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Hermitcraft 9 Episode 11: MY BASE IS DONE!

  • Published on May 15, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Hermitcraft season 9 episode 11! We start out big with our Minecraft let's play ep 11 on the Hermitcraft 9 server with a massive starter treehouse base. The design of the survival base will be elven-themed. Once we complete the treehouse, I'll build my dream Minecraft build.
    Today's episode starts out checking out the diamond pillars and seeing who is winning and to crush the diamond block pillar with a magical anvil. Also, we finish my Elven starter base treehouse with a transformation of the Cookie Empire's dead tree into a beautiful pink flowering tree and finish the interior design of the Matador Mattress shop! I'll make an organic bridge with parkour to the other side of the rive to connect with Pearl and Gem's side. I hope you enjoy it and see you in the next episode where we start my Hermitcraft megabase!
    My Links and stuff:
    * Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=21298347
    * Twitter: #!/GTWScar
    * Twitch: www.twitch.tv/goodtimeswithscar
    * Instagram: goodtimeswithscar
    *TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@goodtokswithscar
    Hermitcraft SMP - season 9 info and seed coming soon.
    For more information and links to all things Hermitcraft, follow the link to the Hermitcraft website: hermitcraft.com/
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  • GoodTimesWithScar
    GoodTimesWithScar  6 months ago +936

    Hope you enjoyed the starter base build! What was your favorite build?
    My Links and stuff:
    * Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=21298347
    * Twitter: twitter.com/#!/GTWScar
    * Twitch: www.twitch.tv/goodtimeswithscar
    * Instagram: instagram.com/goodtimeswithscar
    *TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@goodtokswithscar

  • Yaisho
    Yaisho 6 months ago +369

    Scar really live up to the "0 days with no accident" since his cookie seller is always turning into zombie

  • Jumpnjahosofat
    Jumpnjahosofat 6 months ago +703

    "You've got Mumbo, who was given a sharpie to create his base." That made me lose my coffee all over the place.

  • Thomas Settle
    Thomas Settle 6 months ago +369

    Scar: Frustrated with curing Zombie Villagers
    Also Scar: Keeps Zombies in with his Villagers

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy 6 months ago +225

    “And Doc, well he can’t keep his pillar up, so we wish the best for him” perfectly executed

    • Haraz
      Haraz Month ago

      i just went "WHAT?!"

  • SoulTundra 78
    SoulTundra 78 6 months ago +95

    "You've got Mumbo, who was given a sharpie to create his base..." Oof burn! lol
    And yes, the kelp does look like the "wiggly guys"... Can't unsee 😁 And it was definitely an epic episode!

  • NiCAT
    NiCAT 6 months ago +120

    10:03 I love how when the swooping to the side transition happens, scar clips the side of some of the pink blocks on the tree, and its almost like him clipping the blocks and going to the side causes the transition.

    • Salti
      Salti 6 months ago +6

      had a mini heart attck when that happened, at first I thought he hit it really hard LOL

  • Atlas Dwyer
    Atlas Dwyer 6 months ago +26

    “If I didn’t love you, I’d barbecue you”
    Words to live by

  • Koheleth
    Koheleth 6 months ago +23

    Epic episode! Bless her heart, my non-minecraft wife thought the magic anvil actually did that to the stack. 🙂

  • William Atlas
    William Atlas 6 months ago +2449

    This was definitely an “epic episode”, I love how you even changed the wood of the pink tree :D

  • mmasonn jjarr
    mmasonn jjarr 6 months ago +42

    Scar, your tree has inspired me. I just started a play through with my friends and i was thinking about building an adventure time -esque tree as my base, but I didnt want to use regular leaves. I love the pink palette. Amazing episode, some might even call it an “epic episode”

  • Rowan Witch
    Rowan Witch 6 months ago +58

    This was indeed an "epic episode." And I just wanted to let you know Scar, I always love seeing your videos. You seem to always post on days that i need that extra smile and it means a lot to me. Thanks for everything you do and remember to always take care of yourself.

  • Jared Burk
    Jared Burk 6 months ago +18

    The part where Scar was talking about those inflatable guys guaranteed this to be a very epic episode.

  • Elm Rune
    Elm Rune 6 months ago +18

    Epic episode indeed, it’s astounds me that anyone ever can build for this long and still want to work on it more, good job scar

  • Deaven Hendrix
    Deaven Hendrix 6 months ago +497

    Season 7: "Behold the glory of The Diamond Throne!"
    Season 9: "Diamond go brrrrrr"

    • Bluefoxbliss
      Bluefoxbliss 6 months ago +5

      I miss Season 7. Love 8 and 9, but 7 will forever be my favorite :).

