resort - lying

  • Moune
    Moune 2 months ago +1

    KSI fans are just crazy to me. This will easily be an incredibly entertaining lead up to this fight, + i like JJ having more of an underdog story for once instead of being the villain. You guys have to realize him losing to Jake is way worse than Jake losing to JJ. He will be prepared. All we can hope for is that Dillon doesn't pull out of the fight last minute.

  • JustThatDude L
    JustThatDude L 2 months ago +24

    This warms my heart that jj knows the goat habana! As a South African and rugby player it’s sick to know the boy knows his stuff! Big W for all rugby/ jj fans

  • Riazi Jabar
    Riazi Jabar 2 months ago +2

    In my honesty opinion i would say that Jake Paul has more experience in fights.
    KSI left boxing career for a while and i realised this in his video where he explained that he returned boxing.
    Seeing this i would recommend KSI to take more time and get more xp to fight Jake Paul. Good Luck Fitneek.

  • Chris Da Artist
    Chris Da Artist 2 months ago +8

    There is undoubtably gonna be a knockout on January 14th

    • Dyce
      Dyce 2 months ago

      probably not, ksi still has yet to have a ko

    • Mr. Cruz
      Mr. Cruz 2 months ago

      Not really saying much

    • i hate repIies
      i hate repIies 2 months ago

      JJ has yet to knock out smeone


    You have always put in the work in @KSI and I am confident that you will win this one out,

  • Jagerblue
    Jagerblue 2 months ago

    KSI fight who you want to fight. At the end of the day it’s you that’s fighting. Do what you want bro. To all the people complaining about who he fights. You get in the ring and fight them. Let the man make his decisions and support him…

  • MSR
    MSR 2 months ago +1

    JJ, we would maybe have said that about Woodley, but we wanted someone at least on his level and would accept it if it was him. This is not an upgrade from your last fights. Dillon has not shown to be a good opponent

  • chris stanczyk
    chris stanczyk Month ago +8

    From 4:30 to 5:30 is pure facts. Ksi knows how it is, hes been in the scene for over a decade. Ive been watching im since 2012 and honestly the journey is the beautiful part. But crazy hes going to end boxing once he defeats jake paul. Its like some final boss type shit hahahha

  • Johan Lundberg
    Johan Lundberg 2 months ago +2824

    The way ksi starts randomly talking about his fav rugby player is so random yet so wholesome

    • Joth Hz
      Joth Hz Month ago

      @JJ is a wife 🐝ting ȠÌgger Deluded. Australia are not the best rugby team.

    • Joth Hz
      Joth Hz Month ago

      @JJ is a wife 🐝ting ȠÌgger Must no nothing about Rugby. All teams in the british isles are still Tier 1, and do pretty good

    • Ethan
      Ethan 2 months ago

      @JJ is a wife 🐝ting ȠÌgger yea

    • Johan Lundberg
      Johan Lundberg 2 months ago

      @Carter what is wrong with you

    • Carter
      Carter 2 months ago

      To be honest my butt hurts, and the medicine isn’t working, but Dillon Danis? He just seems like a guy that loves ketchup, are you sure he’s the man you want to look after your children? KSI I’m not sure if he was the best choice, I would’ve preferred either palt sapi or aqueefsongib

  • M.G
    M.G Month ago +2

    To be honest when you fought Logan me and my brothers all thought you would have won so i believed in you

  • Reddit Stories
    Reddit Stories Month ago +3

    I used to think that JJ has become too big of an ego.. but I understand it now.. when he says he believes he can do something... He is pushing his mindset in that direction... Kind of how law of attraction works.. we should not really bash him for believing something.. but yes as an entertainer he needs to fulfill some of his words... If he takes too long and just talks . That's a bad path to take