    • Kat G.
      Kat G. 6 months ago +5

      scar goes brrrrrrrr

  • Lainie
    Lainie 6 months ago +8

    This was an epic episode. On a scale of one to 100 for epicness, this episode is around 500. I really love all that you did in this episode and I cant wait to see what your mega base looks like!

  • ghhostboy
    ghhostboy 6 months ago +11

    absolutely an "epic episode" as always! i'm forever in awe of how much you get done in one episode. phenomenal as always!

  • kelly
    kelly 6 months ago +4

    the pink tree was a beautiful addition!!! i love how textured it is with all the different types of blocks. you have such a great eye and bring so much life to your builds :-)

  • Zack Duffer
    Zack Duffer 6 months ago +4

    Your magical anvil and flowering tree made this an epic episode, for sure, Scar!

  • Rowan
    Rowan 6 months ago +2

    absolutely an “epic episode”. I love the interior of the mattress store, you inspire me to make interiors in mc

  • Trailblazer Productions
    Trailblazer Productions 6 months ago +2

    Very epic episode, truly amazing how detailed your bases are. I can only hope to be as good at terraforming.

  • Sam Kints
    Sam Kints 6 months ago +2

    this episode was absolutely epic!!! love how the base has developed, and the ravager is suxh a nice addition. the magical elven anvil sure did a lot of damage!!!

  • sunshine
    sunshine 6 months ago +2

    this really was an epic episode!! excited to see what you do with your mega base

  • snowball
    snowball 6 months ago +2657

    The elven transitions are getting better and better,
    Elven spin, elven nod... wonder what will come next

  • TigDaKid
    TigDaKid 3 days ago

    Epic episode

  • Sol Flores
    Sol Flores 6 months ago +1

    The tree looks so good, Scar!!! I was so excited that I was grinning ear to ear once I finally realized what the pink blocks were for. Really loving it!

  • Peter Limbun
    Peter Limbun 3 days ago

    Epic episode

  • MrNarcsis
    MrNarcsis 6 months ago +1

    A supremely EPIC episode, as always Scar! I love the new look on the tree!

  • Cosmic Dib
    Cosmic Dib 6 months ago +346

    "Unconditional love stops you from barbequing your loved ones."
    Well said, Scar. Epic episode.

    • The Boxy Genie
      The Boxy Genie 6 months ago +1

      @chair "I always get too high." (19:25)

    • Sewing Bea
      Sewing Bea 6 months ago +1

      I read this as he said it😂

    • chair
      chair 6 months ago +9

      HCS9 so far has been the most out-of-context clippable seasons ever

  • Ray
    Ray 6 months ago +13

    Scar: And that might be the most amount of diamonds I have ever seen!
    Me: Yes except that time in Hermitcraft 7 when you looked into grian's shulker box...

  • I Am Not A Bot... I can find the buses.

    EPIC EPISODE SCAR! thanks for all the good times and laughts !

  • raining on your parade
    raining on your parade 6 months ago +1

    Epic episode! The flower trees look amazing, and those different types of beds and the factories were really cool!

  • Netflix And Poptarts
    Netflix And Poptarts 5 months ago +4

    I CALCULATED THE DIAMOND PILLAR! ----> 6984 Diamonds (776 Blocks)
    Ocean water level is at y-level 62
    The diamond pillar sits 11 blocks above ocean level (73)
    The top of the diamond pillar is at y-level 267 6:17
    From bottom to top, the pillar is 194 blocks tall
    It is made up of 4 one-block pillars which means in total there are 776 blocks of diamonds
    Total Ammount of Diamonds: 776 Blocks (6984 Diamonds)

  • Talia Leland
    Talia Leland 6 months ago

    EPIC EPISODE SCAR! The cherry trees are such a great addition:]

  • Gwen Barthelme
    Gwen Barthelme 6 months ago +1

    An epic episode for sure! I absolutely adore how your elven village turned out! I wish I could live in it both in Minecraft and real life! Really, I'd live in all of your bases and builds if I could, bug this one especially :D

  • Aquavenn
    Aquavenn Month ago +1

    Took me a while to be able to watch youtube content again, but I’m happy to be watching through your eps again. This truly was an epic episode.

  • BrutalFatality
    BrutalFatality 6 months ago

    Epic Episode!
    Scar, you’re amazing. The wiggly car wash guys xD just so many laughs and truly, GoodTimes.

  • Cyet
    Cyet 6 months ago +414

    The “wiggly car wash guys” are called “wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men” they are quite wonderful to see (: this was definitely a more than an epic episode!

    • DJPB Sings ig
      DJPB Sings ig 6 months ago +1

      i was literally searching for this comment as soon as he said it because i KNEW someone else was on the same wave length as me 😂🤍

    • Brittany Lewis
      Brittany Lewis 6 months ago


    • W M
      W M 6 months ago

      I love to watch the wacky Wavy arm flailing men

    • Mr McGlinchey
      Mr McGlinchey 6 months ago +5

      i personally prefer "intergalactic proton powered electrical tentacled advertising droids"

    • Alisdair Blackshaw
      Alisdair Blackshaw 6 months ago +6

      Small correction, that’s just the name that Family Guy popularised, their official name is Air Dancers :)

  • Cauti Caluka
    Cauti Caluka 6 months ago

    I love how anvil can grow and depending on situation useful and magical

  • Brokenfairy75
    Brokenfairy75 6 months ago

    Epic episode, I love the story lines this season

  • Jamie Artzzz
    Jamie Artzzz 5 months ago

    EPIC EPISODE!!! Absolutely love all the details in your builds! The trees and buildings look absolutely MAGICAL!!✨

  • Pau
    Pau 6 months ago

    I love the blossom tree you built in this "epic episode" 💙

  • Relevant Topics
    Relevant Topics 6 months ago +697

    if THATS the starter base then I can‘t imagine what the mega-base will become!

  • if1oopthepig
    if1oopthepig 6 months ago

    Really though, Im stoked to see all your plans come to fruition later in the season!

  • Dual Dudes
    Dual Dudes 4 months ago

    Not just a epic episode, a insanely awesome episode!

  • ChiaraBookworm
    ChiaraBookworm 3 months ago

    As always scar, this was an epic episode

  • Savanna Rae
    Savanna Rae 6 months ago

    Epic Episode, a pleasure and an inspiration, as always

  • Zack Desrochers
    Zack Desrochers 6 months ago +196

    It's funny that Scar's starter base is almost the same size as all the megabases I've seen so far. You're my favorite builder Scar and I think you are one of the most dedicated hermits. And of course, Epic Episode.

  • Karl Kaiser
    Karl Kaiser 6 months ago

    Epic Episode my dude! Beautiful building as always!

  • Mystic The Shapeshifter

    That flowering tree is so STUNNING!! It is seriously so perfect you are such a talented builder Scar!

  • Cinnamon Bear
    Cinnamon Bear Month ago

    EPIC EPISODE!!! I love the storytelling element in all of Scar's episodes!!

  • Grey
    Grey 6 months ago

    Epic episode, Scar! I love the cherry blossom tree!

  • exintrovert
    exintrovert 6 months ago +522

    “Doc has a problem, he can’t keep his pillar up…”
    I am always amazed at how wholesome the Hermits can be while also being so naughty. Like Looney Tunes level comedy here. Legendary.
    (Epic Episode)

    • Big Gay Inc.
      Big Gay Inc. 6 months ago +5

      @Puppet Person This is true, I am always amazed at how he effortlessly adds in some adult humor into his videos lol

    • ParallaxAstro
      ParallaxAstro 6 months ago

      @itmeurdad dont be sus

    • Puppet Person
      Puppet Person 6 months ago +1

      @Nabaa Eyddan true

    • itmeurdad
      itmeurdad 6 months ago +7

      Erectile Pillar Dysfunction is no laughing matter!

    • Liam Engram
      Liam Engram 6 months ago

      "I always get too high!"

  • Sean Taggart
    Sean Taggart 6 months ago

    Epic Episode, Scar! I love how you got cub to help you with the ravager, and then you smashed his diamond pillar. LOL, epic episode tho.

  • Maxtube444
    Maxtube444 5 months ago

    Wow, season 7 feels like it was just yesterday. Time really flies

  • Ninja Naranja
    Ninja Naranja 6 months ago

    Epic episode! Those transitions are crazy awesome! Love all of this!

  • Denver Yangap
    Denver Yangap 6 months ago

    Epic episode indeed, love the pink tree and anvil smashing the diamond pillar lol

  • Chair
    Chair 6 months ago +639

    Your “starter” base is fantastically done. It feels so refreshing. All your videos are so positive and cheerful, I love them! Thank you, Scar, and I'm excited to see what what the mega-base is. Epic Episode!

  • Susie Mott
    Susie Mott 6 months ago

    that warehouse really does make me feel like a five-year-old walking through ikea. a world of wonder
    edit: epic episode :D

  • Littlewings85
    Littlewings85 6 months ago

    Epic episode Scar! You really are an absolute joy to watch!