  • TapEye4
    TapEye4 Month ago +1

    14:49 😂😂😂😂

    AJ GAMING Month ago

    For some reason, his top lip matches the rest of his outfit

  • Ethan Penaranda
    Ethan Penaranda 2 months ago +1

    We always respect you, but the amount of hype you put into Pineda and swarmz was crazy because you’re levels above them. And you also continued to call both of them dangerous and good opponents when we all saw they’re clearly not

  • Rico suave Jr
    Rico suave Jr Month ago

    Bro don’t ever do that predator ahhh hairstyle again 😂😭😭😭😭😭

  • Liam Bird
    Liam Bird 2 months ago +6

    06:28 cant belive KSI watched Bryan Habana and MY country's team, feels like such an honor, didn't realise that he watched rugby at all! Much love from South Africa🇿🇦

  • Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen 2 months ago +1

    Fighting a guy in boxing with horrible standup and barely qualifies as a fighter given how inactive he has been, at least Jake is stepping up his opponents, that's the gist of it from my understanding. It's actually a shame because if people watched Dannis vs Gordon Ryan at ADCC, he isn't that bad but his antics lately have kind of made him look lower than actual shit.

  • FuzionDroid
    FuzionDroid 2 months ago +362

    I almost spat my water out on 12:22 😂

  • Lindo Zuma
    Lindo Zuma 2 months ago +2

    i get what ksi is saying about fighting and enjoying the ride and fighting all these people leading up to the fight, but the problem is if ksi or jake paul lose one of the fights leading up, it wont be the same, and the problem is that jake paul be the type of person to be like "ksi lost why would i fight him he's a bum".

    • PokeChespinGames
      PokeChespinGames Month ago

      I personally feel like Jake is way above JJ’s Level. Jake has been active leveling up his opponents while JJ has downgraded his opponents and been not active. If Jake lost to somebody I feel like then MAYBE Jake would barely be on Ksi’s level barely.

  • oGangir
    oGangir 2 months ago +3

    Literally everyone wants you to fight Woodley and then Jake..

  • Killabite 1766
    Killabite 1766 2 months ago +1

    9:11 bro I agree with the confidence and that its a crucial part of his success, but comparing confidence in beating Joe Weller to beating Floyd Mayweather 💀

  • Saifuu
    Saifuu Month ago +2

    A lot of ppl in the fight game have been wanting to see danis get his ass whooped for some time, and ksi now has that chance. I think it’s a pretty exciting fight tbh

  • Pape Diop
    Pape Diop 2 months ago +1

    JJ as a long time fan, you need to be humbled.

  • Toata Milton
    Toata Milton Month ago +7

    I feel like such a loser... cause how the fu*k did i miss this video?!!!

  • iPoPxuDRoPxX
    iPoPxuDRoPxX Month ago +1

    “Why the F*** would KSI be in a library”

  • Ross Cox
    Ross Cox 2 months ago +5

    Life lesson that jj has taught me is that you should always bet on yourself because that is the only thing you can control… you can only control yourself and your own actions

  • Tate Clips
    Tate Clips 2 months ago +1

    Bro turned into Predator

    SLODQ Month ago +1

    9:04 bros bouncing on it

  • ImakeAtheSound
    ImakeAtheSound 2 months ago +1

    The Deji comment was taken out of context... which pisses me off because it makes Deji look bad on purpose.
    Deji wasn't saying that Floyd was trying his best. In the conversation that this was pulled from they were talking about Floyd using full power punches which his team implied he wouldn't since they forced the switch to 10oz gloves right before the fight, and in the ring Floyd basically told deji to f off because Floyd thinks he's a god and can do whatever he wants.

  • Far Fetch
    Far Fetch 2 months ago +3

    The last time I believed in myself, me and my team lost 3-2 against our rivals in football

  • Cedric John
    Cedric John 2 months ago

    We're actually rooting for you to fight woodley. I think we fans wants to see that fight 100% than Dillon danis

  • Esteban Lopez
    Esteban Lopez 2 months ago +2

    Jj one thing is believe in yourself and other is just dickhead, in this particular scenario be realistic even though your journey has prove that wrong

  • Melids
    Melids 2 months ago

    Difference between someone saying he can't beat joe weller, and someone saying he can't beat may weather are completely different things. Some people believed he could have beaten joe and Logan and some didn't. NO ONE thinks he can beat may weather because he can't, in no world is his "self belief" gonna let him beat may weather he's not 50-0 for nothing

  • Edward Hallett
    Edward Hallett 2 months ago

    As a fan for over 10 years now, just do us all a favour and fight Jake already - sooner or later the whole reason for fighting him will just become irrelevant

    THEOFFICIALVYNIL 2 months ago +1177

    As a south african iam honored that Brian was the 🐐 to so many.
    Edit:my dumbass spelt his name wrong...its Bryan Habana... lol now i look stupid...anyway nice too see my fellow South africans are having fun in the comments...Kasi boi 4 life!!!

    • Celimpilo Blose
      Celimpilo Blose 2 months ago

      @Yacoob 🤣🤣🤣YOOH AII IS NOT MAKE SURE

    • Happiness Hadebe
      Happiness Hadebe 2 months ago

      Hi there brother 🇿🇦 glad to find my people in the comment section

    • SATURO
      SATURO 2 months ago

      @Yo no se poes
      Thought I'll help you my guy now go suck your dead nans tits

    • Jay Zuma
      Jay Zuma 2 months ago


    • Ruan Rabie
      Ruan Rabie 2 months ago


  • Herrscher of Dominance
    Herrscher of Dominance 2 months ago +2

    Mfs will always stay hating JJ, you do you and do as you always do and stop caring about what other people on the internet say about you. At the end of the day you are the successful one

  • Your Daddy
    Your Daddy 2 months ago

    I wanna see the energy when Jake gets his hands on KSI. Like the excuses. I’ve been a KSI can but man the hype gets to this dude.

  • Andrew Archuleta
    Andrew Archuleta Month ago

    Ksi is scared of Jake

  • AshG
    AshG 2 months ago

    I totally agree. Believe in yourself. I believe he can win the fight too

  • Prod. Jaro
    Prod. Jaro 2 months ago +477

    JJ you are a great athlete and fighter and that was earned through insane hard work, but u cannot beat mayweather, he has 20+ years of experience and even with his aging body, he cant beat 99.9% of the boxers out there

    • The very sexy and the very real Slim Shady
      The very sexy and the very real Slim Shady Month ago

      @Dark demon wait people think JJ can beat Tyson Fury ?
      That's wild

    • The very sexy and the very real Slim Shady
      The very sexy and the very real Slim Shady Month ago

      Agreed until you stayed 99

    • Kelsey Padilla
      Kelsey Padilla 2 months ago

      @Pyro Puffs Yep so true. I’m not saying the people need to put themselves down, but that it is completely okay to be honest with yourself and say to yourself, “okay this person is way ahead of me, I am not at their level yet, but I will put in that hard work and work my way up to where they are.” Just saying that you believe in yourself, that doesn’t mean you’re at that level yet

    • Pyro Puffs
      Pyro Puffs 2 months ago +1

      @Kelsey Padilla exactly. Knowing when someone is better than you or is more experienced is an important part of life. Confidence alone is not what makes someone successful or great. That’s some anime shit, and real life is not anime.

    • Pyro Puffs
      Pyro Puffs 2 months ago

      @dono dawg you gotta be like 14 if you sayin I’m a nerd for that 💀. You stupid as hell if you over the age of 14 saying that 😭

  • Crimson King
    Crimson King 2 months ago +1

    If your goal is to beat Jake Paul. Then you need to match the competition accordingly. Now that Jake has beaten Anderson Silva it puts him on a whole another level that you have to catch up with. And you're going to be fighting him within 3 fights. Which means you can't waste the opportunity that you have. You gotta stop having it both ways man, Either you're fighting for skill or you're just doing whatever you want. Same goes with saying that you're gonna knock people out, Show some skill 1st and get yourself against an opponent that can showcase these skills that you keep saying you have. It makes you look bad and unreliable with the way you promote yourself and your opponents.