  • alexmirandatu x
    alexmirandatu x 6 months ago

    Epic episode Scar! You always make me smile :D

  • Fletcher Walter
    Fletcher Walter 4 months ago

    Epic Episode!!!
    This is an amazing show of elven lore and just an overall masterpiece

  • Jacob Eaton
    Jacob Eaton 6 months ago +503

    “And Doc, well he can’t keep his pillar up, so we wish the best for him” 😂 perfectly executed

    • wisefries
      wisefries 6 months ago +2

      @⚯͛ Alaina Titus ⚯͛ it's a joke

    • ⚯͛ Alaina Titus ⚯͛
      ⚯͛ Alaina Titus ⚯͛ 6 months ago +1

      @Agentzap Scar didn’t do it Grian did but everyone else also has a family dude.

    • Agentzap
      Agentzap 6 months ago +19

      can't believe scar did that to poor doc 💀 that man's got a family!

    • Fierce Fire
      Fierce Fire 6 months ago

      @Fast She did before

    • Fast
      Fast 6 months ago +15

      @Fierce Fire Pearl can’t keep her’s down

  • Zayde Cantu
    Zayde Cantu 6 months ago

    Epic episode indeed, love the diamond anvil

  • Taracinablue
    Taracinablue 6 months ago

    What an epic episode! The pink blossoming tree came out so lovely! The mattress shop is very fun and colorful, too. =)

  • alexepul
    alexepul 6 months ago

    This was totally an epic episode. Great work scar

  • IDraw
    IDraw 6 months ago

    This really was such and EPIC EPISODE i enjoyed it so much❤

  • Azul_Nova
    Azul_Nova 6 months ago +463

    As always, Scar brings light and laughs where ever he goes. I know watching his videos help me stay positive when my life is chaotic and when I'm down. I hope his content helps others as much as it helps me. Thank you Mr. GoodTimes!

    • Azul_Nova
      Azul_Nova 6 months ago +1

      @G Mac ah, okay

    • G Mac
      G Mac 6 months ago +1

      @Azul_Nova no, the bot comments were DELETED. I’m deleting my comments because this misconception keeps occurring.

    • Azul_Nova
      Azul_Nova 6 months ago +1

      I'm not scar, or a bot. Were you referring to the comment that says "I don't read you"?

    • Tristan Lassche
      Tristan Lassche 6 months ago +1

      @G Mac who send this bot tho? Dont think it can be scar

    • GeoBro
      GeoBro 6 months ago +5

      @PrimalRage he can still move

  • Darque Rhain
    Darque Rhain 6 months ago

    Epic episode, as usual.. and YES.. now I can’t unsee the inflatable tuby figures in the sea grass 🤣

  • Jonathan Miller Music
    Jonathan Miller Music 6 months ago

    Epic Episode Scar! Everything looks beautiful as usual! :)

  • Lawrence Calablaster
    Lawrence Calablaster 3 months ago

    Moss remains my favorite thing they’ve added to the game.

  • Ria Simpson
    Ria Simpson 3 months ago

    Cub and Scar, always a good combo. Always a good time.

  • Caleb B
    Caleb B 6 months ago +160

    Last Season: "No sleeping!"
    This season: "Hermits can buy any color of bed..."

    • soop
      soop 6 months ago

      @crazydo1phin im standing by this hc now, even if it is a joke, i love it

    • chair
      chair 6 months ago +2

      something tells me that there can be a pun told here

    • crazydo1phin
      crazydo1phin 6 months ago +6

      they need to take a long nap to make up for all the sleep they missed last seasom

    • DerpyNub
      DerpyNub 6 months ago +8

      Well the moon was big and there were many theories

  • Inge
    Inge 2 months ago

    "Epic Episode" as always. I normally don't like pink but the pink tree became definitely one of my favorites builds.

  • Katherine C
    Katherine C 6 months ago

    I always watch to the end of your consistently epic episodes!

  • Kimberly K
    Kimberly K 6 months ago +1

    The tree is gorgeous!!🥰

  • chanpe
    chanpe 6 months ago

    Epic episode :) definitely epic. Love all the fun cuts with the editing

  • The Quiet Cici
    The Quiet Cici 6 months ago +146

    This is the weirdest little detail, but I love the “sawdust” on the ground in the mattress store! My dad is a carpenter, so sawdust is very home-y and nostalgic for me. Made my day

    • Sugar D
      Sugar D 6 months ago +2

      Sawdust smell always brings me back to me and my dad working on projects together

  • spuf huf
    spuf huf 6 months ago

    oh scar what an epic episode was it!!! i absolutely love those trees and the thing you did to a diamond pillar is hilarious (especially the smoooth transition)

  • Amber E
    Amber E 6 months ago

    Hey Scar! Loved the episode! Your cookie is in the eagle’s mouth by the way.