  • Ifan Stoddart
    Ifan Stoddart 2 months ago

    9:30 saying you believed you could beat 2 people without a single amateur or professional fight prior to fighting you is so much more different than believing you can beat a 50-0 professional boxer who is considered the best in the world by so many people no matter how much people doubted you against Logan and weller

  • Cameron Owen
    Cameron Owen 2 months ago

    I remember when every fight jj did he was the underdog, which made the fights so much better. Now the fights are ‘equal’ or in his favour then it’s just watching for the sake of watching

  • Aung Aung
    Aung Aung 2 months ago

    Bruh out of context Ramsey sounds hella rude but when you watch these episodes you realise how frikin patient he actually is...

  • rbn0thmn
    rbn0thmn 2 months ago +1

    JJ is going to fight 3 times in 2023, the third one being the Jake fight, so he has two fights to prepare. The issue is the fact that one of these fights is Danis, who is not a tough fight for JJ and won't really make him improve that much for the Jake fight, meaning he has one fight left to fight a challenging opponent. I think the concern is that JJ wouldn't be able to improve fast enough before the Jake fight.

    • MoreTavg
      MoreTavg 2 months ago +2

      It just proves that KSI will not fight jake in 2023.
      Because he simply is not getting himself ready for jake.
      He knows they won’t fight in 2023.

  • Cole
    Cole 2 months ago +4

    He seems like a calm and reasonable person.

  • bob 123
    bob 123 2 months ago

    3:50 Everybody that follows ksi on twitter knows that this is bs, ksi issued a poll on twitter on who he should fight next, and woodley won the twitter poll by a milestone. So ksi actually ducked tyron woodley.

  • Dario .M
    Dario .M 2 months ago +3

    I love how the internet likes to take clips out of context, deji wasnt saying floyd was not holding back when it comes to fighting he was talking about his punching power and how he wasn't punching weaker

  • Stevie-Marie
    Stevie-Marie 2 months ago +141

    You’re 100% right about just enjoying the journey, never saw it like that!

    • Santa 🎅
      Santa 🎅 2 months ago

      Link to the Clip :- They finally released this
      clip-share.net/video/2EXjRrTzTgQ/video.html !!

  • Matte Orioli
    Matte Orioli 2 months ago +2

    "You said I looked like the guy from predator"
    Might you mean... Predator JJ?

  • ChromeDreamer
    ChromeDreamer 2 months ago

    Jj I can tell you right now as a fan, almost nobody will care about this fight apart from your diehard fans that will love anything you do. But legit almost nobody knows this guy...

  • B. S
    B. S 2 months ago

    Usually JJ says a lot of things that I don't agree with,but him speaking about not rushing the Jake Paul fight is straight facts

  • N
    N 2 months ago

    You've got a point fr, believe in yourself, all champions have a tiny bit of ego

  • Jason Dunwoodie
    Jason Dunwoodie 2 months ago +304

    Misfits hasn't had a bad card yet you guys are doing phenomenal. I'm hyped for the fight in January man

    • eachypinky
      eachypinky 2 months ago

      @Logan Duke Alex wasabi ? Are you serious?

    • Logan Duke
      Logan Duke 2 months ago

      @eachypinky the original card was great tho

    • eachypinky
      eachypinky 2 months ago

      What about KSI Vs swarmz and KSI Vs Pineda ? Not great cards just like KSI Vs Dildon

    • Allyaan Imam
      Allyaan Imam 2 months ago +1

      @Ben Woodin that’s not the promotions fault as well as the promotion has done well handling them I’m not a big fan of all the fights either but I can’t like a good amount of them have been entertaining and there is always a good story line for one of these guys fights

    • Ben Woodin
      Ben Woodin 2 months ago +5

      How has it not been bad? They’ve not managed to hold a full card together yet had so many fights fall through or changed every single event 😂😂

  • Cuz
    Cuz 2 months ago

    If I was a pro boxer and early into my career I would be hitting up these Clip-Sharers to see if I could get a fight. I'm sure a few of them would love to take on a boxer. A few of them are starting to show good boxing skills now, some would look better in a Christmas Pantomime 😆

  • วิชัย จันทานิตย์

    The special surprise at the end was worth watching the full video without skipping the sponsor. Thank you pooderpe! I

  • Nathaniel Lothian
    Nathaniel Lothian 2 months ago

    I speak for the uk when I say we want to rush because it’s been a hell of a long time coming we rush because there’s always been talk about you slapping jake Paul but it’s still not happened we rush because we love you and want nothing more than to just see you wipe that smile of Paul’s clapped face

  • JustUrAverageCunt
    JustUrAverageCunt 2 months ago +6

    6:30 As a South African, and a die-hard rugby fan, this made me smile so much

  • Marleykye 2000
    Marleykye 2000 2 months ago +229

    I’m going to be honest I am actually enjoying this youtube boxing stuff and I am glad that I am around in my time line to watch these fights

    • Wwe Arabic
      Wwe Arabic 2 months ago

      You l

    • JeBoxer
      JeBoxer 2 months ago +1

      fr tho, and the fact that i can make content about it is also pretty fun

    • Jon Bon
      Jon Bon 2 months ago +1


    • IvarTheBoneless
      IvarTheBoneless 2 months ago

      Ur a joke of a human

      SHOERICE 2 months ago +1

      @А Сhristmas Ерiphany gaybot pro

  • Jordan Wolhuter
    Jordan Wolhuter 2 months ago +4

    As a South African you mentioning Bryan Habana, one of my heros when I was younger really made my day😁😁😁

  • JayLo
    JayLo 2 months ago +4

    the whole 'don't rush the Jake Paul fight because after im done' thing doesn't fly with me because we all know there will be a rematch, if not 2 rematches. He's just building it up and up so when it does happen it'll be huge money maker. Not saying there's anything wrong with that, dude is a business man

    • JayLo
      JayLo 2 months ago

      ​@Introsation read my comment again pal, the thing that doesn't fly is him saying there will be 1 fight with JP then its done forever when they'll obviously have a rematch. Im fine with the rematch but JJ is never going to say that because they will sell more if people think its just 1 fight and done forever

    • MoreTavg
      MoreTavg 2 months ago

      @Introsation because KSI is lying to EVERYONE. That’s why.
      He promised the Jake fight will be in 2023.
      Won’t happen.
      Woodley won the poll.
      Didn’t happen.
      Mamz said KSI will fight a big challenge and it’ll be a tough fight.
      Not happening.
      All. Are. Lies.

    • Introsation
      Introsation 2 months ago +1

      Well then why does it not fly with you if you then say that you think there's nothing wrong about it?

    • Mr. Cruz
      Mr. Cruz 2 months ago

      Still, dude's delusional

  • AccidentProne
    AccidentProne 2 months ago

    Mo’s editing is really on point for this video! The video quality and the sharpness is so good !

  • Cyrunix
    Cyrunix 2 months ago

    KSI now that you're a professional fighter, you don't have to prove you can fight outside of a ring.

  • Ddl
    Ddl 2 months ago +326

    Ay man JJ, thanks for bringing boxing back into the limelight. My pops grew up next door to Tommy hearns and because of that boxing has always been a big part in my life, so to see other people my age talk about it (even if it isn’t REALLY boxing YET) is so sick

    • jeremy
      jeremy 2 months ago

      “Thanks for bringing boxing back into the limelight” holy shit KSI fans are delusional 😂

    • Cable7474
      Cable7474 2 months ago

      I grew up watching Hearne religjously.... That said do you know how his health is doing? Hope it's good!