  • Ihfaz
    Ihfaz 6 months ago

    This was an "Epic episode" scar i loveed it.

  • Full-Frame Yarne
    Full-Frame Yarne 6 months ago

    I really like the way you have upgraded your editing level with the smoothest transitions i have ever seen in Minecraft

  • Ultra Uräus
    Ultra Uräus 6 months ago +143

    17:50 Try brown candles on top of a green glass stain near water and it will look JUST like water reeds. You really need to try this.
    Edit: Epic Episode

    • Ultra Uräus
      Ultra Uräus 6 months ago +2

      @JillianJaclyn Yeah the condition of Clip-Shares Commentary-Sections is pretty sad tbh.

    • JillianJaclyn
      JillianJaclyn 6 months ago

      It's sad that a bot stole this and is WAY higher up than you. And an inappropriate bot at that.

    • BeanSuop 8te
      BeanSuop 8te 6 months ago +9

      Cattails, you mean? Those forbidden hot dogs?

  • Ava Strong
    Ava Strong 6 months ago

    Epic episode scar! Love the mattress store :)

  • Rosebud Animaljam
    Rosebud Animaljam 6 months ago

    I'm just wondering how he's gonna build up his dimand tower, nice build and epic episode

  • SlayD
    SlayD 6 months ago

    What an EPIC EPISODE Scar!! Love the video!! You're amazing!

  • Aaron Reid
    Aaron Reid 6 months ago

    Epic episode Scar, as always! 😀

  • mrkilan
    mrkilan 6 months ago

    Truly an epic episode, as scar was being awesome as usual

  • SamDeCam
    SamDeCam 6 months ago +1

    Epic Episode!! Love the giant cherry blossom!

  • Alicia Gadischkie
    Alicia Gadischkie 4 months ago

    EPIC EPISODE!! Sorry I'm a little late to watching, but loving the season so far!!

  • terceleto
    terceleto 6 months ago

    Epic episode, Scar!
    I really LOVE the blooming tree 💕

  • Jan Efraim Rulloda
    Jan Efraim Rulloda 6 months ago +107

    0:22 The "Doc has a problem. He can't keep his pillar up" is definitely being added to my Scar is sus moments xD
    Btw, definitely an epic episode!! Luv ur vids scar!!!

    • Manas Nandan
      Manas Nandan 6 months ago +1

      "I always get too high"

    • Idran
      Idran 6 months ago +2

      @Castor Bone Yeah, but age comes to us all~

    • Castor Bone
      Castor Bone 6 months ago +2

      I mean, iunno about that one... Doc has a lil doc running around.

    • Lightning _11
      Lightning _11 6 months ago +2

      @chair Ya, that one, too!

    • chair
      chair 6 months ago +7

      "Unconditional love stops you from barbequing your loved ones."

  • loldog
    loldog 6 months ago

    quite the epic episode!!! im so excited to see what your mega base is going to be! :-)

  • Emilie Thomas
    Emilie Thomas 6 months ago

    This was definitely a epic episode!

  • Blueberry_ Mango
    Blueberry_ Mango 6 months ago

    Epic episode scar!! You always brighten my days!

  • Sho Cast
    Sho Cast 5 months ago

    Super epic episode with the mattress store, the elven village and the lovely magic elven anvil prank. 👏🏽

  • microwave idiot
    microwave idiot 6 months ago +154

    "Doc has a problem here; he can't keep his pillar up. We hope the best for him"
    I see what you did there

    • Memelephant
      Memelephant 6 months ago +1

      @quinn notice how i didnt actually say what it was, if they were able to understand it from my comment, then they already knew what it was

    • quinn
      quinn 6 months ago +5

      @Memelephant really young people watch these videos dont forget. if they dont understand its probably best not to explain

    • darci 145
      darci 145 6 months ago +3

      When I tell you I *WHEEZED*

    • Memelephant
      Memelephant 6 months ago +6

      @Wong Yan Ching something that rhymes with projectile conjunction

    • microwave idiot
      microwave idiot 6 months ago +3

      @Wong Yan Ching "pillar" is a metaphor for something else

  • Captain Kal
    Captain Kal 6 months ago

    Epic episode, Scar. Fantastic as always

  • Sunset Sky
    Sunset Sky 6 months ago

    That re-do of the pink blossom tree is fantastic!

  • Justin Smallwood
    Justin Smallwood 6 months ago

    What an epic episode! The tree and anvil are fantastic!