    • Skepta
      Skepta 2 months ago +1

      @B true, but i do hope he fucks up jake tho haha

    • B
      B 2 months ago +1

      They done good by bringing fans but bro the amount of delusional ksi fans thinking they know boxing is on another level 😂

    • Osman Canales
      Osman Canales 2 months ago

      @Skepta Same I love Boxing

  • Nicky-p From the 613
    Nicky-p From the 613 2 months ago +1

    Ya’ll need to remember jakes second fight was nate while ksi faught logan…

  • aaron willoughby
    aaron willoughby 2 months ago

    Everyone wanted KSI to fight Woodley because it made sense. If JJ could've beaten Woodley better than Jake did it would've made a huge statement. Would've been a good measure to see where he was in comparison to Jake. Let's be honest, he took the Danis fight because it was the easiest route to take without the risk of losing

  • Milan Burns
    Milan Burns Month ago

    Beat man up ksi

  • Baba Pack
    Baba Pack 2 months ago +2

    I know ksi from Clip-Share not in boxing rings and he inspired me how to have that self belief that confidence when everyone doubted you, ksi also inspired me to lose weight,i when from 250 to 185 pounds, I never have confident like I do now, if humans don’t got self belief you will never reach your goals.

  • Jzwag
    Jzwag 2 months ago +620

    Good reasons, but Dillon Danis is an L. None of us can mock Jake for fighting Anderson Silva. He is 10 leagues above DD. JJ, you need to step it up. You told us you was fighting a scary opponent with a lot of fights under his belt. Joe Fournier would of delivered. Challenge yourself JJ, you know DD ain’t it.

    • theresurrection
      theresurrection 2 months ago

      Ksi rights boring af . Lost hard

    • adrian guerra
      adrian guerra 2 months ago

      @BACKDOOR BREEZY that made me hard bro I respect that

      BACKDOOR BREEZY 2 months ago +1

      @adrian guerra you think I want him to fight Dillon nah ik he suck that’s why I want him to fight someone that’s actually good at boxing more specifically someone who wants to actually fight him

    • adrian guerra
      adrian guerra 2 months ago

      @BACKDOOR BREEZY how tf is a jujitsu specialist supposed to give you a fight more then Tyron and Anderson? You a bot, Dillion let Anthony Taylor hit him and gave no real fight back ksi even said that himself 🤣

    • altaf ahmad
      altaf ahmad 2 months ago +1

      @Tee Ohbee then you have to mock ksi for fighting danis aswell or you would be objectively biased

  • Rend_a
    Rend_a 2 months ago +1

    I agree with JJ though, I like seeing him fight, once he fights Jake its over

  • lol
    lol 2 months ago

    15:35 certified hood classic, me and my thugs all sit around the tv on thanksgiving and watch deji vs Floyd maywetaher 😂

  • achir alalami
    achir alalami Month ago

    JJ go big league, man up, and fate Tate. At least fight Tristan

  • Gazza —HD
    Gazza —HD 2 months ago

    Dillan has no hands we’ve seen that in UFC and we all know what his true background is, claiming to beat him at something he is not good at is not a W in my eyes, my prediction he won’t show up to the fight for the jokes, That would tickle me.

  • Young Orange
    Young Orange 2 months ago +4

    Ice Poseidon funny 💀

  • dan king
    dan king 2 months ago +4

    JJ I know you're never going to see this but you need to stop listening to the dummy fans opinions, most of them are kids who can't even pass their GCSEs, real fighters amd fight fans know you need to build slowly, especially how far jake has come, youd be stupid if you didn't take him serious and try to match his ring experience, cause if you don't take him serous he will put you out, hate to say it but he's a dangerous fight for you. Much love, fuck the haters x

    • Deelio
      Deelio 2 months ago

      I agree wit u but KSI needa shut up if he not gon fight him yet

    • Deelio
      Deelio 2 months ago

      So why is he acting like hell beat him?